Seeing Demons in Everyday Life

In 2005 I was involved in a bad relationship with my youngest daughter’s father. Lorin was a hot tempered man. I was praying a lot and talking to god in my prayers. Several times I dreamed I was battling a demon in my dreams. Lorin started to abuse me and my children on occasion. In Lorin’s eyes sometimes I could see them change into a demonic eyes. Lorin’s eyes would get real squinty and look pure evil.

One day a trailer was being torn down. I drove up to the trailer to look for a door for my trailer. I saw an old woman dressed in black going through the trailer’s junk. The old woman told me her name it was Linda. I saw Linda on several occasions and she drove to my home one day to ask for a ride. I hesitated to respond to Linda’s request since I was pretty broke and Linda offered no gas money. But …

March 1st, 2010 by Caretaker 

Demonic Entity Experiences

Ever since my first possession, in the year 1996 or 1997 I have been experiencing strange feelings, presences, voices and visions. The issue is, I was possessed by some entity for two weeks between 1996 and 1997, but this demon/entity left and released control. It said (to me in my head) that it’d be back. (I am assuming the entity is a male), so I’ll call him a “he”.

Every year when coming up to my birthdays I get these feelings of the presence of it being around. I hear demonic faint voices saying strange things. I see visions of the underworld (whether or not that’s actually possible, but it seems like I am seeing these visions from the entity/demons eyes) and it’ looks really big, hot/warm, red and flame-type thing. I cannot describe it. I have meet really tired/sleepy, going into a daydream (whilst thinking or daydreaming I am unable to move at all) I cannot move my eyes, …

February 24th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Possession in Progress

February 21st, 2010 by Caretaker 

Demons are Called by Many Names

February 20th, 2010 by Caretaker 

The Demonic Little Man

This story is completely true. It happened to my sister and I. I was about 12 years old and my sister was about 6. We had moved to Benicia, California, and I didn’t like the new house to begin with. I had a weird feeling about it. Anyway, beginning were a chain of small events that were unexplainable, until the paranormal activity became so apparent that it couldn’t be dismissed anymore.

The first thing that happened was to my mom, who had been home alone at night, and she was making something in the kitchen. She then heard a big noise from the bathroom. Upon investigation she found that everything on the counter, and in the medicine cabinet, and in the bathtub had been thrown into a pile in the middle of the floor.

Then maybe a few days later when my sister and I were ready to go to bed, my sister said she saw two red eyes inside …

February 8th, 2010 by Caretaker 

My Demon Visitor

This was about two summers ago. So in 2007, it was summer time and we had a big thunderstorm. I was at my Grandmas house and we chose to all go out on the porch to watch the storm. The porch was covered so we didn’t have to worry about the rain. Everyone wanted to go inside but my mom and I really wanted to stay and watch so we did so. My Mom was cold and asked me to go grab her a blanket so I did so.

When I came back I handed her the blanket and sat down. She was unfolding the blanket and covering herself while I looked out into the distance. I saw some type of shadow walking, it looked human but my grandmas property was all fenced off. Lightening struck and I saw the shadows face. It had a blood red face with yellow sharp gagged teeth and black scratches all over its face. …

January 25th, 2010 by Caretaker 

The Demon Side of my Brother

In the summer of 2005, when I was 9 years old, I was playing on the beach in Oregon with my brother, Thomas. He was almost 7 years old at the time. I was building sand castles and he was trying to find sea-shells. He ran up to me, showing me the cool shells. He wanted me to know if they were good enough. I asked him what they had to be good enough for. He said he was going to do something with them later. I told him they were really cool. And with that, he walked back to where he was finding shells and kept looking. And I went back to building sand castles.

Later that day, our mom and dad had told us that it was time for us to get back in the car to go to the motel we were going to be staying at. Once we got in the car, I looked over at …

December 20th, 2009 by Caretaker 

Vanquishing Evil Spirits

November 10th, 2009 by Caretaker 

Barbie and the Demon who Fell for Her

I’m not exactly sure when it started, maybe it was when me and my sister contacted my dead grandmother, she possessed me and wrote a message to us on my arm in marker, but it was round June 26 of last year that the real scary stuff started happening.

One night I was at my boyfriend’s house the moon was full it was a clear and cloudless night. Danny and I were sleeping, and I was having the strangest dream. I was a General, my armies were preparing for battle then suddenly we were ambushed. I remember striking off the heads of the ambushers. They were the faces of people I know and love! But this dream seemed to be set in a much different time period, I was killing my boyfriend, my family and everyone I knew. Then It changed I saw a man with green eyes and black hair staring at me. Then we were alone and he …

November 4th, 2009 by Caretaker 

Deceived and Tormented by Demons

October 26th, 2009 by Caretaker 

Demon in Old Mirror

I’m 17 and live in a suburb in the surrounding area of Austin, Texas. I’ve seen things for as long as I can remember. Most of my paranormal contact were with ghosts. I lived in a house in the part of town that was historically where the Mexican workers lived for this rich white rancher who used to own the town. It was pretty old. Don’t know the exact year of when it was built but I had many experiences there, but none that really caused me to feel afraid.

My grandparents lived out in the country about 2 and a half hours from my house. My grandmother collected antiques. She had a dresser that had belonged to my great grandmother and was old even then. So it was built in the late 1800′s. It had a vanity mirror attached and four drawers on the sides and a long drawer in the middle of the top two. It was in …

August 13th, 2009 by Caretaker 

My Fathers Demon that Almost Killed Me

This story is completely true, I’m 17 now and my father recently had told me what had happen when I was the age of 7. This is what my father had explained to me, and why it was his fault he almost killed me.

My father was only a teenager, 14 years old he didn’t know any better. He was walking around with his cousin one day who was about two years older then my father. He decided to take him to his buddies house, they were good friends and Have been when they were babies until now. I call this good friend of my fathers cousin “Uncle”.

They were just hanging out and Uncle had decided to call his Sisters friend to come over, she was 15 I believe (my father had told me everything in Detailed) When she came over she had brought an Ouija Board, and they thought they would play with it.

They did, and they …

August 10th, 2009 by Caretaker 
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