Evil Haunting in Topeka Kansas

Posted on September 15, 2009

This happened on Pennsylvania Ave. in Topeka, Kansas

Ten years ago I had moved back to Kansas after a bad break up and bad news I had received of my grandmother being ill. I moved into the house with my aunt, three year old cousin and grandmother. They had told me stories of how they would wake up in the middle of the night hearing what sounded like a woman in heels running down the stairs. Also of my three year old cousin waking up in the middle of the night screaming of a man standing over him with a knife. Now me being a skeptic at first I didn’t believe them but soon after I started experiencing things myself.

At first it was someone walking down the hall from my room to my aunts room, which I thought it was someone in the house just walking around but things quickly progressed from there. One night I was coming home and as I got out of my car and headed up to the house I looked at my aunts window and saw a man standing there. No men lived in the house! So I was very freaked behind that.

In the attic there were old whiskey and beer bottles that would roll down the stairs by themselves. Shadows would duck behind the couch when you came down the stairs like they were waiting to jump out and scare you when you walked by.

Another night I was coming in from work and was by myself. I went to go up to my room to change and take a shower. As I was going up the first flight of stairs and was on the landing I heard a man’s voice loudly telling me “Don’t come up those stairs.” I then turned around and left the house and didn’t return until the next day. I told my family about it and we all had been experiencing the same things.

It wasn’t too long after that we decided to move out of the house. In the process of moving I still kept seeing the man in the window but now he had made his was to the back door window right next to the driveway. I don’t know how to describe the numbing, scary feeling that I felt but I knew that if any of us had went back into that house it would probably be the last place we ever would live in. The whole house was scary but that man was the worst part of it. I just knew that if he could have he would have come out into the driveway and ended my life right there. It was like he hated us for being there but wanted us dead for leaving him.

I never spent another night in that house but my aunt was sleeping one night and she thought that her son had got into the bed with her but when she rolled over there was no one there but you could see the impression of an adult in the bed right next to her like they were still laying right there with her. We still talk about all the things that happened there and they still scare me to this day. Some people don’t believe in ghosts but 90% of my family does, we are all survivors of ghosts still mad at the world even after death.

I hope you get some kind of education from this story. Even though you cant see something doesn’t mean its not there. We can believe in aliens, bigfoot, loch ness but not ghosts. Well I am now a true believer.

Written by Natasha, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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17 Responses to “Evil Haunting in Topeka Kansas”
  1. Bricstix says:

    It is nice story, it’s also scary, especialy with that man in the house.
    And, i think it’s good thing you moved out from there.

  2. anon says:

    can i ask you something, you know you said this ghost told you don`t go up thoses stais,
    how did he say it?

  3. Pat says:

    SCARY! I am glad no-one was hurt by this ghost man- other than scared badly! Did you discuss having the house blessed or even exocised to rid the home of spirits? Until this is done whoever lives there will experience these ghosts too. You mentioned that a lot of people don’t believe in ghosts because they can’t see them… well sometimes this is true- they are feelings and you don’t see them, but sometimes we see shadows or forms or apparitions… how do non believers explain items being moved or doors being opened- things like that I wonder? I am glad you are all out of there….

  4. meli�a says:

    holy smokes that’s scary!! scarier b/c you guys all witnessed this, even the poor baby. my grandpa had that same experience with a ghost who laid right next to him in bed & he thought it was my grandma & sure enough, no one was there but the imprint in the bed. eeeek scary!! thanks for the story!

  5. Natasha says:

    When I heard the voice it sounded like he was right in front of me. He sounded very angry and dangerous.So I took his warning.

  6. Natasha says:

    We did not think at the time to have the house blessed. All of this was new to us all and with my grandmother being so ill all concern was on her and her health. We did however warn the people that moved into the house after us but they did not beieve us.

  7. Jonathan says:

    See now I believe this person is being truthful. You can tell by the stream of conscience writing style. But one question, Why are there empty beer and whisky bottles in the attic?

  8. Natasha says:

    When I had moved there no one was really using the third floor which is where the attic was located. So once I moved there my grandmother had wanted her Christmas decorations moved up to the attic. It was when i was moving her decorations up to the attic that I noticed the bottles. There were tons of them in boxes and on the floor like someone had been saving them for sometime….Im not really sure just assuming.

  9. Camille says:

    The Haunting in your story seems to be from an alcoholic man (bottles in the attic)
    who lived in the house prior to his demise. The sound of the “high heels” running
    down the stairs, were likely the residual left from the terror he struck in his wife’s
    heart, as she tried to get away from him. It is known that alcoholics are “control” freaks,
    because they have no control over themselves and their “demon” alcohol, they will try
    to control and intimidate the others around them. It is likely that “she” was either
    abused or killed by him in that house. He is lurking there because he can’t move on,
    if he moves, it will be to “hell”, it is not likely that he would be admitted to “heaven”.
    If you can remember the address of the house you can go on line and search the records in the newspaper regarding what could have happened at that house.
    I am very sorry you and your family have been terrorized like that.

  10. Chad says:

    I would love to check this place out for investigative purposes. Im betting it was between 21st and 29th!

  11. Chad says:


  12. Natasha says:

    You are right its off of 28th, I believe the people that bought it painted it yellow

  13. carla says:

    natasha,..you were very dam lucky to be getting out of this house just in the nick of time because you had said that he had came to the kitchen door ( which that scare’s the crap out me even!) and you even had said that he looked at you and looked as though he was ready to come after you to wnd you?,……man!,….tha’s not to cool to me at all girl,……you had also said that this man even if you were in you’reown driveway that he doesn’t like uninvted guest at his house or something like that??,…….stilll,….for him to be ready to come after you like this and even in you’re own driveway that badly,……..man!?…………….you must have senced something pretty badly from him and that you had to go NOW!??,……..and for you’re aunt to stay one more nite???………….why??………….and camille,…I liked what you had to say about those beer bottle’s and so on and what natasha had discovered in the attic!……..i was thinking of that same exact thing myself that this man must have been a big drinker as well, ha,ha,ha,…………but natasha hone!!………you were da– lucky to get out of that house and just as you are getting into that car of you’re’s,..he come’s out of the kitchen door and look’s at you and was ready to come after you no matter what!,………..but you got out of there just in time!,………that thought right there for me just get’s to me everytime when I think of what you must had gone through at that time!,……..and camille!,….I liked what you had said about alcoholic’s and the reason why the drink because they have no self control and even over there own demon’s!……..I had read what you had said about that one and it make’s alot of sence to me because of something that I am going through personnaly,..but that’s another storie and to be talking about this some place else as well,………..natasha!,…I’m happy that you and you’re family are alright!!,…they should demolish that place there,…boy!!,ha,ha,ha, that would p— off that demon for sure!!!

  14. Natasha says:

    Thanks for your concern and comment. We all were scared to death you dont really understand the danger at the time but thinking back on the experience I am grateful that we got out when we did. Altough I am not completely convinced it was alcohol that enraged him or just him being a beater….I have a feeling now that it was is complete dislike for women that caused him to be furious…..In all reality the only one that knows is him….As for the house it still stands today….with new owners and a new paint job on the outside…..hopefully that family is not having as many problems as we did and if they are…I hope that they get out in time before something happens to them

  15. Spencer says:

    Jeeze that is scary i have had my own experiances like my grandmother came to me in a dream but it sounds like this guy probably was a demonic entity or like someone else said a heavy drinker/Killer

  16. ashyel says:

    Omg.. I think the new owner is in danger now..coz i believe what you saw is not a ghost but a demon…not all people are as lucky as your family to survive that encounter..

  17. ocean says:

    Ghosts have different reasons as to why they do what they do. Because he scared you so, its a good thing that you left. Its not a good feeling to be that scared of your own home. Usualy Christians think its all evil or all demons. I have met plenty that are good people who are no longer living.

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