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I Saw it But Did My Dad?

When I was about 10 or maybe 9 I was in bed up the hallway.I woke up because my dogs (Bella and Mia) were whining really loudly. I didn’t think much of it so I went back to sleep. Then they woke me up again so I thought they wanted to go to the toilet so I let them out.

When I got them in I went back to bed. Down the hall I heard faint music and voices. I shouted “Hello is any one there?” No reply. I thought that’s a bit odd. So I got out of bed again and went to see what it was.

When I was half way down the hall I saw a a tall black shadow standing by the kitchen door wearing red robes. I ran as quick as I can back into my bedroom jumped into the bed and hid under the covers. All of a sudden I felt something squeezing my …

June 7th, 2011 by CareTaker 

The Tall Shadow Figure and Footsteps on the Stairs

So my husband is an atheist and had absolutely no belief or interest in paranormal… until about 2 weeks ago. He states he woke up in the middle of the night because I was breathing “weird, as if blowing out b-day candles.” He said this happened twice so he knew he was awake. He went to wake me up and then out of the corner of his eye he suddenly saw a ceiling-tall shadow figure lurking in the corner of the room by the mirror. What really freaked him was that it responded like a person would and when it realized it had been spotted it took off super fast out of the room into the hall. He said he could see it’s elongated arms swinging as it walked out. He also could see something resembling a hood. He drew me a picture of “it” which creeped me to the bone! I have researched the topic and was shocked at …

May 18th, 2011 by CareTaker 

Shadow Man With a Top Hat

This is an experience that happened 6 or 7 times, in fact so many that instead of terror I would feel anger when I saw him and eventually I refused to sleep in the basement. Even in college. It started when I was 14. I woke up for some reason and I couldn’t move. I was absolutely paralyzed but I could look around, think, blink, just not move my body. I looked towards my feet and at the foot of my bed was a shadow man, all black, with a black top hat on. I couldn’t see any details because he was completely dark. Like the absence of light since it was 2 a.m. and he was darker than the surrounding room. He just stood there not moving at all. I don’t know how long I stared at him, but I finally was able to move. I bolted up and he was gone.

There were other experiences too, and my …

May 13th, 2011 by CareTaker 

Shadows Walking Hand in Hand in the Woods

When I was a teenager I can remember my friend who lived in a house out in the middle of the woods. On the property there were two graves of the people who built the house and out of respect my friends parents allowed them to be buried on their land as part of their last wishes.

There was a narrow path that meandered through the trees about 200 yards before reaching the grave cite. One day around six thirty my friend and I were building a tree house for his little brother about twenty yards off the path when I noticed out of the corner of my eye what appeared to be two people. Turning my head I saw two disembodied shadows walking along the path hand in hand at a slow pace.

I pointed and shouted to my friend who also saw them and yelped. The shadows both looked at us while keeping up the same pace towards …

April 15th, 2011 by CareTaker 

Huge Black Shadow Encounter in Cleveland

This happened in the winter of 1988 in Cleveland Ohio. In the city! I was 13 years old at the time and was spending the night with a friend that lived one house away from me. My curfew was 9:00 even on the weekends when I was in school. We wanted to walk to the store but I knew if my mom saw us I would no doubt be in trouble, so my friend said we’ll hop the fence in the backyard and go through the alley. The fence was a black iron fence, pretty old and not very high.

Before my friend moved in, 2 sister’s lived in the house together from the time my family bought our house. I was 3 years old. They were pretty old, I’d say late 70′s early 80′s. They sat out on their porch in their rocking chairs and knitted. They didn’t seem mean but would get extremely aggravated when you rode a …

March 28th, 2011 by CareTaker 

Watched by a Shadow at the River

I was out with my mate, about 4 months ago, hanging out by the river down the main street of Werribbee, where I live. The main street has the typical row of buildings on either side of the road. But behind one side of the buildings, is the Werribbee river, which runs right through town. Therefore the backs of the buildings can be seen.

We were walking through the trees along the edge at about 11 pm. Me and my closest friend had both lost an uncle to accidents in water, so my friend had an unusual fear of water. We stopped walking through the trees and walked along a dirt path. All the way, I felt like I was being watched.

I asked Crystal (my best friend) if she felt it too. She nodded so we decided to get back into the light of the main street. There was a way I used to go to take a shortcut …

March 23rd, 2011 by CareTaker 

Repeated Instances of Shadow Figure and Paralysis

Around 3 years ago, while still living with my parents near Chesterfield, I awoke one night to see what looked like a black figure stood next to my bed. I could see a black outline of an average size figure, but I could also very clearly see a face. It appeared to be a man, and he had a rather sinister look on his face. He was just starring at me. I jumped out of my bed but as soon as I did so, the figure had gone. I passed it off as it was just me seeing things…

About a year later, still in the same room, I again woke up to see a hooded shadow figure at the end of the bed. I began to panic, as it seemed as if I could not physically move at all, like was glued to the bed. I attempted to call out to my parents but I couldn’t even speak. I …

March 12th, 2011 by CareTaker 

Shadow Figure and My Daughter Saw it Too

About three weeks ago, my wife got up around 2 am to go to the bathroom. I few moments later I heard her call my name. I answered her and she said in a frightened voice to “come here now”. I hurriedly got up and saw turned on the hallway light outside the bathroom. She was in the bathroom staring out the door and into the living room. I asked her what was wrong and she said she saw a silhouette of a person walk from the front door toward the coat closet. She said when she called my name, the figure turned toward her and faced her. She was obviously unnerved. She said she thought someone was in the house until I turned on the light. When the light came on it was gone. I turned on the bedroom light and tried talking to whatever she had seen. I did not getting any type of a response. I regret …

March 1st, 2011 by CareTaker 

Tormented and Torured by a Shadow Creature

He Likes My Pain

I’m fifteen years and it still won’t go. Since the age of 3 this Shadow Creature (or at least I think that’s what it is) has been there. In the corner, the mirror, watching me in the shower, through a window… it touches me, talks to me, tortures me. I scratch at my arms close my eyes pull at my hair. I beg and beg it to leave me be and it won’t.

When I was three I vividly remember it standing over my crib and mumbling, it reached down and petted my hair, I screamed and it left. My parents thought I was crazy from then on. Sometimes I think I am. It plays games, it walks out of the corner of my eye knowing I can see it but not truly showing itself. It no longer leaves when I scream it no longer goes away. I’m so tired and exhausted. It even went as …

February 25th, 2011 by CareTaker 

Alzheimer’s or The Hat Man Shadows?

Please bear with me as I lay the groundwork for this tale.  It is important for the reader to have a grasp of the situation as a whole to be able to form an educated opinion.

My grandmother and my grandfather were married for over 50 years.  He was an officer in the US Army during WWII, Korea, and he trained military personnel during the Vietnam war.  He suffered many debilitating diseases due to his long service history, causing him to be declared legally handicapped and to be virtually shut in the house except for occasional forays out to see his various doctors.  My grandmother was his primary caretaker, and my mother and I helped when we were needed, as well.

The four of us lived in a duplex house, built as such around the turn of the century (research states about ca 1915), in Western Massachusetts.  My mother and I lived on one side, while my grandmother and grandfather …

February 20th, 2011 by CareTaker 

The Black Shadow in the Hall

This happened to me when I was around twelve I am 18 now.

Well me and my family used to live with my grandmother in her house before we used to live in the house we do now. My grandmother’s house is old, and by old I mean it was in the same location when the town was still mostly orange groves. It is also a very small house it used to be a one room one bath, but my very greedy uncle had added on two more rooms and one bath with very cheap supplies to keep most of the money that my grandmother had given him to build it. Well the floor was basically hollow through out the new part of the house, so if anyone was moving in the house you could hear them since there was only one hallway.

Well one night in the summer before we moved it was around 3 am I had suddenly …

February 7th, 2011 by CareTaker 

Shadows in My Basement

Hello. I’ve been living in my new house for about eight months now and have been experiencing some strange things. Let me start off by telling you, my father died six years ago on the 21st of this month. I believe that my father and my grandfather (who has now been dead for 32 years) follow my family wherever we go. They don’t really concern me as far as ghosts go. They’ve never bothered me as far as I know, but I know they are there. I have a hard time seeing ghosts, but I can feel their presence. Usually I don’t even know dad or grandpa are there. I’ve lived in haunted houses before and can tell the difference if it is one of them, or something else. And I strongly believe that this is something else.

Before I tell you about my basement, I’m going to tell you that the hallway leading back to my bedroom and my …

February 6th, 2011 by CareTaker 
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