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The Circle – Evil And The Hidden Basement

Posted on April 6, 2008

The circle is based on a true story and real life events. It all started when my mom and my dad moved to Atlanta, Georgia for my dad’s scholarship he had taken. They were a happy couple at the time, so my older brother Marcus, was born and, soon I was on the way. So they really couldn’t stay in the dome anymore so they went looking for an apartment to purchase. They went to this little place right out of Georgia called Westbury so they moved in it. It seemed nice at the time so they bought it.

Everything was going well until one day my mom stayed at home with my older brother. She wasn’t doing too well. So she went to the store to get some aid. When she returned a bundle of black cats appeared on our balcony. It spooked her out a little to think of how they got up there.

A couple of nights later they heard the door close. So they got up and went to see. My parents saw a shadow in their kitchen. They went to look and saw it was the box of clothes that my mom said she had put in the closet. So they went back to sleep like it wasn’t anything but still with a thought in their head and a bad feeling about the duplex.

The whole time they were there, they could feel like they were not wanted there. My mom said that when they would pray they could feel sprits come pull away from their body. So they prayed that night, my dad as well. He went to sleep having to wake up for a test the next day. So when he laid down, he stayed down, he couldn’t move, he couldn’t talk, he was just stuck. My mom tried moving him but he wouldn’t budge. He felt like he was covered in souls or sprits that wouldn’t release him (Sleep Paralysis). The whole time this is going on my mom is praying and praying. She called one of my dads’ friends, Clint. He stayed in Baton Rouge so he had to drive at least four hours to get to our house.

While my dad was still down Clint was on his way, and about and hour later he could finally move. They stayed up all night looking for an available apartment. So about 12:00 that morning Clint arrived at the house. He said, “I feel something in this house.” At the time our neighbor was sitting outside, whom my parents had never met. So Clint called them over. “Say man step in here for me. Does it feel like a home?” The neighbor got out of his seat. “No, I feel an evil sprit; this is not a home.” So my family left to go out to eat.

My mother forgot to lock the doors and turn off the lights. When we returned all the lights were off and all the doors were locked and what makes it worse, the cats were back on the balcony. My parents wanted to move out now.

They were getting their clothes out of the closet and they found this open up door leading to the underground. My dad yelled, “look at this Clint!” Clint said, “Hold on right quick,” as he was fixing him some water. So as he was walking over to my dad he began to drink the water and the water disappeared. “What the Hell?” he said, and threw the glass down. He ran over and started explaining what had happened to my dad. Dad said, “quit lying Clint, why are you scared for?” Clint said, “man, what that is, is a tunnel”. Come to find out it was the basement. The women who sold the duplex to them had never showed them the basement. They found Ouija boards, and witchcraft circles all around the walls and the floors. The basement was full of evil and witchcraft and circles with X’s in between them.

Sent in by Gerald Mason, Copyright 2008

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17 Responses to “The Circle – Evil And The Hidden Basement”
  1. haily says:

    thats really creepy i wonder if they had any sacrifices of people in the basement

  2. NINA says:

    wow!…thats scary it sounds like a movie i wached!

  3. Jackie says:

    Really interesting!!
    Are they still living there?

  4. Karen Ortiz says:

    cool, this makes me excited its so creepy!

  5. Elle says:

    It is my firm belief after several spiritual battles that it is best to cleanse any home you move into before you move in, if it can be done. Real estate agents and home owners are reticent to alert the prospective tenants that something like this is present in the home, apartment, duplex, etc., but it is up to us as spiritually aware beings to protect ourselves as much as possible before walking into a situation like that. Some homes cannot be cleanesed and must be left alone. It is much cheaper and there is greater peace of mind when one takes this into account when finding a new place to live. A place like this should be demolished, as it is very difficult to rid it of resident evil. Furthermore, it is very irresponsible for an owner to allow innocent people to walk unknowingly into a dangerous situation like this! That is, unless the owner gets their kicks out of exposing people to evil. I am truly sorry that you had to experience this. I hope you guys have peace now.

  6. Greg Bailey says:

    yeah, I sometimes wonder if we as people mistake ghosts for demons. My grandpa said he was in a house here in Des Moines, about 5 miles from where i live now. This house was my aunts house at the time and it was WAY back in like 1980 or so, my grandparents went to visit my aunt, my grandpa said my aunt and grandma left the house a bit after they got there, he went upstairs and looked the whole upstairs area over he says there was nothing up there, no furniture or anything. He went downstairs and heard people wlaking and laughing, and he says more than one person. He said it made him so uncomfortable he went outside and stood on the porch until my aunt and grandma got back. My aunt soon moved out of the place because she claimed something grabbed her leg on the way up the staircase.

  7. Carly says:

    That is so scary…but whats up with the black cats???

  8. lyndon says:

    hmmmm i have not yoused a ouija board but i can confurm i have yoused something like it.(lol im geting of the point here because this isnt much about ouija boards) anyway i think you should do something like light a candle in a room and, sit down around it and hold hands and ask what they want with you (normaly the candle is ment to protect you and telly you want theyr saying but its hard to know that way so i just sujest you add a ouija bored to it but take the gratest of cear).

  9. zoe says:

    that was cool but not that creepy

  10. Alice In Wonderland says:

    I think you never shoulda went in to the basement to start with. Better yet you shoulda never bought the dang house!!! DUHHH

  11. Moegen says:

    Witchcraft is not evil and those signs that you described are not witchcraft at ALL. What you’re talking about is voodoo. Sounds fairly real other than that last little bit.

  12. Brackette says:


    I wouldnt say ALL witchcraft is not evil. I think there could be good and evil witchcraft. Nothing is so one sided.

  13. vanessa87 says:

    good story. the ending was bunk though

  14. Caretaker says:

    Anonymous Your comment has been published as its own seperate story – //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/bizarre-experience-with-black-cats/

  15. ariel says:

    the black cats are demons or signs of evil. they may also keep other cats in order. i have been researching them and found nothing plz email me if
    you find something!
    blessed be, ami

  16. raven says:

    i don’t think the black cats are a sign of evil. i have several of them at home. i think they were trying to warn the family to leave. But i would have gone down in to the tunnel . but that is just me.it takes a lot to scare me.

  17. Ellen from Florida says:

    wow! thats scarey! i wonder if the owner knew about this???!!! if she did she had to get someone to clean that house!!! i dont know how your parents made it threw the night. scarey.

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