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Bombers Moon – Ghost On World War Two Bomber

Posted on July 8, 2009

A true account of an experience I had while in the Royal Air Force at R.A.F Yatesbury. By Terry D. Burgoyne.

My parents were still living in Linden Close and I was still stationed at R.A.F. Yatesbury, not far from Calne, the home of Harris’s bacon factory and very near Avebury, famous for its stone circles and, more recently, for the mysterious appearances of what have come to be known as “Crop Circles”.

The R.A.F. camp now no longer exists and where it once stood there are, at the time of writing, only open fields, the village of Avebury and nearby Silbury Hill with its famous White Horse cut into the chalk that underlies the wild grassland.

On the particular night of which I write, the weather was cold and still and there was a full moon which cast its light so brightly upon the camp that everything stood out in sharply contrasted light and shadow. We did our rounds two men at a time and as my mate and I awaited our turn we sat in the guard room smoking, talking and drinking large mugs of hot, strong tea from the tea urn. The air was stale and smoky and when it came to our turn to do the rounds we were glad to get out of the guard room and breathe some fresh air.

Mike and I (I’ll call him Mike as I don’t recall his real name now) set out in our battle dress uniforms with greatcoat, webbing belt and beret. We were armed with wooden truncheons, affectionately known as “chair-legs”. We had no other weapons: certainly no fire-arms. It was our job to patrol the perimeter of the compound and check for anything unusual, occasionally going amongst the aged aircraft. We chatted with each other and commented on life and people on the camp and off. I remember that it was so cold that I was glad of my trusty greatcoat and gloves.

As we were doing our two hour stint and admiring the cold, crisp night and the beautiful, if doleful full Moon. I remember that I was telling Mike something or other when suddenly he pointed over my shoulder to one of the aircraft standing behind me and said, in what was like a whispered shout, “Hey, look up there Tel! There’s somebody in that cockpit!” I turned and looked at the aircraft, I don’t remember if it was a Halifax or a Wellington but it was a World-War-Two Bomber.

The plane, which had only the stubs of its former wings, was standing on its undercarriage, clearly visible in the brilliant moonlight which shone from above and behind it. The plane was thus a sharply defined silhouette with a metallic sheen along the upper part of the fuselage and tail-plane. Mike had drawn my attention to the cockpit and when I looked up, there, plainly visibly against the moonlight was a human figure seated in the cockpit on the starboard side which I think may have been the navigator’s side and wearing what was obviously a flying helmet as I could see a prominent bulge on either side of the figure’s head where the headphones would be. Not only that but I could clearly see a cable leading down from the helmet.

The figure did not move but appeared to be that of a person either asleep or in reflective mood. I glanced at Mike and his face had a puzzled look. His mouth hung open in disbelief. He looked at his watch and then at me, his eyebrows raised quizzically. It was just after midnight so I looked up at the figure in the cockpit and shouted, “Hey you! What d’you think you’re doing? Come on out of there!” The figure did not stir and Mike and I looked at each other puzzled. Mike whispered to me, “What’s ‘e up to at this time o’night?”

“Search me”, I said. “Maybe he’s crazy about aeroplanes”.

“Crazy about summink”, Mike said “What are we gunna do?”

“Well we’d better do something”, I said “we’ll have to investigate. After all, we are on guard duty. Tell you what, you stay here and keep an eye on him and Ill go in and see what he is up to. He’s not supposed to be in that plane. That’s for sure”.

So that is what we did. Mike stayed where he was and I walked over to the bomber and found that the door in the bullet-riddled side of the fuselage was shut. However, the bomb hatch was open as the bomb doors themselves had been removed. I crouched under the belly of the plane and hauled myself up through the bomb hatch into the interior of the plane. Once inside I gripped my “chair leg” firmly with its strap around my left wrist and started forward, banging the stick against the metal air frame. The truncheon echoed loudly within the empty fuselage as I made my way towards the port side access to the flight deck.

“Hey you, whoever, you are! Come on! Out o’ there mate!” I shouted and banged my truncheon even harder against the bulkhead.

To me, who had never been inside a World War Two bomber before, the inside of the fuselage seemed remarkably frail and “tinny” and my boots clattered loudly on the deck. I reached the access “doorway” to the flight deck and hesitated. I pressed myself against the bulkhead and held the chair leg at the ready. Once again I shouted loudly, “if you don’t come out o’ there right now matey I’m coming in!” I banged the truncheon back and forth against the metal sides of the doorway and then sprang in, ready for anything.

The flight deck was empty. There was no sign of anybody there at all. The pilot’s seat was empty and so was the navigator’s. As I remained there for a moment in a crouched position. I fancied I heard a roaring noise like a distant.swarm of angry bees in my ears but this may have been due only to my surprise and consternation. I straightened up and looked about me and through the cabin’s canopy I saw Mike still standing on the concrete strip outside. A chill ran though me as I though how nobody could have got past me in this cramped space and anybody running along the deck of the fuselage would have made a hell of a racket and in case, nobody had or could have passed me through that narrow doorway without my noticing. I retraced my steps along the fuselage quite perturbed at what had happened. Mike and I had both seen the figure in the cockpit. In fact it was Mike who had seen the figure first and had drawn my attention to it. I just could not figure it out. I reached the bomb hatch and jumped down to the ground below. As I drew closer to Mike I could see that he was shaking all over.

“What’s up?” I asked him. His words came out shakily and his face looked even paler than before. It was almost white and this was not due to the moonlight. “What’s the matter?” I insisted. With an effort he pointed to the now empty cockpit and almost gasped, “That man! That figure! As soon as you climbed into that plane he…it….just vanished. One minute ‘e was there and then…..gone”.

I could hardly believe this. I had seen what I thought must have been a ghost before and had been frightened. This seemed similar but instead of being afraid I was more amazed and intrigued. This time I had a witness. No! I was the one to be the witness because Mike had seen it first. If he hadn’t pointed it out to me I would never have seen the thing. This made me feel somehow bolstered by the experience, even excited, happy!

I grasped Mike by his arm and said gently, “Listen Mike, Take it easy. Calm down. Don’t forget we’re on guard”. In a moment or two more Mike was visibly recovering.

“Cor Jesus” He said, “That really scared me!”

“I can see that”. I said with a smile “Have you never seen a ghost before?”

“Nah!” he said. “I never believed in ‘em before. But now….Cor! What a turn up for the book!”

We still had about another half hour to go before we finished our round of guard duty and we looked around the immediate area of the aircraft and, finding nothing more unusual and no sign of any other person around, we continued on our way.

As we walked on in the moonlight Mike said, “I suppose we better report this, right?” “Yep” I said, “Everyone has to make a report at the end of guard duty, even if there’s nothing to report.”

Well the time came for the changing of the guard and we duly reported back to the guardroom. The next two for guard duty were talking to the others as we went in and one of them looked up and said “How’d it go? Any I.R.A?” Mike, still with no colour in his cheeks, said “Nah, only a ghost.” Then he began to tell the others about our experience. Just then our duty Flight Sergeant came out of his office and apparently heard what we were talking about. “That’s enough of that!” he snapped. “You two”, he said, pointing to the two airmen who were next for duty, “Get a move on!”

The two went outside, peered back through one of the glass panes in the door and raised their eyebrows high while opening their eyes wide in a stage gesture of frightened reluctance to go.

The flight Sergeant gestured to me and Mike to come over and fill in the report form. I was given the form and I began to give a written account of everything that had happened during our round of guard duty. The flight Sergeant, who was reading what I wrote over my shoulder, tapped me on the arm and said “Yes all right. I think you’d better come into the office and finish that in there.”

Mike and I entered the office and when I had completed the report the flight Sergeant leaned heavily on the edge of the desk and regarded us for a moment with a very earnest expression. “Right,” he said at last, “sign that both of you and I have to tell you now that you must say nothing about all this to anybody on or off camp. That’s a Station Standing Order.”

Mike and I looked at each other puzzled and then back at the Flight Sergeant who added, “The C.O. issued this order himself and he said that if anybody ever mentioned this business to anybody he’d have their guts for garters!” The only hint as to why such an order had been issued in the first place was given us by the Flight Sergeant himself as he added, “You see, you blokes are not the first ones to report seeing what you saw. Not by a long shot”

Text revised and modified by the author Terry D. Burgoyne, this day, 5th September 2005

Written by Terence David  Burgoyne, Copyright 2009

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37 Responses to “Bombers Moon – Ghost On World War Two Bomber”
  1. AJ says:

    Wow…I enjoyed reading that, thanks.

  2. Karen M. says:

    That was really interesting to know that you guys were not the only ones to see that phantom, they wanted to keep that hush-hush so as not to freak out the others or maybe make your unit look like they were hallucinating. I grew up in the town where they use to have Griffiss Air Force Base (before clinton closed alot of bases in the u.s.) they had a big old plane parked in a lot on the premisise but I’m not familiar with aircraft in the military so I don’t know what kind it was!

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    i’m sure ww2 soldiers do come back, this was a really neat and rare story thanks

  4. Ryan says:

    I enjoyed this, thank you. I’ve heard first hand accounts of Civil War sitings and have a story of my own to tell so why not a WW2 pilot?

  5. tracy says:

    Cool Story.

  6. Terry says:

    Thanks, all, for the feed-back. I shall soon post another true experience of mine which happened up in the spanish Pyrenees.

  7. jessica tobon says:

    I beleive this story because my mom also had the same experience about ghosts. I really like war stories even if they are heartbreaking. yesterday i watched a movie about the vietnam war on channel 46. it was sad i wanted to cry. it is okay to cry. from now, i am going to honor the veterans and all those who fought in the war from the USA. it is a really tragic story. i really want to talk to a soldier who went to war and ask them many questions. i know that many got traumatized. i feel really heart breaking for animals because i really love them and want animal cruelty TO STOP!!!!! so please help me and BE A VEGETERIAN TODAY!!!! it is really simple!!! eat LESS meat . thankyou!!!! PS if terry, the one who wrote this story went to war congrats!!!!! i know it is really sad!!!! welcome home!!!!!!!

  8. Robbie Scifres says:

    It is interesting to read others accounts of the supernatural. I have had my own encounters and plan to share them as I have time. I know it is hair raising when it happens and it takes a lot ov courage to tell these stories. Thanks Terry. And to Jessica, I am a female who served my country and I know from first hand experience, these guys will tell you true stories, a lot of the time they are funny or ironic but 99% they keep the emotional stuff to themselves – its too hard to talk about. Go ahead and ask questions and listen but if they stop and don’t go on or they change the subject don’t press, give them time and they will share with you one day when they can. Robbie, and old WAC and proud of it!! : )

  9. CMF says:

    Dont believe it, too well written.

  10. Terry says:

    I don’t quite know how to take that, CMF. Thank you for your compliment about my story’s being “too well written”, to be believed but the story is absolutely true. A thing is either too bad or too good to be acceptable, it seems. Why is it, for example, that photographs of ghosts or UFOs are either too blurred or indistinct to be genuine and are dismissed with a curt “could be anything” or they are so clear and sharp that they are “too good to be true”? Now I am thinking twice about posting any of my other experiences on line.

    • Caretaker says:

      Whether a story is well written or it is full of errors really has nothing to do with whether or not the story is true.

  11. CMF says:

    Didn’t say it didnt happen Terry, I said “Dont believe it, too well written.”
    If it did happen who the heck am I to stand in the way of you posting further experiences, you know if it happened or not and thats all that matters, the public is going to come to their own conclusions.

  12. CMF says:

    I point to the “Growing Up With Ghosts” story.
    I find it more believable because the author neither puts too little or too much flowery language in it and it SEEMS more like an acurate account of someone who has been through all that. Perhaps it is because you are used to writting reports that it came out sounding like a novel extract, in which case thats not neccesarily a bad thing.
    My personal experiences with “ghosts” never actually have lasted that long to make an actual short story out of it, but rather a list of short experiences.

  13. Terry says:

    Let me know where I can enjoy reading your brief encounters. I really would like to know more about point of view.

  14. Serenity says:

    Creeeepy!! Haha…I’m 14. I’ve had many ghost expiereiences. 2, actually. One, in Old Fort Niagara. Creeepy!! And one at my house. I was going to the bathroom to get a blanket cause I was cold. It was the middle of the night, too. So I go into the bathroom, and out the window in the corner of my eye, is a bright orb hovering over my kitten’s grave (1 year old, died feline luekiemia)! I blinked, and it was gone. I was chilled, but I convinced myself it was the moon reflecting off of something. So I turn to get my blanket, and I practically jumped out of my PJs, here. There was my kitten, curled up on my blanket! I practically cried out of joy, cause I thought she had somehow returned! So I reached out to touch her, and when I did, it felt like my hand was plunged into icy water. Then, she vanished. I told mom, and she says I was dreaming. But I wasn’t! I knew it for a fact, 1) I had the blanket 2) my hand was still numb.

    Ever since then, I hear mewing coming from the end of my bed, and my current cat doesn’t mew, she meows. I know it’s my kitten, visiting me. And I’ve always felt that animals kind of understand me more since I touched my kitten’s angel.

    True story,

    PS-That’s an amazing story, I would have been FREAKED!

  15. CMF says:

    Terry I havent published them in any paranormal forum.
    Perhaps I should though as things like this always leave you wanting to know what it is.
    Actually there was one place , a chat room I think, but the admin was a beeyotch cuz I simply commented it sux you cant post to outside links for ease in the chatroom, and they booted me. I thought that harsh as Im a mod on other sites and most of the time you expalin things to people or warn them first if they are causing trouble (which I wasnt ) before booting them, but I guess they are a little more than power hungry over there.. Weird too.
    Anyway I wasnt trying to insult you Terry, sorry if I did.

  16. Terry says:

    CMF, please don’t get me wrong. Of course I don’t feel insulted. In fact you actually caused me to look at the whole idea of presentation in a new light. On another paranormal site I posted an account of my experience of seeing what could only be called an unidentified flying object (my one and only brush with an inexplicable aerial vehicle) and received a reply from a lady who said she enjoyed it but had actually read it before. However, she said she thought she had read it in some book, ha,ha. Maybe I should try keeping things cut right to the bone, as it were.

    I was sorry to read that you have had hassle with other websites but I suppose that when we are addressing the whole planet we are bound to get some knocks among the many pleasures of Internet communication. Thanks for your reply. By the way: as on this website our email addresses are not shown, do you happen to know if there is a way of sending users (like yourself) private messages?

  17. CMF says:

    Terry, thats a great question, I have only recently been talking on here , just read for a long time, it wouldnt appear as there is any way to do so.
    Caretaker runs this spot so maybe Caretaker you could enlighten us??

    • Caretaker says:

      This website is a blog and so there is no way to PM each other here. However we do have our partner forum. If you were a member there a person could use the same ID as here (if available of course) or they could say “pm me, at TalkParanormal, my ID is …… ” http://www.talkparanormal.com

  18. CMF says:

    Thank you!

  19. Terry says:

    Thanks a lot to both CM and Caretaker for the responses. I’ll try that link you sent me, Caretaker and see what happens. I have one or two other stories (which are TRUE, ha, ha) which you might like to peruse. Shall I send one in? Best wishes!

  20. CMF says:

    You send them and I’ll just keep saying nuh-uuhhh.. lol
    See you on the forums!

  21. Terry says:

    Will do. However, I tried visiting that link sent by Caretaker and registered and they told me that a Password would be sent to me. I received the password but when I tried to use it, it was rejected and I was told that I had only three “goes” altogether. It ried logging in a second time and it was rejected again. Then I was warned I could try only once more. So, I thought maybe I had tried to use the password too soon after having received it. I shall now try again. .Wish me luck. Another story coming up

    • Caretaker says:

      Terry the passwords are case sensitive. upper case and lower case makes a differentce. Is it possible that was the problem? Also what is your user ID?

  22. Terry says:

    That’s what I thought after my first attempt as I noticed that the passwords were (are) case-sensitive and I made certain that the one upper-case letter in the word was properly included. That was a swift response of yours, by the way. Thank you. I am now going to try again.

  23. CMF says:

    I just copied and pasted…Dont forget to chnage it, it’ll take a second to get acclimated to the forum controls its a little different then the one I used to being at.

  24. Terry says:

    I actually DID post another story, called “The Peon’s Story” but I never heard anything more form this website. Am I to take it that I am now PERSONA NO GRATA? :)

  25. DarStarr says:

    NEVER apologize for being a talented writer!!!! Just because your grammer, spelling ect. is fantastic, does not mean that your story is just that!! Your stories have a ring of truth to them and I truly enjoy being swept away in them!!
    Keep up the good work!
    Sorry CMF, but just because someone has talent doesn’t mean it’s untrue.
    Just had to say it!!

  26. Terry says:

    My goodness, DarStarr; that was a pleasant comment to read. May I just take this opportunity to say that, if I am asked, (or challenged) to send in a true story, then I do just that. If I were to send in something false, I would admit it afterwards but only after giving the reader time to read and digest what I had written. That would be a joke, to my mind, but a joke is a joke and it is no longer be a joke if the story concerned is passed off as reality when in fact it is a hoax. Hoaxes are anathema to me. They only deceive and mislead people and that is a hindrance to the progress of knowledge. As to whether or not a thing is well written I don’t really know what to say. I f you have a truth to tell to others why go to the trouble of changing your style to a more “spooky” level? Spooky stories are great if they are indended to entertain the reader, but that should be made clear at the outset. Good old Vincent Price is one of my favourite “spookers”, as is the author Roald Dahl, not to menton Boris Karloff. Heh, heh.

    I see no reason for apology to CMF ( although I feel you know that,yourself). I understand his (or her?) point of view exactly. In any case I think we understand each other quite well now. I wish only that we could all engage in private-mail correspondence while continuing with activity on this rather exciting website.

    Anyway, thanks for the feed-back! Forgive me fo any typing slips. I am a slow typist.

    Although my favourite idea for a T-shirt slogan is: I NEVER MAKE MISTEAKS!

  27. Terry says:

    See what I mean?! I just sent that off and saw the “misteaks” I had neglected to correct. Ho, hum.

  28. CMF says:



    Terry, when are you comming over to the forums dude?

  29. DarStarr says:

    LOVE that t-shirt idea!!!! You made my day!!!! I needed a good laugh and you delivered!

    Meh…right back at ya!!!!!! :)

  30. Terry says:


    O.K. CMF, O.K. What’ve I kinda…gotta DO for that? I took the caretaker’s advice and registered with the …”sister” website. Now I’m kinda with a foot in each site and still tryin’ to find my way around… Gimme a clue, will ya? I mean like “over to the forums”. Where’s that?

  31. CMF says:

    Thank you sir..

  32. Terry says:

    Yes, indeed. Most grateful to you, Caretaker.:)

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