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Elves Tapping and a Red Eyed Thing

Posted on May 3, 2011

I am actually telling this story for my cousin and brother. They are both completely real because neither of these people would lie to our family about stuff like this.

To begin, my cousin lived in the house her father had built just 3 years prior to seeing whatever she saw. It was a pretty new house so of course you wouldn’t have even thought that there could have been things in the house. The house was built right behind their other house so it was on the same land.

I used to stay there a lot growing up and even lived there around the time I was a sophomore in high school.

During one of the occasions when I spent the night there me and my cousin would always stay up late and talk about our boyfriends and junk that most teenagers would talk about. So we got a little hungry and we were going to sneak into the kitchen to get some food. They layout of her house was in the center of the room there was the kitchen and the living room our bedrooms were located on the left side my aunt and uncles was on the opposite side but they had a hallway leading to their room. So as soon as you open my cousins door you can see down the hallway.

That night when she opened the door she went out first and jumped back a let out a yelp. I was startled but kinda laughed thinking she was being weird. She pushed me inside her room and closed the door. I asked what’s wrong with you? She turned to me and she said I swear to god Kelly! I swear I just seen to red eyes down the hall! I said no way! Thinking she was just playing but she had a look about her that was purely in shock she looked pale and that’s when I realized she was telling the truth. My cousin plays jokes on me but this time it was different and too this day she wont talk about it even with ME!

I have one more regarding my cousin. This time she was home and I was at the time living with my mom and dad. It was bedtime so she did her nightly routine and finally laid down on her bed. Her cats always slept beside her so she was petting them looking into nothing just trying to find sleep.

Then she heard little tapping sounds on her window and if someone was standing outside she would be able to see their silhouette. (her window was nowhere near a tree and the wind wasn’t blowing.)

She said it sounded like someone knocking on the window.

She was too scared to look out the window but by the time she got up the nerve the knocking was gone. So she brushed it off and tried to get some sleep. She awoke for some reason she said it was a odd feeling like she felt like someone woke her up. If that makes since to anyone. Her eyes were fixed on the chair that held up her fan in the middle of her room. The nightlight was on and she could see five little figures about the size of an unsharpened pencil run about the room back and forth. She sat up just watching them and trying to figure out if she really was seeing this. After about five minutes the figures all banned together and ran under her bed. The whole time her cats were laying on the side of the bed their heads moving about the room.

A couple nights afterward the knocking came back only there was three coming from both windows and her wall! She was terrified but she said that she sat up in bed and said STOP leave me alone! And the sounds and the little people never showed up again. (of course after she told me this I couldn’t sleep well in my room fearing I too would see what she saw.)

My brothers story sounds absolutely terrifying to me!

Ok so my brother one night spent the night with one of his friends this particular friend lived conveniently close to a gas station and what we call the haunted curb. And to be completely truthful with you guys after reading some of the stories on this wonderful website I cant even be sure he even saw a ghost I’m thinking it was a troll! (We call the curb haunted because my mom and her friends were walking to where her family used to live and was followed by a tall black figure with no face.)

He was walking by himself to the gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes the gas station is not even a mile after the curb he said that he felt uneasy but he just blew it off. He doesn’t get scared easy. He got halfway past the curb when he began to hear running behind him so he turned and looked and nobody was there that he could see. He kept on walking and he heard it again only closer so he whipped around to see two beady red eyes just glaring at him from the darkness. At first he couldn’t believe it but he didn’t run. (I’m amazed!) He then picked up a rock and threw it at it. Without hesitation the rock came back and hit his leg!

After this my brother said he ran as fast as he could to the gas station and called my mom! He wanted her to come and pick him up because he was not going to walk back after what he had just encountered. He was absolutely horrified. A couple of things to note about my brother is that he doesn’t scare easy he only believes in something concrete if you cant see it he wont believe it. But after that night he believes that their is more to this world than just us.

Thanks for reading! My family has a long history with paranormal I’m just the only one that writes them down for others to observe. If you had a similar experience my family and I would love to know about it!

Sent in by Kelly .T, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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6 Responses to “Elves Tapping and a Red Eyed Thing”
  1. JD says:

    i think your brother saw a demon. i have seen sever demons before, an spirits too. i also have had lots of experience with the paranormal.

  2. aimz says:

    OMG that is sooooo scary i wud of run screaming i duno how ur brother stayed so cool , if you have any more stories i would love to hear them ive posted a story on here aswell , some of these stories are so scary has the tapping happend anymore to ur cousin?

    thanx 4 the story i loved reading it and it scared me

    • Kelly T. says:

      haha I know right!? He is crazy!!!! lol! yup she told it to go away and it never happened again :) im not sure about the little people though!

  3. mellisa says:

    actually i wish i can see those little people! XD
    they sounds CUTE & not harmful. they just played around. for a proof the cats didn’t do anything nor they seemed on the alert seeing them. the cats just watched them.
    after you cousin yelled at them theymight try to be considerate & not to bother her anymore after that. if it’s me I might even leave cookies and a note for them. XD hahahaha..!

  4. mellisa says:

    can you ask your cousin about those little people. if there is anything happen again after that? :) i’m just curious. i live in the city all my life, so i never see any little people, troll, elves or fairies.

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