Christoval Texas Ghost

Posted on April 7, 2010

My friends and I have been ghost hunting for awhile now, but we only did all of the hunting in the town of Christoval were we lived. The story I’m about to tell you is from Halloween of 09.

In the beginning there were only three of us who went ghost hunting, but as time went by, we had more people enter into our little group.

It was Halloween night when the three of us decided to go ghost hunting around our old high school,we waited until I was done passing out candy to the little ones. Eventually we told our other friend and she wanted to go with us, so we let her.

When I was done with the candy we took off to my guy friends house so I could park my car, from there we walked to the school. When we got there my other two friends started to record, I took off with my guy friend and from there we took pictures. We left the other two at the entrance for them� to ask questions, they soon followed us over to the cafeteria and began to ask over there. The questions we had asked the ghost were how old they were, if they were male or female, simple things like that. There was one point when my friend and I had gone off a little ways from them to take more pictures, this time it was of a corner behind the walkway, when we tried to take a picture my camera refused to take it, so we gave up and went on to other places. I did manage to get a photo of the cafeteria and have some things show up in it. But I deleted a few days later seeing as it freaked me out a lot for some odd reason.

Eventually we all made it over to the Ag building and were in between there and the football field. We again asked more questions. I how ever stood by my other two friends this time to help protect them. Our guy friend took off closer to the football field. As we all stood there we heard a girl laughing in the distance, but in the area it came from was a field full of bushes ,trees and cactus. We all decided to meet up with our guy friend since well I didn’t feel like he needed to be by himself, when we reached him, I asked him if he heard the laugh to and he said he did and that he didn’t like it. The other two were a few feet away form us and when I went back over to them one of them was complaining about a burning sensation in her ear and how it felt like something was being pressed in it.

After that we went back to the entrance and sat down for awhile. Again my guy friend and I took off to try to take a picture of the corner again, however it still refused to take the photo. When we walked back over to the other two, they were a bit freaked out and told us what had happened in that short amount of time we were away from them. One of them said that they were sitting there and the next thing she knows is that she looks over at the street and she see’s a girl in a white dress with dark hair walk by and then turn and smile at her, when we heard her say that we took that as a warning and left.

When we got back to my car we listened to the recorder to see what we had gotten, we had got an answer from a little boy who had said he was 10 years old and he was also warning us to leave at one point, after he said that we all heard what sound like something hitting the metas poles that were by the cafeteria. That happened right after my friend mentioned my religion. At the area between the Ag and football field the recorder had caught the girl laughing again and it wasn’t a friendly laugh either. I don’t really remember much now, but I do know we had caught more stuff on the recorder.

A few days passed after that night and we all went to hang out at my place, the other girl wasn’t with us, we talked about that night and my guy friend told us that he had heard a girl laughing at his house and that no one else was home except him and the dog, who was barking at it. He said this happened for two night straight and then went away.

We all knew who it could of been to, but that is another story at another time. I also had an experience at my house, but then again when do I not. My house was two stories and I was on the second story. I was going to get something from my room when I saw a girl in white and had a white glow around her walk to my parents room. I was a bit freaked out, but I didn’t get a bad vibe or anything from her so I tried to ignore it after awhile and went back to what I was doing that November night.

I do have more stories to tell,but I am going to save them for a later time.

Sent in by Rayen Lanham, Copyright 2010

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18 Responses to “Christoval Texas Ghost”
  1. anna says:

    i cant wait to hear more.thats a disapointing that u deleted the photo u should of kepted it and post it.if u do have anymore please post it.I / we would like to see them.i think thats cool u did some investgation with ur friends.thanks for the story and hope to hear ur story soon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i love ur story so much am from texas too!! like awsome dud

  3. San Angelo Ghost Hunters says:

    Pretty interesting story!

    I lived in Christoval, TX for a number of years in the later part of the 80′s, had kids that went to High School there as well as Elementary School, I never heard of weird stuff or encountered anything out of the normal.

    Perhaps it was because it wasn’t something that people would talk about freely and openly back then. I am not sure even if I had encountered “the unexplained” that I would have been willing to share it.

    Now I am proud to say that I am a paranormal investigator and find that people are more willing to share these stories thanks to all of the publicity and television shows. Our group will have to do some research and investigate some of the claims in Christoval soon!


    • Rayen says:

      That would be so cool if you did,I plan on going back to christoval to do another ghost hunt with my friends one day.
      We had gotten several experiences within a 4 month time span when we where ghost hunting.

      • San Angelo Ghost Hunter says:

        Not sure when we will be investigating Christoval. Got a few other things lined up at the moment including several out of state trips one of which is to Tombstone.

        After we talk to the proper people in Christoval and get written permission we will make an announcement on our site.

        In the meantime, ya’ll keep investigating and telling your stories here….we all want to hear what you come up with.


  4. jim says:

    I liked your story very much.I am also interested in ghost hunting……but I might find something,you know,be careful what u look for because u might find it!..Jim

  5. Cindy says:

    Kewl story.

    I have lived there too, heard weird sounds walking main street late at night by the mineral bath house. I have no doubt that there probably is paranormal there.

  6. stedny kay says:

    lovedthe story cant wait to hear more :}

  7. FaerchFan\ says:

    Great story! So when you were at the school and you saw these ghosts and your friends saw them and heard them did you guys get really freaked? And why did you decide to start this group?

    • Rayen says:

      Me and my guy friend didnt see any of them,only one of our friends saw the female ghost.
      We started this group of ours because we have always been interested in the paranormal and thought why not go ghost hunting while we walked the town.

      Our group right now is kind of split up since I moved to a different town and so did our guy friend,but im only 2 hours away so i can go back when ever I want to go ghost hunting with my friend who still lives in that town,oh and our other friend.

  8. trolldoll1681 says:

    sounds like your pretty informed on what to do. good post!

  9. Jodi says:

    Hey everyone! I am the friend that went with rayen on that night that have had the part with my ear situation. Now, its kinda hard to explain how it felt but in the best way posible, my ear got very hot, then cold as i looked the other friend that was with us while rayen and oyr guy friend were investigating up further. Also, just a silly question….to the san amgelo pararnormal society…..when will you investigate christoval? Im just curious on what you may find there.

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