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Briannas Imaginary Friend?

Posted on December 11, 2010

My mom is 34 years old, and she just had her first child. It was a beautiful girl named Brianna. Brianna was about 5 months old when she had her second child. It was a boy named Tyler.

After Tyler learned to walk we moved into a beautiful home. It was a blue house with a dark green roof and a beautiful front garden. So we unpacked and got settled in. We even got two kittens named Iris and Celeste. I was finished unpacking in my room, so I decided to call my friend Keya over. When I called them, I heard the phone ringing on the other end. Someone picked up. I said, “Keya! Hi it’s Jenna you need to come over to see our new house!” No one answered back. I said, “Hello?” And all I heard was nothing but this static sound. Then the phone made a beeping noise and a weird monotone voice said, “Sorry, this number has been disconnected.”

But anyways, when my parents were away with Tyler, it was just me and Brianna at the house. I was making her breakfast, and I heard her talking in the living room. I went over and she was talking to nothing. I said, Brianna, who are you talking to? And she said, “My friend.” And I said, “Who is she?” And then she said back, “Her name is Lisa.” And I’m like, “Oh cool, what does she look like?” Then she said, “She has cuts on her face.” That kind of stopped me in my tracks, because why would Brianna dream up an imaginary friend with cuts all over her face? Just then mom came in the door. I told her what had happened. She seemed a little concerned, because she thing she most wondered about was what was going on in her kids heads. So she went to an information center thing and asked about our house.

She said she lived there with her family. Then mom described Lisa. The lady kinda stopped there. She said her daughter was named Lisa, and she died from a car accident. The cuts were probably from the glass. So she ran home and told my dad she was talking to a ghost. He did not believe it. For now. It was dark out so he went to tuck Brianna in. It was about 11:00 at night.

When he got upstairs, Brianna was standing outside her bedroom door. Dad said, “Okay Brianna, it’s time to go to bed now.” And Brianna said, “No daddy I can’t.” Dad said, “Why not?” And Brianna said, “Because my friends are coming over to play.” “We are gonna play glass attack.” Then dad got concerned. Was a ghost haunting her?

Sent in by Alyssa, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com?

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27 Responses to “Briannas Imaginary Friend?”
  1. Lilith's Child says:

    woah thts creepy, I hope that sweet little girl will not get hurt.
    plz do tell me wat happens.
    also dont worry if she talks to ghost as long as they dont hurt her because i was * when I got a new little brother and he used to talk (a lot in gibberish of course) to the ghost that follows me and the guy who died in our room.
    P.S. Does anything happen to Tyler or are the ghost s just targeting little Brianna?
    Please reply

    • Alyssa says:

      No nothing happened, thank goodness :)

      But she said that one night while she was in bed she heard someone whisper her name and she looked out her window and saw a skeleton girl telling her to jump out the window and play with her. We moved out but every night I hear her crying in bed whispering, mommy… and it is really sad but she will be okay

  2. coral says:

    ok. Is anyone else confused by this story or is it just me ? Lol.Briannas born and 5 months later along comes Tyler ?As well, I read her name as Keyas,yet she used a different ‘sent in by’ name? I dont know guys,not to be mean
    and maybe Im missing something here,but, it was kinda confusing to me.I’m juusta sayin’ :-|

    • Alyssa says:

      Oh woops, there was a typo. i meant to say Hiya, not Keya … i do not know how that happened the keys are far away from eachother

    • Eva says:

      I’m confused at the part where quote, “My mom is 34 years old, and she just had her first child”. If this mom just had her first child then who is this writer relating to as her mom? That can’t be how old are you supposed to be then Jenna?!!!

  3. coral says:

    oooops, my bad…lol…the names I meant to say were Jenna and Alyssa.And the begining sounds as if u had a wrong # maybe or the number really was disconnected.I agree that those computerized messages do in fact sound monotoned Take care :-)

    • Destiny says:


      how can she has a baby 5mnths later it takes 6wks to recover from labor so brianna or watever would be 4mths…rite?? wait im confused mann this story is fake :(

  4. Alyssa says:

    Coral it is pronounced: sell est tay

  5. Rosie says:

    I am very confused with this story. How could your mother have her 1st baby and had another baby 5 months later? Miracle or something? It takes a woman 9 months to have a baby. What made me more confused is the writer, from the way you wrote, you are at least the 3 rd child. How come you talked to Brianna as if you are her big sister and she acted like a little baby? Something is NOT right here.

  6. trolldoll says:

    your mom is 34 and just had her first child, makes no sense.

  7. Mareli says:

    Alyssa…If your mother was 34 years old when she had her ‘first’ baby girl named Brianna, where do you fit in then? And then, how can Tyler be born when Brianna is only 5 months old? That is humanly impossible…

  8. 12 more days until christmas AnNa says:

    i agree with trolldoll and rosie on this.

  9. bella says:

    what is ” glass attack?”

    • Alyssa says:

      like a teaparty where you throw the cups at eachother or a really violent game or something brianna told me :P

  10. sharayah says:

    ok guys maybe her mom is not her birth mom. and maybe she got the timing wrong on the birth of the new baby and brianna’s age.and a baby can be born premature and maybe her mom didn’t wait the 6week after giving birth the way woman are told too do!well it’s a lot of maybe LOL :) well i hope all is well with your family.

  11. PsychicGirl says:

    That’s a interesting story. Once I had an imaginary friend named Mr. Nobody or Nobody for short. He was a little boy that was pale and transuclent. He always had a cute little smile and wore shorts and a t-shirt. I used to see him when I was 2-7 years old. We played together and made up stories together. I used to say Mr. Nobody did it when I did a minorly bad thing. My parents would just think it was an imaganary friend and would know I did it. Mr. Nobody wouldn’t mind when I said that. I stopped seeing him when we moved to another house. I’m 12 now. Was Nobody an imaginary friend or something more?

  12. amber says:

    it is very confusein :) x

  13. mary says:

    wow that is realy creepy. is she ok? did your mom adopt you? im realy confused

  14. Chi Chi says:

    nice story but i agree with everybody, it is confusing in terms of your mom giving birth the first time but you’re already there…..(no offense)

  15. Olivia says:

    well i didnt get that storia attal or belive it sorry

  16. Colleen says:

    Ok… this is the most confusing story ever…. and sorry… I just don’t believe it… Who gives birth to a second child 5 months after the first one was born? And where does the writer fit into all this? And not once has Jenna alias Alyssa tried to correct her “error” after numerous responses from other readers. And what’s up with having 2 names? Makes you think … this is all a load of bull…

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