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Encounters With Spirits Throughout My Life

Posted on April 19, 2009

My family and I have lived in our three bed house in Poole in Dorset, England for the past four years. I live with my three daughters aged 13, 15 and 18. I have a son away in the Royal Marines also.

Throughout my life I have seen a number of spirits ranging from since I was a small girl and saw and ‘felt’ the warming presence of my departed Mother, that experience was a lovely warming gift from my Mother. Very different from the paranormal experiences I came to feel throughout my teenage life, living in various properties, mostly older places but with a fresh feel in the day-time.

My first strong and frightening encounter was when I was 17, living in Christchurch. I was awoken one night very briefly stirring from my sleep to see a figure racing towards me at high speed and although I did not its face clearly, I felt his anger… it felt like it was angry at me… my body felt heavy and not completely conscious… I closed my heavy eyes… next moment my body was thrown into the air over my boyfriend who was sleeping next to me and I was pinned up against the wall… half asleep and half awake… screaming out loud for the whole house to hear my terror. I could do nothing, I could only see the speed and feel the anger of the entity.

About a year later when I was 18, I was seeing another guy and we moved into a room in a shared house… I don’t believe I have any kind of gift but I could feel something wrong in that place… nothing too heavy, I was only 18 after all. The house was on three floors and every room was rented by young people like me and my boyfriend. It was a Victorian House, and had a ‘heavy’ feel to it.

I had only been with this guy a couple of months when I woke him one night… although I was not aware I had woken him… he recalled to me after that I had woken and sat bolt up right, I had looked all around the room before settling my gaze on him. He said I spoke to him in a man’s voice and then I kneeled up in bed and began to look around the room, talking out loud in a mans voice in a foreign language. He said I did this for a good five minutes and he was too terrified to move. He said that at the conclusion of this, I turned to him in bed and straddled him, I looked into his eyes and spoke clearly still in a mans voice, my recollection comes into account here as I felt myself looking through my eyes but from the very back of my head. I heard a mans voice coming from my mouth but distant and I felt puzzled and dazed and out of focus. I actually felt the spirit move from my body as my spirit came back into possession. This was the most troubling and frightening encounter I ever had.

Since then I have lived in various places and encountered tall dark gliding entities, which since my daughter was only five, she has encountered with me and often on her own. She is now 15 and we live in another property where there is a very strong entity that ‘plays’ with us both. She has been woken by a heavy force on her and on more than one occasion a face above her face. We both have seen swaying shadows in the light of the hallway when our doors are closed.

I personally have felt a searing sensation and the touch of this ghost, not a good ghost, we live on an old travelers site, this is the ghost of a tall un-kempt man. I see him when I am just about to fall asleep, my body buzzes, I feel the heaviness, my pets don’t share my room, and when I do fall asleep, he dominates my sleep and I have to pull myself back.

My daughter and I sometimes share my bed to have extra ‘protection’…we are at our wits end and are going to move home soon… incidentally, when we have guests, they have bad dreams in my house… the only time it seems to let up is when there is a man in the house… I should like to know if anyone knows what myself and my daughter can do about this?

Written by Jacqueline Frances Bath, Copyright 2009

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10 Responses to “Encounters With Spirits Throughout My Life”
  1. brenda bowman says:

    moving is a good idea. i don’t think you’ll be followed and i would be curious as to the history of that house, maybe you’ll be able find records and a picture of this man GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF YOU!

  2. Jackie says:

    If you want an honest opinion, you have a demon in your presence, this has attached itself to you and it once posessed you as you were in a weakened state. Now it is still lurking aroung until it can do this again. I’ve had a similar experience, and only prayer worked.

    You need to pray and also get your place blessed by a priest and quickly!

    Have you ever used the ouija board?

  3. David says:

    These stories are such BS. Why do pictures of ghosts, always seem to be bit out of focus? Convenient, that is why. Besides that, just try to find a pic of a ghost on the net……..just BS stories.

  4. CuteSagittarius says:


  5. trolldoll1681 says:

    david where is your open mind if you think this site is bs i hope never to see your comments here again!!!

  6. David says:

    Is my doubting in the possibility of ghosts such a threat to you?? Gezzzzzzzzzz if only I had another bridge, I just sold my last one to someone who still believed in Santa Claus.

  7. trolldoll1681 says:

    i don’t see your doubting a threat and santa claus is not just a jolly old man delivering toy to the children of the world he is a human possitive state of mind of caring and love and believing in the good of people in the world dang dude why so negative

  8. Alyssa says:

    Obviously David is a little bitter and just wants to cause problem.

  9. tony ramirez says:

    I to as a young child felt this same thing, it happen and then went away, I did no praying or anything out of the odd to get rid of it, Thank God It went away, you should speak to a preist or to whom ever you fell can help you find the lord. I will pray for you.

    And david you should find another forum to pester, guys like you only make it harder to belive and you must first belive before you can understand.

  10. Shannon says:

    wow ur life must suck considering all of the crap that happened to u…i am truley sorry for you and i thank you…i will never live out of this country cause everywhere you go you got some syco demon on ur back…get an exercist pronto and bless the property and everything. ask the priest for holy water and keep it close to you. this mite not work but hopefully it will

    GOD BLESS and sorry if you dont get through it…?

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