Doing Battles With Fallen Angels

Posted on December 31, 2010

I am a 45 year old female from Ohio. My family was given a Ouija board after trying to contact Paul McCartney from the Beatles. My older brothers and sister thought he was dead because he looked like a cut out on the Sergeant Peppers album and he was barefoot on the Abbey Road album.

Our Mom ran a pizza shop, so she would sleep while I played during the day. My siblings were all in school. I think I use to play with the Ouija board thinking it was like being in school. Mom didn’t say other than things got strange and she had my brother burn it. I was five then.

By the age of seven I had been molested by two preachers, one of them being a step dad. We moved into an old house. I started seeing a spirit of a young girl. I had three of my playmates from elementary school grope me.

Mom divorced and her next husbands Dad groped me in a public place. We moved to California and I got sick and had an out of body experience. I was almost raped in broad day light just after this. We moved to South Dakota. Mom sold Kirby vacuum cleaners and I went with her on the road. We had a married male nurse start following us around western South Dakota. He wanted Mom to let me move in with his family. She said no and he hit the wall and broke his hand. Mom changed jobs and worked afternoons with my brother at a factory close to the house. Her thirty five year old boss started coming over and seducing me. I was thirteen at the time. Then a shadow man followed me around for a couple months.

All was quiet until I was in my mid twenties. me and my children rented a house that seemed to have a friendly and thoughtful ghost in it. We called him Otis. He would open the door for me when I got home from the grocery store. We could feel him around us at times. He also started lashing out at people who seemed to have bad intentions toward us.

One night a speaker bounced off the head of a friend I let stay for a couple weeks until their new place was vacant. He had taken money out of a cup I had hidden in the cupboard. He was leaning against the kitchen sink telling me how he came up with extra money, just out of the blue. These scissors I had on the table flew across the room and hovered pointing at his abdomen.

They grabbed everything and put it on the porch. They told me I could get new furniture and to move out right then with them. I said no. He later told me when he went to get something out of my basement a large black dog passed him on the basement steps. I later discovered the money gone and put two and two together.

The next move was the biggest mistake of my life. That house was thought to be on Indian burial ground. It had a residual ghost of a young man. It had an intelligent ghost of a young girl. A demon that had nine little helpers. Those helpers almost killed me. If all this were not enough the place even had a hell hound in the basement.

I threatened the demon and all his helpers and was attacked nightly after that. What I thought was ten months in the house was actually twenty one months. We were asked to move because the owners wanted to sell. My daughter tells me I tried to buy it. Old bills proved how long we lived there. For the life of me I thought it was only ten months.

After the move, which was right next door, we did not have any thing paranormal happen. A few minor things over the past ten years. A few years ago I start seeing shows like TAPS and realized there is more help out there now. The new owners say they haven’t had anything paranormal happen.

I decided to write a book and do research at the same time. I have gotten very little response from some of the top names in the USA. I am finding out this is a lot deeper than I originally thought. I stopped writing for a while. It is hard to come to terms with doing battles with fallen angles. My book went from a horror with bed levitations and all the other things they did, to more of a beware of chumming your spiritual waters kind of thing.

I think I may have brought something on by playing with that stupid Ouija board. Now there is something that attracts things in me. I had a local psychic tell me they are attracted to my light, what ever that means. I occasionally see a fleeting glimpse of dark shadow movement out of the corner of my eyes and a few strange sounds. I have a real problem with maintaining my body temperature. I get like heat rash on my chest and fore arms. I am starting to wonder if maybe I didn’t just move away from it. Still searching for answers. Any feed back from anyone would be great.

Sent in by Lee Ann Igleheart, Copyright 2010

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38 Responses to “Doing Battles With Fallen Angels”
  1. Carri says:

    Lee sorry to hear all the stuff that happened to you. similar things have happened in our family also but not at me. My mother was raped as a teenager and she was mentally ill all her life. Also I know someone like you also. she was molested as a child. she also saw spirits and ghosts. she lived in a haunted home so she saw a lot of them. When she moved and got therapy. Through intense therapy and moving out of the haunted location got her to stop seeing paranormal activity. also a catholic priest helped praying blessing over the child helped. As a child I had people after me also. I was one of the lucky ones nothing happened. It was not just one man it was throughout my childhood and teenage years. One man tried to abduct my sister at a hospital she was 3 and I was 12. I fought him off. At 12 I had a old man after me. He tried to lure me at a hospital into a dark area. He befriended me when I was visiting my mother in the hospital . I knew what he was up to and did not listen to him. I was followed at 16 and a attempted rape on me I fought the man off. my brother then went and beat him up with 5 of his friends. I was older and lucky. I think seeing the spirits is because of all the bad stuff that happened to you. put on a cross. I will pray for you.

    • Lee says:

      Thank you for replying Carri. Everything in this world is turning out to be such a wonder. I have read a lot of people stories. I am amazed at how many there are. I kind of could understand the concept of the human spirit.

      When I started doing my research it was to find out what it was that kept attacking me in that bad house. The only thing I found was about the dog with red eyes in the basement. The hell hound discription fit perfictly.

      What attacked me nightly were nine small men. They were about ten inches tall with red beards and black eyes. They were mean and enjoyed their task of torturing me. If I was in bed they would force me into my mattress with such force sometimes I thought I would be crushed to death. The only other time I have heard of these small men was in “The Entity.” The story of the women that kept getting raped by a demon.

      I thought it was the houses. I thought I just had bad luck at renting haunted houses. I have had bad luck trying to find some one to talk to about this too. I know it sounds crazy. Little men. If it didn’t happen to me I wouldn’t belive it either. Everyone (14) that saw them belives me. My boyfriend wasn’t around then thinks it all sounds crazy. He never had anything ever happen to him and he doesn’t understand.

      I have had to look to the Bible for answers. Demons and the like are fallen angles. They hate us. Lucifer (Barrier of Light) use to be God’s most beautiful angle. He let his looks and position go to his head. He actually thought he could over throw God him self.

      From what I gather Satan and other some angles were jealous of God giving us souls and free will. A third of the angles were cast down to earth because God has faith in us. Angels out number us big time. I forget the actual numer, something like ten to one.

      If the information I found was right the devil likes to mess with the good people the most. Especialy if we let a demon in by opening a porthole with a ouija board or wichcraft. Also if your a Christain having moral issues or no sense of direction. I was upset about my divorce and the guy I started dating come to find out was married, but seperated for ten years. I felt I had doubly sinned.

      Anyone with information about ten inch tall men with black eyes, I sure would like to know. Maybe I have a particular demon messing with me that is associated with these creatures. I did have a dream one time and it said it’s name was Azul. If I could find out it’s name maybe I can find out more about it’s nature and what it associated with incase of further battles. I do on occassion see fast black shadows and even though I don’t feel the oppression or heaviness, I do get these hot flashes so bad people around me feel the heat. I am too young for menopause and it has been going on since I moved out of the demonic place.

      I now try to be the best Christain I can be. I try to control my thoughts, so I don’t think bad stuff a lot. I try my best to do what I think God wants me to do. Ther is a good reason why the demons back off at the mention of Jesus. It was his death on the cross for us that helps save our soul from their inflicted damnation.

      What I went through was pretty bad. I think I helped open the door for it in my life. Some of it is from my own inner turmiol. Since I may have some attatchment from the ouija board from my youth it is like having a door with no lock and the right place or frame of mind turns the nob to let it in again.

      I look at it this way now. I was blocking it all out. It has only dawned on me in the last few years that it isn’t just all coincidence. The paranormal events did coincide with some of the sexual attacks on me and it isn’t just geographical. The last place with the demons in it was able to change our moods. These things have more influance in our lives than what we think we know.

      I hope it never happens again, but if it does they are going to have an even tuffer time of it. I know there is only one thing to help and that is God and Jesus. We have some of God in us and that is why the demonic can only do so much without asking God him self. Considering that is another good reason to try and be a good person and please him.

  2. sharayah says:

    lee ann im sorry what happend to you when you was a child,i understand! do you pray? i seem to always ask that to people because i believe God can take these things away and not let them do these things to you.he can take away their rights to do that’s why i tell people too look too him for help.i hope all is well with you for now on. :)

  3. Kara says:

    That sucks about all the bad stuff that happened in your life. Don’t let the two bad preachers that molested you keep you away from God (I don’t know what your spiritual standing with God is, I would imagine that that would scare you away). Your best chance for dealing with this is God. Next time you have to deal with this, grab a Bible and read it, out loud if necessary. It sounds like your dealing with demons, always TEST THE SPIRITS. Ask God to fill you with the holy spirit in prayer, by filling yourself with the holy spirit, it pushes the evil farther away. If it continues to be a constant battle, pray more, always to be filled with the holy spirit. I always like to pray the Lord’s Prayer before I ask God for anything else, I feel doing so creates a more direct connection to God. Test the Spirits by saying first, “In the name of Jesus Christ (I prefer to say Immanuel, because it is more closer to the literal translation and holds more power (God with us)), who are you?” Then you ask, “In the name of Jesus Christ, who do you serve?” If it is a demon, it will not be able to say that it serves God, the holy one. The demons are weaker than God, and the name of Jesus Christ is so powerful that they will be compelled to answer. If it does not serve God, then send it away by saying, “In the name of Jesus Christ, begone.” If it gets ugly, just grab a Bible, and read.

  4. JK says:

    Jesus is the only way out of this. The money that you would make off the book would pale imn comparrison to the price that you will have to pay to continue on this track. You owe it to yourself and your children and grand children if you have them yet to find out who Jesus is, what He did for you and why His power is the only power of these fallen ones. They tremeble at the mere mention of His name. Anything short of giving your life to Christ is going to come up short. Why not assure your and your families eternity and end the demonic harassment at the same time. God gave His children power over these evil ones, that is one of the main reason they are fallen and hate us. So get in touch with God through Christ Jesus and He will battle these things for you so that you do not have to. If you are telling the truth and you want it to end then go ahead and test the spirits. When you hear, see, or sense them just simpley say out lout, “God Rebuke you in Jesus name!” If you cannot say it, think it out loud in your head and they will get the message loud and clear. If they come back do it again. The most important part is getting yourself and your family into a personal relationship with Christ. I know that you may say, where was God when I was being raped? But stop and think of how many you could help if you let God resuce from this terror and your past. He will allow you to forget it all and become a new creature in Him.

    • Lee Igleheart says:

      Hello JK and Kara,
      I know this story sounds terrible, but the rest of my life is great. I have an uncommen faith. I have been poor most of my life, but I really do not fret about it. God takes care of the birds of the feild, why wouldn’t he take care of me. I think because of my faith is partially to blame.
      My family has been active in churches. We moved around a lot when I was a kid. One of the first things I would do on Sunday mornings in a new neighborhood was to look to see what Church buses came around to see what Church to join. I think demons see an opportunity to reveal themselves to good Christians in times of their moral turmoil. Maybe even by helping create it.
      I am a person of great faith in God and Jesus. I would not have made it out of there without devine help. In fact it has only confirmed my beliefs. I didn’t need to be face to face with a demon to have it, but I did.
      Early on I think it was going into the second month in the worst house I was dumbfounded at what to do. A big black demon in a robe and even the hell hound was fathomable, but when somebody starts talking about nine little ten inch tall men people think you are off your rocker. My Mom, exhusband, three children, one of my friends and seven of my childrens friends all seen or felt those little guys. I went into the closet that seemed to be the porthole or door for them and shut the door. I ment to say a prayer. It came out rage. I told them if they didn’t leave my family alone I was going to jump out of my body at them and to look out I have God on my side.
      They knew I had a previous out of body experience. They know things about you. Big mistake to make threatening them. That is part of my quest. What do you do when you come face to face with a demon. Ignore it or demand to know it’s name, day and hour of damnation? I know now threatening was the wrong approach. God and Jesus are the only thing other than your own beliefs in God and Jesus. After that things got worse and I just can’t belive I lost eleven months of memory. I thought we only lived there for ten months, not twent one.
      About three months after we moved out my oldest son brought home a movie and told me I had to watch it. It was “The Entity”. That is the only description of a demon being acompanied by little men I have found so far. They sound like the same creatures. I may never find out what they were. Maybe it was just created to scare us and they aren’t some particular form of demonic entity.
      Thank you for your coments and God Bless.
      Lee I.

  5. wonderscroll says:

    Perhaps the same people who tried to hurt you, was the same spirit that followed you around, but that spirit took different human forms to try and get at you.

    • Lee Igleheart says:

      Wonderscroll that is possible. I am trying to figure it all out before anything happens again. My boy friend doesn’t belief in ghost and things like that. He did how ever say something that really made me think. He said I don’t think God would leave a childs spirit on earth after it died. That made sense to me. Blessed are the children.
      What if all these ghost people are seeing are actually demons? If they know your personal information they probley know the lands history too. I am interested in what anyone thinks. I even thought maybe I wronged someone in a past life. That is why I thought maybe messing with a ouija board when I was little may have had something to do with it. My family thought it was harmless like the magic eightball. Ignorance may not save you when messing with that kind of stuff. Thank you.

      • Marina Raquel says:

        I’m 16 and may not know much but in the paranormal world i have a quite a bit of information on, I in my 16 young years of life went through that sort of situation just without all the moving i was almost rapped and killed i survived with much help from a physic/healer and have the knowledge to tell you that the only reason that a any spirit would stick around instead on moving on is if they died young or violently…i know this because i see ghost and occasionally communicate with them. my friend and i went back to the physic/healer to ask why i could see the ghost now and not before he simply said that i was shadow kissed (dead and in the world of the dead but came back to life) thus i was bound to the world of the dead and the more i lived the stronger the bond to the now it has became my chore to find out information……thanks to you and others i now know that im not the only one out there
        p.s the physic/healer said that the ghost where attracted to my light too…..Still trying to figure out that one but i’ll let you know when i find out

        • Lee Igleheart says:

          Marina Raquel, that is interesting. I did fall through some ice up to my arm pits when I was nine. I had over a mile walk in around thirty degree tempratures. No one was home. I don’t know how I knew to get in the shower to melt off the ice. I put pj’s on and climbed into bed for three days. I remember feeling great pain as I fell asleep. Like my blood was starting to freeze. Maybe I almost froze to death and that’s why later I had a few out of body esperiances.
          Thank You. Lee Igleheart

  6. wonderscroll says:

    The meaning of the name Azul is The Color Blue

    The origin of the name Azul is Spanish

    Book Description
    La Dama Azul (The Lady in Blue)

    Bestseller Javier Sierra presents a new historical enigma: the mysterious Lady in Blue who magically appears to Native Americans in the 16th century.

    wrestler/superhero was the BLUE DEMON (El Demonio Azul) whose real name was Alexander Munoz Moreno.

    Sadly, we have learned that BLUE DEMON passed away just before noon on Saturday, Dec. 16, 2000 from natural causes. Apparently Blue Demon suffered a fatal heart attack on a park bench near a subway kiosk while on his way home from his regular morning training session at a gym, where he enjoyed teaching others his fighting skills. Although an attempt was made to get him to a hospital, he was unable to be revived. He was 78 years old.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wonderscroll Thank you. I am glad it’s not a demons name. Blue is my favorite color.
      Lee I.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey wonderscroll, I didn’t mention the dream I had a few months ago. The demon type old man in that dream called hiself Azul. How did you know? Please tell me more if you want to. A real thanks for the information.

    • Lee Igleheart says:

      Hey Wonderscroll, I didn’t mention having the dream that there was a demon like old man that called himself Azul. I was wondering what it ment. Did you read my story somewere else? This one is really condensed. I will be watching for your comments. Thank you. Lee

      • Anonymous says:

        You mentioned the name azul in a comment on January 1st that’s how wonderscroll knew.

        • Lee Igleheart says:

          Thank you. I thought maybe he was pyschic or something. HaHaHa. Just one of those need to know people I guess. Thanks again.

  7. Lewis says:

    Man you got to be careful. If you see an old house never move in it. Even if its okay. Just don’t go in it. NEVER!!! this happened to my grandfather alot. He had lots of problems with ghost. He was watching TV one day and he saw a shadow went into his son’s room. When he went there nothing there. Scary huh? Your not the only one. You’ve got a family and friends watching you. So you don’t have to worry. Careful. : )

    • Marina Raquel says:

      i always am careful in everything i do there is not a day that i don’t have my healer heal all of the bad sprits out of me and of course i have my nazar and a cross with me at all times so i feel pretty safe i’m comfortable with the world of the dead now so i don’t worry as much anymore which makes my healer mad but if i was made to be in touch with them then so be it thats what i’m here for.

      • Lee Igleheart says:

        Hello again Marina Raquel,
        I am pretty new to researching the paranormal. I should have been a master by now you would think. Things happened to me so much I think I surpressed it was me and blamed it on location.
        My boy friend doesn’t belive in the paranormal because he hasn’t seen to much. He had one small thing happen and I think he doesn’t want to admite he belives. Any way he said something once to me that really made me think. He said why would God leave a childs spirit on earth?
        That’s a good question. It made me think since the demon I saw seemed to know about me. Everything. Why wouldn’t they know the history of the land too? I would talk to one today if I could. Please do not get me wrong if you are gifted with seeing them. It was something that made me think that’s all.
        I sure would like to know more about the light they seem attracted to. I am glad to give off light and not darkness. My Mom contacted a couple pychics in South Dakota and they didn’t know what to make of me. They helped fund me goping to some healing classes. Pretty amazing to feel the energy Hah?

        • Marina Raquel says:

          feeling the energy is new to me to and i think it is almost the greatest feeling in the world…that is an interesting thought my boyfriend the psychic/heeler says that the only reason a spirit would stay is of they died young or violently… but that would get him thinking…plus no one could be masters at what they are new too i have been researching the paranormal for about 9 years now…everywhere i go a spirit is attracted to my light and realizes that i can see them and well they start talking and soon after they go in to the light now that is the greatest feeling in to the world to know that another restless soul has gone into the light because of me.

    • Lee Igleheart says:

      Thank you for your concerns Lewis. I do try to be careful.

  8. wonderscroll says:

    Hi, I googled Azul, and the name Azul came up with some interesting information, related to a wrestler/superhero who was the BLUE DEMON (El Demonio Azul) whose real name was Alexander Munoz Moreno. The superhero/wrestler BLUE DEMON (El Demonio Azul) known as Alexander Munoz Moreno passed away just before noon on Saturday, Dec. 16, 2000 from natural causes
    And a book saying La Dama Azul is the mysterious Lady in Blue who magically appears to Native Americans in the 16th century.

  9. Lee Igleheart says:

    Thank you caretaker. I was just curious as to how wonderscroll knew to look up Azul. My story above is so condenesed. I didn’t mention the dream I had a while ago with that name.

  10. Emmaups says:

    Bless you Lee , You are a true inspiration to all xxxx i’ve put you on my healing list. Im sure you know this but research on how to shut your shakrahs .close youself off to the world of spirit for abit xxxxxxx dont forget your protective bubble too, sounds rediculous but it works xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Lee Igleheart says:

      Thank You Emmaups.
      I will look into that. I know my short story has a lot of sexual things mentioned, but I thought it may purtain to what is going on with me. I don’t focus on that too much, but if I could stop that attraction I would. I still have a problem with older men. I try not to be alone with them.
      Sorrey don’t know why I went there, I guess I just don’t want anybody to think I am beaten down by anything that has happened to me. All these things happened and it is that protective light or bubble that kept things from being worse I think. I am stronger now because of all this. Spiritually especialy.

      • Emmaups says:

        Your strength beams through Lee, the stronger you get the less you will attract this monster. Thankyou for writing back ,your story played on my mind for days certainly puts things into perspective. Nobody would blame you for being uncomfortable around older men , its some kind of learnt behaviour i used to work with abused children and its a totally natural reaction. Each time you talk about it a tiny piece of hurt disapears xxxxxxxxxx

        • Lee Igleheart says:

          I am interested in knowing if children can remember part of the abuse, but not the worst part? I want to get hypnotized and really wondered if I want to remember. Especially the eleven months that seem to be missing in the house that had demons. Also,I you don’t mind me asking, Is there a way to tell if a psychologist belives in this stuff. Is it possible to find a therapist that would belive my story? A parapsychologist?

          • Anonymous says:

            Hi Lee all you can do is enquire its worth trying out. Depending on age depends on how much children can remember in reguards to abuse,Abuse can create life circles like negative energy attracting more negative energies. so breaking the cycle is a very poitive thing to do. From my personal experinces i would reccomend crystal theropies, im sure you have reserched this already, I dont know about which professionals would believe you but not everyone of them can dismiss what has happened to you, From the age of 12 ive had something sat at the bottom of my bed and nobody has ever believed me so i do understand a tiny bit xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

          • Emma says:

            Hi Lee children depending on age are varied in what they remember, children have ways to cope and seem to keep the pattern going into adulthood, memories are there and manifest in many ways, im not sure about what some professionals would say but enquire, not everyone can have the same opinion im sure you have researched this but crystal theropies are very effective please give it a try i personally reccomend it. In reguards to being hypnotised find out if you can be very selective in what you remember, see what they say xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

            • Lee Igleheart says:

              Thank you Emma,
              I think there is some one close by that can help me with the crstals. Hey! I will give it a try. Thank you for your response

              • Emmaups says:

                I wish I could help you more Lee, please let me know how you get on with the crystals, I think you will be surprised on the effect , I was scepticle at first but was proved very wrong after my first session. It just re-enlines your shakras (worth a shot ey). Im so glad your not getting any more attacks well as bad anyway. God bless you Lee xxxxxxx

                • Lee Igleheart says:

                  God Bless you too Emmaups,
                  I keep getting something like hot flashes. I have a ways to go till menopause. My boy friend enjoys the extra BTU’s though. I think it is trying me again. There is something differrant about me this time around. My kid’s aren’t in the house since they are grown and I feel strong. A couple nights ago my nose was scratched on one side and the next night there was a burn on the other side (about the size of half a nickel). Only about second degree burn. I haven’t been sleeping to well. In a years time (just like the time I spent in the worst house) I have known of ten people that have died so far. Not many of them close, but just the same. It maybe coincidence. Honestly, they do not want me in hell with them. I would only make it even more hell for them by keeping my mind and mouth full of God. They mind as well give it up. They aren’t going to ever get to more than they already have. I have to wait to see the women will the crstals until spring when my student loan comes through. I can make it, no worries.
                  Thank you again for your coment.Take care.

                  • Emmaups says:

                    Hi Lee keep talking about it openly that seems to help you keep strong. I wish you lived over here my crystal lady would help you ASAP , is there a local spiritual church near you? there would be ample support for you there. during meditation what do you see? Sorry assuming you meditate , when you meditate your angels draw close but dont forget your your protective bubble. although its still hard what your going through it do sound less barbarrick. let me know what the outcome of your church reserch is xxxxxxxx love emma xxxx

  11. AnNa BiTeS BaCk says:

    thats so dissgusted by the prechers,they are there to help and listen,shame on sorry about what has happened to you when you were young.i have never played with the ouija board but you could of brought some of the evil out of it.have you ever closed it?before your brother burned it?i hope things get better its a new year so you never know.have some crosses in the rooms maybe wear a cross.thansk for the story.

    • Lee Igleheart says:

      None of us thought they were a danger or real.

      I meant we didn�t think the ouija board actually worked and always thought it was part of the mystery on which one of us were pushing the planget around. If we lnew it wouldn�t have been aloud in the house. It was kept with the manopoly game and twister, right next to the not so magic eight ball.

    • Lee Igleheart says:

      Hello Again Anna Bites Back,
      So far this has been a bad year.Several moral issues with some one close to me, a small ceiling fire that was contained, I been having problems regulating my body temprature ( I am about ten years from menopause), I woke up with a scratch on my nose the other night and a burn about half the size of a nickle the next. I have had to go to a couple of funerals too.
      I am feeling strong though.

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