Camp Livingston Haunted Me

Posted on June 2, 2010

I’ve always seen spirits of some sort. I’ve always had powers. But I guess I never really understood myself until I met my ex-bestie, Sarah Thomas. She was Wiccan.

I was at the point in my life where I knew I wasn’t Christian, but I didn’t exactly know what I was. I believe in what I can’t see and I embrace the unknown rather than deny it. My experience, or happening, happened last year around I guess the end of spring. This takes place in central Louisiana.

Camp Livingston was many things to me, and it was 5 minutes down the road from my house. I was going to school for my G.E.D. and after school me and Sarah would go to Alexandria for Books-A-Million and Hot Topic. Well, one day I told her about Camp Livingston and she wanted to go because she, too, had heard stories about things that happened there.

Well before I go too far into this, Camp Livingston used to be a Concentration Camp back in Pearl Harbor days, and it is an active base to this day, but people go there to hunt and trail ride, any place you can’t go in is blocked off. And since I know my way around there really well, me and Sarah decided to go there so we left school early to do this so she could be home on time since she drove us in her dad’s truck.

Well, the first time we went we walked on a walking trail and we reached an area of land that was peaceful and had many arches where trees crossed branches to look like a doorway of some sort. We could feel something ancient in this place, and me personally I could hear drums and chants from long ago. Sarah agreed that it felt like some ancient powerful witches had been there long ago.

The next few times we went there we would see a shadow creature following us. It felt like a “he” so I will call it as such. He was pretty fast, and he was blacker than a shadow, more like a void. One time me and Sarah were walking on a different trail and we were being loud and laughing and when I turned around I saw a white wolf with her ears flattened back, baring her fangs in silent warning. I knew what she said as clearly as if she said it aloud. “Be quiet you fools” I froze. Sarah was behind me and as she came up she said, ‘Cori, what’s wrong?’ I motioned for her to be quiet. The wolf had vanished from sight after I understood her message but Sarah never saw her. I told her what I had seen and when I focused on where we were at I felt something bad, something demonic-like. We made back to the truck.

Another time we got out at a place cause we couldn’t go over a big concrete block with glass all around it. Sarah herself had seen a man and a boy when I looked the other way. And another time we brought my dad’s dog Rebel. Well we had gotten out and I told Rebel to be quiet cause he started barking and when I shushed him me and Sarah heard a menacing demonic-like growl echoing around us and we froze. We got back in the truck and left.

The last time I went to Camp Livingston with her something followed me home. It was like a tendril of mist stuck to me to see where I lived. Well, shortly after that day I had an incident outside in my yard. And it was around midnight I suppose. It was very foggy out, and I could feel that the fog had come from Camp Livingston cause it had the same energy as that place. I saw an outline of a bull man thing. It stood like a men, about 10 feet tall, but it had the body of a bull. I could feel that it wanted me. I was scared because it was trying to arouse me but I shielded the porch and house from it and so it approached no closer. But it tried to lure me out. I could feel it’s promises in the air. It promised me a child from it. I guess him since I’m a female. And I was tempted but I resisted. My friend Mike thinks it was a bull demon. Ugh, it was creepy whatever it was. If you think this isn’t true then please don’t comment because I experienced it and I know it’s true.

Sent in by Cori Michelle Bruce, Copyright 2010

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9 Responses to “Camp Livingston Haunted Me”
  1. Carlos says:

    Oh no I absolutely believe you and think it’s true.I have been to a few places with negative energy before and I’ve known people who said they have seen bull or horse like figures before.

  2. AnNa says:

    i do believe i really do but the bull ,person,im tring to picture.have you told anyone what happened?what do they think?do you regrete going in the camp?or was it an experince that you’ll never do again or would you?sorry for all the questions.thanks for the story.

  3. Andrasta says:

    Camp Livingston was never a concentration camp, it was an internment camp. There’s a difference. One is designed to hold POWs and the other is meant to hold political opponents or ethnic minorities, etc.

  4. priss says:

    well i’m not from your country so i dont know much about that being a concebtration camp or internment camp. but that bull figure you saw, it was a kind of signal for you. you have to link it with some incident of your life.
    i advice you to just talk to your grandma, she’s the only person who can help you sort out this problem. atleast you can find the logic behind.
    so just go and talk to an elderly person of your family or some elder person associated with the camp, or a neighbour who has much experience about what has happened before in your area.

  5. Hippogriff says:

    For the bull, human thing, you could’ve seen a version of a manticore.

  6. *** says:

    the bull-like creature won’t be a manticore, thats a lion with wings, it would’ve been a minotaur. Minotaur’s a giant bulky half bull half man creatures.

  7. Pat says:

    What a wild story! That camp is really quite a spot! Have you ever taken any photo’s there? or done any EVP recordings? I bet that place is alive with activity! It would be kinda scary living near to it though… SO glad that man/bull beast didn’t harm you! I bet it was terrifying! I shudder just trying to imagine it! VERY SCARY!

  8. PAULREED says:

    Hello again if somebody who would like to go I can show you… the graveyard [no longer any tomb stones ?] the hospital grounds , prisoner barracks with the drawings on the walls still intact in some cells ,,, etc..most people who live here have never found most of these places but me and my sons have covered about 80 % of livingston oh and sorry bout all caps just tired and lazy been hunting in livingston the last 2 days, and would really like to take someone who knows more about the unusual things that have happened in livingston since the early 30s and who is interested in doing some research. no sightseers please some of these places are hard toget to as the corp of eng made it hard to get to some and just normal growth I have transportation that will get u there louisianabreed

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