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Black Cat back from the Dead

Posted on August 22, 2009

You can say what you want and I really hope that there may be someone out there who might have experience in truth or myth about the 9 lives of cats or someone who can give me a story of your own that can compare with this.

I will start out with the events that this event made me wonder if it had something to do with them. First of all, my husband had a major heart attack accompanied by a stroke that left him disabled. He had to learn how to walk and talk again. His speech was slurred. He had to have a feeding tube in his stomach because his food would go into his lungs and he couldn’t tell so they call it silent aspiration. He could choke to death and no one would even know he was choking.

I stayed at his bedside for 5 weeks, not receiving the doctors reports, gently trying to prepare me for his death, at first, and after he survived the 5 bypass surgery, he supposedly would be severely brain damaged for the rest of his life. No. Not receiving that either and today he is doing great. He is disabled but our lives are balanced. His heart attack took place in August of 2003.

My husband had been home and recovering well. The worry that my daughter and I carried was pretty strong. We were constantly worried that he was going to have another heart attack. By this time, the feeding tube had been removed and we were going about life on a daily basis, taking care of each other and our animals which consisted of 4 dogs and a black cat named Midnight. She was my baby who was an outside cat and pretty dominant.

Out of nowhere another black cat was at our house. This cat had a few differences in him that we were able to tell them apart easily. The sound he made when he (I’m not real literate about cats) “meowed”, was more deep, a little strange. His tail was kind of flat as was his face, compared to midnights. We named him BC for Black Cat. BC took up to my husband which was weird to us because my husband isn’t like my daughter and me who love our animals with hugs and kisses and so on. BC would immediately begin rubbing up against my husband’s legs, jump up on his lap when he sat down, purring and hugging his face up against my husband’s belly, getting as close to him as he could. He took to BC as did we all but he was considered my husband’s cat.

I came home from work one evening, my daughter crying and my husband explaining to me that they spotted BC in the yard, having what seemed to be a seizure. They ran out there and he picked him up but BC died in his hands. He laid BC on the porch, wondering what to do and decided that he was going to have our son bury him when our son was supposed to be at our house 2 days from that day which would be a Thursday. It was a Tuesday when BC died. He had put him in the shed, wrapped in a bag. It was cold out so we were fortunate that BC would last without decomposing for 2 days. The ground was hard so we figured our son would be able to dig a good deep hole.

So, Thursday morning comes and I am getting ready for work. My son is going to be there that evening. My daughter is heading out the door to go wait for her bus. I am standing in front of the mirror when my husband and daughter come up to the doorway with a look of total disbelief on their faces. “BC is alive!” my daughter says. I look at them like they’re crazy and tell them, “No he’s not”, but when my husband, still looking bewildered says, “He really is”, I ran out to the front porch and sure enough, there was that cat, right beside Midnight. He looked ragged and the sound of his “meow” was deeper and weaker. He looked up at me and when I looked into his eyes which were (always) a yellowish color, it was weird. It was almost like looking into nothingness. I can’t explain it. Like you could look into his eyes and it was like looking at a clear blue sky… it just never ends. And, it was as if he wasn’t really seeing anything. Not like he was blind but just no thoughts. We all freaked out over this and went about our day. We never saw BC after that again. He just disappeared as quickly as he had appeared on our doorstep.

I still wonder what that was all about and of course, for awhile I became very afraid something was going to happen to my husband. When he continued to get better with each day, I sometimes wonder if something was going to happen to him and this cat showed up and took it into itself, dying from it and then… I don’t know! That was 6 years ago and my husband is still doing great. He has had his ups and downs but he is doing great otherwise.

Written by Anna Bales, Copyright 2009

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23 Responses to “Black Cat back from the Dead”
  1. Andie says:

    My opinion is that the cat took what could have happened to your husband on itself, thus saving your husband’s life..
    Guardians, as some may call them, come in all sorts of forms. I believe that the cat you are speaking of, BC, is one of those guardians. The reason he left might vary, tho… He might still be around your house, or he may have went to aid someone else.

    God bless

  2. Jamie says:

    wow i love this story… i agree with the person above, that maybe god sent this cat to bear your husbands burden… and that’s so freakin awesome..

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    yes i too believe this cat was meant to help your husband some i think call them familiars and after he came back i think he was in spirit form.. wonderful story!! thanks i have 4 cats and they are all different but special!!!

  4. elephant says:

    I agree with all of the above because they all agree with each other. I have two cats. I used to have three but Sid passed away in June. I miss him.

  5. allan says:

    awww i love cats.poor BC when i first started reading i thought the he was there probebly to kill your husband suffocate him or something but took a nice turn.sadley ending BCs life RIP BC :)

  6. edith says:

    i dont like cats but ive heard they do have 9 lives. i like this story a lot. i wish my dog that passed away came back. my dad gave him to me when he was a puppy and i was in elementry school. he passed away when i was 15 yrs old. i really miss him i have his bones from where we had burried him and un burried him when we moved.

  7. Madeleine says:

    That is a great story. I do believe that BC may have been there to help protect your husband. I had a cat for over 23 years. I had her since I was 2 years old and it was like we could communicate with each other and know what each other was thinking. Cats are very special.

    I cannot imagine what you have all been through with the medical issues. I am really glad that your husband is doing well !!

  8. Hayley says:

    That is a great story! BC is prob trying to help you get through the drama. And help protect your husbund. :)

  9. Mellisa says:

    I don’t know much about cats either, but some countries consider cats are special like Japan for example. They have lots of believes about cats. don’t ask me what because I’m not clear myself, but yes cats can be a familiar too and can be so considerate towards their owners.

  10. Stephanie says:

    people can say what they want, but i believe that deep down in your heart you know the answer…and that the cat was no ordinary cat-maybe not a cat at all. But its true what they say, cats are very sacred creatures and sometimes understand us and feel us like no other animal. Im not a cat owner, but have always believed that they hold a certain power…maybe that sounds nuts…but get close enough with a cat and you’ll start thinking the same

  11. kristen:-p says:

    i had acat named smokey he to was a black cat he waz around about half my life and i am now 13 he saved my life from a rattle snake and then dissapeared and i still wonder y?????

  12. Shaun says:

    So was the cat’s dead body still in the bag or was it gone?

  13. kristen:-p says:

    no i think that they had already burried it and if the cats tone was different then how do you know if it was reall him? and i think that he showed up like he was just saying good luck he’ll live and god bless your huspend

  14. Kayla says:

    I belive he was sent as an angel from God.I mean how could a cat come back from the dead???Angels never die.Or do they!

  15. angell says:

    reading about your strange black cat remined me of my own black cat.
    i named him charlie and i raised him from a tiny kitten. he was very intelligent
    and i swear he could talk. he understood everything i said to him. i loved that
    cat so much. he was odd and never seemed to fit in with the other cats.
    he was so sweet and affectionate with me but would scratch other people
    sometimes. i have never owned an animal like him. he was very special indeed.
    it has been one year since he disappeared. the night before he left i was sick, he stayed
    with me all night he slept with his face next to mine. the next evening he acted strange
    he wouldn’t let me pet or hold him he acted like he was waiting to do something
    and was sort of antsy. i let him out and told him like i always did, to be careful
    of evil people and evil dogs. well he left into the night and sort of just disappeared.
    i never saw him again ever. it broke my heart to loose him. he was so special
    to me and no ordinary cat at all. maybe he was an angel. i don know but to this
    day i still mourn for him. he did comfort me and he i know loved me every bit
    as i loved him. it sounds like maybe your black cat was sort of like charlie.
    he came to do a job and left. as heartbreaking as that is, they both helped
    us thru some rough times. I’m glad you had your black cat to help you thru
    some hard times just as my charlie helped me. cats are mysterious to say the least.
    but i will never see the likes of my charlie again and i know that.

  16. trolldoll1681 says:

    cats are mysterious. about 3 months ago my bubba left. i had moved back in to my boyfriends house and he has 2 females and i also had baby. he just couldn’t cope and was a loner i guess. i haven’t seen him since and i really miss my sweet boy. so it is hard to say what cats are thinking and i don’t understand why he would stay so close to you when your not feeling well and then take off. i’m sorry for you and i know the feeling all to well. 3 of my boys have left and dissapeared.

  17. KC says:

    I believe this kitty was sent to help your husband & to teach him about unconditional love once again. If you have never been sick or have had a physical setback, especially as demeaning & hard as a stroke, you can never understand that life is made very harsh & cruel at times, which can harden you to your very soul. Some folks are meant to be mean spirited, but I am guessing your husband wasn’t one of those, before the stroke, but may have been afterwards. This kitty came to him & may have even as some have said, taken another illness or physical setback meant for your husband & once BC’s work was done, he went on to find the next person who really needed help. I believe that all animals, big & small, have a purpose that we mere humans will never understand. I have always said that no matter how well furnished, a house without pets is not a home. While I am most connected to cats, I have all sorts of critters to share my life with: cats, dog, birds, fish, frogs & newts. Many of my pets have found me vs. my having to adopt or buy them. While there are times when I live meagerly, the animals always get their needs addressed first. Unlike many people that have come & gone in my life, especially when things got tough, my pets enjoy my company, don’t mind when I talk too much & even have licked the tears from my face. I believe BC was your husband’s guardian angel who saw him through some tough times & once he knew he would be safe, he “died” but came back to say “farewell” & went about his business. We should all be as blessed as your husband.
    (Now for those feline lovers amongst the readers here: keep your kitties indoors where they are safe from all harm & will never suffer the cruelties of predators – both animal & human- & they will have an extremely low chance of catching infectious diseases. Please consider this especially if you are very connected with your pets or an empathic, because the loss of a pet can emotionally cripple or slay you.)

  18. Ariel says:

    BC must have been your husbands gaurdian angel. Your husband will meet him again in heaven! ;) im happy he’s ok too btw!

  19. Vanessa says:

    What about when you have nightmares of your dead cat? My cat died today after being hit by a car and I feel so guilty, like it was my fault. I made him go out today even though he didnt want to…. and I had a dream right now that he was here in my house but he was mad at me, hissing at me and now I can’t sleep. What does everyone think? Im a little scared, I just wish he knew how sorry I am he did not deserve to die today :(

    • asley1101 says:

      It wasn’t your fault. You may feel guilty like it was your fault but it could have happened anytime. You could have prevented it but not forever. Things that are meant to happen will find a way to make them happen. I’m sorry for the loss of your cat. My cat was hit by a car too. Just remember it wasn’t anyones fault. Things happen it’s a fact of life. To try to prevent bad dreams about your cat try falling asleep thinking about all the good times with your cat. Always remember him. If you still have the dreams, it’s probably his spirit trying to talk to you. He may be mad, but try to find a way to talk to him and apologize. Also tell him you love him and he didn’t deserve to die. One more thing, if you love him remember him but let him go and if he loves you, he’ll come back.

  20. ilovejonasbrothers says:

    awww im sorry for the loss of your cat. ive had cats before, one was all black and her name was Sabrina and i had a little whit kitten an her name was Esmerelda. we called her Izzie. WWe had to get rid of them cause we found out that my mom and sister were allergic to um.

  21. danielle says:

    i had a black DOG that helped thro hard times wrn my mom died wen i was 8 but we had 2 put her down.she was the best cause she wouldent leave my moms side wen she was pregnant with me.

  22. Christal says:

    What an odd story! I definitely believe it; I don’t know why the cat was there, but it seems he was there to help your husband. Strangely enough, how I came upon this thread was because I was looking for ghost cat stories, because I am pretty sure that my cat is a ghost. He died about 3 months ago, and he was my baby. He was very special to me, and it absolutely broke my heart when I found him that morning. I just miss him so much. I just started thinking today that maybe I have kept him here. I saw him out of the corner of my eye again ( and I say ‘again’ because it has happened numerous times since his death) while I was getting groceries out of the car. A big yellow cat right by my leg, but when I turned my head to look, or course he was not there. I see him all the time. Also, he always used to sit on a chair in the dining room, hidden under the table cloth. A few times when I have went to pull the chair out it has felt heavy, just like when he used to sit on it, and I would boot him off by pulling out the chair. Lastly, I feel him jump on my bed and walk across the end of it. This sounds like the most unbelievable, but amazingly, it is the thing that I can feel the most clearly. Anyone who has felt a cat walk across the end of their bed a million times like I have knows exactly what it feels like when the cat jumps on the bed and then walks across the end of it. You can feel them land on the bed, and the depression of each paw as they walk across the mattress and look for a place to lay down. It doesn’t happen every night, but frequently. I have another cat, and have even got up to see if he was in my room, but he wasn’t and my bedroom door was firmly closed. I think about my cat who is gone a lot, and have even talked to him in my head. I miss him horribly, and I think that is probably why he has stayed. It was funny, today when it finally occurred to me that maybe he was still here, and it wasn’t just all in my head, I felt suddenly comforted by the thought. I don’t want him to be stuck here; I hope he is just hanging around because he loves me as much as I love him and is having a hard time letting me go. I never experienced this with an animal before, but I think maybe it is because I kept reliving what he felt like when I held him, and when I petted him because I didn’t want to forget anything about him. I don’t think I ever did that with an animal I have had who has died before, even when I was so sad about them dying. I think he is still here because I haven’t been able to let him go. I hope he is not unhappy, still being here, but I don’t think so, because he loved me too. It doesn’t scare me at all, when I see him out of the corner of my eye, or run across the driveway, quickly, so I barely see him. It’s still my baby. I thought he was in Heaven, but maybe he would rather stay here with me for a while. Anyway, some people probably think I am nuts, lol, but I am generally a pretty logical person, and I know I am not imagining these things. I just wish I could pick him up and hold him still, like I used to.

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