Do You Know a Real Witch?

Posted on September 2, 2007

Do you know a real witch? Most of us would answer ‘no’ to that question and many others may reply with a yes and be mistaken.

It only follows that if there are any real witches then they must know people – so someone out there knows a real witch.

Of course there are many more people who know a real witch without knowing that she is a witch!

We have an interview with a real witch. Paul Dale Roberts of the Haunted and Paranormal Investigations of Northern California met with a witch and provided us with a full record and discussion of the interview.

Read it and see what you think, then ask yourself again, “Do you know a real witch?”

Interview With a Witch


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36 Responses to “Do You Know a Real Witch?”
  1. leonard low says:


    I’d like to add my comments about today’s Witches

    I took two years writing a book about a terrible Witchcraft case in Fife Scotland, I found the documents about the case in my late fathers house and was shocked that my pretty wee town of Pittenweem was host to the execution and torture of 26 souls.

    That’s 16 executed in four fires, one tortured to death, and one handed to the locals who was pulled apart by them, the rest were tortured.

    My research became my book the WEEM WITCH, it documents their story, and shows what a money making enterprise the whole genocide of the witch hunts were.

    I became a tour guide to dictate the tale in the very tower where the events took place in Pittenweem.

    Among my very important listeners each month I would great a very great number of females confessing to me they were white witches as if I should be delighted about the fact, I feel a sadness these people don’t grasp what my book was about, the corruption of religion, witches are a Christian concept as is the devil, its all made up to scare the ignorant, but these days they feel a bit different being a witch, slightly naughty, but the fact is thousands of good people were murdered by the church for the sin of being a witch, is it not about time we asked the church to explain there actions and at least apologize for it.

    • Jackie says:

      I completely under what you say and I will try to read more on that. I know you no reason to believe me, but I swear that about a year ago my younger brother & I spotted something moving in the tree and when we got closer we saw a humanoid in a brown burlap coat fly just a couple of feet above us in a slow speed and truly visible manner. We didn’t get to see it’s face but we could see clearly that it was a humanoid figure. No broom, no black clothing, and nothing of fantasy. It was on a bright night on an early hour about nine at night. It flew throughout the street past my neighbors house, my home, and two other houses. And that’s when we lost view of it. We were amazed and told my family. I never figured out why it was in my nierborhood in a nonrural city in Texas. I asked neighbors without sharing my experience and I received many similar situations. I know I have no physical proof, but I will never forget my supernatural experience.

  2. The Girlfriend of Jason says:

    I believe in witches, ghosts, vampires, Angels, Demons..etc. And before any of u ask…I am not crazy!! boyfriend might tell u another story!!!!


  3. Sarah says:

    yea i beleive in this stuff to and i thinks it wrong how the people in society today have given paranormal species a bad rep its freaking stupid…..not everything is bad

  4. v-nizz says:

    no i dont know a real witch but i would love to know one and learn some things…i find it extemely interesting

  5. Kaido says:

    Why yes, I know several Witches and Male witches, We actually prefer to be called Wiccan’s and Pagan’s, By that, Yes, I am a Wiccan too!! We DON’T worship the so-called devil, We actually DON’t believe in the devil or the christian god. We do spells and yes some rituals but there is no blood shed and no BLACK MAGICK, just WHITE (which means GOOD) MAGICK. I grew up as a CHRISTIAN but about 7-8 years ago, I totally fell for the WICCAN PATH and I’m very HAPPY w/ my choice! I’ll never go back!!

  6. leonard low says:

    i do a witch tour in pittenweem, fife, on my book about the witches here, you would be amazed of the amount of people who claim they are wiccans, ive been asked to join but all religions sicken me!

  7. Mellisa says:

    i believe in witch. i have a friend, lets say her name is Stephi (not her real name) who belongs to a witch family. we are from Indonesia. her grandfather from her mother’s side is a black wizard but his wife (her mother’s mother) is a white witch. some of their children inherited this power & have various gifts. however, some might have weak power as if they don’t seem to have any significant gift thus include stephi’s mother. but both of stephi & her mother are perceptive to paranormal activity. My friend for instance, she can feel their presents or see a spirit in the form of a black shadow, so she can’t see them clearly.

    she have lots of this bizarre stories. one of her story is about her aunt who’s sort of has twisted personality & can do weird things, but i believe her stories. she’s not the one who told story like this to anyone. she trusted me that I would listen to her & believe in her, so she told me about that & i knew it. besides, her mother came from one of this remote islands in my country which is known for having people with strange power. this group of islands name is Lesser Sunda Islands. my mother who’s sort of unbeliever is the one told me about this islands. it seems that nowadays, the number of people know about this has lessen.

    even so, the number of people who can do black witchcraft or white witchcraft & do lots of weird things across my country are still a lot!! we call them “dukun”. they can borrow power from entities & entities or have them to do some works. the indigenous people here often borrow their power to curse or bother other people or to get help for various reason. they can cure lots of strange disease too that’s probably cause by curses or help people with paranormal problem.

    please, forgive my english. it’s not my native language & i’m typing in a hurry.

  8. lissa says:

    well actuall my great grandfather was a witch. not a bad one because there is such a thing as bad witches.they do black magic and that is not right. i know a few stories about them and how bad ones like to steal the dome of children. you see there is such a thing as paranormal. witches can be good or bad and bad ones to gain power like to lure little children(yes it sound crazy) not just any children but the ones who are born with a dome and they take it from the child.

  9. Mellisa says:

    what is this dome your talking about? I read your comment in “A Story of Witchcraft” and I’m confused so I hope you dont mind it I asked you some questions. what’s this dome & how do we know if the a child is born with a dome? why the evil witches like it?

  10. lissa says:

    to answer your first question a dome is a gift a child is born with…..i cant explain exactly what it is but i’ll try. A dome is sort of like a power…not something freakishly but you know such as heres an example if your mothers a witch and your grandparents are were also witches than you have a great possibility of being a witch too…which means you can see things….and have abilities….do you understand? its like a gift. Actually you cant really know when i child has it…but if witches run in your family then you should look out for it in your child…oh and sometimes you’ll notice becuz the child well tell you it see things and point to it……evil witches like that becuz its their source of power….my father tells me that where he lived you had to be careful if you had a dome becuz bad witches would lure you in and take dat dome away from you to make their power stronger.

  11. Mellisa says:

    yes, i understand. it’s more like a spiritual ability, supernatural ability or paranormal ability. i know that non-human beings also love it & sometimes have desire to eat kids with that gift because it can increase their power. that’s why sometimes kids with strong spiritual gift. constantly visited by them or even attack by them. it’s just that it’s the first time i hear that it can be called as “dome”.

  12. Mellisa says:

    lissa, well, i think i shouldn’t said “eat the kids” -___-” it’s cannibal…. maybe they just absorb the kid’s energy or the soul??

  13. lissa says:

    Mellisa, yes we refer to it as dome. Yes they absorb the kid but im not sure if the child dies in the process but i think the child does. my dad told me also a story that his father told him. His father lived in mexico in like a house where you know its surrounded by other huses and everybody knows everybody. well it was back then that their lived a husband and a wife….and his wife was a witch but he didnt know that. The other people knew that including my fathers father. people would tell him “Hey your wifes a bruja” but he wouldn’ t belive them and they would tell him that she is that she flys at night. So one day he got tired of hearing them and wanted to prove them wrong so he when he went to sleep he decide to not drink anything she gave him and to fake sleep…he was awake when he heard his wife was up and den he saw that her wife had cut off her legs and placed them next to a table that was in the room. then she went to the door and took of flying but its not like you see the outline of the witch they turn into little firey balls. Well he couldnt belive it, but they say that when a witch takes her leggs off to fly you should hide them so thats what he did. when she returned she found him and he saw that she was on the floor without her leggs….she looked well actually sort dragged herself from place to place searching for her leggs.and she begged him to tell her where her leggs where but he did not say one word all he said was you’ll never find them so the witch ended up bleeding to death.

  14. Mellisa says:

    WOW!!! it’s hard to believe but I believe that anything is possible in this world. Why she has to take of her legs to fly?? Why couldn’t she just fly with her legs??

  15. lissa says:


    i know its hard to believe, but nowadays anythings possible in this world.
    im not sure about the whole leg issue but thats what my father told me that witches in mexico take their legs off in order for them to turn into firey balls and fly in the night and if you should see them firey balls at night while walking home at night or any other thing that you should quickly get inside.

  16. Mellisa says:

    actually if i’m not wrong, in my country once there is a horor movies exactly like that!!!! horor movies like that in my country are based on real believes in my country. so yeah i knew what you mean. it’s hard to believes. but magic, curses, demonic power are exist. even the most weirdest curse can exist in my country.

  17. lissa says:

    yup exactly!=] im glad you understand but you know hey do you believe in vampires?

  18. Elephant says:

    Hiya Melissa and Lissa have you realised that yur havind a proper conversation? I never knew you could make a friend by asking them what a dome is! I never used to believe in Whitches buI think I do a little bit now. You realise anyone can read your conversation?

  19. Mellisa says:

    how about exchanging email? hahaha..
    i do believe in vampire, but not the one that eat blood & can live for hundreds or thousands yrs. what i believe is a psychic vampire, the one that need to take energy from others. it’s said that they only need blood a drop or 2 drom every 1 or 2 months. i don’t believe in vampire that need to drink the entire blood of a human to live on. it’s seems possible that kind of vampire might exist, but it’s hard to believe.

    now that i remember. the witches that we mention before in my country is in Bali island, it’s called Leak. i just find some information about it. it’s said Leak Bali is an evil witch. In the afternoon it looks like a normal human being, while at night he is in the tombs to find the organs in the human body to make use of the magic ingredients that can change their forms into a tiger, monkey, pig, etc. If necessary he can also take organs from living people. leak can change themselves into pigs, or a ball of fire, and they have long tongue and sharps teeth.
    Also told that the leak can be a human head with the organs that still hang in the head such as the spinal bones. Leak sometimes fly to search for a pregnant woman, and then to suck the blood of the baby that is still in the womb.
    When someone punch a leak from the neck down to the head when his head separated from his body, then the leak can not be re-united with the body. If the heads are separate in a certain time, then the leak will die

    different but similar huh?? weird, and i’m glad i never met such a thing in my life!!!

    yes, i do, but i don’t mind. XD because i don’t say anything bad & I don’t say anything that’s i think not true now that i think about it we really do keep replying each other :P

  20. lissa says:

    Yes, i do realize it, as im sure mellisa realizes it as well.=]Hahahah nope i dont mind, i dont think theres a reason i should mind, everything i say i believe so i dont mind!=D

  21. lissa says:

    Dont think im wierd mellisa but i dont have an e-mail, well actually i do and old one but i forgot my password so i have no clue in how to access it. Sorry, i should make one though…hahaha…sorry…how embarrising…=D
    I”ve heard about the phsyic vampire but i dont really dont know much about vampires so please fill me in!=]
    WOW! I have never heard of leak and yup very similar! Im glad i havent stumbles upon one in my life either!=]
    oh hey um…about the vampire stuff are they like in a certain place like the pshyic ones?

  22. Mellisa says:

    well that’s okay XD i myself doesn’t like to open email everyday, especially on weekend. ^o^
    I can’t explain it very well but psychic vampire are just humans like as except that they can’t produce much energy like normal people do which is necessary to do daily activity. they often run out of energy and feel tired easily so they have to get it from other people. if they surrounded by a group of people, people around her will feel tired and the psychic vampires will feel better instead because they absorb energy from other people around them. some of them can control and prevent themselves from absorbing the energy. but some people cant control themselves and doing is unconsciously. but once their friends walk separate way from the psychic vampires to get home, they feel better soon. they don’t drink blood like some myth says about vampire and don’t have long teeth. they only need a drop or 2 drops of blood every 1 month or 2 months because it is the quickest way to get lots of energy, but blood is not that necessary. They like wear black because black is a color that absorbs energy, but it’s not that they are freaks or something.
    well that all i know about them ^o^

  23. Mellisa says:

    oh i forgot. i don’t know if they like in a certain place or what kind of place they like. maybe a place that surrounded by lots of people. because crowded place maybe has lots of energy around since there are lost of people. well maybe… XD

  24. Lissa says:

    Kool! So there are just vampire phsyics? like thats the only type?
    where did you learn all this?and how did they become one like its, i dont know, confusing i guess, but thanks for enlightning me a lil!=]

  25. Mellisa says:

    yes, there are that kind of vampire. I don’t know if there are another vampire.
    I learn that from this site after browsing a lot ^o^ . if you click “vampires” you might find somethings.
    i don’t know exactly how they become like that, but the most possible way is they were born that way. it’s more like an abnormality or lacking something since they were born.
    they don’t intend to be psychic vampires, but i think they have no choice other than learning about their own body, learning to control themselves from sucking energy unconsciously, and learning to get a good source of energy.
    your welcome XD i also find psychic vampire is interesting ^o^

  26. Satansgirl66 says:

    I myself am a witch and figured I should probably contribute here as well. I am pagan yes, but I embrace the word witch. Witchcraft means “Craft of The Wise” and we need to take it back. No, I don’t worship the christian devil (yes I know you are looking at the name thinking what?) instead I place my faith in the orginal, true Pagan gods. Witches (who started out as healers and wise women) have been tortured and murdered by ignorant christians for a very long time now, and many are scared to “come out” so to speak. All in the name of “god”

    Like I said, it is important that we don’t give in and we must not drop the word witch.

  27. anna says:

    i dont want to upset people but i dont believe in witches.i dont care that you guys are.if you are thats fine.i cant do anything about that,but ghosts and spirts yes i do believe but not witches.sorry again.if anyone with read just curious since you wrote this 3years ago do you read stuff later on or what.if you do let me know.

    • Caretaker says:

      anna – Witches definitely exist and that is for certain. They are not what you might expect such as from the Wizard of Oz, or Halloween decorations and the like but they do exist. :)

      • anna says:

        do they just wear normal cloths and act normal and behind close doors they are different.

        • Verity says:

          lol, yeah, pretty much you wouldn’t be able to tell if someone is a witch by the way they dress. Its just a religion preference. I dress normal, go to clubs and dance, work full time, I love shopping at H & M, eat pizza and hamburgers and live like pretty much everyone else. I don’t act different behind closed doors lol, I like to rent movies, (I’m a sucker for romantic comedies and Transformers), take my dog for walks, and read books. This is just my life and the personal stuff I like, but other “witches” I knew weren’t too different. Seriously, you cannot tell unless they decide to tell you…and a lot of them don’t mention it to just anyone because of the reputation wiccans/pagans have. Now some “witches” may decide to wear certain types of clothing, like long robes, during worship and/or seasonal rituals, but that’s not very different or any more weird than preists or any church staff dressing for Sunday church service.

          • AnNa says:

            thanks for replying.i didnt still a little offence.but if there are would it sound weird of me saying i would like to meet one?

        • James Scott/RoadyDog/RoadyWolf says:

          Who knows?

        • James Scott/RoadyDog/RoadyWolf says:

          Watch rosemarys baby

  28. Anonymous says:

    i want to become a witch but it dose not work for me!

  29. James Scott/RoadyDog/RoadyWolf says:

    Maybe, Thay are people that be evil at times or good and with the devils help , try to drive me insane. Dark eyes and faces change.

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