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Demonic Thing that Torments

Posted on March 29, 2010

The story I’m about to tell begins four years ago for me. But for the one who is truly plagued it has been a lifetime of torment. I am writing this story for some help or idea, it is truly strange how the events have unfolded for my wife and I.

This story begins back in the fall of 2006 when a young naive ghost hunter (me) had just been published on the front page of a local paper, the day was Halloween of that fate full year and we had been receiving calls all day and it wasn’t until late that afternoon that I received the call that would change my life. I took the call but some how it was different the woman at the other end of the phone was upset but not frightened telling me that her daughter had been experiencing some kind of paranormal activity, I immediately made the case a priority one and we scheduled a time to meet.

The following day I arrived at the woman’s house, let’s call her “Ann”..

She met me at the door with a smile to her face, but behind the glow there seemed to be more. We spoke for a few hours discussing the activity that had been plaguing her daughter and setting up a date for the investigation when she made the statement that would change the course of everything. “It’s not only my daughter” Ann said “it’s hard for me to say but I have been dealing with something for as long as I can remember” she continued, I sat there baffled for a moment still kind of fresh to the paranormal world my self I jotted down her past experiences including. Toy’s moving toward her bed, figures in the doorway, and to top it all of when she was a young girl, glowing red eyes in her family’s fireplace.

Now as a ghost hunter the idea of red eyes falls into one category and one alone, it fall’s into the realm of demonic, at this point though I was not quite convinced. It wasn’t until her daughter little two year old Jade took me by the hand and walked me to her room, as Ann and I arrived to the little ones room little jade pointed and told me in such a sweet innocent tone. “It’s right there” pointing to the corner in her bed room, I then knew that I was in for the long haul with this family.

The investigation went off without a hitch, but the physical evidence lacked so we packed up our gear and went home. A few days later as I was going over the audio (E.V.P) from the investigation I began to hear what started as faint voices simply calling out to Ann, I was excited with the findings but as I got deeper into the audio it changed. There was a sort of uncomfortable silence in the audio followed by a deep sinister voice stating, “Get Chris and go home.” Several times the voice repeated it on the audio and every time I heard it the more and more I felt and urge just to get in my vehicle and get that family out of that house.

It’s been several years now since that investigation and Ann is now my wife a happy end some would assume but I’m afraid not. The torment that began that day has amplified the voices now can be hard clear as day as you walk across the house, the entity has learned how to isolate Ann and has begun an almost “imaginary friend” like relationship with our daughter, a night does not go by that my family is not tormented by the thing. It has almost become a part of our home; we have been hijacked in our own life’s living hostage to this malevolent thing that now resides with us.

Doors continue to open and shut, lights flicker, and any objects that can be moved are moved, but this is nothing new to those who have had and infestation like the one I am writing about. But to change the playing field a bit this thing has one characteristic the negates any demonic possibility yes all classifications are there to call it demonic but this thing has never harmed my wife it has almost protected her from any initial injury she could sustain. This thing that torments us keeps her safe. This is one of the true paranormal events that I don’t think in my life I will ever be able to piece together.

Sent in by Chris, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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30 Responses to “Demonic Thing that Torments”
  1. Ana Karina says:

    wow it protects her? i cant explain that

  2. crisi says:

    Just reading your story just gives me goose bumps, don’t allow this demonic entity to keep doing this to you and your family. I believe that demons are very playful, they are liars and decievers and you folks should rebuke them out of your house. Be strong and pray that those demonic spirits leave. I will be praying for you and your family. God Bless.

  3. anna says:

    thats kind of a sweet story.how u met and everything.thats weird about the thing is being protective ive never heard of that.well its good that it hasnt hurt u and ur family.i sat this alot but take some pics.thanks for the story.i

  4. texasclown says:

    this is a great story. i starting thinking could this possible be a deceased family member or friend and not a demonic entity? maybe just has a deep voice? that sounds crazy that it be demonic yet it protects her. maybe he wants her to do his “dirty work”. great story keep us posted if anything else happens. good luck and god bless!

  5. jim says:

    This still sounds demonic,even the devil can be nice when he wants to.The name of Jesus is very powerful,pray!!!I do not know your spiritual inclinations but God will answer your prayer.Find true believing Christians to come and pray w/you.Once again pray,it works.If the website allows,contact me I will get rid of it for u in Jesus’ name.God bless!!

  6. Rosa says:

    Wow this really makes me think. I too have never heard of a demon that protects people. I think you and your family should be very careful and pray alot go to church and rebuke this evil thing. This should weekend it and hopefully make it leave. I will pray for you and your family and hope this evil will leave you at peace. Thank you for this wonderful story hope it changes alot of peoples lifes and makes them think more then twice. GOD BLESS!

  7. Just a Hunter says:

    I think that its alot more than one spirit in your house. you have to remember that not all spirits are bad. for example you kept hearing ”Get Chris and go” which doesnt sound very demonic to me. this spirit could have already been through this :and gave his life to protect his family which would explain why he is staying in your house and protecting your wife. he feels its his job. but theres also bad spirits in your house and i would possibly try to contact the good spirit. however that comes with alot of risk. just ask for gods help and pray. comment back if u want more help

  8. Chris says:

    Well I thank all of you for your suport of me and my family, but I have to report that things have got alot worse….. There are now three entitys that have been confirmed in our house and it seem’s as though just one of them is pulling all the strings. When asked what it wanted it was simple….”Death” If anyone has any Ideas please let me know this thing is growing more intelligent and a whole lot stronger by the day…….

    • anna says:

      thats sad to hear.if you have done everything what we all said maybe move.i know sometimes the ghosts demons follow ppl to there new homes but if u would move have a priest clens it first before moving in.thats the only thing i can think of.sorry to hear that its not getting better.let us know what happens.thanks

    • evilisgood says:

      if it has gotten worse then what he or they should do is not move because it will probably follow them, and if it is real which i’m not saying it is not get enough evidence for an exorcism and before that do not acknowledge that they exist because it gives them power the more you react. just believe that they are not there and be courageous let those who are around that are your friends and family become a pillar of light and hope. and remember do not acknowledge its existence, they will try to get your attention.

  9. AnonOmous says:

    Hi Chris. This story caught my eyes in particular. I dont really understand these things, and dont know what 2 make of it.. But i think we have dark entities in the house where we stay. Might be more than one, but we are not entirely sure. We have be seeing dark cloudy masses on the carpets around the house, shadows passing agains our walls (with no logical explination available), somethng pushed my mother off the stairs, and touches her randomly. I once had a dream (if you could call it that, coz it felt REAL) that a demon sat on me tormenting and taunting me, laughing weirdly, etc. My mom came and woke me up asking why i made these weird sounds in my sleep.. It really drains our energy, and it feels like we dnt have control of our own lifes anymore.. Last night we saw somethng, my sister took a photo, you can see a cloudy figure with a face in the dark.. and my mother can see these things. Before that the bedroom light flashed and fused, my nephew woke up yelling that somethng harshly pinched his leg. We cant sleep at night. We were up all night as it kept us from having a proper nights rest. We believe that our faith in God and His protective hand over us has kept this entity from hurting us in a more serious way.. But it gets worse. We need help. Bt im nt sure if we have proper ghost hunters in our country. Do you know of anything that might help? i will pray for you and ur family’s protection. God bless!

  10. Blackmane says:

    The only way that this thing is going to leave you alone is if you make a stand to it. This is dangerous but if you can you might have to insult it in order to draw it out into the open. Try to learn its name and say ” Demon(or its name) I am challenging you. Face me or leave!” Don’t try this unless you have nothing else left. It may get amused and leave, it might respect you for this and leave, or it might accept the challenge, there is no way of knowing for sure. i tried it, and it worked for me, but things got worse before they got better. If you need any more help just let me know.

    • evilisgood says:

      i hope you know that provocation will not work because that usually leads to it appearing and then attacking you showing its true abilities, which could be more dangerous, and violent, and it may also increase the paranormal phenomena that is occurring already leading to more fear and pain which will eventually give it more power as the negativity and tension increases.

      • Tess says:

        blackmane is right. But you actually need to set a challenge, not just annoy it. And make sure it’s the right kind of level for this, and that the challenge is possible, won’t work for these people though as their demon(and it is one, not just dead people) is too sophisticated and would get annoyed.

    • blue says:

      You never challange a demon you gave the worst advice that I’ve read on these boards.These things are crafty very smart and very dangerous,I hope these poeple didn’t take your advice or they might be signing there own death warrent-terrible advice.They need the proper people to clense there house but never ever challange a demon.

  11. Blackmane says:

    Also, there seems to be something that makes this thing drawn to your wife. If what you’re saying is true about it protecting her then that is a garuntee that it wants something from her. Be careful about that man, because it might be something that not only affects your wife, but your daughter as well. My personal opinion, its going to try to use your daughter to get to your wife.

  12. Kelly. says:

    where you wrote that Ann used to see red eyes, and have toys thrown around the room? that sounds like the events that used to happen in my old house..
    my mum told me this as i am still young at 17, she told me that i used to scream the house down in the night shouting “no man, nasty man!” he kept playing with my toys.
    A couple of months after that my mother went to see a medium to see if she could get in contact with my grandfather. the medium asked about what had been happening in the house, and my mother told her everything.
    turns out apprently there was a man with red eyes playing with my toys, and that i bear a gift, but i’ll lose it as i get older, then gain it again. and that i will also meet this man with red eyes when i get older. i do think about it everyday, it does scare me, but i dont know wether to believe it or not.

  13. bee5678 says:

    maybe the think was protecting your wife from you . im just saying cus it happened to my grandad just not with a demon wth a ghost

  14. OffWhiteKnight says:

    This reminds me of the Bell witch haunting, where a spirit tormented the Bell family except for one of the daughters. Look it up if you want to, but avoid seein the movie based on it ” American haunting”, it will put you to sleep for sure

  15. Kind Skeptic says:

    This sounds very interesting. Have you contacted some other paranormal groups? Since there is power in numbers, I would strongly suggest you contact a legitimate paranormal investigative group and have them pay you a visit. You can all strategize on the best approach to handle this infestation before it continues to grow, or creates issues in your family. This kind of stress can be extremely detrimental and it sounds like, from the tone of your closing, that you are feeling less empowered than your “visitors”. This is the last thing you want to happen as it not only empowers them, but also creates relationship issues. Get some help from other professionals who know what they are doing and how best to address it. While everyone here is graciously providing you with well intended recommendations, I don’t think you would go to a “well intended person” for heart surgery — no, you’d go to a professional with a solid reputation. I strongly suggest you proceed accordingly ASAP! Best wishes……

  16. Liz says:

    “The thing that torments us keeps us safe”. Immediately I thought- “No, it controls you and makes you believe you’re safe.” You’re not. Demons can take on many forms, even seeming benevolent at times. Do not trust them.

    For demonic activity you need an exorcism or cleansing and blessing from a strong-willed, devout, qualified priest, pastor or other religious leader. I know I’ll get flack on here for saying that, but it’s true. You have to take authority over these things, and the more believers you have taking that authority in your home, the better. But you can’t do it alone. Get as many good people to pray for you as you can. Go to church, if you aren’t already, a church that leaves you feel stengthened and loved. The demons cannot stand up to that many people asking for help on your behalf. They’ll have to go, because they won’t be able to stand it! You must develop your faith and wisdom from believing in God’s power, praying, attending church and reading the Bible. Pray to God for the demons to leave, and believe that God will answer you. But things like this are rarely easy- overcoming demons takes a lot of strength.

    Once you get a qualified religious leader in your home, you also have to tell these demons that they have to leave, in the name of Jesus Christ. This will work if you believe in the power of God. I would not do this alone. But demand that they leave and go where God tells them to. IMO- if you believe in demons, you almost have to believe in the opposite- a God who is good, a savior that will help you, angels to watch over you and who will protect you if you step out in faith against these things.

  17. Anonymous says:

    i do not understand why it has been this long and u guys have not tried to get rid of this “thing”…or maybe u have and just didnt say so in the story..but Good Luck on that, It sounds like u need it!

  18. blue65 says:

    The Bell witch I believe was a demon they just didn’t know it,it also protected the mother & killed John Bell the father.Just because it protects your wife don’t make it not what it is.

  19. carmen says:

    to the people who are going through this experience my heart goes out to you. Chris you went to Anns house to help her and you have become drawn into this problem that has been going on for years? Not once in your story did you call on Jesus your Lord who saves. You cannot fight a demon without GOD because you have no power the only power comes from the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost, get on your knees brother.

  20. Another hunter says:

    I believe strongly that u need to ask god to help u
    I mean I’m only 14 and supernatural encoantersrun in my family and I recommend that u pray

    I will pray for you my friend

    -14 year old hunter

  21. Sharmila says:

    Dear Chris,

    Why are you staying in that house with your wife and daughter? Why don’t you look out for another place? Do you think all this tormenting by the entity is helping you in anyway? I always burn incense sticks in my house and my religion is ‘Hindu’. I feel burning incense sticks in the house or a candle and praying can make the entities go away. If there is any negative energy it will go away.I know certain entities are strong but there is no one stronger and powerful than god. If nothing works look out for another house. I also believe that if you pray everyday sincerely these entities won’t bother you.

  22. Deb says:

    I think you better start investigating “POLTERGEISTS”. This doesn’t sound like ghosts or even demons. I don’t think demons would mess around with your family all these years and not cause damage! Demons are swift and quick and extremely intelligent. Try checking out this other avenue and you may be surprised. Please give us an update on this and what you discovered.

  23. dark says:

    you all fail to see the demons true intent!!! this creature is yes protective but thats only because you are giving it what it wants….you fear it.its taking that fear and growing.it now has 2 more demons they soon will feed off of your fear. give more details surly more has been happening. try what every you can pray go to church have a preist come to your house get an expert. FOR I FEAR THE WORST HAS YET TO COME.

    • Chris says:

      Well you are totally right….. The worst has yet to come. But fear is not something we are giving it. This demon if you will has taken more of an intrest in my wife almost as if it has some plan for her. Over the past sevreal months I have done some research of my own hoping to try and find a way to kill it but obviously not possible. We have been left with one choice and thanks to the help of the Catholic Church these demons will find that being deported back to hell will kind of conflict with there plans. So as far as the worst coming I will not give it that chance I refuse to let my family suffer any longer and I could not live with myself if something were to happen to them. So soon we make our final stand against this evil and in the end demons will know that even humans can fight back and that we are not afraid any longer of what lurks in the dark!

      • Anonymous says:

        I currently operate with a team who tracks down and destroys paranormal entities. We will be around if you require assistance in your crusade. And there is a way to kill a minion of the traitor Lucifer.

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