Black Shadow Figure with Red Eyes

Posted on October 13, 2010

Right now I’m 18 but back when I was 15 I think I may have had a very scary experience with a shadow figure. It was daytime and my sister and I were in our room with the lights out to see a glow in the dark bracelet (we have aluminum windows so the room gets very dark).

I was sitting on the floor facing towards the doorless closet at the foot of the bed while my sister was in front of me sitting in the middle of the bed. Out of nowhere I look towards the corner where the closet and adjoining wall meet and I saw a huge black figure coming towards me. It scared me a lot and it made it worse when I got the sensation of it wanting to harm me. I started to kick and curse at it while it got closer. At that moment my sister felt like someone grabbed her by the shoulders and she said she felt a sense of peace before wanting to cry. She turned on the light when I started screaming and the shadow was gone. It made me think of a figure that I’ve felt before in my house.

It’s always been a black figure with red eyes watching me from what is now my bedroom (where I strangely don’t feel anything like when I shared rooms with my sister) or the living room. It even appeared in a dream once where I was laying in bed with my sis next to me and suddenly the door opens and I see the red eyes staring at me from the ajar door, holding it with a gray clawed hand. I scream but it was as if no one else could hear me, I mean my sister didn’t even budge or my parents came to check! Luckily I woke up before it did anything. It’s rare for me to see it but recently it feels as if it’s come back.

The article on the shadow people made me remember since both the shadow and the creature (which gives off more like an animalistic feeling) have characteristics of both. I was wondering if you guys could tell me more about them. I’d really appreciate it.

Sent in by Nicole, Copyright 2010

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25 Responses to “Black Shadow Figure with Red Eyes”
  1. Gem says:

    This story was interesting to me because when I was about 15 I kept seeing a dark shadow figure and at one time had red eyes. I’m 18 now also and after a lot of research I discovered that this entity was an evil spirit or demon.
    It attached itself to me because I was an emotional teenage girl and they seem to live off that energy. I felt horrible all the time, until I eventually got rid of it.
    I don’t know what the case with your black show figure, do you sense it’s bad? If it is you will probably have the feeling of horrible dread when it’s around.
    If you come to the conclusion it’s evil, read some of the other articles on this website about how to get rid of it.
    I got my black shadow figure to leave by telling it to leave and in my mind I had this vision of flying through a black tunnel and then into a fire. it was gone after that, after being haunted for 5 years it was gone and I’ve never had a problem with any spirits since.
    I’ve read a few other posts on here with people from similar experiences and they seem to get rid of negative forces by praying or whatever. What ever you believe in, just keep positive and don’t let it attack you like it did to me.
    Good luck and stay safe!

    • Believer says:


      I have also seen a black shadow with red eyes and it was on all fours(arms much longer than it’s legs), this happened to me in a old nuns court.

  2. AnNa bites back says:

    that sounds scary.when you see this thing do you pray?have a cross by your might work it might not all you can do is try.thanks for the story and i hope it goes away.

  3. Dark boy says:

    i see hooded figures and hav red eye vry commonly

  4. O.R.Twin says:

    I recently read “There’s Something Under the Bed!” by Ursula Bielski and theres a chapter where she talks about these Shadow People or Shadow Men.

    It says that these spirts are entities that pose real danger to people and especially children. The book says: “Some researchers believe that Shadow People are…malevolent and…demonic in nature.These figures are only recognizable as “people” because they have red eyes.”

    It goes on to say that the way to keep them at bay is to place a night light inside the closet or to sprinkle water in the room or have a pass at the shower before bed. “Even stepping over the garden hose while its running can temporarly end the connection.”

    Hope this helps!

  5. aimz says:

    this story freaked me out has i have a fear of anything with red eyes even saying it scares me so your story really scared me, if it had of happend to me i really think i would of passed out … i hope you never see it again .. good story

  6. aserah says:

    Hi, your experience is quite scary and similar to an experience i had last year. I was 28, i fell asleep having normal dreams. I woke in a state of being semi asleep/ awake. My eyes were focused on a dark beast like figure with beaming red eyes watching me only a few steps away as i slept. I was staring at it for a few seconds when it realised i could see it and i felt that it was startled and in disbelief that i could see it. It came at me like the speed of light. I sat up and was screaming as it got closer and closer. When i really came to i found my self screaming trying to get out my bedroom window which was above my bed. I seen it on the other side of the window and still screaming my partner grabbed my arm. I took my eyes off the “beast” and looked at my partner. I turned back to see if it was there but it was gone. To this day i am still investigating what i saw. I was not experiencing sleep paralysis but i felt this thing was evil. I also feel i scared it more than it scared me. As if it didnt think it possible i could see it. very scary.

  7. Lee Lucero says:

    i have the same thing and expierence same exact dates we should gather

  8. lee buchannon says:

    A few years back, I encountered black figures with red eyes. Now I’m turning 17 on the 21st. All my dreams since then have came true and all of them have had these creatures. I feel like they’re trying to tell me something but I don’t know what. My dreams have been acting weird lately and now I’m starting to see more then one. Now I see about five of them at the same time.

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    • 10 more days until christmas AnNa says:

      well what the caretaker had told me once is write down your might not seem like it then when you do it but when you do read your dreams later on it will mean something.if that makes sence

      • Caretaker says:

        Yes, keeping a dream journal is very important, essential, if you want to connect with and understand your dreams.

  9. Cristina says:

    Red eyes, black eyes and the clawed hand is a demon. 110% secure. Every TV program, show by evidence that dark shadow or figure with black or red eyes is a demon..

    I already have personal experience and already see them and they identify as demons.

  10. Shady says:

    I saw a red eyed being outside my window when I was just a child and even had dreams in which i relived that moment.

  11. Emely says:

    I looked up your story in hope that some1 had the same experience i did. I’m 14 but when i was 12 somethin similar happened. I was at my elementary school gym (5th grade) and i was in a fight with some friends so i was alone sitting on the floor looking outside toward the field. Then i saw a black shadowy type thing with red eyes i was scared but then not scared i felt i couldn’t move. It didnt come towards me but i wanted to go towards it i got up but then my friend Alyssa came and said we had to go back to class. I was jst so out of it that i blinked and suddenly i was in the hall in front of my class Alyssa told me i didn’t move so she dragged me to class but i dnt remember that. The same thing happened the next day but then i told my friends and then i never saw it again. It was CREEPY

  12. umarie says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! the part where u talked about yor dreams made me cry in shock! I HAD A DREAM JUST LIKE THAT….i was on my bed and my 2 sister were lying on each side of me (they were sleeping) THEN this black figure (looked like he had a tophat and cane) came walking through my door!! i wanted to run to my mother room SOOOO badly but i couldnt. it walked accross my room, looked at me with red eyes..and disappeared out of the wondow

  13. Snake551 says:

    well i had a similar thing once i was just lying there in my bed and i felt cold so i opened my eyes to check out if my window was open and then there it was this black figure with red eyes just staring at me i was really scared i tried to move but i couldnt then i tried to scream but still i couldnt even open my mouth.after a while a managed to close my eyes
    and thats when it got even worse this figure was so close to me that i could feel its breath at that time i opened my eyes and this figure was right next to me and it was still getting closer then i managed to wake up i started sreaming.Dont really know why but it seems like i forgot how it looks after i woke up apart from red eyes.

    i did some research on it and i found lots mostly it said that it was an evil spirit or a demon but thing is that i only sensed saddness and pain from it i was scared but i wasnt worried so thats why i kept on searching and then i talked with my close friend about it and he said
    that it can be my own soul however it didnt give me much information because im not really a guy who gets sad over things and then he told me that we got 2 souls evil one and a good one
    then it all made more sense
    even so i still want to know more

  14. Graziella says:

    i read these stories and i see I’m not alone, I had an experience when I was about 11 years old, my brother was with me, he must have been around 13, it was early morning around 6 am sun still rising kinda dark still, I was heading to the car and there it was the back right side of my dads car tire, it was small around 2 feet tall huge red eyes and jumping up and down i have no idea why but it freaked me out and i ran in the car along with my brother who also saw it, he just remembers something with red eyes, i remember a lot more a black shadow thing with red eyes, but i was so scared i didn’t bother looking very long i just ran, but after that day never again saw it, but no one believed me either. It drove me crazy cause I know what i saw, and i do believe it was one of those child demons.

  15. Graziella says:

    btw has anyone seen a smaller demon besides the big one?

  16. Rork says:

    These kind of creatures are reported very often and are tied to sucides at the locations they are seen in. Most people who witness these creatures feel a sense of sadness and hopelessness for days afterwords or until they remove themselves from the area. These feelings can lead to suicide or loss of the will to live if exposed for to long to the direct influence of the creature.
    Reports of these beings come from all times and all around the world. They seem to have a hatred of humans and wish to drive them to hurt themselves. They are often described as tall dark shadows with red eyes and are often announced by the arrival of a small shadowy forms that dart about the area. Often they are seen just at the limits of vision. Many times these smaller creatures are missed or just passed off as the mind playing tricks on someone.
    Strong emotions such as fear, terror etc. give these things strength and anyone that does not “feed” them is driven from the area by the those influenced by the creatures. If you encounter these creatures and feel strong destructive emotions, get away from the area and let someone, shaman, preist, etcetera know what is there and follow their advice. Justr follow what you truely beleive in and get help.
    Some would call these demons, but they could also be the souls of people that are completely consumed with anger or hate when they died and it continues to grow in them.
    Those of you who are seeing these things, please don’t write me off as a nut and please get the help I suggest! You or your loved ones could be in danger if you don’t know what you are dealing with. I come from a long line of a Northern Welsh family that has delt with the other worlds for centuries and have been trained since childhood. I consul several Native American tribes and am experienced in dealing with such things and even I am in danger whenever dealing with them.

    • Graziella says:

      Well I only saw it when I was around 8 years old, I told my mom friends but no one believed me they thought i was making it up or saw a rabbit or something, but I know what I saw and it was no rabbit. I was going to school that day and it was a church school, I prayed for God to help me and never again saw it, i suppose that’s what helped me not see it again, thank the Lord all mighty

  17. lunamoth says:

    I am interested in this subject. I am from a large family. Many members of our family have seen this dark figure with red eyes. The younger children also see it and often become afraid that it is there to hurt someone. I have not actually seen this being. Though I do sense it’s presence and I do feel that it is a harmful thing. Myself and two of my siblings have also experienced almost like paralysis in the middle of the night. Feeling like someone was holding you down on the bed. It was believed that this was a dream until my brother actually heard my muffled attempt to call for help. Upon opening the door he saw a mist over me and was not able to enter the room. After what seemed like hours, but were only minutes my brother was able to get into my room and pull me off the bed. Anyone experience things like this? Have a clue to what my family is dealing with? This has been going on for several years.

  18. ohio girl says:

    So yesterday I wnt to my sisters house. We were having a good visit I asked her do u believe in ghost.. out of blue.. She looked at me and said her son Chris has had something in her room it’s been tryying to choke him and he afraid to sleep at night .. He 17 years old he made her put a nightlight up andd everything. So I got up went to his bedroom soon as I walked in his room I felt all goosebumps all over me. I yelled for herI asked if she felt it she looked at me and she got goosebumps all over her. I said I have them too. I instantly went out of room collect my thoughts. We started talking more about I asked if she brought something in his room lately she looked at me weird and I yelled think. She said yeah a old antquie stand. That her 6 year old had and he had nightmares about a guy in black with red eyes she always thought 6 yearold was silly.. SO I went to 17 years old room and said by blood of Jesus I reboke u satan.. Then the goosebumps went all through our body. So I went outside called my mom a really religous christian told her she had to come out asap. While we outside my sister oldest son came by we sent him t the 17 year old room. We didn’t speak of nothing to him we wanted feel if he felt what we was. We though we was crazy!!! A few seconds later the oldest son came out and his eyes were watering and haor was standing up on his arm.. My mom finally made it she went to room with her bible closed door and prayed to the Lord with her Bible.. U can feel it still there not as strong.. I was telling mu husband about he said right below Tara hillabout 20 years ago there was a Devil place. Has something from there found way to my sisters house. My 17 year old nephew scared to death he even made my mom which his grandma sleep with him last night.. we are so openfor anything. We even took the old stand and burnt it yesterday..

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