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Encounters With the Dark Man

Posted on October 28, 2009

I just wanted to share a bit of a story with you. The reason I was touched off tonight is because I saw Paranormal Activity the movie. I wont spoil the film but it had something to do with this forum.

I never saw the darkman as a child. However my sister Elaine has. She has seen a dark figure several times in life. Mostly when we were children. I was seven and younger. She is two years younger then me. She would see a tall dark man standing at the foot of the bed or in the corner of the room, and it would just stare at her. She never claimed to have seen eyes but she did see a hat. She says it looked like a golf hat. She had a couple of years of seeing this thing. She saw it mostly during the two years that my Grandpa was battling cancer. My mother lived with our grandparents, so we lived with our grandparents. My sister says she would lie in my grandparents bed with them. In the middle of the night she would uncover her face, regretfully glance in the direction of the intruder and then be struck with perpetual fear. She would not take her eyes off of him, just so she could stay one step up on him.

When it first started happening to her she would scream for help and everyone would wake up, only to find no evidence of such a creature except for Elaine’s beads of sweat. One night she was woken by a sense of being watched. She was right. He was at the end of the bed staring at her. She screamed because he was so close and the she turned to huddle next to my Grandpa But then she saw the scariest thing. My grandfather was covered in worms and bugs. My sister freaked. She told them what happened and then began to vomit. My grand mother was concerned when my sister started to vomit blood. They ran her to the Emergency Room. Doctors say she was stressed. This is all documented (the part about the hospital visit). A month later my Grandpa was overcome by his cancer. I never saw any of these things I saw something else.

Between the ages of 4 and 7 I lived with my grandparents as I have said already. Almost every night that we would have dinner as a family I would sit in the same spot. On a brown step stool to give me that extra boost. All I would have to do is turn me head to the right, glare up past the linoleum carpet border. Over the light brown couch and over the glass topped coffee table, right out the living room window. There he would be At least 7 feet tall now that I think about how far off the ground that window was. It was a green man. Covered in roots and vines. He had yellow eyes. He reminded me of the Green Giant from the canned peas. His presence concerned me, but never alarmed me. He would just stand outside the window and stare at me while I ate dinner. I would look into his eyes but his expression would remain blank. He never came into my home, he always stayed outside. I really never told anyone about this until about 5 years ago. I would forget about it for a long time and then remember ant then forget again. I never even told my sister. But when she would explain the situations she went through I believed with no reservations.

In short these things exist. They are not of God. So that means they will have to flee at the Name of Jesus. Every knee will bow for Him and confess He is Lord. Demon spirits know this to be true. You can get rid of these occurrences only be the power of Jesus. I’m not a religious nut I am a Christian. If anyone has any issues with spirits. Do not, I repeat, do not get a Ouija Board. Get a Bible and begin to read it as you walk through you home. Start reading aloud from the book of Matthew. Make sure you are reading from a translation you can understand. You will read about Jesus casting out demons and how they obey him because they have too. As you read not only will the spirits need to leave but also as you read, faith will begin to grow in your heart and mind. Faith in the Power of the King is the doorway to freedom from these oppressive principalities. OK I’ve said enough. God Bless you. You believe in these spirits, now trust in the Holy Spirit.

Sent in by J. Honey, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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16 Responses to “Encounters With the Dark Man”
  1. GINA says:

    I love the last papagraph about how faith is the most powerfull light !!! xx

  2. Liv says:

    it is good to see that you believe so fully, faith is an important aspect for the wellness and being of the mind and to some extent the body. However, i wonder if you are aware that the green man is considered a particularly powerful nature deity, and many, including some in my aquaintances consider it both an honour and an extremely rare event to see him, particularly when the event is repeated. This perhaps is particular to you, as he will rarely physically seperate from his environment, in your case he never entered the house. Please keep an open mind when i say this, as i feel it possible that nature herself is more aware then what we perceive her to be. You perhaps are more significant then you realize. i hope you study more about him, cos it looks like the interest here is being returned.

  3. Kitty says:

    Have you tried to find out if the green man was a play of light or a reflection on the window?

  4. Liv says:

    You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’
    - George Bernard Shaw

  5. J. Honey. says:

    like i said before. I was only a young child. I now am 30 years old and my sis is 28. We have not lived in that house since 1988 the year grandma died. I havent been by there but once. And I stayed inside the car.

    I am more interested in the green man persay. However I dont give credit to any diety excecpt Jesus the Christ. I am not a close minded kind of guy…quite the opposite actually. I am indeed fairly inteligent and very humbled by your analysis of me pertaining to the green man. I dont believe in mother nature the same way you do.

    I thank God for the great outdoors. I worship the creator rather than the creation. In other words my thoughts are as follows: I know angels and what they are about and who they are for. Likewise, I understand (though vaugely) demonic forces. It is my beliefe that with the deceiveing nature of the devil then his hencmen would do the same. I believe most if not all diety figures we have seen portrayed through time are fallen angels….or demons. They have been our enemy from the start and they would have you do nothing more than worship them as oh sayy “the green man”. I dont mean to sound like a zealot but this is what i believe. Turn away from Idols now. Or you will see them burn up like paper and you may not be far behind. God Bless and thanks for the comments.

  6. Frank says:

    Ok, seriously- this faith stuff is getting a little over the top. I noticed how a lot of people here have used this board as a promotional opportunity for God and Christ. This board is for ghost stories. Secondly, all of the logic is flawed. ‘They are not of God’. For the love of everything and all knowledge, how would you know that? Go read some other stories. Many people have had these experiences and shouting verse at the phenomena has done, generally, three things:

    1.) Nothing.
    2.) Made it stop.
    3.) Made it worse.

    There is no proof that faith makes you healthier, safer, or anything of the sort. Now, I don’t mind you having your own personal practices and beliefs, but please. Some of us here are serious about the paranormal, and these cliches and the ‘willfull ignorance’ that some of you post about (You just have to believe! For He will protect you from the demon! You can’t try to figure this out, you just have to believe.) is what keeps taking this field further and further away from science.

    This is similar to when you have some show about ‘paranormal investigators’ who are trying to take readings, measurements, etc. and then they bring in the psychic who tells some cliche story about the vortex and the roaming daughter looking for her mother who drowned because the evil father, who also still lurks around, was abusive and killed both of them. Then those of us who ACTUALLY take this stuff seriously have to deal with this kind of thing being looked at as pseudoscience.

    If you’ve had an experience, try to figure it out. Don’t cop out and resort to faith just for the sake of saving your own skin. That would be a bad reason to turn to God anyway. The more serious you take whats happening to you and to the others who have had this happened, the more reall answers we will all get.

  7. Liv says:

    That is an important point, but i think that science can only assist you so far in the field of the paranormal. what i think that J. Honey and myself were pertaining too was how to actually deal with a situation that has gone beyond control: for instance, judging by some of the stories posted on this site, i dont think that an Electro- Magnetic Field Radar will help or save you from a physical attack should a particular entity choose to initiate one. i mean, you could perhaps throw it at it, but somehow i dont think thats gonna do any good.

    The only fault here is that, like you have said, the religious component has been emphasized upon too much. However, i believe that science can only take you so far in this field.

  8. J. Honey. says:

    Thank you Liv.

    Well let me first say that i did not post this as a story. This was origianally posted as a comment from another page. The web master turned it into a story page.

    Secondly- I am not here trying to turn you to anything. A Christian is what I am, so guess what?? My life has a lot to do with Christ. Have I emphasized too much on that? It was not intentional….but then again your not me and you wouldnt know what I know or feel right? Logic is your enemy and a pure heart is worth more than gold.

    Do not bark at someone for mentioning a name that you dont like. Because I wonder if I practiced some outrageous colorful religion With a peace loving Fairy then maybe I would be taken with less scrutiny?

    I only commented the other night because I had just watched a movie. I take the supernatural very seriously…….I just dont view it as you sir. And I suspect that is something you may be struggleing with. Why dont I see the Whimzy and mystical significance of it?? Because Ive seen it for what it was. So please dont try and accuse me of not being real. Thank you for your kind words, and sorry for offending you. I can be very black and white. And I cool off quick :)

    Liv is correct. My basic point was to tell those in time of need that these things will flee. But guess what??? Your belief is a main ingredient. thanks.

  9. Cat says:

    The part about the dark man is creepy, but the green man is kind of comforting. In the Druidic religion the Green Man is good. He’s the god of all the life and vegitation. Maybe he was watching over you ?

  10. Bri says:

    I don’t believe in any religion. My suggestion to anyone dealing with a spirit, just don’t fret about it. When crazy things start happening (ec: things being destroyed in your house, the feel of anger or over protectiiveness) then you should probably start to look into demons more than spirits. Most people get confused between spirits and demons so let me clear this up, spirits are souls that have not fully been passed to the afterlife. They are souls from people that have left the living. Demons are creepy things that either attach themselves to a person or house or anything they want. They are believed to have come from Hell, which I do not believe. I do believe that a demon can fall in love with the living. I believe that they can be happy or mad, sad or dazed. Sometimes they get angered from a person being involved with a wrong-doing. Sometimes they want people to pass on to the so-called ‘dark side’ with them. Sometimes, only rarely, people will experience a ghostly experience that may seem demonly. That may be the cause of someone dissrupting his/her resting spot. I may only be 13, turning 14 in a few months, but I am fascinated by demons and ghosts. I have been reading and studying about them since I had my first encounter when I was 7. I loved learning more about them. I may suggest if you do get ouija board, make sure it is a ghost or demon. If it’s a ghost, make sure it’s friendly. If it’s not friendly, or if it’s a demon, DO NOT GET THE BOARD!!!

    P.S. Watch this over, if more things happen and they get worse, just keep watching. Don’t get an excorcist, it will agitate the demon or spirit. :) Many good wishes to you, I hope everything turns out fine.

  11. J Honey says:

    Thanx Bri.

    Demons by definition are “Fallen Angels” Angels who willfully decide to turn from God, the true light. They followed Satan to earth where they continuosly wage war on The Father by way of trying to influence his children here on earth. Satan and ALL Demons are allready condemned.

    You are a bit young to be so facsinated with these things. When I was your age I really got into the quija board. I started communicating with the spirits and such. It wasnt until I became an adult and discovered the LIGHT that i had a clearer understanding of these things.

    I think the major part of the problem is that we give these things more powere than they are entitled too. Almost to the point of demon worship. These things will leave you alone. However I reiterate….There is no other Name on earth or under heaven that is more powerful then Jesus Christ. These things know that. When A child of God rebukes these things in His name, they will have to leave. Please dont get “RELIGION” confused with the Power Of God. Believe me Im not preaching. I have nothing but love for you.

    Basically get the “HUMAN LOGIC” of these demons out of your unerstanding. Because the mere concept of human logic has nothing to do with them unless they are working on you.

  12. Beth the Pokemon loverx says:

    I believe in no religon i believe in Satan,ghosts,vampires,demons but they say demons rebeled against god and so satan did to I’m sure my house is haunted but my mum and her boyfriend don’t believe me oh yeah…not all demons are bad I have one that is haunting me it ain’t hurt me…yet I believe if you call satan the D E V I L then his demons will hurt you but if you put gaps in like i have then he can’t…but anyway the celts used to sacrifice animals ad not call satan the d e v i l so just call him satan oh yeah I also have a girl who is stuck inside my head and she is my friend so I think…AMY is her name she has blonde hair and green eyes…

  13. J Honey says:

    Thanx Beth…LOL!

  14. Gregory Brown says:


    I apologize for such a long entry. I’m not trying to convert you. Perhaps something I’ve written here will help someone…, maybe even you. God loves you too.

    I’ve studied a little about other religions, because I like to know what others believe, and how do they remedy things like a haunted house, or a haunted person (yes, that is possible). I think that it is great that so many different kinds or people, having different kinds of faith can post a reply here.

    I don’t recall any rules for this site that prohibit “Christian” faith, or Islam, or Judaism, and others to be expressed here. I think polite replies are OK. I don’t think bashing any single religion is appropriate here…, that isn’t why this site exists. I like this site. I don’t like “bashing.”

    I’ve read the accounts of many people who practice various forms of divination. These same people will admit that “sometimes” these spirts will lie, just about any thing. Liars are not to be trusted.

    These lies are meant to misinform you and mislead you. “Sometimes” these beings will even attack you, including innocent bystanders. Perhaps this is the point where all of us has an opinion about how to get rid of these beings. There have been people living in a haunted house and write to this site asking other readers for help.

    I’ve read accounts where some oriental family(s) resorted to getting a Catholic priest, or Baptist minister to perform an exorcism because all their previous efforts failed. We all fail some times.

    I read one account where a young lady tried to rebuke one of these spirits in the name of Jesus Christ, and it didn’t work. Sadly, I believe that people who call on Jesus, who don’t have the “faith” to go with the rebuke, don’t seem to be able to get rid of the spirit.

    There is a pretty good story in the Bible where seven brothers attempted to exorcise a demon from some man using their authority and brute force…, they failed badly, and got their butts kicked pretty good.

    Faith is a critical factor. It is also true that Christ said there are some of these different kinds of beings can’t be exorcised until one has properly prepared (by fasting and prayer, etc.) before attempting an exorcisim.

    Some years ago I had to perform a blessing on the apartment that my family was living in, and that worked just fine (I didn’t use a Bible.). I prayed from my heart to our heavenly father. I was just a regular guy trying to protect my family. My little faith in the authority of Christ is the real power. Demons, and everything else in Hell knows and fears Jesus Christ.

    If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, have a little faith and call on Jesus Christ to deliver you from evil. (the “Lord’s Prayer” seems to work for a lot of people).

    I’ve spent some considerable time reading “true tales” from many sites for cases where physical evidence was left behind, in form, or substance, or both. I’m convinced that there is life after death, and humans aren’t the only higher life form living on this planet. The Science Community still resists to acknowledge the existence of God or any other intelligent life forms/spirits.

    For this reason I don’t anticipate any scientific methodology or device to suddenly appear that can detect and allow us to interact with these spirits. And if such a device ever does exist, I wouldn’t advise communicating with these spirits on the “other side”. Typically they LIE about a lot of things, and a liar can’t be trusted. If a scientific approach is effectively used to deal with haunting spirits, I’d like to hear about it.

  15. Alicia!!! says:

    Hey frank guy and all you other people that don’t believe faith DOES make evrything better! If you truely believe then Of coarse God will help you!
    But if you have a little bit a little tad of doubt in him then he’s most likely not gonna help you.

    Maybe I’m rong. But it will work….!!! If you believe.!

  16. Carla Clark says:

    I gave up on trying to get rid of these darn shadow people, i tried faith, magic, wind chimes, lights constantly on, nature, blocking them out of my mind, and oh if you try to ignore the shadow people in my house they will not just watch you more they will grab and touch you all the time until you give them attention again. . . some old friends of mine who are really, and i mean really into the paranormal and whatnot told me the reason they won’t leave me the heck alone is, get this, “they really like you” honesty is that all you can come up with. I just completely gave up on trying to get rid of them because i think no matter what i do weather it is faith, science or natural i do not think it will work. The shadow people are gonna stick to me they made that clear when they follow me everywhere i go. They do scare me sometimes because when i go outside more and more come from all over. I hate riding in the car at night. my best friend has the same experiances as me. She won’t go in my bathroom alone at night because of the faces in the window they scare me so bad. From the second i walk in the bathroom i look down and never up because i know i will see those darn faces.
    If you know a way to get rid of Shadow People that is 100% full proof then i would be extreamly greatful if you will tell me

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