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EVP Encounters

Posted on October 14, 2009

As well as being able to sometimes see or hear spirits, and having encountered them plenty of times when I was younger, I used to go to cemeteries and mausoleums often. Some of these stories are not my own, but happened to a friend of my mom’s. But they scared me so badly that I feel like sharing them with you!

First off, I have always loved the overall vibes most cemeteries give off. I found it quite peaceful and, even as a little girl, I would go there with my mom and try to leave flowers on the older graves if possible. But sometimes the graveyards felt a bit malicious, or just certain areas.

It wasn’t until I met my friend in 5th grade that I started going again. Her mom had taken part in paranormal investigations before, and liked to go ‘ghost hunting’ as a hobby. I was quite skeptical about these so called EVPs they would get, but I was mostly shielding my fear and gullibility. So, one day they finally shared some with me. I must say, some of the voices were so scary that I would start crying. I know some were pretty generic; a moan or hello. But one that stood out was taken in an old pioneer cemetery somewhere outside of Portland. She was drawn to a very large grave, that housed a woman and her two children, who died two years apart. Her and her friend sat with the recorder for a moment before going on. However, they asked a question like, “What happened to your children?” and what they found once getting back home was pretty scary.

Upon listening to the recording, they heard the question, and then a strange sounding ‘I killed them’ then her friend saying “Oh, 88 years!” and then a very distorted male voice saying, ‘fun is over’. When I listened to it, I cried. I nearly cried just thinking about it now; it really was quite disturbing.

Not all of the ghosts we heard were frightening, I found that out on a few of our trips to a mausoleum. I tended to get fairly painful headaches when in this mausoleum, and occasionally in large cemeteries. But during this particular visit, I found myself feeling sick from the pain. I didn’t really like the parts of the mausoleum where bodies were buried in the walls, so I liked the older areas where people were mostly cremated. There was this one room, way in the back of the oldest section, that was very warm feeling, even though the whole place was freezing. There was a couch in the center, and I sat down for a moment to catch my breath because of the headache. My mom asked me if I was ok, and I said yes. Then, just a few seconds later, I said, “No, really, I’m fine” or something like that.

When we got back to my friend’s house and we listened back, we heard me say ‘yes’ and then a man say, “Oh no, are you feeling alright?” or something of the sort. It also happened to my friend, with the same man. I really liked going in there because it didn’t make me feel like I was in a horror movie!

I can’t recall all of the stories, so perhaps I will just list a few of the results we got. One time, in a very large and historic cemetery, we found a burial site that was made for religious purposes. They were Mormon, or Christian, something like that, and the vibe it gave off was quite, strict, is the best was to describe it. We listened back and heard a man yell, ‘WITCH!’ and we decided that was a freaky place, and they were pretty unwelcoming towards us. Another time, a friend was at a cemetery by my old house, and when she listened to the recording, all she could hear was screaming. I swear, I made her stop because it was so horrifying.

We also got some very weird distorted voices, one in particular being a female who seemingly said, ‘hungeyshlim’. It was odd, but quite scary to listen to. Another one was of two children playing, one saying, “I’m gonna getcha!” and the other saying, “noooo!”

We also got our fair share of ‘go to hell’s’ and laughter. There was one while my mom was with her friend, and they went to an old cemetery out in the country. While walking, out of nowhere my mom’s friend made a cutesy sort of noise, the kind you make to a baby or animal, although there was no audible noise of that sort at the time. When playing back the tape, they heard her make the noise, and then a dog bark and whimper excitedly! It was very strange.

I sometimes wished I had asked them to do EVPs in my old house, but if we had gotten any responses, I don’t think I would have been able to sleep there. The most frightening part in EVP work is the fact that, even though you are safe at home at the end of the day, the fact that you were there with the unseen is still pretty shocking. They might’ve seen you, while you had no clue they were there except for the sudden drops in temperature. And, there’s always a possibility that one followed you home, so we made sure to tell them that they didn’t belong with us at the end of every session.

I feel a bit odd having shared this; I know that if it wasn’t me who had written it I wouldn’t fully believe it. But I guarantee that no part of this is fiction, and I thank you for taking the time to read it!

Sent in by Poppy Brown, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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12 Responses to “EVP Encounters”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    i think evps are fascinating and would love to do it in my house, which i’ve seen a few ghosts!! its old and i’m sure i would get some if i got a recorder. thanks so much for the story and if you know of a site to listen to some let me know!!!

  2. CuteSagittarius says:

    U guys are brave! I would have a fit if I found myself in a malicious place! :)

  3. justin says:

    I think that doing that as a child may have helped you develope a great since of when he deceased around you.In the home my wife and I just moved from i was doing the evp session in my 3 year olds room.We had some strange things happen to us at the house so I listened back to the tape and I heard a very scary demanding voice tell me”I’ve got you now”.but no harm ever came to me ,or my family .

  4. child like says:

    I believe it in evp’s, you are not the first on that have done this before so don’t feel like we will not believe it. I do!

  5. Ghost reader says:

    EVP’s will invite spirits, I WOULDNT DO THAT!

  6. Poppy Brown says:

    I thank you for your stories and such, and for being positive! I know that EVPs will invite spirits, I know first hand. We had so many spirits that seemed to come and go, apparently some followed friends home, although I have no idea how true that is. I don’t really feel like doing it again since it was quite gut-wrenching, but nothing seemed to be that bad. Thanks again for reading my story, and for believing me, I appreciate it much!

  7. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    poppy, what in interesting story!!! i have never done evp work, but am tempted….. i have lived with the paranormal my whole life and i am 51. i do have a decent, small, voice activated tape player.. i am thinking about trying it… we moved out into the country, almost 2 years ago, we have almost an acre of land. we have found all sorts of old nails, and metal objects… i have not done any investigation of what may have been here, but, my husband has some pictures of the land, we dont know how far they go back.. the pictures show some old barns, possible houses, and farm land…..

    we have also found a huge slab of concrete, shaped like a tomb stone in our garden area, which is very far from the house… our house was built in 2006, so, no one has lived on the property for, who knows how long… my husband had a hard time prying up the piece of concrete, as i insisted it come up… you see, as the rain came down, it was washing the corner of the concrete away.. i just had to see what it was… we also have another piece that is washing with the rain….

    as far as we knew,, this was virgin land…. anyway,, i would like to sit in our garden area with the tape player, just to see what i can find.. also,, the nails, and other metal objects, have been found around our back porch… i have seen , and felt strange things in our home, so has my husband… we often smell the burning smell, and feel the cold spots,, more like freezing spots..i see colors on the walls at times, i have posted a story on that. the colors are still there, but have diminished since i put up the portrait of my dead daughter, i think thats what she wanted….

    i will keep in touch, and hopefully have a story to tell in the near future!!!!

    thank you so much for your story,,, take care,, ktm

  8. DarStarr says:

    Please be careful if you do decide to do EVP work. Ghost reader had a good point, as I have heard also that doing EVP’s can invite spirits and you can also become obsessed with it, where it actually takes over all your thoughts. I don’t want anything to happen to you. Research it as much as you can first. Please!

  9. child like says:


    I agree with Darstarr, research it first. ok

  10. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    ok,, now im afraid!! thats probably a good thing…… if,,, big maybe now,, i decide to try, i will have my husband helping me.. i wont do it alone…… i have mentioned it to him,, i even had the recorder out on the table… he knows what will probably happen…. so, for now, im not gona do it… i have felt especially bad, physically today…. i had to go back to bed and rest.. thats probably telling me something….

    my husband has expereinced a lot of things that i have, if it where up to him, if he never saw or felt anything again, it would be fine with him.. well, i feel the same way,,

    i watch these shows about hauntings, and people actually provoking the spirits,, it just gives me chills.. i wonder what they take home with them… ?? i would be interested to hear more stories on evp’s!!!!


  11. Verity says:

    KTM, actually, I’ve wondered if these hosts of these shows have ever taken anything home with them from all the provoking they do. On the evp thing…i’m pretty weary of the whole subject. I now strongly believe if you go looking for something, you’re going to find it.

  12. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    verity,, you are so right!!! if you go looking for trouble,, trouble will find you, thats what i have always heard.. and its true….. i have had some trouble in my life, but, i have gone looking for it at times, and got it….. when i was younger, i thought that it was all fun and games,, now, i suffer the wrath….. but,, there is a silver lining to everything,, with everything i have gone through, i can now help others , first hand, as i have been there…

    i dont want to get into religion,, but, i trully do believe that we are where we are supposed to be… some suffer more than others.. i use my suffering to help others, i think that is the plan for me.. i can either shrink up in a ball, or help others.. and i love helping in any way i can….

    in my case,,, like i said, i have gone looking for trouble in the past, but, also, it has come looking for me….. on the other side of the coin, i am able to connect with my loved ones who have passed on, they come to me whenever they wish, i dont command them to…. i feel that they are in thier new homes in heaven, and if they want to visit me, they can at any time…. my door is always open to the good spirits and angels…..

    i feel that good or bad spirits dont like to be conjoured up,, its really not fair to them…..just my opinion……… hugs,,,,, ktm

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