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Attacked By a Violent Spirit

Posted on November 9, 2011

I was attacked in my sleep by a violent (and rightfully, ticked off spirit)

This is my ghost story. Let me start out by saying, this is my first real interaction with the undead, and honestly, Im not sure I EVER want it to happen again. (and yes i realize this is a long one, but worth the read, promise)

Mid- October 2011 two of my co works/model friends and I braced the 5 hour drive from our week long stint in Las Vegas and ventured to Nikkis mothers home in Phoenix, AZ. I sat in backseat, playing DJ and occasionally piping in on Nikki and Annies conversation. They are long time friends; and I am just the lucky bystander that will be joining them in a cross-country trip back to Colorado. Ok, what I am getting at is, I really dont know these girls that well. Other then a few nights spent causing havoc on the strip and the eight (hangover) hours spent working an aviation convention (we are trade show models), we are just starting to get acquainted.

After almost running over every desert animal we could find and an hour or so nap on my part, we arrive at our destination. Which was a stunning desert home in a suburban neighborhood and even at 2:30ish AM (when we arrived) it had quite a presence.

Because it was late and Nikkis siblings had school in the morning we snuck into the house, left our bags outside and headed straight bed. Annie and I shared a bed in the upstairs quest room right by the master bedroom and Nikki joined her mother in her room.

Up until this point everything was normal. We both laid down and within minutes Annie was asleep. I generally have a hard time sleeping but within 20 min I began to slip into a dream state, and then experienced the most remarkable and most frightening moments in my life.

In my dreams, or whatever realm I was in, I was surrounded by beautiful, breathtaking and overwhelming blue skies with cotton ball clouds. I remember thinking, am I outside? This is wonderful and so beautiful. The feeling from the dream almost brought me to tears, waves of emotions consumed me and then everything got dark. The feeling changed instantaneously to dread and fear as I slipped further into (what seemed like) a dream.

Im not sure if I felt or heard the presence first but there it was, next to me. A mans low voice speaking in tongues then a low growl, coming from where my friend Annie was lying next to me. The growls began to escalate and grow, louder and more sinister. Next I felt pressure on both of my shoulders before something or someone pushed me down into the bed. Then my body began to pulsate, like I was being shook awake. After what seemed like an eternity, but was most likely 5 seconds I woke up startled.

At this point my initial reaction was to check on Annie, because the growls were coming from where she was laying. I looked over her body in the dark,. I have to input, I am a pretty good read on energy, I can feel it and sometimes see it being exuded from people, that being said, Annie might as well been dead, or not present. I couldnt feel her presence; it was as if she was covered by a dark cloak that masked her completely from my view.

I laid back down, brushed this all of as lack of sleep and a vivid imagination and closed my eyes. Granted, I WAS TERRIFIED. Dont get it twisted. But seeing to the fact Annie had not been disturbed and I really didnt want to wake her claiming I had been attacked in the same bed she was peacefully sleeping in. I sucked it up and tried to brush it off.


Within 3 minutes of me closing my eyes I became trapped in the dark dream realm and was now fighting something that had me by both of my wrists and was pulling me out of bed. Violently. We fought back and fourth for 10 seconds. Until, somehow, I severed the connection and open my eyes to me sitting straight up in bed, arms extended at a 90 angle.

I jumped out of bed, not even thinking to wake my friend and walked passed the open door to Nikkis moms room. By some blessing both were still awake, chatting. I calmly asked if I could go downstairs for a glass of water while searching desperately though my phone for the number of a guy friend of mine who happens to be an oracle. After leaving a tearful and distressed message pleading him to call me back and help me, I ventured back upstairs to face the music.

Granted, I am NOT a religious person, but the only thing I could think of that would protect me was a Bible. When I asked Nikki and her mom for one, at 3am, they both looked at me generally taken back and inquired what I needed it for because It was in some storage boxes and it might be a challenge to retrieve it. Feeling that the Bible was absolutely necessary, I asked a far more alarming question.

Have you ever had any paranormal activity in this house?

Terror, disbelief and shock. Both parties jumped out of bed and approached me with fear in their eyes and asking me what had happened.

I think I was just attacked by something.

Turns out I was. Nikkis mother explained that there was a man, murdered by his wife in her bathroom. The wife had claimed that he had killed their son and that he had been abusive to her, though neither of these were ever proven. At this moment I was reduced to pile of tears and the reality of the situation sunk in.

Turns out I am not the only one to be bothered by this spirit. On several occasions the mother has witnessed objects moving in front of her. She had told me that she had kind of a relationship established with this spirit and has talked to him before. More like talked at him and told him to cut the crap or she would move out. But turns out, as we all sat up together, mulling over what had happened with a fresh cup of coffee, we were able to associate two possible possessions in the house to the spirit.

One was of a friend of the Mother, who they had thought had too much to drink mixed with pain pills and started crawling on all fours and speaking gibberish after being put to bed in the room I was attacked in.

The other was my friend Nikki. One night she had been drinking and hanging out with her family and another family at the house. Out of the blue she started talking about the murder, got restless and was walked up and put to bed in the same room. NOW, Nikki can drink, I learned that in Vegas and yet her mother and Nikki had both realized that she had only 6 shots that night. Not even remotely close to the amount of booze I have seen her drink in one sitting. After she was put to bed, she woke up in a screaming, and possessed state as her mother described it and was threatening to shoot herself in the head. (The man who was murdered was shot in the head) Nikki became so out of control her own mother had to call the police and take her to the hospital where she didnt snap out of this uncontrollable rage for FIVE hours while being strapped down to a stretcher.

The connection to these events didnt happen until we were all sitting together, going through old house documents and goggling the murder on the Internet. None of us slept that night. I refused to go upstairs for the reminder of the trip and slept on the couch and read a Bible passage for protection every morning and night. I have always been a believer and very in tune with my own personal energy, but now I am more then a believer. I am coming to realize that my connection the spirit world runs fairly deep and it is NOT a force to be reckoned with.

Sent in by Miss TigerLily, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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6 Responses to “Attacked By a Violent Spirit”
  1. carri says:

    It sounds like the man really was killed in that house. the demon spirit is in that house. That is the spirit that caused the man to be killed. I would wear a cross. It was trying to tell you something possibly. Their may be something in that house that makes the spirit stay there. like something the murdered man left behind. clothing, or other personal items. to rid the house of the spirit they need to burn the clothing of the killed man or his belongings.
    next time wear a cross if you stay at a haunted place.

  2. SnowWolf says:

    “They are long time friends” “I really dont know these girls that well.” “we are just starting to get acquainted.” Ths makes me have serious doubts about your credibility.
    “After almost running over every desert animal we could find” This makes me want to high-five whatever attacked you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    She was pointing out that the other 2 girls are “long time friends”, she simpley met them a few days earlier on the model assignment!
    But in total agreement re: the desert animals :-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow the devil is there

  5. cherezade says:

    yikes!!that was realy interistn..nd tht ghost realy seems ta be violent all i cn sayis jst stick to the bible part nd slowly but surely it strt ta faid away

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have a 2 year old great granddaugther. We had her one weekend and and she ask me , ” Who is that.” I told her it was a angel watching over her. And she said, “ok.” A week later my daughter called and said she thinks that my great granddaughter was beening sexuially abused. She was checked out by a doctor and they said they found nothing. She was at her grandmother’s house a few weeks later. And she ask her grandmother, ” Who is that? And my daughter told, “It is a good ghost. And that she had to go to sleep, so the ghost could go to sleep. A few days later we pick our great granddaughter up and decided to keep her for the weekend. She did fine for about three hours. We were all in the living room. We were watching TV and she was playing with her doll house. And all of a sudden she took both of her hands and grabbed herself between her legs. She crawled under her rocking horse. And curled up in a ball and got to crying for her mom. Can a ghost hurt a child? And can a ghost follow a child or person from place to place? We really need help on this.

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