Black Mist Cloud Entity

Posted on September 11, 2009

I�m a male whom has had similar experiences with the black mist / cloud entity (White Figure and the Black Mist) before.

To explain my experiences it begins as a kid at age 6 – 7. We lived in an apartment building that was known to be haunted by sprits / demons / ghosts / vampires / supernatural / unknown. This was confirmed by my siblings other family members and other residents living in the building. Everyone mostly would see or hear the same or similar this like, shadows, feet walking, dishes moving or dropping etc. But between that time my dad was attacked by some entity that was jumping, or punching him in the stomach during sleep waking him, my mother and baby sister sleeping in the same room. My mom and dad said the thing jumped off the bed ran out the room into the hallway and disappeared. This was all in the dark.

After we moved from that place between the ages of 8 – 12; I experienced �sleep paralysis� symptoms at my new place and some hearing of foot step or wind/hand quickly moving past my head ear area different times. I could feel the wind motion but no one there this was in a room where the windows were closed and air was still. My sleep paralyses were near death experiences. During the years between ages 8 – 12 I slept alone and I would experience at night/early morning before daylight being held down and cannot move, breathe for air, or talk to call for help.

Now our family is Creole American/Caribbean but I was born here. We are Christian/catholic on both sides and are very aware and are open minded to the reality of other religions, tribal/ritual practices, spirits, beings, supernatural, God/Gods, and the unknown. When I told my parents of this we began to visit church more often. Then one day my grandmother told me to call on �God� by saying �The Blood of Jesus�. Then anytime after that, I had to call on the�blood of Jesus� for it to release me for near death or not breathing. Dying slowly and popping back is not fun!

At the age of 12 my half brother and our cousin moved in with us and we all shared my room my sister had there own room then it stopped. On top of that our apartment was across the street from a old large scale graveyard site.

Now when I saw this dark/black mist entity, I was 23 years old and living in an apartment with roommates sleeping in my own room with the door closed and window open on the second floor between 7 pm and 9:30 pm. I felt very weakened and could barely move my body I also felt the presences of a head and body of someone hovering looking over at me. I cracked my right eye open a bit to see who was present and saw a misty black cloudy face. I quickly told my self I did see that reopened my eyes seen. Then it quickly moved into the top wall corner of my room. I blinked and lashed up at it to defend my self/attack it and it vanished out the room/window.

I recently had a conversation with one of my ex roommates that lived at this apartment and he told me he saw the same image in the apartment too. Honest to God!

Over the last few years to current things have been ok. I live with my current girlfriend domestic partner. Weird things happen but no ridiculous supernatural or paranormal activity in our new place. Maybe some foot taps/walking on the wood floor when were sleep on occasion. But over my life there have been a couple other things like people friends our co worker pointing out bruises or wired marks on my body in a visible area when I did not to any thing or recall bruising the area.

This last thing is gonna sound weird they could have been dreams or? But not to mix up with flying dreams once in a while between dream/sleep phases I have felt my body levitate on occasion from age 10 plus. One of time I remember I was sleeping and just before sunrise I felt light felt my face and body touch the ceiling and as a annoyed sleeper would do. I pushed against the ceiling in order to move myself from the discomfort and push my self back down about 3 – 4 feet or arms length from the ceiling and realizing that people don�t float in mid air. I felt my body fall crash the rest of the 3 – 4 feet on to my top mattress of my single size bed. I woke up then slept a little longer. When I fully got up I later checked under my bed/box spring lower matters and the wood to support my back area was broken. I am an average 6 foot plus guy about 195 – 215 lbs how can this happen? I can�t explain it maybe to bed was old or I turned too hard? I didn�t jump on the bed!

These are my experiences maybe someone has a some serious scientific, religious or logical answers to explain my supernatural experiences.

Sent in by “B.”, Copyright 2009

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17 Responses to “Black Mist Cloud Entity”
  1. Pat says:

    Wow! That was a lot of information. I am aware of astral projection which sounds like something you are subconsciously doing. As far as the spirit you must be very sensitive to the spirit world… I myself see more appartions than mists/forms but there all all types of paranormal phenomena around us. I am sorry for you dad being viciously attacked like he was….thanks for sharing… the more you know about all things paranormal the more you can accept what happens to you! I hope this helped!

  2. clever chicago rubio woods il. says:

    i was 23 all so and wit 4 friends looking for batchlor grove ceme. i’m 29 now so say 2000 2001 there are so many woods around their that if you don,t know where it is or someone show you u won;t find it so we see a sighn saying Irquios spirit trail well i took a pic and we found a trail it was a little over grown but we went anyway. about half way down the trail we here like a wolf or cycote howling well we looked at each other and kept going then again but 3 more well we started walking faster then we heard a scream we all said may be their’s people in the cemetary , then like 10 people screaming we started saying what the hell is going on are the trying to scare people oh and they were loud REAL LOUD enought to cover our ear wit our hands\. well we kept going and came to a bike path to the right it was sun down so it was like a orangeish out but some sun to the left the biggest black cloud from the ground to the tops of the trees and it sounded like people being burned alive, well 2 of my friends ran but pete and me covering our ears yelled which way u want to go he laughed and pointd to the darkness so it was about 25 yardes in front of us but as we started walking towards it i think it came to us cuz we only took five steps towards it and we were in it, oh and my sony video camera and light was going on and off , well i remeber coughing a lot and my friend was right next to me but i could not see him. it look like dust particals but with crazy movements, well we ended up running from it and went back again alot saw one more time but it was running and disapaited in the tops of the trees. since then i have been digonised wit chrones dies. ulcerrated collitis ibs seem it gave me real bad stomach issues. it hurts when i eat so that my expericence hope it did not hurt u phyical like it did me not to many people see the cloud the see shadow people so to hear somthing like mine exp. makes me exicited write back.

  3. john says:

    i have had experences like that with the black mist its as if im being held down while the entity sucks the life out of me it has attacked me before i have had 3 scratched from my neck to me belly button and the next day the were gone i do have scars from it and it has ben comming to me ever sence i was 5 years old it feels as if its non humen and it does follow me i have moved 3 times to try and get away from it and every time i move it just gets worse it has attacked my dad 3 times to the point where he had to get stitches please if any body can help me get rid of this ive ben asking every one for years now help me!!!!!

    • Linda says:

      Hi John, I hope you get this message. I have had some encounters with the spirit world too over the years. From a kick in the back whilst in bed when I was 11 yrs old to a misty cloud hoovering over me but those were in the days when I was a sinner, I have since repented. I’ll allways be a sinner but you need constant work to protect yourself. You must humble yourself before God and beg for forgiveness. I believe spirits follow righteous people, spirits know our future that we dont and satan has given them jobs to do. Looks like they’re doing their jobs well. Remember to use Gods name Jehovah or other renderings work just as well. Gods name is like molten tar to evil spirits. You must get rid of pagan things which attract these spirits like idols even a cross or crucifix . God wants us to worship him not images or idols. Other pagan things include astrology, numerology when you start looking for these things ask the holy spirit to guide you on your quest. I assure you the life change no matter how ridiculous will make a vast difference. Remember no church can help you as satan has put his mark even on them. There is not one denomination which has it all right, there are flaws in them all. And to study the bible is the best way of all to get it right. I’ve learned a lot in the last two years and things which I wouldnt learn if I went to church. I hope I;m able to help you get rid of the spirit that provoking you. Please let me know. I believe that the tribulation will be with us soon and now is the time to protect ourselves, our family and our friends. Its your job too. Once people realise why these spirits are attracted to them via their pagan anti god lifestyles, they will open their eyes. Remember the church is steeped in paganism. God is who we celebrate and nothing else is acceptable, easy once you try. Please give it a go.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We moved into a house that wasbuilt in 1892 by a doctor. My husband has seen black mists on different occasions. Once his mother was visiting and sleeping in our son’s bed w/our son on an air mattress on the floor. we were sitting in the living room around 11pm and my husband jumped up and ran into the other room. He told me he thought he saw our 6yr old son come out of his room so he had got up to cut him off and scare him. But when he got there there was no one there! he checked our son who was sleeping sound. The next morning BEFORE he told his mom what happened she said she woke up to find a little blond boy (our son has dark hair) standing at the side of the bed staring at her. Another time when we were getting our son ready for bed, w/the house quiet we all heard something that sounded like a single guitar string note. I heard on 2 occasions someone say “come over here” and once someone saying my name. I searched the house and no tv or radios were on. We recently had a paranormal team come. They saw 2 different times a black mist in the dining room where my dog goes crazy staring and barking at almost every night. They are coming back this fri. to show us evidence of the “many” evps they got! There were a few other things but it would make this comment much longer than it already is!

  5. Theresa says:

    I’ve had an experience with what I call the black Mass! My fiance at the time and I were laying in bed, we had fallen asleep with the light on in the room. The lamp in the corner of the room near the foot of the bed on my side. I had an awful nightmare. The nightmare – I woke to the black mass which was about 5′x3′, looked like a black kidney bean or jelly bean, it pulsated and had a very low hum (the movie The Fifth Element often comes to mind for me). I’m an artist and do a lot of cartoon work and children’s books, so my artistic mind put a white outline and polka dots like a cartoon. It looked silly but the energy was “all” darkness and nothing that I could fathm. It was NOT of this world. I felt almost that it was the reaper or something, I believe it wanted my fiance’s life. I sensed the darkness and sat straight up in the bed and screamed!!! As my eye’s opened, nothing changed. My dream was reality and I had been seeing the room as it truly was. So I sat looking at it, trying to understand what was happening. By then it had slowly moved to the upper corner of the room, down by my feet, on my side still. My fiance still laying down, put his hand on my lower back and said, “it’s ok.” I said, “No, it is NOT ok.” He said, “yes it is.” I told him that he didn’t see what I did and he told me he did see the black mass and that he was familiar with it and that it comes in different forms. I was very freaked out at the feeling and became very angry. I screamed at it to go away and it disappeared in a puff of dust. It looked light a cartoon puff of smoke. I have talked to people but haven’t learned much about this and am very interested in knowing more. Does anyone relate with this story? It was not a cloud, it was more solid like. I think I could have touched it and felt something solid there.

    • Big Chief says:

      Hmm, whats freaky is your boyfriend saying that it is ok and he is familiar with the black mass. You need to talk to him about what that black mass is. He must have done something in the past that he’s not telling you. You need to drill him about it.

    • AnNa says:

      i agree ask him,bug him about it.what is it,what does it want.

    • Allynne says:

      Do Noy Touch It. It is not a good thing. It is a demon. Do not welcome it or allow it to stay in your life.

    • Rosey says:

      When you figure out what the black cloud is let me know. I’ve been waking up to it about 5 times in a year. I dont’t know what it means but it scares me!

  6. Unsure says:

    I have seen a black mist but it is different than the previous comments. It happened in 2002. I was 23 years old. I worked in retail and was going in the back stockroom around 8pm at night. I went upstairs in the receiving area. At this part of the building you can see all the way down at the end of the receiving area which is about 75 feet away. I was on the phone with my girlfriend when I noticed a black mist or black cloud at the end of the stockroom. Best way to describe it was a black cloud that I could not look through. It was in the corner of the wall and came all the way across the stockroom/receiving area right next to me within seconds. It moved so fast I remember I was just in awe of it. It came right next to me and went through a vent that was behind me. It just moved so fast from 75 feet away to behind me in about 4 to 5 seconds. Once it went into the vent (never stopping it just moved along as if it didn’t know i was there) one of the five vent lips (2nd from the top) started to rattle at a crazy speed and making a lot of noise. At this time I got scared and ran to the other side of the stockroom. My girlfriend heard the noise that the vent lip made and asked what had happened. It was pretty scary but within a minute I ran back to the vent and nothing seemed unusual. I was at this job for 8 years and nothing like this had ever happened but 1 month before I quit this happened. There was always rumors of ghosts at this store but i never believed it because I worked all hours and never heard/saw anything. Not sure why I saw this black mist but I think the mist wanted to me to know that this was real.
    I hope this helps others out there….although some people have had negative experiences with these entities, my experience, although scared me at first, actually made me excited and curious of the afterlife.

  7. Allynne says:

    A black mist is a demon. They suck! Just remember to ask your angels for protection every day (they can only do so much before it ‘interfere’s’ with your life so they need your permission to be more ‘in your face’ if you will).

    I was a young teen when I experienced it. To be honest, that was the most pleasent evil thing I’ve met. The others were terrifying!

    At the moment I’m dealing with a little girl in my house…still trying to figure out if she’s a white entity or negative (she just showed up 2 days ago) but Im pretty sure she’s just visiting.

    FYI: Orbs are angels, probably your guardian angel(s)

  8. shelbee says:

    I’ve had similar things happen to me, starting from when I was about 8. I’d wake up feeling this weird, very uncomfortable feeling. And I’d try to get up but couldn’t cuz I was being forced down, for some reason I couldn’t speak either cuz I’d always try to yell to my sister across my bedroom for help, but nothing would come out. Im now 17 and this has happened about 6 – 8 times, but one of my last attacks happened about a year and a half ago,it was definitely the most terrifying of them all. My mom has a paper route she has to do early in the morning, and I had a little brother that would get scared without someone sleeping by him, so she yelled for me to come sleep by him at 3 in the morning. My mom had left and I had gone into my brothers room. I was facing the tv which wasn’t on but I could see the reflection of the hallway and the bathroom on the tv cuz the bathroom light was on. And I laid there wide awake just staring at the reflection thinking, when I saw this dark black thing come from the hallway and come into the bedroom on the reflection and then off the tv reflection which it was now behind me. And then I felt my back get really hot and I couldn’t move it was there for at least five minutes but right before it left I heard this really raspy hard loud breathing on my neck and then it was gone, I could tell it was gone cuz my back wasn’t burning and I didn’t have the weird feeling anymore. That was the first time I’d seen felt and heard it and its definitely something i’ll never forgot, it was a lot scary then this sounds that’s for sure.. :/

    • shelbee says:

      Oh and I come from a family of 8 and I was the only one with these problems…whatever that means? Comment what u think if you’d likr

  9. anil says:

    i saw a dark black hand of mist last night 2 times and last month i saw her with my closed eyes front of my room door. the lady is black mist.! dont understand what did she want.?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I experienced a blavck mist/cloud in my bedroom in the corner by the ceiling and door-that’s been 22 years ago. At that time my daughter was 18 months old-we lived in Indiana at the time. She is 24 yrs old and married now-her husband and her just bought their first home-she’s had drawings on doors, toilet seats, and a door drawn on the front of her house now! Things(her perfume bottles) lined up in a row she moves them back in the corner and she will come back and they’re lined up again! My daughter has had other experiences living in geogia and at her dads house in Indiana. She calls me crying that ” whatever it is is following her”. Please help if u can!!

    • Anonymous says:

      i don’t want to freak u out. but that is a demon. it has probably fallowed u for a while and once u became pregnant it got stonger and chose to never leave. children are easy targets, the younger the better for them. this particular one is not the kind that u can just ask to leave ur house, because it dosnt attatch to items it attaches to people. the only way to get rid of it is to ask a preist to exercise it. if u dont it will get worse and hore dangerouse as time gose by. and if she has children now or ever decised to it will probly decide to go after them like i said they like kids. if she hasnt been physicly harmed yet she will. for her and her and everyone around hers safty. i beg u please please contact a preist. this is nothing to put of or play with it can and will get hostle. its just a matter of time. one thing u can try is to make an alter on a table or fire place set candles up and put something in the middle as a peace offering i would sudgest perfumes of some sort since it likes to touch hers. light the candles and loudly have HER say this is for you, its a gift from me. it may make thing quit down for the time being but it wont make it leave. once she dose this if the bottle move u will piss it off and it will retaliate so put it out of reach. i hope this helps u

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