Demon Dog

Posted on June 11, 2011

Hi, I’ve never shared this story openly with too many people, so I am little scared to speak out! But it’s always there in the back of my mind. I try not to think about it, but ever since then I’ve been always watching paranormal anything, sometimes just to keep my own thoughts away!

I would say this was back in the late 80′s or early 90′s. I was 16, and my mother was a single mother with 3 kids and low-income and the house we had was an old wood house. My mom was a person who went to church very often and she made sure we did, we went to an all Catholic school and went to Catholic churches, mind you we were black and lived in Texas! Meaning we were the only black people in catholic school and church. So I guess as time grew on my mom stopped going to church. I think she became ill and stayed at home watching church programs from home, but she would keep it on the same station day in day out.

Me and my mom always slept in the same bed even when I was a little girl we never really slept apart. My mom also had a love for dogs and she kept about 3 or 4 dogs in the house; 1 small dog that always stayed by her side and a black lab, which was my younger brothers dog, and an older dog, I don’t remember the breed of that one but anyways, we all had these dogs since birth and knew they were nice lovable dogs.

One night my mom went to sleep and me on the other side, TV ‘s still on and it’s on the religious program that comes on about 12 am – 3 am. I remember the channel CHN 14, pastor Paul and wife Cathy who had big purple hair and wore lots of makeup. So anyways they were saying how they received a threatening picture with a voice cassette of a man announcing that he was an occult leader and he was possessed and that they needed to stop saving souls because the souls were his and if they did not he would kill them and cut off their heads and so forth, and he sent them a drawn pic of what he looked like.

I had my head covered up and tried not to peek but I did, it was a creepy pic, mind you all of this was audio taping of what he was saying and the voice still till this day I remember. It sounded like 3 or 4 people at one time talking through one person, and I remember being under the covers with a little small hole to breathe through and in my mind I was saying the prayer of what the pastor and his wife were saying over and over in my mind. Also I could still see the image of the drawn pictur of the man in my head at the same time as if he were looking through the air hole at me. All of the sudden I could feel a light pant of breath where my nose was for me to breathe.

I opened my eyes and there staring at me, no more than 2 – 3 inches away from my face, was my brother’s black lab with a look I had never seen before in my life. Her teeth were snarled a little but her gaze was solid. I pretended to swat at her but she didn’t even blink so the only thing I knew what to do was to call on Jesus name and out loud I said, “I rebuke you Satan in Jesus Christ and Gods name and I am a child of God and you cannot hurt me.” As soon as I said that she backed away from me and went through a hole I had in my closet. I knew I had a small hole through there but I guess she made it bigger because my bedroom door was closed and I didn’t know how she came in.

After that she had never been back to my room and she has never been the same. She was angry all the time, fighting other dogs and turning on my brother. She always stared at me and I never came around her. I avoided her at any cost. One day she went after one of the neighbors and attacked and bit him and he shot her. That’s the end of my true story! It feels better now to get it out or say I feel better. Thank you for reading if anybody reads it at all anyway thank for letting me share and for not thinking I’m crazy.

Sent in by Johnnie, Copyright 2011

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5 Responses to “Demon Dog”
  1. SK_Chey says:

    That is freaking scary, but are you sure the dog didnt have rabies or something? It is weird how you were watching tv and its about a demon and then the dog pops up and is growling at you, but it just sounds to much like rabies to me. But if you believe the dog was evil then maybe he really was. im just sayin ….

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi, Chey, that’s funny , but no she didn’t have rabies, my mom took better care of the dogs then she did us.where we lived at the time that the dogs you have you have to have papers for dogs and every thing up to date,or they go to the pound, little thing that I didn’t mention also came about , but when that happened my mind didn’t go there at first I was more scared then anything because I didn’t know what really went on, I’m kind of young at this point and I didn’t just jump up and say oh demon dog! like I said before she was my younger brothers pet,and somthing weird started happening with him as well, I remember going to get my hair done for prom the following wk and told the story to my hair dresser and at that point he told he that could have possible , but said it sounded more like possesion coming into play,and told me that evil comes in many forms, and in fear most of all. I’m a lot older know and with i have more information about those kinds of things know,somtimes your mind has alot to do with things I try not to think nevagtive, have positive out look on things,but it did happen for what reason I don’t know, thank for the feed back though, I have 2 more things that happened and I will post it,it’s kind of long,but not really scray, so let me know what you think after it post, and yes these are true.

  2. carri williams says:

    sounds like the darn dog became possessed through the tv program. as crazy as this seems I think this is what happened. the audio spirit went into the dog through the tv program. scary stuff. good thing it was killed. it may have hurt you or someone else.

  3. LMC says:

    Wow! Big mistake on the pastor & his wife! They might of had the strength & faith to fight evil, but not everybody! Broadcasting it on T.V. is what that demon wanted! They did not think that out! The demon wanted an easy way to go after the weak.

    Luckily you had the strength & faith to send the demon away! It’s sad it went to your brother’s dog & possessed him.

    Your not crazy the paranormal realm does exist, think of it as a lesson, as in more proof of God :-D I have had allot of experiences with the paranormal all my life.

    Walk with peace & love in your heart :-D

  4. Moya says:

    NO you are not crazy , things like that can happen, never listen to things like that on tv, always change the channel, I always believe that when i watch a movie and or videos that have this kind of sound like you said about the three or four voices coming out of someone , i always thought that this is how they call out to each other, and they use our technology to do so. pray for your house after you hear this, but thats me. i do and i always mute my tv or change the channel .

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