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Do Vampires Exist?

Posted on January 4, 2009

A seemingly innocent question that once confounded an array of people, resulting in much controversy and dispute, yet now in contemporary times, this question is considered by the vast majority to be ludicrous and nonsensical; no more then mere ineffable trash, with evidence being non-existent, however this has never been the case.

Do Vampires Exist?

A seemingly innocent question that once confounded an array of people, resulting in much controversy and dispute, yet now in contemporary times, this question is considered by the vast majority to be ludicrous and nonsensical; no more then mere ineffable trash, with evidence being non-existent, however this has never been the case.

Evidence supporting the existence of vampires has always existed in our society, since the spawning of these creatures. They have simply been well-hidden from the public as have many things… (aliens/UFOs and werewolves)

One obvious piece of evidence would be the fact that there are descriptions of vampires from an array of existing and pre-existing cultures across the world. Drawings and written descriptions of human-like creatures that would draw blood from their victims, with uncanny strength, speed, elongated fangs, varying skin pigmentation, aversion to sunlight and allergic to garlic. The underlying, rudimentary characteristics as described above all correlate and remain consistent amongst different cultures. There are descriptions of vampires extending across the globe from places such as Africa to India to China.

The existence of vampires in an array of cultures is an obvious indication that there is something similar if not identical to the creatures described in our world.

Eye testaments are few and limited to hundreds and seldom thousands each year overall with encounters described also having strong correlations with one and another. Overall, the evidence supporting the existence of vampires is sparse, yet effectively strong. Eye testaments still dwell within the hundreds and even if a strong percentage of these encounters are the result of hoaxes, conjectures of the mind, etc… the remaining portion accumulated by time, is still substantial itself. The existence of vampires in cultures also suggest that they were (if not are) abundant and thriving.

Anyway, if we are to accept the existence of vampires, then there are a set of explanations suggesting why they are seldom seen, however before we can acknowledge these we need to first accept the different species or types of vampires and their characteristics:

(The following set of explanations have been intentionally adjusted to be brief, succinct and concise and were derived from authentic sources.)

1. True vampires: These were the vampires that were first, supposedly spawned from the ruins of hells by Lucifer himself, sent forth to bestow evil and suffering on the earth. They were strong once, but god punished them and caused them to suffer, making them sensitive to light and garlic, as well as diminishing their strength and longevity. These vampires are the true ones, whose blood hasn’t been tainted with the human gene and are pure. There are few of them left in our modern society and most of them are in stasis (long periods of hibernation extending from years to centuries). They have differing skin pigmentation to us and have retractable, elongated teeth, aversion to the sun and are sensitive to garlic. They also may have pointed ears and slant eyes.

2. Modern vampires: These vampires are a hybrid amalgamation of vampires and humans, sharing varying characteristics as a consequence of the different gene ratios. In most modern vampires, the vampire gene is weak, having been tainted by the human genes and compared to a true vampire, they are almost nothing. The most common characteristics include: retractable elongated teeth, slight aversion to light and possibly an aversion to garlic. They are almost indistinguishable from humans. There are different species of the common modern vampire.

3. Psychic vampires: These vampires drain energy rather then blood and are homo sapiens biologically speaking.

4. Sanguinarians: Humans who simply drink blood…

Vampires reproduce in the same means as we do, and fawn offspring with shared DNA through the union of male and female parts, however they were also able to fawn offspring through biting them, however these offspring didn’t share common DNA with the vampire that bit them. The transferal of the vampiric virus was a technique that became abandoned as the number of true vampires dwindled. The vampiric virus still exists in true vampires (but they are undergoing stasis) and would have undergone mutations, making it weaker, whilst remaining in the host. (The strength of true vampires has dwindled dramatically)

The stereotype notions surrounding the vampires were once authentic yet can’t be appropriately applied to vampires today (mainly modern), i.e. driving a wooden stake through their heart was a biblical technique introduced by a priest whom received a message from god, when his monastery was being attacked at night and his brothers slaughtered by vampires, that the wooden stake would drive their souls back to hell.

There are various sub-species of modern vampires (Homo Wampyrus) too, i.e. Homo Wampyrus Draco.

Anyway, now that the general background information on vampires has been covered, a list of reasons why these vampires aren’t frequently seen in public will subsequently follow:

1. True vampires aren’t seen because they are all enduring stasis and are hidden in dark places where sunlight can’t penetrate or is at an effective minimal.

2. Modern vampires are virtually indistinguishable physically from humans.

3. Vampire attacks are infrequent because most vampires obtain blood through friends or from donors. Government agencies, supposedly support, them too by providing sustenance.

4. Most vampire sightings are from professionally trained vampire hunters (often working in distinction to governments, thereby maintaining effective secrecy). They are also experts at readily distinguishing vampires from humans.

5. MOST VAMPIRES DON’T EVEN KNOW IF THEY ARE VAMPIRES! (The aversion to sun is natural and coincides with many diseases and the craving for blood may be seen as a mental disorder, whilst the agility and grace and any other athletic traits may be considered natural. Modern vampires, may not even possess athletic qualities, depending upon the strength of the vampiric gene residing in them)

In general, vampires do exist and have always existed. Historical records of vampires are present and sightings/encounters do exist, but biological variations may not necessarily be picked up due to the technology we have present being inferior to what is required. The overall view of vampires being strange, eccentric creatures is fallacious. They can simply be viewed as people with different needs and functions to us. (the terms true vampires and modern vampires are often used interchangeably due to the lack of true vampires present)

Here are some pages about the Vampire:

Vampires in Culture

Vampire Compendium

Vampires in Science

With sincerity Alpha.

Sent in by Alpha, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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1,287 Responses to “Do Vampires Exist?”
  1. Willz says:

    How do you know all this? It seems that you are just theorising or simply making assumptions based on legends and myth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trust me i know that vampires do exists

      • mohit says:

        r u vampiree..lol?

        • Anonymous says:

          I Admire you Research on Our Kind Who Ever you are.. Half of it are True Half of it are Not!! It Nice to know that their somebody Who Got that kind of Fascination on Our Kind. Vampires DO you think its Funny?? hu? Let me tell you something Kid!!!! We are the Most dangerous Predators that Ever Exist in this world!!! DO you want to know Why you haven’t found a Single Evidence that We Really Exist Simple
          M-O-N-E-Y!!!!1 we can cover any track that Will Lead to the uncovering of our Existence. I Extend My Gratitude to you hard work and Research one day you find one of US!! See for you self if books are right!!!! in the mean time I Will be Monitoring you Blog!!!! PS (VD)

          • bizzaro says:

            well mr vamp, i think we shld meet and if realy are one you will know were and how to find me, bisides i am the real thing so i think it will be great for us to meet if really are one if not well it might not end well for you, coz you will be sired then you will know that been a vamp is not as cool as people think its a curse.

      • Anonymous says:

        fake they dont exists

      • Anonymous says:

        are you really a vampire???

  2. Jackie says:

    OK, the theories of vampires being either beautiful women, or Peter Cushing types are hard to believe aren’t they?…BUT there is plenty of evidence of animals being mutilated by an unknown blood sucking source known as the Chupacabra (sorry, not sure of the spelling)…check it out on the internet.

    Not saying vampires exist, but there is evidence of animals being killed in bizarre ways…

    My name for them is demons…yet again…they are responsible.

    • Vlad Polidori says:

      Actually some scientists think these mutilated animals corpses could be done by aliens. We really need to reserve our judgement until all the evidence has been carefully considered. Until then I will be sleeping with a crucifix made out of garlic, like in the Brian Stoker book.

    • jennifer says:

      first of all vampires , in my opinion, do exist! second, who’s to say theres not cupacabras either.
      anyway,people are to fearful i think vampires are very nice, so what if their goth? or have slick hair do we have to be so mean to them?

  3. Alpha says:

    google it…
    plus i’m pretty sure i seen one…
    take care

  4. Ealdwyn says:

    In my opinion, these kinds of vampires don’t exist. Just humans with a difference: they’re lacking some kind of “nutrient” that most people have and need to get it, through blood or energy. They’re largely civil, responsible people who only take what they need through willing donors. There’s really nothing supernatural about it. ^_^

    • Vlad Polidori says:

      Leave off Ealdwyn. You wont be saying that when a dracula turns up at your window with a straw want to get your “nutrients”. And if you think that transforming into a bat is natural then I think you must be under a dracula’s spell. ^..^

      • jxoxexyx says:

        all i have to say is that i have no prrof they are or arent real and if the gov is the one doing all the evidence looking then we wont ever know plus the anmals that died could have been from anything from a pissed off hiker or potchers or even another animal and how do we know they dont have mind control powers so that they can drink from us and we would never remember a thing and whos to say that sun light would kill them has any one ever see proof if so i would like to see said proof or hear a story im a belevier

    • Anonymous says:

      Well I think they do exist! I saw one a few years ago with my own eyes , he was drinking some guys blood when he turnd around I saw his eyes. When he noticed me he took off in a blur!

      • bizzaro says:

        thats a lie, coz if anyone sees a vampire 1 of 2 things happen,either it kills u or sires you(turns you in to one)

  5. flora says:

    well its like wow because i have been resurching alot of things on vampires because i do love them. but whether they r reall or not it doesnt matter to me because its just a fantacy i have to wish i was one. but like thats ever going to happen. but its not going to stop me from beleiving in them and looking for them

    • Vlad Polidori says:

      I think that’s really beautiful Flora

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe the same as u do and hope i do become a cool vampire

      • Zach N. says:

        Just be ready for a possible devastating truth that they might not exist. I’m not saying it’s the truth, I’m saying that you have to be prepared for it, to accept the fact, and move on. Which is what I’m doing right now.

    • divi says:

      hey i guess vampires ar realy a very interesting subject huuhhh…& 4 me i do believe that they realy exist or else there wouldnt have been evidence such as their half true description in books…& i realy think that they form part of our civil society…..i mean they ar among us,how i wish i was 1 of them but its is never going 2 happen but that not going to stop me from believing on them. i LOVE vampires… so very much

  6. Irenedakis says:

    If vampires do exist it would be amazing. . .i kind of wish i was 1 thou.

  7. tainted says:

    I wish I was a vampire and yes do belive in them but i would like to see 1 weather it killed me or not I’d except being they undead

  8. Alpha says:


    I believe the people you are referring to are anaemic. Some of them resort to drinking human blood in order to obtain iron and other nutrients they are low in.

    Humans who drink blood are sanguinarians. Most modern vampires are virtually indistinguishable from humans both physically and biologically. The vampiric gene that exists within them is a very small fraction of their whole genetic make-up (most of it is human). They have stronger, lithe figures and tend to be able to live longer and are more healthy in general. As for bearing supernatural characteristics….they don’t really have any.

    The ones that have supernatural characteristics are true vampires but they are hidden underground from light.

    thanks for commenting!

    • Anonymous says:

      Funny funny how u think u have so much knowledge.

      • Vampire Truth or Myth says:

        Why would that be funny? I mean there are many people who have knowledge, it really isn’t all that uncommon and just requires things like thought, reading, discussion, listening and study. Perhaps Alpha has devoted a lot of time researching and studying the subject.

        The only reason I am really replying to this here is that you made a negative comment about someone yet you failed to offer any solution or other argument. You even posted your thought anonymously :) No offense at all is intended and I would like to hear what your thoughts on the question and this article are. All opinions and viewpoints are welcome but I really dont care much for quick stabs and insults.

  9. Alpha says:

    thanks for commenting! :)

    Tainted, i’m pretty sure vampires aren’t undead. They simply have longer life spans then humans but for most modern vampires this would only be till the early hundred.

  10. Reshma says:

    I truely belive in vampires…… My ultimate wish is to become a vampire but till now i havn’t seen them in real,if i get an opportunity to see or to become a vampire i would love to become… Its my humble request if anyone here knows where could we find vampire near India then plz tell me

    • Jamez says:

      You have the conception on vampires here very very wrong. No, you would not like to be one. Unless you want to spend your life hidden away from others with this genetic virus bundled inside you. I think someone has been watching way too much twilight.

      • BobbiJo says:

        To each their own. I personally think that from ever legion there is some kind of truth. I once told my mother i wanted to become a vampire she asked why. I told her so I could go to school forever. She laughed and said she backed me 110%. If only it was that easy, in real life.

  11. Nabila says:

    i do believe in vampires i have ever since i was little but i thought people had killed all of them a long time ago but im happy they’re still here and i really wish i could be 1 too! :)

  12. Lila says:

    if all this is true, then i am a believer.

  13. MH says:

    well if you rely belive in vamps then this will come a very true story it wold be 200 years ago today wen i was turend into one of the coolest night owls or preditor of the night

    • Derrick says:

      This comment is for MH. IDK if u still check this website (I doubt it) since ur comment was 1/22/09 and it’s now 1/26/11 but did u say it’s been 200 yrs ago since u was turned? If ur a real vampire and can prove it get back to me.

      • lyu says:

        if,it’s true that you are a 200 year old vampire then share us your story^_^ i’m pretty sure 90% of the people from here are belivers:D

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow. Dont you think if this being had been on this planet for 200 years that they could at least spell correctly?


    i really do believe in vampires and i wish to become one of them its my obsession and i do believe that they r actually among us if they are they’re just trying to hide themselves….

  15. ico says:

    Is there a website or something where i can read true (or believed to be true) vampire stories? and not old stories like from ahundred years ago but from modern times.

  16. amy says:

    I always believed in vampires really and i d love to be one!!but unfortunately i ve never seen them!i wish they re true i want to meet a vampire it would be awsome…

  17. Amatrix says:

    Alpha, :-)

    “plus im pretty sure i seen one”
    Could you explain please? Perhaps decribe your meaning of seen one?

  18. Alpha says:

    when i say ‘I’m pretty sure i seen one’ (pardon the poor grammar) i am referring to this person i saw that may have been a true vampire. I decided to go for a walk at night several years ago and I took a short cut through our local park.
    The park in my local town is prosperous environmentally speaking, acting as a habitat for an array of native creatures and being encompassed by a range of shrubbery and trees. There is also a small lake in the park too and a small bridge along the width of the lake the leads a person to the main streets where the shops reside. I was about to step foot on the small path that lead down to the lake when i saw this gorgeous, radiant girl. She had a pale, deathly complexion about her and lustrous, long black hair and she was dancing. She had pointed ears and slant, red eyes that were mesmerising and beside her stood the corpses of several ducks. Blood was dribbling down her mouth and she was dancing and humming an alluring tune. I must have stared at her for several minutes before i just ran home. I felt this surge of anger and hatred and i bolted.

    Later on, i went to the local archives in our library and came across in an excerpt in a book covering the history of our town. It described a girl that was driven from the town during the early 1900s or so and how she was convicted of fraternising with the devil because she was caught draining the blood of several livestock. She was described as having “hair as dark as night and eyes as red as the flames of hell itself and skin, pale like a ghost’s”

    I believe she is a true vampire and was the same person i encountered before. She probably awoke from stasis and returned to drain blood, before resuming another century of slumber.

    This honestly happened to me, but the figure could easily have been a spectre, demon or a girl who was just plain insane! (but if she was a local girl i probably would have seen her before)

    anyway hopes this satisfies any queries you may have had.
    take care

    • Anonymous says:

      thats very deep and interesting, its facsinating all of this. Thanks for your experience alpha :)

    • Aishwarya says:

      can you tell me your town name and the book you read..cuz i have a big library here n i want look for a book..

  19. Amatrix says:

    Thank you. You have satified my queries, yet my interests have increased. I’m fascinated by these Vampires. Not in the sense that I wish I could be one. I’m more interested in their History, their live’s.
    Why the surge of Anger & Hatred, when you saw this creature? What were your thoughts at that moment? If you don’t mind me asking.

    • warewolves says:

      hey, everybody here either wants to be a vampire or wants to see a vampire. dont u all dare of warewolves. hey frens these all are a fantasy, kind of fairy tale. jst sitting on a internet and wasting ur valuable time on vampire . what a freek?though my word may hurt u all guys but its truth, try to wakeup from d dreams , ……

      • lucy says:

        why would you spent your time reading on vampires and commenting if you’re not even interested in it? i’d say that’s even more of a waste.

  20. Alpha says:

    If you want to learn about the history of these creatures read articles on webs. Most documents are confidential and presumably possessions of government officials. See if there any books on vampires in the local library. If your library has an archives section go there and try and find anything on abnormal behaviour of previous citizens.

    The surge of anger and hatred i felt only occurred once i had
    regained my composure and felt the willigness to leave. I think she sensed my presence or detected my blood and before she could react i left. (However this is rather unlikely since true vampires have uncanny strength and speed)

    I guess the hate i felt was her own hate. A supernatural being of such strength would undoubtedly be able to emanate energy outwards to a far distance.

    As for what was running through my mind…. ‘Man, she sure is hot…’
    but when i saw the dead birds surrounding her that’s when i felt a bit more apprehensive and perturbed. Then i gazed into her eyes and it was like being subdued into a compelling trance. Kinda like you are drifting to sleep but your head was saying ‘what the hell are you doing? Get outta here’ but no matter how earnest or pleading the voice was you felt stuck and woozy.

    Then i kinda managed to get control over myself and bam i was running away from her into a small street.

    hope this helps,
    take care!

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe that there is something supernatural creature exists in this world. vampires, aliens, walking dead, Ghosts……Do these all correlate ? How you started your research on vampires. How i could get to know much about the vampires and its existence.

  21. Amatrix says:

    Thank you kindly. Yes, you have helped me. I appreciate you for sharing your experience with me. I will further my studies.
    Take Care as well. :-)

  22. BigEd says:

    I dont know if vamps are real or not, but they are the coolest mythical creaure out there and if i had to be one i would prob pick the vamp. Im curious as to why people think they are real and why people think they are fake? i honestly dont know but would like to lol

  23. ico says:


    Your story reminds me of something that happened to my friend about a year ago. Before i start i’d like to mention that he does not believe in the paranormal but to this day he thinks he saw a vampire. Alittle bit less than a year ago my friend and his then girlfriend went on a trip to New York and on the first night there they went to what i’m guessing was the Hudson River and they were walking along the shore and they walked over a large drainage pipe that didnt seem to be used anymore. While they walked over it they heard a scratching sound and he glanced down at the lip of the pipe and saw something big jump into the pipe.

    Being the idiot that he is he jumped over the railing and climbed down the rocks to the pipe, i guess thinking there was a person in there. When he got to the lip of the pipe he looked in and saw a person with paper white skin crouched in the corner with a rat in his mouth. He seemed to just be sucking on it but the thing that he said freaked my friend out the most was the eyes which were glowing red but not really looking at him (apparently it didnt notice him). The person then dropped the rat in a large pile of more dead rats stacked infront of him and pulled another rat out of his pocket and bit that too. My friend said he didnt really know how long he’d been standing there, it felt like ten minutes but could only have been seconds but then the rock he was standing on fell over making a loud noise. The person looked up at him, threw the rat at him, made a strange sound that my friend has never heard before with it’s mouth then turned and ran down the pipe on all fours (my friend says just like a dog) and disappeared into the dark.

    Even though it was apparently gone my friend still felt watched so he jumped back over the railing and him and his girlfriend ran all the way back to their hotel.

  24. MAYY says:

    Wht’s ths its all n ur mind i dnt belive ths r all made up stories

  25. Amatrix says:

    I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. Yet, I also believe that it is no one’s place to judge, nor declare that the stories posted here are “all made up”. I understand that you may believe these stories are dellusions of the mind, & respect the fact that you are a Non-believer. What I don’t understand is how a Non-believer as yourself managed to come upon a website filled with “Made Up” stories. This is not the kind of website people just come across, unless You too were searching for something real.
    Wish you well. :-)

  26. Lilith says:

    So I have read everyone’s comments and am curious. I thought that I was one of the few that seriously thought about their existance. Since I was a small child I have been able to “sense” things about people and “spirits” but have always been unsure of the stories and legends of vampires. I believe that they exist but I would really like to be able to get the “truth” from one myself. I have seen and spoken to ghosts so I believe they are real and I have never doubted there being a higher power eventhough I haven’t seen for myself. i guess I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around what the truths of vampires are. Thank you everyone for letting me get this out.

  27. Amatrix says:

    Your name is very interesting. Do you know you have a story behind the meaning of your name? May I suggest you Google Summerian Vampires. You might find it interesting. Also have you heard the story of “Adam & Lilith”? Lilith the supposed 1st wife of Adam?
    Take Care

    • arial says:

      you have a lot of knowledge on vampires! reading your comments interest me to no-end. i would love to sit down with you and listen to all of what you have to say about vampires!

  28. Alpha says:

    Hey Ico,
    the creature your friend encountered must have been a really old true vampire, because it wasn’t able to make proper speech. I’m not sure if true vampires can speak english or not. They possibly might not be able to speak english, because of an alteration in their physiology, particularly at the jaw, however i presume the creature your friend saw was a very old true vampire.

    Has your friend told anyone else about this story, except you?
    Pretty remarkable encounter!! Thx for sharing.

    • lyu says:

      well,i have a curiosity…true vampire didn’t turned random people into vampire so they could teach the elders how to fit in the comunity?????? to me it makes no sense being an elder and spending your life in stasis and waking up just for a small amont of animal blood:-??

  29. ico says:


    I wish i had seen it myself so that i could have explained it better but my friend only told me the story once and a couple other people. The other thing is that he was really the only witness to it because his girlfriend stayed up on the sidewalk but she did hear the sound that it made, she said it sounded like a mix between a hiss of a cat and a screeching like some kind of machinery. He described it as looking animalistic yet aristocratic at the same time. It’s clothes were torn to pieces and it was barefoot. Like i said before, he doesnt really believe in the supernatural but the only thing he could call it was a vampire. Although my question is, what is (or was) it doing in New York? Do you have any ideas about that? It’s not like it could fit in with regular people.

    Oh and i accidently posted the beginning of this a minute ago, they might delete it but if they don’t it was an accident

  30. Lilith says:

    Thank you for the input. I did hear of a story of Lilith in the Bible but I am sorry to say that didn’t have previous knowledge of the full story. I had been told that “my” name means many things that somehow all revolve around “being a child of the night.” When I was about 10yrs old I started signing my artwork and poetry with the name Lilith,and still do, because I was simply drawn to it. Now I have to wonder if I had some “other” knowledge that I still can’t put a finger on. I have checked into some other searches thanks to your advice and I have to say that I am more curious now. I think I have some more internal searching to do. Have a wonderful day/night!

  31. Alpha says:


    i agree that it was definitely strange! I am beginning to question whether it was a true vampire, because they tend to stay underground and well away from civilisation and it can’t have been a modern vampire, since they are virtually identical to humans(with the exception of a slightly extended life span, possible aversion to sun and garlic and the ability to retract their canine teeth/ naturally elongated teeth)

    As for it was doing in New York, i got no idea. Perhaps the drainage pipe leads of somewhere into a lab of some sort or a secret military base?

    Ask your friend if it hurt him when the creature threw the rat at him. Ask him if the impact of the thrown rat was strong or not.

    Take care

    • Xavier says:


      Vampires are not beasts (assuming from what you said Barb) they do retain human personalities, they are not just interested in drinking blood because there is no need for a vampire to drink blood everyday.

  32. ico says:


    He actually didnt say if it hit him or not, he just kind of went on with the story and he hasnt really talked about it since and i havent braught it up. His girlfriend was fine talking about it (maybe because she actually didnt see it) but like i said before she was his ex-girlfriend and i havent seen her since they broke up.

  33. Lilith says:

    So I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of any real vampires in Alaska. There seems to be a common trend in hollywood and among writers to incorporate Alaska with the supernatural. It may be just my curiosity but I have been living in Alaska for a few years now and among the “natives” they seem to shy away from anything that would be shared with “outsiders” that pertain to such beings. Again I am just curious…. no really sure why, but I can’t seem to find anything to support or other wise. Thanks for your time everyone.

  34. Matt says:

    Vampires are real? i am thrilled! However i am still skeptical of their existence. I would like to learn more about them..is there a way for me to contact someone?

  35. Sammie says:

    ok so my opinion on this is that maybe they exist but i think what they really want is to be human. You never know you want to be something until you are one. Being a vampire could be hard for them and wish they were like you. Maybe some vampires don’t have a choice to be a vampire if the exist. Just an opinion. You can’t really want something if you don’t know what its really like.

  36. Sammie says:

    You probably get this question a lot but how do you know so much on vampires. I find it very interesting that you some how know all this about vampires. How do you know what you learned is true.

  37. Alpha says:

    Hey Sammie,

    1. I agree completely that it would be hard to be a vampire for sure (particularly true vampires, since they are virtually immortal and probably are clinging to any ounce of humanity they have left by a fine thread)

    2. As for your question on how i know so much on vampires and how do i know if what i learned is true, are great questions honest to god. For starters, i don’t know if it’s true. You can never know if anything is true i guess. There could always be something out there that contradicts fact as we know it. I guess i feel it is true because i’ve gone over it again and again and have checked my theories and they seem possible.

    As for how i came to know so much about vampires. Obtain as many sources as you can concerning a topic, be it vampires or apples. You will come to differentiate fact from fancy by finding distinct correlations between certain concepts/sources. These are the ones that are most likely true. Through this, you can build on it and build on it some more till you get an explanation that follows suit and seems to make sense.

    Finding information on vampires was much harder because they are very rare (encounters with vampires or human like creatures that supposedly drain blood are often categorised as animal encounters with governments keeping the statistics confidential), but i just kept researching.

    It also helps if you have an experience with one too :) just too boost your moral and confidence.

    When it comes right down to it, you just need to look in the right places and hard as you can. There has always been claims vampires have existed. Every single culture across the world describes unique creatures that drain blood and exhibit uncanny characteristics, with these creatures all sharing same things. As society progressed these notions changed with these weird and exotic creatures dying out to be replaced by something more common to humans and to something virtually identical to humans with several, small abnormalities kept hidden presumably by the government.

    What does this imply? That the initial creatures have bred with humans, resulting in the progressive decline of the first mythical version being replaced by the common human version. As ludicrous as it sounds, if you research it more it makes sense.

    It is also important to sometimes hypothesise sensibly and see if your hypotheses can be valid and to look beyond the ordinary and never be put down by the inanity of a particular result ( The world is a weird place with weird things. A weird result is just natural)

    Stuff like this helped me find out about vampires

    Thx for asking man, I appreciate it heaps!!!!! :)

    • arial says:

      stupid question, maybe?! if they supposedly live “forever” then why are they becoming more rare? is it because they are said to have bred with humans?

    • Anonymous says:

      Alpha, I am not accusing you of lying or anything, but in this post you say “True Vampires are probably clinging on to any ounce of humanity they have left”, but in an earlier post you said that True Vampires are the product of the Devil himself and are not at all human, and that they have no human genes in them, so how could they have any humanity? Please help me understand.

  38. Amatrix says:

    You’re Welcome. I’m glad to have been able to help you.
    Good Luck with your research.
    Take Care

  39. karolina says:

    ok so like i read all the darren shan books and started to bellieve uin vampires. should i or now it seems true and stuff

  40. SUNNY says:


  41. nazreen says:

    i really love those creatures named vampires..nd am happy to hear that, vampires still existt..and thanx to ALPHA, for the further details on VAMPIRES…it helpped me out, to know that, the different classes of vampires, and also they still exist!!!

  42. Lilith says:

    I hate to intrude but I think that fear is natural when it comes to the unknown, as we have seen with our own eyes anyway. I don’t think that you have to lock yourself in basement and never come out because of fear, but rather have the ability to fear and respect at the same time while continuing on with our “normal” lives. Sorry to through my two cents in but I couldn’t help myself.

  43. uD says:

    ive always wondered whether vampires existed or not….your article does want to make me believe but then i guess only an actual experience regardin one of them wll really make me beleive…
    i live i india and there arent that many tales of vampires..
    i wish i could some how track one of these vampires down but then i guess if it was that easy it would have already been done

  44. Kate says:

    Hello everyone!

    Well, I don’t really know about it honestly, I have always been drawn to vampires since childhood, I had preferences for vampires movies than other ghost or paranormal movies…and stories.

    I watched Twilight a while ago, I am sure that you must have all watched it too.. Well, like everbody, i have my own opinion about vampires and I think that they simply draw us to them but are they really interested in us as we are in them?

    Are there truely some friendly ones that is like Edward and the Cullen family in Twilight?
    If not then I am not really interested to know them…Do they feel love amongst other emotions we feel?
    If yes, then i will surely love to meet one and experience same with it…

    I am very simple and is very esthetic, so if the vampire is not that bad looking and “neglige”, then I would be most happy to meet it.

    I would like to know not only if they exist for real and meet them, but what do they think?on various matters and converse with them….

    I believe that they might live in covens but do they live lke us as a family? Can they love each other? Is it possible that they can really feed and live on animals instead of humans?

    What are their histories and do they meet all around the world and what are their differences and abilities?

    Well, all that!

    If they could speak for themselves without us feeling that we are meals and not be afraid of them that would really mean a lot to me and change the visions which I have of them since I will admit that I have heard quite a lot on them ut it will surely be a different matter if we speak to their leader or so…to understand them and learn about them just as they might also get to know us without wanting to jump at our throats…

    Well i think that’s it.

    Thanks to all of you and to the vampires if they are reading my views

    Take care

  45. groupie says:

    I have always been fasinated by the world of Vampires and truly believe they do exsist.I would love to meet one, Also i believe if a Vampire wants to find you he/she will the feel ur presence and will find u cuz we r weak.

    I do believe in Vampires but i would like to know alot more about them???

    take care

  46. groupie says:

    really believe in them and the only wish i have is to meet one and become one……..
    could it happen??????

  47. Brackette says:

    If vampires do exist and you met one, it wouldnt be what you hoped for.

  48. Alpha says:

    Are you a vampire Brackette….?
    it sounds like you are implying it…lol?

  49. groupie says:

    I have to agree with Alpha,r u a vampire Brackette? or do u know of one?

  50. Bracket says:

    Lets just say i know some things and met some interesting people.

  51. groupie says:


    I would love to know some of the things you know (i don’t know u what i feel that i could learn alot from you) have u had an incounter?

  52. morgan says:

    Vampires exist. believe it or don’t believe it. there; I said it.

  53. victoria says:

    i don’t believe in vamps.there is no such thing

  54. C says:

    I am not interested in getting to involved & discussing things too much. I just wanted to say a couple things. I would imagine the vampires out there, want to be left alone or they would go ‘Public’. I will admit I am mesmerized, & would even like to meet them. But that would be up to them & not for me to chase them down. What discusses me are the people out there that want to say they are vampires by trying to look like one, or live like they think a vampire lives. I would be carefull. One may take offense and think maybe you are mocking. Don’t think for a minute that there are not other creatures, good & evil, out there. I know if I were one of them, I would hate all the publicity. They, like us, probably ant to be left alone and live what life they have, in peace.

  55. devils child says:

    i believe that there are some vampires that live among humans and live on the blood of animals, just like the cullens in twilight. i even think some may go to school. maybe they wont admit it because they are afraid of rejection and being chased away so they live in secret.

  56. Melody says:

    How do you know this? I’ve heard about the drawing in caves that are resembled as vampires. But do they really exist now a days? Do they ONLY drink blood? Or can they eat real food, meat, grains…etc.

  57. devils child says:


    who knows what vampires eat. it is possible that they could eat anything, it may not taste nice to them but they may still be able to eat it along with blood. it maybe that their bodies are unable to make red blood cells and so they get them from drinking blood. therefore they may still need to eat food for nutrients etc.

    also people assume they exist today just from sightings and stories. thats genrally the same way as the paints in caves would have come about.

    i am interested to study their genetic make ups from a biological perspective just to see how they differ from humans.

  58. Alpha says:

    Devils Child,
    It generally depends upon the type of vampires you are referring to. Modern vampires have the vampire gene representing a minor fraction of their total genetic composition, due to their ancestors inter-breeding with humans. This essentially means that they would have most of the human characteristics, but there may be various characteristics retained over the generations from their vampire heritage. This would include: the ability to retract canine teeth, hollow teeth structure enabling the formation of a vacuum, generally good immune system, longevity and a natural ability to form a muscular, lean physique. They may also be allergic to garlic (cellular or hormonal dysfunction) and sensitive to sunlight (melanin abnormality)

    Generally they are physically indistinguishable to humans and may often live their lives unaware of their unique heritage. They only have slight physiological variations to humans.

    As for true vampires, they are an entirely different species. They contain different features as a whole, i..e different skin pigmentation , longevity achieved by the prolonged production of a hormone called telomerase, pointed ears, slant eyes and sharp teeth. The prehistoric virus radically altered their genetic structure.

    Nowadays, most true vampires are in stasis which is a long period of hibernation extending centuries in desolate environments away from the sun (so possibly underground)

  59. devils child says:

    thanks alpha

    that does sort of answer my biological interests. but it would really be great to see them and study behaviour, genetics, feeding habits etc. i am more interested in the true vampires but modern ones are great to.

    i am also interested in finding out how they origanally can into existance.

  60. phoebuzzer says:

    vampires don’t exist and were created by a writer of horror ( can’t remember his name) or at least the discription of one was. he loosely based his monsters on vlad the impailor who got his name through his hobbie of impailing people on stakes. the stakes being the symbol of how u kill a vamp. Also the drinking blood thing comes from elizabeth bathory who killed virgin women so she could bath in and drink their blood because she thought it gave her everlasting life ( sound familiar). the evidence of animals being killed with huge puncture marks on them does’nt mean it was a vamp, for example how do we know what size the biggest bear in the world is etc, we don’t, we only know the size of the biggest bear we have ever seen. Nice to scare the kids with though :)

  61. Brackette says:


    Actually the myth of vampires have been around for thousands of years before Dracula, by Bram Stoker in 1897, which is what your talking about. They have been reported in most cultures such as the Mesopotamians, Hebrews, Ancient Greeks, and Romans. There were large and very well known “vampire outbreaks” in the middle ages starting in 1721. The myths have existed for millennia under different names and even though the word “vampire” is a reletively new term the stories arent. Stoker used Vlad the impailor as just a background for the character of Dracula, the myth of stakes started long before that, and Elizabeth Bathory got the idea of using blood by the stories of vampires she heard. You might want to do some investigating before making a comment like that, especially on this site.

  62. groupie says:


    you know alot about vampires and that fascinates me. and i do believe they exsist and honesty would love to meet one(not kidding) i always believed that there was one tpe of vampire not different types as alot of people have mention.

    some say the live amoung us, others say that they r humans and just drink blood or they live underground avoiding the sun , so what is it?

  63. Brackette says:


    Well actually vampiric entities appear in a variety of guises in myth in almost every civilization…..

    Note from Admin – Read Brackets entire comment at http://www.vampiretruthormyth.com/vampiric-entities-in-a-variety-of-guises/

  64. Dante says:

    If vapires are dead then how can they move, play, eat, etc.. Are they like ghosts or something? And if they are immortal than how come they are dead?… just wondering…

  65. Brackette says:

    Oh and i’ve also heard of vampiric pumpkins. No joke.

  66. maggie says:

    Hey ! have you really really seen a vampire ? have you talked to them ?

  67. i love vampires says:

    peeps who knows if vamps exist if they do and you hove seen 1 please tell me where and when and discribe it
    by the way ico and alfa
    alfa go back and look for it again
    ico ask your friend again and agian for details

    (my mom made it up when i was 3)

  68. devils child says:

    yes i have. when i first watched vampire movies and looked at the stories of real vampires i thought it would be great to fall in love with one.

  69. Brackette says:

    Like i said before. You wouldn’t want to meet one. They’re not going to be friendly. They might act nice to you for a little while just to get on your good side but you will be dead soon after. As apposed to popular belief, everyone who is bitten by a vampire doesn’t necessarily come back as one themselves. It would be very selective.

  70. maggie says:

    ok.. you say that they are not going to be friendly.. but why don’t we give them a chance ? i’m ready for that… not all of them will be the same… i think you would understand my point of view if you read stephenie meyer’s twilight series…. awaiting your reply……

    • bizzaro says:

      listen to herr, twilight is fiction not fact, if you meet any of us nothing romatic is gonna happen between us, cause once you meet a vamp 1 of 2 things happens either you are sired(turned in to one) or killed, and i am speaking from experience and from a novel made into a movie what do you happened to me wrong place wrong time. ps if you thing i am fake just claiming to be one then just invite me in to your house of coz i wont kill you or sire you if you have a rosary on you, yes we need to be invited in and of coz the crucifix repals us, but once we have your scent we have it 4 lyf and can find you any where on earth.

  71. Alpha says:

    The selection process of becoming a vampire is a fascinating thing. I’ve always been under the impression that if a person was to become infected with the vampiric virus they must be of low immunity because the virus would have been dormant, since its transition of hosts from generation to generation.
    This is of course if they were bitten by a modern vampire,

    As for true vampires, it may vary. Since the organism has been in stasis the virus may have been stabilised by the creature’s natural defence systems and existed inside the cells as genetic modifications or the virus may still be active due to some unknown biological property. At any rate, if a person was to be infected by a true vampire then they are more then likely to transform from the virus.

  72. Alpha says:

    you seem to know a lot about the mythological notions/fictional history pertaining to vampires on a global scale.
    Not to be rude, but do you mind creating an article on the myths and fictional elements about vampires?
    I thought it may be a good complement to the other articles on vampires in this site.

    I also find the correlation between the descriptions of such creatures across cultures whom existed for eons without communication really fascinating. This is an excellent testimony to the presence of some strange and wonderful creature we are yet to truly acknowledge.

    and yea, after what i experienced i definitely don’t want to meet her again,
    not that i’ve been able to see her again thank god.

  73. Alpha says:

    I’d also like to further clarify between modern vampires and true vampires.

    Modern vampires are basically humans with slight physiological variations. They aren’t super strong nor are they super fast. They are simply people who can drain blood and attain nourishment from them. More properly speaking, they are people with the true vampiric gene posing as a fraction of their total genetic make-up.

    True vampires, are creatures whom were once humans, yet were infected and changed completely. There are very few of them left in this planet and most of them are probably hiding.

  74. devils child says:

    this is going to sound like i’m a vampire wannabe but i’m not. everything that i am going to write is true and i will let yous be the judge of it. let me know what you think.

    about three/four months ago i started to notice changes about myself.
    i used to hate the sight of blood but then i started to not be concerned about it but when i see it i get odd twinges of longing for it however i can control that.

    next i started to lose my natural suntan and the sun hurt my eyes. then my eyes started to darken to almost a black colour.

    following that my skin began to stay cold no matter what the temprature outside was.

    not long ago i started to catch things that where falling when normally i wouldn’t be able to. i knocked an ornament of a shelf that i got when my gran died but i caught it before it had fallen three cm.

    i have also stopped feeling emotions as much. i don’t hurt when i visit my grans grave, i just feel empty. i feel like i want to be alone and hide from the sun but i’m at college so i can’t. i only feel close to my best friend and noone else.

    thats my story. so make of it what you will and let me know what you think. i don’t care if you think i’m insane or whatever i just want to know.

  75. vampire emo princess says:

    wow devil child that is really cool.
    i have a frind who is just like u
    last week my pencil was about to fall of my desk and she caught when she was not even near and she said that the sun stinges her eyes

  76. Brackette says:


    What makes you say that would be what a true vampire is like? I truly feel that Bram Stoker, Anne Rice and stephenie meyer have endangered people by romanticizing the undead. Read the last part of my post to groupie.


    I don’t think i have the writing chops to write an article. I’ve tried it before and found my writing very subpar. I tried my hand at writing in my high school newspaper (when i was in high school) and that didn’t work very well. For instance i’m not very good at transitioning from one topic to the other. It would read like a checklist.

  77. vampire emo princess says:

    also she has some sort of pointy ears and she does have sharp teeth no lie
    and she is alergic to garlic, and some times she drinks her own blood. Her eyes are pure black like a deamon but she is really sweet and she wouldnt dare hurt a person

  78. Brackette says:

    devils child

    It may be something more simple like you being depressed. You mentioned your grandmother passed away, how long ago was that? That may have something to do with it. For instance people who are depressed may be attracted to more darker things like blood and the dark, of course. It can even, rarely, have effects on the body like light sensitivity in the eyes and skin. It can affect the emotions like making you jumpy (effectively giving short term fast reflexes) and dull your emotions. The only thing i can’t explain is your eye color changing but thats not unheard of, my mothers eyes change color on a constant basis.

  79. Brackette says:


    “If vampires are dead then how can they move, play, eat, etc”

    I’ve wondered that same thing. The whole “living dead” thing is an oxymoron in itself. Maybe because of these two opposites, their bodies are in chaos and blood quells that. I’m just thinking of the more mythological notions here.

  80. Desiaee says:

    My kind exsist We live simple lifes and my partular coven lives deep under American soil I had a daughter Marguerite bore to a human man who I accidentaly crushed to death she attends Faith Middle School and I pick her up after school in a Black Mercadies my windows are pitch black and I can’t when she leaves the door open I really try not to attract attention sorry about the spelling I never went to school I learned the little I know from my daughter I’m 789 years old my parents were Elanor and Bartholomew Holton my mother and father live underground with me

    • Derrick says:

      Wow! if this is true plz tell me more idk if u come on here anymore but im surprised ppl didn’t comment back to ur comment Desiaee. Ur 789 yrs old? im currently tryin to find info on the names of ur mother and father u mentioned. IDK if ur bein truthful but if u are can u teach me more.

  81. devils child says:

    thanks brackette

    thats what i thought at first but my gran died over a year ago and i am mostly content i just don’t feel anything else also i’ve started being able to read what people are thinking. its not like i know everything just if someone is going to say something to me or is thinking about me when im close then i sort of sense it.

    vampire emo princess

    that sounds so much like me except the pointed ears. my eyes aren’t black yet but they are heading that way.

  82. Brackette says:

    devils child

    I’m not saying i don’t believe you but you don’t have to necessarily be in a negative mood to be depressed and your grandmother passing away was just an idea, sometimes it can just come out of nowhere. You reading peoples minds can also just be you picking up on their mannerisms.

  83. Alpha says:

    First off, i’d like to say vampires are not undead!!! They may have less resistance to pain (probably due to some nerve deficit) and have a high longevity but they aren’t undead. A modern vampire could easily be killed like a person.

    Devils child,
    Your case is interesting since i was under the impression that a person is born inheriting vampiric traits since the gene would have been in operation for a long time, but maybe the gene comes into effect at varying times for some people? Perhaps it is related to biotime or maybe due to an emotional transition or the release of hormones the virus that was dormant in you became stronger unlocking some of the older traits?

    Anyway, it’s really interesting. Monitor your progress!
    (BTW, i believe you since most people would have some portion of their genetic make-up consisting of the virus but maybe there is a property it has that makes it unlock more effectively in certain individuals at times. Who truly knows? )

    The psychological elements described by Brackette are also possible, but you probably have to be fairly depressed for physical effects to take place.

  84. Brackette says:


    You can’t be positive that they arent undead. I’m not saying that i think they are or that they arent but unless you’ve done scientific studies on them you’ll never know. The thing is, right now they are considered supernatural and the supernatural (of course) means that it’s incomprehensible to us now so thats the way that i look at it. We can think and try to figure out how something we don’t understand works but at the moment, with no evidence pointing in either direction, we should take it for what it is. There are things that we want to be true but we can’t be sure at this point. I’m only saying this because you seem so sure when in reality there really isn’t any evidence that points to that.

  85. carri says:

    I believe your stories. Vampire do exist. Why do you ask because I am one. (just joking). But I do believe they exist because they are evil. They are demons. The devil uses tricks to disquise evil. I have seen the spirit world and his demons fly around and use different methods of disguising themselves. Vampires are basically a different form of demonic activity used by Lucifer.

    my daughter, Auti ,says
    I believe Vampires are demons who draw energy from blood, as some draw it from the energy from humans energy. Whitch explains why you feel drained when you are near them. But, I also believe most people want to be vampires because
    1. The book, Twilight, Painted a picture in their mind of vampires being beautiful.
    2. They want to live forever.
    Auti <3

  86. maggie says:

    hey brackette !
    of course it’s natural for you to think that i’m fantasized by vampires.. but the thing is.. i don’t believe in vampires in the first place.. but the reason for my curiosity is.. why are we even having this forum ? i mean.. none of know for sure about the existence in today’s world, do we ? but…. what is it about them that’s so mysterious ? if they do really exist, i’m sure atleast one of them would have revealed themselves by now, right ?

    hey devils child !
    i don’t think you are insane… actually, even i have started to develop a hypersensitivity to sun of late… if you don’t mind contacting me, you can send me a mail.. just let me know….

  87. Alpha says:

    you can easily argue that not everything is as definitive as it seems. Everything we know and believe could easily be the doing of something else.

    The reason why i’m pretty sure of what i’ve stated is that there in fact is heaps of evidence for it. These aren’t just limited to personal encounters as one may presume. I’ve read a fair few articles on vampires and the supposed scientific evidence for it. There are things which correlate between the works of others and it’s a matter of piecing these things together to form a complete picture.

    Of course this isn’t definitive as is almost everything, but i think they are feasible foundations for some of the more bigger things.

    All in all, it’s a matter of looking in the right places for the right things.

  88. devils child says:


    yeah it’s ok. i know what you mean. you are giving me the suggestions of an alternative and thats what i hoped for. thanks. also the mind reading stuff is stronger with friends so it may just be that i know them enough to guess. the depression may just be a delayed response to an emotional event.


    thanks. i will keep everyone posted as things change and progress.
    also does the vampiric virus cause vivid visions and dreams. only since the changes have begun i have had dreams and visions that seem almost real.


    thanks at least people dont think im insane. also i dont mind contacting you if you want me to.

  89. groupie says:

    I really don’t believe that vampires are at all as the book twilight describes them. most of us have read the 4 books and i think that we want to believe that vamps r nice immortals (people).

    so basically real vampires, what i mean vampires that don’t sleep,eat but drink blood and live forever and don’t live amoung us do exsist?

  90. Bracket says:


    I’ve been studying this kind of stuff for a while also and as soon as i would come up with a theory i’ll discover something else that would contradict it so i’m wondering where you are getting your info where you can be so clear on it. For instance if the Highgate vampire is real, that contradicts your theory because it’s practically a ghost that sucks blood. I could also tell you the story of a family member who has been plagued by a vampire, that contradicts your theory, for years and i tend to believe her. I’ve also witnessed some things too and i might put those in a story on here, i’m not sure yet.

    You get what i’m saying though right?

  91. Katie says:

    Note to the nimwitted people who beleive in mythological creatures and other bull.. I’m, my young and immature and sometimes responsable when i want to be self, are only 13 years old.. and you all think Vampires and other crap like Werewolves and nymphs exist.. Twilight is a mentally retard childs movie for retarted little fan girls who like hot celebrities.. and if i could I would curse at you.. but instead i wont.. your stupidity makes me laugh on the floor and also makes me gag.. get a brain, and stop wasting your life on trying to find proof on fantasy’s and making up lies and stories… and false facts.

    I agree with you auti :] <3 bffl XD I lurv chu..

    ~Katie P.S. stay off my stash!! and get a life! </3

    • Chasty Blue says:

      Katie I am a vampire . I was converted into a Vampire 276 yrs
      ago . I do have special powers like run fast, strong,come to
      know about natural calamities etc. I do not shine in the sun.
      I look like a 21 yrs old women. I am half vampire & human.
      And trust me there are more of my kind & we do not harm
      human race [but convert them sometimes].

  92. Dante says:


    I know that it might be hard 2 belive that vampires exist but no1 is goin to make you belive anything, but there is a lot of evidence since the beggining of menkind about vampires, there are paintings on the wall or even stories about beasts that look like humans that survive by drinking blood. On top of that there are many things we still don’t know about our planet, like places we haven’t explored. I used to not believe in ghosts and evil spirits but now I no for a fact that they do, so I don’t see why vampires can’t exist.

  93. groupie says:


    what do u care if people believe in mystical creatures?

    so if you don’t believe you should be on this sight……

  94. Brackette says:


    Could you possibly word that question better?

  95. Brackette says:

    I had a comment for Katie but they didn’t add it. I guess i’ll have to be nicer this time.


    “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of by your philosophy”-Shakespeare

  96. Bella Cullen says:

    Dear Katie,

    I don’t know WHAT your problem is, but you need to respect peoples opinions. I have an 105 I.Q. and am i retarted? read the twilight books because they are much berrer than the movie.

    Zoe(A.K.A. Bella Cullen the vampire Queen)

  97. Kate says:

    I agree with you Bella, the books are not stupid they are a wonderful piece of literary genius. In reply to you Katie, I am a 25 yo mother who is not retarded, has a very high iq and is wondering if you think this sort of thing is stupid, why are you on this site anyways?? People are entitled to believe what they like and are also entitled to an opinion, but in saying that, spare a thought for other people who read and comment here, they also have feelings and I am pretty sure that if you were the one they were dissing on you would be pretty hurt and upset.

    Back on topic, this piece was awesome, as are most of the contributions to this site, and when I am not lost in the Twilight series I am on here reading the stories…whether they are true or fantasy, they are interesting and captivating. There may be many reasons for why things happen and some of these we cannot quite explain with science or logic, some things are quite out of our reach and sometimes things may be just what they seem…something supernatural and out of this world.

    Well I have ranted on long enough and probably bored you all to death, for that I apologise, but i just wanted to put forward what was on my mind. Keep up the good work everyone and well done on a truly awesome site.

  98. Brackette says:


    Thats what i’ve been saying.

  99. tyra says:


    You shouldn’t be rude to people because they like a BOOK.C’mon, it’s a freaking book.Stephanie Meyer had alot of descriptians like yours, Alpha.Maybe she looked up vampires on Google or something like that and maybe it could’ve inspired her.I do believe vampires could be real, and maybe they just want to fit in with us.But the true vampires, they’re a different story.They seem pretty hostile torwards humans.

    <3 tyra
    p.s.- mind my spelling!=P

  100. vampire emo princess says:

    well i think that vampires exsist and we cant change that

  101. devils child says:


    thats so great. im glad someone is like me. have you been gradually changing over time or were you born like this?

    just for an update on my progress. my eyes are still getting darker and now my vision is getting better.(i have need glass for 5 years now)i can see most objects in my room after dark now. also it is getting harder to resist blood when i see it.

  102. Auti says:

    Hmmm…. If you guys are so smart, then how can you not spell like normal people. Spell your words out and don’t use text talk. Maybe then people will listen to you better. Yes. Katie is telling the truth. My IQ is 132. And most of you are probably 20 or so… Twilight is the worst piece of crap book that I have ever read. It doesn’t even qualify as literature. I read the first two then me and Katie burned them. Okay. So quit complaining “Im a vampire… so be qitut.” That’s how you guys spell it. I probably know a lot more words than you. Vampires are about as real as Unicorns and Fairies. So shut your holes and quit whining. SO next time you say you or your friend is a vampire, then prove it. Pictures. Not words. Thanks.
    Oh and Tyra, that’s not cool to copy others.
    Auti <3

    • betty says:

      to you and Katie,
      honestly I do not understand why i.q’s were even brought into the conversation. You do not have to be a genius to believe in something and like everyone has been saying to the two of you; people have their own opinions which they are entitled to. There is no reason to be insulting or rude or even narrow minded for that matter. If you choose not to believe that is completely up to you; However to come onto a site which is headed ‘vampires truth or myth’ when you are a none believe is completely absurd. Your beliefs and opinions do not give you a right to criticize others. So unless you have something positive to say, keep your juvenile remarks to yourselves.

    • WiccanQueen says:

      there are alot of things you clearly do not understand in this world.
      while i am still unsure of the existance of vampires, i do know for a fact that other ‘made up’ creatures do, in fact, exist.
      as a practicing wiccan for many years, i have seen many strange things that cannot be explained logically or logistically. how logical is it that i can control the elements around me and that my son is developing such talents too? can you explain this away or will you call me insane or a liar?
      yes, some people are delusional in their choices (look at any number of videos on youtube who claim to be fae, vampires etc) but those of true supernatural origins will never tell you nor will you ever see real displays of such ‘gifts’.
      they are of a very introverted nature (i speak of nearly all supernatural beings here) they do not want anyone to believe, for fear of being ostrasized and possibly end up as lab rats for ‘scientific proof’
      as was posted in many previous posts, the goverment know of such things but cover it up? i dont believe this to be true. while i certainly believe that if any goverment agencies knew of such things, they certainly wouldnt be telling us for fear of mass hysteria. i think that most supes are such reclusive creatures that they simply do not want anyone to know for sure. and it should be that way, if someone was to find solid proof of existance, then the humans would hunt them to the ends of the earth to ‘study’ them and the kill because of the fear of the unknown. so that being said, i do not want to know of the existance of vampires because i would never want to be put in the situation of possibly causing harm to another whether they be human or supernatural.

      take care

  103. questionare says:

    hello i stumbled across this page while looking for evidence that may contradict or further support my beliefs on vampires i do in fact believe in them and if they do exist i respect there privacy. i hope to one day be able to meet one if he / she chooses to expose themselves not me exposing them as it would be an invasion of privacy kinda like someone watching you change cloths on a camera ( not exactly but you get the point ). in my year of research i have seen nothing that proves the theory that vampires exist to be wrong. i have read all the books like twilight and night world but i have not let that cloud my vision on what they may be. a vampire would almost guaranteed not be the same as the books depict them to be as i think that they would not want to think of us as equals we would be lesser to them in there opinion and i can respect that because if you really think about it we would be of the same value to them as a piece of meat is to us just something to eat.i myself am very sensitive to light i have to wear glasses even in a shaded room but i do not think that makes me a vampire i am of only medium build 6 ft 3 and 200 lbs and im alot stronger and faster than anyone i know but i still would not say that makes me a vampire like some people have claimed of themselves on this site. all i want to know is if they truly exist and i would stop at that i wouldn’t claim to be something im not because it would just be mocking the real thing if you really think about it the theory of werewolves could be very plausible to it just takes alot to wrap your mind around. i have seen some government sites by spending hrs upon hrs on the computer guessing passwords and codes and i have seen some very strange things on there theory’s behind the facts of vampires existing they have even found remains of human like skeletons with drastic changes in jaw and spinal structures but the rest of the skeletons are exact matches to a normal man except over sized k9 cavities and perfectly shaped spines they even have a few pictures of body’s that dies because of strange marking that have healed over before death such as 2 little pricks and even whole bite marking with what i have come across it has lead me to believe that yes vampires do exist.

  104. groupie says:

    Hey Brackette,

    sorry didn’t mean it that way. I was just annoyed with katies comment, but she is right eveyone is entiled to their opion.

    Devils child.
    wow that is great keep us updated.

  105. Brackette says:


    If we’re gonna talk about I.Q.’s than i should tell you my uncles I.Q. is higher than 99.9% of the world population and he’s wlling to believe in vampires and thats what this article is about. We’re not saying vampires are real, we’re saying what IF vampires are real. I’d also like to add that i hate Twilight and i think my spelling has been pretty good so far. I find that the people with closed minds are doomed to live mediocre lives.

  106. devils child says:


    just to be totally clear with you( i am not saying it is what you are suggesting but i want to make it clear) i am not saying that i am a vampire. like you i respect privacy of vampires. the only reason i have wrote about my changes is because vampirism and depression are the only things that have been suggested for my changes. as like you i am stronger then most but i am looking for alternatives before jumping to a conclusion and i welcome any suggestions. however vampirism seems to explain much more of my symptoms. if you have any other suggestions i am interested in them because im not sure being a vampire is really a great thing.

  107. Brackette says:


    If you really were on government sites you might want to be careful. On most of those sites if you get a passcode wrong more than three times they will put a mark on your computer and start to track you. I know this because of a family friend who is in that line of work.

  108. questionare says:

    (Brackette) yes i no that the FBI will try but i live in Canada so they can try all they want lol. (devils child) i am not saying that you are not a vampire im just saying i would be very careful of what i say because if there are vampires and they feel you are not they may take a very strong offense not to spoil the mood as i said tho i am not here to prove anyone wrong i am just looking for evidence to contradict or to further push my interest into my studies because i would like to just prove to myself that my theory is correct. in my opinion they do exist and they do try to show us i just believe that the governments have alot to do with keeping it under wraps because they think we are not ready to believe in something like that in the time we live in. if anyone has any sites i can check out just drop them in a message on the forum and i will look and thank you for adding more info into my search for the truth but as i see it their is more proof in there existence then there is against it mostly because there are confirmed sighting and there are alot of people that just randomly go missing all over the world and alot of tribes in the African jungles have legends about vampires and alot of the tribes have only met people other than the ones in the tribe a couple times which states the obvious they cannot be made up if they have the same legends as us and they have never met us.

  109. Brackette says:


    You living in Canada wouldn’t matter if they consider you a risk and they’ve done it for alot less.

  110. ashley says:

    vampires dont exist

  111. questionare says:

    thank you caretaker for the site i appreciate it i would like to find more info thho if anyone has some to share with me because i feel that one day i may have the truth on this dispute of there existence i know it would not stop them from coming to get me but i have a stolen internet connection from god knows were as Iqaluit has a low population and i live 50 k away from everyone and i also have a ghost on my computer that wipes all stored information that i do not authorize to stay

  112. groupie says:

    reading the latest comments i feel that things are getting out of control a little. This site is to exchange friendly information about vampires if we believe in them or not read about certain experience, their history ect…………

    lets try to keep it more friendly. (sorry i had to mention it)

  113. iluvhorror says:

    caretaker i agree with u y do ppl need to b mean we just want to no how u feel but u can do it without being mean.

  114. iluvhorror says:

    im srry i just dont believe in vampires that much, i do believe in ghost and hautings and all of that but just no vampires, but if u believe in vampires thats kool thats just wat i think

  115. Brackette says:


    Well technically that is whats happening here but they could be nicer.

  116. devils child says:

    yeah i know that wasn’t what you were saying and thanks for the advice. i dont really want to be on any vampire hate lists. also good luck with you searches and im interested in what you find and i agree that it cant be just a coincidence that cultures from around the world can have the same stories of vampires.

    also i feel that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and if you dont agree with someones opinion then you should argue your point but nicely and back it up with evidence. also people should not insult others on their beliefs.

  117. Brackette says:


    I’ve been thinking over your suggestion about writing an article about the history of vampires in other cultures and i think i might actually do it. I wasn’t really sure about my abilities in writing but i’ll try it out though it may take a while.

  118. Brackette says:

    Do you have any suggestions on how to get started?

  119. Alpha says:

    All right!!! I’m back!!!
    So sorry i’ve been away for a while (Exams and more exams but they are over!!!!!!!!!)

    Anyway i’ve just briefly skimmed over some of the recent comments pertaining to articles and…well…i wouldn’t be doing much good commenting on the comments!!

    Bottom line: Everyone is entitled to their own opinions!!!! There’s no reason to berate or target someone else for their own beliefs. This article was simply a proposal trying to explain a phenomena that isn’t all that uncommon.

    If you want to write a good article start of with a solid introduction. An effective introduction should conveniently tie your arguments and explanations and establish a smooth flow, making the content more comprehensible. Start of with something general like, ‘the phenomena we call vampires has existed across the world in a variety of cultures for a millenium…etc’ and it should just come off naturally.

    Don’t really worry about the structure here. Just openly type what you want to communicate to others and it’ll just come out.
    Best of luck!!

  120. Brackette says:


    Thanks i’ll see what i can do.

  121. Anyo says:

    Rofl wow they don’t exist. Atleast I am pretty sure. If I am wrong then I don’t care about them.

  122. Brackette says:


    Then why did you post on here? You didn’t just waste your time typing that but you also wasted our for reading it. I hope they don’t delete this because it’s a ligitimate question.

  123. Anddy says:

    Guys, I believe that Vampires are:
    1. People from a long time ago that were drinking blood. The blood may be healthy so they lived more and got strong. Don’t think that they fly transform in bats….whatever.
    2. They teached their childrens to do the same think….and this is all what vampires are…I think….

  124. sarah says:

    i don’t know for sure if they really exsist but, i really wish i was one. after watching the movie twlight i can feel the warmth between us. i would love for that to really happen to me. i think that would really interesting and very amazing.

  125. Brackette says:

    The Caretaker

    I keep saying the same thing.

  126. Amatrix says:

    Finally!….Thank You Caretaker. =)

  127. devils child says:

    i really doubt that vampires are going to anything like the twilight series. it is possible that they are like some other books as most books have vampires as blood sucking killing machines. if anyone has seen van helsing the movie i think vampires are more like that in nature(maybe not physical appearance). in the movie dracula says he does not feel love or sorrow or pain or joy when he loses one of his three brides. this is how i think vampires are mostly.

    let me know what you think of my theory.

  128. Amatrix says:

    Agreed Caretaker!
    Good Idea! :-)

  129. Alpha says:

    I don’t think the vampires in Twilight are what modern vampires would be like.
    The genetic composition of these creatures would mostly be human with a minor fraction being that of true vampires, thereby making them no different to you or me with the exception of several minor traits.

  130. Eleanora says:

    Alpha ive got a question…. all the writers that write about vampires witches and other creatures, is possible that they themselves are one of those spieces?

  131. Brackette says:


    Most likely not.

  132. No Name says:

    Well My sweet. There are many different types of Vampires. You have a psy Vampire. Or you have the acutal Vampire that was let me tell you very exaggerated among the centuries. lol. I should know. LOL. This should answer your question, Vampires are very real. but the thing is we do not linger in the dark. it is prefered. because True our skin is pale. and true we desire blood. There are many of us among you. And for all those annoying “TWILIGHT” fans…. NO we do not glitter. We do not sparkel… That is a insult. LOL. But other than that For the most part Vampires are real. There are many different kinds of Vampires from different conturies. We all have different ways of life. I am actually doing somenthing really stupid by telling you all this….. But you are humans…. You will not believe a single word I say, and we will continue to prey on you in the dark. one by one… And then eventyally you will quiver in fear once again….. Until then lol. Have fun….

  133. Amatrix says:

    Many in here should stop associating Vampires with fictional stories & Hollywood films. It would be rather helpful & would benefit the “Seekers” if they base & focus their Curiousities on actual historic facts. History is what makes it True. Something reliable to believe in.
    …..Spoken kindly ;-)
    With respect.

  134. Eleanora says:

    OMG twilight sucks… Well maybe for 10-16 year olds its cool and full of adventures… but its soo made up =)
    Question to every1: did any1 of u just believe that that Anonymous person was a “real vamp” that wrote to us?

  135. Brackette says:


    I agree, Twilight sucks and no i don’t believe that person saying they’re a vampire. They’re either being sarcastic or crazy, or he could be a sanguin vampire which is a regular person who likes to drink blood.

  136. groupie says:


    I have the same question that u asked too….
    can anybody answer it?

  137. Alpha says:

    Brackette pretty much answered it…
    Mostly not is what i would i have said. These people have a more fictional basis for the vampires in their novels.

    and i never liked the twilight series that much too….
    partially because it was harlequin, sophomoric romance and contorts your average maniacal, malignant vampire into a pansy intent on protecting a girl….
    and most of the facts about the vampires in that novel were a bit too over done…. (vampires sparkling…. :( they aren’t diamonds….they are creatures)
    but it was a good way to fill time

    and who is the anonymous person? ‘No name?’
    I think he might be a vampire….
    If he was a vampire, then the vampiric gene would probably be stronger in his blood in comparison to other modern vampires (he sounds like a more vampire type person)
    BTW, if he reads this, where did you purchase your computer from?

  138. Punqeen says:

    Eleanora, I gree, Twilight is a bunch of lies, but it is exciting and it somehow makes people like it (including me).
    I’m not sure if there would be a vampire, he would actually show up on INTERNET, no offence, maybe there is someone who wanted to try something new… anyway, I do believe. But not in those kinds who kill people for fun, or just to drink blood. There were many different legends about vampires and every single one has some stretches.

    Oh, yes, and if you think you ARE a vampire, don’t scare people, cuz they’ll just be hating vampires more and more. If I would be one, I wouldn’t threaten people, cuz this is seriously sick, only because they don’t beliveve, or whatever, but they have their right, and you can’t really change it. But whatever, it’s not my problem, I just don’t want people to sit in their beds, curled up through the whole night.

  139. Mystique~~~ says:

    Stop it. seriously. i know, i like Twilight. even more, LOVE it. but i know what real vampires have. here it is the following:
    1.They are strong
    2. They are fast (nearly invisible)
    3. They hear everything.
    4. They DON’T have special abilities
    5. They drink ONLY human blood.
    6. They have good eyes( sometimes see ultra violet)
    7. They never eat human food. if they do, its like breathing for us. empty.
    8. They DO have cold skin
    9. When a vampire bites you, you don’t have to die, or turn into a vamp. it they drink a little, you live.
    10. Vamps have a heart.
    11. They aren’t ugly, they are gorgeous.
    12. They grow REALLY slowly, and change ages. they can be 25 then 20 again.
    13.They have red eyes.
    14. There ARE half-blood vamps.

  140. The Caretaker says:

    Some of this doesnt really make sense to me. In #4 you say “They DONT have special abilities” But then you also say like #1, #2, #3, #6 and #12. You say they do not have special abilities but then you list several special abilities that they have.

    Breathing is NOT empty. We need oxygen and so we actually “feed” off the air that we breathe.

    When it come to looks – If there are vampires I would assume that there would be those that are beautiful as well as those that are ugly or even plain looking. Why would they all be “gorgeous”?

  141. Punqeen says:

    The Caretaker,

    I agree with you completely. I don’t believe that vampires can actually spark, and anyway, Stephanie Meyer herself said that she doesn’t believe in vampires and that all these things that she wrote about them were pure fiction. But some of them are pretty possible, for example their strength. or speed as well, and I HOPE they’re good looking, but the sparkling and seeing ultra violet are some made up… things.


    I see you have a great imagination, hope you become a writer or something alike, but please… some people in this chat believe they are vampires themselves, and they will scare you that they’ll hunt you down and kill, because they’ll think you’re actually insulting them. I understand we have our own opinions, so forgive me. I’m just sharing mine.

  142. Mystique~~~ says:

    Ok. I mean special abilities like in Twilight For eg. only one can read minds, and the other can see the future… stupid. yes, and they do not sparkle. i agree its stupid. ultra violet is when you see everything no matter if its dark or light. how do you think they would hunt in the dark if they had eyes like ours?!
    Punkiequeen, thnx, but if THIS is imagination. what is the truth?
    2. im not scared of vampires. i think they are nice, and some people think they are creatures that God doesnt want them to exist, but i think the opposite. i think everyone has a right to exist.
    + luv the fangs ^^

  143. Eleanora says:

    Alpha I got a bit frightend of ur last scentance… yesterday i used my laptop… and if that was a “real vamp” u mean theres a chance that theres some creep that will folow me…
    Is there a chance that he’ll come back here?

  144. Brackette says:


    Yeah i have a problem with that too. How can they all be “gorgeous”? Are you saying you could be the ugliest person in the world but as soon as you’re bitten by a vampire you instantly become beautiful? Just because you want that to be true it doesn’t mean it is.

  145. twilight freak says:

    actualli i never did believe in vampires so i read twilight and i had this curiosity and i almost asked evrione i know thei think i am insane if they exist i would die to be a vampire

  146. Stephanie Vermette says:

    Note from Admin – this comment has been published as its own entry


  147. Brackette says:

    Stephanie Vermette

    You’re not a vampire.

  148. Eleanora says:

    But Stephanie didnt even mention the thing that she is a vamp. Well ok she partly did…
    But whats up with every1 trying to be like vamps, i mean ok on halloween u can but other time…just dump…. and stephanie can u tell me why and how u wish for blood

  149. Punqeen says:

    I agree with Eleanora. Why is everyone trying to be like a Vampire and (no offence to vamps, i love you ^^)try being like a monster? You just want to be like them because you think you’d act cool and everyone will like you, while it’s completely opposite… I know I said I love Vampires, but… if I would have a choice, I wouldn’t like to be one. I bet they have a very hard life, walking through all those people – ‘victims’ or ‘priers’ – and hardly to control yourself.
    As I said before, you just want to act cool

  150. devils child says:

    hi everyone

    i havent posted an update on my progress for a while because it has began to scaring me. but i have been reading comments and i have decided to update everyone. over the last week i have had a thirst that no amount of water can stop and a hunger that no amount of food can fullfill. it is a sort of burning at the back of my throat. i can smell blood.

    i have been doing research on the internet and a stumbled across a site that said some vampires only show the signs during or after puberty and this stage is called the awakening.

  151. Alpha says:

    Hey Stephanie Vermette
    Are you a true vampire?
    You don’t seem to be a modern vampire from what you described….
    And how long have you existed for?
    You also say that you are part vampire? So your grandfather was like a true vampire or lesser true vampire?
    No offence to you, but i think you are making this up

    My understanding of vampires suggest that their are vampires out there except most of them are virtually indistinguishable from humans and exhibit minor vampiric characteristics….
    True vampires are mostly in stasis, but if there were any people that were to be bitten by these true vampires then it is possible they may transform into a lesser true vampire, (if the molecular structure of the vampiric virus, despite being dormant for presumably centuries, has only altered slightly)

    What some of you guys have written sounds more fictitious then fact….
    Yes there may be a special genetic component in your DNA, from your vampire side, causing alterations in your body during puberty, but the drinking of human blood…..

    IF THAT WAS HAPPENING IT WOULD BE ON THE NEWS!!!! Gangs of vampires would be all over the tv if there was such a thing

    plus a half-lycan?!!! what the heck? What does his transformation stage look like!

    Seriously, the people who are making stuff up quit being lame already.

  152. Brackette says:

    Why does everybody want to be friends with a vampire? Think of it this way, when they drink our blood they are feeding off us so if you have one living thing feeding on another you have a predator. They are predators and we are their prey. Comparatively if they were human we would be cows or pigs. You don’t see many people becoming best friends with a cow do you. Even if you’re a vegetarian and deeply like cattle, you still don’t consider them as equals so even if you have a vampire who doesn’t feed on people, they still won’t consider you equal to them. Twilight is not a true story, sometimes it seems like people are forgetting that.

  153. Stephanie Vermette says:

    I didn’t say I was a full vampire. God how I would never want that. I am part. I have a vampire friend, full, drinks only animal blood and all. He is also friends with my boyfriend who knows everything there is to know, seeing as they see each other a lot. My boyfriend confirmed I was part, I was bitten but they didn’t take my blood.
    SO I am not full.
    I have the desire for blood sometimes. If I am bleeding I have to lick it and such. My uncle once cut his hand, he was bleeding pretty badly. My brain was saying “I want it.” my heart was trying to tell me to look away. I couldn’t though. My eyes were locked on his hand like it was my pray. And I had no explanation. If I see blood, it’s not “Ewww gross” for me, it’s always been for the longest time “Looks good.”
    This next part is not at all meant to sound rube, please forgive me if it does.
    I don’t care if you believe I am part vampire or not, or if I have a vampire friend and a werewolf friend, I know in my heart the truth and that is all that matters, I have nothing to prove to anyone on here, other then I know what I am and I know my friends.
    My werewolf friend is a guardian to me, he promises everyday that he will protect me, I always say “Isn’t it awkward, me being part vampire you being half lycan” he says “No, so what if we are from two different clans, enemies, friends are friends no matter what.”
    So please, if you think different then I am telling you, you have all right to our opinions and I will not try and force what I believe down your throat, it’s unhuman and not needed.

  154. punqeen says:

    I’m sorry, devils child but, unfortunately, you’re sick.

    Thank you

  155. Stephanie Vermette says:

    Okay okay.
    So my bringing up what I knew seems to have caused a problem. I have many facts, though a lot of you don’t believe.
    I am part vampire. I age and die like a human. I have small signs to being vampire, but I AM NOT FULL.
    1. Allergic to the sun.
    2. Allergic to garlic.
    3. Wanting of blood {note only when I see it}
    4. I can’t stand day time. I usually sleep it away. I am more active at night.
    5. Vampires do have special talents. My vampire friend {HE WAS A FRIEND BEFORE I KNEW HE WAS A VAMPIRE. I’m not abandoning anyone for who they are} He can teleport, run really fast and he can tape inside your head. I can’t even fight with my boyfriend in peace with him. I don’t have as many powers, and the one I do have is only minor. I have small psychic abilities. I can pick up how people are feeling. I get vibes about some people, good and bad and so on. I CAN’T READ MINDS OR TELL YOU WHAT’S BEHIND YOUR BACK. I can sometimes pick exact times something is going to happen. That’s about it.

    My half lycan friend is half lycan because his mom was human and dad was lycan. I don’t know is transformation stage, nor do I want to, it’s not a pretty thing to watch someone transform from human to an animal. On TV it may be cool but not right in front of your eyes.

    Like I said before, if you don’t believe me, fine. If you think different then I am telling you, you have all right to your opinions and I will not try and force what I believe down your throat, its unhuman and not needed.
    Ask me questions, but please don’t throw down what I believe and stomp it into the ground. I’m not doing that to you and there is no reason to do it to me.

    Ps: Any caps I make in this it’s not meant for yelling, it’s pretty much my bolding, the main parts of that sentence or phrase.

  156. Stephanie Vermette says:

    I agree mostly with Brackette. Twilight is not real and vampires would consider you lower. Like a dish on a menu.
    I didn’t want to befriend a vampire. I thought he was human until I was told the truth. It’s a scary thought. Wondering if he will snap, get tired of Animal blood and attack someone in the house. Being friends with a vampire is as scary as being friends with a psychotic murderer. You fear that they will snap and take you next.
    I trust my friend and I believe he wouldn’t harm a human soul. He has helped save lives, of those I don’t know and of my boyfriend. He is a protector for my friends and myself. But the thought he one day might snap is still there.
    It’s not a good feeling, so don’t go out looking for a vampire friend.

    • ella says:

      omg….my friend says that he is a vamp 2……i just laugh it off and tell him he is being stupid……whats weird is that he says my blood smells sweet…..um im not rili sure if he is trying to joke around or actually serious…..? oh yeah..how old r u stephani?

  157. Amatrix says:

    Stephanie Vermette,
    Bitten you say. By whom? When? & Why? Vampires are interested in biting humans for the blood. How were you able to escape the feeding, especially as a weak human? If my studies are correct. Vampires wouldn’t just release unless there was a intention for creation. In other words something you wanted to happen. (Planned)
    Respect :-)

  158. Stephanie Vermette says:

    Well that’s the thing. I have no clue who bit me or when.
    I am guessing after 6th grade. I started getting weird cravings and my reaction to garlic was HORRIBLE.
    Sick for days.

  159. Brackette says:

    Stephanie Vermette

    It actually sounds like you have porphyria. The thing is, i can’t believe you or anybody on this site claiming to be a vampire (or half vampire) just because of the simple fact that you came here to say it. If vampires have stayed hidden all this time that means that they are intentionally staying hidden so then why would a vampire randomly visit a website and say “oh yeah, i’m a real vampire and you have it all wrong” or something like it. I’m not attacking you but there is no doubt in my mind believing that you are not a vampire (or know a werewolf for that matter).

  160. Eleanora says:

    So you say you got bitten and you don’t know even when…well u only guess…. That’s impossible! If you were bitten you atleast would now when and under which circumstances…

  161. Alpha says:

    Hey stephanie,
    You said that you felt these alterations in your metabolism by 6th grade?
    Well, maybe the vampiric properties exist as a recessive gene in both your parents, with a special property making it come into effect after puberty (Perhaps it has a unique biotime?)
    The vampiric virus may have rewritten the genetic code of your ancestors’ DNA to an extent converting it into a special recessive gene. This virus could easily be of extraterrestrial origin bearing molecular properties unknown to man.

    Anyway, do you think it’s possible you weren’t bitten but simply underwent the change because of a genetic trait?
    That seems more feasible then another vampire biting you because most vampires are either True vampires or Modern vampires and the vampiric virus would only be present in a few modern vampires.

    What you described would have a low probability….
    gangs of vampires with potent characteristics would only occur if there was some special recessive property in their genetic composition. This is possible but historically speaking there should be heaps more of these vampires existing around…but there aren’t though

    You also stated that some vampires have special talents….like teleporting….?
    The materialisation of molecules from one location to another is literally impossible to achieve biologically, unless aided by some superior mechanisation that follows the basis of quantum teleportation or quantum entanglement.
    Even then it’s not really teleportation because it’s really a re-creation which occurs due to the transferration of quantum information.

    How is it that different vampires possess different talents?

    Sorry, but the teleporting stuff seems kinda like something out of jumper….
    Sorry it just doesn’t sound right…but if you can explain it a bit more that’ll be cool

  162. Stephanie Vermette says:

    Well, maybe it’s possible. But I am the only one in my family that seems to possess any vampire gene. It’s odd, but possible.
    Well I can’t explain it too well, actually I really can’t explain it at all. Honestly, I never asked how that is possible or not. My boyfriend came online one day and said that our vampire friend was proposing to our other friend {I can’t use names sorry}
    The proposal went as so:
    He told her to go to sleep. She did, he then picked her up and they “went” -teleported- to Europe. And mind you, they live in New York. They were sitting on top of Big Ben. He then took her down to the fountain -not sure where abouts near by it was- but he asked her and that was that. Then they returned home that night.
    What other ways could they go to Europe from New York and be back that same night? It’s not unless there was a special power someone had possessed.

    I know you may not believe it, say I am making this up, but what I tell you is from my heart, and is all true. If you don’t believe so be it, you don’t have to. If you do, then great.

    And I am a very open person. Yes vampires have hid all these years, moving around so people don’t wonder how they are not aging, and so on.
    But I am not like that, I am part, I don’t have to move around or do anything, but I will tell people the truth. I’ve come on here and went to school and told a lot of people how I’ve been raped and molested for 10 years, I am sure I would come out with something like I am part vampire.
    Sorry to bring in the whole 10 year thing….but I am just trying to prove to you that I am not a liar.

  163. tia says:

    Hi..I laready said that i like the hole vampire thing but i think that the “bitten” thing is too much and i cant believe it.And i agree with Eleanora if you were bitten you would remember ,Stephanie ,when it happened and how!Plus you talk about werewolf friends…Its difficult to imagine the existance of vampires…to imagine werewolfes..just impossible!…

  164. Amatrix says:

    No means to intrude but, the possibility of both Species being of existence is there. The whole point of being on this web page is to discuss that possibility. Stephanie is simply sharing her situation. Her experience. Something she does not have to Prove to us, & of course something we are not obligated to believe. I agree that many “Replies” have been well, ridiculous! It is up to our better judgement to filter out the facts from fantasy.
    With Sincerity. :-)

    Stephanie Vermette,
    Only you & others close to you understand what changes you may or may not be going through. Stick to those close, find your knowledge through them. There is no need to convince others of your being. Live your life well.
    With Care. :-)

  165. Amatrix says:

    Could be very true. Bottom line, guess we’ll never know.

  166. groupie says:

    I have a question.

    what’s the name of the most oldest vampire covent? is there one?(Brackette or Alpha can u help me?)

  167. Brackette says:

    groupie I’ve heard of some really old ones in asia.

  168. Jacob says:

    i wouldn’t belive in vampire’s until i saw one.

  169. Stephanie Vermette says:

    If I was copying Twilight I would not have said half vampire, and half werewolf. It would have been full both.
    Besides copying Twilight is pretty stupid.
    1. It would be obvious and easily caught.
    2. Twilight is pretty much overrated.
    3. I probably would have taken the part of the werewolf, Jacob is soo much cooler then Edward.
    But either way, you don’t have to believe me. I know what I am, my friends know what I am and that’s all that really matters.
    I mentioned this a while ago but vampires just want to fit in, they don’t want people freaking out about them or anything the whole Twilight deal just brought them into the light more. Most just want to be like an extra in a movie, not the star. So really the whole issue on wanting to meet one, wanting to be one and all the askjflahgfoiajgfsakjdg.
    Just let them live their lives? It’s the least you could do for them not killing the humans off, because if they really wanted to, they could. Like in the movie Twilight, when Edward came out to Bella, he said “We were designed to kill. You can’t run from us, you can’t hide from us.” And so on. Just let them live their lives.

  170. maggie says:

    hi devils child ! hi questionnare !
    this is my mail id : [email protected]
    i think i can help you. you can contact me if you want to.. i want to help you in any way i can… waiting for your reply………..

  171. Alpha says:

    K stephanie
    i’ll leave it at that

    No idea
    Covents may not even have existed, but rather individual independent vampires

  172. tia says:

    I know that they might exist both,i havent seen one to be sure, i m just saying my opinion im not attacking or something to what Stephanie says.Its just the way Stephanie says she has werewolf friends and stuff its a little bit..too much..i m just saying….

  173. Blue jay says:

    I’m not actually sure if I’m one or not.
    Here is my case:

    Between 10 – 16 years of age (Sorry, but I’m not stupid enough to tell you my personal details)
    I am one of the athletically slowest people in my class, but I sometimes get these weird bursts of energy where I feel like I could take on an army.

    I can sometimes sense things before they happen (In a basketball game, once, I got the urge to step to the right, so I did, was in the ki, and caught the rebound).

    I have been getting weird urges to do weird stuff. For some reason, it doesn’t disgust me to…pick off a scab and eat it (I DO NOT do this, but it doesn’t disgust me when others do).

    I can juggle, which is normal, but when somebody focuses their concentration at one ball, I can FEEL it tingle in my hand. I DO NOT FOLLOW THEIR EYES. If you know how to juggle you’ll know that you have to keep looking at the balls. Atleast I do….

    I can convince people that I’m right if I try enough. I have an arguement, I get mad, suddenly they’re on my side, saying they understand me now. Some kind of mind control?! HELP!

    I can also find objects with my eyes closed, and heal pain, occasionally.

    Say my sister has had a bruise on her leg, My mom covers my eyes and shifts my sister’s position, I can show her (WITH MY EYES CLOSED) exactly where the bruise is.

    I’m not sure if everyone can do this and doesn’t know it or thinks it’s natural, but it’s weirding me out…please reply!

    Of course, its quite possible that Im just naturally weird, and am not an actual vampire, half-vampire, or that krud that people have been going on about lately

    Will be checking my last post on 03 between 7 in the morning and 7 at nightPLEASE COMMENT! DONT CARE IF IT SAYS IM NOT ONE OR WETHER IM JUST SOME LOONY KID WHO NEEDS ATTENTION!

    And of course, later, I HEALED my sister toopossible reason no. 7, even though I didnt number themI will next time, if Im not rejected.

  174. Brackette says:

    Blue jay

    There are many things that can explain your situation. You getting “weird bursts of energy” while in your teens can be easily explained with hormones. You sensing things could be you being observant, as an example, when i was in high school, we were playing kickball and a person accidently kicked a ball right at my head and i had less than a second to react but i did and stepped to the side dodging the ball. You “getting weird urges to do weird stuff” is called being a teenager. I believe the juggling thing is just in your mind. Your “mind control” is just you being persuasive, which can also explain you seemingly healing people, you make them believe that you made the pain go away. I don’t believe you’re a vampire but you some abilities, being observant and persuasive, that will bring you far in life.

  175. rebecca says:

    hi, about the healing thing. i often get migraines and my husband puts his hands on my head where i tell him it hurts. moments later its gone. hes always trying to “teach” me how to be in tune with the spiritual side but i get too scared. anyway, ur not weired, just lucky to be gifted.

  176. devils child says:

    blue jay

    this sounds more like you have a hightened pyschic power for most of what you describe (except the scab bit and the mind control) it is possible that you are just naturally psychic and the mind control may just be that you are really good at argueing you point. the bit about scabs could just be natural as well. some people are not bothered about wierd things like that. your reason number 7 could just be a form of natural raike(healing using energy of the world around you).

    i am not saying you are not a vampire i am just giving alternatives to it.


  177. Blue jay says:

    I’m not sure wether to be thankful or not that I’m not a vamp…so I’ll forget about it. Thank you for replying, and in such a short space of time too!
    I’m not a teen quite yet, so I haven’t been getting interested in girls, so POOF goes your hormone theory…
    I think you made me a good logical solution. Thank you for replying.
    I think your husband is most likely a healer (Possibly like me) and he sounds quite good at it. Take my advice, and let him show you how. It will most likely take you far in life, and you may even change the world if you can prove to the government or scientists that you can actually do this.
    Devil’s Child:
    I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t have put the ‘scab bit’ on this site…can you give me more information on this physchic theory/fact? I’d like to know more about it, and confirm if I am one or not.
    I don’t heal very often anymore, so I think I may be getting out of practice…how can I get better without having to hurt someone so I can heal them (Not that I EVER would!)?
    THank you all for replying so fast.

  178. devils child says:

    blue jay

    yeah i can give you loads of info as i have studied psychic healing and other psychic powers. first most people are psychic however many people don’t realise they are. libraries and the internet are good places to look for more information(thats where i started to look). you dont have to hurt anyone to inhance your healing powers.i can talk you through some exercises to inhance your psychic powers but it would be better to email them to you.

    the best place to start research is to look up the chakras for healing. these refer to parts of the body and have specific colours for each.

    if you want to contact me my email address is: [email protected]

    i am happy to answer any questions and give you guidence.

  179. Brackette says:

    Blue jay

    It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in girls yet. Any time around that age, you have chemicals surging through your body. Puberty starts, on average, around twelve but it could easily start earlier if you’re younger than that (since you won’t even give your age).

  180. Blue jay says:

    …When you put it like that, fine.
    I’m 11 years old.
    NOT going into puberty quite yet, then.

  181. Brackette says:

    Blue jay

    Like i said it can easily start earlier. Just because you want it to be something bigger it doesn’t mean it is.

  182. Marianne says:

    well well..what an interesting thread. I agree with Alpha. I share your thoughts on it because that is the same conclusions I myself have drawn. I have done quite the amount of research through the years and I am still not finished. But even I learned something from you.

    I’m quite fond of and drawn to vampires since I was about 4, I think. Why? because some of my earliest memories as a child was seeing a vampire on a black and white television. Funny, quite.
    But that is one of my first. Quite vivid.

    Stranger things have happened as I aged but I do not feel like sharing them here.

    Do I believe?
    Yes, yes I do.

    I know.

  183. Blue jay says:

    I never said I wanted it to be bigger…look at my last comment.
    I find it kinda unnerving the way you…ostracize? Judge? Make fun of me?
    I would like it if we could just drop the subject.
    Pretend this never happened…how old are you, anyway?
    Also, why are you so quick to dismiss every possibility?
    I notice that on other comments, you seem to dismiss everything everyone throws out.
    Even on other topics.
    Do you even believe in most of this stuff?

  184. Brackette says:

    Blue jay

    You say you don’t want it to be bigger but you yourself are pretty quick to dismiss other possibilities. I gave you more believable ones but you shoot them down instantly (seemingly) looking for a better one that fits what your looking for. You have to admit that your comment to me about your age was atleast a little sarcastic so YOU were making fun of ME. Also, it’s not that i dismiss other possibilities. In your first post you said “PLEASE COMMENT! DONT CARE IF IT SAYS IM NOT ONE OR WETHER IM JUST SOME LOONY KID WHO NEEDS ATTENTION!” and i did that. The thing is i follow Occams Razor, the simplest explanation is probably the answer, so i’m completely willing to believe anything infact i have seen alot of very, VERY strange things (i’ve actually seen a knife jump off a counter, fly through the air and stab a man in the back) but i’m not going to jump on board to everything somebody tells me. It’s always good to make a simpler, more believable, hypothesis before coming to a conclusion.

  185. devils child says:

    this is just a strong curiosity but……

    why is it that people say that they believe that vampires exist but when someone says they are a vampire or(like with my case)give evidence that they maybe a vampire they brush them off by saying that people are sick/diluded/hormonal/etc. also people seem to just argue their point by saying that vampires wont say they are vampires on this website. what actually stops them? maybe they want us to know and this is one of those “obscure little” websites which the government/other vampires are not likely to notice. maybe they are trying to work out what peoples reactions maybe to them.

    think about this and it may explain better what im trying to say……. the only person who knows if you are different to others and what you are and may become is you.

    maybe only that person knows that they are a vampire or not. especially when what everyone else on this site knows is only what we tell them. everyone has secrets, right?

    p.s. 1 little point
    im not trying to get at anyone just stating my opinion(sorry if anyone does feel offended)

  186. Blue jay says:

    Very good point
    So, what youre saying is that every time somebody says that he/she knows of somebody or is her/himself a vampire, everyone attacks him all at once, saying she/he might be nuts, might all be in her/his head.
    A lot of people have said that, and people push them down, saying theyre normal.
    So, in the end, the only one who REALLY believes your story is you, because all the others are jealous that you might be one, so you they push you down and try to make you equal, or even below you.
    The human/vampire mind works in mysterious waysI think the human/vampire race is nuts.

    I just looked
    Stephanie implied that she was a vampire, and brackette immiediately pushed her down.
    Notice a pattern here?

    atleast with me, I was given several theories of waht I might be.
    Stephanie was just plain kicked.

    Right there, again!
    No Name made a comment that nobody believed, I think (He did make it seem as though it was a joke, with all the LOLs in it).
    Then a bunch of people said I dont believe you. Why not just say hes entitled to his opinion, or just ignore him?

    …I don’t want to fight about this, brackette.
    Say you won the argument.
    I’m sick of coming onto the site and seeing our comments as we try to prove eachother wrong.
    What was the story about a knife flying into somebody’s back?
    Can you tell me more about it?
    And yes, I admit I was practically asking for somebody to insult me or something…
    I didn’t mean to actually shoot the hormone theory/fact down…I actually considered it for a while, then my dad told me that the hormones wouldn’t be kicking in ’til I was 13.
    Guess he was wrong…

    I notice that Alpha, stephanie and a bunch of other people aren’t posting anymore. I know you can’t be on every second of the day…but what is taking so long?

    I looked at your comment, devil’s child, and yes, it would seem that many people dismissed you before you really could answer anybody else’s questions…
    You also said that it happens in a stage AFTER puberty?
    That would imply that I’m most likely not one.
    *giving up on that now*
    Is the thirst still there?
    I am hungry almost every day, even after I eat HUMONGOUS meals, but my parents said it was just a tapeworm, or I was growing and the food was being digested very fast.
    Still, if that happens AFTER puberty, that wouldn’t be true, right?

    Still hungry, then?

    Brackette had a point, when she said you could just be numb to your grandmother’s death.
    Or you’ve simply moved on.
    Was that just a bad example, or do you have more?

  187. Brackette says:

    Blue jay

    I wasn’t trying to fight you. And don’t patronize me!………Just kidding.

    The story about the knife is that me and some friends went to a supposedly haunted house that was scheduled for demolition (we technically weren’t supposed to be there) just to see if we could find anything. The house was really big and we were there for a couple hours. Anyway, me and one of my friends were in the kitchen looking around. My friend found a knife on the counter up against the wall and played around with it, doing a stabbing motion while doing the Psycho music then put it back down on the counter and kept going. He passed me while i stood still looking at the huge dinner table. Suddenly i heard a rattling sound and turned around just in time to see the knife he put down earlier jump off the counter, fly across the kitchen, maybe 5 feet, and get him right in the back. He was brought to the hospital and the knife was pulled out. They said it was centimeters from his lung. The cops actually blamed me for it and it even went as far as an investigation. In the end they could never prove that i actually had the knife in my hand (which i didn’t) and since my friend never pressed charges, because he knew what really happened, it never went anywhere. That still not even the strangest thing i’ve seen.

    By the way. I’m not a “she”. I’m a guy. Why did you assume that, is it the name? Because it’s the nickname to a family friend who disappeared a couple years ago, as an homage.

  188. Amatrix says:

    I never declared you were attacking Stephanie Vermette. My post are also from opinion.
    With Respect..

  189. devils child says:

    blue jay

    it may not be that people are jelous that makes them dismiss people claiming to be vampires. i think its more that when you try to describe it to someone online it can be dismissed as natural things but only you and some people close to you actually know what you were like before the changes and the changes are sometimes hard to describe and therefore the person would have to be there to see it.

    also the awakening i mentioned can happen just before or just after puberty but that only refers to born vampires. if you were bitten then it would begin almost insantly.

    the hunger is still there and getting incredibly strong but im still resisting it. and the lack of emotions i really dont think has anything to do with my grans death. mainly because i found out that long before her death i was a really un emotional child. there is more to my story but like i said before we all have secrets and some of them are mine. however i dont mine telling you some when my minds a little clearer.

    ps sorry if i spelt anything wrong but i have a lot on my mind a the moment so its hard for me to focus on writing.

    just to let you know this is how you spell ockham. not to be rude. and i know what you are saying about chosing the simplest explanation.

    your story of the knife is quite chilling.

  190. Brackette says:

    devils child

    I have never seen it spelled that way in my life. I’ve always seen it spelled Occam.

  191. Blue jay says:

    …Never really guessed that brackETTE was a male name…or nickname.
    You sound like you’ve had a horde of interesting and scary things happen in your life.
    Your story about hte knife is…gripping.
    If you could detail it more, it would make for an awesome story.
    I’m glad we’ve stopped fighting, too. Thank you!

    devil’s child, do you feel the hunger and thirst MORE when you’re around someone, or less?
    I also haven’t noticed any bite marks around any of my major arteries, and I’ve had these weird bursts of energy, improved reflexes for a while now, for about a year.
    I am hungry ALL the time, but it may be because of puberty, as brackette stated.
    I’m also not thirsty, so I’m not sure…
    People haven’t been looking like pizza lately, either.
    I just remembered somethings from my childhood, when I was between 5-8.

    8 year old me:
    ”mom, (friend’s name ) isn’t feeling well today,”
    I keep saying that until my mom finally calls my friend’s mom, and the mom says that the friend couldn’t go to school.
    I remember this happening a few times when I lived in germany, between 3-5 years of age, but my mom says she only remembers the 8 year old thing.

    Once I was really mad at nothing inparticular, and this same friend was just leaving our apartment, and I felt something just burst out of me.
    Then a 6×8 or something fell on him.
    I remember feeling really shocked, and just standing there while they cared for his wounds.
    I should probably publish something about this…I already have published a story, but I think they must have rejected it.
    I also remember saying many times, ”the colors are keeping me awake” to my mom.
    More about this later…possibly when I publish my second and hopefully-not-rejected story.

  192. devils child says:

    blue jay

    yes i feel it incredibally strong when im around people. it is hard because it is strongest when im walking down the corridors at college.

    maybe your hunger is just part of growing up. some people have huge appitites as they grow up. my brother did. he could eat about two meals to my one and still snack in between.


    im not sure why but its spelt ockham. i only know this as i have to learn it for my religion ethics and philosophy A level exam. may be it can be spelt in different ways.

  193. Brackette says:

    Blue jay]

    What are you saying, do you want me to get rid of the extra T and E?

  194. Stephanie Vermette says:

    Hey everyone I was reading what everyone was saying.
    I saw my name appear.
    No one attacked me.
    Everyone has opinions. Some may not be to others likings, but that’s how it is.
    I never really implied I was a vampire. I can out and said “I am part” and yes I do have a werewolf friend and it’s all hard to believe and I understand that. I don’t want to make you believe me. {I know I am sort of late on this haha}
    But anyway, no one attacked me, it was all opinions. I understand and I am sure you guys do too. But I just wanted to clear it up.

    And I like the “te” at the end of Brackette. :]

  195. Blue jay says:

    You can keep the name, I’m not teasing you or forcing you to change it.
    It’s just that some people like me, may confuse it with the opposite gender.

    Devil’s child:
    I think it probably is my appetite,
    I don’t think the hunger is related to this, as the THIRST is what people seem to be going on about.
    Still…It’s possible.

  196. Brackette says:

    Hey, it’s not that i’m taking it personally. I just added the extra T and E so that when people see my name the first thing that comes to their mind isn’t something you hang a shelf on.

  197. rebecca says:

    Hi Brackette- i must admit i thought you were a female based on the name and the way you argue!! (hahaha :) im just kidding! i like the name.

    stephanie- what is your email if u dont mind me contacting you?

  198. Cece says:

    Ok, I draw a line when it comes to believeing in vampire. Yeah I love Twilight so much as the next teenage girl but I mean come on really vampires being real. I don’t think so. I believe in ghost 100%. They first may up vampires to keep people inside at night. Sorry just can’t believe in it.

  199. rebecca says:

    will do caretaker, thanks.

  200. Alpha says:

    Hey Cece

    Just like to say that even though you seem definitive that vampires don’t exist, please don’t turn that into a defiant stance but be open about it and always willing to look for any sources or clues that suggest otherwise.

    I was also opposed to vampires existing and thought they existed in the realms of fiction but after enduring an innate encounter i expanded my beliefs and researched more about them.

    The world is a pretty big and scary place with a lot of stuff happening under our noses!!

    Anyway take care!

  201. Brackette says:


    I’ve got a question. What would the government have to gain from hiding the true vampires? Sometimes it just seems like people think that if you have any kind of power they must be “evil”. I’m not saying they’re angelic, law abiding examples of morality but they wouldn’t do it out of the kindness of their hearts. A couple years ago citizens from India accused their government officials of conspiring with vampires and stoned them.

  202. Stephanie Vermette says:

    I don’t mind giving out my email.
    [email protected]
    Anyone can talk to me if you’d like :]

  203. Leokoni says:

    I am not sure if i believe in vampires. Sometimes it feels as though i want to but am unsure. It is strange. I am pleased to find this website because it gives me a chance to talk with other people without feeling uncomfortable. Thank you all. The experiences some of you have been through catch my interest and make me wonder. My parents do not like the idea of vampires so i do not wish to share my interest with them. I am curious and look forward to your future comments. I have not met anyone with strange experiences or at least non that have told me of them. What i do not understand is why there are some people on this website who seem to only leave comments to tell people that their opinions are stupid. I think everyone is untitled to their own ideas. To me it is no different then the fact that i don’t like brussle sprouts while my brother does. We both have our own opinions and we respect that. I hope no one takes offence from my words and i wish you all well.

  204. Alpha says:


    I’m honestly not even sure they are attempting to hide stuff about vampires…
    I mean modern vampires are barely different from people…
    True vampires are probably covered up because they are potentially dangerous.

    I think perhaps they hide these conspiracies and stuff is because they’d leave quite an impact on people.
    I mean, if someone comes up to you and proves the existence of vampires you’d be shocked and awed. Similarly society would be probably also be shocked and would take out this feeling on the government. People would go around rioting and killing politicians under the impression that the government is hiding more stuff too.

    This could lead to stronger belief in ufo conspiracies which the government seems most likely to be involved in and this could cause some sort of impact, perhaps affect their relationships with aliens

    Sorry if this wasn’t much help to you!
    Kinda busy lol

  205. devils child says:

    maybe the goverment cover it up because if people knew about them then some may panic and others may set out to kill them. this could lead to something similar to the witch hunts where millions of innocent people where killed from mass panic.

    i just thought i add a bit to what alpha said.

  206. Leokoni says:

    I know this isn’t really my business but i agree with Alpha. I think a riot probably would be bound to happen and since there are some people who think that vampires deserve to exist and some that think they shouldn’t be allowed to exist and if a massive witch hunt occured then people may start attacking each other because of their beliefs. The government may just be trying to protect the people.

  207. Brackette says:

    I don’t know, i don’t buy it. If the master vampires were in stasis for so long, the government hasent always done it so who did it before, and why wouldn’t they be doing it now? Has anybody ever heard of the secret society called Sub Rosa? It supposedly started a couple thousand years ago and it’s name has become a phrase for secrecy. I’ve heard they have supernatural connections. All i’ve really heard is that it’s “headcorders” are in the middle east and they do things like hire vampire slayers. Mind you, this is only what i’ve heard but maybe they actually do it.

  208. Punqeen says:

    I’ve read the treads I’ve missed, and noticed that people were arguing over opinions. I was one of the people that said that if you think you’re a Vampire, you are sick, I know. But, imagine. One of you thinks that you ARE a Vamp, and just go around sucking blood. And what if you aren’t a real Vampire and still kill people, while you have no need for blood? It would be counted for murder. Just, whatever you do, don’t bite human, please.

    Blue Jay,

    If you don’t remember being bitten, then how do you suggest you were changed?


    No offence, but I also thought you’re a female. Sorry.I don’t know why, but it seems like everyone on this blog thinks that everyone else is a girl (except Blue Jay who clearly said he’s a male). I also think Alpha is a girl, no idea why. Is it because of Twilight?All girls like it and suddenly get interested in Vampires.
    Anyway, Brackette, are you a goth or something alike? Your memories are just so dark and your attitude about them just scares me >.<

  209. Brackette says:

    Alright thats it, i’m taking the extra T and E off of my name in subsequent posts.


    No i’m not goth. I just get used to things quickly. Infact , incase you were wondering, i’ve been told i look like Harry Potter, it’s very annoying.

    Now i’m curious abvout what everyone else thinks about me. I think i’m paranoid.

  210. Alpha says:

    i am not a girl…

    and brackette (or bracket)
    the master vampires have been in stasis for centuries and when they last were awake they probably would have been alive when supernatural themes and vampirism were abundant so… they could just have stuck around with people accepting their existence but still being fearful of them…

    Not entirely sure…nice query though :)

    btw, i am not a girl…

  211. Punqeen says:

    Sorry, Alpha! ^^ really and brackette or bracket

  212. devils child says:


    i dont actually drink human blood or even blood at all at the moment coz i dont really want to.

    also i have the same sort of problem as bracket and alpha except its the other way. most people who see the name devils child assume im a lad but im not, im female. however bracket and alpha i immediately jumped to the conclusion you where male becasue of the way you write(i have an amazing ability to judge people’s personalities etc without ever meeting them, only holding a conversation with them).

  213. groupie says:

    Hey Bracket,

    i disagree with everyone, i never thought u were a girl. (make u feel better) always knew that you were a guy!
    i picture you with dark hair and light colour eyes, (not Harry Potter)

  214. Bracket says:


    Thanks. I do have dark hair but i also have dark eyes. I’ve been told they can look black at times.

    Anyways, back to the topic.

    I mentioned Sub Rosa a couple comments back. Has anybody else heard of it before?

  215. Blue jay says:

    I never said I WAS a vampire, just saying and asking if it’s possible.
    Anyway, according to many myths from different countries, vampires (or unpronouncable names from those countries) have the abillity to make you forget what happened, so that they aren’t caught.
    If real vampires exist, I’m quite sure most humans wouldn’t be willing to give themselves up as food, so the only way to drink blood without getting caught is to make them forget…
    I think the article suggested that too…

  216. Demere says:

    “I believe the people you are referring to are anaemic. Some of them resort to drinking human blood in order to obtain iron and other nutrients they are low in.”

    I’m anaemic, I don’t drink human blood for iron to enter my body. There are tablets and injections for anaemia. I disagree with the above statement.

  217. Bracket says:

    devils child

    Our conversation a while back about Occam or ockham got me curious so i went to wikipedia and yes the man who created it was named Ockham but the concept is usually spelled Occam, maybe to make it slightly easier to spell.

  218. Alpha says:

    No, i don’t think i mentioned vampires having the ability to overcome memory….but i guess it’s possible
    Perhaps they simply shift the memories into the sub-conscious, kinda like aliens?
    Maybe they can induce electromagnetic waves to interfere with the electro-chemical signals emitted by the neurons in our nerves?

    Anyway, i still am inclined to say that most vampires or the modern vampires are virtually indistinguishable to humans possessing only minor vampiric traits. Perhaps it’s possible that every now and then some of the recessive genes in their genetic structure becomes active and makes them slightly more potent.

  219. devils child says:


    yeah i found that as well. maybe it is easier to spell it occam.


    i agree. ive never heard anyone drink blood for anaemia because it is simply to dangerous with all the diseases etc. most people told to eat liver or have tablets.

  220. Bracket says:

    Blue jay

    Yeah you’d better apologize. :)

    1. The reason why i took the extra T and E off my name can be explained in my past comments.

    2. I was only screwing with you on the vampire comment.

    3. Is there anything near your bed you could be scratching your head on? The other thing is that your sleeping habits may have changed. For example (and it’s strange that this came up) i recently have been experiencing jaw pain and went to the doctor. It turns out i have (within the last couple weeks) started to grind my teeth while i sleep. I have never done this before for over 20 years and it started out of the blue very recently. You might want to see if the scratches match your fingernails. If they don’t you might want to expand your search. One other thing you might not want to think about is an animal. This reminds me of the time i stayed at my cousins apartment in New York a couple years ago and woke up with a rat on my chest. Lets just say i overreacted.

  221. Mina says:

    my poor friends.. I left them extremely tired and with headaches without realising it, only when I found out what it was and how to control it, it stopped happening, unless they permit me to do so.

  222. Amatrix says:

    SUB ROSA…”Under The Rose” (Latin)
    Secret society similar to the ILLUMINATI, & FREEMASONRY……Be Cautious.

    • chelsea says:

      I looked up Sub Rosa and it just says that Sub Rosa means to pledge secrecy in a secret society.

      • Vlad Polidori says:

        Its also an anagram for SUB ROSA

        ‘bus oars’ which could refer to the ferry man who rows the dead across the river styx to a place in the netherlands

        • Vampire Truth or Myth says:

          Sub rosa is nothing more than two Latin words which translated means “under or below the rose”. It is a phrase used to express secrecy or confidentiality. So basically it just means “this is a secret”

  223. Bracket says:


    Finally somebody else has heard of it. How much do you know about it? I’ve heard some stuff (some i mentioned earlier) but it’s all mysterious and sometimes strange. I mean, they’ve hidden themselves so well that most people think the phrase “Sub Rosa” just means “hidden” and thats it.

  224. Amatrix says:

    It’s very old. Well hidden. Not something you can google. Deep research tumbled me to Sub Rosa…gothic texts, vampires, Shape shifters (werewolves), assassins by magic. Archives. KABBALAH.

  225. devils child says:

    wow this sub rosa stuff sounds interesting i may have a look at it. can you suggest any where to start looking?

  226. Amatrix says:

    What else have you found Bracket?

    Friend Disappeared? The Book?? What happened to it? Were they into such things as we?

    Book from 1700′s. It’s true. Only the rare & few have these books & the knowledge. Even so..They remain mute when it comes to such knowledge.

  227. Bracket says:

    devils child

    Well it won’t be easy. Most of the stuff i’ve heard of it was word of mouth from some people who know some strange stuff. I’ve only actually read about it once in a very old book (from the mid 1800′s) in the library of a family friend who disappeared. Infact the name i use on here was his nickname and i use it as an homage.

  228. Bracket says:


    I’ve heard that their “headcorders” are somewhere in the middle east. Probably Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, maybe even Iraq. I’ve also heard they were somewhere in Italy but that could be a secondary group. I’ve heard they have strong supernatural connections and “quell” or hide the supernatural, hiring vampire slayers and people trained in fighting it. They may also have strong connections to religious groups, possibly even being run by them. Atleast this is what i’ve heard and read.

  229. Amatrix says:

    Rome owns the dark secrets. The Church. The Priest I’ve befriended seems to be more than a Priest.

  230. Blue jay says:

    I have a question:
    Do bedbugs continually come back to one area they’ve bitten, or do they move on to other places?
    I’ve stopped waking up with the scars bleeding slightly…
    I’m also beginning to notice other wounds I don’t remember getting, ones too big for bedbugs to bite into (If they would, it would be HORRIBLE!).
    One on my left hand, at about the wrist joint…
    One I remember getting: On my left foot (I do wake up with it raw though, not bloody, Thank God).
    And a bunch of smaller ones…I’m trying to figure out how to figure out if I have bedbugs.

  231. Bracket says:


    Are you saying he’s part of Sub Rosa?

  232. Bracket says:

    Blue jay

    They live in your matress thats why they’re called bedbugs. The best thing to do is to throw out the matress. One thing to look for are small red dots on your matress because they drink your blood then go back into the matress and go to the bathroom but you wont always find those dots so try sleeping somewhere else for a couple nights and see if the bleeding continues.

    Just so you know, i’ve never had bedbugs. I watched it on a show about exterminators.

  233. Teh Storm says:

    Vampires. I’ve always had some sort of a “draw to” sensation when I heard the word vampire even as a kid. Being honest here, I have taken a liking to all the cute variations of vampires that are used for entertainment, yet thats all they are… entertainment. I believe they do exist, but have eluded my sight which is fine. I wish to meet one in the future, but until then I can only lay back and dream of the encounter.

  234. Alethia says:

    I read that whole article you wrote. I truly believe and have believed in vampires since i was really little.
    I don’t talk about this with most people, but i honestly think i have some link to a vamp.
    I think i’m part of the psychic vampires. The ones who feed off the energy of others and nature and spirits. Ever since i was little i’ve felt connected to those elements around me and i’ve been aware of the paranormal (aka spirits) and i get feelings that aren’t common when i come in contact with another person. I also have fangs (which are surprisingly long), i have amazing speed and athletic skills and smarts. And i can stand a lot of pain.
    I know some of this sounds like normal stuff but the beginning i don’t find normal. I’ve been researching vampires for a long time and finally came on the facts about psychic vampires and also that “vampires ” are fake and only in movies while ” vampyres” are the true living vamps.

    I don’t know what you all have to say about this but i would like some opinions because i think i’ve finally found the answers to my strange behaviour but i know nobody is going to believe me because vampires are mythical creatures and nobody has actually taken the amount of time that i (and many other people) have taken to actually realize facts are true and vampires are different from vampyres.

    Alethia :)

  235. Bracket says:


    Whats the difference between vampires and vampyres?

  236. Amatrix says:

    I believe it was stated that He seemed more than a Priest.
    A Watcher. I’ve been nosey, & out of no where he found me.
    Forgive me but, in no way is this meant to frighten.
    No threats have been exposed.
    Good Evening.

  237. KAREN says:

    what about HIV in the vampire world?

  238. Bracket says:


    What did you do to get on his radar?

  239. Alethia says:

    The only difference between the two is that vampires are the creepy looking creatures that murder people by biting them and drinking their blood , like in movies. They are fictional.
    Vampyres on the other hand, are what are living now, even though there is a group of vampyres that do indeed drink blood, they get it from blood donors and they do not kill people. Plus there are several different types of vampyres.

    hope this cleared it up for you,

  240. Leokoni says:

    I recently saw part of a show called “Secret life of Vampires” and they interviewed some supposedly modern day vamps. Many of the vamps that were interviewed said they were tired of hiding and wanted to just live a normal life. It also mentioned that one woman’s family consisted of vampires: example; her grandma and such. I am not saying her whole family is made up of vampires. She has children and a husband. Her son is also a vampire and she acts sort of like a den mother for neighbour vampires. They often have a gathering.
    What i am wondering is whether someone can be a vampire because their, let’s say parent is one. Is it possible?

  241. Blue jay says:

    Aside from some bloody smears from a nosebleed, I actually can’t find any red dots!
    Any other signs?

  242. Punqeen says:

    Good question, actually. But I’m not sure if I want to know.
    Alethia, what’s the difference between Vampires and “Vampyrs”? I’ve never heard of the second one. Though in some languages (for example Russian) that’s how you pronounce the word “Vampires”. Are you sure that you’re not mistaken or something?

  243. D'Lay says:

    I have read many vampire books and have heard a lot of stories from people who have conducted extensive research in this field. From what i have read and heard, I have noticed a lot of vampiric activity amongst the royalty, down the ages, across the world. Can anyone explain this rather unusual correlation? Thnx.

  244. anonymous says:

    hey alpha..
    i dunno if vampires exists or not..but i jus know that there is some kinda positive and negative energies around us..cos i feel i can feel the presence of somethin moving around me..people dont believe me but i know its true..and since i live i india i’ve never heard about any vampire stories here..hope you can tell me about incidents happened in india..n since i can feel presence of somethin around me and i wanna know more about it……

  245. xXTaylor.The.Creepy.Cat says:

    I always have known vampires exsist, I show some of the signs. If I could only prove it my father, uncle and grandmother.

  246. Alethia says:


    I completely agree with you. I show every sign except for maybe 2 or 3, but i don’t know how to prove it to my family. The thing with adults is that they were taught not to believe this but with our sciences we have found things that adults still find…unbelievable.

    Alethia :)

  247. Bracket says:

    Blue jay

    On the topic of Sub Rosa, whats already been said is alot of what i know but i’ve been doing some searching, talking to some people who i’ve met or know my family and searching through some rare library collections (like the one in the mentioned family friend who disappeared). I’m doing the best i can to find more.

    With the bedbugs, you might want to look it up yourself. I’m not a bedbug aficionado but i would recommend sleeping somewhere else for a little while to see if the bleeding continues. If it does it’s probably not bedbugs.

    To the people claiming to be either partly or completely vampire. Have you gone to the doctor before asking these questions?

  248. Eleanora says:

    It’s nothing to do with your persnts… I bet they were as crazy about something paronormal as we are now about vamps. Just through out the time they forget about it…. Anyway what do you mean by ” I show most of the sighns” are you trying to say your turning in to a vamp?

  249. Alethia says:

    I’m trying to say (that is if you are indeed talking to me.) that there are definite signs someone is a vamp. and i’m saying i have most of them.


  250. devils child says:


    i have also been trying to find things out about this sub rosa and i have asked people who can get access to things i cant and noboby can tell me anything about it but people seem to shy away from it. im not sure why but ill keep diging around.

    also i have been to the doctors because of my changes and the doctor told me that they have no idea about it and it may just be late developing genetic changes.


    just because you show most of the signs doesnt mean that you are a vamp so maybe like me you should get it checked out but i believe you until theres proof otherwise

  251. Bracket says:

    devils child

    Have you found out anything useful?

  252. Anonymous says:

    no because people just sort of say they dont know or they want to know how i know but still wont tell me anything. i will keep looking and post anything i find out.

  253. Alpha says:

    terribly sorry about my late reply (and my lack of replies…really busy around here…)

    The whole mythology of blood-sucking humans exists around the globe so India will be no exception. India is also such a diverse, rich country that hasn’t lost its cultural roots as other countries have so any myths or legends of such creatures shouldn’t be hard to obtain.
    So keep searching around…libraries, grandparents, teachers, etc.
    Just google it up even.

    I’m sorry if i wasn’t so specific but i’ve been really busy!!! This has been one of the few spare moments i get… :(

    I’ll try finding more about it!

  254. Alpha says:

    Okay, so i’ve been away for a while
    If anyone has any questions they directed towards me and never received a response then please re-type it and post it again.
    I’m soooooooooooooooooooo sorry about all this! Been majorly busy l8ely!!
    Thx guys :)

    (I’ll try answering some i spotted quickly)

    I think you have some vampiric recessive vampiric genes that have come into effect, so yeah you’d be like a semi-potent or potent modern vampire….i think…
    again sorry about my late reply!!

  255. Bracket says:


    I know that Alpha is talking about the type of vampire he’s talking about but in mythology there are many types of vampires in India. Theres the brahmaparusha which has a skull for a head encircled by intestines. Theres also the Bhuta which has some Similarities to the ghoul. The Vetala is technically a spirit but once possessing a corpse it will roam the earth drinking the blood of the living. The Baital is half human/half bat, stands four feet tall and drinks the blood of children and the Masani is a female vampire that is said to be the spirit of burial grounds, is black in appearance and emerges from a funeral pyre at night to hunt.


    This reminds me of the fact that i said i’ll be writing an article about vampires in mythology. Thats been put on hold for a while but i’ll try to get to it soon. In case you were wondering.

  256. Mina says:


    thanx for replying. You have no need to apologise for being busy :)

    Ooooo I must add one more fact.

    Last year, in November, I had this really vivid dream for three consecutive Tuesdays.
    It was this beautiful mountainy place with lush greenery, and in each dream I was viewing this place from a different angle.

    First, there was this row of about 5 trees, with a small concrete wall surrounding them. I was staring at them, looking for my cat, then I looked up at these beautiful mountains. I was in awe, then I looked back towards an old brick house where my family lived then back at the mountain.

    The next one I was in this woody place in between the mountains, trying to figure out where the hell i was, with fog everywhere (as I said there was lush plantgrowth, so it was an area that was either near a lot of water sources or received a lot of rainfall during that time).

    The third time, I was in this building, built high up the mountains, looking down at the other mountains, with a dense fog covering them like a blanket.

    about a week later, I saw (not, no relevance. just interesting) Dracula was showing on TV, and where Mina Harper (lol, yet again no relevance with the name either) asked the Count where he came from, he told her, and while he told her a slight image of the place where he is from appeared in the background. That was exactly the place I had dreamt about!

    I stumbled (literally) to my pc and typed ‘Carpathian Mountains’ and boom….that was the place. I was freaked for a while lol.

    I state again, I doubt there is any relevance, it was just odd that I dreamt of a place in exact detail without ever knowing it existed ( I had no idea that those mountains were called the Carpathians, or that they were In Romania. Okay, they are not just in Romania, they stretch quite far, but the highest concentration is in Romania.). Just thoght I’d share one of my freaky experiences lol.

  257. new person says:

    guts i have read your comments you dont now me but i think i do now about vampirs. i am new to this so go easy on me . thank you.

  258. new person says:

    and so please tell me that stephanie is not a vampire. i mean no hard feelings but i am kind of scared of vampires. stephanie if you really are a vampire tell me were vampires hide.

  259. ShadowedJE says:

    Ok first off, steph I believe you are half vampire, as I am full, I was brought up by foster parents and I am home schooled. I was born in march 13th 1994 which makes me 15, I get blood off animals, I will never attack a human, I don’t have many friends because I don’t see a lot of kids my age. I was not bitten, my two parents were both true vampires, I know this because I have recently contacted then, they explained to me that they had to leave me behind because they had to rest. I can not go out in the sun, I can bearly smell garlic without choaking, and I don’t sleep. Vampires can’t live in sunlight, but normal lights inside are fine. I am also a big beleiver in God, that is something alse I would like to mention as alpha said that the true vampires were followers of the devil. That is wrong, very wrong, vampires are another race of animal, just like a bear, or a dog or cat, there appearence is human like, but we are much diffrent. I don’t care who laugh’s at me, I shouldn’t be ashamed of telling the truth. Thankyou.

  260. Bracket says:


    Do you know how many people have told me they were vampires? It’s rediculous. Me and some friends met a woman who completely believed, without a doubt, that she was a vampire. A couple days later we pulled out of her house screaming and kicking into the sunlight and guess what, nothing happened. She spent almost 2 years in a mental hospital after that. Thats only one of the many, many stories i have investigated and even though there was the odd strange one (none of those claimed to be vampires by the way) i think you can see why i severly question those claims of people being vampires.

  261. Karen says:

    WHY IS EVERYONE AVOIDING MY QUESTION…….? HIV/AIDS ARE VAMPIRES IMMUNE . I saw a documentary once where these people claimed they were vampires and bit eachother,they said that(like sex) you really have to know your partener,if that’s what you believe and practice.

  262. Amatrix says:

    I started my search at local libraries, searching archives. I found little information, mainly stories of odd killings & supposed animals attacks from years ago. I knew I needed something older, something more reliable. So I started searching churches, reading their wide collections…and then it struck me…The Missions! We have many lined up in this state and they all have their secrets. I am a polite person so it was very easy for me to get the information I was interested in. At first they gave me odd stares, but then grew accustomed. It was when I traveled to the 2nd mission that I noticed a man sitting quietly , a familiar face that I had seen before…Didn’t think much of it. A few days later while climbing in to my truck I saw a man step out of the church I had left, his back was facing me, dressed in black, his appearance was all to familiar. When I drove around to get a better look…He was gone. Gave me much to think about. Made me more aware of my surroundings. It was a recent Saturday, around 6:30am I entered my local Starbucks as I usually do before my early morning walks, & ordered my coffee. I turned to wait for my coffee & he was there sitting quietly. I walked over to to him, sat at his table, & talked.

  263. devils child says:


    maybe real vampires are immune im not sure but the people who drink each others blood that you heard on the documentary are probably part of the gothic vampire subculture. this means most of them aren’t vampires but believe so strongly that they are or are just turned on by drinking blood so they do. these people can catch HIV/AIDs. i dont know about real vampires though maybe they are immune seems their cells are different.

  264. devils child says:

    by the way some of the Anonymous responses where me but ive been having problems with my computer.

  265. Karen says:

    Thank-you,devils child at least someone could answer. I think you’re right it was about gothic people who had a special club for this sort of thing.

  266. Karen says:

    I have alot of confusion here………. “half vampire”, “vampire tendencies”, “real vampire”??

  267. devils child says:


    half vampires are people who have some genetic similarities to vampires but not all the signs. they may need blood but not have trouble with sunlight etc. vampire tendencies are when someone feels the need to drink blood or acts like a vampire but may not acctually be a vampire. a real vampire is a person who shows most of the signs of vampires eg drinking blood, allergies to sunlight, etc

    hope that clears it up for you

  268. tia says:

    could you explain more your incident?what was this man?what did you talk about with him?

  269. Bracket says:


    That actually reminds me of something that happened just this weekend. My family was celebrating my fathers 5oth birthday with a cookout at the very large property of a friend. We were there for a couple hours when one of my younger cousins noticed a man in a suit, tie and sunglasses standing off in the distance. The strange thing is that he looked familiar to every single person at the party, even the children, but none of us could quite place where we’ve seen him before. Some of us decided to go talk to him but on our way to him there was a dip in the field where we lost sight of him for a few seconds and when we got sight of where he was standing seconds before he was gone. Your story actually popped into my head while this was happening.

  270. ShadowedJE says:

    Ok first off, steph I believe you are half vampire, as I am full, I was brought up by foster parents and I am home schooled. I was born in march 13th 1994 which makes me 15, I get blood off animals, I will never attack a human, I don’t have many friends because I don’t see a lot of kids my age. I was not bitten, my two parents were both true vampires, I know this because I have recently contacted then, they explained to me that they had to leave me behind because they had to rest. I can not go out in the sun, I can bearly smell garlic without choaking, and I don’t sleep. Vampires can’t live in sunlight, but normal lights inside are fine. I am also a big beleiver in God, that is something alse I would like to mention as alpha said that the true vampires were followers of the devil. That is wrong, very wrong, vampires are another race of animal, just like a bear, or a dog or cat, there appearence is human like, but we are much diffrent. I don’t care who laugh’s at me, I shouldn’t be ashamed of telling the truth.

  271. Cros says:


    you left out the “thankyou”


    Reading your story gave me the feel that i was reading a novel. The way you explained it seemed so fictionlike…but interesting all the same…

  272. Blue jay says:

    Can you tell us any more about vamps?
    I think a lot of people on here would appreciate information concerning being bitten,
    the supposed evil of the vampiric race, and some more about you.
    Maybe you should publish a story.

    (on this website, naturally, I doubt that any book publishers would believe you)

  273. Blue jay says:

    …I was just flipping back through comments, and it seems like a lot of people seem to think vampires are simply cruel killers who have no emotions besides hate…
    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, of course, but I believe that’s crap.

    It’s like looking at a phycho killer, and saying: Oh, this species is homicidal! Don’t get close! They might kill you!
    Who KNOWS what all vampires are like? Maybe some of you just met the wrong ones…
    Until I see all the vampires in the world go on a killing spree, I will never believe that an entire race is bent on destruction. Kinda like saying that the human race is dedicated to the demolition of earth (DON’T COMMENT! BAD EXAMPLE!).

  274. Bracket says:

    Blue jay

    I don’t think they’re filled with hate but (i’ve said this before) if you have an animal feeding on another, you have a predator and we are it’s prey. In comparison if they were humans we would be cows or pigs and look at what we do to them. We lock them in cages and cut them into little pieces. Do you know anybody who respects and animals and consideres them equals? I don’t think so.

  275. Cros says:

    Blue Jay

    Destruction may not be the right word for it…true vampires might be territorial…just like pretty much all life on earth…and creatures with a diet such as blood…it’s not crazy for your first thought to be “predator”…but if a theory as convenient as partial vampirism is true…it’s easy to say vampires are as violent as humans…so your example fits in its own way…

    …but vampirism is unknown to us…people fear it naturally…and fiction depicts vampires as evil…even myths and stories of old describe them the same way…though every now and then you can come across fiction like Twilight, and we’ve already seen in just these comments how that story alone can effect certain people and their belief…

    …so actually…it’d be against the majority to say vampires are pleasant and peaceful…and seeing as how we’re going on theories…majority gets majority credit…

  276. Amatrix says:

    I spoke about this “Man” with Bracket a few comments earlier. A Priest, yet not so much. A Watcher with a great deal of knowledge & a solid silence. I was the one with all the questions, he just nodded. He read the tattoo on my wrist, smiled then set my wrist on a book… The damn book is in latin…Slowly im translating…Sub Rosa is a topic I’ve come across. He is still in my company.

    An insinuation, with a compliment???…:-) Well Done! :-) …Thank You??
    With Kindness.

  277. Anonymous says:

    What if vampires do exist? Why wont they come out and say ” Im here”? Pretty stupid huh but i do wish i was one! I hink theyre cool! Does anybody know a web site i can go to and do some research about them???

  278. Alpha says:


    I never said vampires were followers of the devil. It’s simply a theory that vampires may initially have been spawned by lucifer, however it is a weak as i’m sure you’ve acknowledged. Besides, even if it was true that doesn’t mean all of them are bad, like all humans aren’t good, even though they were created by a righteous, selfless deity from a christian perspective.


  279. Harmony says:

    heey guys & girls, Angels & Demonds whoever and whatever you are…
    I’m a 14 year old school girl from england ( No not london lol ) heres my story!

    I was at school like any normal day and my friend sophie came up to me saying “Oh my gosh you gotta read twilight” and i was like okay as im a bookworm and i never put the book down i read them all.
    And now the Vampire, Angels and Demonds, Witches and Warlocks world has tucken its place in my mind.
    I’m not saying i think im a vampire. i just want to know your acusations…
    i dont like playing out like all my friends do. while writing this my curtains are closed, for no reason really just that the light is simply annoying.
    my eyes are blue so nothing wierd there.
    but my name is Harmony. No joke ( thank my mother for that =/ lol )
    does that have any meaning?
    dont worry you can think im crazy lol i dont mind
    i feel like im depressed and … well thats it really. i feel like my eyes have been opened for the first time in my life. i feel like when somebody tells me something and its a lie i can tell… but im not intierlly sure! i just sense it. i have never come across a vampire but if i did i would be sure to either
    1. Run away screaming and shouting help!
    2. Look at him/her in a daze
    3. Ask them questions like an idiot ( lol )
    4. Faint

    plus something wierd about me – When i see blood. i dont care or think about it. my grandad whom is still alive and well ( thank the heavens ) has sensitive eyes, so the sun hurts him, he has diabities if this helps ?
    my grandma ( still alive ) has white skin ( as do i but i think this is from my lack of sunlight lol )
    i dont know what else to say but i’m seeing my grandma today and going to ask her to take me to the local libary and continue my search or just simply look up about it and ask my grandma if we have any links to vampires… it would be cool to find out anything from my past family, i do not follow any religion but do belive strongly about God and Satan(heaven and hell) I love Halloween ( SWEETS !! :D ) lol but i have a passion for this kindov stuff im a serious teen looking for answers ! Write Back and contact me if you can :P Thank you very much and Good luck on Your searches p.s Any stories on vampires witches warlocks… ect email me them, they fasinate me so much add me on facebook 2 i started writing a story ( nothing to do with vampies ect) but is very good ( i think)

  280. Blue jay says:

    So what both of you are basically saying is that vampires are a primitive and yet superior species who look at us as nothing more than cows?
    We mistreat animals like chickens, cows, and pigs because they are used in fast food restaurants, or because the people that raise them have no compassion.
    Vamps have either no compassion or see us as a fast food restaurant then?

  281. Lady M says:

    Hi Guys,

    I came upon this website and decided to have a peruse. Interesting discussions going on in this thread so I decided to have an input. I for one believe that some people truly honestly think they are Vampires. I can not form an opinion about their existence until I have satisfied my need for knowledge on the subject, which in turn will provide me with some evidence to either confirm or dismiss the possibility of Vampires! For those of you who believe that you are Vampires (in what ever form, modern etc), I have a few questions, and it is in no way meant as disrespectful, it will just give me a little bit of an insight for my book I an currently working on.
    Q. Did you have any of the feelings you relate to being a Vampire before you knew what a Vampire was or after?
    Q. Also what age did this change (sorry if “change” is not politic) happen to each of you.
    Q. Do any of today’s modern Vampires actually claim to be older in years than their appearance?

    Merci beaucoup……
    Lady M

  282. Hibernus says:

    Have any of you considered a chemical theory for human vampirism? Though when i say chemical i do not mean iron, niacin, or b-12 ( a deficiency in either b-12 or iron, however, will cause anemia) but rather chemicals such as cortisol, T3, T4, or arginine-vasopressin.

  283. Cros says:

    Blue Jay

    Well, i see you are referring to the “whole” race…now of course the whole race isn’t going to be violent…if they exist, i’m sure there are those few who are moral-stricken…

    …but what i’m saying is it’s silly to think majority of a race that feeds on humans are kind to humans…even if we are just theorizing…

    …and i believe you looked too much into bracket’s example…of course vampires wouldn’t see us as fast food…that’s a poor choice of words…and obviously…we aren’t slaughtered by them…but if they still exist, they must be eating somehow…

    …and we don’t slaughter our food…at least not in the extremity that you seem to think…

    …cattle is to us, as we are to vampires…

    …i think that’s all bracket was saying…and when he asked you to think of what we do to cattle, he meant look at the violence…we’re not exactly befriending them…so why think vampires would befriend us…

  284. Soul N says:

    Lady M.
    Q. I for one did, my front teeth where unusually sharp and were very strong for my age, my skin was always a moonlight shade pale, and i never seemed to tan, even though my family is of indian decent (my mother being half indian and father being british) and both of my siblings, mother and father have Even to darker skintones, and for some reason i always enjoyed the taste of blood, which i still found strange to this day.
    Q. By change im assuming your asking about us discovering/contemplating we are the descendants of vampires, for me it was in my early teens, i dont think i am a vampire as such, aber i have put alot of research into it.
    Q.I wouldent know for sure, since ive never met anyone who matches my or the documentors descriptor bar myself.

  285. Bracket says:

    Blue jay

    Basically what i’m saying is that it’s instinct. I guarantee you that you’ll never see a lion befriend a gazelle, or a bear and a deer or a wolf and a rabbit. It would never happen because if they did they would die. They would have to consider us inferior to survive. Theres nothing really “evil” about it. It’s just nature.

  286. Karen says:

    In France the pods of garlic were roasted on Midsummer Eve and given to rural families for protection (well, they don’t do that anymore)

  287. amy says:

    I never really liked the light i stayed in when sun was up and went out when it came down.im very, very very light skinned.And my side teeth (dont know how they re called sorry) are bigger than the rest.And i never had problem looking to blood i have even tasted some for fun and i can say i kinda liked it.Well does this make me a vampire??i believe that they exist though…

  288. Karen says:

    eye teeth avril lavinge has the same thing!

  289. bracket says:

    Blue jay

    Yeah but i bet you don’t consider them equal, if one dies i’m guessing you don’t burst into tears. I’m also guessing you still eat chicken too.

  290. Cros says:

    Blue Jay

    And even if you do consider them equal, and busrt into tears if they die, and don’t eat chicken…we’re talking about the whole human race…yeah, there will be the select few like yourself, but that doesn’t change the majority…

  291. Amatrix says:

    Yes Caretaker.
    From My own experience…I understand!

  292. tyra says:

    I look to animals as equals, but i still like meat and stuff.i dont really cry when another person dies only when an animal dies.i like animals better than people because they rely on instinct and nothings too complicated with them.i always wish i was an animal instead of human…animals are kinder and they dont kill for fun they kill for food when they need it. ^-^

  293. bracket says:


    Whose more important to you, your mother or your dog?

  294. maryfey says:

    I agree with Tyra somewhat…. my family means more to me than my dog, but if I see an animal and human get hurt, I feel more compassion for the animal.

  295. bracket says:


    But you have to think about the psychology of the situation. You feel more compassion for the animal because you feel that the animal wouldn’t understand what’s going on, in other words you feel smarter (superior) than the animal.

    I’ve mentioned this like eight times before. Why are people jumping on me now?

  296. maryfey says:

    I’m not jumping on you :(

    I never thought of the psychology of the situation before.It does make sense the way that you put it,so thankyou for enlightening me.
    I was just saying how I feel though,so who’s jumping on who…lol

  297. bracket says:


    I wasn’t necessarily talking to you or about you. I was just talking about the fact that i’ve said that predator comment before and never got a response to it then all of a sudden i mention it this time and everybody tries to contradict me (especially by blue jay which isn’t really that much of a surprise).

  298. crystal says:

    well any way i wuz looking for ghost stories and came across this vampire stuff.and i myself have always had a thing for vamps 2.but i have 2 say im animic and have pale skin but i dont go arond drinking peoples blood or anything elses 4 that matter.and the whole lillith being the first wife of adam that is a bunch of crap!!!!because eve is the first and only wife of adam it says so in the bible.and the only vamps i seen where these people that think there goth and play pretend and think they r something they r not.but as 4 ghosts i do belive because i have seen…thank u

  299. maryfey says:


  300. bracket says:


    The Kabbalah states that she was created before Eve, with Adam, but wouldn’t be submissive during sex so was kicked out of Eden. She then subsequently became a demon.

  301. Blue jay says:

    Sorry, been gone for a while:
    I actually try to avoid chicken as much as possible, and I DEFINITELY would be crying for days if one of them died.
    But, I can see that this is a pointless conversation, so let’s stop…

  302. bracket says:


    Well frankly it depends on a case by case basis. It matters what mood i’m in, what time it is, what the weather’s like, whether i have or haven’t had lunch. That sort of thing.

  303. Karen says:

    But the Kabbalah isn’t eveyones belief, so then you could also agree with crystal

  304. Bracket says:


    Yes but all religion is an amalgamation of other religions. Christianity itself has borrowed from Paganism, the Kabbalah, ancient Egyptian mythology, ancient Greece, Buddhism and Arabic mythology among the many, many others. They would obsorb parts of the religion and mythology of the area they were in to make a cleaner transition for the inhabitants.

  305. Bracket says:


    I just weirded you out didn’t I.

    Thats something my uncle used to say to me and my cousins if we were acting up. It was different each time but the layout was always the same.

  306. maryfey says:

    doesn’t really answer my question

    and no i wasnt weirded outtakes a lot to do that.lol

  307. Karen says:

    Bracket, ok so the muslims don’t belive in Jesus (I’ve read the koran) because it says that God never had a consort, but in christianity, God implanted the seed into Mary, he never touched her , so therefore in arab countries the thought of sex is taboo? So it depends on what you’re acomidating for every region?

  308. bracket says:


    Yes, they will use the stuff that fits into their rules. For instance, practically all documented demons in christianity are from other religions.

  309. Blue jay says:

    I don’t understand why we clash so much…so what is the retort?
    I promise not…to…say….anything….RRRR….back….

  310. maryfey says:

    why does more supernatural occurences seem to happen in some countries/places more than others?

  311. bracket says:

    Blue jay

    If you’re not going to have a response to the retort then whats the point to saying it? Besides, it’s been too hyped so i’m not going to say it.


    What do you mean, like the Bermuda Triangle?

  312. maryfey says:


    No….I was just doing some research on my country and it wasn’t coming up with a lot of stuff, but places like Europe and the Americas have heaps of information.

  313. bracket says:


    Where do you live (just the country)?

  314. maryfey says:


  315. bracket says:


    Well if you think about it, Australia has only reletively recently been settled by European countries. Have you looked at the mythologies of the indigenous groups in the area?

  316. Karen says:

    I read somewhere that vampires like in Bram Stoker and Anne Rice were really nothing more than “serial rapist” ……………preying on the young girl;;;;;;;;;;;all the screaming involved, ect…and they always have a harem of course the “real vampire” Vlad the Impaler, did nothing but cause terror to everyone in the villiage………………….and judiasim believes more in vampires cause it’s in the Kabbalah………….You guy’s I just don’t know, I really don’t think they exsist.

    By the way braket and blue jay when are you guys gonna get married! LOL

  317. bracket says:


    Stories of vampires were around centuries before Vlad Tepesh, and where is it said that they always have a harem?

    Also, me and blue jay are both guys and he’s 11 i think, so please don’t say that again. Every time i say something he always has some sort of come back.

  318. Bracket says:


    I’ve mentioned this to someone else before. You mention that you may be depressed and many people with depression do have a sensitivity to light. You not caring about blood can also be attributed to this and you mention that you can sense when somebody is lying, that can have a connection to the depression in that your mind has gone through a “transformation” and you are noticing things you never noticed before, i know that may sound a little out there but depression (even minor depression) does alot to the body and mind. Another explanation is that you may just be very observant and only noticed it now (which would be kind of funny because you’re so observant). Thanks for not jumping to the conclusion that you’re a vampire. Everybody is different and sometimes people think they may be something bigger then they really are, not everyones minds and bodies work exactly the same. For instance the average body temperature is 98.6 but thats just the average and some people will notice that their body temp is lower and jump to the conclusion that they’re dead, in other words: a vampire.


    I was guessing so, i was talking about a bunch of posts back when my name on here was brackette. People were calling me she so i took the extra T and E off the name.

  319. maryfey says:


    yeah,the Aboriginals have their dream time stories about how the land was created and their spirits and stuff like that.And I know we have lots of hauntings but that”s about it.I know Australia’s not as old …….but come on,give me something interesting!lol
    I have some Spanish in me,so maybe I’ll have a look there…

    thankyou,you’re always helpful :D

  320. amy says:

    i ve read in some articles that some animals were found dead, drained of blood.Is that true?what kind of animal could do this does anyone know?

  321. Bracket says:


    The problem with animal mutilations is that they’re very rarely inspected by experts so by the time that the animal is found, the blood has dried up (which can happen within a couple hours) and it just seems like the blood is gone and some supernatural entity is blamed when it could have just been a coyote or something. People usually blame animal mutilations on chupacabra.

  322. amy says:

    thank you Bracket.But the chupacabra exists?i thought it was a myth or something..

  323. Bracket says:


    Aren’t vampires?

  324. amy says:

    Well i want to believe that they are not just a myth,maybe they are… who knows..?

  325. Harmony says:


    Hello its harmony again!

    Lol thank you for not thinking im crazy
    to be honest i even went to the library to look stuff up and i read some really great myth stories, i had no idea were connected to greece myths and ledgends.
    i learned alot and i have an idea why im cold all the time… Blood Circulation in the body?
    and blood probs dont bother me much because i dont bleed much… LOL
    anyway thank you for your help and i’ll keep checking this site :P
    Im feeling alot happier too. Maybe it was just a faze ? anyway speaking of vampires Twilight Saga – New Moon Trailer Made Me Cry!!!!!
    November dont forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Im out!
    <3 Harmz

  326. Sarah says:

    I’m also really interested in vampires _lOliS_ . I’m from Romania, so many in my family believes in vampires because of mystic murderes that have happened here. we don’t believe that Dracula was a vampire, but he was indeed a murderer but also a national hero. I think you would find it very interesting to go Romania and see Draculas castles – I think it’s interesting. Just wanted to recommend it to you ;) Good luck with your vampire search.

  327. Anonyme says:

    We do not live under the soil or earth as many think. Although we are few we live like anyone else. There are humans that wish to be like us, but I have searched many millenia for a way to turn into one of you. It has been three thousand and seventy-five years since the date of my birth and still i live in torment. Having to satisfy this need for blood that haunts us. I agree with some of you who have the intelligence to stay away you are right we may not be as savage as many have made us out to be. But there are some that just kill for the thrill. Take this information as you chose and pray you never come across one of my kind.

    Veuillez agrer Madame et Monsieur l’expression des mes salutations distingues

  328. greg says:

    Man i wish i was a vampire. ive checked in to several websites all saying they exist this one has had the mot imformation…….
    SO FAR

  329. Ghost Girl says:

    Vlad the Impaler, a.k.a. Vlad III, Dracula, Drakulya, or Tepes, was born in late 1431, in the citadel of Sighisoara, Transylvania, the son of Vlad II or Dracul, a military governor, appointed by Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund. Vlad Dracul was also a knight in the Order of the Dragon, a secret fraternity created in 1387 by the Emperor, sworn to uphold Christianity and defend the empire against the Islamic Turks.
    Transylvania, along with Moldavia and Wallachia, are now joined together as Romania. The name Dracul can be interpreted in two ways, the first translation from Romanian would be “Dragon”, but it sometimes also means “Devil”. Vlad was not called Tepes, which means “spike” in Romanian, until after his death; instead, he was known as Vlad Dracula, the appended “a” meaning “son of,” so essentially, throughout his life, he was known as the “son of the Devil.”

    from Wikipedia – http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Where_did_the_vampire_myth_originate

  330. Karen says:

    Cher Anonyme, je pense que tu es un peu fou………. NON??

    sorry for people not speaking french i said i think hes crazy!

  331. Karen says:

    Anonyme, Je vous prie d’ agrer, Madame, Monsieur, l’expression de mes sincres salutations.

  332. Blue jay says:

    …Sorry, I’ve been gone for a while, again.
    Karen: I AM NOT A GIRL!
    Bracket: I could very well have lied to you about saying I’m 11…I could be 60, or 98, or 22, or 16 for all you know.
    (Yes, I’m never gonna confirm my age)
    (And yes, I also enjoy playing with people’s heads…:))
    …And bracket, you better NOT tell me ‘it’s past my bedtime’!
    (I’m making jokes, by the way. You don’t have to laugh)
    …Karen….I’ll think of something to say later…

  333. Karen says:

    Now, now Blue Jay, you take it easy there we’re just joking around, the reason I thought you were a girl is cause of your name I wasn’t thinking about the Jay, I was thinking about the bird.

    And yes Blue Jay , I can imagine you being 98 wearing a diaper with your cane propped up beside you, drooling over the keyboard, arguing with Bracket.

    Are you always gone so long cause thats how long it takes you to type in a response?

  334. Bracket says:


    I agree with Karen, you’re either crazy or lying. I talk about why i don’t believe people claiming to be vampires on this site in an earlier comment.

  335. Bracket says:

    Blue jay

    You know, telling me your age isn’t going to make me go “uh huh! You’re Jayson Smith from Denver Colorado!” You can tell us something about you. For instance i’m 22, do you know who i am? I don’t think so.

  336. Bella says:

    Hi um…..I have always been entriged in this sorta stuff but I have never belived I have always belived in scienec but I was over at my friends house and she is crazy info this so sus made me watch the twilight movie (ironicly my name is bella lol ) and I am normaly a very clumsy person and I need glasses well recently things have been changin I am not clusmy I don’t need my glasses anymore and my eyes are chaingin colur frequently and my agailty has changed drasticly….also I have been creeping everone out as I would walk to answer the door b4 the person knocked I would go to answer my phone b4 it rang and I seem to no what people are going to say …what’s happening ?….am I going crazy ? Help
    Bella ,x

  337. MZ.A says:

    I really do not understand why in this day and time why anyone in their right mind would want to drink blood especially with AIDS/HIV running rampant.

    I do however believe that there may be individualls who crave the taste of blood due to a possible medical condition what i don’t know but thats just a theory,

    I am an open minded person ,i believe in many mysteries of our strange universe but vampires are not one of them.i’m not saying they do’nt exist i just do’nt believe in them and i’m not going to knock anyone who does.

    >Questionaire, do you realize that you have pretty much given your exact location?
    if anyone wanted to find you ,especially the goverment, they could . Be careful of what you print. Stay safe okay.

  338. Tia says:

    Hey Bella
    Maybe you ve taken a little too serious the twilight thing?I think that you saw yourself in bella in twilight and you wanted to believe that you r like her or something more than you are?as for the other things(you open the door before it knocks and the phone before it rings)..well..it happens to me too sometimes..i dont think it is that weird is it?
    Dont get offended or anything im just making assumptions ….
    Thank you :)

  339. Karen M. says:

    MZ.A, Ive said it before in the comments above about HIV/ AIDS..NO ONE IS TAKING ME SERIOUSLY EITHER!

    You guy’s, let’s go back to the subject, it was going good til we had a few crack-pots on the site, I for one am interested in this story. we’re here to talk about this stuff, that after 400 some comments, seems to have held alot of people’s interest, so can we stop with this “I’m a vampire” crap?

  340. bracket says:

    It seems like this comment thread has become the central place for people to visite this site and talk to people.

  341. Harmony says:

    soooo…. Am i being ignored????
    ill leave bigs gaps so i am not ignored
    Ok back to the subject of VAMPIRES

    School -

    I was in ict and my teacher came up to me and said
    “Your doing an awesome job Keep it up” ( Note she is like 20 or summat ) so her saying Awesome is ok.. I guess…

    “Awesomeer High five” I said.
    *We high fived*
    teacher – Omg ur hands r so cold . Your a vampire!?

    i was like WTF!!!????

    ” Miss u been reading too much twilight ” (Evil Smugly smile on my face)
    “… Noo” ( Innocent * im a responsable teacher* face)

    lol so anyway a couple days later ( after almost forgetting the wierd high fived teacher ( LOON)
    my friend Mandeep walked passed me and tapped my elbow and said
    ” Omffggg ur cold and its boiling outside”
    i said ” er.. Kay?”
    so i walked away

    then todaaaay she calls me vampirella … Lovee the name ( Its also my friend megans cats middle name.. Inspired by moi)

    also today on the bus ride home. a guy named ben was looking at me in the eyes and i was like
    ” Dude …. personal space… PLEASE”
    and he said ” Your Eyes r like Electric Blue… Dude thats Awesome”
    and i said…. ” Hahaha kay.. ur not wierd at all….”
    and he said ” Okay”
    ( No lie this is all true )
    then a girl behind me started tlkin bout Harry potter V Twilight and i said Twilight Duh! Vampires r sooo better than Wizards

    anywaay this is reeli annoying me. Im now addressed at school as Vella. or Vampirelleree :( U guys wonna be vampires… i did too…. Now i suppose i am one… at skwl anyway.. I still think my unusally Body Temp is from blood Circulation. :D

    Tell Me Your Thoughts Plz


    ILY Guys u all rock

    Even tho u guys r probs well older than me
    Im mature,,,

    and cant stop talking… or typing
    even the my finger tips hurt… Of on facebook now.:P


    Im sorry im boring u…..

    :P Im happy

    No drugs i swear xx
    Electric Blue is now my fav cula

  342. Harmony says:


    Im confused… Plz note im a teenager. and i dont take thing in… i need more ..explenation than most ppl… Buble brain?

    lol ID? PASSWORD??? I just left a reply …. how do i register…

  343. Harmony says:

    oh kaaai :D

    Caretaker.. r u like the site manager… or admin.. or summat… coz u seem 2 help ppl out alot on here i thought it was aplha. and im menna be sleeping atm coz its half 10pm were i am and its a skwl night… SHhh! lol

  344. Amatrix says:

    He’s the BOSS! He’s The MAN!! The GODFATHER of True ghost tales & I’m his Mistress!!!…LMAO…PMSL…Sorry Caretaker…couldn’t resist! Feel free to edit/ delete! :-)

  345. Harmony says:

    oh well its an honor then :D should i bow??

    Anyway i live in england and this TRUE story takes place in my hometown and i looked it up in the library.. wanna share it with u ( Caretaker and anybody else)


    Ty and any comments plz feel free :D This story reeli interests me btw

  346. Amatrix says:

    Why is there so much Bickering between commenters? …My apologies Bracket & Blue Jay, may I just suggest you both measure eachothers C*#Ks already & find out whose the bigger man. Seriously…It’s getting old, & frankly these “yeah you better”s are just childish! I have nothing against either one of you. I just don’t understand why you have to pick at eachother?
    Forgive Me

  347. bracket says:


    You could just have a lower body temp.

    And Alpha is the author of this article, in case you were wondering.

  348. Amatrix says:

    Yes…You should. lol…make sure to bow you head & kiss his pinky Ring also!
    lol….With Humor sweetie

  349. maryfey says:

    You’re welcome :D I’m 24 by the way…and feeling dumber by the day,lol.

    Karen:Yeah,I’m an Aussie.I’ve always wanted to go to France!That’s awesome,you’re so lucky to live there.

  350. bracket says:


    Me and blue jay are just having disagreements about some things. It started when he came on here giving evidence that he might be a vampire, i gave him some evidense against it and he shot it down claiming my my evidence didn’t work because of his age (i was blaming puberty), he said he was too young for it yet recently he said he may have lied about his age. So i’m just trying to get to the bottom of this.

    Besides, he started it.

  351. Amatrix says:

    Low Blood Pressure will alter body temperature. Makes the hands Ice Cold. Have it checked please.
    Also could be Raynaud’s Phenomenon

  352. Sarahx says:

    hi um I tried to post anther comment and it doesn’t seem to come up ….I’m having alot of werid things happening that as far as I’ve red are related to vampires and it’s. Becoming werid before my freikds were messing saying I’m a vampire just cuz my teeth are sharp but now everything is changin and I am becoming very distant from my friends ….. I need someones help plzz xxx

  353. Amatrix says:

    Oops Harmony ..Hypothyroidism also

  354. Amatrix says:

    lol Sweetie I’m very familiar with the situation. I’ve been observing for a while. I Consider myself the sister watching her two brothers fight. I’m pretty sure Blue Jay will say you started it first! Its a never ending battle…I can just feel the love.
    Now be Honest boys….
    Bracket: How old are you?
    Blue Jay: How old are you?

  355. maryfey says:

    I’m cold all the time because I have bad circulation,I’m really intolerant to garlic but that’s just one of my many food allergies,I have pointed teeth which I inherited off my father cos he’s English and lots of English people have bad/weird teeth and I am excellent at reading peoples body language and knowing what the outcomes of things are going to be but that’s just because I’m really observant and a good listener.
    In no way would I ever think that I’m a vampire.Everything I explained above happens to millions of people worldwide and your body is continually changing.

  356. Amatrix says:

    Sorry Bracket…Your 22

  357. Blue jay says:

    I really AM 11, I admit that I started the argument by coming here…
    Don’t tease me about it…it’s getting annoying, the way some people on other websites or community places will get on your nerves to make you feel bad about your age.
    I’m sorry, amatrix, for being an idiot and acting like 5 year-old.
    Bracket, I’m sorry for making a joke, and not making it clear that it WAS a joke…
    I think bracket is definitely a bigger person, anyway…
    (By the way, The joke was in my last comment)
    I don’t want to argue with you.
    I’m pretty sure you KNOW why I take so long… There’s this thing called school, homework, and flunking.
    You said you were joking around, but it’s not funny, and I’m getting sick of this… cut it out, and I will too.
    Amatrix, I did definitely NOT start this one…

  358. harmony says:

    Hypothyroidism is that like a serious illness????

    logged on another comp Btw

  359. Karen M. says:

    Amatrix, You took the words right out of my mouth, he makes no sense what-so-ever!

  360. harmony says:

    Karen M. Awesome, Its wierder for me because it is in my hometown so knowing there was some sort of vampire here it makes me feel scared and happy at the sme time. xx

    Thinking of changing my user name to V.ella ( VampireElla )

    OH EWW I JUST FOUND OUT WOT Raynauds Phenomenon
    is ITS AWFULL I hope i dont hav it :S

  361. Amatrix says:

    Blue Jay,
    So you’re 11. OK. No a Problem. Your opinions are just as important as everyone else. No need to feel bad about your age. You actually do make sense when you’re not on the offensive. YOU ARE NOT AN IDIOT!

    Hypothyroidism just means you have an underactive Thyroid. In other words your Thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of certain hormones. They have medication for it. I’m not saying you have it. I was just giving you some ideas as to why your temp is below normal. Have a your Dr. Order you a Thyroid test (TSH). If anything comes up the Dr will order you a Free T4, & a T3 to make sure. Obesity would be a major symptom though. Also if you live in a naturally cold environment & you have low circulation…then yes you would be colder than others.

    Karen M.
    Agreed….BTW…Please be gentle with Blue Jay…lol :-)

  362. Vampella says:


    Thank you for all your help. I live in england… so yeah… wet weather… Ew
    I no im abnormal lol im freaky funny
    also i run track at school so obesity isnt a prob though u got me looking in a mirror for like five mins poking my chin LOL

    Karen M

    am i the cute little english girl?? lol if yes. then i correct u

    ” Cute DORKY litte english girl ” LOl and im only 14 so Little?? LOL

    Plus im Harmony btw felt like a change of name.. Vampella is awesomer.

  363. Vampella says:

    LOl Caretaker is legend… lol

    *coughs* ” Our World… PRESIDENTS??? REPTILIANS… LOl dude VAMPIRES!!! ”

    SORRY i think i had too much sugar today – No meaness Requierd. and my spelling sucks.. Caretakers #1 Fan! XD

    Karen M is my new best friend :D Yay! P.s gunna find more interessting vampire storys.. ooh CHALLENGE … A vampire Story without the word BLOOD in it…. Hehe
    Harmony xx

    ok updated xx

    If vampires can eat Regular food.. would they eat stuff like Black pudding or stuff??

  364. devil's child says:


    the wet weather here in england is aweful for most people however im quite fond of it.

    anyway is there any stories of vampires in england?

  365. Vampella says:

    1. Awesome this is like school and caretaker is the creepy Janitor hiding out back and all us school kids are hiding in his shed talking about randomness vampires XD Luv it

    2.devil’s child nice to meet you :) .
    I love the cold weather too. I wanna go live in anartica aswell… But if someone gave me free plane tickets to Egipt I’d be gone like… NOW.
    In one of my earlier post i posted a ( Now link… Caretaker lol (copyright) ) about a guy in wakefield england… and that wasnt too long ago… maybe not my lifetime but maybe my great grans…… lol Anyway i’ll update if i find anymore XD

    ILY All Family Hug !!!
    XXX Harmony XXX


    BBC NEWS ( Thats were i got it from – Also 2003 news report )

    Scott Bower and Benjamin Lewis were found guilty of waging the three-month campaign against the Reverend Christopher Rowberry, his wife Karen and children Hannah, 15, and Simon, 17.

    Judge John Boggis QC sentenced Lewis, 25, of Kinross Road, Totton, Hampshire, to 12 months in jail and Bower, 26, of School Road, Eling, Totton, to six months.

    The pair were joined in the campaign by Lewis 19-year-old girlfriend, Natalie Gibson.

    Gibson, also of Kinross Road, who is six months pregnant with Lewis child, was given a three-month jail sentence suspended for 12 months.

    Mr Lewis allegedly left an obscene picture of Christ on the notice board
    Judge Boggis told Lewis at Southampton Crown Court: This is a case of repeated victimisation of a man who showed you tolerance and understanding, the effect of which was to drive a wedge of fear into his family.

    The distress of his wife was clear for all to see.

    I hope you are truly ashamed of what you did but it is clear from the pre-sentence reports that you are not.

    The court heard that Lewis had an unshakeable belief that he was a vampire and was undergoing psychiatric treatment.

    He was described as the ring leader of the harassment, responsible for making obscene telephone calls which included howling noises, screeching sounds and mechanical laughing.

    He also placed truly disgusting images on the noticeboards of St Mary The Virgin Church in Eling Hill, Totton.

    Xxx Harmony xxX Dno if Caretaker will just post link so here it is anyway


  366. Vampella says:

    Ok i updated some more. Uno my mum said ” Darling daughter this is just some faze get over it already ” lol and im really into it so No mother i wont just ” Get over it”

    Link – MUST READ AWESOME ( GooseBumps )


  367. Vampella says:

    Okai so i dont understand i read this article…

    “Vampires mainly bite a victim’s neck, extracting the … pack has found a particularly safe, secluded hiding spot”


    What do they think humans such as ourselves would mistake bite marks as a HICKY?


    the BACK of the neck ( on a girl ) would be better or under their armpit :S

    trust me if i were a vampire i’d probs have to think twice about biting them. (ew armpit blood taste)


  368. Vampella says:

    Bracket -

    Hi :D that is wierdish.
    i had more comments my eyes today. and my hair WIERDDERR

    total stranger – ” Omg i luv ur hair * Feels up my hair* Its so soft and shiny”
    Me and my friend look at each other
    me – ” Ah yes.. Well thank you but i must dash of ( To meet the queen lol – Thought not spoken)
    Smiles at Strange Lady person…
    me and friend ” Wierd….”

    Elecrtic Blue eyes… I blush everytime someone says that 2 me :D

  369. Karen M. says:

    Vampella, don’t feel bad that happens with all of us here, i still can’t figure him out either but i guess it’s not worth thinking about! I knew a guy that was scizophrenic once and he talked exactly like this guy does!! strange

  370. Vampella says:

    Ok Light bulb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe vampires were the start of human creation.
    But Evolved into what were are today (Humans)
    and true Vampires who didnt evolve dont have a need to drink blood but only do it so there speises(*Spelling sucks soz) dosnt die out. Maybe we have it TOTALY wrong.
    maybe i do.
    Maybe we are all desendents to vampires but have lost our Genetic Memory ( Like Whitch Mountain lol )

    And maybe Vampires lived before us. I mean if they still live now they must be waay smarter than us (Humans) Because only the smartest Speciese survive ( Global warming/ Dinosours died out coz they suck LOL)
    Maybe Vampires are A much Better Us.. Than us and we can learn from them. Maybe ( and this is my though) Thats why the goverment keep them secret. ( Or try to )
    Coz they dont want ” Vampires ” ( or reeli smart people who’s egsistance got changed over Stupid Historic people) to rule over us and goverment think us “Humans” Are better….. Does this make sense ? i was just lying down on my bed and then CLICK it came to me

    Harmz x

  371. devil's child says:

    vampella. its nice to meet you to:D
    thanks. i havent been reading the post as i have had exams and coursework for a while and my computer went down. i will look at the posts to find the link and thanks for the others.

    i am having a mental argument with myself about the best places to go as i am thinking of going on a world tour in search of vampire legends after my education is done. can anyone suggest some places?

  372. Kylie says:

    I’ve read most of the comments on this page and I thought I would add my ever so humble opinion.
    I have never encountered anyone or anything that claims to be or resembles a vampire, but I do believe in the possibility of their existence.There are still many things we don’t know for sure in this world,right?

  373. Karen M. says:

    Can I quote somthing I found on the internet…….The vampire is a literay subject. Hence, there are numerous descriptions of the origins, natrure, powers, ect. of vampires. What seems to be universal about vampire myths is their connection with the fear of death and the desire for immortality. The ritual of drinking blood to overcome death has been practiced by many people. The Aztecs and other Native Americans, for example ate the hearts and drank the blood of captives in ritual ceremonies, most likely to satisfy the appetite of their gods and gain for themselves fertility and immortality………..and the Dionsus and Mithras who drank animal blood!

  374. devil's child says:


    i am seventeen. i am just starting second year of a levels at college.

    thanks for the suggestions.

  375. Vampella says:

    Devils Child

    Awesome ! & Pfft dont thank me thank the internet !! ( Bows down to my laptop )
    my laptop is my bible

  376. devil's child says:


    well then i bow to your laptop :D . but you had to tell your laptop what to find so thanks.

    GCSEs arent as hard as people make them out to be as long as you dont let the work build up. do it when you get it.

  377. Vampella says:

    I see what your saying Caretaker but i think the question
    “do Vamps exist” has been taken to a whole knew level here.
    but i do agree that most comments are about Joram now.. lol

    devils child im not worried about my GCSE’s although sitting in a big white room full of year 10′s does freak me abit. One of them may be a vampire hehe.

    Also to anyone my post later the other night about my ” thought ” had mistakes in them as i was writing something down i just thought of and didnt wont to forget so i apologise for people not understanding my words. lol i shall scold my laptop for being naughty.

    Maybe vampires were the start of human creation.
    But then Evolved. No Scientist can say. ” Oh well we came from Apes.” When we could have evolved from Fish. or my theory, Vampires.
    Over time Im guessing ( 1400+) We started forgetting who were are ( Vampires ) and as we were ‘Tryiing to be human’ We evolved into what we can say ‘Brainwashed’
    and true Vampires who didnt evolve dont have a need to drink blood but only do it so there Speaces ( Us ‘Humans’ ) But maybe Im wrong… Or maybe The whole Genre )Horror) Of vampires are wrong and are actually very Intelligent people. Maybe we are all desendents to vampires but have lost our Genetic Memory ( Like Whitch Mountain lol )

    And maybe Vampires lived before us. I mean if they still live now they must be waay smarter than us (Humans) – But im talking waay before 1400′s im thinking BC Because only the smartest Speciese survive Example…Global warming/ Ice age -Dinosours died out coz they suck LOL)
    Maybe Vampires are A much Better Us.. Than us and we can learn from them. Maybe ( and this is my thought) Thats why the goverment keep them secret. ( Or try to )
    Coz they dont want Vampires ( or reeli smart people whos egsistance got changed over Stupid Historic time) to rule over us and goverment think us Humans Are better of without being ruled. …. I tried to make more sense out of this. Any Comments PLEASE PLEASE feel free to comment on this. share your views

    Harmony x

  378. shadow in love says:

    I want to know if i was to get bit by a vampire would i change

  379. Bracket says:


    I think it’s been pretty well established that the dinosaurs died off because of a meteorite that hit the gulf of mexico. But, your comments did get me thinking. Maybe vampirism started as a virus before human kind, back during the time of the dinosaurs, maybe even earlier. We wouldn’t be able to tell because we have no dinosaur DNA… yet. But the virus could have jumped to the earliest mammals that eventually became man. It’s a pretty well accepted theory that dinosaurs are related to birds and lizards, and birds are usually the first species to get diseases. The T. Rex has a similar build to komodo dragons. They’re both large carnivores, they both are built for short bursts of speed and they both have large nostrils for smelling rotting flesh. I bring this up because the komodo dragon hunts it’s prey by sneaking up behind them, when they get close enough they jump out and bite a chunk out of the animal and let it go. They do this because the dragons saliva is full of bacteria which infects the animal, causing the flesh around the bite area to rot. The infection eventually kills the animal and the dragon, which has tracked the animal by smelling the rotting flesh with it’s large nostrils, eats it’s meal. So, the Rex can possibly do the same thing. You can see how a virus could have spread in prehistoric animals and eventually to us.

  380. shadow in love says:

    Do you have sharp teeth

    Do vampires make babies.

    Devils child

    what do that name mean?

  381. devil's child says:

    shadow in love

    you are the fist to ask about my name. i call myself devils child because i have a strong evil side and i consider myself damned. but that is the path i chose and i think devils child sums me up. i is a joke among my friends but the deeper meaning for me.

  382. Karen M. says:

    I still don’t get him “sought disappointment” is this cause you said your mom is crazy? Do you have low self-esteem? This is not an insult, you asked for questions

  383. Amatrix says:

    Laughs & Tips her hat to Caretaker…
    Wink Wink >HUG< ..You thought you closed that subject….greets "L.M." ;-)

  384. Caretaker says:

    I have always been fascnated by the annunaki and have read quite a bit about them. I have never heard or read anything that related them to Vampires – very interesting. Any readers of Zechariah Sitchin here?

  385. Amatrix says:

    Caretaker, :-) . Nibiru.. Home of the Annunaki…Well supposedly according to Summerians.
    Impressed that Caretaker shares some of my interests. :-)

  386. Vampella says:


    Ok i get it. so ur ssaying the T.Rex’s virus could be similar to a vampires…? nd a human got infected and over time evolved into a vampire and the over time the vampires evolved bck into humans???

  387. Karen M. says:

    I’ll agree that I believe we are not the only existance in the universe, but I don’t believe we were created by aliens. Aliens don’t have much contact with us cause they’re afraid we’ll steal their technology.

  388. Karen M. says:

    SO all this honesty is cause you believe some of us are half human and half alien or aliens diguised as humans? Wow dude I bet you’re really into star trek

  389. tinni says:

    hey auti twilight is a fab book. it entertains people. i mean look at me i also dont believe in this vampire stuff, but hey maybe people do change. ever heard about mutation??
    and besides you have no right to be rude to people, and what are u doin in this site if you dont wanna believe all this, huh??

  390. tinni says:

    hey does anybody knows something more about renfield’s syndrome, other than what’s given on net?

  391. Bracket says:


    I was using the T. Rex for dinosaurs in general. If a carnivorous dinosaur, which has the vampire disease, attacks it’s prey and the prey escapes, it will also get the virus and i’m not saying every human gets infected, i’m just talking about the spreading of the virus over time like it is now. The first mammals started around the end of the reign of the dinosaurs as small animals similar to mice, badgers and raccoons. At that time many of the early, early mammals were egg snatchers and if a vampiric dinosaur lays eggs and the egg snatcher steals an infected egg and eats it, they can get infected too. Once the dinosaurs died off the infection would jump down the line to the next dominant species which would eventually be humans. And with a combination of the meteor that killed the dinosaurs hitting and the freezing atmosphere of the ice ages, the virus was kept from spreading to EVERY human, possibly staying confined to certain tribes throughout history and only until humans started living closer together did the virus start to spread again, starting the vampire outbreaks heard of throughout history.

  392. Bracket says:

    Karen M

    “Ill agree that I believe we are not the only existance in the universe, but I dont believe we were created by aliens. Aliens dont have much contact with us cause theyre afraid well steal their technology.”

    You should try reading the short stories by H.P. Lovecraft and you could actually see that happening, especially The Mountains of Madness.

  393. Karen M. says:

    bracket i agree that germs don’t exsist in freezing tempartures, so what can you say about swine flu, bird flu and mad cow disease? Mad cow disease originated in England because they were feeding ground up dead cow meat to cows and cows are not carnivories, so being a vampire is based on a disease of some type or other?

  394. Vampella says:

    Bracket i totally get you.
    your theory ( in general of course ) this could be a whole new level to vampirism.
    i like this theory better because its more beleiveable and scientific.

  395. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    I mention carnivorous dinosaurs because they have a much better chance at spreading it because they hunt animals in the first place but herbivores could most likely spread the virus as well. I don’t know if you’ve read my previous post to Vampella a bunch of posts back but i bring up the fact that it’s widely accepted that dinosaurs are related to modern day birds and birds are usually the first species to get infections.



  396. Karen M. says:

    ok bracket so then that relates to mad cow diseases because of eating other cows and swine flu, well they are in crap all day long so i guess that it spread through body fluids or airborne but the question i had was do you think that vampires were somehow tainted by a virus that caused them to be like that?

  397. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    Well if you want to think about it in a scientific way, yes. All life on earth started as a base bacterial form in the “primordial soup” and all diseases, old or new, slightly or radically mutated from that base bacterial strain. This virus could have been around since time began, mutating and changing throughout the billions of years life has existed. It eventually came into contact with the first forms of more evolved life and liked what it found.

  398. Anonymous says:

    hey guys i was reading through all the posts on this discussion and i must say, kudos it is by far the most helpful discussion i have honestly found on the net.
    i am inclined to believe vampires don’t exist but i would REALLY like to believe they do.
    Therefore i have a request, if anyone knows any links to websites featuring vampire ”evidence”.

    Also thanks to Bracket and Alpha i have found your comments most helpful.

    Thanks again everyone………Chris

    P.S just curioius bracket do you believe in vampires?

  399. bracket says:


    I’m completely willing to. I’ve seen some pretty strange stuff in my life. I’ve always been the kind of person who doesn’t completely believes in one side over another, i may lean to one side on any given subject but am willing to give some leyway, yet in the end i still follow Occams Razor, the most probable answer is most likely the correct one.

    I think this quote describes it the best.

    “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of by your philosophy.”- Shakespeare

  400. scarygirl67 says:

    I don’t know what’s been more fascinating, the article itself, or the wonderful discussions about it. I most definitely believe in psychic vampires, and I am intrigued by the many thoughts and pieces of evidence I’ve read here. I just started getting the TrueGhostTales newsletter, and now I know it’s something I will look forward to getting! Thanks for letting me comment.

  401. Vampella says:

    hello everyone How are you all. I just came to say im going to update my research. the library people are starting to think im nuts

    me- ” hi anymore books on vampires?”
    woman-” Oh you mean twilight?”
    me-”… no… Like REAL books”
    me-..” oh… well… Hmf.. let me go look”

    i was like.. arkward..

  402. Karen M. says:

    Vampella, go on google and look under “lunar phases”, there’s also interesting things about vampire because of the phases of the moon!

    SORRY, didnt get that right its in the skeptics dictonary under full moon and lunar effects, then scroll down to vampirism

  403. Vampella says:

    Karen M.

    hey :D i looked it up but am sorry to say i wasnt very interested in it.
    i didnt find anything on vampires. and science ( earth moon and sun ect )
    dosnt really wake me up… lol
    Thanks anyway xx

  404. Karen M. says:

    lol …… ok put in “why does the full moon affect the tide” i found an easier way to get to the vampire part!

  405. jessica says:

    i think that they could be real but how knows some things ment to be not descuverd

  406. Blue jay says:

    I’ve been away for a while…
    Bracket & Harmony/Vampella: So, we could possibly have evolved from vampires, instead of it being a germ?
    Wouldn’t it be more likely that vampires evolved from us? I mean, usually evolution goes from weak to strong, not strong to weak.
    (I tried to follow the ‘Occam’s Razor’ on that one, Bracket)
    Or, was it a germ all along, spread by carnivorous dinosaurs like deinonychus, the raptor, and Tyrannoraurus Rex, so the germ was passed on into mammals, which evolved into humans, who became vampires?
    I don’t know much about genetics, would the carnivores become vampires?
    …A vampiric T. Rex…Talk about someone’s worst nightmare!

  407. bracket says:

    Blue jay

    I’m saying that it could be a virus that has infected certain (not all) forms of life throughout earths history.

  408. bracket says:

    I’d like to add that i’m finishing up on my article on vampire myths from around the world. It has grown to also be about the impact of the concept of vampirism on our culture and history. I’m just a little stuck on the name.

  409. Florence says:

    I believe that vampires do not exist because those are just ghost and dracula tales. It’s not true, right? I really, one thousand reallys do not believe in vampires.

  410. Vampella says:

    bracket. i did say we could have forgetten about our genetics.. like A vampire bit something and nothing happened?? which evolved to something like us and them history took its place?

  411. Alpha says:

    K..so i’ve been away for a while and needless to say there have been interesting revelations on this page since that time.

    Bracket, your theory about the virus extending back to the dinosaurs is quite good. It’s possible the virus was more predominant amongst dinosaurs and was sustained in their bodies through conception and exchange of fluids via physical contact. It would also have been more then likely that the virus underwent mutations inside the dinosaurs, retaining molecular proteins/traits from the creatures. I guess furthermore, when the progenitors of the human species contracted the virus they would have been more susceptible to it since their immune system wouldn’t know how to respond to their alien proteins.

    But some flaws in the theory could be that true vampires drain blood and don’t eat flesh (supposedly from testaments anyway) and dinosaurs didn’t drain blood. As well as this the period between the dinosaurs and the first human ancestors is relatively long and the sustaining of the virus for such a period would have had a low probability (assuming the virus is complex which it would be)

    I’m still more confident in the theory that the original vampiric virus was of extraterrestrial origin. This virus may have contained the proteins/genetic components resulting in the characteristics of vampires or it may have been a retrovirus picking up the DNA from bats or even an alien species. This virus then infected some of the earlier people, causing alterations in their physiological properties. The virus changed their genetic traits, giving them vampiric properties. This virus then resided dormant in their body, being transferred to others upon biting and through the exchange of fluids. Alternatively vampires could have formed through conception, with the genetic traits of the parent vampires being adopted by the embryo. The virus from the semen of the male vampire may have also affected the egg causing the virus to be transferred to the embryo. This is how vampires formed over the generations. As the immune system of the body adapted to the virus it would have removed it and the majority of the vampire population would have only formed through the genes from parents resulting in weaker vampires ( a more diluted make-up)

    I’m still looking for more theories and i’m sure the next better theory is around the block. That’s how it’s always been…

    Take care
    (p.s. good to be back on this article :) )

  412. Kazmire says: says:

    I kind of think that Alpha could be right but I think mybe came from the egyptians because they left us so much history and there has been so much said about them being of alien species. Because of the advances in their coulture. I could go on and on about the egypians being Atlantians.But I wont just wanted to add my two cents. Kazmire.

  413. Vampella says:

    Oh cheers so bracket gets all the credit. Im the one who brought up evolution and dinosours. =/

  414. bracket says:


    I was just using the T Rex bacteria as a way to show how a virus coud do the same thing. Yes it is true that the period between dinosaurs and humans is long but, like i said earlier, the very early ancesters of man did coincide with the dinosaurs as small mammals like wolverines, badgers and so forth. Also, if the virus can “mutate” someone into something that can drink blood, couldn’t it possibly do the same thing to dinosaurs? I’m just saying that the virus could have evolved through time since the beginning of time. It still could have been from alien origins, this is called panspermia and could explain all life on earth so my hypothesis is still valid.

  415. Karen M. says:

    So aliens want us to drink each others blood? For what purpose? Are you aware of what your’e saying? If it is a virus then why doesn’t it contaminate everyone like swine flu? Oh excuse me I guess you have to be in the right place at the right time!

  416. Alpha says:


    I don’t think it would be possible for the virus (assuming it is complex in structure) to be sustained for such a lengthy period of time. The mutations and evolutions it underwent for such a period of time (and this is millions to billions of years) would have resulted in its development to a point where, upon contraction to the progenitors of the human species, it should have easily eliminated them. This virus if it was hosted by a number of animals like you said, (different dinosaurs to wolverines and badgers), would have been too complex for the human to endure it. Otherwise, if our ancestors were able to endure it we should easily put up with these viruses with animal proteins in them.

    As for the virus causing dinosaurs to drink blood….
    Most of the fossilised evidence pertaining to dinosaurs indicate that they either had teeth to tear through flesh or nip plants, not draw or drain blood.

    Your theory would be right if the virus wasn’t present in so many creatures.

    It would have undergone exponential alterations to its molecular structure, that it would have been altered to what it was initially. The virus would have been too complex!. It is still possible for the virus to have existed since an early period but not by being hosted in other animals.

  417. bracket says:

    Karen M

    We’re not saying (or atleast i’m not) that aliens came down in their saucer and infected us with a virus. I’m saying that one hypothesis is that life started on earth by a particle from space that fell to earth and that particle had the bacteria on it that started life on earth. Like i said before, it’s called panspermia. Also, the virus wouldn’t spread like trhe flu (which is airborne). The virus would spread through bite and might be very selective. Some people might survive it and be fine, some might die and others might get infected.

    • Caretaker says:

      Hello kayla18, all comments are approved by me before they appear on the site so sometimes it takes a little while before I get a chance to go through them (We get LOTS of comments posted every day that must be read before they are posted. Thanks

  418. Susana says:

    I’m fascinated by the thought that vampires do exist, but what are the odds of that ever being true. If there is a vampire out there please come for me. I want to live for eternity and look at the world through there eyes. Lets face it this is just a myth and if they do exist and have the powers that have been told in stories and books we will never really know of there existence, unless you become one of them bloodsuckers. Know one will ever know……..

  419. bracket says:


    Well, if you think about it, this isn’t the kind of virus that would have it’s own course. There has to be a reason for the infected to drink blood. A normal virus will take what it needs from your own body and thats it, but the vampire virus must need the blood for something. Most viruses are, if you look at the history of the world, reletively new but if this virus has been along since the beginning of life, it may “learn” to effectively mutate to any lifeform it may come into contact with. You seem to know alot about viruses, you should know that the longer a virus lasts, the more complex it gets. If this was like any other kind of viral agent i may agree with you but since it appears to need blood, instead of feeding of your body, i think it’s still possible. Basically what i’m saying is that the virus works like the vampire does. It attacks the cells and mutates them instead of killing them.

  420. Moralthea says:


    All myths and folklores start out as truth. Every story that has ever been created since the time when humans could pass these stories on, write them down, read them, etc have been either truth or had some truth to them. Such as, dragons and unicorns being mentioned in almost every continent in the world as well as vampires. Either the story started out as truth or had tidbits of the truth to it, but in most cases, man has embelished a hell of a lot of what they’ve been told. So in some cases, you can’t say that we’ll never know if vampires are real or not because scientists once believed the coelacanth to be extinct and we’ve found them off the south of Africa alive and well. It just takes a lot of time, research, patience, and evidence to find what we’re looking for.


    No one here has specifically said that vampires are real. Most have offered up their experiences to what they believe was a vampire, theories on vampires and how they came to be, facts of what they think a vampire is like and their powers, etc. It’s not carved in stone that vampires are real, but the fact that most every continent has a story about them leads people to believe that they once were real, or are real. This information is up here for discussion of the possibility of them exisisting or not. It helps to keep an open mind when dealing with such stories, so no need to tell someone that something doesn’t exist when they believe it does, or that it couldn’t possibly exist. You don’t know for sure and no one else truly does, so there’s no need to go bashing on someone’s hopes, dreams, or beliefs.

  421. Karen M. says:

    bracket, so i guess you agree with the “big bang’ theory? So when the earth was created by whatever force of atmopshere your talking about a piece of space fell on the earth and contaminated certian people, what about if these people that have the virus breed with others who don’t wouldn’t it eventually die out?

  422. bracket says:

    Karen M.

    I’m willing to believe in the big bang. Basically, i’m doing what Alpha has done with this article, giving an alternate explanation of this phenomena.

    Yes, breeding may dilute the virus but a direct bite won’t. When someone is born with the gene already in them, it may die off after generations but the bite of a vampire is a direct injection of the virus into a new host, effectively continuing the strain.

  423. bracket says:

    I’m finishing up on my article of vampires from mythology from around the world. I still need a title though.

  424. Alpha says:

    The physical characteristics and mannerisms of vampires are irrespective to the virus. The requirement of blood for the host doesn’t serve any purpose for the virus. The virus simply caused alterations in the physiology/genes of the vampire. Once the virus had accomplished this, it simply remained dormant in the host.

    This would be a more probable account because most viruses (through studies on the structure of microscopic organisms) in prehistoric ages didn’t require anything from the host but rather impacted on it. This is particularly applicable for retroviruses that incorporate DNA fragments into hosts, potentially causing genetic alterations.

    The notion of the vampiric virus itself needing blood is generally for viruses that don’t cause actual physical mutations.

    Karen M/Bracket

    As for breeding diluting viruses….it’s more of a question of the dormancy of the virus. The virus can be transferred continually through generation, via conception infecting new embryos and still be as potent. Its only when the genetic alterations in the host are performed the virus may become weaker within the host. Eventually the host’s natural immune system will overcome the virus. Therefore most true vampires nowadays may in fact not have the virus present in them, so when they bite a person that person may not get infected. This could explain phenomena where people wake with blood and bite marks but don’t transform into a vampire. It could also explain why new vampires aren’t appearing too.

    P.S. Karen M

    You are right…Vampires are dying out.

    Most true vampires nowadays have had the virus in their body removed and the vampiric genes in modern vampires nowadays constitute a barely discernible fraction of their whole genetic make-up.
    These genes are weakening (not really dying out like Bracket said).
    It is possible for the genes to be recessive and perhaps every few generations or so a potent vampire may spring forth but otherwise they are pretty much dying out.

  425. Dawson's creek says:

    I’m more inclined to agree with Alpha’s proposed theories
    They sound more plausible

    Bracket, the virus itself wouldn’t need blood in order to be sustained particularly if it was so biologically complex it could cause alterations in the genetic composition of an organism. If the virus needed blood itself, it would get it itself by infecting a host and obtaining blood from them, rather then causing the host to obtain blood. When the host obtains blood, it does it to satisfy its cravings not the viruses. The viruses only caused changes in the host to make it want blood.

    Also, If the virus was present in an array of creatures it would have undergone exponential mutations, and given the time span you stated, it would have become so different, like Alpha said.

    Sorry but the long span of the virus your theory proposes just doesn’t seem right, especially if it was present in so many hosts with insubstantial geological evidence. There would be heaps by now!

  426. jenna says:

    ok well i have read most of your comments and some people say that vampires are some what scared a garlic but why i really don’t think they are scared of anything see the thing is vampires and ghost are my fav things i i have read a lot of books on them i really do think they are real so if anyone can tell me why vampires are so called scared of garlic please tell me thanks

  427. bracket says:

    Hey guys, check out my article The Vampire Compendium.


  428. Kaylee says:

    I have heard there is a deisese where people also known as vampires have to drink blood to survive

  429. Alpha says:

    This is an article on werewolves i wrote.
    It also delves into scientific explanations for the existence of werewolves. Since you guys enjoyed this article a lot i hope you will enjoy this one too.


  430. bracket says:


    You’re probably thinking of porphyria. I talk about it in my article The Vampire Compendium.

    I know, that was a shameless plug but it took me a long time to compile all that info for one article. So, once again, it’s The Vampire Compendium right here on True Ghost Tales. :)

  431. Karen M. says:

    Let’s all go to brackets article and ask these question there was nothing that wasn’t answered there, lot’s of information!

  432. lust of love says:

    I feel your pain my friend. It is quite hard to live a life that requires you to mainly stay hidden underground. I myself, have witnessed the feeding of a “vampire” or bloodsucker I would like to call them. It was gruesome. But however, they are that of pure uniqueness. I admire them for that. And yes, I too wish to become one. Although I know that is impossible. Or is it?

    Thanks for your time,
    Lust of Love.

  433. Alpha says:

    Hey you guys can still ask me questions about vampires in this article too

    Any questions you have pertaining to vampire encounters, vampire types, science of vampires and general vampiric content i’m more then willing to answer.

    Bracket’s article is dedicated towards the historical elements of vampires culturally, historically and in terms of literature.

  434. bracket says:


    I know it’s been a little while since i last posted on here but i’d like to make it clear that my (possible) hypothesis is not based on the one in your article. So when (or if) you respond to this, don’t have your hypothesis in mind, just have your knowledge of virulence. Yet also keep in mind that this virus could have a higher evolution rate than we have seen before.

    Dawson’s creek

    No matter how complex the virus is, it would still need something to feed off of. What i’m saying is that it possibly feeds off of some substance in blood. It has already infected the blood in it’s host so how else is it going to get it?

  435. Alpha says:

    Assuming that your vampire did have a higher evolution rate then that of other viruses, your theory is possible yet that still doesn’t account for the lack of physiological evidence from past creatures such as the dinosaurs that were supposedly infected.

    BTW, i probably shouldn’t be answering for Dawson’s creek but the point i think she (he?) is trying to make would be that the virus itself doesn’t require blood to be sustained. The need for blood arouses as a pure alteration in metabolism brought on by the protein from viruses. The actual percentage of viruses that require external support outside a host is virtually none.

    anyway thanks for posting

  436. Blue jay says:

    Sorry it took so long to get back on this site again.
    (like anyone cares)
    Bracket: So, it is possible vampirism could be a virus? Instead of being a supernatural phenomenon, it could have a not-so-simple scientific explanation?
    I’m assuming you’ve read ‘I am legend’ by Richard Matheson…is it similar to that?
    I think I understand what you’ve stated now…
    T. Rex started out with the disease, spread it around a bit, it kept cycling around and around, until it ended up in humans.
    However, can that virus sustain the sanity of the mind?
    A lot of legends see the vampire as a cunning, vicious blood-sucker. If it were a virus, could the virus sustain the cunning, or even elevate it to a superhuman level? What purpose would that serve, though…the point is to keep biting to spread the disease around, like rabies.
    A rabies that makes humans rabid, instead of killing them outright.

  437. devil's alchemist says:


    sorry i havent been reading many of the posts recently. i have one simple yet hard question. where in th world has the highest number of reported vampire sightings?

    by the way its devils child only my name has changed

  438. bracket says:


    Well, the virus could possibly not bond with the dna of the dinosaur, which is what it would have to do, and made them carriers of the virus but laid dormant only to be passed on through bite or reproduction.

    Blue jay

    Yes, i’ve read I A Legend (great book) and it could be similiar to that. Although i was just using the T. Rex’s similiarity to the komodo dragon as dinosaurs in general. And to your last comment- basically the infected would have to adapt to hunting for blood. Check out my article The Vampire Compendium for info on vampire legends.

    devil’s alchemist

    Like i said to Blue jay, check out my article, i talk about that. Great name change by the way.

  439. Hannah says:

    I’ve always thought I was weird and didn’t notice this until one day.

    I had died my hair really blonde, and was talking to my best friend, and she said she liked my hair, and pointed out that I have silver eyes.

    When I was a kid, I had really blue eyes, and now they’re light grey or silver. It’s weird because I’ve never seen anybody with the same eyes as me. Another weird thing is I can see really well in dark situations, and can see stuff happening before it does. I’ve seen a vampire, tall, handsome, black cropped hair, chains, and a trenchcoat. It was really cool.

  440. Alpha says:

    K first off viruses don’t bond to DNA. The closest to that they can ever get to would be to emit proteins which cause alterations in the cellular structure (by entering the nucleoli and combining or replacing other proteins).

    Furthermore, if the virus didn’t affect the dinosaurs then only lay dormant inside of them then it would have to been because of the dinosaur’s immune system….and they didn’t have good immune systems…. so if didn’t affect them but affected the progenitors of humans whom had immune systems…well that doesn’t make much sense does it…

    But i can think of one compromise to that predicament….i just want to see if you can :P

    Blue Jay:
    Sorry about this….

    Devil’s alchemist:
    Most true vampire sightings are in Europe, however most encounters are restricted to subterranean areas, forests and underground caves. Think of places away from sunlight.

    Bracket’s article only promotes the fictitious vampires, so any information she may have on the most frequent sightings of vampires would not be practical…you know if you are trying to find one. No offence intended towards Bracket of course.

    • Obsidian C says:

      I’d just like to add that virus can in fact bond with DNA in human cells. These virus are called retrovirus. they will implant part of their own genome into the core of the cell, usually the blueprint of their own structure. In most cases this simply causes the infected cell to produce new viral particles, however it is possible that less hostile features are added to the properties of the cell. I will talk about this more when I’m done reading (yes, I know I’m a bit late, I read every comment so far, will post below)

  441. Devil's Alchemist says:


    thanks i will take a look at the article. also im glad you like the name change.


    thanks. i am sort of tracking both vampires themselves and stories/myths of vampires. not because i want to find them but because i am interested in their locations and local beliefs surrounding them.

  442. bracket says:


    “K first off viruses dont bond to DNA. The closest to that they can ever get to would be to emit proteins which cause alterations in the cellular structure ”

    Yes, i know that. I was guessing you already knew that. I was just getting to the point. The way i see it, it could have infected a large amount of dinosaurs and needed to find new hosts so it went dormant, and waited.

    I’d like to add that the dinosaurs aspact wasn’t mean’t to be the crux of my hypothesis. I only got into it to explain it. Basically what i was saying is that the virus could have been around since life began on earth. People just kept bringing up the dinosaurs over and over and over again.

    And one more thing. I’m a GUY! We’ve had a whole conversation about this a while back.

    Also, technically, anything unknown or unexplained by science is Super Natural so your hypothesis IS supernatural.

  443. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, you seem like an intelligant guy, can I ask you if you, do you really believe in vampires? All this dinosuar theory and dna and viruses, If they discovered the AIDS virus and such don’t you think they would be able to detect a virus of this sorts or with sickle cell anemia which is a genetic disease,yet there is no vampire virus! There is a science fiction page on the web.

  444. Karen M. says:

    Sorry sickle cell anemia affects the blood cells

  445. Karen M. says:

    ok sickle cell anemia is a genetic disease which affects mostly black people; their cells are in the shape of a “sickle” it is very painful and requires lot’s of hemogloban injections

  446. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    Well, If you think about it, with everyone whose infected with the virus in hiding, they’d have no evidence of it, especially with no one looking for it.

    Can we just drop it. I dont even care anymore. It was just a thought.

  447. Karen M. says:

    Why drop it, you wrote an article about vampires, and you still didn’t answer my question if you believe in vampres!

  448. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    I’m willing to believe in vampires. I was talking about dropping my idea about the virus. I’m starting to feel like the fat kid at a driving range.

  449. Karen M. says:

    “You’re willing doesn’t really say it all, I know that there is alot of satantnic people out there, wanting to be vampires and sacrifising animals, in reality I just think these people are a little disturbed. No where in the world does it exsit today that we would put a stake tthrough someones heart after exhumuaning the body ! It just doesn’t exist no more these are stories when at the era there was no explanation for mental illness, now there are only gothics who participate in these rituals………..OH YES I’M A VAMPIRE, this is just their fantasy, they want to be dark and macabre. There is no proof people tend to beleive more in witches than vampires…………wonde why??????

  450. bracket says:

    Karen M.

    Actually there are people who feed on blood and claim to benefit from it. I’m not saying i believe them but in an extremely long story i have met some of these people and, one time, took part in their practice. Also, in other parts of the world, mainly eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and the middle east, the practice of exhuming a body and driving a stake through it, cutting off it’s head, burning it, etc, still happens. But do i think either a virus or the undead is causing people to die from bloodloss? Probably not. What i will say is that there are many things out there that we still don’t understand. We don’t even know how our own brains work or what exactly is at the bottom of our oceans (Note: go to wikipedia and type in “bloop”, strange stuff). Basically, if somebody walks up to me and says “i’m a vampire” i’ll tend not to believe them.

  451. MortalRose says:

    Vampires, hmm well I believe. It would nice to see one in the flesh but sadly, they are private and well people who say they are vampires is a load of rot these creatures wouldnt go about shouting who they are infact they ..may hate themselves in some way. I think they are beautiful and like some preditors admired from a distance because they are dangerous but some are humaine but i’d maybe unlucky enough to meet one thats starving haha.

  452. vampires rock says:

    if i like the taste of blood does that make me a vampire? and Desiaee
    My kind exsist We live simple lifes and my partular coven lives deep under American soil I had a daughter Marguerite bore to a human man who I accidentaly crushed to death she attends Faith Middle School and I pick her up after school in a Black Mercadies my windows are pitch black and I cant when she leaves the door open I really try not to attract attention sorry about the spelling I never went to school I learned the little I know from my daughter Im 789 years old my parents were Elanor and Bartholomew Holton my mother and father live underground with me. is that true or not?

    would true vampires be like the vampire dracula in blade?

    i hate to break it to you but i would not call werewolves vampires enemies because that is not true whether we retaliate or not we are there pray making us their enemies. in my oppinion vampires are an abomination and should be killed. God put people on the earth to prosper why would he create a creature to ruin that? either they dont exist or they need to be killed.


  453. twilight girl says:

    I really think vampires exsist.twilight is amazing but its not true.its fiction based on fiction.

  454. Alpha says:

    Karen M.
    The vampiric virus is no longer around…
    the virus would have been overcome in the body of the true vampires and modern vampires are dependent upon genes, making them weak and barely different to humans. If the genes were discovered (and i’m guessing they have been) they probably are kept confidential.

  455. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, you have to have permission to exhume a body, so what do they sneak out in the middle of the night and dig up the bodies, that’s illegal,even here in Europe. When you talk like that I get this image of crazy villiage people carrying burning torches, I’ve never heard of anything like that here, vandalized graves, or dug up graves would be reported and in the newspaper. So what you were saying when you participated in “their practice”, you drank blood? This is not really getting off topic but over here years ago they use to make a blood sauce from animals blood for meats ect..but you couldn’t keep it long because it coagulated to fast,and kept longer than a day people were getting sick, they still make blood sausage and I know they have black pudding up in England. I can’t literally stomach the thought of eating or drinking blood. You’re right lot’s of things make no sense, what about people who think if you eat brains it will make you smarter. Here they don’t waste one part of the animals, they even eat the eyeballs!!!YUM!

  456. Eddie_the_head says:

    How come 8 out of 10 people posting on this site are claiming to be vampire or atleast having vampire like symptoms!

    Anaemia is in air!! Eat more spinach!! Learn from Popeye! :D

  457. Alpha says:

    Lol Bracket
    ‘Basically, if somebody walks up to me and says im a vampire ill tend not to believe them’-
    What happens if that somebody had elongated teeth, a fluorescent tinge to their red eyes, pale deathly complexion, lustrous black hair and emanated foreboding, malicious energy? :P

    By the way does anyone have any information on fatalities with human corpses that have had bite piercings, blood drained from their corpse and perhaps mutilations? This set of statistics and data has proven to be the most cumbersome to obtain. So far i’ve only had a few cases pointing towards areas in rural england that may suggest vampires (others implied homicides due to overwhelming testimonies)

    Much appreciated if someone could lend a hand
    Cheers Alpha

  458. AngelsDeath says:

    Greetings! I am so glad I found this site, I seen it while I was trying (plus I feel like I am failing!) at my attempt to study Vampires again. Since I can remember, I have always been towards the paranormal, vampires, scary creatures as my mother would imply. I dont know why, I just have always have this fasination about them. So over the years, I would read books, research…always wanting to BE one at my younger age. I just now started researching Vampires again and its because of the Twilight Saga…I read the saga and I was like What??? That is far from most things I have ever read, or researched. Which, I know its fictional…..But alot of fictional things derive from non-fictional events..right? I dont know I question now that MAYBE they are still alive…Maybe they do have a virus as some have stated earlier..I actually had a BIG question about old old vampires..about the connection between partners, I seen they have young children on here so I will refrane :) I just don’t understand alot of things and coming across this thread I was just really shocked and mezmerized that the idea of Vampires still existing in todays society. :) ) I also believe that if they want to be left alone, leave them alone.

    Brackette, I always thought you was a guy :)

    I am sorry this is so long, as for the people posting that they are vampires…I am not sure, I am not a dis-believer but I dont see how you would just be able to *post* about your situation in such a light manner. Anyhow I will go!


  459. Karen M. says:

    Alpha, that’s exactly where I was going with my point of exhumaning bodies, there is no evidence of anyone that I ever heard of being bit or drained of blood except in cases of serial killers,but no police have ever reported that there was a vampire in town!

  460. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    If you look at the second to last paragraph, in vampires in culture, in my article, i talk about the exhuming and mutilating of corpses in modern times.

    “So what you were saying when you participated in their practice, you drank blood?”

    Yes, but only once. I wouldn’t recemmend it. Very salty.


    Well if that happened, i might think about it.


    Thank you.

  461. AngelsDeath says:

    Anytime! Oh and if it might confuse people…I am a girl! I just have this name because of a song, angel of death…Some people probably dont know it.

    I am going read your article right now, im excited.

  462. Stephanie says:

    I am wondering if the vampires will look like those described in Twilight series. They are beautiful and can be civilize. If they are really like them, I really don’t mind being like them and utilize my eternity to learn everything and do things I do not have chance / dont dare to do.

  463. AngelsDeath says:

    Some things are true though right? like turning into a vampire if you arent born one…and having to lose your family and friends…I would think more people would take that into consideration but it seems like most people just want to *become a vampire* lol.

  464. vampires rock says:

    wow some of the people on this website are no to bright. They want to be like vampires. but what they dont get is all that unless they are true vampires nothing really changes. And if your dumb enough to want to be a true vampire and have to hide for eternity on the earth then your are stupid. That would be boring. Never getting to die let alone meet new people. You are retarded if you want to be one!!!!!

    why do so many people comment on this site? 650 comments that have nothing to do with the article.

  465. Bracket says:


    If you were talking to me and haven’t found my article yet, it’s The Vampire Compendium. http://www.vampiretruthormyth.com/the-vampire-compendium/


    I doubt it.

  466. Karen M. says:

    Yes can someone please tell me what this twilight thing is about? I’ve never heard of it before, from what I get it’s a series on tv, never seen it here though, must be pretty popular if everyone is talking about it. I have yet to see that here,but then again I’m mostly on CNN!

  467. bracket says:

    Karen M.

    I’d tell you but you’re probably going to get 40,000 replies so i’ll leave it to them.

  468. Devil's Alchemist says:

    karen m

    twilight is both a series of books and a series of films that has recently come out in england and other places. really it has no relevance to this articles as it was created by stephanie meyers other then it being losely based on vampires it has no truth or real connection to this site.

  469. Karen M. says:

    Thank- you for that Devil’s Alchemist, now I can avoid that series if I ever see it ! Bracket, I reread your article, exhumaing bodies,might of exsited way back when but like I said ,that doesn’t happen anymore.

  470. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    In Romania, 2004, the relatives of Tom Petre exhumed his body, ripped out his heart and burned it to ashes. They then put the ashes in a glass of water and drank it.

    They do it illegaly. It’s rare but it does happen. It practically never happens in largely occupied places but in small tightly nit, highly superstitious, communities where news rarely gets out.

  471. Sakura says:

    They cant be real, but people think some one is like my friends think i might be cause i like the taste of blood… but dont most people? isnt normal i no maybe. i keep saying to my mates i want to hurt my self cause i like the taste of blood… even tho i dont cause im no emo and i wouldnt do that unless it was an accident.

  472. lupe sanchez says:

    Well i dont want to admit because i dont want to sound crazy, but i really do think vampires exist. They live almost like us, they eat, just different food. i have dreams about them and well if people knew how they really were then they would not wish to become one. Its not like the media people its something very different and scary. We are all animals, some are just more than others.

  473. Blue jay says:

    It’s a good book, in my opinion, however, as many people have stated, it has no relation to what we’re talking about. That doesn’t mean you can’t read or enjoy it!

  474. riku inoue says:

    hello, I’ve known this site since april but I can’t comment bec. I’m just using my cp… i’ve the theories made by alpha and braket very helpful and also i thought blue jay was already a grown up maybe a 16+ of age… harmony or Vampella we are both have the same age… i have a question why does vampires despise garlic?

  475. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, where did you hear about that?

  476. Karen M. says:


    How long have you had this site? The reason Im asking is because it is such a great site and I only came across it by accident,and Im glad I did!

  477. bracket says:

    Karen M.

    You can find it in many websites about vampires.

  478. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, LOL I’m still laughing…….Guess you’re right! “INSRUCTIONS ON HOW TO BANISH A VAMPIRE” (in 6 easy steps none the less )

    Step 1: Exhume the corpse of the “suspected” vampire. “If” they are a true vampire,you will likely find them on their side-not on their back with folded arms,as they were left. They will not have decomposed and their beards may have grown. You may find the corpse with a bloody mouth.

    Step 2: Remove the heart with a curved haying sickle.

    Step 3: Drive a wooden stake through it’s heart. This is done in part to hold the heart still as it burns.IT WILL SQUEAK LIKE A MOUSE AND TRY TO ESCAPE!

    Step 4: Burn the heart on an iron plate until nothing is left but ashes.

    Step 5: Mix ashes with water,preferably from the local well.

    Step 6: Have those who have taken ill drink the mixture of ashes.THEY SHOULD RETURN TO HEALTH!!

    If I ever suspect someone of being a vampire I’ll know what to do LOL

  479. bracket says:

    Karen M.

    Well, apparently exhuming and mutilating a corpse is still frowned upon where you live. Sucks doesn’t it. :D

  480. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, what does that mean,we’re all civilizied, where do you live? I did read that story about the guy in Romania who was or still is a vampire slayer, his explination was that they were already dead so he saw no wrong, other than saving the lives of others, still it carries a 3 year jail sentence for disturbing the dead!

  481. bracket says:

    Karen M.

    I was just kidding.

  482. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, ha,ha ,but don’t you think that guy kind of contridictaed himself? I mean he said he saw no harm cause they were dead, but aren’t they supposed to be the “undead’? So if he really feared that they were coming back………..would that just be killing a dead person? And you never said where you are!

    • Caretaker says:

      The moon doesnt look the same in all parts of the world. Also, the moon is always the same exact color. It is only the effects of the atmosphere and sunlight that make it appear any different in color. I have seen a bright orange or even reddish moon several times but not lately. However I dont doubt you when you say it appeared that way to you from wherever you are.

  483. Vampella says:

    hey guys its harmony

    i read a book called The house of night.
    and it said there was a holiday called yule.
    Similar to christmas is it real?

    oh and the book is about vampires, but more believable lol No1 sparkles =/

  484. Chris says:

    I dont really know but there is a problem i have is that do vampires always cold? cause its funny one of my classmates just moved from Italy and she acted very wierd. She used to be quiet and one day i accidently touched her and the weather was very hot but her hand was very cold and after that she never came to college anymore and some people said that they moved. And I think its really wierd.

  485. bracket says:

    Karen M.

    That was probably just so that he wouldn’t go to jail. I live in Massachusetts by the way.


    Yule is more of a festival celebrated in Germany, with pagan connections if i remember right.

  486. Karen M. says:

    Vampella, I thought you guys still had that yule log tradition in England? Yule is the period of christmas. Here no one really “burns the yule log” so they have what is called a buche, it’s a dessert in the form of the yule log!

    Bracket ,really , Boston has alot of haunted places, Id like to see Salem where they hung the witches!

  487. deathangel says:

    hi me personally i believe in vamps and werewolves and no one can change that.
    ^^ love the fangs!

  488. Vampella says:

    yep i remember pagan decorated the christmas tree (yule tree) waay before christians did. christians adopted the idea XD loove it when i learn things from a book

  489. Alpha says:

    Hey Chris
    It’s funny you should mention something like that because in Middle School there was this really hot guy, but somewhat anti-social (Girls tried to pick him up and he’d either walk away or stick his middle finger) and one day after school, i bumped into him in the corridors. (I went back to get a book i left behind). Upon bumping into him, i tried apologising but he scowled, pushed me and took off. He was freezing!!!

    He didn’t come back either….

    Initially i didn’t think much of it because i never really noticed him or saw him and just presumed that he was one of those kids whom move around a lot. As for him freezing, i just kinda shrugged it off….

  490. Kat says:

    So if some modern vampires can live without ever realizing their heritage, does that mean that there are whole families out there that believe they are just different? How would it sound if they all started talking about how long their grandparents have lived, and how good they all are at sports, and how onion is so much better than garlic? I’m just kidding, but I find it fascinating as to how a vampire would not know that they are a vampire because then any of us could be a vampire, even me. I have long canines, but I love garlic and sunlight way too much, so that’s unlikely.

  491. Karen M. says:

    Kat, go to Alpha’s article on “A theory of vampire formation”

  492. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    It’s funny, i’ve lived in Mass. my whole life yet have never been in Salem. Not to the witch hanging locations anyway.

  493. Vampella says:

    Karen M

    I dont know, i may live in england but im not chistian i only celebrate chistmas because i was born into it.

    Now i know what yule is i will start celebrating yule with christmas.

    I believe most vampires would celebrate Yule instead of christmas because the whole
    ” Vampires are sinners, the devils children ” Theory

    Lets just say if i was christian and my father was a priest or vicker… and caught me on this site.. I’d be a sinner…?

    Although i am still not sure of Yule i will further my research because it has really inteested me :)

    Also can i just point out,
    Immortal means the undead right?
    But people say vampires are dead…
    so are they Immortal or unImmortal?

    sory if i confuse you…

    Sorry i havent kept up to date but hi everyone anyway xxx

  494. Bracket says:


    Alpha will probably tell you that they aren’t dead (or undead) but if you believe it then if you think about it, they’re still walking around and so forth, doesn’t that mean they are still alive, atleast partially?

  495. Karen M. says:

    Vampella, no I don’t think so, good and evil go together! It’s a constant battle between right and wrong. To be honest, I don’t believe in vampires,but I enjoy this dispute on who has more “theory” than the other. We could probably search til the end of time and never really know the real answers to these questions!

  496. Karen M. says:

    Alpha, Alpha,ALPHA! Stop making me laugh,caretaker said that there would be no more comments about “twilight”! Ok to tell the truth I just telecharged the film, only cause I wanted to see what everyone was talking about! (oh the shame!) Your last comment sounds too much like the guy in that film! Ha Ha!

  497. Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone,

    I love vampieres so much and i really want to know more about theme.
    They seem so facinating. It must be ASOME to be a vampire. I so wish i could be one.
    I can see really well in the dark and i some times really WANT blood (my blood).
    I don’t know if I’m a vamp. I don’t think so. I ve read twilight and it kinda sucks, and ive read Stephenie Ver…… comment’s . I belive those comments and don’t. It’s a like twilight
    a friend thats a werewolf , being a vamp, having a boyfriend who is a vamp .

    Anyway i love this web site!
    Take care!

  498. Anonymous says:

    For all those that think there may be a chance that you are somewhat different than others in a way you cannot explain, yet find yourself drawn to the vampiristic side of life please let me know that I am not alone……

  499. renesmee says:

    NOT ALONE!!!!!! Id rather be on that side, than this side!! BLIND!!

  500. Vampella says:

    renesmee why would you rather be on another side. Its good to hear your not afraid of what that other side may be. but non of us really know what the ‘other’ side is rigght?

    i have a complaint about vampires. LOL
    ok so remember like a month ago when i said my friend mandy was saying ” Your a vimpire coz your cold all the time” =/
    well because in england theres been this massive heat wave ( which has gone now YAAY ) my dad has been asking me to play outside and stuff but i dont like the hot weather.
    so now my dads calling me a vampire and its really annoying now. LOL

    is there like a disorder when people dont like the hot weather?
    because its not that i hate it its just i prefer to stay inside were its air conditioned and cool.
    plus my dad just brought the whole vampire thing to make me explode completely lol
    and i havnt figured out why sometimes im cold (just my hands)
    but my friends used me as a human freezer yesturday LOL

    anyway jjust to keep you posted. aswell as letting me vent LOL

    anything new with you guys?


    p.s – Karen M… Hi :D Havnt heard from you in weeks How are you?

  501. Anonymous says:

    Vampires can’t possibly exist.

  502. Rena Andrea says:

    Ohkay I do beilve in vampires. If people say there is a god and theres angels why cant there be vampires?

    I do not beilve that they are harmed by garlic at all i think that is just a myth.
    But there are many things on this planet we dont know about.
    People beilve in aliens and ghosts and god.
    I beilve vampires are out there. Maybe if we cant even see them

  503. Pamela says:

    I believe in Vampires. My curious question is Can someone be turned into a Vampires?

  504. Alpha says:


    Potentially if the vampiric virus is present in true vampires and hasn’t be weakened then if you are bitten by a true vampire it could be possible to transform into a vampire but otherwise you are depending upon your genes. Perhaps, when you go through puberty, recessive vampiric genes may be unlocked causing you to obtain vampiric like characteristics (hence making you a vampire). You might not even have vampiric ancestry.

    But otherwise vampires are dying out… True vampires aren’t immortal and will die out. Most are currently in stasis.

    You could potentially be a weak x vampire but i’d doubt it.

  505. UNKNOWN says:

    Most of these “mythical creatures” are hidden from human society as if there secret was to be revealed most of the human race would act, lets say ‘racist’, against them. The government hdes these things for a good reason. There is alot of things that we dont know, tha th government hides. UFO’s are hidden from the human population, when really there are wars with them every day. Europe already knows about the whole UFO thing, but we are still in the dark. Alot of the murders and kidnapping “mysterys” are never solved for a reason, and what about the ones we never hear about. Thats my peice. BTW a most watch show is True Blood, HBO and Showcase every sunday.

  506. Karen M. says:

    Hi Vampella, I’m doing GREAT, and you? I’m cold all the time too,people tell me my house is too hot,that it’s like the amazonian rain forest! I was wondering when a while back Bracket said that he drank blood, if it was human blood? I wonder if it’s just aversion to human blood that I have,cause I can’t stand the sight of blood, however the only way I can eat a steak is if it’s still mooing (bloody)! UMMMMMMMMMM?

  507. Vampella says:

    Haha Karen M. U dont fail to make me laugh!

    Im doing great. I sat outside for lunch and bought and ice-cream from the ice-cream van. It started raining. and schools are mean they wouldnt let us eat the ice-cream inside, so me and my mate had to eat rain flavoured ice-cream. YUCK!!


    When people say my touch is cold, i feel perfectly normal
    Me and my grandma started searching up old reletives on that website thingy and found a Elizabeth (Lilly) ____(Last name hidden for well…Reasons)
    And she went missing but was never reported missing on the news or anything, they’re are hardly any records of her ( this is in the late 1800 so.. alot of files probs went missing??)
    Btw she is related to me

    So Yea,.. Anyway Karen Nice to hear from u.

    Vampella OUT XD

  508. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    It was human blood, but like i said i only did it once. These “vampires” have alot of connections, i don’t really know where they got it because a hospital put harmful to swallow chemicals in their blood to keep it from desolving and this blood obviously didn’t have those. It still didn’t taste good and the people were a little melodramatic, and the fact that i was planning to do it once all along, i’m not going back. I’m not going to be specific but it was held in a mansion in Connecticut.

  509. Sarahx says:

    Hello I wrote a while ago …. Recently we has a family reuionion and my uncle was telling me a story …. (I am half scotish ) that my great great great grandfather was killed in Scotland on suspicion of being a vamipre ! I thought this was werid espically with everything that has been happening lately now even weirder ( I am not claming to be a vampire ) about 1 week ago I woke in the night my body acheing so bad a had To get an advil when I went back to bed it was very werid I woke in the morning with 3 marks on my arm very simalar to bite marks ! Now I find it neely impossible to sleep it could just be insomnia but to be honest I’m not really old enough to be stressed !
    Please help every opinion I am very greatful for thanks x

  510. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, wait a minute, they put harmeful to swallow chemicals in the blood? Then how do they use to for blood tranfusions? Wouldn’t it be just as harmeful in the blood system?

  511. Pamela says:


    How would someone know if they have “vampiric like characteristics (hence making you a vampire)”… prone to daylight, garlic what? Ive always been interested in this field ever since I can remember. Just lately for some odd reason Ive been looking for more informative info anywhere. Looking for old records from different cultures. I used to get made fun of bc I was so white, I was called Geisha. Ive beening living in Hawaii and still dont like going outside.

    I just want to know who I am since I havent figured it out yet… If Im wrong then Im wrong.

  512. Karen M. says:

    Vampella, that genology searching will drive you nuts,I did it too and found people in Europe , then lost the traces cause they entered the u.s. by the canadian border, I have a very very uncommon name (madien name) ! But it is eastern european.! OH maybe I am a vampire!

    Bracket let me clarify that, the blood you drank was pure but in the hospital they put a chemical in the blood, never heard of that! Years ago here in France they tainted the blood puposely and alot of people became hemophiliacs!

  513. bracket says:

    Karen M.

    To tell you the truth, i’m not sure. I’m just going by what i was told. I’m guessing it’s filtered before before being given to someone.

  514. Devil's Alchemist says:

    bracket, karen M

    the stuff they put into the blood is an anticoagulant. it stops the blood from clotting while it is refrigerated. the chemical used is not harmful to the human body unless it is present in high doses. within the pint blood bag there is a smal amount which the immune system etc removes from the blood after transfusion has occured.

    i know this because i have worked in the pathology labs at the hospital.

  515. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, you believe that? Normally when they have a blood drive they test blood for all disease such as HIV? hemophilia ect…..so, I can’t imagine or really understand why a hospital would put a chemical in their blood, which i sincerley doubt could be filtered. I’ve heard of blood being filtered on a dyalisis machine,but that makes no sense that they put a chemical in the blood,are they afraid vampires will come and rob the blood bank? Maybe that was just a rumor so people wouldn’t do just that! I certianly hope for your sake that blood wasn’t tainted by anything!

  516. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    This happened just over three years ago and i seem to be fine….. I think. The blood tasted disgusting and the people were annoying so i wont be going back there anyway.

  517. Anonymous says:

    interesting aim going to do more research just from watching blade trinity has me more fascinated with them

  518. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, just a question, you always said that you are “willing to believe in vampires” I would just like to know what possessed you to want to drink blood! You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. Just a question!

  519. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    They were friends of friends of friends. We got into a conversation about vampires, i’ve always had an interest in vampire mythology and they saw that. One day i got a phone call asking me if i wanted to check it out. They apparently needed to get me permission to go and that took a while, about a month, but the higher ups agreed and i went. The short answer is that i’ve always been open minded and just wanted to try it out. But it wasn’t my thing and that was the only time i went there, although i apparently made an impact because they still contact me every once in a while.

  520. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, So then they’re more like the gothics, not really vampires at all?

  521. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    More like sanguinarians, kind of.

  522. Violet says:

    I think vampires exist, i have done a lot of reaserch on them and have read multiple books on them, all discribing them differantly. it is very possable that vampires exist, it was possible for humans to evolve from monkeys (that normal gets me to win most arguements about this^^) so why couldnt it be possable for some humans to evolve into vampires because of mutations or however you think vampires are created?

  523. Isabella says:

    I believe that vampires exist but my friends think im stupid. But one question i have is do vegetarian vampires exist which only live on Animals blood and not Humans?
    If anyone can please answer this question for me!

  524. 13 says:

    It seems to me that all of you guys either want to be a vampire no about them or even meet one .The only thing that i would want to know is how they came to be and why if our so called world is so interested in this worlds paranormal happenings , i am pritty sure that if someone was to find out about vampires our generation would not beable to accept it . The one reason for this is because we are selfish. We wouldnt beable to handle the truth because this world we have lived in our whole lives would change in an instint and we would not beable to cope and probably be driven to insanity. Just think about it most people think that if vampires were real and classed as monsters they would beable to change them. What happens if you have just discoverd that vampirse were real and they could not be changed.

  525. Alpha says:

    I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you!!!!
    The existence of vampires can never be revealed to mainstream society, because it would tear down the reserved, quiet foundations we were built on!!!
    Great post!!! :)

    I don’t think they’d be drinking just animal blood…. Do you realise the number of people who wake up each year with fang like bite marks on them?

  526. hunter says:

    Hi i m 14 and sometimes get these feelings like i want to bite into people. i love the smell and taste of blood. when people bleed it take a lot of will-power not to dig in. what wrong with me.

  527. Blue jay says:

    LOL…I just realized how many people come on here and say ”HI! I might be a vampire. Here’s some evidence,” myself included.
    It’s beginning to look a little silly, but I suppose all of us may have our own opinions. hunter, if you look back through the comments, you’ll your own way to determine what you aren’t and what you are.

    Your ‘biting feelings’ may be just some weird puberty urge (But what do I know, as I’m only 11…), and then again, you COULD also be a vampire. Believe me, I know what if feels like to think you’re something ‘superior’ and then be smashed down, so I’ll try and be as gentle as possible.
    (People tell me it’s hard to believe I’m only 11, but believe it)

    …No real way other to explain it than: You could be a vampire, or you could just be plain weird.
    You could be a sanguinarian, and that would be the simplest answer to accept.

    You could be a modern vampire. Do you try to avoid the sun as much as possible? If not, it’s not likely you’re a M.V.

    The Story/fact-sheet up there suggests that most vampires do not know that they are what they are. Everything can be explained by allergies, weirdness, and easily gotten sunburns.
    So, the odds are a bit greater that you’re a human than they are that you’re a vampire.
    (If I said something insulting to you, lemme know and I’ll correct my behaviour)

  528. cananswerallqs says:

    Firstly vampires is a name given to sumthin which has been tried to personify by writers or some people based on certain incidents like say if there was sumthin killin people by sucking blood so vampire sucks blood , next thing the prey seemed to be drawn towards it so then it was given the characteristic of being attractive, sexy or sumthin which cud hypnotise u, next this was bad according to our belief system so it has to be negative demonic or sumthin so strange eye and ear features and so on thus was given birth a whole new character which has been bestowed with glamour by Hollywood so everyone around either wants to meet one or be one and then coming to its a virus ,its no virus then scientists wud have studied this one too like they studied others and there wud have been a vaccine or medicine.
    Finally one thing I dont say there is nothing like a vampire, there are many things or to say beings like that but they are not at all in a way we picture them and about those incidents with people these beings (im not particular abt using the name vampire) are capable of creating illusions where ur sight would mistake them to be attractive and u wud be drawn after which they prey and theres no one who has really met one bcoz he/she wont be alive to tell u.
    As abt people with those cute symptoms of Hollywood these might be the result of unhealthiness, anaemia and changing features in ur face resulting from ur subconscious wanting u to become one. And of course what u desire aardently manifests itself bcoz these beings are neither dead nor alive and if u are living u are definitely not one.And yes if u have a pale skin u wud normally be very allergic to sun becoz melanin gives u tolerance so thats obvious.

  529. rebecca says:

    Bluejay you make me laugh! but i still dont care that “your back” LOL, im joking. :)

  530. truebeliever says:

    i definitely believe in vampires …. since i was younger. i am now 18 and have 5 yrs searching but haven’t really found anything that i haven’t read or heard before .
    i guess what im asking is has any one had a real encounter with a vampire? plz answer im kinda running out of places to search…..

  531. cananswerallqs says:

    improper rites after death are one of the reasond for these beings and specially during war times like 18th century and all there were piles of dead bodies un cremated not attended to so then there were more such incidents if we try to link

  532. Karen M. says:

    Truebeliever, go under the heading “vampires” on this site there is a story about someone claiming to have seen a vampire!

  533. Karen M. says:

    Cananswerallqs, that’s not true there are alot of people who aren’t administered last rites, that doesn’t make a vampire, bad people go to hell,evil people go to hell so what is it about vampires that the worst fate knowen is to roam the earth for eternity? Is that worse than hell?

  534. bracket says:


    I think you’ll like my article The Vampire Compendium.

  535. Misakyan says:

    These Past Day’s I’ve read what you people have been saying
    and it really got me interested.

    I don’t know if vampires, werewolves or other creatures exist
    but everything is possible….

    from “arena 51″ till video’s of “El Chupacabra” on youtube.

    i do believe there’s more in the world
    and we are not alone….
    the universe is a “BIG” place to live

  536. thraxbaby says:

    devils child : I wish I had a friend like you. Someone who knows about vampire stuff and doesn’t think I’m weird for being interested in it. And I soooo believe in vamps!! :)

  537. Devil's Alchemist says:


    hi and thank you. i have changed my name. i became a fan of fullmetal alchemist and changed it to a state name(not about vampires). i believe that somewhere in the mass of comments you will find my email address. if so feel free to email me. i will talk about anything at all. i am always open to new opions and views. there is no point judging people on their beliefs if you cant prove them wrong or right.

  538. cananswerallqs says:

    true u are right I found it very obvious, seems lot of work behind it..

    not all of them but some of them with some unfinished karma get stuck somewhere between their soul being completely released it still holds on and there are like multiple levels before a person is completely dead
    say for example in India (i guess u might be knowing)the rites have several stages and these are dutifully fulfilled even for the most angel like people who have lived by their successors so that their soul doesnt get stuck in some unknown energy or cosmotic planes the vampire thing is also such a state where the craving for existence makes them crave for blood although even its not sumthin these beings digest

  539. Karen M. says:

    Cananswerallqs, I’m not sure about India, but I did spend time in Trinidad, 95% Hindu which was a British colony gaining it’s independance in 1962. If I can remember correctly (correct me if I’m wrong) there are alot of goddesses associated with drinking blood. The only ritual that I ever saw was when someone dies they burn the body in a field. I remember going to see a lady there and supposedly she could see the future of what was to come,she put a bowl of water in front of her and the spirit would come out into her and she would talk through the spirit, she said that we needed protection for money so her daughter copied some type of message on parchment paper from a book and she gave each one of us this paper as a “protection”. Well, 2 days later my friend got robbed at gun point, they stole the wallet along with the parchment of protection in it, my gold necklaces and rings (I have to laugh now) also my social security card but hey I figure let them work and then after I can claim the benifits! But, the old lady there did have and again correct me if I’m wrong a picture of Shiva, the goddess with all the arms who said she can be friend or foe! Anyway Happy Bastille Day from France 14th July

    Truebeliever, I think thats cause there are so many different types of vampires in the world! Did you read The Vampire Compendium?

  540. truebeliever says:

    hi again.. i read alot of stories that are impressive and i really enjoyed. thank you all for helping me but i still dont seem to actually to still know the actual truth… you know.. ppl say one thing and others say another.

  541. Bracket says:


    Even though i am the author of the Compendium, i may be biased, but i think it might be what you’re looking for.

  542. cananswerallqs says:


    Firstly happy French national day to u .
    I guess as far as wat u spoke was about Indians at TRINIDAD. And about Goddesses drinking blood ..that is the blood of demons whom the Goddesses have defeated and that is why they are worshipped since centuries for saving and protecting people. And as far as u know the common full form of GOD – Generator Operator Destroyer and according to Hindus Bramha Vshnu and Shiva stand for these respectively and evrything in this world happens only with His wish and it is believed Shiva controls all the evil forces and Ghosts and all demonic things. Yes if I dont deviate from topic of vampires And as far these beings which crave for blood are mentioned in the old books but more as dead people and ghosts taking human form rather than being in human form themselves and there are also special chants related to Shiva which make these things afraid

  543. cananswerallqs says:

    actually I too was intrigued by the movies I saw and that is why I tried to find out sumthin abt vampires
    and all those people claiming their vampyric symptoms firstly u have to be dead before u become one and yes if u are one posting on this site wud be not even be last thing u wud care to do

  544. Karen M. says:

    Cananswerallqs, well , Hinudisim is an interesting religion one that I know little of in fact if you noticed I thought Shiva was a she! I remember in Trinidad people would have different colored flags on their houses something to do with what type of hinduism they believed in or different sects I think? There is also the goddess Kali apart from Shiva, who drinks blood. The lady I mentioned above who’s house I was in said that if you angered Shiva he would put a curse on you?

  545. cananswerallqs says:

    thats a bit of superstition abt that lady along with a bit of religionism. And Shiva is not a she but hes so dedicated ti his wife that they are such a couple who are said to even share their body half shiva and half Parvati his wife. and Goddess Kali yes she drinks blood as I mentioned before of demons and wicked evil beings

  546. truebeliever says:

    hey you guys thanks alot for the advice but how can i get to this compendium cuz ive looked but dont see….please and thanks

  547. CMF says:

    This thread is unbeleivably long…
    Shows the popularity of the vamp for the moment. Like Caretaker and Brackt said, if they exsist it certainly isnt anything like you see in the movies, and probably you would wish to God that you had NOT met one if you ever did.

  548. Karen M. says:

    Cananswerallqs, Well, that lady was a little strange, I only talked to her for an hour and everything she told me was wrong, somone even put a curse on me ( didn’t work either) lol

  549. Alpha says:

    There has always been one major flaw that has influenced people wrongly about the ideas surrounding these creatures we deem ‘vampires’. People are so put of by them because there are numerous cultural affiliations surrounding them that the vampire itself is so diverse these days. Some are almost monster-like whilst others are mere spectres. There are so many different definitions and types of vampires out there…

    Perhaps then it was wrong for me to use the term vampire to describe the creatures i’ve tried talking about?

    Caretaker, any opinions? Anyone?

  550. geogirlforever says:

    I just finished reading all the posts… Wow…. I’m liking this….
    So hello everyone, I really enjoyed reading everyone’s experiences.. My family has loads of those.

  551. Bracket says:


    Thanks, it has it’s moments.


    I noticed you put links to your articles on the compendium again. Is that because mine has been mentioned on here a couple times?

  552. Alpha says:


    Nah, i checked back with your article and a couple of people wanted information on vampires actually existing today so i thought i might post the link again for safety’s sake

  553. geogirlforever says:

    Seems so overwhelming … with so many different vampires. And how everyone believes in them differently. I guess that’s why it’s so interesting to me.
    I liked reading alpha’s, bracket’s, ico’s and Desiaee’s, there are others as well but I guess I’d be naming everyone that’s posted.

  554. Amatrix says:

    A virus that bonds to DNA?…..Yea…Uh NO!
    Bracket drinks/drank blood???…Dude you said you were 11…”Higher ups” agreed to you joining them & they still call you every once in a while?? WTF? At the young age of 11?…I can just imagine them calling your house asking your Parent if you can come over & play the blood drinking game. ..PMSL!!…OK sweety whatever you say…lol …You know I Luv Ya…
    With all respect…
    Take Care

  555. geogirlforever says:

    I agree with u, Bracket seems to know alot but for some reason I believe he’s much older then that, I think it’s Blue Jay that might be quite young. I may be mistaken.
    But besides that I enjoy all that has been said.
    What part of the world is everyone from anyways?

  556. bracket says:


    I only drank the blood once and like i said, this was a little over three years ago.

    And yes, i’m 22.

  557. truebeliever says:

    that was long but it did help thanks caretaker

  558. CMF says:

    Sup with the Black Eyed Kids?
    Punk Vamps with expensive contacts playing vampire or actual crazy “things” out there.

  559. Patricia says:

    I have to say I have just loved reading everyone’s posts. Most are very well thought out while others are fun to read (the banter between Bracet and Blue Jay).

  560. bracket says:


    Thanks, i wrote that by the way.


    It’s all Blue Jays fault, he started it. ;)

  561. Patricia says:


    So I’ve been reading. I would like to say that I to think that there is more on this earth then we can explain. I think there could be vampires out there but what they really look like, or live or if they’re still even around is yet to be seen.

  562. truebeliever says:


    oh my bad i thought it was care taker but thanks it did help me even thought i have some different thoughts about some things that were said but its nice to know that im not the only one that think vampires are real or that are … kind of obsessed like me. hahaha

  563. truebeliever says:

    this is kind of a question about my thoughts ok so…..
    i mean i have read about different kinds of vampires and their descriptions but i think that just like us humans their are Chinese ,Hispanics, African Americans , Indians and so forth so i think there mite be different kinds vampires to . dont you all think?

  564. Blue jay says:

    Bracket: Glad we’re still friends, then :) .

    Geogirlforever: I am from Germany, and currently live in the U.S.A.
    (Not telling you my state or city, by the way)

    Patricia: I look back often and think of how stupid I was…but it is quite fun to read, and I can imagine how it is for others.

  565. foushi says:

    i have been reading all those comments for now three day to get them done. and i truly find it fascinating by all those info that i have read and they are rlly amazingly interesting. i have read a little bit abt vamps and i have been actually very curious abt vampires. whether they exist or not?? wt are their origin? so searching for as many material there are. so if u think u can help me with some useful sources then i would be thankful.


  566. goldensparrow7382 says:

    i dont think im a vamp but i do have a carnivorous inpulse,but i dont have any issues with the sun in fact i dont even get sun burn. im kinda scared of blood if i see blood i get light-headed. i have to have my steaks medium rare and i eat steak alot,so if i am a vamp id get some blood in any way .and i have a really warm body tempature. i also dont get a rash from pioson ivy . babies and animals are drawn to me like a magnet. im alot smarter than most 11 year olds and people tell me im beautiful constanly. am i part vamp ?

    ps. not to be ignorant but my grandpa is from translyvania and my eyes change from a shade of green to dark brown somtimes lately i havent been eating and i dont know why i have relly good stamina and almost never get hurt in fact ive gotten bad cuts and never noticed them my nail grow quikly.and i lick my cuts if i bleed

  567. foushi says:

    ya and btw there are lots of stories here that i find rlly cool ofc not the ones of ( i am a vampire i have cold hands and i live underground sort of things) but other than that the website is actually rlly cool.

    i think ya vamps do exist somewhere under our noses but i am fascinated by how do those creatures did hide and still hiding all those time. as i read before some one said sth abt that the government is aware or have evidence that they do exist.
    so if u plz anyone would explain to me abt that? and y would they hide such things
    thnx again

  568. gold finch says:

    bracket, your acting like your mr. blameless well i think blue jay was just stating his opinon and i respect that. freedom of speech is 1 of the things bush didt ruin for america

  569. shruthi says:

    i too believe in vampires and really wish to see one …i also like to know how u gathered soo much details..

  570. Anonymous says:

    I personally stated many of the symptoms of vampirism when i was young. My freshman year of highschool is what i considered my “transition phase” though it took some time to complete and i am still not completely adept. First of all garlic, I develpoed a high sensitivity to it and complete distaste. If i can smell it or its in my food at all i tend to avoid the situation because it often will hurt my nostrils and eating it makes me ill. I rarely go out into daylight. My eyes are sensitive to the light more than anything. I buy very heavy and dark reflective sunglasses. Though my skin is very pale, i never burn but get painful sunblisters. These blisters can not pop and takes a great while to be rid of. My junior year i developed a taste for blood, not a need, just personal preferance. i would take my own or that of a friend or lover. Most recently its developed into more of a need. My carnivores will often be in excrucitaing pain until i get some and i wont be able to keep any meals down. I dont go to sleep until sunrise and sleep through most of the day with blackout curtains. This isnt by choice, night time though lovely is very boring when all of your friends are day dwellers. My eye color is not strange its chocolate colored and sometimes they lighten to an amber syrup like color. like i said, i didnt chose any of this. My first taste of blood was through multiple piercings of my lip when i was depressed and it escalated. Im sorry for those of you who think this is all fraud please dont judge me.

  571. CMF says:

    Jessica you need a shrink and a dentist.
    You are not a vampire.

  572. bracket says:


    I wouldn’t say i’m a believer, i’m willing to believe, but i’m more interested in the mythology.


    People’s body temp is not always the same. 98.6 is just the average. The poison ivy thing isn’t rare at all, you actually have to be allergic to it to get a reaction. And, i also am a magnet to babies and animals, it’s nothing strange. Also Transylvania has just as much vampire myths as any other country in western europe, it’s only famous for vamps because of Dracula, and the eye color changing thing is rare but it happens (like to my mother for instance).


    I know i’ve been saying this alot but you should read my article The Vampire Compendium.

    gold finch

    By your logic, isn’t what i said also freedom of speech?

    Anonymous & Jessica

    You sound like the same person but incase you’re not, both of your symptoms can be explained by depression and a slightly light case of porphyria (which can bring on depression) and fang-like canines are not that rare. Also, Jessica, your friends (or donors) developing similiar symptoms to you is the power of suggestion. You say you’re a vampire and, even if they don’t believe you, that thought has planted a seed in their mind, and they see what they want to see.

  573. Patricia says:

    Agreed CMF. I’m not saying that anyone on here that is claiming to be a vampire is wrong or right, but there are many explanation in life and this world to account for what’s going with you. I have fast reflexes but I know that’s because I have always been a big klutz and I’ve learned to be quick so I would get hurt as much.

    There are many people that hurt themselves as a self soothing method or because they aren’t able to express themselves in an appropriate way. Stress and nervousness and also cause you to do things that might not seem “normal” by you or others. As for changing eye color, well that very common. Mostly people with hazel eyes tend to change from a litter brown to a blue and then to green. This could be due to your mood or the color of the clothes you are wearing.

    Just some ideas to think about.


  574. clericthespokesman says:

    Well, I been reading this stuff for 3 hrs. I personally believe that there could be vampires and other weird beings.

    For those who say why would a vampire write in this forum or any other about them being vampires, it’s because they CAN remain in secret and still being able to say that on a computer. The only way they could be found out is if someone had the technology to trace their IP address. I think modern technology helps them (if they are real) to say the truth and get it off their chest so to speak, and not have to really worry about being chased to kill them.

    As to the Twilight movie, I thought it was great!!! Do I believe they sparkle, no I don’t. Do I believe they go to school and live just like us? I don’t know. However, I will not say that’s definitely not possible concidering how much we truly know about them. I wouldn’t mind meeting one that can control their hunger and not take my blood. If they live a long time think of all the true knowledge they may have of human history that they could tell us. For all we know half of what we are told in school about ancient civilizations may be completely wrong because of misinterpretations of the dead languages.

    So that’s my thoughts. I wasn’t even gonna write anything here just read, but had to share my thoughts after seeing many judgmental comments, especially when people have to attack people by saying they have less educational levels then themselves. Book smarts I know for a fact means nothing when it comes to the unexplainable.

  575. clericthespokesman says:

    CMF says:
    July 21, 2009 at 1:47 pm

    Jessica you need a shrink and a dentist.
    You are not a vampire.

    CMF she never said she was a vampire!!! Read everything they write before you embarrass yourself again. She said she didn’t know what was causing her to be like this, and if she is something she isn’t sure what she is, if she is anything other then human.

  576. Alpha says:

    Many people credit common symptoms of vampirism today to psychological conditions and a combination of medical impediments and that’s fair enough. It is hard to differentiate the common symptoms of ‘vampirism’ (i’d love to create a new term and refrain from this multi-defined word) to what are general medical and psychological factors however one interesting aspect of vampirism gone unnoticed would be the more supernatural element to it.

    So far most true vampiric encounters (not sure about ‘X’ vampires) seem to involve the formation of some sort of emotion, generally fear or hate, however some can be plain mundane.

    Personally after encountering that vampiric creature, i was overwhelmed with a sense of fear and malevolence but could this be because i have a natural affinity for the paranormal?

    Perhaps this element of vampirism should have further consideration dedicated towards it?

  577. CMF says:



    I’m not embarrased. *snicker* YOU should be embarrased making statements like, “she isnt sure what she is, if she is anything other then human.”

    Im gonna go ahead throw all that I have into the “She Really Is A Human ” side of the betting pool here.
    Does she need some help? You betcha!
    She’s not deranged either, depressed? Yep, used to being depressed? yep, in her teens so its a trying time and trying to find herself so that doesnt help with all this? Yep. But not a Vampire.

    Oh and by the way kids, dont drink each others blood, its incredibly unhealthy .
    Or go ahead and do so and remember I said so when your at the doctor who will be quite convinced that you are not only NOT a vampire, but will be quite dead and not comming back to raom the night. Just dead.

  578. Patricia says:


    I don’t think you need to see a dentist. I like your teeth they give you personality. As for the shrink part well not sure there. If you know an adult that you really trust it wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk over some of the things that you are experiencing. By doing that you might be able to get to your truth, whatever that may be. Good luck and I wish you well.


  579. caitlyn says:

    I believe they still exist and i wish i was 1 and im never gna stop searching for them so yea

  580. Blue jay says:

    ‘Fangs’ are quite common, in my opinion. It just means that you are an average person in that way…
    (By the way, my ‘fangs’ are also a bit larger than what you showed…that means I REALLY need to get my teeth fixed, it’s not a good thing)
    Don’t take offense, please. Just stating my opinion.

  581. hunter says:

    I wrote a reply on this site earlier and my mother and many in her family have like many of the males have become very strong at very young ages, the females and males all hate to be in the sun and sunburn very easy,get very mad if someone even looks at the spouses wrong, and have very good senses.

  582. clericthespokesman says:

    CFM I doubt she is a vampire either. Yes she is confused but, I’m not going talk like you do to her. And it seems like your statements make you a non – believer in vampires. Well I may be wrong but if that’s the case, and you think they are all nuts then don’t come to this forum. They don’t need your down talking, they need love and understanding. As for them drinking other blood killing them your wrong. There has been many people who lived out their entire lives while drinking others blood. Now as just only drinking it and not having food and water yes they would probably die. I will never be embarrassed to say they a person may or may not be what they think or imply they may be. For me if they have the craving for blood and need it then in my opinion they are vampires, just not the fairy tale type you see in books and movies. Which is to say they are human, but just like humans can be vegetarians, they can be vampires (blood drinkers). I see it just as a name for a type of eat choice. So what if they also think they have powers too. As long as no one gets hurt then it’s not bad. I think as long as the person isn’t hurting themselves (in a very dangerous way – like they are going to die), or others then they or normal. They is a saying (and I don’t remember who said this) “What one may see as normal many others would see as craziness, and those same people who they are saying that about see many of the others judging their behavior as craziness and abnormal.”
    So in closing who are we to judge who is normal and needs help. When if we take each others lives apart and what we all do we would all need professional help. I seen most of the professionals, and in my opinion they need just as much professional help as their patients seeing them. Thus the saying comes to mind, “The blind leading the blind.” Maybe, that’s why the psych wards and psychiatric hospitals are so full.” They are trying to lead people back to a perceived normalcy which they don’t even have themselves.

  583. rebecca says:

    thanks clericthespokesman

  584. Annonymous says:

    How many of you beleive in vampires? And more importantly how many of many of you want to meet vampires and… well… become vampires?…

    And also who thinks their related or *are* vampires?Mmmm out of curiousity i guess.

  585. Karen M. says:

    Hola amigos! Well, no I don’t beleive in vampire and since I don’t beleive in them I doubt I could become one or meet one! I have known a species of several “baby vampires”, when they’re in the teething stage and you’re holding them they go straight for the neck!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH BABY VAMPIRE!

    P.S Vampire cats too, I had a cat who bit me all the time, but then again maybe thats cause I harrassed it all the time!

    oh and I know that Im rambling on sorry cause havent been here for a week, the girl with the pictures of her teeth, I dont think they look bad, I have a friend who has even worse fangs than her, she looks kind of young to have a fiance!

  586. CMF says:


    Every major religious text in the world decries drinking human blood, not just for spiritual reasons ..
    But if you want to condone a form of cannibilism, go ahead, how long do you think it will be before that mutates into something where someone DOES get hurt?
    I like steak, dont care about cattle getting killed to provide it,thus if one eats people, then one eats people.
    All I’m saying kids is ask your parents if your a vampire, I bet your mom gave human birth to you, I know Vamps are cool and there is alot of hype around them, but your better off drinking clamato juice then going going down the blood slippery path of drinking your fellow human beings blood.

  587. Patricia says:

    LOL CMF. Anonymous do I believe in vampires? Well I’m with Bracket there. I’m willing to believe and very open minded about the idea. Do I want to be one? No not really. I really love my life as a human. Now sure I’d like to meet one as long as he/she wont kill me or change me. I would love to hear what they have to say.


  588. Patricia says:

    By the way I found this interesting article on “Real Vampires”. earthspirit.com/fireheart/fhvampire.html check it out if you like.


  589. Bracket says:


    I think you’re jumping to conclusions. I know people who drink blood, i talk about it in a past comment, and they might be a little morose but they are regular people, and they don’t get sick.

  590. clericthespokesman says:

    Well if they do go and hurt someone we have things called prison. They can go there just like any other murder or assaulter. If you read in all religious text (since you brought up religion now), we all are granted by God free will. Free will to believe, and do what we feel is right for ourselves. But, with that said, we as a society have laws to protect each other from criminals who would hurt us. Now as long as the people giving her the blood to drink is allowing her I don’t see anything wrong with it per say. I don’t feel I would ever participate in the practice. Now if she severely hurt one of these people then I would say she should be arrested and placed under professional care. At this moment in time Jessica is not assaulting anyone. She may be confused about her new found blood desire, and she should talk to someone not judging but understanding. Someone who’s not gonna throw a bible or false crap about drinking blood is going to kill her. The only way it would kill her is if she drank blood from a disease infected person, and they have tests that donors can take to prevent that from happening. And CFM everything we do can become a danger to society if we let it evolve. Look at work. We now have work alcholics that work themselves to a early grave, and even sometimes cause them to physically and emotionally hurt people around them if they can’t get to work doing something. So yes just like anything else we do the idea could mutate to a dangerous scenerio. (excuse my spelling it was and still is one of my weaknesses)

  591. Anonymous says:

    Bracket how the hell do I unsubscribe to this thing?? lol
    I’m not wishing to listen to cleric encourage the youth to drink blood anymore, yall vamps have at it!
    By the way some people believe that you get MORE power if you eat the organs of others!
    Bump blood!

    Seriously I dont want any more updates outta here, this is beyond just wondering if there are vampires this is sending young people in a direction I just cant condone.
    Free will indeed…

  592. bracket says:


    If you really want to unsubscribe, go to “manage your subscription” right under the comment box and follow the instructions. But, we don’t condone blood drinking. All people are saying is that if people are going to do it, they should use caution.

  593. Alpha says:

    This topic has several major and interesting transitions…
    now the current hot topic is drinking blood…
    Vampires do drink blood….perhaps they drink animal blood?
    Perhaps they have more advanced immune systems then us brought by genetic alterations…this is just pure speculation of course…

    Anyway can the conversation wonder astray to another element of vampirism?

    Okay since most people know that most vampires these days are hard-core goths and because of this the actual vampires that do exist out there are branded as fictional creatures right…well how come the true vampires out there emanate disturbing often frightening emotions?

    Surely this is an interesting topic to discuss about on this article?

  594. Xavier says:

    Alpha since your post sparked my interest when you stated that “modern vampires maynot even know they are vampires” is indeed true and that further insight in light of that which you said is the fact that without an “elder” vampire they may never know they are vampires, therefore “covens” or communities exist and the sunlight factor has usually been diminished by the centuries of crossbreeding between humans and vampires so the “poryphic hemophilia” pigmented skin is very rare and yes, most vampires are strong but most of them do not look it. retractiable elongated teeth is not exactly true most vampires today just bite hard enough to puncture the skin like a regular human would and proceed to drink blood at that point and animals are the main source of blood they do not usually harm humans for their carnal needs unless desperate and fear of vampires can be blamed primarily on movies stories and other tales of interest. In truth vampire communities are usually interwoven with humans so it is not likely that you will know if someone is a vampire just by looking…

  595. Magykbuzz says:

    Hello everyone….

    It’s lively here ;)

    I too like supernatural thing and found this site to be interesting….

    Is there hierarchy in vampire society ? and there’s talk about Sub Rosa up there….what exactly is it ? what are they doing ?

  596. Teresa says:

    Reading some of those stories at the top there really freaked me out! lol not saying I believe or disbelieve but its still scary to think that someone out there saw something that they think might look like a vampire! buhh gives me chills! haha

  597. Karen M. says:

    I really don’t think that cleric is encouraging people to drink blood, he’s saying that if they’re going to do it they’re going to do it but not in a way as to harm someone, you , this have no control over what other people choose to do topic is about vampires and surprise, surprise it came around to drinking blood, what did you expect? Alpha, I think most people don’t associate goths with being “real vampires”. Goths you can pass by on the street but the “true vampires” I think cause fear because of all the stories and myths associated with them. Going back to Bracket when he said that he drank blood, that doesn’t bother me cause that was his decision, I think his stories are interesting, even if he is a little discreet about the details! I heard on a documentary about Goth’s once that the partner you choose should be considered like a sexual partner ( i.e. HIV) and you should only practice drinking blood from that one person.

    Well if you go on google and look under what are the side effects of drinking blood ? T here are tribes in Kenya who mix cows blood with milk as a form of calcium, and supposedly it is very benificial for their health! So, I dont imagine that drinking blood makes you sick

  598. Patricia says:


    I agree with Karen M. I don’t think Goth’s are vampires. Their just another type of “click” like the “Jocks” or the “Stoners” or the “Popular”. If you think about it anyone from any of these groups could be viewed as a vampire.

    As far as true vampires emanating disturbing or frighting emotions, well a few things come to mind.

    1~All the stories and myths about vampires don’t really portray them in a good way. They are said to be evil, scary looking and dangerous to humans.

    2~99% of the movies made about vampires also portrayed them as fearful creatures.

    3~Vampires are an unknown species and people tend to be frightened by the unknown.

    These of course are just my thoughts to your question.


  599. haveqs says:

    first thing I am dont believe that there exists a particular vampire species with those characteristics described above, I feel that these kind of beings are like spectrum rather than being as described exactly. But yet for hypothesis say vampires so there must be some first vampire in the world like human beings claim to have their first form if we go by religion say Adam and Eve so whos the first V??? or origins???

  600. Karen M. says:

    haveqs, there is a story here called “the first vampire” supposedly her name was lilith according to the Kabbalah!

  601. Xavier says:

    There is not exactly a hierarchy in the vampire society it is more of a “family” consisting of the whole community and the highest are of course the eldest as they have been around the longest and have more wisdom and knowledge other than elders there is no official hierarchy. There are however rules:

    rule 1: Never feed on humans unless you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO
    rule 2: Never compromise the coven or community
    rule 3: Avoid public feeding
    rule 4: No outsiders are allowed to see the coven

    Aside from these 4 most important rules there are more but I shall not list them because I am fairly certain you have an idea of what it is like.

  602. Sol says:

    I’ve always had an interest in vampires…but this site taught me a lot about vampires that I never knew before. A part of me has always longed to become a vampire, but I know deep down that there must be some sort of responsibility that goes along with it, as well as the life you must leave nehind…am I right? See, I became obssessed with Vampires when I was twelve yearsold but my parents saw it as some kind of devil work. I would hide books and articles I had found on the internet, and at the library, under my pillow. And I even started writing a spin-off of the TV show “Angel” in the 7th grade, with my best friend (which now sounds pretty lame). But anyway, I just started reading the Twilight series as well, and I’m just so confused with which myths and legends are really true – wow, that sounds kind of funny! – that I feel kind of out of the loop. My fascination just grows deeper as I read the articles on this site because they seem so much more solid and factual. I have no doubt in my mind that vampires exist. I can just feel it my soul, you know? I’ve just known it since I first heard the word “Vampire”.

  603. Magykbuzz says:

    How do you know this rule ?

  604. clericthespokesman says:

    Sorry bracket if I caused some of your readers to leave. Thanks you Karen for understanding my statement. I’m not encouraging drinking blood. We see that no matter what we do as a society, people will do what they feel is right for them. Human kind has always been like that. That’s why I try not to judge people, but instead love them and offer help to them to figure out if what they are doing is right for them. If they choose that path I’ll do what the bible says, “Stay out of their path.” We find many things wrong or odd because we don’t or wouldn’t do what these others would do. But just because we don’t want to or do not like to do different things as others doesn’t mean it’s wrong, just wrong for you so don’t participate.
    I just find with every topic in forums people have to be harsh and cruel to people they don’t agree with. They have to say they are pycho or their IQ is low or many other cruel things. Showing love would be saying what some people have here. That you may want to seek some trust worthy to talk to to see if you really should be doing any behavior that may be inticing. Agian sorry Bracken that some people left do to not really understanding what I was saying, but there is always those in every forum.

  605. bracket says:


    Thanks, but just so you know, i didn’t write this, Alpha did. I wrote the Compendium.

  606. Sol says:

    Why is everyone arguing? I mean everyone knows that vampires exist…but no one on this site is a vampire. Why would a vampire suddenly stumble across this site and decide to broadcast it to 600 visitors or so that he or she is in fact a vampire, or a dhampir???? It just doesn’t make any sense. Come on guys, lets be serious, vampires have better things to do then look themselves up on the internet!

  607. Xavier says:

    I know the rules for adifferent reason one that I do not wish to discuss with you guys but keep searching in your efforts is all I can say and Twilight disgusts me it is full of BULL, sorry if I am being blunt but if you enjoy vampire myths and facts Twilight is not the way to find it… And vampires resulted in a Poryphic hemophilia/Rabies mutation in the gene pool if my memory serves me correctly…

  608. Bracket says:


    Being perfectly blunt, i think you’re full of bull.

  609. Karen M. says:

    I didn’t even know what Twilight was til I came on this article, but I “love” that I have gotten the opportunity to talk to so many “Vampires” LOL!

  610. Xavier says:


    Being perfectly blunt also, I don’t think you can understand anything.

    Either that or you just don’t want to accept anything…

  611. linds says:

    Vampires are demonic creatures, that you shouldnt want to be. they consume human blood which would make them canniblistic and are possessed by a demon pretty much that convinves them that its okay and thats what they are. Twilight is some womens fluff version of it, she knows nothing but how to right one hell of a book. Just because that book makes it seem okay, justifies nothing. God says in the bible Dont partake of blood.

  612. bracket says:


    I’ve studied vampirism for years, check out my article on vampires from around the world, The Vampire Compendium. That view isn’t coming out of nowhere. I hate Twilight as well, but i also don’t agree what so ever with your views, i don’t even fully agree with Alphas views. Atleast Alpha clearly states that his hypothesis is clearly conjecture, i think you’re just plainly lying.

    Here’s the Compendium.


  613. Alpha says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to perform a biological dissection and analysis on a true vampire!!

    P.S. Exactly what about my theory do you find hard to agree with?


    People, please take time to acknowledge the fact that this hypothesis of mine (the very basis of this article) intends to describe a series of creatures encountered by people and myself personally across the world.

    The reason why some of you may not agree with this theory is because of the numerous cultural affiliations the term vampire has had, to the point that the creature had so many forms and manifestations.


  614. Alpha says:


    Do i get an apology!!!!???

  615. Alpha says:


    Do my theories on vampire formation comply with the existence of these vampire covens and communities you know about.

    BTW, Bracket
    I think it’s possible that these covens do exist. Perhaps they are government supported.

  616. jms$sure says:

    i just want to say whats up with yall can i get a website or a link that shows actual proof please dont get offended at my comment just want to check up on this stuff yall say

  617. DUMBO says:

    i honestly, really really want to know whether vampires are just mythical or not,

    i really would like a helpful answer with some proof if possible.

  618. Karen M. says:

    Alpha, yes those covens exist, didn’t Bracket state that he participated in their blood drinking ritual? It sounds more like Satanisim than vampirisim!

  619. isa says:

    im not shore what a vampire really is!

    not with what people say about them!

    but i would love to think that they are real!

    i would like some one to convince me that im not crazy and thinking they exsist does not make me mad….?

    the only reason i feel like this is because everyone i know are non belivers!

  620. geogirlforever says:

    I loved the twilight novels and the movie, I also can’t wait until New Moon. Everyone has their own POV and I respect every single person in here…. I’m open to anything when it comes to vamps…. I also love reading what everyone has to say…

    Oh and Xavier I really like your username…

  621. Bracket says:


    This guy is just like Stephanie Vermette’s claims, that everyone agreed was being ripped off from Twilight. What’s the difference between her and Xavier?

  622. Jonathan says:

    Wow, a lot of comments. But I go back to the first comment. How do you know? and don’t say google it. The internet lies about everything. Do you have credible sites supporting such claims? Somehting besides some vampire fan club site. I am always open to somehting new but back up your confident claims.

    and for:
    i saw this gorgeous, radiant girl. She had a pale, deathly complexion about her and lustrous, long black hair and she was dancing
    I think I dtaed her.

    As for the vampire loving girls. You are so setting yourself up for easy prey. Guys love to take advantage of girls like you. Just out of curiousity, what if vampires are real, why would oyu want one to kill you. Let’s go with Alpha’s description. I don’t think there is anythign about the stories he wrote that imply transformation, he says they are all genetic.

    Or what if you could become one. What’s so great about being an outcast. Girls if oyu are a vampire you aren’t going to Macy’s one day sale. You arent jining your friends on a cruise and you aren’t going to college and enjoy party life. What’s so cool about being an outcast and drinking blood to survive. Could you really drink blood right from an animal?

  623. Tristia says:

    I don’t know if vampires really do exist..

    but.. I have a story… I don’t know if it’s true or not.. because I myself can’t tell if it really happened to me.. I’ll be telling this story on how I remembered it… .btw.. I’m Tristia(nickname), male, 19, 5’9, an average guy I guess.. my body type is slender kinda has a feminine side cuz my friends tell me waist is curved like of a female’s body.. and they often mistook me for a girl maybe because of my kind of female face and long hair.. I’m in my 3rd year in college.. and it’s in this year when i experienced it( in june).. anyway, one thursday night.. 9pm.. my last class for the day just ended… all of my friends and classmates had just left the university(it was a stressful day).. and I was the last to leave the grounds.. from the university to get home.. I’d be taking a walk for bout’ 3 blocks.. then taking a bus(I always take the bus b’cuz If I didn’t I’d be walking hmm.. let’s say 13 blocks).. then walk another 5 blocks… but on this particular day(just my luck) I lost the money i had left to take the bus… so I had no choice but to walk.. so I walked.. maybe after 13min. since i began my “journey” to get back home.. I had to walk this street where in that area is this big tree which is to my left, in front of an old church.. that covered 2 street lights wide cutting-off the moonlight.. the church is still being used by the way.. and honestly.. the church was creepy cuz under the tree were this 2 light posts, right? and those light posts were flickering and the one across wasn’t even working.. at the right there’s an old abandoned building.. and an open lot where some bums sleep for the night.. At first I was thinking to make a detour cuz DAMN i got scared!.. good thing there’s someone walking behind me(I heard light footsteps bout 2 meters away from me.. i guess) whom I think would be taking the same way as me… so on I walked.. then just before I cross the tree.. I kinda felt and heard someone breathed(you know.. inhale, exhale?) at my right ear.. I stopped for a sec.. looked behind (just enough) to see if the person behind me got too close.. it was a woman about the same height as me(I think).. I didn’t see her the face though.. and she’s still about 1 1/2 meter away from me.. so i continued to walk.. and just as i was under the shadow of the tree.. there’s a whisper to my right ear.. I was surprised! as I looked behind me.. the woman ran straight towards me knocking me down to the ground.. then felt a painful bite at my neck.. I wanted to push her back and get up but i can’t move.. I tried to scream but I couldn’t.. not out of shock but I really couldn’t… then my vision blurred ..I could no longer feel the pain in my neck… my body feeling numb.. my eyes, slowly about to shut.. still trying my best to stay awake.. just as I’m about to go unconscious… she released my neck.. still couldn’t see her face.. she then kissed my lips gently and hugged me tight.. and whispered to my ear saying “this will be your last hug and kiss as a human.” I suddenly woke up, realizing I was back home and on my bed..I remembered I was still walking on my way home.. how come I couldn’t remember reaching our house? then I remembered I was with a woman walking with me last night who bit me… I touched my neck if there was a bite mark… in my horror I looked in the mirror.. and found nothing on my neck… “was I dreaming all that?!” asking myself.. until now I’m still wondering how I got to my bed.. the last thing I remembered was when I was kissed.. so I asked my mom bout how I got home last night.. she said I came through the door and went straight to my bedroom, no “hi’s” or “hello’s” and she added “you didn’t even ate dinner.. and wasn’t like you”.. she then told me that she noticed i was looking kinda pale.. she just thought I was tired for studying to much so she’d let me be…

    .. .could It be just a dream?. .

    well… there’s my story.. .what do you guys think?..

  624. clericthespokesman says:

    linds says:
    July 27, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    Vampires are demonic creatures, that you shouldnt want to be. they consume human blood which would make them canniblistic and are possessed by a demon pretty much that convinves them that its okay and thats what they are. Twilight is some womens fluff version of it, she knows nothing but how to right one hell of a book. Just because that book makes it seem okay, justifies nothing. God says in the bible Dont partake of blood.

    One question. DO you partake in Communion? When your drinking the cup it’s supposed to represent the blood of Jesus.

    Alpha says:
    July 28, 2009 at 5:23 am


    Do i get an apology!!!!???

    Yes you do. Im very sorry. However, if people cant handle others views on things enough to make someone leave a forum, then maybe they shouldnt be visiting one. The whole purpose of forums are to hear each others views, as long as we arent trying doing it in a hurtful way.

    jms$sure says:
    July 28, 2009 at 5:41 am

    i just want to say whats up with yall can i get a website or a link that shows actual proof please dont get offended at my comment just want to check up on this stuff yall say

    Answer is no. These are peoples thoughts on the matter. We are all here all looking for the answers.


    Id say if you didnt have a bite mark it probably was a dream. You did say it was a stressful day. You may have been very tired, and your brain just blocked out half your walk home. However, also you may have been attacked, not by a vamp. but maybe a homeless person. You could have suffered head trauma for a blow to the head, which could cause a temporary lose of memory, could be why you appeared pale to your mother. If it was all a dream it would make a great short story. Maybe you should turn it into one, I bet people would buy it. I enjoyed reading it.

  625. Tristia says:


    thanks for sharing what you think..
    though is it really necessary to have a bite mark? I think it’s because I slept night to day.. that it might have healed or something like that… and how could I got home if I blocked out? If it was from the takedown, I could have been dazed from hitting the pavement.. but I wasn’t.. well, not until I was bitten when it all blurred.. and to return to our house..could have sleep walked? I know I talk in my sleep.. (my mom told me) but never sleep walked.. and about the woman.. remember when I looked back after I felt like someone breathed by my ear? she didn’t look like a homeless person.. maybe bcuz of her hair.. *I haven’t mentioned that, have I?* anyway.. her hair wasn’t unruly like the homeless people do(you know.. the shaggy type).. I’m not emphasizing that what happened to me was true and that vampires really do exist.. and I’m not saying they don’t either.. I just want to be enlightened, like “connect the dots”.. you know I’m still bugged.. AND worried.. I haven’t told anyone about this.. not my family, not my friends.. I don’t know anyone whom I can talk about this.. they might think I’m crazy and all.. and to add to the weirdness.. a classmate of mine told me that she noticed something different about me.. where’s the weird part? that girl was a classmate of mine since 2nd year of college(she stopped studying for a year and transferred to our university).. she was like “the talk of the town” when she came and in an instant made her like one of the popular girls.. and one time when our eyes met she raised her brow at me and looked away.. and one time a friend of mine overheard one of their girly-girly chitchat and he told me they were ranking the guys from “37 to 1″.. well, I got 34th place with a side comment “is he even a guy?!” like with a disgusted face and laughed.. btw my friend got 37th.. so I don’t expect her to talk to us.. or let alone to be near us.. she haven’t spoken to me until now.. and she never really told me what’s different bout me.. and with a faint smile.. she turned the other way and head to her next class.. leaving me a bit bewildered..

    I dont know what to tell you. I have blacked out driving my car when I got in my last wreck. I still was driving and all that. Black outs are just periods of time you dont remember. Most people that talk about ever being bitten have a bite mark the next day and for awhile. The woman may have not looked like a homeless person because of the stress you was under made you halucinate that she looked the way she did. The mind can do many things when under stress even make people see others differently. The girl you was talking about may have just seen a difference in you personality. People can change in a years time. This is not to say your crazy and need professional help. Just saying stress can make things seem real or very different then what really happened. Hope you find your answer.

  626. clericthespokesman says:

    I don’t know what to tell you. I have blacked out driving my car when I got in my last wreck. I still was driving and all that. Black outs are just periods of time you don’t remember. Most people that talk about ever being bitten have a bite mark the next day and for awhile. The woman may have not looked like a homeless person because of the stress you was under made you halucinate that she looked the way she did. The mind can do many things when under stress even make people see others differently. The girl you was talking about may have just seen a difference in you personality. People can change in a years time. This is not to say your crazy and need professional help. Just saying stress can make things seem real or very different then what really happened. Hope you find your answer.

  627. Barb says:

    Just wanted to say I think this site is very facinating. I do have one question though – Do you know of any UK vampire occurances or am I completely out of luck. Everything I have read seems to be originating from some far off country, I was curious if there was anything closer to home so to speak.
    Thank you for your time.

  628. Patricia says:

    You could go on to http://www.vampiretruthormyth.com/the-vampire-compendium/
    and see what Bracht wrote. It’s about vampires from all around the world. You might find something there.

    Hope it helps.


  629. vampella says:

    Hey guys. wow long time no speak. i didnt have time to read ALL the posts but i read most of them. :)

    i have a question and its mostly on sixth sense kindov stuff.
    so i was thinking as people have mensioned vampyres are reeli mysterious and cautious(coz lets face it how many of you have actually seen a REAL vampire and they come up to you and “Yo im a vampire”?? not many i guess)
    so i was thinking couldnt vampyres have like a sixth sense? i mean i’ve read that people consider phycics vamps!
    like doctors being said to be witchs lol
    i mean my friend always points out that i have great eye sight and i can’t be fooled by a lie so i take that as MY own Personal sixth sense so if we have one, wont vampires…being the best species? (in my opinion the best)
    have something similar?

    just a suggestion to get a new topic going :) Hope i dont sound craaazy

    Vampella x

    Karen M.

    Hows it going? Any vampire sightings near you?
    i have a wierd feeling someone or something is watching me. :S

    SUMMER IS HERE!!! lol

    Vampella xx

  630. kutin says:

    Vampires, I hope there isn’t any . I extremely fear those things oh and Zombies they creep me out too.

  631. Xavier says:

    Ok, sorry for my lack of responses so on to the answers to your questions…
    Alpha said: “Xavier,

    Do my theories on vampire formation comply with the existence of these vampire covens and communities you know about”

    Alpha, Skimming over your theory it is accurate in some parts though “groups” are not exactly defined as clearly as a “click” in high school… and your formation section is accurate also it is kinda like a rare mutation from poryphic hemophilia and rabies where a mutation/bonding is concieved and the rabies no longer makes the host violent but actually has the need to feed through biting and also explains why the vampirism is “contagious”, and yes it has been diluted over many years…

    Bracket said: “Xavier

    Ive studied vampirism for years, check out my article on vampires from around the world, The Vampire Compendium. That view isnt coming out of nowhere. I hate Twilight as well, but i also dont agree what so ever with your views, i dont even fully agree with Alphas views. Atleast Alpha clearly states that his hypothesis is clearly conjecture, i think youre just plainly lying.

    Heres the Compendium.


    Looking at it it looks to be a college report meant to shun the thought of vampires being real but I will read it and get back to you later…

    Karen M. said: “Alpha, yes those covens exist, didnt Bracket state that he participated in their blood drinking ritual? It sounds more like Satanisim than vampirisim!”

    Blood drinking is not satanism, do you even know what satanism is? satanism or stanists rather, are people who do not worship any deity or god but instead believe in the power within ones self to change lives and life itself kinda like modern medicine does to sick peopleit can change their lives by changing their well-being, they do not worship satan or the devil but instead think of him as that power that resides within everyone that has the ability to change the world for better or for worse.

    geogirlforever said: “I loved the twilight novels and the movie, I also cant wait until New Moon. Everyone has their own POV and I respect every single person in here. Im open to anything when it comes to vamps. I also love reading what everyone has to say

    Oh and Xavier I really like your username”

    thank you.

    Bracket said: “Alpha

    This guy is just like Stephanie Vermettes claims, that everyone agreed was being ripped off from Twilight. Whats the difference between her and Xavier?”

    this is only what you think and it is your right to express your opinion but remember if you put your opinion out in public it is likely to get criticized, so with that reminder I would say I hope that helps you sleep at night but it isn’t my problem what you think about me or anyone else so have fun with your subtle flaming, oh and I am only offering some answers if you dissaprove please submit a complaint in this box [_] I will be sure to read it eventually.

  632. bracket says:


    The Compendium was written to show the different myths of vampires from around the world and how those myths have impacted our history and society.

    Also, i don’t disapprove of your “answers”, that implies that i think it shouldn’t get out there because it might cause trouble. I just think that you’re making it up.

  633. Karen M. says:

    Hi Vampella, unfortunatley no, there hasn’t been any sightings here, maybe around Halloween he he, you know Halloween has only existed here for like 20 years, some guy who wanted to sell costumes brought it in fashion, not even trick or treat either, there are shopkeepers who do decorate their store windows and they leave them there till december ha ha! What about up your way in England? I’ll keep on the lookout for one though just incase one finds France a charming country to live in :)

  634. raye says:

    All the rumors that people believe of vampires not being able to go ot into the sunlight, can’t be near garlic etc.. are not all true. i shall not explain myself for so i may let out a secret that cannot be known to man (or women). But do not believe everything people say about vampires, believe what you want to believe….

  635. Vampella says:

    Karen M.

    Nope non in england. Only on tv.. but i gues that reeli america LOL

  636. Xavier says:


    I can already tell you are trying to imply that you are a vampire but my money is that you are not because if you were you wouldn’t have come right out with that kind of reason for not discussing, and Bracket I did infact read your article last night and I take back my previous response to your Compendium, except for the fact it looks like a college report.

  637. bracket says:


    Your reasons for why you think Raye isn’t telling the truth is the same reasons why i think you aren’t either.

    Also, i was trying to keep the Compendium short. Besides, it’s gotten some really good feedback with maybe 2 negative comments.

  638. Barb says:

    I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion.
    As for my opinion, I think the idea and thought of real vampires is enthraulling.
    Whether it is the unknown as such that I find exciting or the fact that something so wounderful and mysterious could actually exist, I just don’t know, but what I do know is that I am sure I speak for more than just myself when I say that it is every girls dream to become a vampire.
    Yes I know I sound a complete sad’o for admiting that but I don’t care, if i can’t say it here then where can I?
    Please let me know if I’m the only one feeling like this, (but gently does it, ok) :)
    Thanx for listening to my rant

  639. Xavier says:

    Bracket I never said I was a vampire so what am I lying about again?

  640. Barb says:

    Although I don’t believe it would happen due to vampires shying away from the limelight so to speak, I think it wouuld be utterly fantastic it one were to enter a site like this (if that were possible).
    There are so many different stories out their, it makes me woulder if vampires would be ‘human enough’ to focus and comprehend modern technology ect. or would they just be interested in the one thing they needed to survive.
    Would they even be interested in talking to mere humans, I could not imagine what wounders that would hold for them.

  641. Bracket says:


    I’m on vacation at the moment so i’m going to type quickly.

    Because you’re claiming to know things about vampires nobody could possibly know.

    But i can see this going nowhere so lets just let bygones be bygones.

  642. izzy nightmare says:

    i wish i was a vampire but im sure they dont exsist if they did we would not know about them and if someone saw them they would not be able to come back to say they did being that the vampire would kill them

  643. Lady D says:

    If i had the chance to be a supernatural THING i wud definatly choose a Vampire! dunno but i wud love to be 1! bt do they reely exist!

  644. kayla18 says:

    just wanted to say ive enjoyed reading all the comments..i had a few laughs in the process. i do believe in vamps,i always try to keep an open mind. i am human….lol. i also believe we are who we are for a reason and everything has beauty even normal people that arent vampires. Hope i havent said anything to piss yall off.

  645. Xavier says:

    And Bracket,

    Agreed. Past is the Past lets not dwell on it whilst we have a brand new day ahead!

  646. kayla18 says:

    For those that say ‘VAMIRES ARENT REAL’ Please….I havent seen any prof that says they are not real nor any that says they are…ever heard of having a open mind? Im not trying to be rude in any way but dont be so sure about things. But in the end its not my place to tell you what to believe but i will always tell you what i think. People that do believe are not crazy nor the people who dont.

  647. Barb says:


    I think i need to apologise for my mis-wording, I do not think vampires are in any way beasts, I just wondered what interest mortals would hold for them (as in would they find them interesting, beautiful, that sort of thing).
    I am however pleased to hear that it is thought they hold onto human personalities.
    Thank you.

    I wondered why the vast majority of vampire stories (not just hollywood based) are all focused around the horror side of things, except for the odd few (Twilight etc.) Would it possibly be because in the old days, if there was something strange that people did not understand then it was presumed evil, and perhaps that misconseption has stuck through the years.
    I believe the whole evil assumtion is unfair, maybe they are only doing what is necessary to survive, and like any other creature (of whatever origin) they need to feed, be it not every day.
    Well thanx for listening.

  648. Vampella says:

    i agree with you kayla18. being opened minded can also help stop stress (and gray hairrs to you older fellows) so why not open your mind.

    ask yourself

    do i believe in this?
    do i have proof?
    do i have proof it doesn’t exsist?
    just because you can’t see it does not mean it isnt there.

    like the wind. you can’t see it but you can feel it. some people feel a supernautral spirit.

    Vamp xx

  649. No Name says:

    Vampire’s as ppl might call it is just demons in ppl – These ” Vampires” really dont like God. Demons worshop to Satan. Satanist ppl offer animals cut there hearts out and drink there blood. Thats how the tradition is so far i heard. There is rumors of human victims but with different so called rituals. Maybe they get satisfaction of drinking blood – whe all know that only God himself can create life and Satan cant . I was thinking long about this. As humans whe are all curious about the truth and the secrets of earth so it would be unfair to judge who is right & who about ”vampires”

  650. raven says:


    The reason why people say vampires are evil is because, think about it…we take from the living, and control them. and mostly because we live amongst you humans and act like we’re normal while hiding a dark secret…that’s why… hope i answered your question.


  651. Xavier says:


    The reason those stories are based on the horror side of things is because humans are naturally attracted to things that scare them, eg: Roller Coasters, Horror Movies, those stories were made to be scary to keep you coming back for more it is simple human nature.

  652. Sne-chan says:

    Greetings from SouthAfrica everyone~

    I read the first 100 or so comments and then skimmed over the rest coz I’m at work and my boss would freak lol. Anyways, I believe in vampires; have never met one or anything but I beleive they’re out there.

    I gots questions for you guys, hope they haven’t been asked already:
    1. Are vampires really attractive or is it an illusion to lure us (the prey)?
    2. If a vampire turns a human, does that mean that human was special?
    3. Can it be by accident that a vampire turns a human or is it always deliberate?

    Thanks a million ^^

  653. raven says:


    Vampire is such a harsh word to use.


    i was only telling the truth. I like to watch humans, they do interesting things.

  654. Sne-chan says:

    Sorry for the double-post.

    @Karen, regarding HIV, I reckon vampires can sense or blatantly see if somebody has the virus and they wouldn’t drink it. I doubt they could get infected coz, well, they’re vampires lol. But I think they’d avoid drinking from that person coz it’s “bad blood” and it may not give as many nutrients or taste as good as “good blood”


  655. raven says:

    Yes strange indeed. :)

    This is to anyone who comments on this page: I’d rather not be called a “beast”. Stupid fantasy names. No one called me that directly but, don’t call my kind “beast”.

  656. Vampella says:

    Raven are you seriously saying your a blood drinker?
    & if so i respect you and your kind.
    i have an open mind and i have no way of proving your are and or not a blood drinker
    what would you rather us call your kind?

  657. kayla18 says:

    Raven…WOW. I wasnt even tryin to be harsh. Thats what ive been told they were called!! I am not a harsh person. I would say sorry but i dont believe i said anything harsh..What do you want to be called then??

  658. MaryAnne says:

    Whoa. You guys are really funny. I actually do think that I may be a vampire, due to my constant aversion to the sun and anything that has to due with being outside in the sun. I love gloomy, and sometimes rainy days, not muggy though, thats just too much gloomy. I will sit outside on my front step on a rainy/gloomy day, I think its great, soaking in all of the wonderful weather.

  659. Kayla18 says:

    Bracket> LOL… That is what i thought. I do not want to be rude and say they are not what they are or what they wish they were but I just wish people would be happy with who they are. I am normal and i am happy about it..I do not get why people cant be happy about being normal..Do you know what i mean Bracket?

  660. raven says:

    bracket you don’t have to believe me. I could care less.

    MaryAnne, we sound just them same. i live dark nights too. Just to sit and relax in the darkness.

  661. bracket says:


    Exactly, there’s nothing wrong with being normal.


    Just because you like the dark it doesn’t mean you’re a vampire. People have different preferences. If a person likes planes, does that make them a pilot?


    I didn’t say you had to prove it to me. There have been many people claiming to be vampires on here.

  662. raven says:

    hmmm…well it’s whatever you believe bracket. I shall not get worked up trying to get you to believe me.

    Oh and did anyone notice the moon tonight? It was a redish orange full moon.

  663. bracket says:


    “Oh and did anyone notice the moon tonight? It was a redish orange full moon.”

    It wasn’t here.

  664. clericthespokesman says:


    To correct your info on satanism. Yes they do worship Satan, thus the name Satanism. What you are talking about above is Pagans. They are the ones who believe in what you stated above. An example of a Satanist is Marilyn Mansion. He is a self proclaimed Satanist who studied under one of the guru’s of his beliefs. Also, every Satanist I’ve ran into say they worship Satan, and some even say they are possessed by Devil’s. Many of them around Halloween kill cats as a sacrifice unto Satan in the woods around their areas. I hope this does clear the whole Satanism thing up. Oh and yes they also drink blood as one of their rituals.

  665. clericthespokesman says:

    Here is a site to go along with my statement.

  666. Karis says:


    hiya!! i stumbled across this site b/c my little sister thought i was crazy b/c i have never seen twilight lol so i watched it with her and then she asked me the question do vampires exist…..so i said lets find out which really lead us to no where but it was a fun search soon she bored out and i found this site and couldnt stop reading it. my question is…i just moved to Colorado a week ago….and i noticed from one of your passages way at the top that in america there were vampires from the rockies that sucked blood from your ear from there nose…wierd i must say….but anyways i wanting to know more if you dont mind…

  667. bracket says:


    I’d recommend you read my article i wrote, The Vampire Compendium.


  668. fat_88 says:

    Hey, i have no idea if vampires exist, (im curious like everyone) but there has to be some kind of explanation for all of the para – normal things that happen on a day to day basis.
    For example, i believe in witches because a whole coven killed our chickens and ducks, cut off there heads and threw them on the roof of our house. There wasn’t a drop of blood

  669. karis says:


    well i guess thanks….but it didn’t do much help….i went to the site and it was the same one line sentence that u said b4….i was wanting u to do in to detail…i guess u dont have enough info on the rockies…but thanks anyways

    thanks for the invite

  670. bracket says:


    Oh, you wanted to know just about vampires in the Rockies? Well, that’s all that’s really said about them. Everything else about them is similar to the common concept of vampires.

  671. Karen M. says:

    Hi to sne chan , Well that was why I asked the question about “tainted blood”, I’m not sure if they would really know, but then I never met one to ask the question. It’s possible that they could be immune to the virus, who knows!

  672. harminee says:

    dear friends,
    as i have gone through you all some believe in existence of vampires and some are not agree with it. but in real sense what is the truth nobody knows that . It was believe that vampires had a past which have made them alive in the eyes of the people……………………………………… but i believe they had a very close story and they do exists because past always lies in our present and future……………..
    hope you all will go through the fact whether the vampires exists or not
    bye and take care………………..

  673. barb says:


    If your moon was a redish orange, which part of the world would that be in as in my part of the world there has not been a moon like that for as long as I can remember.

    There has been full moon’s of course but nothing like what you’ve discribed.

    Kind regards

  674. kayla18 says:

    Hello Everyone. I was on youtube and found something that interested me and thought mabey someone might also find it interesting..Just go to youtube.com and type in “Tyra investigates the vampire culture…it was kinda cool:)

  675. TWILIGTH LOVER says:

    what’s wrong with you people? you think vampires are only killers thats a bunch of crap if i do say so myself. i don’t think they just kill because they think its fun they do it because they are thirsty and that is what they drink, that is there meal and i dont get how you think vampires are decendents from the devil that is plain stupid. who says they have to have fangs have any of you people seen them? i didn’t think so, these are a bunch of steriotypes. i am a major twilight fan and compared to this stuff i think twilight seems more real,come on now garlic people are you forreal. dont get me wrong i believe in vampires and aliens and werewolves ect. but i think this is a bunch of nonsense.

  676. Vampella says:

    Hello everybody :)

    I Do not normally get serious on these things but you are calling us mere HUMANS and yes we are but I would prefer you call you people or by our NAMES, we only call you vampires because we dont know what else to call you, but our stereotype is Human Being but we have names, Hense in a comment reply to you i called you RAVEN !
    you never did answer many peoples question, if you and your kind dont like to be called vampires, what should we call you?
    is there perhaps another name for you we do not know?
    I take offence when you call us “You Humans” as if we are nothing, little mere humans.
    i will call you what you wish, if you call us by our names, as i am calling you Raven, my name is harmony, yes im Mortal & I am Proud but i am very annoyed with you at this moment, Thank you thats all i have to say.
    we are people! no matter what KIND we are, i Believe we are all PEOPLE

  677. ronald says:

    well you know i think vampires are something of there own breed that should be left as is.. and not messed with.. they do as they need to i guess

  678. TWILIGHT LOVER says:


    so you must be a VAMPIRE since you know all this stuff. that would be amazing. and tell me if you agree with what i said earlier this morning. but im sorry but i agree with vampella yes we are humans but i would liked to be called by my screen name. and i dont think vampire is a harsh word i mean what do we call you then?

  679. raven says:


    i live in south carolina…yeah i know boring place to live. I wish i lived else where.


    i am sorry. I will call you by your name and you shall call me by mine.

    twilight lover,

    i love your opinon on my kind. Very well put. and I just don’t want to be called a “vampire” i’d like to be called by my name, Raven.

    And im sorry to all who I upset…mostly you vampella :)

  680. Xavier says:

    I am truly honest when I say I am losing interest in ignorant humans… I am going to come right out and say it I AM a vampire if you do not beleive me I do not care and raven, The Nightwatch Coven applauds you for not being afraid to be who you are.

    I am going to come back in a few days and look over decide if I wish to stay, bye for now.

  681. Xavier says:

    I do not care in vampire law anymore I have been exiled.

  682. TWILIGHT LOVER says:

    ok thats fine with me raven i shall call you by your name and im sorry if it ofended you. thanks for letting me no what you thought about my opinon thats how i truely fell. =D

  683. Karen M. says:

    Xavier, what type of medication do they treat you with? You might want to ask your doctor to change your persciption if you’re having hallucinations like that!

  684. Xavier says:

    Ok, raven

    Obviously we are wasting our breath here, they are not ready to accept truths I have been here dropping hints and nobody seems to get the hint that vampires walk amongst EVERYONE so I am done with these ignorant mortals, tonight I am going to enjoy my exile from society, if you can get through their thick skulls, please, let me know.

  685. Vampella says:

    Sorry about my little blow off lol.
    i was in a mood that day, but some things need to be said and i dont regret what i said (:


    ” I am losing interest in ignorant humans” WHAT THE HECK IS THAT SUPOUSED TO MEAN!?
    vampires should be gratefull that we are even remotely interested in there kind and i agree with karen what meds are you on!
    go bite someone or something coz i think YOUR the ignorant one

  686. Vampella says:

    Oh yeah xavier?
    Thats funny, your saying that we are Thick, that WE are ignorant.
    What exacly have vampires done for the good of socioty? huh?! apart from kill.
    Your criminals, KILLERS! so why dont you keep your mouth SHUT!
    i have had about enough of you. What do you do? huh!?! sit in a house all alone with a laptop telling humans that you dont like them. Pfft what a life.
    while aparantly in your mind “THICK” humans are out saving lives, DOCTORS, SCIENTIST, GOVERMENT WHO COULD BE SAVING YOUR ASS BY GIVING YOU FREE BLOOD SAMPLES!?! HUH!?
    I really dont know what is going through your head.
    maybe you should find some respect. !
    Humans made electricity, we are civilized! we made Tv’s. we built schools, A SOCIOTY!
    Citys! We made rocket ships that travel Space & time!
    so maybe you should think before calling our race and our kind THICK!
    so go dig a grave and stay there 6 feet under!

    If you are a vampire. I hope to god there are not all like you and raven.

  687. kayla18 says:

    Your real cool..(not!!) You seem to be the IGNORANT one!! I am not saying that you are not what you say you are but your words are not proof in my eyes. You could be someone that wishes to be more than who you are or you could be a vampire but all i know is that there is no need to call us “humans” ingorant. Do not get made at people who need more than your words to believe you are what you say you are. You brought this on yourself. You should think things out before you type stuff like that.

  688. Miss Riva says:

    Hello there!
    i would like to say that i am a believer on all levels on all superstitions, may we not forget we are sharing a universe greater in size then time, speed working together. If you think about it you may be the lucky ones living on a much easier planet. But thy not forget we will never be alone…humans are the least on this magnificant planet we call earth. But truth be told there is more you dont know then you will ever know before or even after you pass away! believe it or not there will always be something/somebody.. quite frankly i think humans are loud/disrepecting/litter fleas that want and want and think they own all when they own nothing they came with noting..they will leave with nothing….
    Sorry to offend some of you, for those humans whom actually care… you should be awarded for you efforts..
    love to the world, everyone and everything…..
    I’m ready..Are you…

  689. raven says:


    I didn’t drop any hints. I just came right out with it. If they want to believe me thats wonderful, if they choose not to that’s their choice…


    I am greatful that humans exist. If they didn’t I’d be lonely for the rest of my existence.

  690. Amatrix says:

    Ok Raven & Xavier
    SUB ROSA explain it…(Im not talking about the Latin definition either)
    Since you have now been exiled Xavier & could care less about Vampire law I’m sure you won’t mind letting the cat out of the bag…
    What say you Raven?? You’re so dedicated to convincing these mortals…Here is your “CHANCE!” I suggest you borrow the sacred texts, this is not something found online.
    You have both been challenged!
    Xavier you wanna get through my “Thick Skull”?…Then BITE IT!
    Any lack of response or Attempt to avoid the subject will be considered Your FEAR of ME!
    You cannot attack mortals on here Xavier & not expect any retaliation. That would simply make you IGNORANT dear.
    Sucked up any Blood you have left. My desire is to be put in my place! ;-)
    With Love,

  691. Bracket says:


    We got the hints, we just don’t believe you.

  692. Xavier says:

    It means your not really interested in our kind, as in you want to know but you don’t want to accept it and if you cannot accept it, there is no point in you knowing, on the other hand, you ARE interested in knowing but wont listen when someone tells you, instead you just ask stupid questions and think they are mentally insane and they are on pills, I have been here answering all your questions and yet you still don’t beleive anything, I have been exiled for sharing vampire society rules with you I cannot return home for 50 YEARS! But go ahead, tell yourself vampires aren’t real but you still want to beleive. And telling someone they are insane because they are telling you the truth you aren’t ready to accept is being IGNORANT. In truth, vampires are very real, are you ready to accept that? ask yourself that question.

  693. Karen M. says:

    Xavier, no I for one am not ready to accept the fact that vampires are real! I think actually you’re full of *bleep* if you did come on this site “explaining” really nothing at all in fact, now you can’t return home for 50 years? Me either and it has nothing to do with the stature of limatations, dude do you have mind control? I play Vampires on myspace, I have minions, mind control and lot”s of other various abililities, I dare you to beat my clan of 11 HA HA I AM QUEEN HEAR ME ROAR! Can I just say CUT THE CRAP MR XAVIER

  694. Kelli says:

    Are people really naive enough to think that there is things in this world that we do not understand???? I truly believe in all supernatural beings. I’ve seen enough to believe. I like your stories Xavier.

  695. kayla18 says:


    like i said before YOUR WORDS are NOT proof. I believe vampires are out there and I know i am not IGNORANT!! I have a hard time believing that a REAL Vampire would come on this site and say “hey I am a vampire”. They have been well hiden for years why would they want to mess that up?!! Thats just MY belief.

  696. Amatrix says:

    Thank you…

    We are far from being naive hun. We do believe in “Supernatural Beings”. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t. Naive would be us believing someones “Stories” the moment they give them. Kinda like me telling you I lost my puppy & if you can get in my car to help me find it…Would you be so naive & actually get in the car or would you question it?
    The sudden outburst & frustration Xavier & Raven display give more reason to believe they are being untruthful.
    Take into consideration that if Raven & Xavier really are what they say…Wouldn’t their age & time on this Earth have given them the patience & the power to control their emotions more efficiently?
    If they are what they claim to be…Then, More Power to them! I wish them well & I wish they learn to teach instead of scold!

  697. Amatrix says:

    Hey the Annunaki created electricity!…lol

  698. Amatrix says:

    The Annunaki Were? or Are real Caretaker?… :-)
    I think the Annunaki are still around.
    I agree with your last comment completely! I’d love to read something like that!
    The Secret Lives of Vampires Through the Eyes of a Real Vampire..
    Raven/Xavier…Challenge #2!

  699. Amatrix says:

    I know Caretaker……lol I was joking a bit with you…Personally,,, Considering all the Crap you have to read..You are excused from Proof Reading all together!

    The Challenge … I threw that in…Hey! It sounded good!…Sorry
    you are right though it would be cool to hear their stories.

  700. Icis says:

    Personally, I come to these kinds of sites because I want the truth. I have been searching for some signs of truth in myths and such, thus sparking my interest, but there are so many possibilities about what might be real and what might not be. Again, I am only desperatly searching for the truth hiding in falsehood and exaggerations.

  701. Alpha says:

    What are your thoughts on the encounter i had at night?
    (Posted it early on in the article)

  702. Alpha says:

    By what i said above, do you believe in it or not or would you dismiss it as a person etc,

  703. barb says:

    Raven, Xavier.
    I Unfortunatly I do agree with some previous coments posted on here, that if you were vampires (sorry for the labeling) then why would you come on here to anounce it, I thought the whole thing was suposed to be kept secret.
    I am not saying I do not believe, because with all my heart I want to believe vampires (Labeling again..Sorry) would come onto a site and chat for what ever reason of their own.
    Please do not think me ignorant, I just want to understand what would compel you to do something like that with such a high price at stake (excile or worse).
    Please endulge my curiousity and questions as they are of genuine interest.
    Thanx for listening

  704. Vampella says:

    Oh sorry about the Annunaki thing. never heared of them. i will do research :) and yes caretaker my post is up now

  705. Kelli says:


    Thank you so much for insulting me on my 1st day on the site. I never said that i believed, him, only that i liked his stories.

    Oh, and also; dont call me hun.

  706. Vampella says:

    Caretaker im having trouble understanding the Annunaki. the website are waay too advanced and im only 14. could you narrow it down for me abit?

  707. Karen M. says:

    The Communion by Whitley Strieber is his own pesonal account of alien abduction

  708. DarStarr says:

    Ok, I have been quiet up until now. First off, this site is about keeping an open mind and not attacking people. I don’t understand why everyone is jumping all over Xavier and Raven. We don’t know them or for that matter anyone else on this site personally, so there is no need to be cruel. Yes, it is difficult to believe in things that you haven’t seen, but that does not mean they don’t exist.
    And as for the comments that if Xavier and Raven were really what they claim that they wouldn’t come onto a site like this and shout it out….why the heck not????? This is completely annonymus, not to mention, there are many people that DON’T believe them, so again, why not? What does it matter?
    People, all I am saying is we are here to keep an open mind, whether you believe or not.
    Please don’t jump to anger.
    oh, and Xavier, please don’t attack us either. As with any race, species whatever, there are good and bad, don’t label us all into one “ignorant” group.
    Thank you.

  709. Amatrix says:

    Where exactly in my comment to you did I insult you? You insulted other people by calling them Naive on your 1st post. All I did was explain to you through example, why we are so skeptical when we hear stories and I never said you believed Xavier! Drop your guard I never intentionally intended to insult you.
    Oh & the whole Hun reference was a my gentle way of speaking to you in hopes that you wouldn’t feel any aggression from me. Lighten up & read my comment again.
    Take Care Sunshine :-)

    Thank you for your reply.

  710. Xavier says:

    The fact being that just because we come out and say we are vampires doesn’t mean we are crazy, or normal vampires wouldn’t do that, I first came here and never came out and said I was a vampire untill recently because all hell was breaking loose on others, and truthfuly vampires don’t really care about exposing themselves on a website because 1. you wont beleive them anyway or 2. you wont find anything other than what they say as in “I am a vampire” that reveals nothing and thus, secrecy is maintained. And Darkstarr, I completely agree with your comment, I was a little rasher than I usually am, I am just transitioning through a time here as stated above in my comments. We as a race must learn to accept you and you must learn to accept us, in time we can be known and be friends maybe.

  711. Xavier says:

    Amatrix in the comment that you insulted Kelli your reasoning is faulty Raven and I could have been getting aggressive due to the fact we are defending ourselves from you calling us liars when we are telling the truth, but no I already stated just 4 minutes ago that I was aggrevated from transitioning.

  712. Bracket says:


    If you didn’t think anyone was going to belief you then why did you even bring it up? And, i thought you said you weren’t coming back?

  713. Xavier says:

    I really dont know what is going through your head.
    maybe you should find some respect. !
    Humans made electricity, we are civilized! we made Tvs. we built schools, A SOCIOTY!
    Citys! We made rocket ships that travel Space & time!
    so maybe you should think before calling our race and our kind THICK!
    so go dig a grave and stay there 6 feet under!”
    (quoted from Vampella)
    In truth, blood samples are not needed if you have been up to date on what I have posted here in the past, vampires do not need to feed on humans nor are they supposed to.
    You built schools and society huh? your civilized huh? Considering your 14 I will try to explain it as pain-free as possible, finish high school and some college learn a bit more mature more and then you’ll be able to read what I have ALSO posted before, vampires DO have societies and they are called Covens, we are civil but not when push comes to shove if you have lives for 147 years wouldn’t you have a short temper also? In truth only about 4 things you have said make sense.

    Oh and Amatrix I am guessing your thinking your big and bad making threats and insults behind a computer screen? I do not fear you nor will I give you anything you want EVER so you can continue to insult me fromthe safelty of your home now knowing your words do not affect me and this is the last time I am responding to you.

    And Raven I never said you were dropping hints I know full well you came right out and said it.

    Barb, I do not mind you calling us “vampires” labels are labels and it only affects the poeple who are insecure about themselves like when you call someone who is of average weight fat and they become angry, afterall we do call you “humans”.

    And last but not least, Caretaker, I would gladly post a story about life through the eyes of a real vampire but I WILL NOT post anything regarding locations of covens or vampires, basically a little bit more than what I have told you in seperate comments.

  714. Amatrix says:

    I never called You nor Raven a Liar. I stepped in when you called humans Ignorant. Careful with your wording, you just insinuated something from me that never occurred.
    Furthermore…My comment to Kelli was not an insult…It is not my blame that Kelli misinterpreted my response. I feel no guilt for that specific comment . If anything..I insulted You & Raven with my challenge.
    Your aggrevation due to Transitioning is something all of us here were unaware of. If that is your reason for your Flip Out then so be it. Im sure transitioning must be a difficult experience. Why don’t you write a little about it & share it with us then. I have no control over other commenters but without question I had always been interested in what has been shared here. So will you describe your experience or will you turn your back?

  715. raven says:

    im a little offended. I haven’t shown any frustration towards anyone. Just because someone else decides to come out and tell a secret after i have doesn’t mean it’s a bunch of BS. I haven’t done anything to verbially harm anyone…

  716. Amatrix says:

    “Oh and Amatrix I am guessing your thinking your big and bad making threats and insults behind a computer screen? I do not fear you nor will I give you anything you want EVER so you can continue to insult me fromthe safelty of your home now knowing your words do not affect me and this is the last time I am responding to you.”

    God I wish that was so true…Sitting at home behind my computer screen…That would be wonderful!
    What Threats…Im Sorry did I say I was gonna chop your head off or something?? Threats?? Really??? WOW!!

    After your comments to everyone…You deserved it just as the others ,including me, deserved yours!
    I don’t get it 147years of age makes you short tempered?? Thought you just transitioned??
    Take Care

  717. Amatrix says:

    My Apologies to you. You are correct. You are not guilty of the verbal harm to others. I included you in something you were not involved in. Forgive me for any offense I’ve laid upon you.

  718. clericthespokesman says:

    Why is it so hard to believe a vampire would not take advantage of speaking out while in the safety of the internet. No one really knows who they really are cause they go by screen names. So basically they can be open with the ability of keeping their identity a secret. For all you people know they could feel very guilty for killings they have done in the past. They just maybe using this site for therapy, now that they may be living of of blood obtain by blood banks. That’s saying that the theory of being hidden and taken care of by the government is true.

    If I was a vampire I would feel perfectly safe speaking on here, and not worried one bit about exposing who I was.

  719. Xavier says:

    Well, Amatrix, if you spent the first 20 years of your life as a human and then suddenly had to live away fromeveryone and watch everyone you cared about die before you while you remained alive while having a life during the nighttime, wouldn’t you have a short temper also? And the transition referred to was exile, I now live in some town in the states away from the coven.

    And Clericthespokesman, that was my general idea.

  720. Xavier says:

    I said the states because like I said, I do not want to be found so no specific or relative location will be given.

  721. Xavier says:

    Bracket you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat, and I came out and said it because I was hoping someone might be acceptive and some were, I am currently working on the “story” mentioned by me above

  722. Xavier says:

    Ok, I have just posted my vampire paper entitled “Through The Eyes Of A Vampire” please feel free to read it if you have any questions that I wont consider too specific please feel free to ask me to explain them, Bracket I am trusting you wont be a jerk on the comments after all you did say “lets let bygone be bygones” first and I agreed you know.

    Caretaker, and everyone else that has been waiting for this may go and read it as soon as it is finished with moderation.

  723. raven says:


    i meant to respond to you but it slipped my mind. The reason why I confessed to you all is because I don’t know any of you, and none of you know me.


    I forgive you :)

  724. Purunyuu says:

    Well, you’re a very lolzy guy Xavier. Why did you bother writing this article when you knew you were going to be exiled FOR OVER 9000!!!!1!!!!1!!1 years. That’s just poppycock. And if it’s that easy to spread information about vampire covens (sounds awfully familiar like Wicca) then those n00bs would already be busted and thrown in jail for animal cruelty. Not to mention that any effort from vampires to keep their existence a secret would be laughable if information would leak so easily. I really like Vampires and (maybe) theu exist but I have yet to be convinced. But to guys like you I only have this to say:

    Cool story bro!

  725. Vampella says:


    lol okay im gunna ACT like a 14 year old on here for once. because if you have actually ever met a teenager, and the teenagers i know wouldnt care and would say a lot more than i am really aloud on here so…
    Im 14 and i act OLDER than you!
    Jeez get a life man! get over your self!


    I’m starting to like you because your not ignorant like SOME people.
    but i do have to point something out to you.
    “lier! bracket i saw it with my own eyesit was beautiful.”
    you said this to bracket a while ago, and recently you said you havent verbualy harmed anyone, calling someone a liar to me is verbal abuse.


    definitions of Ignorant(just for some of you who are using the word when non of these meaning are being used.)
    1. lacking in knowledge or education
    2. rude through lack of knowledge of good manners.
    3. ignorant of lacking in awareness or knowledge.

  726. raven says:


    I was very angry earlier that day and him calling me a lier just set me off. I do apologize though. Sorry.

  727. Karen M. says:

    Wow this story is like the Energizer bunny, it goes on and on and on

  728. Karen M. says:

    P.S. Caretaker I forgot today is the 15 august (the assomption) in Europe we seem to celebrate every catholic day, so I will send the pics on monday, thanks can’t wait to see if it really is something on there!

  729. raven says:

    thats very funny karen

  730. Vampella says:

    raven i dont remember bracket actually calling YOU a liar. you called HIM one

  731. raven says:


    i just said did you see the moon that night and that it was orangish red…and he copied my words and tried to tell me it wasn’t there, accusing me for lieing about to moon being there. Mhm.

  732. Karen M. says:

    kiddy boos can we rest civil?

  733. bracket says:


    Yeah, i never called you a liar. When you said the moon was red where you live all i said was “It wasnt here” and you jumped on me and called me a liar.

  734. raven says:


    i said that because you copied what i said and then was like “it wasn’t there” and that made me feel like a big idiot even though i saw it.

  735. Alpha says:

    What do people think fhese covens/
    do they exist?

  736. Karen M. says:

    Raven, the one I was talking about was a long time ago and not here in Europe, but in the United States

  737. bracket says:


    I’ve heard of some but i’m not sure.

  738. barb says:

    Raven & Xavier,
    When you say that you come on here because nobody knows you and visa versa, I understand completely why you would do this then. I imagine you would feel like you can talk openly ( to an extent) without repercutions and if thats the case then I am pleased you have that.
    I am curious though, how old are you both?
    I myself am no starry eyed teenager (no offence to anyone intended), as for myself a lady never tells her age…. (not that I can imagine anyone would be interested in my age anyway), but I am very interested in the age discussion…..
    say hypathetically, what kind of atributes would a person require to be, lets say – selected – to become a vampire, would age, beauty, physical atributes be factors or is it simply the vampires choice at the time?
    I am genuinelly curious about this.
    Thanx for listening.

  739. Icis says:

    Barb brings up a good point, you here several stories on here (Among other places) about seeing beautiful looking ‘creatures’ or people that are odd. Of course this is not always the case but still…

  740. Karen M. says:

    Barb, I think that since once they were bitten and they don’t age anymore that they would chose someone in their age group!

  741. raven says:

    well im actually pretty young. I grow slower than “everyone”. My kind grows slower then everyone else.

  742. Karen M. says:

    Amatrix, now you know he isn’t on here often cause he doesn’t have much access to the internet in the psych ward, remember that German guy years ago who placed an add on the internet, saying that he wanted to kill and eat someone and that English guy actually answered the add, OMG NO ON CALL JORAM!

  743. Xavier says:

    I have already told you all my age, I am 148 I posted my story on the day of my birthday, didn’t tell you all because I myself didn’t know being alive for 148 years you kinda don’t tend to remember meaningless things like that… But for the record, August 15, 1861 is me

  744. Jamie says:

    Wow! So many vampires, so little time! Does anyone else find the image of vampires at their computer arguing with people on the internet comical? And for those asking how to become a vampire: Why not put an ad on craigslist? There seems to be vampires everywhere! Good luck!

  745. DarStarr says:

    You are SO right Karen M.! Sad that people have to get so vicious!

  746. raven says:

    I have something to say…I felt as that i did not need to tell everyone my special things i can do, i mean really. People have been very rude to me. Making me fell as if i am small and an complete moron. I really think no one should know my special things i can do because then people will doubt me and i want to fit in with the human race. So i will no longer talk about my vampire side and will only talk about everyone elses opinons on vampires.

  747. Icis says:

    I’m sorry you feel so unwelcome and uncomforable. Such viciousness between people is not necessary but unfortunatly is usual when opinions are allowed freely.

  748. barb says:

    I know you said how old you are now, I was wanting to know how old you were when you became – If you don’t mind that is.

    I am sorry to hear you feel people have been rude, I can only speak for myself and if I have been rude in any way I wish to appologise for that. Anything I say on here is not intended to be rude to anyone, it is just genuine curiousity.
    I hope you will keep discussing your self and your life as I find it fasinating.

  749. Devil's Alchemist says:

    hii i have just scanned alot of comments because i havent been on in awhile.

    wow 148yrs old. thats amazing you must have seen loads of great things.

    its a shame you have experienced viciousness and an unwelcoming feeling from peoples posts.

  750. Shezeen says:

    I so do believe in vampires. And i have seen one as well.

    There is a story in our town that long ago there lived a very beautiful family but unfortunatly the father was born with an illness and the mother cought the illness as well and they soon dyed. The two teenager ( brother and sister ) were unimaginabilly beautiul. The people around there were very gelious of them and a group of people came and killed them. Those group of people disappeared the next day.

    Once when I went for camping in the woods, at night when I could not sleep and went to get some water from the lake. When I got near the water i heard laughter and went to see who was there. From behind the trees I saw two most beautiful creatures playing with each other. The boy was pale white and had dark brown hair and red eyes, the girl was also pale white black-brown hair and red eyes. They were Jumping around the trees so fast that it vas very hard to see. They had blood on there lips. I realised that before I saw that part I was still the whole time, watching there incradible beauty. I oviously ran away after that.

    I hope that I will get to see more vampires in my life because i really want to. Take care.

  751. barb says:

    I have always believed in vampires and other supernatural creatures ever since I can remember, I supose you could say I have always been a fan of these kind of things.
    Anyway, I understand their is a certain cryteria to becoming a vampire and so on, but what I want to know is, Why oh why can’t this cryteria include me……
    Yes, there we go, I am saying it, I want to be a vampire, I have for as long as I can remember, and yes I know how lame I sound but that’s the way I have felt for so long now.
    I know people say that sort of thing all the time because they think the movies make vampires look cool etc. but I don’t think that way…….
    I do not even pretend to understand my own thoughts and feelings at times but with this one subject I can honestly say my feelings, thoughts and desires have never, never changed or wavered.
    Anyway, thanx for reading my rant (if you did) – sometimes you just need to say what is on your mind and heart……

  752. barb says:

    I have just read your “To people claiming to be Vampires”, and I must say it was facinating.
    I do agree there has never been any real evidence of vampires, it is all congesture as such, but surly there is room for truth in there somewhere.
    There has never really been any proof of aliens but I believe they exist, so why not vampires.
    Yes I know there is no documented cases of a so called ‘vampire virus’, but I think this may possibly be due to the fact nobody has ever got hold of a vampire to study this,just like the aliens theory really.
    Anyway my thoughts are not meant to offend your article as I really did find it facinating and I enjoyed reading it.

  753. clericthespokesman says:

    bracket, Maybe for you it is. But, for the average blogger like me I have know idea how to do that. This site doesn’t give me anyone’s IP address or any other valuable information I would need to trace someone. But, I guess that maybe I’m the only weird one that doesn’t hack forums or any other sites. Funny thing is most people I know don’t no how to hack these or any other sites either. So I don’t know where your getting it’s easy for us to trace anyone from this site. From your statement may I assume you know how to hack these sites? (Just asking since you think it’s so easy)

  754. Natalie says:

    I have always loved the idea of vampires. To me they were my favourite myth, although i always secretly hoped that they were real. I randomy stumbled apon this page this morning. I am now absolutely astounded and have come to the realisation that my friend was a vampire. She was a strange person in so many different ways, and had a bridge in her mouth with false teeth, and told me once that its because all her teeth were sharp and pointy. She ended up committing suicide almost 2 years ago, which i learnt from this site, is also a common trait of the Homo Wampyrus Sauria vampire. I dont know what to make of my finding. I have mixed feelings, but deep down inside, i just know that this is true, and i am left amazed!

  755. Alpha says:

    I have been unable to follow the path of comments posted on this article and from what it appears there are many people who don’t believe in vampires, but i know what i so. I’ll admit perhaps it was wrong for me to classify that creature i saw as a vampire but people, there is something out there with subtle but discernible connections to the literary conceptions of vampires.
    Just all i wanted to say…

  756. Bracket says:


    I wasn’t questioning the existance of all vampires, just the ones coming on this site claiming to be. Why didn’t you leave that comment on the comment section to my article?


    I was exaggerating. A friend of mine can do it. But it doesn’t take him long at all to do it. Also, the people who have the resources to capture and conduct experiments on a vampire would probably have the resources to find them online.

  757. Raven says:

    Why do people find my kind so exciting and interesting. In my opinion (i can’t speak for all vampires) I’d rather be left alone than used for experiments. Oh and i didn’t mean that as trying to be rude! please do not take it that way!

  758. Brondanoche says:

    I dont understand why people are so enthralled by vampires. If alpha’s instinct told him to get the hell out of there then its pretty obvious people. It was his soul KNOWING that this creature was not too good mind you. Vampires and other creatures of the night are associated with darkness. Humans are born from light so its only natural that you would get the feeling of a trance from a vampire or the feeling of despair from a demon.(and im not saying that all humans since born fromlight are good…alot fo humans are worse than any devil. Although i suppose some humans like me and Lilith- up above have been (touched by darkness or light at birth so that would be why we are drawn to certain things be it a name or something else. People think of vampires as this aristocratic, beautiful creature of the night. What is so beautiful about drinking the blood of humans to stay alive? And still people are drawn to it like moth to a flame. If any one has any questions feel free to reply I know quite a bit about these kind of things.

  759. barb says:

    I just wanted to make myself clear, although I said “nobody has ever got hold of a vampire to study them” I want to make it clear that I don’t think anyone should experiment or ‘study’ them in that way, I just think this may be one reason for there being no documented evidence.
    I wish to appologise if I offended anyone as this was far from my intention.
    You said you came on here to talk to people, but you have just said you wish you were left alone, is that regarding the experiment comment (if so, I completely understand and appologise for my misuse of the word experiment – it was not meant that way)

  760. Arken says:

    Hi everyone,
    I sort of stumbled upon this site and it captured my interest. I am thinking that if vampires exist today there would be some changes to them. half breed would probabely have prominent eye teeth, strength, both physical and mental, may not be “alergic” to the sun or garlic, may even be tanned skin, they exibit pyschic abilities, have a strong belief in God, and have a sense that there is more to them that meets the eye.
    they may not crave blood but could be anemic. they also could over eat food or drink simply because they are compensating for the lack of blood. there eyes could be black or near black and absolutely mesmerising. they may even exibit a confidence that draws others to them. they could simply feed off the energy of other people, not nessasarily the grief but all emotions. they could be extremely intelligent and eloquent of speech, fitting into society perfectly and unnoticed. their hunger may lay dormant until such day they start to change!!
    as parents they could lack the maternal emotions, and find it difficult to be empathetic but just the same as all animals be extremely protective of their young.
    by the way I am merely summising. if the entire species on this earth has been through evolution, why then would vampires stay exactly the same??

  761. Sai Chan says:

    Why would there still have poverty in some African countries, with the children having only
    a big tummy full of worms and bacterias, but with big mesmerizing black eyes?
    Because they are out of nutrition.
    And they may soon die but still have their mesmerizing black eyes.
    The eyes that not to adore, but needing help indeed.

  762. FREESPIRIT says:

    Have you ever thought you were just meant for more than what you had? I am not taking about winning the lottery.., but as you read a story for some reason felt like that was you??? Or that maybe in a former life had experienced that? I believe they exist and wonder… As i read on.. would you really know what to do if you met one.. to fulfill your destiny? Although searchung them out probably would not be in your best interest :)

  763. Arken says:

    sai chan,
    I feel for the babies in any poverty stricken country, why not help the people of those countries chage their religeous beliefs and introduce child birth to prevent babies being born into countries that cannot afford them?? why are their people out there killing animals just for fun or clubbing baby seals for thie fur or raping thier own babies simply because they are pigs??? why ask me questions only God can answer? all I said was they COULD have dark eyes making them more alluring. and I also mentioned I was merely summising!! are YOU doing your part to help those babies in Africa? or are you like the majority of the world ans sit back on your arse and procrastinate?

  764. Lydia says:

    what do you know of Cajun Vampire myths?

  765. Sai Chan says:

    I didn’t have any ill-thoughts about you,
    but you did to me.

    What’s happened to this site?
    It’s full of persecution and hate!

    I just keep wondering. Or may be it’s your name that I mis-spelled.
    No, I did it right.
    As a foreigner in English group, I can’t tell even your sex by the name alone.
    But may be the Ark has some reason, I’m sorry if you think I had offended your belief.
    That was not ever my intention.

  766. Bracket says:


    I don’t think i talk about Cajun Vampire’s directly but i have written an article on here about the various vampire myths from around the world.


  767. Arken says:

    Sai Chan,
    No ill thoughts intended, I am very passionate about the poverty, misconduct and ignorance of the world that’s all. are you very interested in Vampires? I am not trying to find them or prove their existence, maybe they’re there maybe not, my mind is an open one, people would probabely not believe in dinosaurs if their bones were not found. maybe we are not merely human beings at all, maybe there is a higher purpose?? who knows. I didn’t mean to offend you and you certainly didn’t offend me. I think Twilight is a fun series to read, Stephanie Myer has done a good job, being a female I probabely find it romantic. other than that, it didn’t peek my interest in vampires. some people hunger for imortality, this could stem from thier fear of death, fear of the unknown. we should probabely enjoy the lifespan that we have already, live while we are alive, after all it doesn’t last does it!

  768. Lydia says:

    I read your artice, thank you. However, im looking for a more of a clue as to where i can find out about a particular thing. I have been told several times of what i belive to be a vampire, though noone has ever come out to say it was. See a small part of my family, maybe 6 generations back, came from a very Cajun background and i want to piece together the stories i have been told.

  769. Stormchild says:

    Uh well hey im new and i was wondering if anyone
    could help me with my questions
    1.Are vampires “evil” i.e. Killing people for fun?
    2.If vampires are real why do they hide from humans?
    3.Does the blood vampires drink have to be from human?
    4. Does the blood vampires drink have to be fresh?
    5.Do/can vampires eat normal food?
    6.Why do vampires(need to)drink blood?
    7Are vampires imortal or do they just age slower?
    8. Are there such things as “half vampires”?
    9.Do vampires have fangs? If so can they retract them?
    10 And finally how where vamps first created?

    Thanks to all for answers!
    ? Stormchild

  770. Stormchild says:

    Glad I found this site I’ve been reading some of the comments
    and it seems that a more “real” vampire would be like the ones in the
    cirque du freak series (by darren shan)
    in a pose to the ones in.. For example twlight?
    Because in cirque du freak vampires live longer then humans
    but they still die and in twilight they live for ever
    and in twilight they are indstrucktible( sorry for spelling im on my ipod toutch)
    and in cirque du freak they can die from…. More resonable tearms like catching on fire
    or a disease

    Oh please dont take my comment about twilght
    the wrong way but cirque du freak and twilght are
    the only 2 vampire series Ive read lol.
    cirque du freak is what got me interested in the
    whole vampire thing
    its a good seires you sould check it out :]

    Thanks to all for answers!

  771. amanda says:

    wellll all i knw abt them is tht they suck blood for passion and also to quench their thirst , thrz a ctegory of these creatures tht they donot sleep for centuries and love hunting animals and scaring them , few centuries ago there also existed one stream of such creatures who were self feeders as in incase of betrayal by one vampire the leader use to suck the betrayrs blood and kill him, the body was then offered to a totem like creature which was believed to b th g8 vampire lord , its uncertain whethr he exists or not, thr are sum scientists who claim tht such vampires still exist but m dubious

  772. Phil says:

    No offence guys but i don’t think any of this is true. For information, the whole garlic thing etc was written and imagined by Dracula author Bram Stoker (published 1897). Many vampire theories originate from this book. You should read, its good. But they are not true.

  773. bracket says:


    That’s actually not true. Those myths were around long before Dracula. I talk about it in my article.


  774. barb says:

    I have not been on for a while so….

    I hope you are reading the posts like you said you would, I must admit I found you a very interesting indavidual and I am sorry that you no longer wish to talk on this site as there seems to be no other way people (I can only speak for myself) to talk to you and as we can not do this anymore, it is a great shame.
    Will miss your posts and opinions Raven but if you feel you hadto leave, then that’s what you had to do.


  775. Raven says:

    Aw Barb, that was sweet. I guess I’ll come back.

    All I wish to do is answer StormChild’s questions.

    1. Some vampires out there do kill for the fun of it, but we rarely do that.
    2. I don’t hide from humans. I try to fit in.
    3. I get blood from animals.
    4. Blood we drink doesn’t have to be fresh.
    5. Yes we can eat normal food, but it has no nutrition.
    6. I really don’t know why we need blood, I guess we drink blood like humans breathe air.
    7. We’re not immortal. We age very slow.
    8. Yes there are suc things as half vampires. I am one.
    9. I have fangs. And i can retract them.
    10. I don’t know how we were first created. My mother has never told me the story of how we’ve come to be.

  776. Mina says:

    How interesting that this is still going so strong..


    I have a feeling this may very well still go on for a good couple of months. How about we have a little cyber party when this post is one year old? :D

    I however still stick with my original opinion.

    They do exist, and I believe so do werewolves (or is that..shapeshifters?) …that’s just my opinion though.

    Maybe because I’ve seen & experienced? Or maybe because you just know some things :)

    I may or may not have a pinch of vampire in me, or it could be that. like so many other people and generations, I have had some kind of genetic mutation while I was formed.

    Who knows? Who knows?

    For now, I shall just wait with a crooked smile and read on :) ;)

    Peace be

  777. Stormchild says:

    hey its me again back with 10 more questions
    11.Do vampires have there own religion?
    12.Can vampires create other vampires by biteing them or
    by some other means?
    13.Do vampires HAVE to kill when they drink blood.
    14.Do vampires have super human abilites?
    15.And finaly can vampires only drink human blood?

    Thank you for your response

  778. Maisy says:

    I think you all need to accept that vampires are FICTION not fact! This is a little bit of a silly debate.

  779. Mick says:

    To the people who believe they are vampires
    Your ‘fangs’ are simply your CANINE teeth.
    You drink blood? Don’t believe you, maybe you should go to see a psychologist.
    Mental disorders are not uncommon
    Vampires are not real they are myths and old wife’s tales.

    P.S i suggest you stop reading twilight ( it’s crap)

  780. Icis says:

    -To whom it may consern
    Okay people, everyone on here keeps saying ‘my god’ and I would like to point out that no scientific evidence has been found of Him either. I’m just saying as I have on other posts. Could someone answer me why you belieive in God and not vampires? And I’m not saying everyone is saying they don’t believe in them but the people claiming to be vampires on this site, but Bobbie just stated that they ARE NOT real.

  781. eyepriestess says:

    I’m a vampire possibility?

    I have a mental disorder (not sure what yet, I’m being investigated) and i could qualify as a vamp and i age very slow…got no wrinkles at all though yet.

    I walked alot of miles last Sunday (i’m totally fit) and i ate a rare beef joint, which i enjoyed?????????????? but it was bloody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Raven said: 10. I dont know how we were first created. My mother has never told me the story of how weve come to be.

    Here’s me being all nosey….just ask her, after all those 100 years you’d think one opportunity would have arisen. :)

  782. TravelingAlwaysEast says:


    Not that you have to prove anything but, you can make it very simple.

    Seeing is believing, and maybe a good picture of your teeth may bring MORE LIGHT into this matter, not that it will prove completely anything but at least it is something.

    (And please, for anyone who wants to bring GOD into this saying that those who believe in GOD never saw him blah! blah!, GOD is OVERALL a model or a guide of how you must live your life in order to make this world a better place to live in together, a VAMPIRE do not fit as a GUIDE to society “not much time to explain”)

    I like the concept of Vampires, but have not seen one, so cannot say if they exist or not, but it would be positive to be one, of course “not to start killing people”, but to enjoy the benefits.

    Let’s say that if I where one, no one will know about it (except for my Wife”, so I do not expect to meet one ever, jah! unless I’m lucky.

  783. barb says:

    Glad you decided to stay :)
    You said you try to fit in with humans, so, what would your normal ‘daily routine’ consist of?
    I am rather curious how you spend your time and also – Do you have any human friends that you ‘hang out’ with?

  784. Raven says:

    No i am not taking a picture of my teeth because most likely everyone will make me even more embarrassed and small because my teeth arent that big. And barb i have to go to school everyday (except for the weekends) and I do have friends like a everyday human. On the weekends my family and I watch movies and stuff, like a normal family. See im normal!

    No Eyepriestess, my friends do not know what I am.

  785. fossaki says:

    WOW! This is amazing,I cant believe how long this has been debated.I was up reading these posts untill 3am.I have had some srtange,unexplainable things happen to me in my life.I have also been in some very remote locations and had some bad feelings about the situation I was in at the time.I really dont know what to think about all of this.I could tell you all I was a vampire and who would know for shure?If vampires are a superior being why would a body have been found by now?dont you think that they can keep a body or even a graveyard of bodies hidden if they can keep their own existence a secret for so long?Man in all his wisdom has many things to learn.

    Sorry gotta go now.I have to let my pet chupacabra out to pee.lol.

  786. fossaki says:

    The worlds oldest living person died today at the age of 115.does that possibly make her part vampire?She lived on a diet of crispy bacon,fried chicken and ice cream and she didnt even have any teeth(or dentures)last year she said she loved life so much she wouldnt mind living another hundred years.Doesnt sound like anything more than a woman who was blessed with long life to me.The oldest livingn human is now a japanese woman.The oldest vampire covens in history are in asia.Could this woman be part vampire?Could the asian history of vampires explain the slanted eyes reported in true vampires?Keep guessing,searching,speculating.many questions remain,few answers exist.

  787. barb says:

    You say your friends don’t know what you are, is that because they are not allowed to know or is that just your decition not to tell them?
    Also, if they did know how do you think they would react?

  788. Ellie says:

    Interesting comments. Some reach for the stars, while others remain relatively “grounded”. I have enjoyed this little departure from the mundane immeasurably. Another insight to the human mind.
    For you dear “Brackette” who quotes Shakespeare so eloquently…..

    The common curse of mankind,- folly and ignorance.
    – William Shakespeare

  789. fossaki says:

    I know this has already been brought up but dont vampires wory about blood born diseases?Mabey this is why their numbers are in decline.If true vampires can remain in stasis for many years they may have never heard of hiv/aids.Or could they be the reason for spreading some of these diseases?Man I could really go for a big fat steak right now.I like mine cooked rare.Dont worry mad cow disease comes form brains and spinal cords.I just want a ribeye or a nice cut of tenderloin about 2″ thick and grilled on a hot bed of coals for 3 min.on each side!Im sorry i cant stay and chat,me and sasquatch play poker every saturday at 6:30 sharp.