Demon or Devil in the Mexico Mountains

Posted on October 18, 2010

When I was about 8 years old my sister and I were sent for summer vacation to Mexico with my grandmother. Ok it was my sister and me with two other cousins and two village kids were in the village forest. We had gone to the a small lagoon called the Rock of eyes, sound better in Spanish trust me it’s a lagoon that has a rock that has a face on it. Legend has it that a small girl had gone swimming here without her parents knowing. Legend stated that the devil came down and cast her soul into this rock because she had disobeyed her parents. Ok that how the legend was told to us and frankly that I really remember this lagoon rock. Let me get back to the story.

So we’re walking on a lonely dirt forest road. When about 20 feet in front of us a men appeared in front of us looking into our direction with a smile. Now it is sort of hard to explain but somehow all of our gazes went to his feet. He had a cow foot on one leg and a sheep foot on the other. We started to throw stones at him to scare him off because he was in the side of road were we had to pass thru. He made gestures like if he was going to charge at us but made a freak turn left and right and went into the forest. We started to chase him down the forest going up embankments and trees when we came to the start of a huge mountain.

These mountains in Jalisco, Mexico have rainforests that are big. We looked up and on the top of this mountain and he was standing looking at us and moving around in a fast motion. There is no way this person was able to get up there that fast. We thought about going up toward him to find out who this person was but something inside of us did not let us.

We returned to my grandmother house and told her what we saw. She was quiet and told us to never travel down the path without her. She mentioned also to not say a word to anyone about this and that this person was a crazy forest person that lived in the forest. What striked me a surprise is that decades have passed and my sister, cousins and me can still remember the same thing to the last detail, no memory has faded or been exchanged for something else. So whatever it was it might have been the devil or a demon.

Sent in by Garcia31, Copyright 2010

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20 Responses to “Demon or Devil in the Mexico Mountains”
  1. Kitty says:

    Most likely el diablo. My mom grew up in mexico too and theres a legend of the devil in Uruapan and in Michoacan Mexico. The one in michoacan is that the devil sat 0n the side of a mountain.His footprints still visiblE. If i were you i wouldnt of chase it. :O i woulda been freaked out.

  2. kalikaii says:

    i agree with kitty my mom also grew up in Mexico & she’s told me hundreds of stories about the devil in Mexico. They’re all very scary i don’t think it’s coincidence that you saw that man where the devil supposedly appeared. Hope you don’t ever meet him again.

  3. ghost in the machine says:

    I have always wondered (and guess always will, until we know for sure) what creatures like this are.

  4. Mari says:

    Scary story. My dad is also from Jalisco and has mentioned a few stories to me too. What part of Jalisco did this incident occur?

    • Anonymous says:

      This was in a villiage called Los Espino de Judio. It happen to be about 4 hours away from Guadujalra. I hope not to see him again but it will stay with me till i die. There are strange things that have happen in my life that i was talking to my sister and i mention that i hope that the demon or devil did not follow one of us. In my house my wife and i allways speaking to each other. We think that one of the other is in the room but we end up finding that neither is in the same room. I can hear footstep go up the stairs at night and go and find nothing. My oldest son is 7 yrs and he still come into our room and tell me that he scard. He hate being alone in his room. I brush it off like it nothing but i do recall him talking about a men that come into his room with red eyes in the night. So maybe there just normal think. But when you feel this in your bones you start to second guess everthing.

  5. sharayah says:

    is your grandma still alive maybe she can tell you a little seems like she knew more {:|

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh Yes my grandmother knew more that it. She i have to say had a sixth sense about things. One time i had a bad headace when i was staying with her. She told me that it was not a bad headace. Instead yo bend me over the rail of the fence and had me take off my shirt. She wet this some water if i rememember correct if it was water. Well started to slap with it on the back of the head and i remember throw up what i called clear fulid. I felt very dizzy and i just went to bed.

      • sharayah says:

        yeah i know what you saying about them just knowing.i too come from a latino family and i seen my share of creepy things but nothing like what you have seen :0

  6. AnNa bites back says:

    that legend about the devil took the girls sole because she didnt listen to her parents the devil wouldnt care.ive never heard of any stories like that before but i hope you listen and not go there.stay clear form that place.thanks for the story.

    • Garcia31 says:

      Legend has it that this girls wanted to go to the arryo in the wood. This arryo is really nice it has a waterfall and it freash water there. It very nature touch if you know what i mean. So she ask her mom and her mom said no becasue there is legend that has it the devil travel these road to take souls. When the girl went to the arryo she was met with a gental man in a horse. So this man offer her gifts and started to talk with her . So it go really late and she wanted to leave but this man did not let her. He told her that if she left she would be turn into a stone and left there in the arryo. So as she was come out of the water she froze and turn stone. I seen this stone and it freaking look like a person.

      • AnNa bites back says:

        wow that would be scary looking like a stone of a person.thanks for the comment thjat you said a little bit more then o.k.

  7. Olga says:

    I’ve heard Dat Da Devil has feet like Da 1nz metioned in Da story & 1nze I saw Dat I would’ve ran so fast it wud’ve been hilarious I would have not try 2 approach it @ any point cause Dat is 2 Creepy!!! My Dad saw Da Devil when he was a kid & until Dis day just thinkn Bout it makes his hairs stand up!

  8. Christina says:

    Many of my friends had similar stories as the one above. I myself have never encountered anything of this sort, but I think there is some truth to these events. Mind you, some I have heard go way out in left field, but I really can’t judge the people I have heard them from.

    I’ve never been to Mexico or had any relatives there, but from the stories, it seems like these things make their presence know…… a lot!


  9. Jaybee says:

    I think it was Carlos Mencia who was joking and saying that “gringo” children are told that they need to go to sleep and angels will watch over them, etc., etc. Children of hispanic families are told to go to sleep or some evil thing will come and get them. I’m never sure of the rationale for this. “Go to sleep or this horrible, evil creature will come and get you.” (And yes, I grew up with that all my life.)

    Small wonder that many hispanic families have so many horror stories passed on, a lot of which I wonder are so much “folklore.” How many of these were simply bedtime stories that have taken on such legend that they’re now believed to be absolutely true?

    I’m not disputing this story in any way, shape or form. I wasn’t there and I can’t say, I just think it’s a shame our culture has scared so many children in early childhood. I never told my children some horrible creature would come and get them if they didn’t go to sleep and I never once breathed a word about all the supernatural things that happened to me until they were adults. I was absolutely not going to influence them. However, I always made myself open and available to them to talk if they had something on their mind. I was also never going to be closed minded about anything they might encounter on their own.

    • Mari says:

      yes, they would tell us to go to bed or to behave or the coocuy would get us!!! I remember that all the time too!!

    • sharayah says:

      LOL that’s so true they use to tell us that the CUCOO,would come and get us if we was bad .oh lol :) did i believe. don’t you think that latinos some are just more spiritual? it’s kind of a natural thing for me to talk about it with my family. grow up feeling things & seeing things was some how a good thing in my house it crazy too me now when i think about it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    In the story, the little girl disobeyed her parents and the devil put her soul in a rock. I’m not sure if this is just a silly statement but, you disobeyed your grandmother in telling us about the encounter. If the story is real, I reccommend you don’t go back

  11. sandman says:

    i had a friend who lived on the reservation and he told me about a man who would show him self to people and he would say do not look at my feet and of course they would look and the mans feet were hooves they say he had goat legs when they looked they were shocked and scared and the man would laugh at them as they ran away

  12. aj lol says:

    yea my mom grow up in mexico and told me te storys about the cucoo going to get me and she told me the story about the man with the hood and that u shouldnt look at his face and the 1 stroy i havent heard was the 1 about when a child goes to bed a dead guy or person sits on u and u cant move at all just be awake and see him on top of u have u guys heard that 1????????????????????????

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