Cured of Sleep Paralysis

Posted on March 26, 2011

Okay, it’s not that I haven’t considered it. I have. I do believe in sleep paralysis. Just a plain old ordinary condition… nothing special. But you couldn’t understand. Not unless you lived through it. Everything is vividly real. It is terrifying. Reading about it, and experiencing it are not the same thing.

Some of the things that people have experienced cannot be explained away by those symptoms. Such as the auditory hallucinations. (those admittedly could be explained away by nightmares) And I know, that all the experiences are similar, which seems to indicate a common disease. However, I’ve felt sensations. Such as I was moving, and groping around in the darks, and I could feel things. Like my nightstand etc. And it wasn’t like other dreams, when you “feel” something. It felt like I was actually there.

Now, I’m not trying to convince you that these incidences actually occurred, but I am describing them to you, so that you might have a better picture of what I and possibly others experienced.

I’ve smelt, and even tasted things that seemed vividly real. I would scratch and bite to get away, from those “things”… and I could taste something in my mouth. It was horrid! In my other dreams, I cannot taste things.

Now, I know that there is also the possibility, that people add on, to make it scarier, or for attention. Or possibly that they actually have mental problems. (I’m not accusing anyone.) And perhaps, I’ve sounded the craziest of all.

However, I was a bit frantic when I wrote that. I sounded like either a sensationalist, or like I had lost my mind. But I tell you, I was scared when I wrote that, and I am telling the truth.. I suppose, I sound the least sane of all people. However, you should consider my age when I tried to contact “fairies”. It is no more insane than the childhood belief in Santa Claus. At a later age, sanity would be up for debate. However, I do maintain that there were some strange incidences experienced by not only me, but my family (who did not know of my actions in trying to make contact) in the daylight hours.

Now, I do have a belief in God. It is nothing similar to that belief in fairies. Even then, in a sense I knew that they weren’t real, but wanted them to be. I was a lonely kid, and would spend hours in my imagination, writing stories. However, when things became real, things sparked my interest more.

Now, I wont say now that those things, couldn’t have been explained away by ordinary circumstances. However, it seems odd that they went from positive to negative so suddenly. Now, it might be hard for you, who don’t believe in God, to understand. When one, believes in God, one (should) also believe in the Devil. And I notice that most of you do on here. And I cannot speak for others, but I do have a rational mind. I believe that there can be a mundane explanation for things, but I also believe in the supernatural. And I suppose when many frightening things happen, one has a tendency to believe that something supernatural is happening to them.

One, might think that we Christians, are sensationalists believing everything we hear, and either follow a God, who makes us believe in the fanciful, or doesn’t care enough about us to do anything about it. Well, that is not the case, at least not for me.

I looked to YOU for help. At first everyone insulted me, told me I was crazy, or implied that I was just a nervous person with an over active imagination. Then everyone, kept telling me that I was demon possessed or, oppressed (that the devil was attacking me).

If one tries to rationalize, and keeps trying to prove to themselves, that it is something mundane, are they crazy? Are they crazy, if for a while rather than accepting the paranormal… they begin to wonder if perhaps there is a chemical reason for why these things are happening? There are lunatics that think that the Devil is constantly persecuting them!

But if a person does all of those things then they cannot be insane. And one does grow tired of hearing such things.

So that’s when I turned to God. And do you know what? HE was the one to tell me that nothing was wrong. CONSTANTLY. Placebo effect? I don’t think so. It couldn’t be if I didn’t believe Him. Things kept happening. Even after I wrote these things. I believed, in a Scripture. It said that “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be Saved.” Not only with Salvation, I believed but in anything that He would rescue me if I asked. But you know what? Things kept happening. I got really angry. I said to God, “WHY?!” I believe in you! I trusted you! I asked you! There was nothing wrong with my faith, not a darn thing! YOU said it! What is that supposed to mean? Why should I believe you? Why do I? How can you not keep your own Word?! I don’t understand… I don’t know who You are then…”

I don’t think I even prayed the rest of that day. Then the next night, I’m not sure when I went to sleep. Sure enough things started happening. I “heard” something enter my room, papers were flung on the desk which I could see, as vivid if it were day. Suddenly, my bed was shaking… every single thing that scared, me and kept me up at night, happened within five seconds.

But, it happened so fast I wasn’t even scared. The next thing I knew I opened my eyes, and I was facing the wall. My desk was to my back. That couldn’t have happened it was all a dream. All I could see was my wall not, my desk.

I WAS dreaming. I kept praying after that. Later on, another night, I had an episode of sleep paralyzation. I was calm, and was aware that I had fallen to sleep and couldn’t move. I began to sense a great weight upon me, but not even scared I realized that it WAS just my blankets. Although, for a moment it didn’t feel that, way. And if I was startled I would have thought it was something else. I started to control my breathing, and then I was able to contract my smile muscles, (kept smiling and then relaxing my facial muscles) and kept moving them until my body freed up.

On to the bed shaking. Even when I was awake, I would feel my bed “shake”. I asked God about this, even when it was happening I asked Him to stop it. Or, I think I asked Him to stop the Devil from doing it. I won’t do it here, but I ran down the list of all the things it could be. But I was still, and nothing else was causing it.
I actually, began to get mad over this again. The next day however, I was doing something on the floor, when I felt that same feeling. The whole house wasn’t shaking. It turns out, I have Restless Leg Syndrome.

Okay, and the thing that happened most recently. I would feel something touch my feet, and I would jump up suddenly in my sleep. I could never find out what it was. Well, again I was getting a little huffy, and the next day I got a headache, and needed to lie down. I just needed a little rest. Well, I woke up, because it happened. I ended up shoving my feet down into the crevice of the bottom of my bed, and as it turns out, there is a little lip there!

Well, it took God to cure me! I protest that it wasn’t me, or any faith that I had. And it certainly wasn’t any human being that even wanted to help me.

Now, if the Devil is actually bothering a person… which he might. Call upon Jesus and He will save you. He promises. And if it doesn’t happen, maybe it isn’t the devil after all. Maybe the devil does bother people when they sleep. But my nightmares/occurrences, have been mundane for a long time, since I asked. And since the day, He convinced me, not at all.

Oh, and as for why I believe in God, and why it is different than fairies, and why it is rational. I believe in the historical evidence. It seems that men over the span of thousands of years, from all different walks of life from poor fisherman to kings, agree on one thing, and reported on incidences that support it. They got all of them and composed them into a book. The collection is called the Bible.

Here is a fact about that I took from an article:

“This book, has more written testimonial manuscripts, supporting that the incidences depicted therein, than any other in the world. They total around 24,000, and no other writing comes even close. Homer’s Iliad, is second with only 643 manuscripts to testify of it.

The accuracy of translation and the massive amount of manuscripts in existence, gives tremendous credence to this book.

The fulfillment of prophecy is one of the greatest proofs of authenticity. There are hundreds of prophecies which list specific detail in regard to persons, places, events and times, and history has repeatedly shown such prophecies relating to the past were fulfilled in the most exact of terms.

This book is called “the Bible”, and the most amazing prophetic fulfillment, involves Jesus Christ, the claimed Savior of mankind. He fulfilled exactly 332, not vague, but specific prophecies.

Dr. Peter Stoner, in the book Science Speaks, calculated the probability of one individual who could precisely fulfill just *eight* (remember there are *332*) of the prophecies relating to Christ. He computed the odds at 1 in 10 (17th power), the same as 1 followed by 17 zeros. This is the equivalent of covering the entire state of Texas 2 feet deep in silver dollars, specially marking one of them, and instructing a blindfolded man to pick the right silver dollar on the first try.

It is a verifiable fact that a man name Jesus walked the Earth. Now, the Bible might not be the “Oldest” BOOK in the world, but it is the most accurate. All of the eye witnesses, and even the numbers seem to point to something supernatural there. His claim was that He was the Son of God. Not so with fairies. Nothing definitive or compelling anyway. Every culture has its “gods”, of course. No real evidence of those either. Sure, there have been sightings, but there isn’t even archeological evidence. Besides, the Bible is different. If you look at their prophetic track record, no other religion comes even close to that of the Bible. However, the Bible does mention demons, and of how the devil since the beginning wanted to be worshipped as God, or a god.” Actually it even refers to “gods” as demons. So it *does* make sense that all (other) religions have basic
elements in common. Also, the Bible says how the devil has been trying to copy God, since he fell. So, for me I don’t care, if someone else claimed to be a savior, they don’t have the numbers to prove it. Also, they didn’t answer my prayers… and my God got rid of them.

And besides as someone suggested, burning “White Sage” was supposed to attract them. How is it supposed to ward of what it attracted?

So my rebuttal to you, and plea is:

“And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Ammorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15

And well, good night all… as I’m writing this just before I go to bed.

Sent in by “MyName”, Copyright 2011

Note from the CareTaker – This was originally submitted as a comment to Evil Shadow Entity Attack During Sleep

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5 Responses to “Cured of Sleep Paralysis”
  1. elkinken says:

    I had vivid dreams when I was a child that I swore I was awake. I would go to the bathroom, but no lights would come on. I then would be chased down the hall back to bed by demons. I knew that if the lights didnt come on when I flipped the switched, they would be there. If it did, they were not. As a teen, I was paralyzed in my sleep. This only happened once. I was aware of everything but could not move. An unseen hand grabbed the bottom of my leg and felt up to the thigh then it was over. I could move but I could hear in my head a laughing voice trailing away. Very wierd huh.

  2. jk says:

    Wat to go “My Name”! You are absolutely correct. No matter how one might try to seperate Christ Jesus from all thing spiritual, it is impossible to seperate the two. We are not going to see any angels flying around and people don’t go around paralyzing other people. If you believe the Bible, God only created 2 types of intelligent beings. He created angels to serve and worship Him as well as protectors, military, and messangers. Humans are the only other intelligent beings and He created us in His own image. If you read and understand the whole Bible, there are only 2 other types of beings on this earth. In the days of Noah, a certain group of angels call watchers were in charge of watching over human beings they fell in love/lust with the human women and broke their covenant with God, had relations with these women and begat horrible giants called the Nephilem. These beings are one of the big reasons for the flood that God sent on earth and Noah’s ark. God sentenced them to dwell as spirits on the earth until judgement, these are most often thought of as what we call demons. The third type spiritual being here on earth are the fallen angels, the third of God’s angels that chose to rebel against Him due to their pride and were cast down to earth. They were not stripped of their angelic powers though. Many people believe that these fallen angels are what people are witnessing when they see UFO’s and aliens because they have the power to cause people to have powerful and believable visions that seem very real. So if you do not thingk that there is a spiritual battle going on daily then you are badly mistaken. This battle is for the soul of every unbeliever alive on earth today. God want them to accept Christ as saviour and the devil and these evil spirit beings want to confuse you and mislead you long enough that you die before ever accepting the free gift of salvation that Christ bought for all of us on the cross at Clavary,

  3. MyName says:

    I already accepted Jesus as my Saviour. I’ve heard, of those things and actually studied the Nephilim…. (are you a Tom Horn fan? :D )I’ve read the book of Enoch, even. However, it isn’t in my King James Bible… at least as explicitly as other things are.

    I haven’t seen where the Bible actually spells them out. I know, the scriptures about giants in the earth in those days, and the sons of God.

    Of course, I know there is a spiritual warfare going on. I’m just saying *sometimes*,the devil isn’t attacking you, as God told me it wasn’t, in the latter part of my case.

    I’m not saying that you aren’t right… I’ve believed this more at one time… but I’m not one to say for certain anything… I’ve began to *wonder*… (having a question put to me) if it isn’t another lie… to get people questioning God… about *those poor fallen half-breeds*, as in the book of Enoch, claiming there would be no mercy for them. (not that I question God, He clearly has the best perspective)

    But, for all I know that the Sons of God, could have been righteous men in the olden days. And, there is a Scripture in the New Testament, you know about not being unequally yoked?

    And as for the giants… Giants… doesn’t mean necessarily tall…. it can be refering to a giant in a field of employment… or they could have been tall :D . I really wonder if they (nephilims not giants) existed though… But I don’t know….

    Also, what if say, the Sons of God, were children born of Adam, before the fall of man. In the New Testament, it refers to Adam, as the Son of God. I mean Adam must have had other children; for who was Cain refering to in Genesis 4: 14?…

    I’ve heard this theory also… I mean, I was studying Genesis, and what if Eve had children before they sinned… I was always taught different… but with study I have no reason not to believe that. Genesis is a little tricky, as it wasn’t necessarily written in chronological order. What if Cain and Abel were born before the fall of man? God said to Cain, “… and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door…”. What if Cain wasn’t a sinner?….
    (Wait… not Tom Horn thinks that the Nephilim were brought about by scientific experimentation… what about Patrick Heron, who thinks that they were brought about by breeding?)

    I don’t necessarily believe that either, but I don’t know.

    I have alot of faith in my Bible, and that it is complete. Surely, Enoch is quoted… but it doesn’t mean that they got it from *that* book. Also, I *personally* don’t believe God would let an entire book be missed from the Bible. So, I figure there has got to be something wrong with it… It is worth considering some of it though, I suppose.

  4. MyName says:

    Oh, I just thought that this was worth sharing. I was so happy the one night, but I’m rather timid sometimes. But, I guess it was God, or the Holy Spirit, saying… look you talked about all of the bad stuff… you should share the good news. So, I was determined to write it out before I went to bed. Well, we have satlelite internet… and it wasn’t working. It was weird. It took about 20 minutes, for the page to load. Then I had to put it through several times, before it would work. No one else in my house, could even get it to work, that night. Well, sure enough… after I started to head to bed… before I made it there *all of the lights in my house suddenly went off.*

    Scary, right? A sub station blew in our area, and we didn’t have power for about a week.
    Weird. I just felt like it couldn’t wait to put this in. I wonder what would have happened if I waited…

    After I shared that though, I was having an emotional high. A few weird noises happened that night… nothing serious but just random explainable sudden noises…. like coincidenlty something just fell, and a couple of other things.

    Can, you imagine, sitting up reading about shadow entities, and just getting over sleep paralysis, having that happen?!!!

    But, I was giggling. Because, I wasn’t afraid. I don’t know what really happened, but at that moment I wondered if the devil wasn’t trying to scare me. But at that moment, I had complete trust in God. I was looking up talking to God, just saying how funny it was. How pathetic the devil was I said! Because, we both at that moment knew that I wasn’t going to be scared.

    I just read this in a book: “Late at night, of course, when one is sitting upright in bed, having been woken by a sudden loud noise, one believes in all sorts of supernatural things, but it is early afternoon, and the Baudelaires simply could not imagine that Ishmael, was some sort of magical weatherman.”`Lemony Snicket, “The End”

    Ah, and I would just like to add to my response to jk, that the only thing I really believe in is the Bible.

    To clarify:

    I’ve read and listened to Tom Horn, and Patrick Heron, both major speakers on that topic. I’ve read alot of things, but they seem more credible than most.
    But, as I’ve said, I don’t accept them as an absolute truth. Because, for starters, that theory **didn’t originate from the Bible**, but elsewhere, and *then* gathered random (even somewhat vague) scriptures from the Bible to support it. At least, I’ve never heard anyone who has that theory, say that they came away with it from the Bible. It usually started somewhere else, from some book…

    I’m also not trying to insult you, or your intelligence. (:D)
    And, as I’ve said, there are other ways of explaining those scriptures, some random ones I’ve stated. And sometimes the most cryptic, and fanciful answers, aren’t the right ones.

    That was also a theory, that Cain and Abel had children, before sin. Thus, they were the Sons of God….
    Yeah, that could also be true… but sin, brought death into the world, so they shouldn’t have died. And they aren’t around anymore… I could also speculate on where they could be, but that’s all they are: speculations.

    But as I said, the scriptures are vague, and I’ve no reason to believe different than I was taught. Regardless, the Bible doesn’t seem, to make that big of a deal about what categories the devils fall into.

    I’ve also read the whole Bible. I wouldn’t say I understand the whole thing though. I wouldn’t say that you do either, nor any man who ever lived. As far as I know the book of Daniel is still sealed up. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I very strongly believe that this isn’t the appropriate place for this, (if your goal is to turn people to Christ, which I believe it to be). There are alot of people on here who probably never picked up a Bible. Also, just get your references straight. The Bible doesn’t contain the word Nephilem, even. It also never explicitly said, that someone was the offspring of an angel and a human.

    It is an interesting theory, however. One that I went along with for a while, but those scriptures are too vague (at least for me) to base a doctrine on alone.

    I’m not saying that you are wrong, or anything. But that isn’t even a basic doctrine of Christianity, which you may be leading some people to believe! My meaning sometimes gets lost in my words. But, please take this as it is coming from my heart, which believes that this is what God would want me to say, not trying to insult you or bring about strive, resulting in arguments.

    I think that these things are not needful, and bring about endless questions.

    But I strongly agree with you on this:

    “So if you do not think that there is a spiritual battle going on daily then you are badly mistaken. This battle is for the soul of every unbeliever alive on earth today. God want them to accept Christ as Saviour and the devil and these evil spirit beings want to confuse you and mislead you long enough that you die before ever accepting the free gift of salvation that Christ bought for all of us on the cross at Calvary.”

    Good night!

  5. MyName says:

    Ah, I didn’t want this to turn into this type of discussion.

    I’m quite knowledgable, on the subject of Nephilem. But, I have some strong personal reasons for not believing in them. I’ll elaborate, so you understand.


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