Do Vampires Exist?

Posted on January 4, 2009

A seemingly innocent question that once confounded an array of people, resulting in much controversy and dispute, yet now in contemporary times, this question is considered by the vast majority to be ludicrous and nonsensical; no more then mere ineffable trash, with evidence being non-existent, however this has never been the case.

Do Vampires Exist?

A seemingly innocent question that once confounded an array of people, resulting in much controversy and dispute, yet now in contemporary times, this question is considered by the vast majority to be ludicrous and nonsensical; no more then mere ineffable trash, with evidence being non-existent, however this has never been the case.

Evidence supporting the existence of vampires has always existed in our society, since the spawning of these creatures. They have simply been well-hidden from the public as have many things… (aliens/UFOs and werewolves)

One obvious piece of evidence would be the fact that there are descriptions of vampires from an array of existing and pre-existing cultures across the world. Drawings and written descriptions of human-like creatures that would draw blood from their victims, with uncanny strength, speed, elongated fangs, varying skin pigmentation, aversion to sunlight and allergic to garlic. The underlying, rudimentary characteristics as described above all correlate and remain consistent amongst different cultures. There are descriptions of vampires extending across the globe from places such as Africa to India to China.

The existence of vampires in an array of cultures is an obvious indication that there is something similar if not identical to the creatures described in our world.

Eye testaments are few and limited to hundreds and seldom thousands each year overall with encounters described also having strong correlations with one and another. Overall, the evidence supporting the existence of vampires is sparse, yet effectively strong. Eye testaments still dwell within the hundreds and even if a strong percentage of these encounters are the result of hoaxes, conjectures of the mind, etc… the remaining portion accumulated by time, is still substantial itself. The existence of vampires in cultures also suggest that they were (if not are) abundant and thriving.

Anyway, if we are to accept the existence of vampires, then there are a set of explanations suggesting why they are seldom seen, however before we can acknowledge these we need to first accept the different species or types of vampires and their characteristics:

(The following set of explanations have been intentionally adjusted to be brief, succinct and concise and were derived from authentic sources.)

1. True vampires: These were the vampires that were first, supposedly spawned from the ruins of hells by Lucifer himself, sent forth to bestow evil and suffering on the earth. They were strong once, but god punished them and caused them to suffer, making them sensitive to light and garlic, as well as diminishing their strength and longevity. These vampires are the true ones, whose blood hasn’t been tainted with the human gene and are pure. There are few of them left in our modern society and most of them are in stasis (long periods of hibernation extending from years to centuries). They have differing skin pigmentation to us and have retractable, elongated teeth, aversion to the sun and are sensitive to garlic. They also may have pointed ears and slant eyes.

2. Modern vampires: These vampires are a hybrid amalgamation of vampires and humans, sharing varying characteristics as a consequence of the different gene ratios. In most modern vampires, the vampire gene is weak, having been tainted by the human genes and compared to a true vampire, they are almost nothing. The most common characteristics include: retractable elongated teeth, slight aversion to light and possibly an aversion to garlic. They are almost indistinguishable from humans. There are different species of the common modern vampire.

3. Psychic vampires: These vampires drain energy rather then blood and are homo sapiens biologically speaking.

4. Sanguinarians: Humans who simply drink blood…

Vampires reproduce in the same means as we do, and fawn offspring with shared DNA through the union of male and female parts, however they were also able to fawn offspring through biting them, however these offspring didn’t share common DNA with the vampire that bit them. The transferal of the vampiric virus was a technique that became abandoned as the number of true vampires dwindled. The vampiric virus still exists in true vampires (but they are undergoing stasis) and would have undergone mutations, making it weaker, whilst remaining in the host. (The strength of true vampires has dwindled dramatically)

The stereotype notions surrounding the vampires were once authentic yet can’t be appropriately applied to vampires today (mainly modern), i.e. driving a wooden stake through their heart was a biblical technique introduced by a priest whom received a message from god, when his monastery was being attacked at night and his brothers slaughtered by vampires, that the wooden stake would drive their souls back to hell.

There are various sub-species of modern vampires (Homo Wampyrus) too, i.e. Homo Wampyrus Draco.

Anyway, now that the general background information on vampires has been covered, a list of reasons why these vampires aren’t frequently seen in public will subsequently follow:

1. True vampires aren’t seen because they are all enduring stasis and are hidden in dark places where sunlight can’t penetrate or is at an effective minimal.

2. Modern vampires are virtually indistinguishable physically from humans.

3. Vampire attacks are infrequent because most vampires obtain blood through friends or from donors. Government agencies, supposedly support, them too by providing sustenance.

4. Most vampire sightings are from professionally trained vampire hunters (often working in distinction to governments, thereby maintaining effective secrecy). They are also experts at readily distinguishing vampires from humans.

5. MOST VAMPIRES DON’T EVEN KNOW IF THEY ARE VAMPIRES! (The aversion to sun is natural and coincides with many diseases and the craving for blood may be seen as a mental disorder, whilst the agility and grace and any other athletic traits may be considered natural. Modern vampires, may not even possess athletic qualities, depending upon the strength of the vampiric gene residing in them)

In general, vampires do exist and have always existed. Historical records of vampires are present and sightings/encounters do exist, but biological variations may not necessarily be picked up due to the technology we have present being inferior to what is required. The overall view of vampires being strange, eccentric creatures is fallacious. They can simply be viewed as people with different needs and functions to us. (the terms true vampires and modern vampires are often used interchangeably due to the lack of true vampires present)

Here are some pages about the Vampire:

Vampires in Culture

Vampire Compendium

Vampires in Science

With sincerity Alpha.

Sent in by Alpha, Copyright 2009

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1,287 Responses to “Do Vampires Exist?”
  1. Willz says:

    How do you know all this? It seems that you are just theorising or simply making assumptions based on legends and myth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trust me i know that vampires do exists

      • mohit says:

        r u

        • Anonymous says:

          I Admire you Research on Our Kind Who Ever you are.. Half of it are True Half of it are Not!! It Nice to know that their somebody Who Got that kind of Fascination on Our Kind. Vampires DO you think its Funny?? hu? Let me tell you something Kid!!!! We are the Most dangerous Predators that Ever Exist in this world!!! DO you want to know Why you haven’t found a Single Evidence that We Really Exist Simple
          M-O-N-E-Y!!!!1 we can cover any track that Will Lead to the uncovering of our Existence. I Extend My Gratitude to you hard work and Research one day you find one of US!! See for you self if books are right!!!! in the mean time I Will be Monitoring you Blog!!!! PS (VD)

          • bizzaro says:

            well mr vamp, i think we shld meet and if realy are one you will know were and how to find me, bisides i am the real thing so i think it will be great for us to meet if really are one if not well it might not end well for you, coz you will be sired then you will know that been a vamp is not as cool as people think its a curse.

      • Anonymous says:

        fake they dont exists

      • Anonymous says:

        are you really a vampire???

  2. Jackie says:

    OK, the theories of vampires being either beautiful women, or Peter Cushing types are hard to believe aren’t they?…BUT there is plenty of evidence of animals being mutilated by an unknown blood sucking source known as the Chupacabra (sorry, not sure of the spelling)…check it out on the internet.

    Not saying vampires exist, but there is evidence of animals being killed in bizarre ways…

    My name for them is demons…yet again…they are responsible.

    • Vlad Polidori says:

      Actually some scientists think these mutilated animals corpses could be done by aliens. We really need to reserve our judgement until all the evidence has been carefully considered. Until then I will be sleeping with a crucifix made out of garlic, like in the Brian Stoker book.

    • jennifer says:

      first of all vampires , in my opinion, do exist! second, who’s to say theres not cupacabras either.
      anyway,people are to fearful i think vampires are very nice, so what if their goth? or have slick hair do we have to be so mean to them?

  3. Alpha says:

    google it…
    plus i’m pretty sure i seen one…
    take care

  4. Ealdwyn says:

    In my opinion, these kinds of vampires don’t exist. Just humans with a difference: they’re lacking some kind of “nutrient” that most people have and need to get it, through blood or energy. They’re largely civil, responsible people who only take what they need through willing donors. There’s really nothing supernatural about it. ^_^

    • Vlad Polidori says:

      Leave off Ealdwyn. You wont be saying that when a dracula turns up at your window with a straw want to get your “nutrients”. And if you think that transforming into a bat is natural then I think you must be under a dracula’s spell. ^..^

      • jxoxexyx says:

        all i have to say is that i have no prrof they are or arent real and if the gov is the one doing all the evidence looking then we wont ever know plus the anmals that died could have been from anything from a pissed off hiker or potchers or even another animal and how do we know they dont have mind control powers so that they can drink from us and we would never remember a thing and whos to say that sun light would kill them has any one ever see proof if so i would like to see said proof or hear a story im a belevier

    • Anonymous says:

      Well I think they do exist! I saw one a few years ago with my own eyes , he was drinking some guys blood when he turnd around I saw his eyes. When he noticed me he took off in a blur!

      • bizzaro says:

        thats a lie, coz if anyone sees a vampire 1 of 2 things happen,either it kills u or sires you(turns you in to one)

  5. flora says:

    well its like wow because i have been resurching alot of things on vampires because i do love them. but whether they r reall or not it doesnt matter to me because its just a fantacy i have to wish i was one. but like thats ever going to happen. but its not going to stop me from beleiving in them and looking for them

    • Vlad Polidori says:

      I think that’s really beautiful Flora

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe the same as u do and hope i do become a cool vampire

      • Zach N. says:

        Just be ready for a possible devastating truth that they might not exist. I’m not saying it’s the truth, I’m saying that you have to be prepared for it, to accept the fact, and move on. Which is what I’m doing right now.

    • divi says:

      hey i guess vampires ar realy a very interesting subject huuhhh…& 4 me i do believe that they realy exist or else there wouldnt have been evidence such as their half true description in books…& i realy think that they form part of our civil society…..i mean they ar among us,how i wish i was 1 of them but its is never going 2 happen but that not going to stop me from believing on them. i LOVE vampires… so very much

  6. Irenedakis says:

    If vampires do exist it would be amazing. . .i kind of wish i was 1 thou.

  7. tainted says:

    I wish I was a vampire and yes do belive in them but i would like to see 1 weather it killed me or not I’d except being they undead

  8. Alpha says:


    I believe the people you are referring to are anaemic. Some of them resort to drinking human blood in order to obtain iron and other nutrients they are low in.

    Humans who drink blood are sanguinarians. Most modern vampires are virtually indistinguishable from humans both physically and biologically. The vampiric gene that exists within them is a very small fraction of their whole genetic make-up (most of it is human). They have stronger, lithe figures and tend to be able to live longer and are more healthy in general. As for bearing supernatural characteristics….they don’t really have any.

    The ones that have supernatural characteristics are true vampires but they are hidden underground from light.

    thanks for commenting!

    • Anonymous says:

      Funny funny how u think u have so much knowledge.

      • Vampire Truth or Myth says:

        Why would that be funny? I mean there are many people who have knowledge, it really isn’t all that uncommon and just requires things like thought, reading, discussion, listening and study. Perhaps Alpha has devoted a lot of time researching and studying the subject.

        The only reason I am really replying to this here is that you made a negative comment about someone yet you failed to offer any solution or other argument. You even posted your thought anonymously :) No offense at all is intended and I would like to hear what your thoughts on the question and this article are. All opinions and viewpoints are welcome but I really dont care much for quick stabs and insults.

  9. Alpha says:

    thanks for commenting! :)

    Tainted, i’m pretty sure vampires aren’t undead. They simply have longer life spans then humans but for most modern vampires this would only be till the early hundred.

  10. Reshma says:

    I truely belive in vampires…… My ultimate wish is to become a vampire but till now i havn’t seen them in real,if i get an opportunity to see or to become a vampire i would love to become… Its my humble request if anyone here knows where could we find vampire near India then plz tell me

    • Jamez says:

      You have the conception on vampires here very very wrong. No, you would not like to be one. Unless you want to spend your life hidden away from others with this genetic virus bundled inside you. I think someone has been watching way too much twilight.

      • BobbiJo says:

        To each their own. I personally think that from ever legion there is some kind of truth. I once told my mother i wanted to become a vampire she asked why. I told her so I could go to school forever. She laughed and said she backed me 110%. If only it was that easy, in real life.

  11. Nabila says:

    i do believe in vampires i have ever since i was little but i thought people had killed all of them a long time ago but im happy they’re still here and i really wish i could be 1 too! :)

  12. Lila says:

    if all this is true, then i am a believer.

  13. MH says:

    well if you rely belive in vamps then this will come a very true story it wold be 200 years ago today wen i was turend into one of the coolest night owls or preditor of the night

    • Derrick says:

      This comment is for MH. IDK if u still check this website (I doubt it) since ur comment was 1/22/09 and it’s now 1/26/11 but did u say it’s been 200 yrs ago since u was turned? If ur a real vampire and can prove it get back to me.

      • lyu says:

        if,it’s true that you are a 200 year old vampire then share us your story^_^ i’m pretty sure 90% of the people from here are belivers:D

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow. Dont you think if this being had been on this planet for 200 years that they could at least spell correctly?


    i really do believe in vampires and i wish to become one of them its my obsession and i do believe that they r actually among us if they are they’re just trying to hide themselves….

  15. ico says:

    Is there a website or something where i can read true (or believed to be true) vampire stories? and not old stories like from ahundred years ago but from modern times.

  16. amy says:

    I always believed in vampires really and i d love to be one!!but unfortunately i ve never seen them!i wish they re true i want to meet a vampire it would be awsome…

  17. Amatrix says:

    Alpha, :-)

    “plus i�m pretty sure i seen one�”
    Could you explain please? Perhaps decribe your meaning of seen one?

  18. Alpha says:

    when i say ‘I’m pretty sure i seen one’ (pardon the poor grammar) i am referring to this person i saw that may have been a true vampire. I decided to go for a walk at night several years ago and I took a short cut through our local park.
    The park in my local town is prosperous environmentally speaking, acting as a habitat for an array of native creatures and being encompassed by a range of shrubbery and trees. There is also a small lake in the park too and a small bridge along the width of the lake the leads a person to the main streets where the shops reside. I was about to step foot on the small path that lead down to the lake when i saw this gorgeous, radiant girl. She had a pale, deathly complexion about her and lustrous, long black hair and she was dancing. She had pointed ears and slant, red eyes that were mesmerising and beside her stood the corpses of several ducks. Blood was dribbling down her mouth and she was dancing and humming an alluring tune. I must have stared at her for several minutes before i just ran home. I felt this surge of anger and hatred and i bolted.

    Later on, i went to the local archives in our library and came across in an excerpt in a book covering the history of our town. It described a girl that was driven from the town during the early 1900s or so and how she was convicted of fraternising with the devil because she was caught draining the blood of several livestock. She was described as having “hair as dark as night and eyes as red as the flames of hell itself and skin, pale like a ghost’s”

    I believe she is a true vampire and was the same person i encountered before. She probably awoke from stasis and returned to drain blood, before resuming another century of slumber.

    This honestly happened to me, but the figure could easily have been a spectre, demon or a girl who was just plain insane! (but if she was a local girl i probably would have seen her before)

    anyway hopes this satisfies any queries you may have had.
    take care

    • Anonymous says:

      thats very deep and interesting, its facsinating all of this. Thanks for your experience alpha :)

    • Aishwarya says:

      can you tell me your town name and the book you read..cuz i have a big library here n i want look for a book..

  19. Amatrix says:

    Thank you. You have satified my queries, yet my interests have increased. I’m fascinated by these Vampires. Not in the sense that I wish I could be one. I’m more interested in their History, their live’s.
    Why the surge of Anger & Hatred, when you saw this creature? What were your thoughts at that moment? If you don’t mind me asking.

    • warewolves says:

      hey, everybody here either wants to be a vampire or wants to see a vampire. dont u all dare of warewolves. hey frens these all are a fantasy, kind of fairy tale. jst sitting on a internet and wasting ur valuable time on vampire . what a freek?though my word may hurt u all guys but its truth, try to wakeup from d dreams , ……

      • lucy says:

        why would you spent your time reading on vampires and commenting if you’re not even interested in it? i’d say that’s even more of a waste.

  20. Alpha says:

    If you want to learn about the history of these creatures read articles on webs. Most documents are confidential and presumably possessions of government officials. See if there any books on vampires in the local library. If your library has an archives section go there and try and find anything on abnormal behaviour of previous citizens.

    The surge of anger and hatred i felt only occurred once i had
    regained my composure and felt the willigness to leave. I think she sensed my presence or detected my blood and before she could react i left. (However this is rather unlikely since true vampires have uncanny strength and speed)

    I guess the hate i felt was her own hate. A supernatural being of such strength would undoubtedly be able to emanate energy outwards to a far distance.

    As for what was running through my mind…. ‘Man, she sure is hot…’
    but when i saw the dead birds surrounding her that’s when i felt a bit more apprehensive and perturbed. Then i gazed into her eyes and it was like being subdued into a compelling trance. Kinda like you are drifting to sleep but your head was saying ‘what the hell are you doing? Get outta here’ but no matter how earnest or pleading the voice was you felt stuck and woozy.

    Then i kinda managed to get control over myself and bam i was running away from her into a small street.

    hope this helps,
    take care!

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe that there is something supernatural creature exists in this world. vampires, aliens, walking dead, Ghosts……Do these all correlate ? How you started your research on vampires. How i could get to know much about the vampires and its existence.

  21. Amatrix says:

    Thank you kindly. Yes, you have helped me. I appreciate you for sharing your experience with me. I will further my studies.
    Take Care as well. :-)

  22. BigEd says:

    I dont know if vamps are real or not, but they are the coolest mythical creaure out there and if i had to be one i would prob pick the vamp. Im curious as to why people think they are real and why people think they are fake? i honestly dont know but would like to lol

  23. ico says:


    Your story reminds me of something that happened to my friend about a year ago. Before i start i’d like to mention that he does not believe in the paranormal but to this day he thinks he saw a vampire. Alittle bit less than a year ago my friend and his then girlfriend went on a trip to New York and on the first night there they went to what i’m guessing was the Hudson River and they were walking along the shore and they walked over a large drainage pipe that didnt seem to be used anymore. While they walked over it they heard a scratching sound and he glanced down at the lip of the pipe and saw something big jump into the pipe.

    Being the idiot that he is he jumped over the railing and climbed down the rocks to the pipe, i guess thinking there was a person in there. When he got to the lip of the pipe he looked in and saw a person with paper white skin crouched in the corner with a rat in his mouth. He seemed to just be sucking on it but the thing that he said freaked my friend out the most was the eyes which were glowing red but not really looking at him (apparently it didnt notice him). The person then dropped the rat in a large pile of more dead rats stacked infront of him and pulled another rat out of his pocket and bit that too. My friend said he didnt really know how long he’d been standing there, it felt like ten minutes but could only have been seconds but then the rock he was standing on fell over making a loud noise. The person looked up at him, threw the rat at him, made a strange sound that my friend has never heard before with it’s mouth then turned and ran down the pipe on all fours (my friend says just like a dog) and disappeared into the dark.

    Even though it was apparently gone my friend still felt watched so he jumped back over the railing and him and his girlfriend ran all the way back to their hotel.

  24. MAYY says:

    Wht’s ths its all n ur mind i dnt belive ths r all made up stories

  25. Amatrix says:

    I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. Yet, I also believe that it is no one’s place to judge, nor declare that the stories posted here are “all made up”. I understand that you may believe these stories are dellusions of the mind, & respect the fact that you are a Non-believer. What I don’t understand is how a Non-believer as yourself managed to come upon a website filled with “Made Up” stories. This is not the kind of website people just come across, unless You too were searching for something real.
    Wish you well. :-)

  26. Lilith says:

    So I have read everyone’s comments and am curious. I thought that I was one of the few that seriously thought about their existance. Since I was a small child I have been able to “sense” things about people and “spirits” but have always been unsure of the stories and legends of vampires. I believe that they exist but I would really like to be able to get the “truth” from one myself. I have seen and spoken to ghosts so I believe they are real and I have never doubted there being a higher power eventhough I haven’t seen for myself. i guess I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around what the truths of vampires are. Thank you everyone for letting me get this out.

  27. Amatrix says:

    Your name is very interesting. Do you know you have a story behind the meaning of your name? May I suggest you Google Summerian Vampires. You might find it interesting. Also have you heard the story of “Adam & Lilith”? Lilith the supposed 1st wife of Adam?
    Take Care

    • arial says:

      you have a lot of knowledge on vampires! reading your comments interest me to no-end. i would love to sit down with you and listen to all of what you have to say about vampires!

  28. Alpha says:

    Hey Ico,
    the creature your friend encountered must have been a really old true vampire, because it wasn’t able to make proper speech. I’m not sure if true vampires can speak english or not. They possibly might not be able to speak english, because of an alteration in their physiology, particularly at the jaw, however i presume the creature your friend saw was a very old true vampire.

    Has your friend told anyone else about this story, except you?
    Pretty remarkable encounter!! Thx for sharing.

    • lyu says:

      well,i have a curiosity…true vampire didn’t turned random people into vampire so they could teach the elders how to fit in the comunity?????? to me it makes no sense being an elder and spending your life in stasis and waking up just for a small amont of animal blood:-??

  29. ico says:


    I wish i had seen it myself so that i could have explained it better but my friend only told me the story once and a couple other people. The other thing is that he was really the only witness to it because his girlfriend stayed up on the sidewalk but she did hear the sound that it made, she said it sounded like a mix between a hiss of a cat and a screeching like some kind of machinery. He described it as looking animalistic yet aristocratic at the same time. It’s clothes were torn to pieces and it was barefoot. Like i said before, he doesnt really believe in the supernatural but the only thing he could call it was a vampire. Although my question is, what is (or was) it doing in New York? Do you have any ideas about that? It’s not like it could fit in with regular people.

    Oh and i accidently posted the beginning of this a minute ago, they might delete it but if they don’t it was an accident

  30. Lilith says:

    Thank you for the input. I did hear of a story of Lilith in the Bible but I am sorry to say that didn’t have previous knowledge of the full story. I had been told that “my” name means many things that somehow all revolve around “being a child of the night.” When I was about 10yrs old I started signing my artwork and poetry with the name Lilith,and still do, because I was simply drawn to it. Now I have to wonder if I had some “other” knowledge that I still can’t put a finger on. I have checked into some other searches thanks to your advice and I have to say that I am more curious now. I think I have some more internal searching to do. Have a wonderful day/night!

  31. Alpha says:


    i agree that it was definitely strange! I am beginning to question whether it was a true vampire, because they tend to stay underground and well away from civilisation and it can’t have been a modern vampire, since they are virtually identical to humans(with the exception of a slightly extended life span, possible aversion to sun and garlic and the ability to retract their canine teeth/ naturally elongated teeth)

    As for it was doing in New York, i got no idea. Perhaps the drainage pipe leads of somewhere into a lab of some sort or a secret military base?

    Ask your friend if it hurt him when the creature threw the rat at him. Ask him if the impact of the thrown rat was strong or not.

    Take care

    • Xavier says:


      Vampires are not beasts (assuming from what you said Barb) they do retain human personalities, they are not just interested in drinking blood because there is no need for a vampire to drink blood everyday.

  32. ico says:


    He actually didnt say if it hit him or not, he just kind of went on with the story and he hasnt really talked about it since and i havent braught it up. His girlfriend was fine talking about it (maybe because she actually didnt see it) but like i said before she was his ex-girlfriend and i havent seen her since they broke up.

  33. Lilith says:

    So I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of any real vampires in Alaska. There seems to be a common trend in hollywood and among writers to incorporate Alaska with the supernatural. It may be just my curiosity but I have been living in Alaska for a few years now and among the “natives” they seem to shy away from anything that would be shared with “outsiders” that pertain to such beings. Again I am just curious…. no really sure why, but I can’t seem to find anything to support or other wise. Thanks for your time everyone.

  34. Matt says:

    Vampires are real? i am thrilled! However i am still skeptical of their existence. I would like to learn more about there a way for me to contact someone?

  35. Sammie says:

    ok so my opinion on this is that maybe they exist but i think what they really want is to be human. You never know you want to be something until you are one. Being a vampire could be hard for them and wish they were like you. Maybe some vampires don’t have a choice to be a vampire if the exist. Just an opinion. You can’t really want something if you don’t know what its really like.

  36. Sammie says:

    You probably get this question a lot but how do you know so much on vampires. I find it very interesting that you some how know all this about vampires. How do you know what you learned is true.

  37. Alpha says:

    Hey Sammie,

    1. I agree completely that it would be hard to be a vampire for sure (particularly true vampires, since they are virtually immortal and probably are clinging to any ounce of humanity they have left by a fine thread)

    2. As for your question on how i know so much on vampires and how do i know if what i learned is true, are great questions honest to god. For starters, i don’t know if it’s true. You can never know if anything is true i guess. There could always be something out there that contradicts fact as we know it. I guess i feel it is true because i’ve gone over it again and again and have checked my theories and they seem possible.

    As for how i came to know so much about vampires. Obtain as many sources as you can concerning a topic, be it vampires or apples. You will come to differentiate fact from fancy by finding distinct correlations between certain concepts/sources. These are the ones that are most likely true. Through this, you can build on it and build on it some more till you get an explanation that follows suit and seems to make sense.

    Finding information on vampires was much harder because they are very rare (encounters with vampires or human like creatures that supposedly drain blood are often categorised as animal encounters with governments keeping the statistics confidential), but i just kept researching.

    It also helps if you have an experience with one too :) just too boost your moral and confidence.

    When it comes right down to it, you just need to look in the right places and hard as you can. There has always been claims vampires have existed. Every single culture across the world describes unique creatures that drain blood and exhibit uncanny characteristics, with these creatures all sharing same things. As society progressed these notions changed with these weird and exotic creatures dying out to be replaced by something more common to humans and to something virtually identical to humans with several, small abnormalities kept hidden presumably by the government.

    What does this imply? That the initial creatures have bred with humans, resulting in the progressive decline of the first mythical version being replaced by the common human version. As ludicrous as it sounds, if you research it more it makes sense.

    It is also important to sometimes hypothesise sensibly and see if your hypotheses can be valid and to look beyond the ordinary and never be put down by the inanity of a particular result ( The world is a weird place with weird things. A weird result is just natural)

    Stuff like this helped me find out about vampires

    Thx for asking man, I appreciate it heaps!!!!! :)