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Do Babies See Ghosts?

Posted on December 24, 2009

In the fall of 2003, I was pregnant with my second child. My daughter being 20 months old had really started to talk and repeat herself a lot recently. So when she started saying, “hi Bobby… hi Bobby… hi Bobby,” while walking around the house we didn’t think it was weird even though no one in our immediate family has this name.

My husband worked long hours so when he came home we ate dinner and put our daughter to bed and I talked him into watching a late night movie. We lived in a tiny little two bedroom apartment sort of in a bad neighborhood but we were really proud of how we had fixed it up. We had just started the movie when we heard what sounded like to me a loud crash. Us living in this not so great neighborhood, my immediate fear was someone was breaking in. We did live on the first also.

We obviously went to my daughters room first. Her room was decorated sweetly in angels and cherubs. She had this sort of large portrait of an angel holding the hand of a child. This picture was held on the wall by two nails. Now I know you will probably think I am exaggerating or maybe even making this up. I AM NOT. I would not waste MY time. This picture was just swinging on the wall. We kind of stood there in shock and relief that no one was trying to break in. But the picture kept swinging and then flew across the room and landed on the floor. It did not break. It was the scariest thing that I had ever witnessed.

A couple months went by and I visited my grandma on my dads side. My grandfather died when my dad was just eighteen and was in New York in basic training for the Air Force. I never met him and she had been remarried for almost twenty years. I told her the story about what happened with my daughter. She looked at me and said, “Your grandfathers name was Robert.” I said, “I know grandma,” and she said “and we all called him Bobby”…

Written by Stevi Michelle, Copyright 2009

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Tags: Toddlers

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25 Responses to “Do Babies See Ghosts?”
  1. Hossam Hamdy says:

    Hey Stevi Michelle,
    Vert interesting story,Yes babies can see ghost & even see angels,all the babies through the first year of their life usually mumble, smile & sometimes laugh to someone there but invisible,we usually think that the baby is happy & playing with his own self,but I think that spirits & angels are talking to him.back to your nice story, I think that your grandfather was very happy with his first grand daughter,so he may come to see her many times & told her his name “Hobby”,so it was the first name she could know & say.
    Thanks for your nice story.

  2. Clara says:

    Hi Stevi,

    That’s a really sweet story, maybe he was letting you know that he’s watching over your child by playing with the picture of the Guardian Angel.

  3. Pat says:

    WOW! She very likely could have been seeing her great grandfather- how very cool! Scary for you to be sure but a sign that your grandfather is around and looking out for your daughter!

  4. Grey Wolf says:

    Hi, I just read your story..and yes I DO believe you about what happened…I think the picture swinging and landing on the floor and not breaking…was to get your attention from the spirit , kinda like saying hello I’m here…and yes I DO believe that the baby saw your grandfather…how else would the baby know the name and kept saying hi Bobby,hi Bobby!! I think that was proved when your Grandmother told you the name of your Grandfather you’d never meant….and yes I do believe that babies and very young children can see and hear spirits…because to them they don’t ‘know’ that it is a spirit that they are seeing,hearing or talking to…they ‘think’ it is a live person…and they( the babies or young children ) are still very open to the spiritual realm because they have not been ‘taught’ yet by some adults that it is not real…so listen to what your babies or young children tell you…for they may be interacting with spirits…also I believe that animals (our pets) are very sentive to spirits and can see and hear them…you will know by the way they act…sometimes they are freaked out and will NOT go into a room or up or down stairs, or they may look up into the air in a room ‘watching’ the spirit,,looking up or in a corner…sometimes they will growl or bark….or meow..or hiss.and you cannot ‘see’ what is making them act like that…other times they will go and hide and not come out even for food…I have seen my pets do all of these things at times…and so I believe that they are seeing and hearing a spirit or spirits…hope this infromation helps you…Blessed Be!!! p.s I think it is so cool that you baby got to meet and see their great Grandfather…it is o.k. if you disagree with what I said…I was giving my opinion and what I believe.

  5. trolldoll1681 says:

    sounds like you have a sweet family life stevi!! i do hope it was grandpa, but the picture flying across the room is a mystery!!

  6. Ghost Gal says:

    wow this is a very interesting story! I have a little sister who is 18 months and whenever she walks down the hallway and gets to the end she would stand there for a minute then I’d hear a boo then she runs to me screaming…….I dont know where the “boo” comes from but it is as scary as! it sounds like a demon but its not doing any damage so I have to keep a look out
    Anyway i hope nothing else has happened in the past years!

  7. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Stevi, yes, babies and children can see ghosts and spirits. Most parents throw it off to being an imaginary friend. I believe you about the picture, as i have seen the same sort of thing, it almost makes your heart stop!!!!

  8. Jenifer Mills - Young says:

    Yes babies and children often see ghosts! They take it as normal until adults tell them otherwise and then they learn it is scary or bad and repress it or become frightened if it isn’t handled well. Ghosts only have certain ways of communicating with us – in the absence of a medium or someone with whom they can directly communicate they will often drop ” hints ” by moving particular pictures, moving items, hiding things…..a bit like a game of charades, how do you hint thats its you when you can’t talk and can’t be seen?
    Of interest the picture was moved and didnt break and what picture was selected?
    An angel holding the hand of a child!
    There’s a message in that for you.
    There is an angel holding the hand of your child!
    If you are comfortable with the idea of a passed family member interacting with your child you are in for an intersting journey!
    However, this does not suit everybody. If it does bother you, you need to tell him loudly and clearly that his presence upsets you and he needs to leave.
    But I can assure you your baby doesn’t mind at all! And depending on their temperament they may just stop seeing him as they get older anyway. Children figure out pretty quickly mummy can’t see and hear what they do and as the parent dictates a child’s reality – if mum can’t see it and talk to it………neither should I and they often stop spontaneously.

  9. Jessica Martines says:

    My nephew always smiless at the sky we know hes looking at angels. My motheer being a Christin believes angels watch over children becuase their Gods gift and cant defend theirselves aginst the devil so its most likey you should pray and thank your grandfather

  10. miley says:

    i do believe about the flying picture and everything but i bless your grandfather for coming over and watching over his great – grandaughter if it was him which i think it is.

    P.S. yes babies and young children can see and hear spirits.

  11. Tinkerbell Austen says:

    Yes babies can see ghosts. My mom told me they can even see angels. Ever wondered why babies unexpectedly smile? Either their guardian angels are playing with them or they are just amused with the people around them.

  12. Jimmy says:

    wow crazy story. i think babies can, cuz i remember my friend Cameron telling me he remembers when he was a baby, and he actually remembers being in the hospital, and he said he remembers laying down, and he saw a small child with bluish skin (as if it had been dead for a while) crawl across the ceiling and twist it’s head around to look at him. he said its eye’s were pitch black.

  13. strong says:

    Like Grey Wolf said, animals and small children are not “tainted” into believing that there is not another existence like us grown folks may be. All my children have, and still do see things. My son will be 3 in a month, he has cerebral palsy due to brain damage at birth. The doctors told me he would in all likelyhood be a vegetable. My dad died right before I found out I was pregnant with him. My mom was bedridden, dying when he finally came home @ 2 months of age. She told me that my dad told her that he would hold him, and take care of him at night when I was sleeping. My son will still suddenly stare off at a wall or the cieling and start smiling & laughing; and you cannot take his attention away when this happens. By the way, he is improving all the time, a far cry from the vegetable they said he was destined to be. Our relatives do come back to see & help us, and our children & pets are very open to seeing them. I never mock my children or brush off what they tell me, because they are telling the truth! :)

  14. Lee says:

    My 7 year old granddaughter for years has come to me and said that she saw someone. It has always been a man. For the last few months, instead of being amused she is becoming frightened. One day when she was riding her four wheeler, i noticed that she was going faster than usual and kept looking behind her. She parked and came running to me, jumping in my lap. She was pale and trembling. I asked her what was wrong. She replied that there was someone chasing her. She wouldnt ride anymore for over a week, said she was afraid of who ever was chasing her. When she was seeing things inside that house she would say that they freaked her out but did not bother her. But now is terrified if she sees them. Is it possible that a kinder heart ghost has been replaced by a mischeivous one. Or is it that as she is getting older that she is seeing things differently? I have had experiences in my life (more than one or two) so I do believe but there is a lot I dont understand, like what is happening with my granddaughter. Does anyone have any thoughts on what may being happening?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have a one year old daughter that I feel sees my dead relatives. I keep a picture of my aunt that passed away in my living room and my daughter often points to the picture and smiles or says hi. She does the same thing with a tattoo that her father has of his brother (her uncle) that passed away. With the tattoo of her uncle she goes as far as giving it a kiss. I put her in her crib to go to sleep and she often would stay up having these long conversations and I would often hear her laugh before she goes to sleep. I feel my daughter does see my dead relatives as well as angels. I also feel she has angels watch over her 24/7 that keep her safe. So far everything/ everyperson she has seen has been good so I’m glad.

  16. Jenna says:

    I do believe babies can see ghosts cause on time when me and my nephew who is 1 now but i don’t remember how many months he was for sure was in my room he would start to cry when he was laying in the same place as this one freaky ghost lady would stand. Another time was when we were at where my great great uncle raymond had lived who has been dead for awhile he will actually wake up and cry due to ghosts in that house which i will be honest if he is there at an older age he will probably want to leave because you can hear footsteps walking around and into his room and it is very creepy and i know his house dates back before my uncle even lived there.

  17. Kat says:

    I’m a bit concerned about my daughter’s behavior lately. She is will be 6months old 09-20. She is my first and I’m not total for sure what to expect, but this change was fast and not her normal attitude or actions.

    This happened a few weeks ago. I had laid the baby down for bed and made sure she was alseep, then i went outside to smoke. As I walked out the back down I felt like something was watching me. I had reservations about walking out but I needed a moment to myself so I could get some sleep myself and get my mind off planning my wedding. Shortly after, I thought that there was something in the trash that I had set by the door because I heard a light “thud” noise. I kicked at the trash a bit, thinking there might be a cat or something in it. It really set a chill up my back, so I put out my smoke and went back inside. For some reason I still felt uneasy. So I checked on the baby and made a sweep of the house, checking for animals or people. I found out what made the “thud”. It was my wedding jewerly, which when I left was sitting on my dresser, but had some how been tossed half way across the room.
    Ever since then, the baby has woken up in the night screaming in her sleep like she is having bad dreams. In the last week, she has not let me put her down. She screams like something is hurting her and makes herself gag by getting so upset. I can’t even laid her down to change her diaper sometimes, because she screams and tears up. As soon as I pick her up….she is immediately better. I just don’t know what to do.
    My in-laws think that it could be an african american man that lived in the same spot that our house was build on. Since the baby hasn’t seen any people like that before, they wondered if maybe that is what she is upset because he is different. One thing that bothers me is that there was also a store that suposively sat in the same location as our house also. It burned down years ago. I also wonder about “following-spirts or demons”. When I was a teen, I practiced wicca. Though most is was white magic, some would turn gray, and on a few occasions I casted black. I read later that some spells and/or magic proformed without the proper protection spell can cause one to accumulate bad spirts or demons. This thought is my most concerning.
    We have talked about getting a preist to bless the house, but I feel odd asking or talking to people in my local town about this. Can anyone give any advice, input, steps to take to get rid of a spirt, way to know what I’m dealing with, or a way to screen the house for a ghost without the use of magic or preist? I just want to know that my baby is ok and that nothing is hurting OR going to hurt her.

    • Y J M says:

      why would u assume its a random black man who used to live in ur house, and u think that its because ur baby had never seen a black person so she gets upset because hes different? thought dat was abit racist personally. your babys bin alive 4 6months and never seen a black person? u need to get out more. Its prob due to the fact dat u studied wichcraft, on some demons.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I have twin grandsons 7 months old who have been seen by their mom looking in a corner of the room and appeared to be smiling and playing with some one or thing invisible to her. This has been happening for about two months, had stopped and now started back with one of the boys in addition to the corner began to stare at the ceiling in playful mood, their mom is now becoming concerned since she said it appears creepy to her…is it normal for babies to be acting in this manner…………..

    • sharayah says:

      when my son was 6mons.we was siting on my bed and he looked up in the corner of my room and started to laugh and point to the corner.lol he was so happy but i was so scared i pick him up and i talk to the air saying to stop and to leave him alone.many people say it’s an angel.all i know i got freaked out by it. :)

  19. Tabitha dominguez says:

    What do I do when my 19th month old son saw something out his windo and scared him but their was nothing their? And he keeps pointing saying ghost ghost and than he says go go and starts to cry if we leave him alone

  20. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that was kind of creepy but i belive that i have been not seening but hearing and being able to feel the spirits around me. But it you think your story is creepy but mine is even worst. Because the man that died in the house that i live in stands at my closet door every night and i sometimes he watch me, and play in my hair. But i think he wants his room back or something.

  21. Lela250 says:

    I really do believe these stories. My daughteris 15 months old and is constantly talking or laughing with the air… I have seen ghost starting at a very young age and the fact that an old woman has passed in this apartment freaks me out.. I have gotten woken up by a slap to my forehead but there was no one there and my daughter keeps talking to the air or walking to the hallway towards the room where this lady died.. I dont know what to do the hallway has stairs and I usually keep my room door closed so she doesnt get out but somehow she does..any suggestions

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