Awakened by Large Glowing Slanted Eyes

Posted on August 11, 2010

When I was five years old, I had a very disturbing experience that I’m not able to explain or find any information on and it stays with me.� My fear still somewhat survives, but my curiosity has mostly taken over. This experience has been a catalyst in my life, drawing me towards paranormal/ physic phenomena, ghost stories, movies, causing me to question spirituality from a very young age and in turn, my own personal belief system.� Over the last few years with the internet, I’ve done some searches using keywords that would bring up stories/ encounters similar to what I experienced, but I’ve not come across anything even relative/ similar to my story.� I’d like to find some information or thoughts on it because it may help me figure a few things out and answer these questions I have that tug at me.� Before I go in to it, the question that really eats at me is why this being that seemed to be so evil and not of this world would seek out and intentionally frighten an innocent child of 5.

As I was saying, I was five yrs old and asleep in my room.� The layout of my room is significant to this story, so bear with me.

Layout: 4 walls… One wall had door at far left corner, dresser in middle, dollhouse in far right corner. Adjacent wall to wall with dollhouse had two single beds with a dresser in the corner. Wall connecting these two walls had a large window in the middle. Other wall connected to door in far left corner – had closet (this wall is not important).

I was asleep in the twin bed farthest from the window, closet to the door. I saved the other bed for my kindergarten friends / sleepovers… I awoke to a pitch black room (not sure what time of night) and my immediate thought was how dark it was and then I noticed the door was shut – this bothered me because my parents never shut my door for safety reasons (fires, emergencies, etc).

As my eyes scanned the room, they fell in to a stare with another set of eyes – coming from where my dollhouse was situated. These eyes were large (about 12X larger than that of a cat, but set the same way as in width) They were also much, much more slanted than that of a cat and not fluorescent, but a glowing, solid, bright yellow. It did not blink and it made no noise, but it was intentionally staring at me. Our eyes met for about 9-10 seconds because I saw it, took a deep breath, and just stared at it trying to rationalize what it was. Then I pulled my covers up over my head and laid paralyzed with fear, eyes wide open and breathing very fast but trying to not be noisy about it. I remember how terribly hot I was under the covers as I laid there; too terrified to scream for my parents, sweating from the blankets (this took place in Florida).

Next thing I knew, I woke up again in pitch blackness – not sure how I fell asleep so extremely terrified – black out possibly? The second time I woke up it was pitch black and I couldn’t move my hands, legs, because there was something on either side of me making it so I couldn’t roll over – I was still under the covers but being held in place. I tried to scream and I couldn’t – like I was silenced – nothing would come out. I must have maybe blacked out again because the next time I woke up, my room was filled with sunlight but the door was still shut.

I opened the door and ran out to our kitchen, where my family was getting ready for breakfast and immediately started questioning my parents in a very demanding way why they shut my door. We had rules about shutting doors in case of emergencies and they shut me in anyway and I emphasized not to ever do it again. No one had closed my door, my other siblings were asleep when I was tucked in and my parents left the door open. I told them my story and they suggested it was our family cat. I argued with them that this thing was not a cat – much much bigger eyes and sitting where my dollhouse was – they said that was impossible, not to worry – it was a bad dream. Then how come I remember seeing this thing, and pulling the covers over my head and being so extremely hot!� And also, noticing the door being closed.

This was no dream. I don’t know what it was, but I know it wasn’t a dream – even the scariest of dreams don’t stay with you like this for 23 years.

Sent in by Elke, Copyright 2010

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19 Responses to “Awakened by Large Glowing Slanted Eyes”
  1. sonal says:

    could be sleep paralysis or might be some paranormal did the house you had had any history perhaps , see it didnt occured again so forget it. Life is too short to remember all awfull things

  2. bpotter says:

    I have almost the same story as you (THE RED EYES) I believe that there is a something that preys on children,s fear out there somewhere like a Night Demon I seen the same eyes only red and did the same thing hide under the covers with fear I am now thirty five and I’ve never forgotten about that night


  3. AnNa says:

    ELKE—-so you have had this for 23 years?wow.that is weird.i dont know what to say.maybe there is something in your room that only comes out in the night.does it do the same thing everytime?or does it move around?or maybe its a reflection from the outside of not saying its not true but thats the only thing i can think of.thanks for the story.

  4. Pat says:

    I can understand why you have been so tramatized all these years! I am so very glad that you were not harmed physically! Yes as I have read some of these articles I believe there are creatures/beings call them what you will that prey on children!

  5. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    I had a similar experience – which involved the wardrobe in my room and a black mass emerging from it and trying to pull me into the wardrobe. I had these experiences repeatedly and caused what my mother believed to be a ‘ typical ‘ child’s fear of the dark. I also sufferred the inability to call for help and being paralysed. I think I would have been 4 or 5 when this happened. However, like yourself these ‘ dreams ‘ have stayed with me as vivid and real as I remember them. The difference is, now, as an adult and with some serious research under my belt and an understanding of sleep paralysis and the fact you can ” see ” dream like events with open eyes, knowing you are awake – but unfortunately you are awake – the brain isn’t! So its still dreaming … terrifying! So I could see a black mass coming out of the wardrobe ( a dream ) but I was awake and seeing the room in real time – so believed it was ‘ real’. Like you, my parents had an open door room and I can always remember the squeak of light coming in from the hallway – and how one night my sister ran giggling up the hall and my mother admonished her because ‘ the baby was alseep ‘ (me) and I thought help is so close! Just outside my door….but I couldn’t call to them. Also, as now a ‘ sensitive adult’ being in the sleep state is akin to being almost in a trance like state – so it would also suggest it is possible I was potenitally seeing something other worldly. In a real freudian twist – the dreams continued and I continued to be paralysed in fear – until one night, I’d really had enough of it. I was angry NOT frightened and went kicking and sceaming at this thing – punching and biting – I wasn’t afraid – I was as angry as hell! As soon as I attacked it – it vanished and never returned. Of course my therapist had a real rational explanation for that when I was older……I had faced my fear……but I always wonder because even today with all the paranormal encounters I have – fear doesn’t enter into it.

  6. Suzi says:

    This is the thing I hate about telling your parents something happened and it was far from normal. And then when you tell them they dont believe you and then they say “it was a dream” , “it was your imagination” , “your eyes are playing tricks on you”. Thats all they say and it get annoying. What im basicly trying to say here is your parents should always believe you no matter what you say.

    • AnNa says:

      i agree.

    • sharayah says:

      lol i didn’t have that mom was in to witch craft so when i seen things she was happy :( she would say it was good that i could see them.i never felt that way and i never when down the path she was going on.i knew it was wrong

      • FNetV1 says:

        How do you “know” the path that your mother is taking is wrong? Just because a priest at a catholic (or other religion’s) church told you that is was wrong? The bible cannot be proven, its full of contradictions, its a direct plagiarism to the older Egyptian religious texts and concerning Jesus Christ, there are more than 12 different older ‘savior gods’ that resemble almost perfectly Jesus’s life but with names changed, such as Chrishna which is Hindu’s savior god, resurrected a dead just like jesus did, multiplied the breads, walked in water, and even died in a tree with two guys hung on trees and the guy on his right was good and the guy on his left was bad just like in jesus story, only different that in jesus’s version he died in a cross, a real cross where chrishna died in a tree instead of a cross. Other god saviors of older religions such as Horus/Isis, etc is a parallel to jesus’s story, go google it up and research it for your self.

        Fact is that the spiritual works is something that we are not an expert of and going by an explanation of organized religion is something that I am and people should not take as spiritual advice, specially when the primary reason why they operate their religions is for profit (most want a 10% of your weekly income as donations) and in the profit they try to suppress people’s spirituality. I say, get to know the spiritual as much as you can, but be safe, because I think that there is also good and evil there too, just like in our material world, but always seek the good ones, and most importantly ensure that you are vibrating in a higher frequency of existence by being a good person and doing good to others, I believe that raising one’s vibrations is a great “firewall” sure way of preventing negative (of lower vibrations) entities from getting in contact with you.

  7. Kitty says:

    this is weird. Just yesterday my friend was telling me that when she was 5yrs old she woke up in the middle of the night only to find her room pitch black and her door shut[her mom never closed her door.] she said that by the corner she saw a black tall shadow with slanted white glowing eyes looking at her but she couldnt move and when it started hopping to her she screamed. Weird. Her mom mentioned the story before too.

  8. e-payne says:

    iv had a few similar experiances except for the color of the eyes its the same as my first time, since then i seen the eyes twice and my lil cuz has seen it too, in the same room where i had an extremely strange experiance, let me just say that those ppl that have seen these eyes too are lucky that they only try to scare us for the most part…unless they find sumone worthy…

  9. Jaybee says:

    My cousin saw something similar to this, large yellow eyes, slanted – looked somewhat like cat eyes, but they were bigger and they were watching her from the very top of the wall, almost on the ceiling, where there was simply no way a cat could be there. She was much older when this happened to her.

  10. bpotter says:

    I agree with the dream state theory but I also think that when we dream we are on a different plain, I always listen to my kids, I was told it was only a dream as a child now I know better. the apt we moved into has issue’s to say the least, my kids both sleep in my room

  11. Miles Prower says:

    Hey Elke,

    Your experience sounds similar to mine! Please check out my recently-submitted story called “The Glowing Eyes.”


    Please let me know what you think! Could it be the same entity?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Something like this just happend to me last week. I was outside in my drive way and just happend to look up at the house and in the window there was two bright glowing yellow eyes. I kept looking at them and was wondering what it was. there was no one in the house at this time. I went inside and went to the room where the eyes were and there was nothing there. and then when i went outside again the eyes werent there anymore. Any ideas on what this was? My sister saw the same thing a few days before i did.

  13. BamBam says:

    I feel a little better reading these stories. I too saw yellow eyes when I was a child, specifically in the window at dinner time, when it was dark out. I was told it must be some sort of reflection, but it sure didn’t look like a reflection. No harm though I don’t think, but it did increase my curiousity in the paranormal though.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I had a similar experience when I was around 4. I remember waking up to a black shadow shaped like a woman with white glowing eyes sitting on my parents bed. I remember screaming and my parents waking up.

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