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Evil Spirit From a Ouija Board

Posted on October 11, 2009

Hello, I felt like sharing my detailed story. My name is Ross, I am currently 23. I grew up in a small town in North Dakota. As a child I had a fascination with ghosts. It wasn’t until I was 14 I had experienced my first %100 sure ghost, which was before I discovered Ouija. When I heard about Ouija from my friend Amanda at the age of 15, I was already a full believer.

My friend Amanda (who was about 6 years older than me) said when she was younger she and a friend used the Ouija board and it always worked. So I told her I would come over with a friend and she would show us how to use it. But my friend and I, everyone nick named him “Hammer” because he was always hammered, got a piece of cardboard, a marker, a case of beer, and drove over to Amanda’s house.

We got there and Amanda drew out the board on the piece of cardboard which was about 2′ by 3 1/2′ (pretty big). She got us two candles and sent us downstairs to play. Now remember this is a town in North Dakota about 18,000 people, so it was an old basement with a late 1800′s coal heater. We started playing and instantly got a response from one of our friends that had died about ten months previously from a drug overdose at the age of 21. I knew him because he lived about six houses down from my parents, but hammer was good friends with him, his name was Tony. We could tell it was Tony because he kept saying slang remarks he use to always say.

This whole time hammer thought I was moving it but he still apologized to Tony that he wasn’t at the funeral because hammer was locked up at the time. So we agreed to ask Tony to knock on the wall, and we heard a knock. We asked him again, and we heard it again but it was more faint. We asked to do it again and this time it was KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. We both got up in a hurry and I got to the stairs first but hammer grabbed me and pulled me down and he ran up first. After we asked Amanda and her boyfriend if they were messing with us and they weren’t, we went back down to apologize to Tony. He said he had to go home and we closed the board.

At this point Hammer and I were really into the board. I was a musician at work, joining various projects as a drummer and doing quite well for what that town was. I still am a musician and I am doing quite well in Portland. But anyway Hammer and I were both in the same grade (sophomores) at this time, we played so much that at lunch time we would go to my room, get stoned and play the board.

One day we played at lunch, went to school, then after school we went back to the board. When we approached my room (which was in the basement of my parents house, two blocks from a huge graveyard) we could smell a rotten smell. Hammer made a remark which makes me smile to this day, even though he was really fried for his age he was serious about this, “It smells like burnt mushrooms”. So we got stoned, put on some music and got out the board. We asked what the smell was and the board simply spelled out D-E-A-T-H. Hammer said “I don’t like this”. So we stopped.

I kept this board in my room (which was the darkest, creepiest room in the house). There was two nights in a row where I saw an entity in my room. I always slept in pitch dark, just wasn’t scared of it I guess. But I woke up, my eyes were still closed but I sensed something. I squinted my eyes open a little bit just so if there was something there it would still think I was asleep. To my astonishment I saw what looked like either a midget or a kid. Its back was facing me and it was looking down at my cd case. Now this spirit was standing only four feet from where my head was. It was wearing a t-shirt and there were a bunch of faces on the back of it. Also, it was bald. It was pure white with a slight glow because I could see it in pitch dark. But yet it looked so real, like a real person. As a matter of fact my little brother was only about six at that time and the being looked the exact size of my brother. I actually called for my bro, and I thought he was playing a trick on me, but it was PURE silence. The more I opened my eyes the more he vanished. The second time I saw him he was running across a doorway, and I thought it was my brother again, but it was silent (keep in mind I am the only person that is rooming in the basement).

The very next day I had an average day in school, got stoned with all my buddies at lunch. I was putting the Ouija board aside for a while. After school it was back to my old life again, I always popped in a cd and played drums to it. I always played to Black Sabbath and stuff like that. I knew whole albums of Led Zeppelin, Coal Chamber, Black Sabbath. But I could play drums to the whole collection of Nirvana. So I put in Insecticide and I began to play the first song. The Ouija board was propped up against the wall about a foot and a half from my right. About two minutes into the song I heard a really loud, and distorted evil scream. It drowned out the 600 watt stereo and my drum kit and I always played loud. But there was something different about the scream. It seemed like it came from inside of my head, but yet the sound came from my right which is where the board was. I blew it off and kept playing when about five minutes later the sound happened again. This time louder and it was so bad I had to drop my sticks, turn off the stereo. I ran upstairs where there was a pet cockatiel that I took out of its cage.

I sat with the bird on a chair in the living room and turned on the TV. I could sense a strong presence when all of a sudden I can see a dark figure of a hooded kid or a midget. I can only see this dark figure in the corner of my eye as I kept my eye focused on the TV not daring to look. The figure moved closer into my sight until it stopped (if it would have moved any further I would have been able to clearly see it). I kept my eye on the TV as what felt like the hooded figure stood and stared at me. About five seconds passed when my bird just goes completely berzerk, I look over and nothing is there. I put the bird in his cage and left the house for a few hours.

Even after this horrible experience I kept playing. I even got my mom to play, and we tried to summon the midget. But I always kept the board in the garage after these events. Eventually I quit playing.

Written by Mitch, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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38 Responses to “Evil Spirit From a Ouija Board”
  1. Manik says:

    Hmmm Even though Everyone warns about ouija board Some one plays it and get in to trouble LIKE ME but i think people with no knowledge about ouija boards read this kind of STORIES THAT WARN ABOUT OUIJA and get involved in playing it GIVING A WARNING IS GOOD AS WELL AS BAD. ANY WAYS I APPRECIATE U FOT UR SHARING OF UR STORY LOL.

    • Anonymous says:

      hey my name is ashley n i need help me n my cousin n his girlfriend all played the ouija board last nite n the last thing it said was devil n said it was after me after that i freakd out startd cryin n left the board we tryd 2 close it but the board kept goin crazy n kept sayin no so we still havent closed it yet i went down in the basement were my rooms at n were we playd the board at the board was on the floor across the room n the other peice was away from it im freaking out n dont kno wat to do i need help with this we r goin to close the board in a few minutes wat do i do do we just close it than it goes away or do we ask wat it wants

  2. Camille says:

    Dear Mitch,

    You’ve got nerves of steel.
    I don’t know how you could even entertain the ouija board idea/action living so
    close to a cemetary and living in a basement.
    It is interesting that your first encounter was with your friend “Tony” and that you and
    Hammer “knew” it was him. But the other “midget” or whatever it was is not such a friendly encounter, just creepy.
    Your experience is very scary to me.
    Glad you are doing well as a musican, also, very glad that you gave up the board.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. tobey maguire says:

    it’s just the beggening believe me!
    may god help you.

  4. Kat says:

    Great story!! That midget or kid whatever would have scared the crap out of me! I am glad to hear your doing well as a musician! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. trolldoll1681 says:

    the board is bad mojo

  6. meli§a says:

    oh my gosh how scary!!! you’re very brave!!

    that was an intense story, thank you!!

  7. Hardstyleshuffler09 says:

    WOW!! your very brave im only 13 and me and my mate we are both girls we were playing with my great great gras board and it wouldnt work so the next day we got it out again and we asked it what its name was and it said beth (my grans name) and sshe told us how she died and what happened then the next day we put on some techno music and started shufflind to get ready for our comption and the ouija board somehow got onto the lounge so we started paying it and it said not to go to the comp but we were lik hell yeah were going and it said i would brake my ankle and Jades mum would be in a car accident and we didnt beleive so we still went and when i was shuffling i jumped off the stage and broke my ankle and Jade got a phone call her mum was in a accident and we totally freaked out and after my ankle was healed we went back to the ouija board and we had a sleep over and we were still playing it and when we were a sleep we heard glass breaking and we hoped up and sneaked into the kitchen and these plates and cups were all on the floor and her little bro was sitting on the florr and we walked up to him and he turned around and had this wierd voice and he said YOU WILL BE NEXT and he had purple eyes and we screamed and ran out of the house and this truck followed us down to the servo it was scary we sdidnt sleep at all and the next day her priest came down and blessed thee house it was so scary and we put the ouija board down in the basement and you hear wierd noises and we are moving house but no one is aloud to buy that house at all becoz it wasnt blessed properly and it was SCARY but her little sister keeps saying get out the ouija board or you will die and we run away but now we are thinking about sleeping at he nans until we move becoz we have more shuffle comps

  8. kogepan says:

    It seems to me we have a wannabe Stephen King here eh? These stories are ridiculous! This is the second story I have read involving lots of drugs and alcohol, so if you did see anything (which I doubt) is it not more likely to be down to that? If your going to make up a spooky story at least make it a bit original. Also there are loads of things in your story which are totally irrelevant…your mentioning all the bands you like to drum to being one of them. Rant over!

  9. mitchell says:

    Well i have plenty more

  10. Elle says:

    I’m sorry, but why would you attempt that? Anyone with a brain knows that using an ouija board is dangerous! Even when you think you’re talking to some one you know, it can actually be a demon or malevolent spirit speaking with you. My cousins and I tried this out one time and everytime we went back to my cousins house we’d think of trying it again.We only used it a few times, but we never have after that. They moved not to long ago and we don’t even think about what happened with the ouija board that day. My friend and I even stopped walking by her old house last year when we walked home from school. We even went so far as to stay away from the wash by our school. I even stopped walking home this year. So a warning to everyone, especially you Mitch, you may have thought it was just fun at first, but it’s bad. You can come face-to-face with something molevolent. Be careful next time

  11. Matt says:

    you have guts man i give you probs for playing. I smoke weed to this day and this one time i was in the woods with a couple of friends we got stoned and were just sitting there hanging out. We heard this scream and i was so paranoid like i was hiding and getting all scared but you have guts!

  12. Elle says:

    Nice one. Next time don’t smoke weed in the woods! But that’s pretty funny. Have fun with your weed.

  13. jessi says:

    those “midgets” with hoods sound like the little zombie things from the classic horror movie phantasim. i’m not sure i believe this story…

  14. mitchell says:

    The editor added something that I never put in the story. At the end of the story it says my mother and I tried to summon the spirit. I never wrote that, it is not true. The story actually extends quite far. even to this day. but i would prefer not to write what happenned. But there was an added sentence. why? i dont know

    • Caretaker says:

      I am the editor and nothing was added to your story. I just looked at the original email and that sentence is there. Stories are sometimes corrected for spelling but nothing is added to them. I would be glad to remove that line for you if you like.

      I have forwarded a copy of the original story submission to your email address

  15. Kuva says:

    DRUGS R BAD MMKAY?! Good luck with ur music bro :3

  16. Elle says:

    Thank you, Kuva! Who’s stupid enough to get high, anyway? Ok, I have friends who have done that, but I still think drugs are stupid!!! :P

  17. megga says:

    well great storrrryy… today at school my teacher told us a story about a ouiga board ..
    her and 3 friends were play with the ouiga board and they got freaked out because
    they were cheeting and moving their fingers with da arrow but they put their hands behind their back and the ouiga board said yes soo they freaked out and burned the ouiga board but da next morning it was on the front porch….

  18. Elle says:

    You should’ve told them off and been all like “You guys are retards. Don’t you know those things come back if you burn them?” Why do some of the funniest things happen to stupid people? lol

  19. Manik says:

    First playing with a ouija board is stupid then closing the ouija board with out prayers is stupid AT LAST GETTING FREAKED OUT AND BURNING A OUIJA BOARD IS THE STUPIDIEST THING TO DO :-( [email protected][email protected]!

  20. Ella says:

    dude…. ino how it feels. ok i have a story. it might not seem like much, but it was REAL and thats what counts. ok u see me and some mates were at a sleepover. mi mate likes bloody mary and shit so we went to the bathroom to do bloody mary. ok let me just say. MY BATHROOM IS REALLY SCARY. the lights dont work, and….well theres a feeling of dread everytime i go in there. i practically have to FORCE miself outta bed to wash my hands, ect. so anyways we made a ouija board and tried to contact…well i dunno. mi friend was TRYING to do something. anyway we were using a coin, and the coin spelt out GET OUT! now i no it wasnt mi friends, as one was in tears, and the other a sceptic, but still in shock. i had a feeling some1 was watching me the whole time. DO NOT EVA TRY IT ALONE OR IN PITCH BLACK!

  21. lonergrllove says:

    ur brave!! i wld run and go,lyk,bezerk.
    yet,i am only 12yrs.old.
    i luv 2 read about ghosts and hav had many situations involving the paranormal!
    i hann’t tried a ouija board but hav watched people play it b-4.
    mabe it waz minimee’s twin!
    anyway,good luck

  22. Bri says:

    i dont know if this story is true or not but i do have A couple of explanations for what happened. 1st of all you take drugss and get high,,,,, You dont think any of that had to do with you seeing things. And right after heering the sreams you got your bird. Dont you think the sreams could have been your bird. well idk…. but these are just my opinions. I really think you should stop playin with this spirit board. I have only heard of one positive thing happening from it…. and the rest EVIL AND HORRIFYING!

  23. LuiJess says:

    before I did the Ouija Board, I read somewhere that your not ment to drink or do drugs.. Well something along those lines or things can get bad. I’m not sure word for word what it said. Lol. But I have read alot of these stories and most people are stoned or drunk when all the bad stuff happens. But i don’t I liked the story.maybe the dude in the hoodie was one of those oman people. Anyways. cool story, good luck…. And I think you should write the rest of your experiences.. If you don’t mind.. Take care

  24. ilovejonasbrothers says:

    why in this right world would you play that thing?

  25. jessica says:

    first of all,,, if u r high off of weed ONLY, you will not see stuff. it is not a hallucigent. so therefore, it could not be the reason for you to see things, “imagine” or whatever you shall believe. so if u do not know, then do not assume.

  26. Blank says:

    Kogepan:: Just because the “game” rules say not to drink, smoke or use drugs while playing doesnt mean people are going to listen. I know several people who drink or smoke then play and sum krazii things happen. That doesnt mean the story is fake. Not all people
    listen to the rules.

  27. Shazz says:

    I only have one thing to say…. You guys want an explination??? Its simple really — He…was….high…. Now, i believe in ghosts and i do believe that Ouija boards can be used to contact the dead and personally am too afraid to do so –>>> total loser =D <<<– but the story is way too cliche. The real story probably took place in his bedroom or his bathroom with a joint in his hand, thats it.

    I think I might have a spirit following me personally, but Im pretty certain its my deceased grandfather. I only started seeing figures and such out of the corner of my eye after he died many years ago. I never feel any sort of fear or any reason to be afraid when I see this figure. I feel safe.. My theory is my pop is still around because I was so upset when he died and asked him why he had to leave me so soon, that I wasnt ready to be without him. So idk…. u think its possible??

    Also I think theres a different spirit in the house I moved into like a fortnight ago… I always hear like something tapping the glass table just outside my bedroom door at 3am-ish when NO ONE is awake. My next door neighbour thinks she might have one too cause she hears light switches during the night — Note: We live in a duplex hence: its joined — That spirit scares me, for some reason… Whenever I hear the noise my heart starts racing and i get paranoia….

    Anyway, Sorry for the huge spam comment LoL! Let me know what u guys think pl0x!!

    Cheers ^^

    (PS. QQ I keep seeing shadows move after writing this down.. -scared-..)

    • Caretaker says:

      Shazz you obviously know nothing about a “joint” – With only a little bit of researching on the net you can quickly discover that marij. does not cause hallucinations. It takes much harder drugs for that.

      By the way, your comment was not spam. If it were it would have been deleted :O) Feel completely free to post your comments, thats what its all about.

      • Shazz says:

        -Doesnt remember saying anything about it causing hallucinations-

        Marijuana = drug. When your on drugs your not in a stable state of mind. Hence it being against the law to drive while under the influence. Now…This persons seems to have been smoking pot for quite some time. If YOU researched marijuana Im sure u would realise there are long term mental… shall i say disabilities.. that form. Making him mentally unstable or ‘insane’. Everyone I know who smokes marijuana have problems with their brain. Not saying theyre retarded. These guys have only been smoking for about 5 years so not long enough for some serious affect. Theyre inable to do that which most humans do. IE – simple equations.

        Basically what Im saying is he didnt hallucinate but he probably didnt see it either. My best bet is its something he made up when he was high.

        Interesting Fact – The original makers of Alice in Wonderland were high when creating the idea. Same concept =)

        Now Im guna stop sounding like a total nerd… QQ LoL dont do drugs guys. ive seen the long term affects and trust me, it aint pretty.

        • Old dude says:

          It is so funny when people who dont seem to know anything about it say things like this. Do you think all “drugs” are the same? Marijuana is not like LSD or Heroin or something like that. And as far as drugs go what about caffeine, nicotine, or even aspirin? Those ARE drugs you know. You didnt say right out that it caused hallucinations but you did say that it was responsible for the story. “You guys want an explination??? Its simple really — He…was….high……… …. The real story probably took place in his bedroom or his bathroom with a joint in his hand, thats it”

          I dont know if this story is true or not and I dont know what happened but I assure you it wasnt caused by Marijuana.

      • DarStarr says:

        Just a little tid-bit I actually heard on the news this morning that a new study does show that with extended use, it is being found that Marijuana does cause hallucinations.
        Now, I for one don’t take too much from these studies because next week there will be another one that shows it doesn’t. It’s like with coffee. One week it’s good for you the next it’s bad, but I just wanted to let you know. That’s what I heard this morning. I guess if you use it longer than 3 + years.

  28. trolldoll1681 says:

    okay i’m gonna tell you all something about me and i’m sure i’m not alone. i have smoked pot on and off since i was 17. i’m almost 49. marijuana does not cause hallucinations! there are many different types and strengths depending on the t.h.c. content. i have had some of the strongest there is, especially back in the 80′s. i have never and don’t ever expect to have hallucinations. it is also not physically addictive. it doesn’t have the same ingredient as cigaretts. it is a weed, like many that have been smoked since ancient times. i am a supporter of medical marijuana and my state is close to legalizing it and i hope they do!! the only thing it does that i tend to over do is make me hungary!

  29. Anonymous says:

    You must never play it again. It will only get worse. When you play such a game you allow the bad spirits to enter your home…as if you opened the gates of hell. The little midget you’re seeing, my friend also saw when she played that game and others will appear as well. Eventually they can take over your body. If you chose to not listen to my advice you will learn the hard way.

    Pray everyday and every night and ask God for protection. Tonight I will pray for you!
    Never ever play such a game….mark my words and I pray and hope that you will listen before it’s too late.

    God Bless!!!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Never play that game

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