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Babysitting and The Opening Garage Door

Posted on February 1, 2010

My sister-in-laws father is dying of cancer. He came to visit in October but his visit wasn’t pleasant because he spent half of it in the hospital. He was in great pain plus my sister in law has two little girls ages two and four. Basically she didn’t get much alone time with her father and when she did, he was in pain because he drove from Oregon to Phoenix, Arizona. Anyway I felt bad for her because he really does look as though the end is near.

After he left I offered to take some of my vacation time after the new year to stay at her house and help with the kids with her husband (my husbands brother who I get along with great) while she flew up to Oregon and spent a week with her father without children to take care of and so could see her in the comfort of his own home. I offered to stay there for the week and sleep over (since my husband and I have no children) so I didn’t have to wake up every morning early and drive to their house. She was thrilled and accepted my offer. My husband was totally cool with it and decided he would stay for a day or two.

On Friday my brother in law (who also took time off) got my oldest niece ready for dance class. He was running late because we couldn’t find her dance shoes. By the time we found them he had to hurry and leave. He left then about two minutes later came through the door that goes out the garage and announced he had forgot something. Once he had it he hurried out and left. I heard him leave because his car, which is a mustang, is obnoxiously loud. I mean REALLY loud. My nieces always know when daddy is home because the stupid thing vibrates the house and you can hear it off the main road.

About six to seven minutes later, while my other niece and I were watching cartoons, I heard the same door leading out to the garage open and close again… only this time Jason didn’t say anything. The door is really very heavy since it’s the door leading out to the garage. It’s very easy to hear and has a very distinct sound. I brushed it off as nothing though since it was daytime. I rationalized that Jason just forgot another thing and was in such a hurry he didn’t have time to say anything to me. However two minutes later I realize that I didn’t hear that stupid car of his. The was weird but I wasn’t scared. It didn’t occur to me to get creeped out.

The next couple of days went by smoothly and we had a lot of fun. Then earlier tonight my husband came over to hang out with Jason and I and play a little Wii bowling before Jason had to pick up my sister-in-law from the airport. We played for about an hour and a half then he said he had to go. Once he came back my husband and I would leave for home. Jason left and Jeff and I played Wii for about another 20 minutes. Then we turned off the game and the TV and laid on the couch together because we hadn’t seen each other very much over the last couple of days. It was pretty quiet. The girls were long asleep upstairs.

After ten minutes laying on the couch together we heard that door to the garage open quite clearly and loudly. We both got up and looked at each other questioningly. There was no way Jason could have picked up Kim that fast. It was only half an hour since he left. We figured he wouldn’t be back for another good hour. We sat on the couch and looked into the hallway that leads to the garage. I asked, “Why aren’t they coming in?” He said, “I don’t know.” I said, “Well why don’t you go help with the luggage?” He got up and went to help. A couple seconds later he came back with a confused look on his face and said, “They aren’t home.” I said, “What? We both heard the door open.” He said he knew, but they simply weren’t home. However he also added that the door was open. Not wide open because a door heavy like that can’t stay open without something propping it back, he just meant that it was just resting against the opening but clearly not shut. I remembered not only hearing it open, but also hearing it close too. He sat back down next to me very alert. I got very scared then.

I asked if he locked the door leading out to the garage and he said, “No, if I do that then they won’t be able to get in the house.” I angrily replied that we would hear his car when he got home and then we could unlock it for them and to get his butt over that and lock it. He got up and I heard him lock it. While he was walking back to the couch all of a sudden we heard that door again. Only this time it didn’t open because it was locked. However it did sound like somebody was trying to open it from inside the garage but couldn’t because now the door was locked. It went from casually trying to open the door to angrily trying to open the door. No pounding but very aggressive. Jeff and I sat terrified on the couch listening to it. It lasted for about five seconds then stopped. We sat on that couch for another hour not saying a word and watching the hallway. We were both literally frozen.

Finally we heard Jason’s car. We waited until the garage door opened then we unlocked the door leading out to the garage. Once Jason and Kim came in we told them what happened. All four of us did a very detailed search of the garage (not hard because it’s pretty bare), searched the attic, and searched the other car in there. Nothing. We searched around the house and for good measure searched inside the house. We didn’t know what to say. They believed us though. Hopefully it won’t happen again. They have lived there for ten years and have never experienced anything like that in their home and certainly never heard that door open by itself. That’s it. So what do you guys think? I’m seriously disturbed by it.

Written by Angela, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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10 Responses to “Babysitting and The Opening Garage Door”
  1. W.S says:

    Hey Angela,

    May i asked what Happend to Kim’s Father? Is he still alive because you mentioned that he was dying. That could be one explanation becuase it started happening when Kim went away. Or maybe this Entity is intimidated by Kim And Jason and only plays up when The owners of the house are not there. I mean, it could have always been happening, but Kim and Jason were never there to experience it? just a few suggestions. It makes sense really.

  2. puppetmasterlady says:

    I would’nt worry too much about it. Too bad there was’nt a window in the back door you could’ve looked through. Since you did’nt actually see anything, there’s no way to rule out the many logical explanations.

  3. Angela says:

    No, her father is still alive thank goodness.

  4. trolldoll1681 says:

    is there a elec opener on the door. other remotes can open other people’s door by being on the same frequency.

  5. Angela says:

    Yes the garage door is electric. However it wasn’t the garage door that was opening. It was the door LEADING OUT to the garage from inside the house. Also the garage door itself can be heard easily from inside the house. It was really weird.

  6. trolldoll1681 says:

    okay then, that is strange. i do believe you have a ghost!

  7. Angela says:

    Well “I” don’ t have a ghost technically. My Brother and sister in law do. : )

  8. anna says:

    Now that is weird.something like that would make me wonder.Then I would probably have a conversation with the ghost.weird I know.maybe the father was in both worlds I dont know.The story was WOW.I hope everthing is ok with the sister in laws father.

  9. troubled says:

    1) Garage Door
    It could be an electrical short on the fuse which opens the garage door (which through unstable power surges could cause it to turn it on or/and off) That could also explain why the garage door wasn’t completely shut all the way to the end. The short could have caused the motor to malfunction making the garage door unable to shut all the way.

    2) Heavy door leading into the garage…
    Ok…a few possibilities arise on this one. A) The jammed garage motor could have caused the door to shake and jolt in its attempt to close the garage. B) See if any wires or fuses are near the that door (leading into the garage). The short fuse might’ve cause it too.

  10. sydney says:

    I do believe you have a ghost. I believe I have one too. And I strongly suggest that your brother and sister-in-law move out. Even though they have not experienced anything they should especially for their children. Did you ask the children if they have had any encounters or heard something from the garage? Best of luck to you and please stay safe.


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