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Dogs Do Sense the Paranormal

Posted on March 26, 2011

I am a Police K9 handler. I can say with 99.9% confidence that dogs do see and or sense what most would call a “Ghost”. I have a police K9 and she is a very alert dog. Alert with confidence, not fear. She does not bark or get upset at noises caused by high winds, rain or anything “Normal”that makes noise.

I live in a home that for years has had “Odd” activity in one specific hallway. Before I got my K9 partner, always late at night, we have had activity in this hallway. Not every night, but 4 – 5 times a month. This occurs with no set schedule or time of year. Sometimes 2 nights in a row, sometimes nothing for 2 weeks, sometimes 1 or 2 times a week.

I work until midnight and arrive home, usually at 12:45 am, so I dont go to sleep until late. Sometimes I am up when she alerts. Her alert is a warning growl and then a deep warning bark. I tell her “Show Me” and she immediately goes to the hallway and begins to sniff the floor trying to track, and then she “Scouts” which is placing her nose in the air to find a scent. At the times I have been awake when she alerts, I have not heard or see anything. Granted, our K9 partners have senses, especially smell and hearing that we as humans do not but I always investigate when she alerts and not once have I found anything.

Again, being a police K9 she it trained to alert on real threats, not just because she is bored or playing a game. If we had not had a history of strange activity in our home before I got my K9 partner, I might dismiss it easier, but given the history of this old home and her alerts to things I do not see or hear at the time she is alerting, I would say YES, they see or sense things we as humans do not.

Sent in by K9Cop, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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16 Responses to “Dogs Do Sense the Paranormal”
  1. A.J Ryder says:

    I totally agree with what you say K9Cop. My cats are exactly the same and will alert me (in their own kitty-way) whenever there is something around. Their favourite ‘alert’ is to both suddenly intently stare at ‘nothing’ in the room. No logical reason why both of them should suddenly stare at a corner of the room, or middle of the floor.

    Its good to know they’re watching out for us too.

    • Alexandra says:

      My cat named Baby freaks me out sometimes. She is very naughty snd playful and would jump in the air she doesnt do that anymore as much though but she would stop playing sit on her 4 legs has her head tilted staring at some certain place. I would laugh some times and scare her, pick her up and just let her know i would never let anything happen to her, I just love her soooo much.

      • littlemiss says:

        I get the same way with my cats… I do sometimes finding them staring at things that I just don’t see, and sometimes they also get spooked by something I don’t see… so I just hold them and smother them with hugs and kisses to make sure they know mummy loves them endlessly.

  2. vzy4kat6387 says:

    That sent chills down my spine A.J because every single night/day my cat will sit directly in front of the bathroom door and either stare straight ahead or look up at the top of the door frame. Half the time I sit there and stare with him trying to figure out what it is he’s looking at.

    I believe he sees my oldest cat, the ghost of him anyways. Recently I had to put my cat down due to some mysterious sickness that suddenly hit him. He was 13 and his birthday was a day before Valentines Day.

    And k9cop, I do believe your dog senses that there’s something there. Pets/Children are prone to seeing the paranormal more then we as adults can. I’m not saying that we can’t see them all together but there more prone to seeing them. As to exactly why I can’t say for sure. But have you tried looking into the history of your area to see if anything major happened prior to you moving into the home and who the previous owners were?

    • A J Ryder says:

      Sorry about that, vzy4kat6387.([sad faced smiley …. must learn how to put them on here!)

      Within hours of my dear old kitty friend Skimble being put down, we started experiencing quite a lot of (what I would describe as) cat poltergeist behaviour. Pens scooting across the desk, or floor was one of the favourites, although rattling plates in the sink was another regular. He did like his food, did Skimble. It made me smile every time it happened because I just knew it was Skimble letting us know he was happy and watching over us – just as he did when he was alive.

      My two current cats (rescued – aged 12) quite often act like they’ve seen a cat when where isn’t a cat there to been seen. I’m guessing its Skimble. I’d like to think it is, anyway.


  3. Sandy says:

    My cat, Garfield, does the same thing as A. J. Ryder’s cat. I saw a very non-see-through shadow figure at the bottom of my bed a couple of weeks ago, and since then Garfield has sat on my bed near the bottom and stared at the wall, which is about three feet away from the bottom of the bed. Sometimes, while staring at the wall, he “trills” what I interpret as a greeting. I therefore know he sees something I don’t, and to be truthful, I want to keep it that way!

  4. PJ says:

    I have a 5 year old Pit Bull that will start barking at nothing in the house, in the car and oustside.. I started taking pictures at the nothing she is barking at and got some unbelievable pictures.. I got a picture of a blond boy about 3, just the torso nothing else and he was watching us as we were inside the car. I got a picture of a lady in a what looked to be a ball gown on the steps of my back deck…… I take my camera everwhere with me…. When she wakes me in the middle of the night, I just lay there scared…. lol

    • nicole says:

      I would love to see the pictures. its always hard to know who’s pictures are real and fake over the internet

  5. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    Yep, I totally agree with you – my 4 cats have all ‘ seen ‘ our resident ghost ( see other stories here ) – one day we were all together and their reactions made me realise the ‘ol person out of the corner of my eye trick (which I often get) was in fact not a dismissable polarisation of light in my peripherals but genuine phenomena, when independently they each continued to track the ‘ person ‘ across the house and out the back door!
    What is unusual about animals coming into new homes or situations – is they generally accept the resident ‘ ghost’ as literally part of the furniture – they saw it when they arrived, so they kind of take it for granted as having always been there, so its not a great surprise to them. Us humans however, get an awful surprise because we didn’t realise they were there……….but our pets knew all along!
    While my cats are aware of our resident ghost or presence, they know he’s there but ignore him for the most part and just watch him wander around…..which can be a little unnerving sometimes! But our presence while there – doesn’t really ‘ do ‘ much to warrant concern.
    I wish I could train my cats to ‘ghost hunt’ now that would be fun!
    I’ve heard of some ghost hunters starting to use dogs in similar fashion, I think it would be interesting if you could train a dog to ” show me ” on a ghost with a reasonable expectation of success.

    • Sandy says:

      Actually on the latest Ghost Hunters, they had trained a dog, I can’t remember her name, to ghost hunt. Jason and Grant took her with them during the first part of their investigation, and there was one room that she refused to enter. They were very proud of their accomplishment in training her thus far, and I believe further training is in her future.

  6. trolldoll says:

    yes and her name is maddie. i too have a dog and 3 cats and occasionally they seem to see something in a corner or up high on the wall that i can’t. one time i saw a shadow go across the front deck and my dog saw it too and went to the front door. hmmm i pay alot more attention to them!

  7. Raquel says:

    I had a Beautiful black cat. He was the smartest cat I’ve seen. I have a big mirror over the sink in the bathroom. He use to stand in two legs trying to reach the wall over the mirror, and meaw really loud, like he was desperate or scare. He would do this until I grabed him and hold him. This would happen almost every day. Well, he was sick with lupus and he passed this January. I was so sad because I had lost my baby. A friend then gave me a beautiful kitten. The kitten does the same thing in front of the mirror in the bathroom. I have no idea of what it is! LOL

  8. Tracey says:

    I have a cat she is look at something behind me while i was look at her and Notice her eyes I figure something is behind me that i can’t see so i turn around but nothing there and look back at her she still looking, also I have ghost cat sometimes when i feel it brush pass my leg whenever i do something.. My cat know something is there.

  9. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    in one of the many ghost encounters my family had ( see other stories here ) ; my niece woke to see an apparition of a man enter her bedroom – walk across the room and out the far wall. Our little dog was asleep on the bed by her legs and she always recounted as she tracked the ghost across the room……….the dog did too! And the dog took off after the ghost once the apparition dissappeared, the dog thinking it had seen someone real who didn’t belong to the household. That was always part of her rationale when she recounts the story – ‘ I’m not crazy – the dog saw it too ‘ LOL

  10. Krisha90 says:

    I have three kitties, usually one will sleep with me (not the same one all the time) and they always make me feel safe at night. Our house has always had some activity as long as i can remember. When noises happen at night i can always tell if they are normal or not. Normal noises (like creaky foundations and what not) never interrupt my cats sleep or if they are awake, they pay not attention to it, but if it’s a noise i don’t think is normal it is always validated by at my cats as they immediately sit up, prick up their ears, and stare intently at where the noise is/was coming from. Also when I was renting interstate the previous tennant died in the garage (that joins on to the house) and wasn’t discovered for 4 days. When we got my first cat Angel, she sat in the garage, sometimes for a good hour or so, not moving, just staring..It’s creepy, but, makes me feel less insane :)

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