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Demon Dog in Bangladesh

Posted on January 4, 2011

This isn’t something that happened to me, but to my uncle in our country when I was like two and we had no electricity in our village. I am from Bangladesh and back then the village across the railroad had electricity and TV to watch movies. My uncle and couple of his friends wanted to watch some new movie that just came out on VCR not DVDs. They had apparently heard someone was going to watch it in the village across the rail road. So they went there at night time laughing and joking like kids.

As they walked across the railroad there were banana trees or some trees that looked like tropical trees. They suddenly heard a dog bark. They stopped and saw the dog, but they could not see it clearly enough to identify it, it was dark and hard to see what color dog it was. My uncle and his friends told the dog to shut up. The dog barked once more and my uncle and his friends were cursing at the dog.

Finally after an unknown amount of barks the dog barked one final time. Suddenly a ring of fire surrounded the dog. My uncles friends ran screaming, “Demon dog” in our language. My uncle tried to throw something at the dog but to no avail, eventually his scared paralyzed like legs moved and my uncle ran to get more people.

When my uncle and friends returned with villagers, the demon dog was gone. And any evidence of the fire went with it. My uncle didn’t know if it was a illusion caused by a jinn or some no life alien, but it felt real enough. I can’t confirm this experience other by that my uncle told me this when I went to visit my country when I was thirteen. It is up to you to decide, but I believe it and when I did more research on it I found it was something called a black dog. And I thought it had to be real because what happened and how these demon dogs act was exactly how they were said to act and my uncle had no internet access because my village is poor and the country is poor. Only in the city they had computers with internet so how could he know of a dog like that and describe it in detail without knowing what exactly that dog was?

Sent in by Khaled, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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10 Responses to “Demon Dog in Bangladesh”
  1. Lee Igleheart says:

    I saw a demon dog twice before. Once in my basement. My Mom and daughter were both waiting in the alley when I got home from college. They said something groweled at them and chased them out of the basement and they think it was a big dog. I grabbed a broom and headed for the basement. I thought it may have even been an opposume or something. I opened the door and looked around and didn’t see anything. I headed for the outside door of the basement and opened it. I headed back to the washer and dryer trying to figure out the best aproach to get a small animal out from behind them. Hoping it would run out the open door. All of a sudden a deep hot growl circumfrerenced me. It felt like somebody opened a hot oven. I spun around and there stood the biggest dog/wolf I had ever seen. He was probley ten feet long head to tail. His eyes glowed like those old fashioned screw in Christmas light bulbs. His eye level was chest high. He was black and had what appeared to be chromed long teeth. I have had a lot of stuff happen to me paranormaly, but I almost fainted when I saw that hell hound.
    The second time I only saw it’s eyes peeking under the basement door.
    I found out from animal planets lost tapes that fit the description perfectly. Hell Hound. They are demon created and have been recorded as far back as the viking days. Also known as black shock, the grim, black shuck, Cerberus, garm and perro negro. They have been sighted in the states including mine, Ohio. They showed a film that included a town in 1500′s being burnt down by one of these and it killed two and injured twenty some odd people just from passing by them as they took shelter in a church. They are known to trail fire behind them and are known on old highway Route 666 were they would case truckers to wreck. After the third sighting it is suppose to mean death.
    Lee Igleheart “Doing battles with fallen Angels”

  2. trolldoll says:

    i can only say i hope it wasn’t, but how do you explain a ring of fire?

  3. sharayah says:

    wow that crazy. thanks you for your story,i would of been shook too.

  4. Stephie says:

    Demon Dog, Hell Hound. No matter what they are called they are Evil and come to cause harm. Thank Heavens your Uncle and his friends got away. Thanks for sharing your Story!

  5. Rylee says:

    Hello there Khaled,
    What you uncle described sounds alot like the hell hound. This dog is a messenger from hell (As dogs were always thought to be) and it always seems like a normal dog. It usually leaves ground scorched near it, or will cause fires. There is never any evidence of the fires. You can’t drive it away, but you musn’t look at it! After seeing it 3 times, you will die, and very soon too.

  6. pink pantha says:

    cool story. I’m from Bangladesh too. My dad used to live in the country and some weird jinn stuff happened to him as well when I wasn’t born

  7. AManda says:

    I think you described the Hell Hound. Its a kegend demon dog, that had red glowing eyes, and if you see him 3 times, u will die a horriable death. Just becareful!

  8. Khaled S. says:

    Another Khaled having experiences with the paranormal? I didn’t think my name was that common.

    • brin says:

      I was living in a beautiful home that sat on a hill in Tennessee. The house was the only one there and had a long driveway. Strange things began to happen the first week. Most of all there was a black limosene type car similiar to the ones that carry families to funerals and follow the hurse began to park at the bottom of the drive. It came around dusk before total darkness came. When we called the police the car woud leave just before the police arrived. We saw two huge black dogs, that on hind legs would stand higher than a six feet tall man. They appeared in our yard twice. Doors were locked so we could not get out of rooms, my cat died right in front of my eyes as though lightening had hit it. You felt watched all the time. Two of my family members saw an elderly man who would suddenly dissapear before your eyes. So many things happened we moved. I later heard the dogs called hell hounds. I beleive, because I saw them with my own eyes. Brin

  9. ridi says:

    oooo nice horrible story it seems to me that it is true.although i dont know.thanks for sharing ur story with us.thanks buddy….

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