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Evil Attic Bedroom at My Grandparents House

Posted on April 8, 2010

My mom’s parents lived in a house in Haw River, North Carolina that was haunted. My mom grew up in this house and I spent a lot of my childhood in this house as well. I can remember coming in from the school bus and sitting in the living room and hearing footsteps walk upstairs in the attic bedroom. The footsteps would continue walking down the steps leading to the door. I would wait to see if the door would open but it never would open and the footsteps would stop and start back over. I would always run out of the house scared to death and would wait until somebody came home from work.

My grandparents were somewhat very spiritual and read from the bible every night before bed. I on the other hand, am not spiritual at all. A lot of family members have experienced entities in the house. A lot have family members have woken up in this attic bedroom with an entity standing in front of their bed. All they could see was a dark figure standing there, but my family members were too scared to move as if something was holding their bodies down. My grandfather even talked about the dark figure floating over his body and entering his body and as soon as the entity entered his body he could move again.

The last time I slept in this bedroom I could hear the dark entity standing over me and breathing. I had never been so scarred in my live. Since then I never slept in that room again.

Now my grandfather didn’t believe in ghost but says he knows what he experienced that night. My grandfather also told a story about walking up in the middle of the night in his own bedroom and Satan was sitting on his bed. My grandfather just starting to pray and said that Satan got up from his bedroom and headed straight upstairs into the attic bedroom.

My aunt told a story about seeing an entity that took the form of my grandmother but it wasn’t my grandmother at all. Other family members have told stories about waking up in this room by something that looked like a troll and was very small and moved as quick as lightning. Stories were also told of seeing creatures that looked half animal and half human. Other neighbors had bizarre things happened to them as well in their homes.

My grandparents have since past away. When my grandmother past away she died in front of the door leading up the stairs to the attic bedroom. Other family members talked about seeing multiple shadows moving around in the house from outside.

When I was 8 I had a dream that I saw a man commit suicide by hanging himself in this house, when I woke up from the dream their was a dark figure standing behind me.

To this day, I still have nightmares about this house and the attic bedroom. A new family  has since moved into the house and I always wonder if they are being haunted as well.

Sent in by Anthony, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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Tags: Haw River, North Carolina

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13 Responses to “Evil Attic Bedroom at My Grandparents House”
  1. anna says:

    you should ask the family just give them the heads up.but then again i wouldnt want to scare them.thats scary to hear what you and your family have gone through.and the devil thats scary i had a dream about the devil but it was weird it was jesse form the show (save by the bell)weird i know.sorry to hear that your grandparents past away.did you ever do some back round check on the place?thanks for the story.

    • Ana Karina says:

      cool can u tell us the dream

      • anna says:

        its weird i dont remember how it started but i was in hell and it was red because well its hell red fire and stuff.it was almost like there was a couch like a livingrm but didnt go in flames anyways i looked over and there she was dressed in red was the devil(jesse)i was scared of her she was mean.i dont remember what she said then i woke up.ive never had a dream like that again.thats all i can remember so i hope its good enough. and thanks for being interested in my dream.let me know what you think.thanks

      • Anthony says:

        Hey Ana, thank you for reading my story. Til this day, my grandparents old house still haunts me in my dreams. All my experiences happened when I was a kid from the ages of 8 between 15. I’m now 36 and still have nightmares indeed. My dreams basically take place in the house. The door leading up to the attic bedroom is open and I’m scared to death. I’m standing in the hallway that leads up to this bedroom of hell. I’m doing everything in my power to get the door shut, but I struggle to shut it. Something is always coming down the staircase after me and it feels extremely evil. Right at the end of the dream before I wake up I do manage to get the door shut before the evil force reaches me. In my dream something is also in the bedroom at my grandparents house that is demonically possessed. My wife was having dreams about 4 1/2 years ago about a man that would show up at our door offer to make our lives better if she will sign this piece of paper he is carrying. She said that he is a very attractive man and then all of a sudden turns into a beast with red eyes. When she told me about the dream it scared me to death, but she hasn’t had the dream since then.

    • Anthony says:

      Thank you for the comment. I’m always wondering if the new family that lives in my grandparents house have any experiences to tell. I live in Wilmington/North Carolina and the house is in Haw River/North Carolina, which is about 3 hours away. I truly believe that what every is in that house is demonic. Other neighbors have told stories of seeing creatures that looked half animal half man in their yard.

      • anna says:

        thats scary.that sucks you still have nightmares.at least you dont have to live there and be scared.well at least your better besides the dream.thats for commenting me back.

    • Buck says:

      This has made my day. I wish all posgtnis were this good.

  2. Anonymous bastard says:

    have you tried to search about the persons who lived in that house before your grandfather and grandmother ?so that you could know if someone hanged himself in it ?like you saw in your dream !?

  3. joanna:) says:

    i think someone open a portal in that house so alot of evil enteties get through.im soory to hear your grandparents die.

  4. Jasmin says:

    I live in Haw River myself. It was very interesting to read this story. My grandparents have an older homein Haw River also, whenever I visit strange things would happen.

    • Anthony says:

      Hey Jasmin, thank you for the comment. How long have you been living in Haw River?
      I haven’t lived in Haw River since 1987. You have probably drove by my grandparents house so many times, especially if you are heading down hwy 70 toward Mebane. I have never been in another house where you could feel the evil and hatred like I could at my grandparents house. My grandparents house is near the Haw River Park.

      • Jasmin says:

        Yes I go that route all the time. My grandparents have lived in their house since I think 1972? Not sure I’d have to ask my grandma. The activity that goes on in there house is, while your lying down in bed something will shake the bed. Something messes with the dishes when their in the sink, my grandma said one night she was trying to sleep and the bed was shaking. She asked out loud for it to stop and closed her eyes, she said she felt a breath in her face, and a woman( who she strangely said looked like me.) was looking at her in pure anger, when she opened her eyes.

  5. Brittany says:

    hey i live near the haw river park and was wondering which house? On 70 u say? Just interested in seeing about the paranormal activity in haw river which house? Maybe i’ll go check it out sometime…i live in the only apartments in Haw River very close 2 the location you’ve mentioned

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