Death On County K Wisconsin Dells, WI

Posted on September 30, 2008

I have always questioned the paranormal and unexplained. With so much built on beliefs, stories, and opinions, before my experience, I would have called myself skeptic.

Two years ago from this November a friend and I had gone over to an acquaintance’s house to catch up on a long past due engagement. Our friend had been home from school and staying at his grandmas house for the weekend. His Grandmas house was a small house in the outskirts of town back on a gravel road that branched from country and county trunk roads. I had always found those roads a tad eerie at night but nothing more than a small feeling.

We had stayed for quite a few hours, long past dark, before saying our goodbyes and parting for the night. The minute we drove out of the drive way I felt weird but ignored it. We traveled down the gravel drive and on to a country road soon to be turning onto country trunk K. The road was dark. A fresh dark that only was visible by my headlights dancing 25 yards in front us off of the highway. We continued to chat and eventually hit an argument not paying attention to the road. I heard my friend, in the middle of our argument, stop and look straight ahead saying, “Dude” with a look of surprise.

I immediately swung my head around to find two images out of my peripheral vision. When I saw two young kids. One female, One male. The female looked to be bent over, possibly hurt or puking, and the male had been trying to get our attention. Jumping in the air but not making eye contact with my vehicle. Let me remind any of you readers that K is a remote road with few houses if any at all within 10 miles.

With first reactions of these young teens my stomach dropped and it seemed impossible to blink nor talk. We continued past them without saying a word as they disappeared back into the darkness of the highway for at least 50 feet. My friend asked if I should turn around, maybe they were hurt or their was a wreck we couldn’t see. I really didn’t want to but thought that maybe they needed help so I turned around about a quarter mile up the road.

We had both unbuckled our seatbelts and sat forward as if waiting to see the two come back into sight and there was nothing. We thought we might have passed them when something caught my eye moving from the ditch to the road. My heart fell once again one I noticed an individual dressed in blue jeans and a black hoodie made its way in the road. I will never forget the feeling I felt when an entirely different teen walked next to my moving vehicle and lifted his head at us. Making eye contact I was shot one of the meanest and evilest smiles I had ever seen. I couldn’t even see this young man’s face entirely but a set of eyes and an evil smile. I drove past sickly and looked at my friend not knowing what to say.

We didn’t go back a third time because of the feeling we had both experienced and didn’t want to even talk about it till we got back to his house. We talked about it quite a bit and waited to see if any news of an accident would come up but nothing did. We have since built up the courage to head back to the same spot to see nothing. We both felt the same way about what we had saw on that night.

About a month ago I had found out from a friend at work that quite a while ago two kids had gotten into a car accident a few miles up from the spot we had had our experience. Whether it had been the same kids or not I do not know. If so, who was this third kid we had seen and why did he direct such a look or smile that he had at us? The only thing I do know is that I will never forget the feeling I had felt seeing those kids and that smile. Truly and excitingly eerie.

Many of you may read my story and think it is false or made up but let me remind you I was just like you. Skeptic and not wanting to believe something with no true physical evidence, but this night changed my beliefs. I had always said you have to see to belief but let me assure you, be careful what you wish for because you may be in for a sight. A sight that will leave you unresponsive and a believer!

Written by AJ Fischer, Copyright 2008

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11 Responses to “Death On County K Wisconsin Dells, WI”
  1. nicole says:

    Creepy story. Wonder what the hooded character was doing?? Thanks for sharing.

  2. sampson says:

    um that was a good story but if u was feelng that way why did u go back

  3. ceci says:

    Wow! this kept me on my toes! great story

  4. Jana Carla says:

    that was good I’m happy that you learned your lesson
    To believe on things that really exist in this world
    not all people believed that this is really happening
    but time will come and prove to them the truth that

  5. Helen says:

    loved your story!! I had a similar experience on a road that I lived on, apparently there were a number of fatal accidents on that road that could not be accounted for

  6. Warrior Priestess says:

    Well I think that you should have stopped if it looked like they were in distress, but then again with all the craziness today it might not have been safe. Anyhow, I think that perhaps what happened there years ago was replaying and leaking into the present timeline. What happened there was probably no normal accident, perhaps the man in the hoodie was a murderer that snuck out of the bushes and attacked those people that had wrecked, or perhaps, he was pretending to be a good Samaritan and ended up doing something foul to them. The man jumping around but not making eye-contact with your vehicle was a big sign that YOU were not the ones he was signaling to, but to the man in the Hoodie (Who was also an apparition) You may never know, if these people did not die at that spot, or even if the hooded man is still alive, one thing for sure is that someone terrible happened on that spot and all three of those apparitions are the spectral doppelgangers of the people that were there years ago, the energy stuck there and the events and emotions is replaying over and over. Could you do everyone a big favor? Do some research on what happened on that road and really look into what happened there? Police reports etc� Instead of just going on what someone told you, because it seems like the details he gave you were sort of vague� No offence or anything, but that wasn�t a very detailed summary of what had happened.

  7. TROLLDOLL1681 says:

    i’ve heard about these and believe they had a tramatic death. after seeing the expression on his face i wouldn’t go back either! great story!

  8. BUCKEY says:


  9. Pat says:

    Yes… Seeing IS believing! SCARY! I am not sure if I would have stopped when i saw those kids or not myself… maybe that third kid was waiting for someone to stop and goodness knows what kind of evil that kid/thing was capable of…. I would research the history of that area more and see the ages of the kids in the accident…scary story! And about the grammer/spelling- when you are in thought and trying to get your story and feelings out you just flow with the thoughts not spell check as you type (anyway i sure don’t)

  10. Tito says:

    Lived on K for over 27years, never heard of anyone seeing anything nor have I seen anything myself. Guess it could happen though!

  11. Anonymous says:

    this happend to me but i was alone and on the hiway

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