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Cursed By A Ghost Witch Part 2

Posted on April 9, 2009

You might want to read my first story (Cursed By A Ghost Witch) before reading this but I’ll give you the short version just to jog the memories of the people who have already read it. Me and some friends had been hearing some stories about a cabin in the woods, in the middle of a triangle of cemeteries, that was supposedly haunted by a witch. After getting some directions from some friends that had been there previously we eventually visited it. We found a strange bowl and had strange experiences which culminated in seeing an entity come out of the wall. We were attacked by an owl that chased us back to the car and I realized I still had the bowl in my hand. Instantly after bringing the bowl home I was struck with a string of bad luck like losing my job, property disappearing, getting sick, running over my friends cat, getting into a fight with people we didn’t even know and finally my car dying. Everyone blamed it all on the bowl like it was bad luck or something so I went back to the cabin alone and returned the bowl seemingly ending the bad luck. After reading this it does seem kind of cheesy but it is true.

After this happened I went back to my normal life and after the financial difficulty of losing my job and buying a new car I had to move back in with my parents (I have since moved back out) and went looking for a job which took a while. After putting the experience behind me I still had an interest in the supernatural but I was thinking of other things until I came across this site.

After putting my story on here and reading the comments, that cabin started to creep into my mind again and I guess I might have gotten a little bit obsessed because I never really knew anything about it except from the stories that passed around the town but you can’t rely on those so I went to the town library and did some digging. There wasn’t too much info on the property but I did find a name. I’ve decided not to tell you their last name but the people who lived there were named Theophilus and Elizabeth Mary (that’s just her first name). They had no kids and in the early to mid 1800′s Theophilus died. That’s all I could find. I never found the date or cause of death of Elizabeth Mary. Apparently the library lost a large chunk of documents and of course most of the papers about these people were some of them. A couple days from there, with it still on my mind I decided to go back to the cabin.

I really don’t know why I came to this decision. I still don’t know exactly what I was looking for. You might say it was some kind of closure but it wasn’t really a traumatizing event for me. It was trying and confusing but I think I got over it. Maybe it’s because I’m a big movie fan and that’s what a movie character would do. They wouldn’t leave anything open like that. I also have an affinity for sequels and maybe that’s what I wanted, a sequel to one of the strangest events in my life. Something bigger and better than the first. In fact maybe I should have given this a cheesy subtitle like “the Awakening” or “the Witch Strikes Back”. I don’t really know why I’m telling you guys all this, maybe I’m just talking out loud (or in this case typing).

This time I decided to go at night because I hear it’s the time that the supernatural is the strongest. I wanted to walk away from there with undeniable proof, at least for me. I didn’t want any distractions so I told my parents I was staying over a friends house, I told my friend I was going with my girlfriend to her parents cabin and told my girlfriend I was just going to stay home that night. I wanted to go there alone because I wasn’t sure if it would hold back or something. I didn’t bring anything to catch the phenomenon, like cameras etc, because I didn’t want to be carrying all this stuff and like I said, this was just for me. All I brought with me was to help me see as in a flash light and electric lantern. When the first experience happened everyone told me it was the bowl and I just took their word for it and returned it soon after but I still wasn’t completely certain at the time.

When the day came, this was about a month ago, I jumped into my car and drove down to that cemetery. Apparently our story had spread since my last visit so there had been more people who had parked in front of that cemetery to search for the cabin which caused more cops to be in the area so I had to hide my car behind a nearby mound of rocks near an old, closed up, mine shaft (which also has some strange stories, but I’ve witnessed nothing). This was obviously the farthest I could drive so I had to make my way to the cemetery on foot then go into the woods to the cabin. It was at this time that it was really starting to get dark.

Just like last time, the woods were silent and with the added darkness they were really creepy. Walking in this dark silence was creeping me out the longer I was there so I actually started talking to myself to get it off my mind, commenting on things I saw or what popped into my head. At one point I heard a far off howl, the only thing that came to my mind was “ok that was creepy”. A little while later I actually heard what sounded like a scream but I have heard stories that owls can sometimes sound like a person screaming and chocked it up to that and even though I was attacked by an owl the last time I was here I kept going.

After about an hour of walking I finally arrived at the cabin. It looked exactly like I remembered it (I don’t know why it would look any different). As soon as I walked through the door I said “hello Elizabeth, remember me? I’m the guy who took your bowl”. At this point I shined the light down where I had left that bowl and realized it was gone. I even said “wait, where is the bowl?” I shined the light around looking for it, since it was a small one room building that wasn’t too hard to do but found nothing. There was still a lot of debris on the floor so I stacked up a pile of wood and set up the lantern. It gave the room an eerie glow which for some reason gave it a green tint even though the bulb shined white. At first I thought it was moss growing on the walls but upon closer inspection, and the fact that it was late February, there was no moss on the walls.

I set to work looking for the bowl again, digging through the debris but was soon distracted by strange noises like tapping and dragging sounds and what sounded like a snake slithering on the roof. I shined my flashlight around the room at the sounds and saw nothing. These sounds soon faded away but was replaced by another sound, a dull ringing or something similar to the sound of a tuning fork. It seemed to be coming from one of the windows so I went to investigate. I got to the window and looked out but soon realized the sound wasn’t coming from outside, it was coming from a pile of debris on the floor, in front of the window, at my feet. I bent down and started digging through the debris, pushing it out of the way. The sound immediately faded away but at the bottom of the pile I found what I was looking for-the bowl.

After my experience I had before with the bowl I didn’t even want to touch it. In fact I didn’t even want to disturb it so I started putting the pieces of wood right back on it the way I found it. When I got to the last piece of wood I just so happened to glance at it and noticed it was a wood carving. If I hadn’t happened to glance at it that time I would have never noticed it, I don’t know why this popped into my mind but it did. Carved on it were three crying people neck deep in water while in the background was a cliff, standing on it was a man who was naked and emaciated and holding a staff or large stick topped with a severed head and flying above him was either a large bat, owl or dragon. It was very detailed, my eyes kept going back to the water because it was carved so well. I could also tell that it was one piece of a much bigger piece of art but didn’t see any other pieces to it. As much as I wanted to keep it I knew what happened the last time I took something from this house so I put it back.

As I stood up after this I looked out the window and saw an orange ball of light silently moving in the forest like someone walking with a lantern. It was moving from right to left. I then noticed another orange light in the forest, far to my left, moving in the direction of the first light. They steadily moved faster until they passed each other, then they turned around and headed for each other again. By now they were speeding like cars and as soon as they met they just disappeared, blinked out. I stood there in silence looking out the window for more lights. I leaned out the window to see if there were any more lights that I couldn’t see at that angle until all of a sudden… RING!

In the silence I had been in, it was practically the loudest sound I’d ever heard in my life. In fact it was right next to me. I jumped back trying to figure out what it was, then I realized what it was-my cell phone. Remember when I said I gave different people different explanations of where I’d be? Well apparently my friend called my girlfriend, my girlfriend called my parents, my parents called my friend and they all called me at the same time. After spending what seemed like a half an hour of explaining to different people where I was and realizing the jig was up, I decided it was time to leave. I picked up my flashlight (which I had dropped when my phone rang) and the lantern and was heading for the door when I was hit with an overwhelming feeling that I shouldn’t leave. I actually had a foreboding feeling about leaving the house. I felt like there was some kind of danger waiting for me outside that door.

I all of a sudden didn’t feel like myself, that’s the best way I can describe it. I felt neurotic like everything wasn’t in it’s place. I started pacing back and forth biting my fingernails (which I never really do). I walked over to a window to look outside but something told me to stay away so I backed away from it. I started rearranging the debris on the floor. Pushing them into different shapes and I think I may have drawn some kind of sign into the dust on the floor, my memory is a little fuzzy at points. I at random times felt like someone was pricking me with needles. I think this may have happened for about an hour and a half until I started to psychologically fight whatever it was. I felt like my ears were popping and I heard strange whirring sounds like some kind of machinery then the room started to get really dark like the lantern was dying, but it wasn’t. I then ran over to the pile of debris I had found the bowl in, picked up the piece of wood with the carvings I found (not wanting to disturb the bowl), threw the carving on the floor and stomped it to pieces and ran out of the house. I don’t know why I destroyed the carving but apparently it accomplished something.

After leaving that house I had a strange feeling that I achieved something. I actually had a good outlook about it. I later realized I had only been in that house for just under three hours. The fact that all of those occurrences happened so close together shows that whatever it was was pretty strong but like I said, I still walked away with an interesting experience. One more strange thing did happen after that though which is that, I was visiting the library one more time to see if they found those missing papers and as I was climbing the stairs to the door a man was walking out and all of a sudden he grabbed me by the shoulders, pulled me close to his face, and said “don’t go there again” then he let go of me and walked away. I’ve never seen him before or since and I don’t even know if there is any connection but it was strange. In the end I got what I wanted, a good sequel to one of the strangest events in my life. Hell, maybe I should go back one more time and make it a trilogy.

Written by Adam G., Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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34 Responses to “Cursed By A Ghost Witch Part 2”
  1. PlayGirl says:

    well you have a lot more guts then i do adam…

  2. L. M. S. says:

    Wow… You have some guts to actually WANT to go back there and see if you experience anything else. I suggest you don’t. Because, it could be that the carving you found had something bad connected to it. There could be more things like the carving and the bowl. Also, all that happened before you started to “fight” against it…. Could’ve been the witch. So… If you go there again, go with someone. Or several people.

  3. moya says:

    O my That was crazy, you have a lot of guts to keep going back to that place . Well if you do let us know what happens. great story.

  4. sharu says:

    wow i also dunno what made u smash the carving. It is a really weird true story actually and once again i must tell u, u were brave ! Brave with a lot of guts

  5. Adam G. says:


    Yeah i don’t know why i felt i had to do that. Maybe i had a psychological connection to the witch or something though that does sound far-fetched to me.

    What do you guys think about that guy i mentioned at the end who told me not to go back there? I’m still not sure if he has a connection to the cabin because i had been to a bunch of places looking for a new job and he could have been talking about one of those but i don’t remember seeing him before and if he did have a connection to the cabin than who was he?

    And as a funny afterthought, i mentioned putting a cheesy subtitle on this and i was just wondering what you guys would use as one for this?

  6. madison says:

    Lucky! I wish something exciting would happen to me! P.S. wheres the cabin?!

  7. Adam G. says:


    Like i said in my first story i’d rather not say so that people don’t go there and do something stupid but it is in Massachusettes. The people who i mention in this story who started visiting it weren’t told where it is by me but by one of my friends who have also been there. Who it is i still don’t know.

  8. kylie says:

    that would make a good movie,it sounds better than blair witch.think ur mad 4 going back though

  9. Mellisa says:

    maybe that guy has spiritual power or ability to see paranormal thing. he knows somehow you go there and that it’s very dangerous. so he remind you not go there. you’re pretty stubborn indeed and over optimistic. you think you’ll be fine, have you ever though that something, bad, dangerous and very scary might happen to you which might scared you everytime you remember it for a long time even to the rest of your life?

    i think the witch already tried to go easy to you, at least she doesn’t kill you or harm you to death and stop causing you trouble after you gave back her bowl. and think she’s being a bit patient to you, she’s just angry that people keep coming and bother her like it some sort of attraction resort even take away her thing. better not go there again if you value your life. something terrible might happen to you.

  10. Mellisa says:

    oh about what happen outside the cabin maybe there are still more spirits out there. so maybe that’s why you suddenly terrified to go outside because you sense something outside??

  11. Mellisa says:

    oh i forgot. about the guy you ask. i also has another option. maybe it’s one of the spirit or entity from the forest or cabin and went out to remind you not to go back again??

  12. Adam G. says:


    Thanks for the ideas. Could you possibly rephrase your question from the first paragraph in your first post?

  13. Mellisa says:

    i mean. other than extreme curiosity, and adventurous sense, what make you go again into the cabin especially at night? because it might be really dangerous, but you still go. is it because you dont know how dangerous it might be?

    because what happen that night could be worse and the ghost or spirit or whatever it is, might hold grudge to you, follow you to your home and terrorize you if you really anger her.

  14. Adam G. says:


    I’m not really sure. I talk about that in the fourth paragraph and i don’t really believe it could do anything like kill me. I’ve heard stories of that happening but most of them I don’t believe and the remaining stories are rare. I’m also the kind of person who takes things as they go and if something happened I’d try to take care of it.

  15. CuteSagittarius says:

    Adam,don’t u realize what that stranger was there for? Man,he was there to warn u! U toOk the bowl the 1st time u went there, bad things hapPened & u returned the bowl like a goOd boy. The force/forces of the cabin didn’t harm u because they knew u were back there just to return what belonged to them. That’s the only reason nothing at all hapPened that time. But u had been scared the next time u went there because u had no business going there again. I strongly suggest u quit being adventerous towards that place, it knows what u have in mind & what u plan to do. Obviously it doesn’t want intrusion, so that man or whatever it was came to u as its meSsanger, just to talk some sense into u.
    Man,this has become a game for u, but its a dangerous game… u’ve been lucky! MeSsing around with the supernatural is no child’s play. Have u ever considered the poSsibiliy that u might not be lucky the 3rd time?

  16. CuteSagittarius says:

    Be very careful, be safe… Both ur stories are very xciting as well as horrifying & the best I’ve ever read.
    Whatever hapPens, please keep us updated.
    Wish u luck,man!

  17. Adam G. says:

    I’ve actually been thinking of going back. Probably with friends this time.

  18. Adam G. says:

    To add to my last post. I’ve been investigating legends and stories about witches (we’re not far from Salem) and i have to admit that i’m fascinated. If you read my first story, i think the owl that attacked us was the witches familiar. I feel this need to go back there and this time i’ll probably bring friends and maybe something to catch evidence like a camera, yet at the same time i had a much better experience there alone. I don’t even know when or if it ‘ll even happen again but i’ll keep you guys updated.

  19. Anonymous says:

    You r 1 STUPID and yet BRAVE boy for goin IN that cabin ,BUT:::: it is VERY DANDGEROUS and could harm us aswell as well as u PLUS how would u like itis the wich came into ur house and stole somethi’n pressious to ya man NEXT TIME THINK about it befor u do it (that is if there is a next time) but PLEASE just be carefull!!



  20. CuteSagittarius says:

    Adam,just be careful, man! If u really wana go, please take a lot of people along.
    Stay safe!

  21. Suzi B says:

    Adam- I’m not sure if you are very brave or very foolish… perhaps a little of both. I have to agree with CuteSagittarius about this being a dangerous game. I guess I’m not so much thinking that you could physically harmed, but I am concerned of the psychological effect of all of this. There seems to be a real darkness associated with this cabin and it seems to be drawing you in. I’ve heard stories where people become so fascinated with the intrigue of darker forces that it becomes an obsession, and not a healthy one at that. I realize that the experiences you have had make for some great stories, but I hate to think of the next one having a very unhappy ending. Maybe you should consider joining up with a paranormal research group and put your interests into checking out other places too. It might be beneficial to get with other people that have experience with this kind of thing. Also, I think that the man who warned you was definitely referring to the cabin. There are a lot of folks out there who are very intuitive/psychic who can “read” what has been happening, like an aura that radiates off of you. I would take his warning very seriously. Sorry if I sound preachy, but just be safe, whatever you do!

  22. Adam G. says:

    I’ve been slowly talking my friends, who went with me the first time, into going back. Most of them don’t want to go back though. Apparently they’ve been having nightmares but i haven’t and if you think about it, i should be having them above all else because of all of this, so i’m kind of thinking (as of now) it’s a coincidence. My girlfriend is kind of interested because she didn’t go with us the first time. So if they all agree to go there will be six of us if it makes you guys feel better (in that tiny cabin, it might be a tight fit though). If we go we’ll bring a camera because i’d really like to catch that face come out of the wall that we saw the first time we were there. That was what i was really looking forward to seeing the last time i went.

    And as an update, the library still haven’t found those documents i was looking for and i might have seen that guy i mentioned, in the last paragraph, again but i’m not positive.

  23. tyra says:

    That one guy might have been the ghost of that guy that died in the cabin(can’t remember his name :P )You should listen to him because how many guys know that you’ve been there a third time, let alone som random dude you bumped into at the library?You’re bold for going back in there a third time.

    -tyra ^-^

  24. Adam G. says:


    That’s an interesting idea, i didn’t think of that, and his name is Theophilus if you were wondering.

  25. Alpha says:

    You know what they say
    ‘Curiosity killed the cat’….but then again you aren’t a cat.
    I’m glad you weren’t hurt and contrary to what other people say, I think you did the right thing by going back.
    It seemed as though you were destined to return back to the cottage. You had a natural inclination to go and that could be viewed as a sign itself. I think fate wanted you to quench that lust you felt at returning.
    BTW scary stuff!!!
    You should be careful when playing about with the spirit of witches or areas famous for witch hauntings. They are far worse then regular ghost hauntings but probably not as bad as demon encounters.

    As for the man whom grabbed you….he could have been possessed. I’d doubt he was a ghost…. (since he physically grabbed you).
    Anyway take care man.

    P.S. never lie to your girlfriend!!

  26. Adam G. says:


    “never lie to your girlfriend!!”

    So it’s fine to lie to everyone else?

    Just a question to anyone who might know.

    I’ve been talking about going back to the cabin and i was wondering what equipment i should bring to catch evidence. I’m obviously already bringing a camera but i was wondering what else i should bring with me. (mind you, i don’t have much money)

  27. Alpha says:

    Oh know,
    you should never lie to anyone of course
    Just your girlfriend in particular

    as for equipment,
    a device that can record sound…you should be able to pick up EVPs quite well
    but the cottage sounds like an area high in paranormal activity so electrical/chemi-electrical devices may not be a good idea because they can easily be drained of their power by spirits.

  28. Adam G. says:


    Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking of bringing two cameras. A still camera and a digital video camera. I’ll see if i know anybody who has any kind of digital sound recorder.

    I’d like to add that i’m glad people aren’t calling me crazy anymore. I still don’t know when i’ll be going back. I’m trying to talk my friends into going back but some of them are refusing but i think i can turn them.

  29. Mellisa says:

    itís not that i think youíre crazy. i figure you might have the same spirit as those of ghost hunters. Itís just that i donít like the idea of you going alone especially at night. If anything happen to you no one will help you. since itís dangerous you have to be really careful and donít underestimate that ghost. if itís really a witch then there might be real danger to you.

  30. Adam G. says:


    Like i said before, in past posts, i’ve been planning on bringing my friends who visited the cabin with me the first time.

  31. Adam G. says:

    Alot of my friends seems to be busy for a while except for this thursday. So it looks like we’re going the day after tomorrow.

  32. Blue jay says:

    Keep us informed of how it goes.,…WAIT! This was what, a month ago that the last post was made?
    So you’ve already gone?
    What happened?

  33. Ash says:

    i totaly agree with tyra….they guy who warned u could be the ghost of the guy who died in the cabin…better get someone to go with u if ur planing to go back there…

    Be safe…

  34. nicki says:

    When I was 6 years old. I was in the country with my mum at her friends house in a place called Tongala in Australia. I will never forget looking out the window at night and right next door was a primary school. This house i was in was on stilts,had like a dungeon underneath, looks like a fence under the house going the whole way around. I am serious when i tell you i saw a lady witch walk from under that house. She was dressed like one and everything, it was the scariest thing i have ever experienced. Noone believed me and you all might think i am crazy but i saw her. and i also believe i am cursed by seeing her, i got ran over by a car a few years later and have a lot of bad luck all the time until this day and i am now 23.

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