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Black Shadow Figure Sleep Paralysis

Posted on October 30, 2010

In my mothers side of the family they get premonitions when people die. I cant remember if anything happened to me before 8, but I do remember that I was always terrified of the dark and being alone. At that time I also participated in a few games of Ouija. (Ouija Board).

We moved to another country and when I was around 12 I started to wake up and then there was a black shadow figure right next to my bed. This happened about 3 times that year and I was only mildly paralyzed and not afraid at that moment. I dont know why, but I always tried to reach out and touch it, then fell asleep. My mother says she saw it in my bedrooms doorway once when she went to the bathroom.

It happened a few times more during later years. Just mildly, but at 17 during important exams it happened continually and it was different. I didnt see anything. I just woke up paralyzed, feeling scared and as if theres a male presence in my room. Whenever I would fall asleep it would happen a few times more in the same night. So I learned to stay awake after it happened once, reading a book under the bed covers to keep awake.

I went to the pastor, he told me to pray and that he would do the same. Plus I saw that it mostly happened when I was on my back, so I tried sleeping only on my stomach. If anyone has watched the movie Paranormal Activity they would know that sound it makes when its near. Sometimes I hear that sound.

For a year it stopped. Im 19 now and it started up again. It was different. I was always in a dream, then I would get paralyzed and know that it was there. and then I would wake up and still be paralyzed. But 2 months ago, I was sleeping on my side this time and was so mad that it was back again, that I cursed at it in my head. It went away and I fell back to sleep, because I was drained. and it came back. Stronger this time. It felt angrier and it pushed me form behind, while I resisted as hard as I could. I think its motive was to press me so that my face would be in the mattress to smother/suffocate me. Eventually it went away. I was to afraid to fall back asleep so I put the light on and just sat in my bed trying to keep busy. I found that it usually comes to me between half past 2 and 4.

Last night, it came again. I was on my side again, but it came from the front. I always sleep with the bed covers almost completely covering my head. I felt its hands gripping my shoulders and it kissed my forehead while pressing me down hard. It said: I love you in my mothers voice and kissed me again on my forehead. I couldnt see because the covers was over my eyes. In between I was still praying all the time, or rather I tried. I kept forgetting to pray as if it was preventing me from praying. When it was over the room was empty.

Extra info. I cant remember what age I was, but I once woke up and saw a translucent guy at my door. The door was closed so he was very visible against the dark door. But I didnt feel threatened or scared. Just fell asleep and remembered it the next morning.

Does anyone have any help to stop this. Ive taken up drinking when Im too scared to fall asleep. In most cases I sleep throughout the night.

Sent in by Rochelle, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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17 Responses to “Black Shadow Figure Sleep Paralysis”
  1. trolldoll says:

    drinking is going to make it worse if you get really drunk. a couple to relax you is okay. alcohol alters the brains chemistry and you may need to see someone about these experiences.

  2. AnNa bites back says:

    thats not good to drink for that reason,who knows pretty soon you will become an alcohlic if you keep that up.no offence.have the bible by your bed have a cross above your bed.talk to a priest see if he can cleanse the place out.im sorry your going through that.let us know if things change.

  3. sharayah says:

    im sorry you are dealing with this unclean thing.the only thing i can say is pray before you go to sleep say the lords prayer than ask God for help please believe in Gods help.stop drinking,this thing want you in a bad state of mind don’t give it what it wants. has this just been in your room? if so try sleeping someware else if you can. ask your mom to get the house blessed.if i was you i would try eveything to get it out. :( im sorry for you. having no sleep sucks so bad :( ( i think it wants you this way tired and scared.

  4. Gemma says:

    Does this demon drain your energy? if you feel tired in the morning then it is. Also can I ask what is the sound you hear?
    Really just try and pray in your life everyday and be close to god – having god in your life will keep it away and say the lords prayer and also the prayers related to Archangel Michael.
    I’ve had experiences with shadow figures/demons and once sleep paralysis and now I have god in my life and pray that I have angels around me and my life is a lot better. :)

  5. Mayur says:

    Hey man look do you sense any kind of evil presence in your room? If yes, then just try to call out the name ‘Jesus’ and everything will be fine. Keep a Bible under your pillow and read it every night before sleep and DO NOT CURSE IT. Coz every time you curse it, it would be more powerfull & full of potential to harm you even take you to death. If this starts happening when you sleep on your stomach side try keeping a sweeping broom below your feet. Every time this happens just don’t get scared and pray as much as you can and don’t let it distract your prayer.

    • sharayah says:

      A broom? How can that help? please tell!

      • MissCOCKY says:

        The wooden broom is an old trick/wives tale to keep the Hag/SP away. I was told by my bf to do that after I bad a brief spell of SP. Also- I understand the drinking. When I used to drink more when I was younger, I never had any dreams, (that I remembered anyway) or SP. So I understand the authors reason for drinking. Peep should chill with the alcoholic thing. I’m just saying. I understand where their coming from.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you shall be saved!”

    I experienced a lot of what you are being tormented with- a “shadow man” entity, a dark cloudy mist which hovered over my bed that felt very evil, an evil presence in my room, all kinds of wierd and evil things that made me scared. This is all demonic!

    After I accepted Jesus into my life I learned that he is more powerful than any demon! He was now within me and I found that it is true that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit within me are greater! The bible teaches: “Greater is He that is in me then he that is in the world” He that is in the world (satan) “Roams about looking for whom to devour.” Don’t be fooled into believing that this entity that is at work in your life seeking to destroy you are greater than God. God is greater- believe in it! Believe in Jesus and in what the bibles says. I did and Took my authority over these entities and insisted they go saying “In the name of Jesus Christ, Get out!” They all left! It took a few times but eventually it all stopped! You can not give up. you must receive Christ, ask him to cleanse you, and then take authority over the evil one! You will have it and be able to do this. join with other believers in a good bible based church and you will also find strength and help there! I will pray for you!

  7. BelleRoux says:

    Why the apparition would use your mother’s voice, I’m not sure. However, if your mother is still around or not, it wouldn’t be this forceful. I’d hate to say you have a poltergeist or demon who is tricking you.

    The best advice I’ve heard is to demand your own house and tranquility from the apparation, then pray. I’m an agnostic (I believe that’s what they call people who are believers of any force out there?), but my family always had a strong affinity for praying. I suggest you confront your prescence with the priest during a blessing. Demand your house and peace of mind back. Be forceful and strong about what you believe a peaceful home is.

    I believe dabbing with the Ouija opened a portal of sorts. It’d be good to research how to close such portals. Good luck. I hope this helps.

  8. Lou ann says:

    Please don’t take up drinking. That’s probably what it wants. Sleep with a Bible under your pillow and say the sinners prayer asking Jesus to save you.God is the answer. Not ouigi boards. God bless u.

  9. anoynmous... says:

    well..in the hmong religion they say when you sleep like a dead person a ghost will come and sit on you…that may be the explanation…well, this is only my opinion but it has happened to my sister and my 2 brothers..my oldest brother said that when it comes focus your anger in one spot and then release it my brother said it has worked for him so you may want to try it if you want to…. oh!! i just remembered something too! my other brother also said that one of his classmates told him that if u do get sat on then try to move your pinky it actually helped him so you may try any of these if you want

  10. michelle says:

    today at 6:50 am i felt something holding me against my wil but yet i couldnt move i felt very cold as if presure was on me
    i heard womens or a childs voice and the sound sort of like the grugde sound. i opened my eyes because i felt it try to open my mouthand i saw a shadow jus a shadow i felt cold gusbomps and my body was getting numb i closed my eyes to see if it would go away and it did but not complelty until i turned on the lights. the feeling running through my body was more of a sence when ur leg falls alseep it was exaclty lik that. this happened to me once but not like this more of a push press down on me and then it s gone but never like this i wasnt scared but overwhelmed what can it be! ?

    i hav a theory but idk if im right help!

  11. kyri says:

    This has been happening to me since I was 4 years old or at least thats how far back I can remember it happening. I have always been plagued by horrific evil nightmares, but they seem so real I really do not believe that they are nightmares at all especially when I am still awake when it happens.
    This only happens when I am alone. Ill be in bed ready to go to sleep and then all of a sudden I’m in this “state.” I don’t remember falling asleep and when in this state I am in bed in the same pj’s, thinking about the same things I was when I was awake. Im completely consciously aware. I start to feel this evil presence in my room and the feeling of evil is so overwhelming that I cant move. It is positively horrifying and terrifying. Sometimes I see a dark murky cloud or shape hovering above me or my bed starts shaking or I’m being levitated off my bed. Sometimes the demon attacks me but its not like its hurting me physically but it feels like it’s attacking my soul or trying to get inside me. It’s so real and I am paralyzed by fear. I cant move or scream. Then I snap out of it and I’m still lying in bed eyes wide but can still feel the evil in my room and sometimes still see that dark cloud/shape above me. It’s still there as I’m running across my room in near hysterics. Or, once I was lying there with my eyes closed and heard someone walk up my stairs, across my room and then felt them sit down on my bed. (I was thinking that it was my boyfriend) I opened my eyes and nobody was sitting on my bed and then I started feeling that evil presence. I am now 33 years old and have been plagued with this my whole life. Sometimes I am scared to go to sleep and always sleep with a dim light on because it always come in the dark if I am alone. It’s driving me crazy. Every time it happens I recite the lords prayer over and over and think about Jesus and it has never helped! In fact, when I start praying, I can tell that it makes it even angrier and attacks me even harder.

  12. Sledge the Rockstar says:

    OMG! I thought I was f’n crazy. I have had these experiences all my life I’m 37 now and I’ve earnestly tried prayer, that just pisses it off and it laughs. The lords prayer before bed I have found actually can bring it. My wife has witnessed this happen to me and she’s terrified. My brother had it happen with what he called the “devil” in his doorway in a room that eventually became mine. That’s when it started but now its followed me all over the world. I can’t get rid of it. I’ve accepted Jesus into my heart and still the shadow man or feeling something terrible is there still happens. I feel for all of you as I know how terrifying this is GOD help us all!

  13. Tigranes Karamyans says:

    You are not alone Id like to share what has recently happened to me.
    I recently turned 20 and this year has changed my life, I figured out that my family has a few curses set but my lover recently confessed to cursing me as well. I was skeptical of curses and spells up until now. A month back I had woken up because of a heavy weight on my body, sure enough I opened my eyes thinking that some one might have been messing around with me in my sleep. It was around 3-5 as well and when I opened my eyes I saw a shadowy figure, It was in the form of a human body (form of my lover to be exact) the figure had No face and no features, all black as if it was a thick shadow or the smoke you get from burning a car tire.It was sitting on my knees and looking directly at my face It laughed with a sinister laugh. I tried to scream but my voice was not working and I could barely move my arms. Everything aside I thought that the room might have been haunted so I didnt sleep there ever again. When I returned home from my uncles house which is where that happened I was sure that this will not happen again. I was wrong, I woke up to the same heaviness only this time I was sleeping on my side not my back and I saw it with the side of my eye it felt like it was choking me. Both of the times it lasted less than 2 minutes but both of the times I was concience and aware of it happening I was not in a dream world and I was not hullucinating. I am not sure what to call this a poltergeist or demon all I know is I still cannot sleep until the sun rises. If anyone experienced this before please share.

  14. Anonymous says:

    His name is Azazel and he’s no joke he’s real, he’s a Demon. He’s one of the elders meaning he’s been doing this a while and has practice dealing with the Lords prayer. He has been visiting me for a long time, since childhood. I’ve only recently gotten his name.I can’t stop him, no-one can. I don’t know yet why he does this, maybe just to get our energy? Thr exact same things havr happened to me, kisses and I love you, in my mother’s voice and all. One time when I was a teen he was there when I woke from a nightmare and was in my mother’s form, then changed back and laughed. Serious shit!

  15. ngoyab says:

    OMG..i can’t believe it’s not only me who saw this black shadow in my dream..i came across this weird figure a couple of months ago..im having a normal sleep..when i woke up i saw this smoke-like shadow flying on the ceiling..i dont believe in vampires or any spooky creatures so i was wondering wat was im seeing..then all of a sudden the shadow attacked me i so began to panic..i was paralyzed & i cant move any muscle..i tryd to shout because i saw my brother sleeping in his bed next to my bed..but i couldn’t wake him..i am aware that im still on d state of sleep & so I freaked out & wanted to wake up..i struggled very hard lyk in all my sleep paralysis experiences..i knew i could wake up if i managed to move my leg/head or open my eyes..it feels lyk i woke up several times, but still im paralyzed and d shadow is still haunting me..& finally wen i wake up in real world i had sweat all over my body..& it feels lyk i ran several kilometers and catching my breath..
    now i hope we could find d answer y we are experiencing this weird feeling while sleeping

    my theory is that, the shadow is a reflection caused by the ceiling fan on my room
    i’ve experience several situation were sleep paralysis occur..but it was only once or twice that i saw that “BLACK SHADOW”
    i also experience SP wen i 4got to turn-off the lights in d ceiling..its so bright that its hard to open my eyes wen i wanted to wake up..
    SP also occurs wen im sleeping in an uncomfortable position where i can’t easily move..
    i gues SP could also be linked to an eye or internal organ deficiency
    i sometimes saw stars like flying light wen i rubbed my eyes..
    i was diagnosed of having gallstone (cholelithiasis & cholecystitis)
    sometimes my chest hurts like a nail of pin was driven inside..hope this can help
    im 26 male
    ive been experiencing SP while i was 5 or 6 years old wen an insect bite my lips..it never happen again until i reached college..pls post comment and let’s figure out what we are experiencing..T.Y.

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