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Ex-husband Haunting My Son and I

Posted on June 14, 2011

My ex-husband faked an accidental death almost two years ago. He worked as a lineman for an electrical company and had just finished the job on a power line. The company thought the death was accidental but recently he has come back and informed me that he actually killed himself that day.

At first he made it seem that there were people here trying to scare me (men). I put cameras all around the outside of the home and realized the objects and people were not moving for hours. Then they started to be in the attic and talk to me from the air vents. Breathing heavy, etc.

It just so happened that a neighbor told my son about a man dying in the home we live in and I realized then it was ghosts. One night they touched me as I was laying in my bed to sleep. I asked them if it was “Billy”, my ex-husband’s name, and they said yes. He has been haunting me since that time and it has been over three months now. He is telling me he is in hell for killing himself and he has come to take me back to hell with him because he loves me. He said hell is very hot and you have to keep your feet up so that they do not get burned. He said there is nothing to do there and everyone is just there, naked, doing absolutely nothing.

I am not sure if there are others with him or not as he has told me that each other person that talks to me is him. So, I am not sure if there are others or he has multiple personalities. I have tried church, praying, etc. to get him to leave as I am not going to kill myself and go back to hell with him and he will not leave without me.

I have even had my ten year old son try to tell him he needs me and to leave and he will not go. He says he killed himself because he loved me.

I really need someones help to get him to leave as he is taking all my time and energy away from my son and I am unable to go anywhere without him following me. He comes to my work, camping, anywhere I go.

Do you have or know anyone that can help me get rid of this horrible demon?

Sent in by Laura, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “Ex-husband Haunting My Son and I”
  1. Sandy says:

    You said you tried church, but does that mean that a clergyman came to your house and did an exorcism? If not, that is the best way to get rid of this evil spirit. When you first asked if the spirit’s name was Billy, it gave the spirit information it could use to make you believe you know who is haunting you. It even has you believing that your husband loved you, and that’s why he committed suicide…that doesn’t make sense to me. I think that is just one of the lies this evil spirit is telling you, and the report that his death was accidental is accurate. If there is a paranormal group in your city, perhaps if you contact them they can advise you on further ways to get rid of this evil spirit who is not Billy.

  2. katelyn says:

    i know how you feel i have been haunted by my real father and will see him standing by my bed and telling me how sorry he is for leaveing me and my mom and hes told me to knock my self out so he can hug me some time ill wake up and never rember going to sleep but the activity has decreced scence i started going to church and had my aparment blesses

  3. Liza Aanor says:

    THAT is not your husband. You know that. But you are in a weakened state and so a kind of “open port” ANY ghost hunting people , or a priest should be contacted. Also have your son checked out – he sees more than he is telling. A ghost has no real reaction to holy objects and so buy a rosary and some holy water. When “he” does appear again. Hold the rosary and throw the holy water on him. And say loud and clear ” I rebuke you in the name of The Father , the Son, and the Holy Ghost. I COMMAND you to leave and never return to you or your son” When doing this , you MUST be forceful and mean every word. No waffling! Try to catch this on tape so you have proof in case you need outside help. It will help them help you.

    • Jaybee says:

      Ha, a ghost – or something – took off with my cousin’s bible at my uncle’s home. Guess that ghost had a real reaction to it. My uncle’s home has been blessed many times, he has crosses up everywhere, they’ve practically soaked the place with holy water – and it’s still scary, 24/7. Whatever is there scares everyone even in the middle of the day.

    • jk says:

      I agree that it is absolutely not your husband. Probably something he left behind that he did not know about. Many times they are referred to as familiars, not familiar spirits, just familiars. They are low level evil entities that do not have the power and abilities to head on attack someone. They are very patient and are opportunist. They stay out od sight and watch and learn for years at a time before they make their move. This sounds exactly the same. There can be no mistake to these entities who you are asking to kick them out of yoour home. You must be very specific and it is Jesus Christ that you want to let this thing know is in charge of you and your house. Simply say Jesus rebuke you! and In Jesus name get out of my house and never come back.

  4. Sean says:

    Start praying for help. That’s what works pretty much every time. In the beginning you might just piss him off, but they get pissed off because they know it works.

    In pretty much every story, once a person starts praying the ghost will either immediately or eventually leave.

    If there are dark things, there are light things, and if you use your power to bring in the light and ask for help from powerful light beings, any shadow being can’t exist in the same place, just like any light immediately makes shadows disappear if it is bright enough.

    So every time this being comes around tell it to “LEAVE” and really mean it, and then start praying as well to bring the divine light in. It’s also good to teach your 10-year-old son to get in the habit of doing this as well.

    Go find a spiritual group / church / mosque / Native American / Wiccan group (whatever floats your boat) and use that as your base of strength.

    Finally, have you and your son sit together and visualize white light of protection and love surrounding your house / immediate vicinity, and have the clear intention that only good beings are allowed in.

    Remember how in the old movies vampires always needed permission to come in? I used to wonder about that until I realized that all spiritual beings need permission to come in, because you have free will. So use it, and give that bad spirit the boot!

  5. drake says:

    I’m a pagan shaman that specializes in haunting and possession have you tried smudging sage? its rather easy here are the steps. 1)buy sage, you can get it at stores that sell herbs and incense. 2) when youre ready to smudge, crack all your windows and light the sage bundle until it starts to smolder. If theres a flame, blow it out. 3) holding a dish under the sage to catch ashes, walk through each room of your house, letting the smoke drift through the air, concentrating on corners and crannies, waft smoke into ceiling corners. You can emphasize your purpose by repeating a mantra to the effect of, I am cleansing this space of negative energies. if that dosn’t work you may need a shaman or paster/priest to do it

    P.S. Get all Animals and small children out of the house the spirit may use them to try and stop you I know my dog (black lab) turned on me once, and Cernunos a bheith in ineacht leat (Cernunos be with you)

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