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Encounters With Shadow Men

Posted on June 10, 2008

This is a true story, and the events I’m about to tell you continued for many years of my life. When I was younger, I used to stay at my grandmother’s house most of the time. This was because my mom worked late nights, and her house was next door to my grandmother’s. I didn’t mind much, except for my grandmother’s house was haunted. When my mother and my aunt lived there in their childhood, they told me they experienced paranormal events too. To be honest, I think whatever lived in that house gave me a harder time than it gave them. The following are occurrences that happened to me in my grandmothers’ house.



My aunt and I were driving to town one night. We hadn’t got far down our deserted road when the both of us saw my cat wondering in the road. She stopped the car, so I could catch her and bring her back to my house. We were worried she’d get hit by a car. I chased her around, but she ran into a field where I couldn’t get to her. As I was going to get back in the car, I turned to face the field. I saw a man. He was made of a dark, transparent shadow. I got really scared, and jumped in the car. Now I know what your thinking: It was a shadow of a tree, or something. But, no, it wasn’t. The moon was full, and I could see it clearly. That was the night I saw my first shadow man.


One night I was trying to fall asleep. I had a small lamp on, because I was younger and still slept with a nightlight. As I was daydreaming, I suddenly saw three, short, black figures pass at the foot of my bed. They came one after another, and it was over in seconds. I had a hard time falling asleep that night, and couldn’t shake the creepy feeling.


I, along with some of my family, was sitting at the kitchen table eating Christmas dinner. We’d been eating for a time, and I was just sitting there. Suddenly I got the feeling someone was watching me. Something made me want to turn around in my seat. So, I did. And when I did I was facing a shadow man. He was taller than most I’d seen, and gave me a feeling of comfort and protection. Within seconds he disappeared.


I had a cat named kit. Sadly, she is dead now. :( *cry* She got hit by a car a few months ago). Anyway, when she was alive, I took her inside my grandmother’s house. I was holding her in my arms, and walking around in the kitchen, talking. When I turned to face the hallway, kit’s ears shot back, she scratched me (which is something she NEVER did, she was a very loving, well mannered cat.) and then jumped out of my arms. She’d never go back in that house after that. I don’t know what she saw, but I think it was the “thing” that lived there.


I was at my grandmother’s house, brushing through my hair in the bathroom. I was alone, and no one else was there. Suddenly, I heard someone breathing, someone right beside my ear. I froze, scared to death! Then, I held my breath to be sure it wasn’t myself. It wasn’t. For several seconds I heard the heavy, rasping breath by my ear. Then, I ran for it. That was one of the last times I stayed the night in that house.


I was at my grandmother’s house, wondering around in the kitchen. I started to feel strange, like all the energy was leaving my body. I got scared and turned around. There I saw a bunch of energies making a muddled form. The thing was swarming around me. His emotion of hatred was so powerful. I almost passed out, as he was running around me. He stared to scream, but the sound was barley enough to hear. I ran out of the kitchen, an he went back to the hallway and disappeared.

Sent in by Cheyanne, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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16 Responses to “Encounters With Shadow Men”
  1. alok karn says:

    My mother is a psychic lady with hugely evoved spiritual powers. But she keeps all her knowledge and powers in wraps. None can even remotely guess her powers. The event relates to the mid 1980s. It was deep into the night. Time was not noted. But it should be around 2am. The voice of a woman weeping loudly was heard by my mother, who had woken up for a glass of water. She peeped through the windows. Behind our Railway Quarters there was a dense forest. It was the end of the colony and the small town. My mother saw that a lady was walking slowly towards the forest. She awakened me. I was a boy of 17 years and I also saw the lady walking on the street towards the forest. As she moved further from our quarter, her voice grew feebler. We opened our door, moved out of the backyard door. And we saw her disappear in the darkness of the forest where no one lived and even dared to enter even in the day time. There was a wire mesh fencing between the colony and the forest. But that did not hinder the lady’s movement a wee bit. She passed through the fencing as if it did not exist. I asked my mother what it was. She replied it was the spirit of a dead woman, who as in her life, walked weeping towards the jungle where long ago she might have lived or died.

  2. Jackie says:

    You poor thing, i definately think you should pray as i always say in cases like this. Praying did help me when i had a horrible experience – ‘it’ went straight away.
    Good luck

  3. Krystal says:

    what an interesting story, indeed. D: *nods head*

  4. nick says:

    i believe the nice shadow man was your guardian angel. but thats what i think.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Shadows, whom ever they were, they didn’t want to show who they were to you, at times, people actually see them.
    Don’t continue going to that house if you get attacked all the time.

    I am 16 and I love my cat to death, I have had her for 10 years, I was 7 and she was just a baby kitten. She is the MOST loveing cat, she never scratches me or anything, she has never scratched anyone but her brother who keeps trying to…yeah you know lol, but when I was younger, she made me bleed to bad once. All she did was look at my dresser and she started spazzing, what she saw must have been horrible, I held her down so she wouldn’t hurt herself or my face, I have a huge scar from a mark she mad to get out of my room. This happened twice, now she whatever it is is either gone or doesn’t scare her anymore. But either way, cats and dogs can see all, they see the things we can not, take that in and live with it. If you feel something and your pet is looking in a random direction and not moving nor looking away, something is with you.

    Be very careful my friend, please


  6. ralph says:

    ya stephanie i know ..cats and dogs really can see everything lik i was home alone once and it was night time and i hate the dark so i turned the lights in my living room on by my front door..i sat in the middle of the room my back facing my front door and my kitty harassing my books and stuff while i did homework ..then randomely she just layed down and stopped moving and started staring at the door w/ really big pupils even tho i had the lights on(pupils get bigger wen its dark) she just kept staring at the door over my head so i waved my finger in front of her face but she didnt move then i tapped her head lik in between her eyes and usually she flinches at that but she just barely moved her head away and kept staring at the door for lik three more minutes ..i didnt think anything of it at the time but when my dad got home that night i told him and he explained how animals can see things that most humans cant…after tht incident i noticed my cat doing a couple more times but the freakiest times are when im in complete darkness in my room trying to sleep and shes alying on me and i know wher shes looking because with her on top of me i can feel which wy her heads turned…and then she just doesnt move it nd i know shes not sleeping because my cat has a very specific way of sleeping…..so i know hes staring at something thats in my room but its pitch black so alls i can barely see are my cats eyes so what i had to do for a while was cover my cats head and hold it down to my chest..not hurting her or anything just holding her to my chest and covering her eyes with a finger…..until i fall asleep …then she climbs up to my neck and sleeps lik on my shoulder… :) but she no sleep w/ me no more…now she sleep in sink.. :) o and i think the warm shadow man might have represented god or something and the energy draining one as satan…makes sense to me…but w/e..awesome story..

  7. Anix says:

    As long as we are on the subject of cats sensing invisible things, I would like to note that my cat (named Trixie) also does this every once in a while. She usually stares at the hallway entrance where I saw an apparation once, though I’ve never seen one again.

  8. Leah says:


    I have had some expiernces with the Shadow Creatures. Everyone who lives in my house has seen him. There are two different types of Shadow Creatures, the Hat Man and the Hooded Man. They freak me out everytime I see them. But I have no choice but to get used to them, no matter what I say or do to get rid of them,they dont leave.

  9. bre says:

    *cries* aww…. poor Kit

  10. lisa says:

    Ive had dreams about a man like that. real tall.. black hat and black clothes gliding across the ground ….it was spooky… i know…. kind of.. how u feel…God Bless.

  11. John Rose says:

    I had a very very very vicious attack by shades in a dream last night. Being a musician, I contemplated this for several hours, and then wrote a song about it.. Cheesy I guess, but I think its working good. If you know basic music (guitar or piano chords for instance) this is an easy song to sing. I usually copywrite my material, but not this one. This one is public domain. Hopefully this can give any of you who are sufferring from these demons an edge to help get rid of them.

    Amazing Grace works very well, too.

    Em C
    Creeping in the darkness
    G D
    of every fear and pain
    lurk the shadow men
    they want to get into your brain

    living on human life
    they wanna suck your soul
    they wanna wrong everything right

    the shadow men
    dont wanna rule the world
    they only want to hate
    want us to suffer til we hurl

    in the modern age
    they are seeking dominance
    but it aint nuthin new
    and they AINT heaven sent

    in the old days
    we used to exorcise demons
    but in the modern age
    they call us crazy for believin’

    so the shadow men
    they begin to win the war
    but I’m here to tell you now
    that I’m here to close the door

    no more shadow people
    cause we will shine the light
    shine bright just like the sun
    so we can make it through the night

    No more shadow men
    we will not live in strife
    we will believe
    and we will only spread the light

    the earth today
    living sick with drought and war
    so many people starving
    We cant take this anymore

    plague and famine
    is the work of the shadow
    war and hatred
    they try to bring us into battle

    aint nuthin new
    way back original sin
    call it the devil
    you can call it what you will

    but when I see the shadow people
    I know they whisper ill
    I know those shadow people
    they torture and they kill

    so when I see them
    from this day on in time
    I will confront them
    with my bhodi and my mind

    (optional ending, same E->A as chorus)
    No more shadows
    I am calling you out
    step out the shadows
    Jah will clean this house (repeat and fade)

  12. Greg Stait says:

    I have had an encounter with a shadow man. It was at a hotel in liverpool, however not just any hotel, this was the place where the people who travelled on the titanic were suppose to go back to. Anyway i was in bed and i woke up for some random reason only to find a huge black figure leaning over me. I said ‘what the’ and hid under my duvet. Later that night i threw up and the next day my dad asked me why i said ‘what the’. There had been many reports of this in the hotel, even drowning noises from the jaccuzis.

  13. Martin says:

    i have also seen these shadow men, once being woken up buy me girlfriend and seeing this shadow man, and then waking up the next day with sun burnt ears and girlfriend with a sun burnt face, when i asked her exactly what she saw she said ” it was walking around the front of the house trying to look in the window next minute it was at the end of our bed”, i have seen shadow men since i was 15 younger, i believe they are mistaken for aliens and also that they are of a satanic nature from another dimension, if you guys have other views id like to hear them?

    also see them in parks a lot in suburban parks in Melbourne Australia

  14. g says:

    I saw a tall shadow of a man with a hat peekout of from behind a bush. I was sitting with my kids and a neighbor at a picknick table at our complex. It was the middle of the day. It was pitchblack and very clear. As soon as I noticed it peeking at us…I told the kids “Look, over there someone is behind the bush” By the time we we looked up, it was gone. So all of us got up to investigate..The little kids lead the way…I said to “wait for me!” “There is someone back there”..They went behind the bush and came back from the other side..”There is no one here.” they told me. I said. “I saw a the shape of a man like a shadow peeking from behind the bush..It was tall and very black..I know what I saw.” I ran and got some paper and drew a quick scetch..It’s been 4 years. and I too forgot about it..till recently. I thought about it and decided to look on line to see if I was the only one and I am just shocked to see that it is a common phenomenon. I do not know what it is …or what it means. but I just wanted to share it.

  15. liam.c says:

    i was walking up the road in cottingham when i saw 3 shadow men walking toghether they got about 20m away before i looked away for a second there just disapeard they made me feel upset i would of took a picture on my mobile but i was just fasenated this hapned tonight

  16. not crazy after all says:

    some very interesting stories on this site. I had a very scary experience when I was about 14.School was out for summer and my parents and my brother and sister had left early one morning (4:am) to visit relatives leaving me home alone.I remember them leaving but didn’t think much of it and just went back into a deep sleep till I was awakened by something sitting on my chest and slapping me in the face,I don’t know what it was,being half asleep I thought it was a cat at first(we didn’t have a cat)I raised up to swat it away from me ,it fled under my bed.Instantly I was wide awake then I ran from the bedroom to the living room and kitchen turning the kitchen lights on.(I am now 41 and still get goosebumps when I think about this incident) since I was up I got myself a bowl of cereal, turned on the tv and sat on the couch trying to forget about what happened.then I looked toward my open bedroom door and I saw it at the opposite end of the couch from where I was sitting ; it was a small dark shape as black as black can be I don’t know what it was.I left the house and did’t go back till my parents got home.thankfully I didn’t see it anymore after that.

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