Dark Hooded Figure the Unexplained

Posted on August 14, 2009

I have always been into Halloween and the paranormal even as a young child. I remember when I first started seeing signs of a possible paranormal encounter when I was about 7 or 8 years old. My youngest sister would have conversations with someone I couldn’t see. It looked like she was literally talking to the walls. I didn’t understand… and when my mother and I would try to snap her out of this conversation she would not listen, she would simply keep talking.

At the time I didn’t think anything of it. I thought maybe she was at the age where she had created an imaginary friend or something. When I asked her about it she said she had no idea what we were talking about. This continued for at least a year, then it seemed to decrease and slowly stop.

About a year later my friend had spent the night with me at my house. She slept on the top bunk, and I slept on the bottom. I was in and out of consciousness… almost asleep when I felt a hand grab my shoulder. Automatically I got a chill, jumped up, and ran for my moms bedroom. Ever since then, I was afraid to sleep in my room. I know this sounds cheesy, and not real, but I was literally afraid of the devil coming in my room. I would scream, cry, and have panic attacks because I felt like the devil or something evil was going to possess me. This went on for years, I was terrified.

I started writing horrible, dark lyrics around the age 8. I had no idea what was going on. My older sister had woken up one morning with scratches all over her back. Some were in the shape of a cross. I balled when I saw this because I knew something was happening when nobody seemed to believe me.

Later that week I had another panic attack. I was again, terrified the devil was near so I slept out in the hallway. I was falling asleep when I looked up at the closed closet door and saw a dark hooded figure. At first I was scared, terrified, but I couldn’t move at all. It seemed like I was frozen. There was no face, no hands, no feet. All I could see was the shape of a body, square shoulders as if it was possibly a man. It had a hood that was up. As I looked up at it, I was puzzled for a moment, then I just simply smiled at it. I know this sounds fake, but it’s not. To this day, I have no idea what that could mean.

This last year I actually found out that my cousin had seen the same thing in her house, no face, a hood, she was frozen, and it made her smile. Some say its an evil thing, some say its not. Though, I do believe this was a paranormal encounter because I’m not the only one who has seen it. If anyone knows what this could mean, please comment. I am 15 years old and its been almost 9 years and still I don’t understand it. Thanks for reading this, I appreciate it.

Written by Lindzie Makenzie, Copyright 2009

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24 Responses to “Dark Hooded Figure the Unexplained”
  1. Mama's chick says:

    Hi Lindzie,

    You have been through alot .. haven’t you hun?
    Being scared to sleep in your own bed and always scared that something bad was going to get you.. must of been terrifying for you.. especially for someone so young..
    I don’t know why you have seen this entity or why you have reacted to it in the way that you did..
    Maybe someone here may have some answers to your questions..
    Please keep in touch and let us know how your doing.. and if you experience anything else.
    Take care hun!

    Mama’s chick

    • emilio says:

      hi the same thing happened to me wen i was around 7 or 8 but he was looking at me he was looking at my cousin who was asleep. then the it happened to my friend but he got a better view of him he said it had no eyes he thinks its like a poltrigist but he isnt sure. but knowing him we will find out cause he has had a lot of paranormal activity at his house this weekend im going to his house so we can find out and ya go to ur church it seems to help

  2. Moya says:

    Oh I’m sorry you have to go threw something like this . I dont have any answers for you but I will pray for you. God bless you child.

  3. GINA says:


    its a terrifing thing not to be able to sleep due to fear, i suffered from years of not being able to sleep myself, i have seen a few paramornal things from a young age which absolutly terrified me…….the more you think negative and dark toughts the more likley you are to attract , good will always over come bad alway remember that…

    Sweet dreams x

  4. Anonymous says:

    I do not believe in the devil or demons, and the fact that you are in a home filled with girls of various ages, and the fact that this also happened to your cousin who is a female really brings poltergeists to mind. While the word poltergeist means “noisy ghost”, and were previously thought to be human spirits that just made a lot of noise and frequently moved objects around, current research as pointed to psychokenesis as the true cause of poltergeist activity.
    This activity is actually projected from one or more individuals called agents, which are frequently young girls around the age of puberty. It is said that these young females often feel much stress and anxiety or may have unresolved emotional issues and project this anxiety as energy that effects their environment by moving objects, making sounds/smells/apparations.
    I suggest doing some more research into psychokenesis, poltergeists, and if you have any emotional issues you have buried, perhaps look into finding a therapist to try and bring these issues to light so they can be resolved. If you are one who is religious and truly believe this to be demonic activity visit your local church leader, whatever MAKES YOU FEEL SAFE.

    Best wishes.

  5. Iknowthedevil says:

    I believe your true story,and to answer your question about the hooded dark figure you saw,it could have been either Satan himself or an evil spirit(also called demon.) I advise you not to let fear get the better of you since this is a tool that the devil use to play with people’s mind.the devil has absolutely no power over we humans unless you invite him to enter your life by participating in activities that attract demons like reading the OUIJA BOARD among other activities.he can do us no harm at all because we belong to the one who created us all and also created him (the devil.) Never be afraid of him and rebuke him in the name of Jesuschrist and he will flee from you and your room.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so very right ” I know the devil” He will try to control us with inflicting fear into us. I had an experience myself when I was around 6 yrs old, simliar. I was visited also by a black hooded imaged personage in my bedroom. I was literally stricken with such fear that I couldn’t speak or scream. I was that afraid. I prayed and yelled within myself for god to help me and he did. I was soon visited by a beautiful bright light, as bright as the sun. It comforted me and gave me peace. By that time , that evil spirit had vanished instantly. I believe it WAS satan. Jesus our LORD is the only way for true happiness and peace, something that satan abhors.

  6. John says:

    My friend, I belive what youve seen is the devil himself. I have had similar experiences, and I belive that the dark robed figure, like a shadow, only darker that black, is in fact the visual representation of the ultimate evil.

  7. Pat says:

    Sometimes when we get so scared we do things we normally woudn’t do like laugh or smile… maybe your nerves had just hit a point where enough was enough so you smiled at it… very scary… can’t believe that SAME thing came to your cousin at her house too! SCARY!

  8. Milan says:

    hmmm, i do believe you, I dont believe it was the devil, you probably saying that it was the devil at the time because you where in a state of panic, it might have been an entity that was trying to make it self known. Or it might be an evil entity, and if anything else happens remember be happy be cheerful be proud, beeing happy will starve it. Or it might just be an overactve imagination

  9. B. says:

    that is freaky! i am reading this in my bed on my laptop and i am not sure if i will sleep well tonight. you said it made you smile which is strange, it could be a good spirit that is trying to comfort you or it could be purely evil that it tricks you into thinking it is good. i can picture this gohst or watever to slowly pull out a knife from its robe hooded thing in a menacing slow way. God help us all

  10. Eileen says:

    There seems to be an archetype of the dark hooded figure. I have not seen one, but other’s had seen them in the home I grew up in….and I had a friend I grew up with (same town, different subdivision, different house) who had these in the back bedrooms of their house…….so what are they? What is the purpose?…..ghosts? demons? aliens?

    (My friend told me she woke up one night and the thing had long, bony fingers over her face….she told herself, it’s only a dream, I’m going to close my eyes and when I open them again, I know it will all be gone….but when she opened her eyes the hands were still there!…..I had spoken to both her and her brother, and on different occasions they were both visibly shaken, I have no reason to believe it was not real to them)

  11. Kat says:

    I am not sure why this stuff is happening to you and your family but I can give you some advise.

    1. Make a salt circle around your bed (Salt symbolizes purity and demons and evil spirits should not cross it no grantees tho! but its worth a shot right) also sprinkle some salt around the closet that the demon showed up in it might help.

    2. Burn sage go threw the house and wave the smoke around the corners of doors and window seals and say “This house is protected by god no evil shale pass.” Over and over in the places where you use the sage.

    3. Try to get someone to cleans the house. That might help get rid of anything good or evil.

    4. DO NOT use and Ouija Bored that can invite evil into you and your house.

    5.You can try setting up video cams and such and try to get it on film that will help convenes skeptics (I have a ghost hunting team and our skeptic is not easily convinced!) .

    6.BE SAFE!!!!!

    7.Good luck and hope this helped! Sorry I cant do more to help you. Please let me know how everything goes. :)

    8. Remember this are just my opinions and thoughts I am not saying all this will work sometimes it dose sometimes it dosent but its worth a shot!

  12. allan says:

    what you described is whats known as a shadow person.theres different names for these but ill go by these ones.they get energy from fear.iv seen them also since i was about 7 8.i still see them all the time to this day.

  13. edith says:

    I am 22 years old and i also experience it myself when i was about 9 years old or smaller. i cant remember how old i was but n e ways i used to rub my eyes and think it would go away but it wouldnt it would just stand there in the door way of my grandmas house in Los Angeles. it was really tall almost touching the top of the door and it looked like if it was a man and it was black like a black shadow but with a perfect out line. i was searching yesturday paranormal stuff and it gave me different defenitions and examples and you not going to believ eit but it was the same thing all i kno wis that THEY ARE SHADOW PEOPLE MOST ARE MALE AND TALL. dont know if they are harmless. im sure there are both. i had always thought that it was my grandpa just checking on us but his room was in this other room out side near the house and he could pass through the living room beacuse my aunts and grandma were sleeping on the floor.

  14. sara says:

    o my gosh the same happend to me well every thing exsept 4 the figure thats weird i mean like nobody belived me my brother would just bother me even more but heres some advice i just slept any where exsept my room 4 years but what is easyer 2 do is just pretend that its not there i know that its hard and RELLY SCARY just be ur self say 2 ur mom that u know how there are scars on my sis well i think i saw what did it and if ur parents say thats not true than i would just say that how come u dont belive me then walk away i think its horribal if a parent dosent belive there chlid about this stuff becuse it allways happens 2 everyone i think people r just trying to not think about it
    good luck :)

  15. Denise says:

    When I was approx. 10-12 years old, I remember watching cartoons in the living room, it was early morning. I remember my mother running terrified out of her bedroom for the kitchen.

    I was later told that she and my father had seen a hooded figure appear out of the mirror of their dresser located at the foot of their bed in their bedroom. Mom said Dad was snoring and had woken her up. She saw a faint light in the mirror and out floated a hooded figure carrying a red rose. Mom said she touched her foot to my father’s and that he was also awake and saw it. The figure had feminine hands and was carrying a deep red rose. She appeared to float around the bed on my father’s side and she bent down and laid the rose on my father’s chest. She backed up and floated to the foot of the bed and that is when my mother scared jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen.

    My father says he didn’t see a face or feel anything but that the room grew cold. When mother bolted out the door he says she went back into the mirror and faided.

    Mother was very shaken up and called her mother (who was know to interpret colors and has placed hexes on people) looking for an explanation. I remember seeing my mother go back in the bedroom later looking on the floor for rose petals or anything to prove what she saw. My father was the only adult who believed her and didn’t think she was dreaming! We have no idea why this figure appeared and no longer live in that house.

    Years later I asked my dad what he thought of the figure and he tells me he thinks it was his guardian angel. My father has survived several car accidents, lost a kidney to cancer and has a heart condition that his doctors say should have killed him years ago!

    My mother passed away from cancer 6 years ago. I wished she would have stayed in the room and received her rose from the guardian angel, I wonder if she did if she would still be alive today.

    I have had several instances where I felt someone’s presence sitting on my bed or entering a room behind me. I have also been awoken by my mother’s voice calling my name, or was it MY guardian angel?

  16. kate says:

    thats a scary storie i am sorry that you cant sleep at night i also see demons and ghosts and myparents dont believe me and take me to a doctor and the doctor sais to my parents that i am not a human and they then think that the world is out of her mind i also think that i am not original i see ghosts and demmons as clearly as i see human and in some way i can classify who is whom

  17. Briana says:

    im soo sorry i have had an expirience in a friends house and it is scary

  18. Robert says:

    I had a similar experience at the age of four living in a newly built home. I have only a very vague recollection, but my parents said I had a ‘friend’ who I insisted stood at the end of my bed and spoke to me every night. They would hear me having a one sided conversation and laughing. When they asked me who I was talking to I would insist that there was a tall grey man wearing a hat standing at the foot of my bed. I claimed that he was still there even as they spoke to me and would get annoyed that they could not see him. My parents would grow frustrated and tell me to go to sleep figuring I had an imaginary friend I used as an excuse to stay awake.

    My parents had a sometimes volatile relationship, and one night after an argument my mother slept in my bed and I in my fathers. 35 years later, my mom that she has not contrived a tale. She awoke in a cold sweat and as her eyes focused on the end of the bed she saw a grey, cowled figure. She said it was male and although no discernible face was there, she could tell it was piercing her with its gaze. She tried to reconcile it with a street light or the moon but realized the figure was standing in the dark. Not knowing what to do she said “Hello”. As she tells the story, the moment she spoke, she was again overcome with a chill and felt tremendous hate and anger emanating from the figure. Its gaze was still very present and she said it was clearly malevolent – at least toward her. She describes a sudden urge to get out of the room in any way possible and leaping from the bed had to run past the figure to get out of the room. She ran down the hall screaming and woke my father. He searched the house and found nothing. Eventually I was allowed to return to the room and my one sided conversations stopped.

    It may have been completely unrelated but I very clearly recall, getting upset at a visiting cousin once because he was aiming a toy gun at a large ceramic Aztec calender my parents had on a wall. I stood in front of it indignant and pushed the gun away instructing my cousin not to shoot at my friend. I even told my cousin that my friend’s his name was “Dooty” and he did not like having a gun pointed at him. I then apologized to the calendar and asked it to ignore my cousin. I remember always saying hello to the it when I passed it and I have often wondered if this was somehow connected to the being with which I was conversing.

  19. Tasha says:

    aww, I completely understand what youre going through. When I was younger, I cant quite remember how old, I was sitting in my brother’s room, on his bed facing the doorway. My older brother and cousin were sitting on the floor facing away, and all i remember is seeing the door open about a foot and seeing a hooded, shadow figure, without facial features peering in at me…or us. I just stared at it, I dont remember how it left, but I think that I looked away, to my brother and cousin and then looked back and it was gone. I remember specifically noting that the window was closed, the fan was off, there was no way the door could have just opened. I then walked around kind of ecstatically, either looking for it or asking if anyone knew about it. …to which my older cousin then found a mask and made fun of me for it… pretending to be it. I dont remember how i felt, other than confused and mildly afraid that no one else had seen it. I also suffered from horrible nightmares as a child (though not sure the experiences are linked.) My dreams often included my closet, which always had the doorknob on the wrong side, and when I opened it there would be horrible, scary, dead or evil creatures in it, and in the dream I would run to my parents room and they would either not believe me, or the monster would kill them.. I often slept in my brother’s room or tried sleeping next to my parents bed when I had gotten too old to sleep with my older brother. since then, my brother had moved out and I now live in his room, which has led me to this site, telling this story. I often find myself staring obsessively at the door, waiting for it to open again.. I havent seen it since, but when my brother and his gf were visiting I came down in the morning to find his gf rather confused and upset herself, asking me if i had been walking around the house in a hood… I had been downstairs around one or two, but she said it had been around four when she saw it. (she was coming inside from walking their dog and saw it standing at the bottom of the stairs.) Still plagued by these memories, Im dedicating the night to research, hoping to explain something or other. So far, i feel a little better, and I hope you do as well, considering its rather common and there are spirits than can do astral/ etheric projection, and often do not harm us, but enlighten us.(:

  20. Ghost haunted says:

    I had seen once a shadow passed over my doll in one evening and then (m not sure what exactly happened)i suddenly felt like my doll’s hand moved as if it was alive!I got scared and threw it away.This happened when I was 6 yrs old.I’m 15 now.

  21. Mr. David says:

    That was interesting. I also had an experience when I was young where a solid black figure with a hood was right next to me as I tried to sleep. I woke up to see this figure looking down at me. I couldn’t make out any features, but the shape around the head looked very much like a hood. I stared at it for a couple seconds, I was terrified. I spun over to look at the wall and stared screaming and crying. My mother woke up and called for me to come in her room to sleep. I screamed how there was someone next to my bed and she insisted I was just dreaming. It took about a minute before I calmed down enough to look back to where this figure was and it was gone. I got up and ran into her room to sleep. This thing was solid black, not very tall and it seemed to be wearing a hood. Now the reason I found this post was because I’m trying to find info on dark entities entering your body. That hooded figure was from when I was around 10 years old, maybe younger. I’m now 24 and last night as I was going to bed, I fell into a dream where I felt as if I was on a spaceship, don’t know why it felt like a space ship to me. I was laying on this stiff bed or table not sure what exactly, but there was this black figure above me trying to enter me. The strangest thing was that I could feel this struggling to get inside of me. It was such a strong feeling of wanting to enter, but I was resisting it, whatever it was. This feeling was so powerful that I awoke, shot up out of bed, and starting swinging my fists around as if something was actually in my room. Now last night before bed I did ask my higher-self(my soul) to allow itself to be known to my mind. Could this have been my higher-self trying to surface thru my conscious mind?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I am 16 years old, normal, not into the paranormal stuff… I always sleep with my door closed and last night it was open… My mom came in to check on me cause it is always closed and I wasn’t there. She searched the whole house, and when she came back I was tightly wrapped in my blanket sound asleep. I woke up without any knowledge of this and found the neck of my shirt stretched and ripped… I don’t wear a shirt when I sleep though. And when I was in the shower this morning, I had a kindof recall that seemed more of a dream of a hooded man standing over me leaning down and staring me straight in the face. I feel like it was smiling but I don’t remember a face, I know there was a body but I only remember a hooded head and shoulder. Everytime I think of it my shoulder and thies go numb… Even now… I would have thought it was nothing until my mom told me after I got up that my door was wide open, and I was missing from my room… I’m terrified.

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