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Angels and Demons are the Only Supernatural Entities

Posted on July 13, 2011

For years I have been experiencing things that my family never seemed to believe.

It all started when I was very young. Now to start off let me just say I am a Christian, and I was raised believing that the only supernatural entities that exist are Angels and Demons.

Well when I was very young, I seemed to be able to sense things that others could not. For example once when I was very young (probably around 6 or 7) I was riding in the back seat of a car with one of my friends and her mother and I remember I started to get this really strange feeling in my stomach and I said to her mother “There is something wrong with this neighborhood. It is bad.” Now there was absolutely nothing wrong with this neighborhood, it was a typical middle class neighborhood that I had never driven through before. It turns out thought that someone was murdered there that week. I had absolutely no way of knowing, but my friend’s mother was kind of scared afterwards because I had said it was a bad neighborhood.

When I got older I still would have small things happen like that. I always seemed to be able to sense things. For example when I was about 14 I was spending the night at a friends house. Her parents and her brother were going to be back later that evening and her and I were playing on the trampoline in her backyard. I started getting that really strange feeling in my stomach again and I said to her “something is not right” so we went inside and decided to watch a movie until her parents came home. But I got this very very distinct impression that we were not alone so I said to her (very frightened I might add) “I think someone is in the house” just as I said that the door to her parents room opened, and we sprinted to her room and slammed and locked the door as quickly as we could. Seconds later someone was trying to get into her room, and they sounded as though they were trying to bust down her door. We called the police and immediately afterwards it got very, very quiet.

Her parents arrived home shortly thereafter and knocked on her door and said through the door “girls, are you in there? Why is the back door open?” We opened the door and jumped into her parents arms and cried. When the police got there they discovered that her parents rooms had been ransacked and was torn apart. But nothing had been taken. My friend was just in disbelief and asked “how did you know?” and honestly, I don’t know why myself. It was just something I sensed.

I also have always had this strange sense with people as well. For example, sometimes when I would meet someone I would start feeling very odd foreign feelings. Feelings that felt like they were not my own. One time, I met this guy. And I just started to feel this insane need for alcohol. Like a sick need for it. I also started to feel extremely depressed and worthless. But at the same time I had my own feelings. It was almost as though I had two completely separate personalities inside me. Except I knew which one was mine and which one wasn’t. After talking to this guy for a while I started to realize that those things that I was feeling were his own emotions. It was the strangest realization. I just somehow knew in my head that this guy had problems with his father and was also an alcoholic. I felt weird making that judgment of someone I had just met. Well he was friends with my best friend so later on I asked her about this kid. I didn’t say anything specific but I just said “is everything okay with him? He just seems kind of sad and off.” and she told me that he had been abandoned by his father, and was currently depressed and an alcoholic. I don’t know how I knew. I just did.

This has happened to me many times. Usually with people I have just met, and usually with people who are depressed, addicted, or have suicidal tendencies. Except that I have never know anything about these people before I have met them and have had no way of knowing anything about them.

Also whenever I that happens, and I feel someone else’s emotions. They don’t leave me until I pray about it. The first time it happened I continued to feel that other persons emotions for over 5 hours. I felt like something was on my back. I also felt sick and would physically shake. The first time it happened I went to my mom, and just said to her “Something is wrong with me I need you to pray for me” so we sat down and prayed together and instantly the feelings left.This happens every time. Until I pray, the feelings remain with me.

Another thing I have experienced are physical encounters with something else. I don’t know what to say it is because I don’t believe in ghosts. I just believe in angels and demons, but I have seen and heard some very strange things. In the first house I lived in I didn’t really have anything major happen to me. I heard whispers one time in my room. And once I saw a little boy in my house. It couldn’t have been anyone real because it was around 5 am, and my mom and I were the only ones awake. At first I thought it was my little brother because it looked as though he walked from his bedroom to the bathroom. But I immediately went to go check on him (because he was very young and the child I saw looked a bit older) and my little brother was fast asleep in his room. I was very shaken, but no one believed me.

In the second house I lived in there were no incidents, but the third house I experienced man strange things. The room that I lived in was on the second floor. I had my own bathroom in my room with a wooden door, and inside my bathroom there was a wooden door to a walk in closet that had another room inside it that had a slanting ceiling. It was pretty much an attached alcove. Anyways, I loved the room. I wasn’t scared of it at all, and very rarely have I ever been frightened by a house or a room (we’ll go into that in a bit). But very strange things happened in that room. It was about three month before my high school graduation when we moved in and I started experiencing strange things. For example, the door to my bathroom would open on it’s own, and my shower door would also open on it’s own. It kind of creeped me out but I always attributed it to the wind or something else. But then whenever I was in my bathroom getting ready for school or anything I would hear strange things coming from inside my closet. I heard growling and scratching from behind the closet door and that really scared me. I started to feel like I was being watched, but even more so that something wanted to attack me. I started locking my closet door at all times.

After that I began to wake up every night at exactly 3 AM. The door to my bathroom (that I always kept closed when I was sleeping) would be wide open. The final straw was one night I woke up (at 3 AM of course), sat straight up in bed, and a book flew off of my bookshelf and landed on my bed next to where my head had been.

I finally told my mom that something was going on. She didn’t necessarily believe me but she came and we prayed over my room, and anointed all my doors with oil. Then we prayed over the whole house in an attempt to cast out anything that might be attacking our house or our family. After that, I didn’t experience anything else in that house.

There is only one example I have of ever having a bad feeling about a house or a room. My grandmother’s house. From the time I was very young up and still even now. I am terrified of my grandmother’s house. She has a two story house, and the upper level is it’s own separate apartment with a kitchen and everything. The first floor of her house and even her old seemingly creepy unfinished basement are all lovely. But the upstairs apartment terrifies me. I just feel there is something wrong with it, and I have had countless encounters of things happening up there through the years. Doors opening and closing, hearing voices, paintings flying off the walls, footsteps coming up the stairs, and hearing breathing. But my brothers have also experienced things there.

That is the only place that I have ever believed to be haunted. Other than that anytime I have ever had a “paranormal experience” it is always directly related to only me. No one else has experienced anything in any of the houses we have lived in.

Also, from the time I was young up until now I occasionally have very, very vivid dreams. Certain dreams I had when I was 7 or 8 I can still remember every detail and I am currently 21. I would always have dreams of demons but I would vanquish them. Or I would have dreams f someone being possessed and I would cast the demons out. As I got older I began to have increasingly more intricate dreams of demons and spiritual wars between angels and demons, and even countries. And I was always directly involved in what was going on. And these were never typical dreams, they honestly felt to me more like visions.

This is probably the absolute craziest part of my story. I also experienced a vision. I was in the chapel at my college. I sing in church and was there by myself after practice one day. All I remember is the sun shining in a ray from one of the windows. The moment I stepped into the ray I immediately began to see a vision. I think my eyes were still open but I don’t know. I saw in my vision great wars going on in the Middle East over Jerusalem, and after a whirlwind of wars a great contract of peace being made. After that (this is the craziest part and I hate telling it because I feel like it makes me sound like some megalomaniac, egotistical freak) But I swear I felt God tell me, “you will help”. I “woke up” from this vision on my knees in that same ray of sun I had stepped into. I left quickly and this is the first time I am telling anyone about it.

These are just the major things that have happened to me. I have had many, many small things like these happen to me over the years. Small things I knew were going to happen, knowing where things are, etc.

This is the first time I’m sharing the full story with anyone. I don’t know why I’m just choosing now, but I guess I’m just curious if anyone out there has any opinions or answers for me. I know I’m not crazy. I am a very rational, sane young woman. But I’m just curious if anyone else has ever experienced something like this. And maybe what does it mean about me. The only thing my mother believed was that I could sense things about people. She believed that I could detect peoples “spiritual attachments or demons”.

I guess I just am looking for more answers. I hope someone can help.

Thank you, and God bless.

Sent in by JL, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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3 Responses to “Angels and Demons are the Only Supernatural Entities”
  1. A, J Ryder says:

    Hi JL

    Good to meet you.

    First of, there are many people who experience exactly the same things as you have. You are not alone. In fact, a few posters on here know exactly what you are going though. Maybe that is why you decided to share your experiences on here. Some of us will actually understand.

    The hardest part about being brought up within a devout religious family is that the doctorine of that religion gets engrained in your conscious mind and can ‘get in the way’ of the whole picture. Although it has a good grounding, it can also cloud your judgement and spritual growth. Faith is far more powerful than religion. Faith knows no bounds.

    Ghost’s do exist. They are ‘earthbound’ or ‘unclean’ spirits of those who have died but, for some reason, can not or do not want to go to God. As a consequence, the roam around on the earthly plane – all lost and confused and lonely. It doesn’t matter that you don’t believe what I have said, but just look back at some of your experiences and re-evaluate them. A demon is an extremely evil, negative and distructive being. Being infested with demon’s is actually quite rare. Most cases can actually be attributed to earthbound spirit, not the fallen angels.

    When you feel other peoples emotions or even physical pain, this is called being empathic. Their pain and suffering is also being felt by you. It is all part of being intuitive – which you obviously are blessed with, based on what you have written.

    Your vision means your job here on earth is to heal. Not in a doctor or nurse way, but in a spiritual way. I had the same vision of the wars in the middle east about 17 years ago. At the same time I also saw the unification of all religions, except Catholic Church(!). I was also told the same as you. I was told I had my part to play to help. Now, I will not profess to know what any of this means. Obviously the Middle East part is beginning to make sense, but to date none of the other things I was told makes any sense at all. As for how I help, this may be helping in a great way, or just in some small way – I really do not know.

    Have faith in what the messager of God has told you. You will be well prepared by the time you are required to do Gods work – in whatever capasity He has lined up for you.


  2. jk says:

    You have a gift from God and thanfully you know that it is from Him and you are a Christian. Seek God fervently through prayer and reading your Bible and He will guide you through the Holy Spirit in using His gift for His Glory. Your must be careful never to think that it is your gift and you were born with it, it came directly from God and you need to always give Him the Glory for what the gift is able to accomplish for His Kingdom in your life. We hare His hands and feet here on earth. Use it the way He leads you to and you will be blessed beyong measure. Please don’t let anyone convince you of anything differrent. God bless.

  3. A.J Ryder says:

    Hi JK

    Your must be careful never to think that it is your gift and you were born with it, it came directly from God and you need to always give Him the Glory for what the gift is able to accomplish for His Kingdom in your life.

    Very wise words indeed, JK.

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