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Changes in My Mother and the Evil Looking Creature

Posted on July 5, 2011

You can’t even trust someone as close to you as your mother

Hello, I’m 17 but this activity happened to my dad, brother, and I before my parents divorced when I was 12 my brother was 10. Not many people believe what I’m about to tell you but heck I’m not even sure how to explain what happened, but it did. We all experienced the same thing well here goes…

When I was 12 years old my grandpa was very ill so my dad took him to his doctors appointments in San Antonio, Texas at least once a week. My parent’s marriage was going downhill. My mom had a deep rage for my dad, who knows why but my mom didn’t feel like my mom anymore she seemed darker and distant so I didn’t want to stay alone with her and my little brother so on this particular day my brother and I decided to go to San Antonio with my dad and grandpa. We got up at 6:00 a.m and it was my mom’s day off. We took off and we got back around 6:30.

When the 3 of us entered the house it did not feel like our usual welcome warm home, it felt very dark, sad, and lonely and we all felt it very heavy. Mind you my dad, brother and I prayed the rosary almost daily. We read the bible and are very strong believers in our lord in heaven and our house didn’t feel the same way as it did.

Before then my mom was hanging out with a lady who was a witch and my dad knew it. He kept his distance from my mom (they no longer slept in the same bed) back to my story the house felt very unclean, and my mom had the house all to herself that day who knows what she did. But after that day, while I was watching TV alone in my living room I felt watched. As I turned to the direction of where my room was I saw a tall black shadow turn into my room. I was frozen but I acted quick and yelled for my dad and he went to the cupboard under the sink where our holy water was and sprinkled it in the hallway and in my room while praying the “Our Father” I felt a little better but still feeling dread in my house.

The next night my mom came home from work (she worked at a hospital as a dietary cook) and right before, as my brother dad and I were going to bed, she decided to pick an argument with my dad. I stayed in the living room just to make sure my dad was okay. She became deranged, she started laughing in a very strange deep evil way not like her laugh. It scared my brother and I so bad we ran to my dad’s room my dad said “no eres tu, eres un demonio” in English it means “Your not you, your a demon” and followed us into his room. She ran in and I swear it looked like she floated up on top of the bed and started laughing and jumping in my dad’s face (my mom has very bad knees that hurt her even when she walks so I know something must have taken over her body). My dad showed no fear which made me feel safe. She jumped off the bed and ran to the living room. My dad closed and locked the door as soon as she left.

My dad thought that was enough already. The next day she went to work, we prayed the rosary and sprinkled holy water throughout the house because it is said when there is more than 1 person praying in the name of Jesus Christ he is there with you and that’s all we needed. As we got to the laundry room that’s where everything got bad. My dad went first in the room and told us to stay out but to keep praying. I heard my dad’s voice change like he was straining. He walked out of the room slowly his face was turning purple, something was choking him! I moved to try to help him but he said “No! don’t stop praying they’re trying to make you lose focus.” I obeyed and he kept praying and soon the force let go then we moved to the living room.

My brother and I were crying from what we both saw. We were getting to the end of the rosary where we heard loud static like when a radio loses signal and the sound of a large animal dying. After then it felt all very clean once again. I could breathe and I felt safe and warm, very peaceful. I asked my dad what was going on in the laundry room he said he saw a very ugly evil looking creature crouched down hiding in back of a trashcan and that’s what started choking him. I’m not what sure what we battled that day but we did it as a family, just me my dad and my little brother.

Sent in by Cali, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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5 Responses to “Changes in My Mother and the Evil Looking Creature”
  1. M.Kitty Ledezma says:

    Best regards to you and your family. I completely believe you,because las personas cambien al instante cuando se les mete demonios. I hope your mom is okay and please, always have faith in God. Hope all is well hun.

  2. Jeff says:

    I’ve had a LOT of experience with evil. None have ever attacked me physically with the exception of pulling me off the bed, oh, and there was that shadow thing that paralyzed me but I’ll tell about that later. That’s some pretty hard core personal interaction. I have a hard time believing it but then I wouldn’t believe ANYTHING I experienced if someone else were to tell me what I KNOW I saw and lived with.

    My most common experience with the demons are that they DON’T show themselves. They hide. They hide in the corners of your mind!

    They seem to feed from making your life torturous and miserable! They temp you to do things that reverberate later in life to separate family and friends. They do things that tempt you to make choices and commit acts that you normally wouldn’t do and cause much strife in your life.

    I know these guys well. I’ve seen them, lived with them and communicated with them since I was an early teen. Sometimes I think I’m actually blessed to have known them so intimately and other times I wish I never knew them. But as Sun Tsu said in The Art Of War. . . . . . .

    Keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer ! ! ! ! !

    At least I DO know what their intentions are. I don’t know WHY or their motivations but I know what their end game is. They seem to feed on it somehow? You demise that is.

  3. Texture says:

    As long as your mother remains in whatever she is in (i.e. witchcraft, voodoo, etc) the demon, and other stronger demons, will come back. Prepare for war, little one. Hope is there in the dark distance, shining like a beacon in the storm. Don’t forget Jesus is your Protector.

  4. Jaybee says:

    You forgot one of the biggest parts of your story. Your mom! How is she doing? Did she snap out of it? Is she still there, maybe she’ll make the house bad again. I remember thinking when you said your dad went to get the holy water under the sink was that if the mom were smart, she would have dumped the holy water and filled it with regular tap water.

    At any rate, please follow-up and let us know the ending. Thanks!

  5. jk says:

    Well done and all the glory goes to God in Jesus name. To Jeff-the Bible tells us that satan and his minions do have an agenda and you are right, it is to steal, kill, and destroy. These are their actions, their main goal is to seperate as many people from God as possible. When Jesus died on the crss and was ressurrected He defeated evil once and for all and He alone holds the keys to death, hell, and the grave. The battle now is for all those who do not believe in Jesus and follow Him. If evil can get you deceived and confused enough to keep you away from the knowledge of a daily loving relationship with Jesus Christ long enough for you to die, they win and you go to Hell. That is all satan is battling for now. He has already lost but wants to take as many souls to hell with him when Jesus returns for His believers. That is the game here. Jesus/God wants everyone to understand that He died so that we could live. His precious and perfect blood pays the price for our sin and shortcomings, all you have to do is ask Him to forgive you and seek Him. Our souls are very open to possession. If you want to go to Heaven for eternoty ask Jesus to send His Holy Spirit to possess you and He will and you will be set for eternity. If you keep trying to plow through this awful world alone your sole will be occupied by something, either the Holy Spirit or something evil.

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