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Cursed By A Ghost Witch Part 3

Posted on May 6, 2009

You might want to read my first two stories (Cursed By A Ghost Witch and Cursed By A Ghost Witch Part 2) but like last time I’ll give you the short versions.

In part 1 me and some friends had been hearing some stories about a cabin in the woods, in the middle of a triangle of cemeteries, that was supposedly haunted by a witch. After getting some directions from some friends that had been there previously we eventually visited it. We found a strange bowl and had strange experiences which culminated in seeing an entity come out of the wall. We were attacked by an owl that chased us back to the car and I realized I still had the bowl in my hand. Instantly after bringing the bowl home I was struck with a string of bad luck like losing my job, property disappearing, getting sick, running over my friends cat, getting into a fight with people we didn’t even know and finally my car dying. Everyone blamed it all on the bowl like it was bad luck or something so I went back to the cabin alone and returned the bowl seemingly ending the bad luck. Cursed By A Ghost Witch

In part 2 I decided to go back to the cabin a couple months later, alone. While there I heard strange sounds, saw strange lights and found an old carving. After a phone call from friends and family I decided to go but as I was leaving I started to feel strange and didn’t want to leave the cabin. After a while I fought back, smashed the carving I found earlier and escaped. A couple days later I bumped into a man I never met before and he told me to never go back there so, of course, I decided to go back. Cursed By A Ghost Witch Part 2

After all of this I have become really interested in the paranormal and felt excited to go back there one more time, possibly attributed to my love of movie trilogies. After what happened the second (technically third) time I visited that cabin I’ve had the strongest urge to go back. As apposed to my second visit, which was just for me, I wanted to bring people and equipment this time to get actual evidence and have witnesses to the events of what I saw last time.

With what I witnessed the second time around I was excited to bring my friends back and sense my girlfriend didn’t go with us the first time she was excited to go, in fact she was the first one to sign up to go. I wanted to invite my other friends who went with me the first time but they were hesitant. They said they had been having nightmares about our first visit, I attributed that to their minds coping with something it couldn’t exactly comprehend at the time. I thought they were a lost cause so I went to the group of friends who had visited it a couple years ago and pointed us in the right direction on how to get there the first time we went. I still knew only three of the original seven or eight people who originally went but only one of them agreed to go, lets call him Jason.

I was a little disappointed that it was only two other people going with me but I decided to search for equipment to bring to catch evidence. The first thing I got was a digital video camera from one of the friends who visited the cabin with me the first time, lets call him Tom. We usually use it to make cheesy horror movies with a total budget of maybe 20 bucks but it’s a surprisingly good camera. We got a still camera from my parents and was promised a digital sound recorder from my aunt. But when I went to get the sound recorder from her it apparently disappeared. Apparently she took it out and put it on the kitchen counter for me earlier that morning but by the time that I arrived it had vanished. I’d like to believe that the witches reach can extend four towns over to my aunts house but a large part of my brain keeps saying that she just misplaced it. When I actually went to get my friends digital camera he said that his girlfriend (who went with us the first time) suddenly changed her mind and wanted to go and he was going too. So now the number was up to five.

Now that we were all ready we had to decide when to actually go. Everyone was extremely busy, some of us had to work days we originally had off, two of us, separately, had family members from the west coast visit, one of us even had a death in the family but we found a day that we were all free which was April 30th.

When the day came everybody was getting ready. We went out and bought what we needed for the equipment. Later that day, finding some time to myself, I went on the computer and discovered that night, the night we were visiting the cabin, was Walpurgis Night. Walpurgis Night is a holiday that some call the second Halloween and is said to be celebrated by witches. Some people light bonfires to chase away evil spirits. I had heard of it before but I truly didn’t know what day it was on and was shocked at the coincidence that what we were dealing with both witches and ghosts on the night that is attributed to them. I didn’t tell my friends because half of the group were hanging on by a thread as it was, I also thought it would be fun to bring it up while we were already at the cabin to freak them out. As an interesting note, I found out that Adolph Hitler killed himself on Walpurgis Night in 1945.

As the time came to go, me and my girlfriend were leaving the house and as we were walking to the car I noticed she was carrying a tote bag that was buttoned shut. I asked her what was in it and she smiled and just said “nothing” and got into the car. I didn’t ask anything else about it but I did try to peak in it a couple times but, like I said, it was buttoned up. We got to Toms house, Jason was already there so we left to go to the cemetery that leads to the cabin but because of a lot of cops in the area we had to park at a restaurant that wasn’t exactly nearby so we had to walk for maybe thirty minutes. When we got to the cemetery we cut right through and made our way to the cabin.

The walk there seemed shorter this time, reminding me of when I brought the bowl back. In a walk that has taken me about an hour two times before, this was about thirty minutes. The woods were, like usual, silent. When we talked it sounded like we were in a box, the sound stayed close and didn’t seem to travel far. We all had flashlights and I also had the electric lantern that I had with me on my second visit. Toms girlfriend was also filming the whole way there. After this half hour walk, at around 10 pm, we arrived at the cabin. It was less climactic this time, the house was just sitting there. I half expected it to jump to life, the door turning into a mouth and eating us all alive, but it didn’t, it just sat there.

We walked through the door and looked around. It looked exactly as it did the last time I was here, I even saw the pile of wood that was the carving I stomped to pieces last time. I made a small mound of wood and put the lantern on it and turned it on. It gave the cabin that strange green glow as it did before, it was at this time that I, all of a sudden, started to feel slightly nervous, it came out of nowhere. It reminded me of the feelings I had the last time I was here.

I showed them the pile of wood that was the carving and looked at where I found the bowl before but it was gone, then everyone found their own place in the cabin and just stood there. We all stood in silence for a little over five minutes just looking around, listening. My girlfriend started to say “do you guys..?” but Tom shushed her and pointed to the ceiling and that’s when we heard a tapping sound on the roof. It started on the top of the roof and made it’s way down as if it was falling off the roof, rolling down. Me and Tom went outside to see what it was. I stood on the side of a crooked tree and looked up onto the roof and saw nothing but a bunch of sticks and leaves. I noticed there was a stillness all around us that was more creepier than I had ever felt before. We went back inside with the others. There seemed to be no wind. Even though there was no door to close and all the windows were smashed it still felt like we were in a sealed room.

My girlfriend pulled the camera out of her pocket to take pictures and found out that it was completely dead even though I charged it earlier that morning. As far as I know there was no problem with the charging unit but to be honest I never checked to see if it actually worked after taking it off the charger, but the digital video camera still worked. Tom walked around with it just shooting random footage to look at later and even though we didn’t have a sound recorder we asked questions.

After a while of strangely not getting anything my girlfriend picked up her tote bag out of the corner which she had put it, she carried it to the middle of the room, unbuttoned it and pulled out an antique Ouija board. I didn’t know she even had this and I admittedly kind of freaked out, almost yelling, asking why she brought it. I’d heard bad stories about them and didn’t want to risk it in this place. When I asked her why she brought it she said “don’t you know what night it is?… It’s Walpurgis Night.” This stopped me in my tracks. I asked her how she knew about it, I hadn’t mentioned it at all. It turns out that apparently she had been hearing vague stories about an ancestor who might have been a witch and ever since hearing those stories she’s been interested in the paranormal. I knew none of this.

She set the board down in the middle of the room and pulled some candles out of the bag and set them up throughout the room and lit them. If you’re trying to picture this Ouija board in your mind just think of those old antique chess boards and put a more elaborate Ouija board on top of it instead of the checker board look. She pulled out an old, thick, wooden planchette and set it on the board. Everyone else sat down on the floor around it. I on the other hand stood off to the side not wanting to take part in this. In retrospect I probably would have done it too but I didn’t because of the strange nervousness I had been feeling so I watched as they started asking questions. The first question she asked was “are you the witch that haunts this house?” But the planchette didn’t move. Tom asked if it was her (the witch) who had been causing their nightmares, but once again the planchette stayed motionless. Then my girlfriend asked “did you die here?” and the planchette shot over to YES. It moved so fast that some of them lost their grip on it. She then asked “what’s your name?” but it sat still again.

I started pacing back and forth biting my nails, but I remembered the last time I did this was the last time I was in this cabin so I stopped. This strange feeling of nervousness was something I had only felt the last time I was here and seemed to be coming from outside sources and I noticed everyone else seemed fine, everyone who was nervous about coming here seemed relatively calm while I was now nervous like our roles had been reversed. I, shaking this off, then glanced out the window just in time to see an orange light flash by the window like somebody running by with a lantern. I ran over to the window and leaned out to see where it went but it was already gone. Everyone jumped up and followed me and crowded around the window trying to see what I saw. We couldn’t see anything else but this strange nervousness was still all around me so, coming up with a reason to go outside, I told them I’d go out and look around, sarcastically adding that they should stay and have fun with their Ouija board.

Finally having a reason to go outside for some air (which is strange because there’s no door and all the windows are smashed) I practically ran outside. I got outside and went to the back of the cabin and looked around a little bit but found nothing, then leaned against the wall trying to catch my breath which for some reason seemed short, thinking about it now I think I was having a panic attack which is not me at all. I’m not a nervous person and this is the only panic attack I’ve ever had. I slid down the wall into a sitting position with my head in my hands listening to my friends in the cabin asking questions with the Ouija board but they apparently weren’t getting anywhere. I then looked out into the woods and saw in the distance two, green, lightly glowing eyes looking right back at me. I just sat there staring back trying to stay as motionless as possible. I then asked “is that you Elizabeth?” and just like that the eyes disappeared.

I stood up and, wanting to see what the eyes were, walked into the woods in the direction of where they were. I got to where they seemed to have been and looked around and found nothing yet standing where I was I could see farther into the woods and could just make out that a few yards away was a clearing with something that I couldn’t see, through the trees, giving off a light green glow so I decided to check it out but as I took my first step something gave way under my foot with a loud CRACK! I bent down and dug through the leaves and found something very familiar-the bowl, broken in two. After saying a very bad expletive I picked up the pieces and put them in my pocket and kept going with this strange nervousness.

Making my way through the woods I got to the clearing and saw what the green glow was-fireflies. They were flying tightly packed together and only in one spot off to the side of the clearing. I started walking towards this strange column of fireflies. Walking to it I had to pass a boulder that stood up to my chest and as I passed it I looked at the other side and saw on it an engraving. Stopping to get a better look I saw that it was a carving of a face. I couldn’t exactly tell the emotion it was supposed to be showing, either extreme anger or extreme sadness. The thing that stuck out about it was that it had no eyes.

After looking at this engraving long enough I decided to go to the fireflies. They were extremely packed together like they were trapped in a giant glass or something. I was amazed by this and stuck my hand right into the swarm but as soon as I did this it felt like something pulled me in even farther. It pulled me right into the middle of them and I started to get a familiar feeling from the last time I was at the cabin. I didn’t feel like myself. It felt like something was telling me to do something but not with words, it’s hard to explain. I felt like I was given instructions that I ultimately did. I picked a rock up off the ground and pulled the two pieces of the broken bowl out of my pocket and put it back together as best as I could, trying to keep the crevice as tight as possible. I then grabbed a handful of fireflies out of the air and put them in the bowl and used the rock to grind them into a glowing goo similar to the liquid in glowsticks yet thicker.

I walked over to the boulder, up to the face and stuck my finger into the glowing liquid in the bowl and used it to draw big owl-like eyes on the carved face, where they were supposed to be. When I finished I stared at the strange eerily glowing eyes, I just drew, looking back at me, I then looked past the boulder and saw, standing right behind it (about 6 feet away from me), a black silhouette. It had a vague human shape and it just stood there. It was like someone used a human shaped cookie cutter on the forest background into a black void. It didn’t seem to be trying to scare me yet it didn’t seem to want to be friends either. I got the feeling that I did what it wanted me to do and it was thankful but I had to leave and never come back. I instantly felt a surge of emotions go through and the nervousness I had been feeling all night instantly went away.

I stood there for a moment happy to feel like my old self again when I all of a sudden heard Jason calling my name. I looked at where the figure was but saw it was gone so I put the broken bowl pieces back in my pocket and went to catch up with Jason. When we found each other he told me that my girlfriend had been using the Ouija board nonstop since I left and that she’s gotten a little over zealous with it and they had started to hear strange noises in the walls so we headed back.

When we got back to the cabin we found Tom and his girlfriend standing nervously in the corner watching my girlfriend asking question after question to the Ouija board without an answer. She was breathing hard and had sweat glazed over her face with wide eyes. It was very scary to look at, I had never seen her act like this before. I decided it was time to go and told them we should leave. Tom and his girlfriend ran as fast as they could out the door but my girlfriend paid no attention. I told her it was time to go but she said she wanted more time. I told her we had to go now and she said she wanted to stay so I grabbed her arm and more forcefully said we were leaving now, she pulled her arm away and said “fine, go. Leave me here” and went right back to the Ouija board. I knew she wasn’t going to be forced to leave so I said “ask if they want us to leave”. She stopped for a moment then asked “do you want us to leave?” and the planchette slowly moved to YES. She stopped and her whole body relaxed. She said in a defeated kind of way “alright… Lets go” and got up and started packing up her things. We packed up the camera and lantern and left. I was the last one to go and just as I was leaving I took the two pieces of the bowl out of my pocket and put them in the middle of the room where I first found it and left.

A couple days later Tom looked over the footage from the digital camera and called me and told me I should come over and look at it. A couple days from there I came over and watched the whole tape (which was about 4 hours). There was nothing. Absolutely nothing caught on tape. There were some chunks of footage that would burst into random static but that was it. We had nothing to show for it and we walked away with something more stranger than the past trips to the cabin but no answers. I have no clue why the being seemingly wanted me to draw those eyes on that boulder yet I got the feeling it needed it to be done and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But I did end up having a better understanding of that cabin and that it should stay untouched. I’m wondering if that nervousness was actually something the witch felt before she died and she passed it onto me because the only time I’ve felt that way was while I was at that cabin. I, as of now, have no need to go back to that cabin. The best way I can describe it is that it just seems like the “story” is done, it just seems like the conclusion.

Written by Adam G., Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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26 Responses to “Cursed By A Ghost Witch Part 3”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    man are you people brave i really don’t know what to think but i believe you
    unfornately i will be signing out because i’m losing internet service and selling my house hopefully soon and moving in with my boyfriend. that doesn’t mean i won’t be back because i love this site! i will find a way so keep on sending in these great experiences and i look forward to reading them when i have a hook up again. see ya’ll soon

  2. Mellisa says:

    are you sure there are really nothing in the tape? how about ask a profesional paranormal to check it? sometimes the clues about those ghosts is hard to see and hidden. well, i don’t know much about how they can find and catch a little clue that’s normally we can’t find, mostly people see it with computer and zoom it out and put come touching to make the pictures clear do other various stuff.

  3. mina says:

    i enjoyed your stories
    very much please let us know if anything else happens 2 u

  4. Adam G. says:


    Well, since then i’ve looked at that footage many times and still have found nothing.

  5. ayis says:

    interesting story dude!

  6. PlayGirl says:

    well adem its a pitty the story is finished… but i will tell you that you are truely brave…
    please let us know if anything comes to mind..

  7. rebecca says:

    i dont know.. you drawing those eyes and then seeing that figure seems to me like it was trying to tell you that its watching you. be careful.

  8. Baby Rachel says:

    Adam? Did your Girl Friend ever relate the Ouija Board conversation? Did she ever tell you exactly who she talked with, and what all was said? These are very interesting experiences you’ll had! Thanks for this reat Entertainment Adam! I hope you can eventually solve this puzzle!?

  9. Adam G. says:

    Baby Rachel

    If you’re talking about what happened with her while i was in the woods, Tom and his girlfriend were with her and so was Jason before he went looking for me.

    …..They said she never got an answer.

  10. spencer says:

    I would have liked to go.
    By the way, did you ever find out what the orange lights were?

    could you at least say what area of mass. it is in?

  11. Adam G. says:


    I have no clue what the lights were.

    I’d rather not say where it is. Everytime i’ve gone back there i’ve found the bowl in a different place and i assume thats because people heard my story, went there, stole the bowl and eventually returned it because of their bad luck they got from it. I’ve never told anyone where the cabin is and the only reason why people have found it is because of one of my other friends who went there with me. I still don’t know who it was. I wouldn’t recemend going there anyways.


    I recently found out that the actual nightmares my friends have been having was them neck deep in water trying to keep themselves from drowning and on the distant shore is the cabin. Mind you there is no water near that cabin, technically there is a pond but it’s a couple minutes walk from the cabin. And if you’ve read Part 2, the carving i found had three people neck deep in water. I never really told them what was on that carving.

  12. AJ says:

    LMAS! “I also thought it would be fun to bring it up while we were already at the cabin to freak them out.” That was good!

  13. Adam G. says:


    Thanks. It didn’t exactly work out as i wanted it to though, as you’ve read.

  14. Adam G. says:

    What do you guys think about the eyes i was compelled to draw?

    Every time i go to that cabin i get more questions than answers.

  15. AJ says:

    They had washed away….and the Entity needed someone else to paint them, for reasons only it knows. I would search for clues on what the drawing truly means- and then you’ll find the answers.

  16. Mellisa says:

    adam i agree with you. everytime you go there instead of getting answers we only have more questions. the eyes thing is really weird. i would like to know badly what that means.

  17. Adam G. says:


    I kind of assumed that (not intended as condescending) but i was wondering what the purpose of the eyes were in the first place. I was hoping someone had an idea.

  18. Adam G. says:


    Now that my friends know that their dreams are similar to the carving i found on my second visit (mentioned in my past post with UPDATE on it) they want to go back. I didn’t know the dreams they were having were exactly the same. I just thought that since they were both having dreams about the cabin they’d obviously be very similar but they are having the same exact dreams together, so they want to go back and they want me to go with them. I really don’t want to go but I apparently have some kind of connection to the cabin or something. It’s really strange, before our last visit i was excited to go and they were apprehensive but now it’s the other way around. So it seems like theres going to be a Part 4. This is getting to be too much. I thought i was done with this cabin. You may have noticed me comparing my revisits to the cabin with movie sequels but when has there ever been a good part 4. I guess i could go back to that boulder with the carving in the clearing and look around a little more but i don’t want to go back there.

  19. Adam G. says:

    One thing i forgot to mention in my last post is that there has been some strange things happening since our last visit to the cabin. I might give them their own story but i’m not sure. At this point if i was someone else reading this it would seem like the writer was milking it for all it’s worth.

  20. Mellisa says:

    well, i would like to read about about the strange things happening after that. now that you already mentioned it, it made me curious about what are the strange happening afterward. ^.^”
    so please WRITE ABOUT IT. i’m sure there will be other curious people waiting for you to tell it to us. ^o^

  21. Jen says:

    yikes….that must have been scary, dealing with a demon, which, or even a good spirit….maybe you’re girlfriend was possed by “Elesibth” but you did the right thin, you got her out of there.

  22. Adam G. says:


    I don’t know, if Elizabeth was possessing her, why would she be using the Ouija board? I’d like to add that i never said it was a demon but i guess i don’t know what it was.


    My friends are still trying to talk me into going back, i might but just as an observer. Also, I might write a story about about the strange events after our last visit but i’m not sure yet.

  23. Adam G. says:

    You know what i just noticed, at the end of story it says “Comments:”. Is there a reason for that? Because i didn’t put that there.

  24. Adam G. says:


  25. wolfy says:

    are u sure she was even a witch? that may be the reason your gf did not get a reply also if u do happen to go back can u give me a link to the story id like to hear more. i personally think that i would be scared to go there :o but id still go there if i had the chance :3

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