Dark Family Secrets

Posted on July 25, 2009

I’m Tone and I was born in Jersey but have moved down south for reasons you will soon read. Now let me first say that I never in a million years thought any of this crap was real. I always thought it was people that had over active imaginations or just smoked some really good stuff but all that changed last summer.

Now let me give you a little family history. My family as for back as I’ve been told has always been involved in… hmmmmm… lets just say their not 9 to 5 type of guys and my great grandfather was a known gunner for some New York family back in his day.

Right outside of Jersey my family had a huge piece of land, you know kinda like a country home thing, well we never knew about this ’til my grandpa passed and in his will he left it to me and three of my cousins. I asked my grandma and she said I should sell it and leave it be. I asked why and she just said its not worth the heartache. Well I figured she just meant the work it would take to fix up the old place so I shrugged her off. I asked my dad and he said he had heard� there was a place but never really thought much about it so I said screw it I wanna see it. So me and my oldest cousin Carmine decided to take a road trip.

After a freakin journey that took what seemed two lifetimes (plus cause we where drinkin and got lost ) we found it and POS was a freakin understatement I mean this place was run down. I mean forget about it, if a twister hit it would be an upgrade so we unload our stuff and after makin the comments “man this feels like the makin of a scary movie” we take a look and on the deed it stated that it was 125 acres with two ponds. All that was there was a house that came straight out chain saw massacre and a big barn.

It was already getting late so we decided to make a fire and camp out seeing how there was no power so after and burin each other with sticks we crash out I’m not sure what time it was but I know it was late Carmine shakes me up saying you hear that? you hear that? they sound pissed and I’m like who? He goes, I can’t tell its too dark. So I grab my 9mm and focus my eyes but nothing there. I ask him what? and he swears up and down that he heard voices saying that we’ll get ours. I was like What? Shut up you freakin pot head and go to bed. I told him wake me one more time and I’ll get you.

When I woke up I found him in the car. He had not slept a wink, he looked at me with eyes that burned my soul and said “cousin pop pop did some bad things here I don’t want to stay here.” I asked him to explain but he wouldn’t, he just said he was going to town and would wait for me to call so we could head back. You see we were there also to speak to a city guy about the owed taxes on the place and he wouldn’t be in ’til Monday and it was Sunday. I was like dude your letting this lack of TV and AC get to you, calm down. Carmine was always a punk so I said you know what? fine go and I’ll take care of the whole thing. He told me to leave it alone and just head back but all I could see was dollar signs. I wanted to turn the place into a kind of resort (money is the root of all evil) so he left and I spent the rest of the day going through the old house and walking the grounds.

When I was layin it down for the night I remember feeling like I was being watched but I had a 9mm and a automatic shot gun so I felt safe. I drank two beers, ate a sandwich and started thinkin out loud about what I would do with the place until I dozed off.

I woke up hearin whispers and I got up grabbed my shotgun and waited for the voices but I wrote it off as wind. I was layin back down and halfway asleep but not quite. I heard them again this time closer and circling me. I jumped up and was immediately thrown back. I was in shock. I wanted so bad to get up and run but I couldn’t. I felt my throat getting squeezed and I heard more and more voices they where talking about killing me. I remember hearin one very clearly saying” KEEP HIM STILL”� I didn’t know what to do. I was in a complete state of shock, my eyes wide open lookin to find some logical reason behind this. I kept feeling my body being grabbed and punched and kicked. I reached for my 9mm and shot it twice and I heard the sickest laughs that ’til the day I die will haunt my thoughts I was then pushed down so hard I split my head open.

When I woke up Carmine was standing over me cryin (he thought I was dead). I rolled over and began cryin as well. I told him what happened and that I was so sorry for not believin him. I told him I don’t want anything to do with this place. We loaded up and went home. The entire ride back neither one of us said a word, he cried and I chain smoked. When we got home I went straight to my grandmas house and demanded she tell me everything she knew. She seen me and Carmine and said she told us to leave it alone. I fell to the floor in tears and told her everything. I was still shaking, grandma explained that pop pops land was used as a “dumping ground” in the 20`s and early 30`s she said she wasn’t sure how many but she knows more than a couple. I was in complete shock I was sick, I was mad but most of all I was scared. I told grandma I didn’t want any part of it and refused to accept it. She explained to me that it would be disrespectful to refuse a dead mans gift so I went home in pieces.

For weeks after the visit I would have nightmares of getting killed or beatin and would wake up bruised or havin bumped my head on the wall or night stand I was even more pissed cause Carmine wasn’t going through what I was going through. I prayed and still nothing. I finally talked to a psychic and she said I would have to get rid of the land with a good deed then and only then would they stop so I acted quickly tellin my lawyer to sell it to the first person interested. In a weeks time I had a buyer and I donated all the money to cancer research (that’s what pop pop died from). I didn’t want anything to do with that place. I transferred schools and moved far away from Jersey and my past. I still talk to Carmine but never about the country. I have a new found respect for the spirit world and a new view on life.

Written by Tony, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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25 Responses to “Dark Family Secrets”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    what a tramatic family history. you did the right thing getting rid of it. maybe you could check on the property and find out what the new owners have done to it, more for reassurance that nothing else has happen because i don’t think there would be any evidence of what your great grandfather did with it. thanks and i hope all goes well for you from now on!

  2. brydos says:

    Cool story.

  3. Kerry-Lee says:

    Good Grief… That must of been horrific! Sorry that you had to go thru all that… Geez, but yeah, sometimes we have to go thru it to realise that all is not as it seems. I have huge respect for the spirit world…

  4. brittany lott says:

    it sounds like it was haunted by demonic entitys usually their the only ones who try to hurt someone smart thinking getting away from that place i also had paranormal experiences and wrote a story its called Ghosts and Demons In My Life its on this website check it out im so into the paranormal but also scared of it probably because im a christian ill pray for you i hope your life is full of blessings and happiness bye

  5. Elephant says:

    Someone tell me what a dumping ground is please! By the way LOVE of money is the root of all evil just to let ya know.I think you should ave gone with Carmine if he was that sceard. Im sorry you had to go through that. No one deserves to go through that.

  6. Lena says:

    A dumping ground is where a killer “dumps” the dead bodies of their victims. By the way, good story, but please learn to spell and punctuate.

    • Priestess says:

      First I’d like to say, very interesting story, glad you sold it and that you are ok and wasn’t hurt too badly.

      Second. Lena: Seriously? Get off it, stop critisizing how others spell and punctuate. This isn’t school.

  7. kutin says:

    wow a dumping ground , now wonder there are so much angry spirit . I am glad you sold it , and donate the money to the cancer society. that’s a great story.

  8. sami says:

    wow…. thats a really sad amazing story…i think it ws nice of u 2 donate money 2 the cancer thing

  9. CMF says:

    Wack the mug..

  10. Brenda says:

    I thought your story was very scary, Grandma should have told you before you went there!

  11. Alex says:

    your story is so scary . i don’t want that to happen to me. i feel so bad for u. your story is kinda like a horror movie mirrors, ect. i belive u . i never been through anything like this, i hope i don’t. i am so afraid of ghosts and sprits , mostly bloodly mary, she is terrifing. are ghosts really real?!!!!! are monsters real like the ones in the mist and feast?!!!!!!!! i believe in god ,u should too if u already do good for u. Later.

  12. lksj says:

    lol. sometimes i wonder about people. you want to feel bad entities, try the u.s. military. it’s got a very cold and evil vibe to it. only people who are sensitive and have a heart will pick up on it though. if you are like most corrupt average people you won’t because it fits you. know why? cause most people suck that’s why.

    though i do believe that there are paranormal experiences. from what i’ve seen most evil comes from people and humans have soul or energy they put out. we’ve all been around people or situations and you could feel the low or bad energy and we’ve been places where it felt more kind or sane or clear. i was in the air force and staying on the base when i was in the national guard and i could not sleep. it felt like there were such angry and malevolent forces around me. it was very palpable and i was extremely uncomfortable to the point of being heart- sick even when i was alone. now in hindsight i was picking up on the subconscious or unsaid collective energy. it was mostly racist and very unkind, cold, rejectful, hateful energy in relation to me. very racist. it’s interesting the insights you get into the veil of life isn’t it. this was a southern state and i’m asian. a very bad and contradictory fit but an interesting lesson on what you pick up feeling like you are in a place that is alien to you.

  13. jessi says:

    this is a very interesting story. it would make a good movie too. that’s sad about your families past (if it’s all true that is).

  14. SomeoneNotImportan says:

    That’s just crazy, I would of probably sold it but I wouldn’t of donated all the money away I would of kept some in a trust fund for my future family. But that’s me I hope the things coming for you stopped.

  15. CMF says:

    f’get abooout it….
    Whadda ya gonna do ?

  16. Ghost girl says:

    I kinda have a family story too, but not like yours…mine was waaaaay better. Anyways, I’m glad none of you died….

  17. Rebeca says:

    Tht story wuz outstanding. I mean the land all the acres… A dumping ground. Whoa! But tht wuz so nice of u 2 donate all the money to cancer research. I imagine all that was terrible, To hear all those voices saying stuf. I’d b scared.

  18. Laura says:

    wow…thats crazy

  19. Gregory Brown says:

    That was a very suspense filled story. You should find a professional writer(s) to do a little work on the script (Hollywood always does this, for added entertainment value.) I think it has the makings of a good movie.

    I hope you are recovering from the experience…, and your friend too. It has the “ring” of truth to it. Hope they keep grandma in the script.

    Someone asked about “what is a dumping ground?” I belive it is where uncooperative or unfortunate souls where buried, after dying I hope. I had the impression that there would be more than just a few bodies. How can one be sure of that?

  20. opal lady says:

    I think you did the right thing when you sold the property and gave the money to a good cause, but I know something else you can do if a situation like what you described happens again. Just say a little prayer for those who have died in such a bad way and the bad feeling will let up some and it will bring the spirits some rest. I will pray for you and your family’s comfort. Good Luck.

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