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Kanaka Pete the Axe Murderer

January 14th, 2012 by Caretaker 

Weird Events Between My Sister and I

My sister has recently started telling me about events that have happened to her in the past, I’m going to say some of them now.

She has said that when she was about 5 or before that she cant really remember (I wasn’t born yet) but she was getting changed in her room beside her wardrobe and she looks behind her and there is the figure standing leaning inwards to the door looking at her. But the weird thing is that the figure had no facial features! It was just a white figure and that was it. She closed her eyes and screamed out for mum. When my sister opened her eyes the figure was gone and that’s when mum came up the stairs, they looked around every room upstairs but there was nothing there!

The other story is about my sister again.

She had this dream about our granny not being well and having to go to hospital and …

January 11th, 2012 by Caretaker 
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Mysteries After My Grandfather’s Death

In November of 2010 I lost one of the best persons I ever met in my life, my grandfather, I was truly sorry for him as well as my family and his friends. But it was then that things started happening…

3 months after his death me and my friends started going to the secnd floor of my house where my uncle used to live. One day we heard a noise from the stairs and everyone of us started hiding his cigarettes because some of my buddies are smoking (we are 15 years old you see) and so when we opened the door we saw nothing but dark in the stairs, then one hour later when I and 2 of my buddies were left we heard a voice and it was like choking to death or something I can’t explain it, we heard it a little and my friends were wondering what it was… I said “it’s my grandfather” in …

January 5th, 2012 by Caretaker 

Glowing Red Eyes Looked Right at Me

About 42 years ago, I was a young boy about 6 or 7 years old, I looked under our house which was on a big farm out in the country. No other houses in sight. When I looked I saw two big glowing red eyes looking right at me.

After about 2 or 3 seconds of just being stationary they started going around each other in a perfect circle. I could see the red trail behind them because they were moving. After 2 or 3 seconds, they started moving off to the left still circling each other and moving away at the same time. It looked like they were rolling away and they got smaller and smaller and disappeared.

I quickly ran in the house and tried to tell my mother what I had seen but she was talking to someone and wouldn’t take me seriously after all I was a very young child and she said it was probably …

January 2nd, 2012 by Caretaker 

A Voice in the Night

I’ve had my share of experiences. I attribute most of them to my ill advised adventures with a Ouija board as a youth. My husband has listened with dubious respect throughout the years; however, he had never had a close up experience like mine.

One night in a rental home where I had been fearful of a small area near the hall/bathroom, I thought I saw a shadow. I proceeded to tell him, “look, look, didn’t you see that?”

“No. I never see the stuff you do.” We argued slightly over the fact that he, yes, believed my stories, but that he couldn’t sincerely share in them. He swore that by the time he looked, it was gone. So we settled down and decided to turn off the T.V. for the night. Within about three minutes, I heard a deep, low, female laugh that seemed to come from right beside me in bed…between my husband and me. I screamed, “Holy …

January 2nd, 2012 by Caretaker 

Channeling Erik

December 28th, 2011 by Caretaker 

My Paranormal Experiences After My Step-brother Died

I guess my paranormal experiences started when my step-brother died. It was around Christmas so we has all the decorations up. We were half way through decorating the tree when we got the call. The call was to tell us that Jamie had been electrocuted and fallen off the roof while he was trying to put up some Christmas lights. That year was the first year that our tree had not been decorated.

A few weeks after the funeral, we were getting ready for bed when we heard my dad talking to someone in the bedroom. We went in and he said that Jamie had appeared at the end of the bed and started talking to him. Five months later, we were coming home from church, we had a closet door off it’s hinges because we were fixing it. So my dad walked past, my mom walked past, my sister walked past it, but when I walked past it, it …

December 15th, 2011 by Caretaker 

A Strange Night in Chandigarh

It all started on a holiday visit to my cousin’s place in Chandigarh, India. We had developed the habit of waking up late night and watching movies, gossiping. I had always been interested in paranormal stories and took keen interest in hearing other people’s experiences. It was during one of these nights, me and my sister were talking casually about the cemetery built behind our house.

There had been cases of unusual sightings and strange noises were heard. Though we didn’t exactly believed in all this, but the stories we had heard from our neighbors had convinced us to believe there was indeed something strange and eerie about the place. So that night we decided to take a stroll along the cemetery road. As we approached the area, we could feel the chillness in the air and the darkness of the night. The streets wore a deserted look. We could feel the silence in the atmosphere. Some fear crept inside …

December 13th, 2011 by Caretaker 

My Paranormal Journey

December 2nd, 2011 by Caretaker 

Mystery of Our Burning Geyser

This happened to my family when we were living in UK. My father got a transfer to Hertfordshire WGC in UK. I was about nine then, and now am 14. We reached the airport in the afternoon and then the housing agent sent by my father’s company met us from there and drove us to our house. As we had arrived in the afternoon, the house looked pretty nice and clean. Then she left us to explore the rest of the house, and as evening approached, we finished the shopping, came home, ate dinner and watched some TV before we slept.

When the time came for us to sleep,we went upstairs where we had kept all our clothes.I went into my assigned room and saw that my light was nothing but a small table lamp on a bedside table next to my bed! I then went to the bathroom, and came back, changed and got into bed. My mother came …

December 2nd, 2011 by Caretaker 
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Be Careful What You Wish For

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been obsessed (to a degree) with the paranormal. When I was younger it’d be my automatic reasoning that anything odd was the doing of ghosts. For example, three years ago my phone disappeared. I searched my whole room, taking everything off my bed, desk, etc. In desperation I said to myself,”Please give me my phone back, I need it!” Then left the room to check our living room. Coming back, I went to fix my bed. Upon removing the blanket I’d tossed back on the bed, my phone was sitting right there. A chill crept up my spine and I just shook it off.

Another time I was on said phone with my friend, Sam, while vacuuming. We were laughing and joking, when I told her to hold on while I did the hallway. It usually only took one second. When I was passing my brother’s room I saw a little boy …

November 5th, 2011 by Caretaker 

Seeing Things at Night Time

Help. Hi my name is Hailey I have been seeing things at night time.

I was sleeping and having a lovely dream last night but at about 4.30 am I woke up and I seen a child (boy) run in my bedroom and stand by the side of my bed just standing there. I couldn’t not see his face as it was blurred. I couldn’t breath or move it felt like something was holding me down but the child was speaking did not understand what the child was saying as I was panicking but this aint the first time its happened top me,

I was at my partners mothers house for the first time and she was saying to me that she has a gift and can see ghosts and speak to spirits and she was telling me that her brother and father has passed away few years ago but she still sees them. So at that night I was …

November 5th, 2011 by Caretaker 
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