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Demons or Dark Spirits

Posted on July 7, 2011

After my friends father died, she was so distraught that her husband went to the graveyard and told her daddy to come to their house. He didn’t realize what he had done.

Since then they have seen four white spirits and one dark one in their home. She pricked her finger and put a blood drop above all the doors to drive it out and told it to leave that it was not welcome. Now, the dark spirit stays on the back porch and looks through the window at them.

Last week her husband was pushed down in the woods. He’s been pushed off ladders, things like that. Things are getting worse, not better.

Since she was 12, she’s had problems so this only added to it. She has dreamt of this ram or goat headed thing with a mangled face and it tries to get her to go with it. She described this to me but, never told me about it’s face until yesterday.

Three weeks ago, I had a dream that there were signs at their house reading “couple murdered”. I was inside the house and this THING with a mangled face was about to point at me. I turned and ran so it never got to me. In my mind, in the dream, it was supposed to be her husband but, it’s face was like a mangled fire or something. All I know is I knew in the dream that it was bad, so bad that I ran, jumped in my vehicle and sped away.

How can I help them and protect myself since this thing decided to come into my dream. Was it a warning? I’m not sure that I understand but, I do understand that they need help.

Sent in by Carol, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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12 Responses to “Demons or Dark Spirits”
  1. Anonymous says:

    dreams also channel the paranormal. put on crosses pray to Jesus for protection.

  2. Jeff Stone says:

    Assuming the validity of all of our reports . . . . . .
    And . . .assuming some of you have been reading my posts and responses . . . .

    Is everyone starting to see the pattern that these things aren’t your passed relatives and loved ones?

    I am NOT trying to be harsh but someone goes in search of a passed loved one and comes home with a gagle of “THINGS.” And that is EXACTLY what I have called them for years and since they know I KNOW about them they didn’t even seem to mind that I called them “things.” There are ways to communicate with them and get them to tell you who they REALLY are. Well, like I said before . . getting a demon to tell you it’s name is like pulling teeth! But, you can trip them up and get them to stop the charade of acting like your relatives.

    Be careful when you do this and don’t believe a darn thing they say until it comes to fruition or can be verified. Even as friendly as I was with these things they lie lie lie.

  3. Sean says:

    I think the key here is to enlist the help of someone more powerful than yourself – a priest / cleric / shaman type that can enlist powerful good beings to drive these dark beings away.

    If there were human beings around that you didn’t want in your place, you would call the cops, right? Well, if there are bad spirits around, the thing to do is get the good “cops” to come kick them out.

    There are many different traditions that can do this — ask around and pick a tradition that works for you, but the key here is to enlist the help of other people and good beings that are more powerful than these beings, and get them kicked out for good.

    The beings were kicked out of the house, now it’s time to kick them out of the neighborhood for good and get some good spiritual “bodyguards” that can protect you, just as the dark beings were bothering you and your friends.

    Prayer can really help here — just as asking graveyard spirits can bring them to your house, asking higher good beings to come to your house to kick out the bad ones will also work.

  4. A.J Ryder says:

    Hi Carol

    What religion are you? I think you really should consider arranging for a priest, pastor or minister to come round to either bless the house, or exorcise the spirits – dependant on what is deemed most appropriate by them.

    I have a habit of picking up stray spirits from places, including churchyards. Most are harmless, just a bit lost and lonely. Some are not harmless though so, either way, all these spirits should be given the opportunity to go to God to be clensed.

    With regards your dreams, this is most likely your guardian angels communicating with you to give you an insight as to what is happening and how to overcome it. I get these kinds of dreams a lot. Its like they’re playing out a scenario, or you’re watching a film, only you’re one of the characters. But you are safe, your guardian angels will make sure of that.

    As for the goat headed creature – most likely this represents Azazel, considered by some Jewish sources to be a supernatural being mentioned in connection with the ritual of the Day of Atonement.

    Azazel translates from Hebrew as Azaz “rugged” and El “of God”. The term ‘scapegoat’ originates from this angel. According to the Book of Enock, Archangel Raphael bound Azazel onto the rocks where Azazel is to remain until Judgement Day.

    Azazel is considered one of the rebellious angels who fell from heaven.


  5. A.J Ryder says:


    forgot to add … the ‘mangled fire’ represents the Seraphim, the fifth ranking angels in the heavenly realm – depicted as fiery serpants in the Kabbalistic angelic hierarchy. (Archangels are lower in rank than these heavenly beings.) Tthey are also mentioned in the Book of Isaiah as fiery six-winged beings attending on God, as well as later in Revelation – ie as a rider called Faithful and True (his eyes like blazing fire). Revelation 19:11-16

    The dream was just confirming that the angels are watching over you all and protecting you from your unwanted guests.

    • Texture says:

      NO. I am not sorry to say this, but I oppose you. If a DEMON has fire, it DOES NOT resemble a Heavenly Angel. Where do you get your info?

      I am not a dream-interpretuer, but the dream Carol had had NO GOOD meaning. Yes, it was a warning and here the warning is: if something is not done with the demon that your relatives invited into their homes, then they will die. Now, whether the death will be metaphorical or real, I cannot say.
      They need to, if they are not Jesus’, accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and as Him to draw a blood line around their household and themselves. They need to stand and tell the demons to leave in the name of Jesus Christ and to never come back. They need to anoint the four corners of their house, themselves, and any entrances/exits to the house they are in AS WELL AS their vehicles. They need to rid themselves fo ANY and ALL demonic-related images, ideas, movies, videos, games, toys, accessories, etc.
      As for you, Carol, you need to warn them of your dream and tell them what I JUST told you. YOU, in turn, need to pray for them. You need to pray that Jesus Christ protects them and surounds them with an unbreakable wall of warrior Angels. If this demon comes after you, you need to do the same thing(s) that are listed above. Hunny, your family is in the midst of a battle-one none of you will win unless you have Jesus fighting for you.

      And, by the way, the Rider called Faithful and True IS NOT a Seraphim. His name is Jesus Christ and it is the Seraphim that stand near the Throne of God. A.J., WAKE UP!! Half of the stuff you told her IS NOT THE TRUTH. The dream did not come from Angels, though it could have been from Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God warning Carol and asking HER TO PRAY FOR HER RELATIVES. The dream was not about Angels, but a demon. WAKE UP!!!

      • A.J Ryder says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but the OP said it was her husband who’s face was distorted by fire.

        Seraphim – Book of Isaiah (6:2-6, 14:29, 30:6). Numbers (21:6-8), Deuteronomy (8:15), to name but a few places where these angels are mentioned in the Bible and the Torah.

        Why do you not believe that these poor people mentioned in the OP deserve protection from God? What have they done so wrong, that God deserts them?

        As for dreams, more often than not they mean the exact opposite of what they first appear to mean. So for example, running away from a hidious goat headed thing means that the sister has rejected evil, rather than siding with evil. That is why it is chasing her. In other words, the spirits mentioned in the title have no influence over her.

        And why does everyone put Jesus Christ above God on these matters? It is God who created Jesus, not the other way round. Certainly, should Carol not be a Christian, what use would Jesus be to her? If she is Jewish, she would be looking to Yahweh for spiritual guidance, not Jesus. Or, if she is a Muslim, she would be looking to Allah or Mohammed for spiritual guidance, not Jesus.

        God is the one constant in all Monotheism beliefs, so God is the one who judges the situation and it is He who administers the most benefitial way to protect the people mentioned in the OP.

        I hope I have now explained myself better.


        • Texture says:

          No, A.J., DO NOT misconstrude my words. I DID NOT say that this family, or any family, was unworthy of the presence of Jesus. Furthermore, it does not matter if your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life or not, you and I and those reading these stories and those who are not reading these stories are God’s creations. Being His creation means that at ANY TIME you speak Jesus’ name, He hears and comes.
          Also, in MANY religions demons are classified as gods. You can look at a demon and turn blue while screaming the name of God and all they will do is laugh at you. God the Father, God the Most High has, “… given His Son the name above ALL names so that EVERY knee should bow and EVERY tongue confess that He is Lord of all, even those in Heaven, on Earth, and in Hell..”
          Was it not Jesus Christ that the demons Legion came running to when He stepped off of the boat? Was it not the demons that shook in fear and screamed and begged Jesus to not send them away to the Final Death just yet? Was it not Jesus who said, “Ask anything in MY NAME and it will be done.” Furthermore, was it not Jesus who said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life?”
          It does not matter which religion you belong to, there is only ONE GOD ALMIGHTY and His name is Jesus Christ. Satan and his demons flee from Jesus’ name and His presence for they cannot stand being near God.

          So, yes, A.J. you have described what you said earlier in more detail; blind and full of lies, as you have so briefly and bluntly showed by twisting what I said. You deceive others with your words and tempt the lost and found. Before you stand, or sit behind your computer and type or speak the Word of the Living God, I suggest you take heed and read it correctly for does not Jesus Himself say, “Do NOT take away or add to my Words..”?
          And yes, the Seraphim ARE mentioned n the Bible, but they ARE NOT called Faithful and True. They ARE NOT the White Rider in Revelations. THAT is Jesus Christ.
          Oh! That your tongue would not deceive and that you would be mindful to who you would stand before when the real Judgement Day comes….

          • A.J Ryder says:

            LOL! Texture, you are a one!

            There are none so blind as those who can not see. Never mind, eh? Negativity and fear never helped anyone. So you just carry on living in arrogance that only one religion reaches out to God, whilst being consumed by paranoia.

            Jesus did not distinguish between Jews and Gentiles. They were all equal in his eyes, as they were, and still are, all equal in the eyes of God. Jesus helped all who came to him asking for help, it mattered not to whim which religion or belief system they followed. Jesus never once turned anyone away, stating “Hey! Sorry mate, but you’ve got to convert to Judism and start praising YHWH before either I or God are prepared to help you! Thats the rules!” No! Jesus was too wise a person for that. Jesus was too filled with God’s love for all humanity, to turn people away just because they weren’t Jewish.

            Jesus taught people how to find God and how to live in a way that was pleasing to God, but Jesus was not God. He was one of Gods faithful servants, helping all us poor lost souls here on earth, as best he could – just the same as all the other great prophets in the Bible and other Holy scriptures did. .

            And as for the one called Faithful and True who is named Word Of God. Yes, I know this is Jesus. Jesus is a Serephim – which I believe Christian doctrine states are the highest ranking of the First Sphere (liberated) in the Christian angelic hierarchy . They are the fiery ones. Faithful and true is described as having ‘eyes are like blazing fire’. The Word Of God is of fire, just as Carol dreamed her sisters husband was of fire But hey – if you’d prefer to think of everything unexplained as some kind of demonic omen, then so be it. That’s your choice.

            Question is, should Carol not be a Christian and not born into the Christian religion or environment, what positive and helpful advise would YOU give her – obviously; just advising her to follow Jesus isn’t going to help her, for she’s not from that religious background. (Tt would be like me saying to you to call on Mohammed in times of spiritual crisis – completely useless!)


          • Skyanah says:

            How do you know that what you’re saying is true?

    • Sharayah says:

      I really don’t think what she saw was an angel at all. Miss stick with what you feel. Pray to the lord and tell your friends to get outside help and if these things come for you please do the same. May God be with you and thanks for your storie.

  6. jk says:

    Jesus my friend, Jesus is what is needed, He is the only One that they fear and His name scares them and drives them out.

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