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Death Psychic and Uncanny Historical Awareness

Posted on December 29, 2010

I already know what most of your are thinking, nuts right? Crazy if one can predict things, let alone terrible events and death. First and foremost, I’ve thought my own self to be crazy but there’s just too many coincidences.

*Note – There are differences in the years, but there are more. I am just listing the big ones that have happened-not every single one otherwise well anyway…You decide! Read on!

15 years old – I went to my guitar lesson as usual but I took one look at my teacher and “knew” something was really wrong. A minute later I said, “did someone in your family die? Was it a brother or sister?” He looked at me like “what in the heck” and asked, “how did you know that?” Honestly guys I don’t know – it just “came to” me.

19 years old – Working at Easter Seals with disabled persons. One co-worker left with his dad and grandfather. For some reason my mind kept saying, “don’t take things for granted” and as soon as they left in their car – they crashed 100 feet away from our business.

19 years old – A day in English class. The teacher was talking about our projects, when I “picked up” on his aura- something about his family – something abusive. After class, I stayed behind and asked him, “were you ever hurt as a teenager by family?” No response and he’s never liked me since.

20 years old – First day on the job at a grocery store I met with one of the head department managers including a meat manager. I didn’t know his name, but again I “picked up” on like he had done something wrong and needed to fix it. My brain kept saying, “help him” and 3 weeks later he told me the truth.

20 years old – On vacation at the beach with 15 people including a family friend. Everyone having a great time, then I took a look at our family friend – as if I was the only one that “knew”. I thought, “impossible, not at the beach, never” believe me guys I thought I was going nuts. A couple months later in February he took his own life. Everyday I regret it, because out of 15 people I was the only one that could have helped him.

21 years old – In New York City, Stissing House. It’s the oldest bar on the East Coast and when I first walked in there I immediately sensed like something was under the house or around it. I asked the owner if anything had ever happened, and they said no. A month later a resident’s yard collapsed and a tunnel was revealed. It just so happened that the co-manager of the Stissing House finally told me the truth, I had picked up on the Underground Railroad.

22 years old – Vacation with my boyfriend. It was the second to last day – we were sitting on a balcony watching down below all the people playing. I pointed to a little girl and later wrote a poem. The next day his cousin who was a little girl (all the way on the other side of Georgia I barely even met) died in a fire and the last words on my poem were her last words as she tried to get out of the house.

There have been other incidences too where I would dream about bad guys and there really would be bad guys in the house on the first floor while I am up on the third. Sometimes nights where I just get that premonition feeling like something’s off and I am always right. Sleeping, waking it just sort of comes to me or when I am around certain people. Smaller things that happen, I sometimes “pick up” on objects or places in a room such as I’ll ask my boyfriend to open a certain drawer or a box to find a rare object.

Now you’re probably thinking do I do pot or other drugs, previous information, manic depression well I am a CNA (basic nurse) and here to tell you its all 100% natural – no tricks, lies, pre-information, meds, dementia’s, sleep deprivation/night terrors/nightmares/REM sleep, movies, and yes I’ve been CT scanned in the past and passed all drug tests. All I know is it’s just a feeling of no particular emotion, just more like – something is there but you don’t know what or sometimes you do know but it’s uncanny that you have to tell yourself cool it. Then when it happens – its like “man, I could have said something!” When something particular bad is about to happen such as an actual death, again no emotion just a sense of blackness. Sounds weird, but too many coincidences!

Sent in by Katie, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “Death Psychic and Uncanny Historical Awareness”
  1. Rosie says:

    You must be a sensitive person, but that is about it. You said you sensed in the past many things were not right, but you don’t have the ability to tell exactly what would happen or what had happened. There are not any hard evidence to support your six sense.

  2. Carri says:

    You sound pretty remarkable. You sound like one of the great psychics. I have heard of some who can read other people minds like you. This kind of ability is rare. so you are indeed gifted. I have a lesser psychic gift. I can predict future events and sometimes the deaths of family members, friends and sometimes people I haven’t known that long. I can do some remote viewing and psycho telemetry. able to do a reading from objects. I tried to help the police before by telling them of my dreams. but most do not believe in these abilities. I was trying to help a retired cop solve the Drew Peterson Murder. I would email what I dreamed about the case. he only wanted the reward money for himself. so I stopped emailing him information. people like you could work for police, FBI, and CIA. to bad you are not a police detective. you could tell if someone is lying. It is a shame most people do not believe in this abilities. Maybe someday I will read about you in the history books as a famous psychic.

  3. Chasity says:

    I actually have the same intuition, a big one was I never met my biological father but when I was 15 I started having dreams about finding him dead, again I never met him so I didnt even know what he looked like but I knew it was him and a month later I came home and asked her who had died bc I knew something was up and found he died. I know its frustrating to know somethings up but not be able to anything. The problem is bc we dont get much information we cant do anything about it without looking mental. What I try to do is focus on those thoughts to intensify what I can do so I can try to get better and do something with what I know

  4. Sean says:

    Sounds like you have very well-developed intuition!

    I will have similar things happen to me — there are just things that I “know” or can “see” around people.

    I have a friend who is a professional shaman and has this kind of stuff happen all the time. He says that his dad was so intuitive that his dad would wake up in the middle of the night if any of the kids were doing anything they weren’t supposed to – the dad would just “know”.

    You can also use this intuition to get in touch with divine energy in prayer, etc.

  5. Claetrahj says:

    It’s definitely awkward putting this into words as I’ve only told one person about it to prevent seeing a therapist. I actually saw the events of the Virginia Tech incident in a dream the the night before it happened through the eyes of different people that were attacked right down to the shooter returning a second time. Some of the details were mixed up but I just had this strong feeling about it and actually called a friend of mine that attended the school just to check on her. Turns out she did she didn’t go to class that day. There have been alot of cases where I know things about my friends and family that I have no explanation for. I usually just pretend theres some logical reason for it and I’ve become more convincing over the years. If I’m crazy it’s good to know I’m not the only one! The problem is when I pick up on major things how am I supposed to prevent them without sounding crazy? What if this time I’m wrong? How am I supposed to stop something like that happening with no idea of time frame?

  6. trolldoll says:

    i guess i would reveal my feeling toward what person you are feeling. you’re taking a chance that they will reject you, like that teacher. but if you put it in their mind that something is going to happen or something had, i would say it is worth it. my mom had a few of these and it always amazed me!

  7. sara says:

    if u close ur eyes and open ur third eye u can see someones past and anothers future i can only see auras and dream of where i will be a few years after. my last dream was a place with tea tables. u should use ur powers for helping know if disasters will happen. u should also stay clear hearted and have a soft soul. i am only 14 but i know too much now and in my life be4 this one.*-*remember u have the power to help alive and past ppl cope dont close all 3 eyes. for ur sake and others.

  8. wonderscroll says:

    I actually had a purple thing with what looked like a face imitating my youngest daughters face right near her in a photo of her. She was 8 months old and it was her 1st Easter Sunday. Someone told me looks like a purple aura. Purple auras a psychic. My youngest daughters name means spirit angel. when she was a baby she only went to me more then any other woman. And 1 lovely woman who lives with my dad, she never wanted to go to as a baby, she would cry in her arms, but settle in my arms. And she does not want to go to her now. Her daddy is the only man she will go to, she is also drawn to her brother, she feels they share a special bond. She is 2 plus years.

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