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Dark Figure Burning Flesh

Posted on June 9, 2010

Over my life I have always “seen” figures- little boys old ladies just all walks of human life appear and are gone in a flash.

Never has this caused me any problems and never have they interacted or lasted too long. They are not a corner of an eye experience either but quite clear visions of people – I do not know what they are – I did not care as it did not effect me at all.

On one occasion my self and wife at the time went to view her child hood home that had come up for sale – my wife experienced some issues here with apparitions and ghosts and the home frightened her – she wished to return to have another look – She experienced nothing until that evening when she had a terrible nightmare – I initially experienced nothing. I past the house on the way home from work every evening. The day after a “shadow” flew very fast and aggressively out of the house and into my car – although initially scary there was no further incident.

I moved into a new home in 2007 with my now ex wife. I regularly saw an old lady climbing the stairs and on occasion books would be moved on a shelf all fall off altogether – This “old lady” was the only vision so far that had interacted – it turned towards me and smiled – with granted freaked me out a great deal!

I did not stop in this house long as my relationship broke down.

My new home and new partner was even more “haunted”. Again though just visions of people in the house. I saw figures a couple of times and again it was no issue to me as they did not interact at all.

One night my partner went off to bed and I locked up downstairs and turned off the downstairs lights. As I went to go upstairs a dark figure was standing there. It was huge and filled the stairway – no features but I could make out what appeared to be a hat. A dark shadow. The area went freezing cold. I feared for my wife so I approached the figure and walked through its presence. I got straight in bed. Immediately my wife sensed my fear and felt my freezing cold body (I am always warm). I explained what had happened. As soon as I did this the figure came into the room. We held each other as it “sat” on the bed. The figure then disappeared.

The apparitions and appearances of figures has continued and we never spoke of the incident with the huge dark figure. Until it came up with my spiritual “hippy like” mother in a crowded public house.

As soon as I started to tell my mother the cold descended on me. I felt surrounded, however the pub emptied in my mind and only me my wife and mother were in the room. As soon as I stopped it went back to normal.

Later in the evening we went back to my mothers for coffee. She started to question again. The room again went cold and an overpowering smell of burning flesh and a horrible presence started. The smell was so overpowering I vomited. My mum could smell it a little but- but my wife felt nothing- although she could see I was affected deeply by it!

Since smelling the burning flesh I have not been able to shake a bad chesty cough. I have only been really scared two times in my life and they both involved this figure – I am sure it appeared to me a couple of times as a child – the other apparitions and “ghosts” do not bother me at all. There is something sinister in this black hatted giant shadow that I felt I needed to share. Please feed back your comments.

Sent in by Andy, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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23 Responses to “Dark Figure Burning Flesh”
  1. jeff says:


    I’ve seen this particular character mentioned many times in many people’s stories. I encountered something similar to this being just once. It stepped in my way blocking me from entering the back of the house. We seemed to study each other for several seconds and it “flew” out of the house. Sometime later, several months or more after I moved away from home, there were three of these things that simply came up through the floor in my old bedroom, which was then occupied by one of my younger brothers. Scared him pretty bad. He still won’t tell me what happened and that happened almost 35 years ago.

    Do you still suffer from any kind of a permanent injury or illness? I think if you visit several other sites, you will find more stories of people’s encounters with this particular kind of being.

    • AnNa says:

      thats crazy it happened so long ago( it)must of be that bad.has he changed from that or is it just when you wanted to find out what happened?

    • Andy says:

      I have a cough and have had it since the “burning flesh” doctor says there is nothing wrong!!

    • Shelby says:

      that is scary…but i have also had things like that happen to me, my sister, and my brother…my mom died when i was 6(i am 12) and when we went to our favorite pool, we would smell her distinct perfume and memories would flash through our minds and we would start crying…as sibblings, we talked about this.

  2. AnNa says:

    ANDY-just curious what does burning fleash smell like?how has your life changed from all of this?thanks for the story.i hope things get better.

    • Andy says:

      In a previous job- I smelled burning flesh on a couple of occasions…. Its a horrible smell- the smell is horrible- I knew what it was straight away- just made me vomit on this occasion- To put it crudley- Pork Belly burning on a BBQ is what it smells like!!

  3. trolldoll says:

    i too have seen a residule victorian woman straight on along with my boyfriend. then i saw a black sillouette of a man. both lasted only seconds. i don’t even want to imagine the smell! keep us updated if more things come into view!!

    • AnNa says:

      you have so much stories about ghosts and spirts have you posted any here before?if so i want to read them if not you should post.sounds like you have had an interesting life.

      • Andy says:

        This is the only interseting one!

        I used to see so many it never bothered me…. the dark figure and smell all happened this year (2010) and the issues have stopped since the burning flesh!!!

        • Shelby says:

          that is gross…i heard that if u cook a whole human body,(got this from a crime channel) you can smell it through a whole town!

      • Andy says:

        The only other incident that “shocked” me or sticks in my mind was a glamourous lady sitting beside me in New York New York Hotel Vegas… its the only other time a “ghost” has interacted!!

        • shelby says:

          that is extremely interesting…im thinking about going to a collage that lets me work with spirits :)

  4. Gwen says:

    When I read this story, I instantly thought about Auschwitz. Burning flesh, dark figures– could it be the spirit of a S.S Soldier?

    I have to ask, do you or a person your come in contact with have Jewish decent?

    • Andy says:

      No – I do not believe I have any Jewish back ground? My grandmother is from India and I have very little Knowledge of my fathers side…..Grandmother is a British Christian though.

  5. christina says:

    i have a five year old little girl that had been touch by a dark figure we had brought her down stairs to calm her down she saw it and started to run threw the house yelling for us to make it leave her alone but me and her dad could not see it she so afraid to sleep in her bed we felt helpless that we could not do anything what is a parent to do

  6. mary says:

    i cant belev u aren buged with that
    i wold be wery scared in ur shows
    (= plez replay

    • Andy says:

      I have been scared only once and that was the black figure incident and the burning flesh— the other visions have never bothered me.

      • shelby says:

        Andy, did you feel anything when u walked through the dark figure?(other than cold)

        • Andy says:

          I felt nothing when i went through it – as though it wasn’t there- My wife said I was freezing cold to the touch and shivering!

          I could feel it though as soon as it came in to the room without opening my eyes!!

  7. GirlRacer says:


    Is your cough almost like you’re choking on smoke?

    Check the history of the house and the surrounding area. Has there ever been a fire? Tragedy? I’d look into it.

    Lastly, did the hat entity only appear after the shadow flew into your car?

    Interesting stuff Andy, makes one wonder. Thank you.

    Steph x

  8. Sawyer says:

    Andy, you are a braver and saner soul than I am! If all of these things had happened to me, I would have been in a state of almost constant terror. I have only encountered spirits 4 times, each occurrence was unsettling, to say the least. Two times were at the same house – I don’t go there anymore, I felt distinctly unwelcome. I hope that you recover from your cough, I entirely believe what you have written. Many things happen in this world which are unexplainable.

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