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Animal Stories

Posted on November 8, 2010

All my little stories in one go! Mwaha!

If you get bored and moan about it in a reply, then why bother reading on,or replying? Sorry its just I’ve read a lot of moany comments on other peoples pages. I’m not here to entertain, just sharing my stories.

First story. Staring dog.

When I was about 9 (I am 26 now). My gran and granddad had about 5 Yorkshire terriers and even bred them a few times.I used to live on a small holding (small farm), me, my sister and my parents lived up stairs and my granddad, gran and her brother lived down stairs.

I was downstairs with my granddad and uncle all the Yorkshire terriers were in and lounging about the place on chairs. I had been talking (god knows what about), but I stopped and watched one of the yorkies staring into space.

She was looking at something that was taller than me, in the middle of the room (I was standing). I told my uncle and granddad to look at her but they just ignored her and said she was stupid (harsh I know).
She continued to stare into mid air with her ears cropped up, and to my surprise she started moving her head as if watching something move across the room.

I clapped my hands I waved my hand in her face but she just tried to look past my hands.
She followed what ever she was looking at with her eyes and head all the way down the hallway in the opposite direction. She continued to stare into the hallway as if someone had walked down there, then as if it had suddenly vanished she put her ears down and rested her head on her paws.

I don’t know what she was watching, but I’ve always thought maybe it was dust or something, but it moved from a room to down a corridor whatever it was she could see. Dunno if dust and cobwebs can move about 5 meters from a room to a hallway.0

Second story, cat hissing at what?

We’ve always had cats, and when I was 12 we moved to a new house with the 4 of our cats.
One time at night I was walking up the stairs to go to my bedroom. One of the cats was walking up ahead of me, a Somali called Rocky.As he got to the top and went to turn he stopped dead!!I stopped behind him wondering if he was going to move out of my way, then noticed he was staring right into my bedroom. My door was slightly open and it was pitch black in my room, I couldn’t see anything and all the other cats were downstairs to my knowledge.

I watched him, looked at my room, looked at him again, looked at my room, then all of a sudden his fur raised on his back and he let out a god awful hiss, turned around and ran back down the stairs, nearly crashing into my legs as he went.

I was still in the same position on the stairs staring into my room.I decided I didn’t really fancy going in there anymore, but with some determination and the thought that maybe one of the other cats were in there I went in turned on the light and searched EVERYWHERE! no cats, no one,it was a small room too with nowhere to hide or room to run by.

Maybe a trick of Rocky’s imagination?

Who knows, but I didn’t sleep too well.

Third story. Strange whistle.

Same house same room. Summer very warm, so I had my window open slightly.It was between midnight and perhaps 2 am, I cant remember the exact time but I do remember gently waking up to a soft tune.

Someone was whistling outside. It wasn’t a TV, it was late and all the neighbors lights were off. There’s a large garden at the back of the house, it’s the neighbors garden, it’s almost like a small field.It seemed to be coming from there, I can see it from my window but could see nothing. The whistle was not scary, but it did seem to echo. There was something really nice about it, and it was nothing like I’ve ever heard, it wasn’t a tune I recognized either, such a nice song, so late at night.

The whistle was perfect as I said echoing like it had effects on it to make it sound better, but it wasn’t coming from any houses.

I don’t know what it was it didn’t sound like someone was stood there whistling in the garden it sounded un-earthly, but it was so nice, and I never heard it again.

Who knows what that was, but thought I’d share it anyway.

Fourth stories. White cat.

Ok, so since those times had moved out of my parents and lived in a house with my sister, my cat, and my pet lizards and goldfish.

Our living room door had glass panels in it that are wavy, you know the ones with patterns in but they are like watery patterns.

It’s happened a few times now that I’ve seen this cat out of the corner of my eye but this one time really stood out.

My cat is mostly white with a couple of small ginger patches (her name is patches).I was sat on the sofa watching TV in the dark when I noticed a white cat go past the door and walk up the stairs through the glass (we have two sets of stairs and you can see one from the living room door thru the glass when it’s shut).

I called patches name as it’s automatic for me, I got up opened the door and walked up the stairs, she’s not in the bathroom, not in the spare room…ok, I then walk up the second set of stairs where my room, my sisters room and my reptile room is. My sisters room was shut, my reptile room is always shut, but I leave my door open for Patches to go and sit on the bed. I went in… no cat!

Let me point out, there is NO WAY on this planet she could have walked passed me and gone back down stairs, as soon as I saw the animal I got up and went after it, and it would have to walk past me to get back.Plus Patches doesn’t do that, when she comes in at night she comes in for food and bed and that’s it, no running away or hiding!

She came in a bit later anyway and stayed in.

I’ve seen this cat a few times now.

I was putting on my coat to go to work (think it was January) and I saw the cat at the corner of my eye, this isn’t just like…oh I thought I saw it at the corner of my eye. I DID see a cat, and again I thought it was patches, so I called out her name lovingly as I always do when I see her.The cat walked from the kitchen into the living room at the bottom of the stairs. I was stood at the top of the stairs and when I put my coat on I went down the stairs to the living room to say bye to her….no cat in the living room! There is no way out of the living room, just the glass panel door, I looked everywhere but its not like my cat to hide anyway, she just comes to me with her tail up or darts past me to play.

The third time I saw this cat I was showing my younger cousin my reptiles which he loved! We were leaving the room and he stood in the hall way playing with a cork randomly on the banister. I shut the door to my reptile room and again at the corner of my eye I saw a cat sitting in the lower hallway (zig-zag stairs so I could lean over and see the lower hall), it suddenly got up, tail went up and moved as if to come around the corner up the stairs toward us. That is the general cat movement which I 100% believe I saw, so much so I went to the top of the stairs to greet her, again saying out loud ‘Patches!’ in a happy voice, only to see no cat coming up the stairs. I paused, hung-over the banister and looked, then asked my cousin if he had seen a cat in the hall, since he was right in view of it, he replied ‘no’.
It then occurred to me when I relayed what I had seen at the corned of my eye in my mind… this cats tail was white, my cats tail is ginger. oops!

I will also point out at this point we had a magnetic catflap, which makes a loud click sound when she comes through, so only my cat could get in, and I had never seen another white cat in the neighborhood in the 5 years I lived there.

Final sighting, which is very sad to me as I no longer live in that house, and do miss the unknown ‘thing/animal/cat’ at the corner of my eye.

The last time I encountered this was in the kitchen. I was cooking pastabake and had just picked it up in a big glass dish to place in the over on the opposite side of the kitchen. I noticed that a cat was around and had walked behind me (corner of the eye thing again), this feeling and sight was SO real that I actually turned (the dish was too big to see the floor beneath me), put my foot up high to step over the animal, and then I moaned to her about being in the way. When my foot came down I swerved to the side to make sure where she was… no cat.

Because of all the sightings I decided to go see where my cat was in this instance, and she was in the garden. There was no click sound from the catflap anyway.

I’m quite happy with ghost animals, I don’t think I could deal with human ghosts if I saw one, I suffer from occasional sleep paralysis also, and also come from a long line of mediums, not that I think that matters in anyway, because I certainly don’t have any extra senses…I don’t think. (I’m not even sure I believe in ghosts, but something’s going on).

Thanks for your time if you did read all of it, I hope you enjoy the stories.

Sent in by Yumi, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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7 Responses to “Animal Stories”
  1. trolldoll says:

    first of all i don’t moan :) second my dog and i watched a dog toy jump into the air just inches from both of us. yes i have seen both my dog and my cats look at something higher up than i. cats have very good eyesight! the enchanted whistling entity, the stuff of dreams but it wasn’t and it’s to bad you haven’t heard it again! yep another phantom cat! i’ve heard of these. i’ve heard my cats that have either died or disappeared meow loudly and i knew it was that cat coming back to say goodbye. but yours probably lived in the area and knew it’s way around. no doubt i believe it all!!! thanks i just love animals and i know that they can see the otherside!

    • yumi says:

      You dont moan?
      Y’know that wasn’t a personal thing towards you, i dont even know you, lmao.
      I had just read through some stories that had some idiots moan about them, that they werent entertaining enough. I feel sorry for the people who were brave enough to share their stories only to get complained about.
      No one has to be great at writing, spelling, or type too little or too much on this site. :)

      Yeah, the whistling thing was weird, i tried to make sense of it, its more a random unexplained thing than anything else.
      Thanks for the comments. :)

  2. Edward Black says:

    Great stories. Really good, they probably sighted some…people.

  3. AnNa bites back says:

    have you ever thought while you say the cats looking up at whatever they were staring at taking some pictures to see what they were looking at?i would of been curious,but thats just me.thanks for the story.

    • yumi says:

      o.0…good idea, however i dont have any cats that stare at anything. lol
      It was a dog when i was like 8 years old…and owned no camera.
      My mums cat stared at my open door, but this was when i was 15 or so and still owned no camera,lol…..i am 26 now. ;)
      I also dont live in these places anymore.
      But yes, i would take pics now if it happened.

  4. Tracey says:

    I had seen Cat on from my side eyes too Even lower of my eyes when i saw it tail but i do have ghost cat sometimes very friendly though like to come to me whenever I am doing. My live cat see her/him i am sure of that. I love cats even dogs.

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