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Am I Sensitive Or Does A Certain Ghost Follow Me?

Posted on February 26, 2009

Hi, I’m Lynn. I’m 57 years old and ever since I was 17 there has always been someone or something. I am one of 9 kids but there were only 7 of us still living at home when things started happening. To my mom also. Dad was at work most of the time so I don’t think he really believes us.

We would hear strange noises, things falling off shelves, my brothers saw a chair flip over. My sister heard someone outside the bathroom door when she was home alone. They were bouncing a ball in the hall. My sister, cousin and myself heard my name called out from the living room when they were in the den and I was in my room. My cousin and I met in the living room with me asking what they wanted and she was asking me why I was calling my own name. We were the only ones home.

In the middle of the night the record player would belt out The Beach Boys and sometimes we’d hear someone messing with the old piano we had. This stuff happened for about 3 years then we moved from that house. We had an old clock on top of the piano that never worked, but when we unpacked it we noticed it had run the whole time it took us to get to the new house. which was about 3 hours, it never worked after that.

Things started happening in this house. My mom was home alone cooking and heard what sounded like the shower door crashing into the tub. Our cat came running down the hall out the door and we never saw it again. Mom went to check and nothing was out of place. She named it Leroy so we could just say Leroy cut it out.

When my husband of 35 years and I were dating I always told him different stories and he wanted to experience something. One night we were up late watching TV and we heard someone walk down the hall and sit in the chair next to us. Then it got up and left. After that we were married 7 months later and it seems like it attached to me. Every house we lived in it was there.

I had 2 boys and since they were young they have had different experiences.They both said that in the early morning they could see what looked like a shadow of a cowboy. There were more things happening, then we moved to this house.

When my youngest was 10, my nephew spent the night and they started screaming around midnight. I went to see what was wrong and they said Leroy was standing at the end of the bed. I asked them why they didn’t come get me they said they would have to pass him to get out of the room. So they just covered their heads and screamed.

I went on a talk show in New Orleans about ghosts and stood up and told my story. Then we went to break. During break I told the hostess how he always seemed to follow me. After break the microphone wouldn’t work. She said that had never happened before and we had to go to another break. After the show no one would get in the elevator with my sisters and me.

Another thing happened not long ago and it happened a couple of times. We like to go walking in the woods and I bring my metal detector. On the way home it went off in the car. There would have had to have someone sitting back there turning it on and off. It wasn’t touching anything and if it wasn’t turned off to begin with it would have made the noise as soon as I put it in the car. There are many other happenings but I guess I got carried away. Usually I can’t write this much because it will automatically delete for some reason. I’d better quit while I’m ahead.

Sent in by Lynn, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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14 Responses to “Am I Sensitive Or Does A Certain Ghost Follow Me?”
  1. Alpha says:

    Great story…
    The spirit probably has a special attachment to you, since it is following you guys around…
    yet what this attachment is i don’t know…Perhaps the spirit is an ancestor of yours?

  2. Sandy says:

    By reading ur story it seemed that a certain ghost is following you. You are also a sensitive women because ghosts often make contact with sensible person.
    Dont ignore it i think perhaps he want to tell you something. You see it never have hurt you or your family members so why can’t u use ouija board.
    Don’t get scared if he have not injured you yet then its no risk. And also it is the last way ok

    • Olivia says:

      No, no, no, no, no. quija boards are very, VERY BAD IDEA! because they dont juts open uo a door for what you want to come through, they open a door for everything to get through. a friend of my mothers, used a quija board ofr lots of things. just simple questions, would she have company that day, was her check going to come on time, that sotr of thing. then one day shes cleaning, and she finds the glass eye from the inside of the pointer, and throws it away. she just did, even though she knew what it was for she didnt think it matterd. then 3 weeks later, she opend the box, and there it was, the glass eye right back where it belonged. even though it was her roomates the sold it after that, ang gave her the money. thats not normal. and things have followed me around my whole life. only im pretty sure its not a ghost. and bring a missing cat back and teaching me latin when i was 3! isnt enough to convince me its not evil. plus, i can feel it, whenever its around, i know it. its like im scared to death for no reason, and theres no way i can get away from something i cant see. shadows, demons, night terrors, its all happend to me. atleast i have an “angel” around to help. but theres not enough information on “Mikhar” to convince me hes an angel ether. thats all i have to say for now, but im not done.

  3. jackie says:

    I think you are highly sensitive and really you should learn to enjoy your experiences, which so far have caused no one any harm. Just be carefull what you do, it is best to let the spirits come to you rather than try and reach them, through dangerous communication methods, such as the ouija board.

    “I had 2 boys and since they were young they have had different experiences.They both said that in the early morning they could see what looked like a shadow of a cowboy. There were more things happening, then we moved to this house.” IS THIS YOU AGAIN CARETAKER??? YOU REALLY GOTTA STOP THIS YA KNOW!!! 0:

  4. Edward says:

    I believe you, i’m a haunted individual as well. I’m more sensitive to orbs and being contacted in dreams. You have an energy around you, which you have passed on to your children, that they are attracted to. I cannot say for sure they are trying to tell you something, but, can i ask have you ever dreamt of anything wierd or something you can barely remember? The answer may lye there. As for me, I have seen things move on their own, woke up tingling and couldn’t move because of a force surrounding me while I heard a womans voice calling out my name. They showed me something I will not fully believe until the date occurs. And I believe a spirit or two may be following me and in a way, guiding me. Of all the good and bad that has occured, I believe my physical being is being molded in a way that will help others in their course through life. Believe and be strong.

  5. jackie says:


    you’ve got me intrigued in your story, can you tell us about this fully, maybe by submitting your story?

    It also sounds like you are suffering with sleep paralysis. You can’t move when you awake is so common, although i have never experienced this before.

  6. Sierra says:

    Hey I think you are sensitive. I know others have told you the same as I. I believe you too. Because I have also experienced some of these things you explain. He is mean though. I know he intended to hurt my family and I, but I have taken care of him. I think he passed on because he saw the “light” I think personally. Well, I think I might post my story on here maybe. I’m sorry if you think I am too young to because I am ONLY 12 years old. :[[ Do you think that matters???? I'm not sure... Hope this gets better though and the current spirits pass on!!! :]] ♥

  7. Cece says:

    Where did you grew up? I mean this sounds like a story my aunt told me. And she is around your age and has 9 brothers and sister. Wierd really wierd.

  8. lynn g says:

    Cece, please get in touch with me at [email protected]. I’d like to know about your aunt also. Lynn

  9. Pat says:

    Thanks so much for the great story ( or should I say storIES)? Yes i think you are haunted- the spirits are attracted to you- it can happen to some people. leroy doesn’t seem evil just lonely and wants to make his presence known. As your children get older and they realize if they tell leroy not to scare them or not to make a loud noise whatever- things will get better too…weird about that clocked that never worked working while it was out of the house….thanks for sharing!

  10. Colleen M says:

    Hi Lynn! I am very close to your age. I also have had these things happen to me as well. I absolutely recommend you DO NOT use a Ouiga Board to communicate! Those things can cause more harm than good if you don’t know what you are doing! Looke at it this way…a Ouiga Board is a portal or doorway through which ANYTHING can come. I suggest you ask the spirit if there is anything it needs from you. I believe they come around us because we know they are there. Many, many people choose to ignore things that happen because they have a closed mind. Since it is making itself known, I suggest you speak to it through telepathy (you don’t have to speak out loud, they can hear your thoughts). You might be surprised at the results..it may answer. Do you get any vibes from this spirit? Does it make you feel afraid? Do you feel drained a lot..tired or even sick? Has your moods been affected in any way? Are you afraid to go to sleep at night? If this spirit has negative effects on you, you should definitely get rid of it!

  11. Kayleigh says:

    Hey. I understand where you’re coming from completely, I too am sensitive. I don’t know if you’re a spiritual person or not but if you are you may have a spiritual gift.
    If you feel that you are being harmed or are really frightened by the spirit, don’t ignore it because you may have a demon that has attached itself to you. Spirits, especially demons tend to be extremely attracted to sensitives. Demons feed off fear and strong, negative emotions. I simple “You are not wanted here. Leave now”, will send it away.
    And definitly DO NOT use a ouija board. Like Colleen said, they open up portals into the spirit world and it will most likely just invite a malign spirit that you don’t need around. Again if you’re religious praying is a good way to get guidance and to help you understand you gift better. There is also a whole chapter in the bible that is just on spiritual gifts.
    I hope what I’ve said will help you and good luck in the future with your spirit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kayleigh, I am curious about the chapter in the Bible. What is it?

      My fiance’ has a history of attracting ghosts that follow her home. They are both good and bad energy, and usually go away after finding a new home for them. We travel a lot and they seem to go away after visiting a random place. I have dreams about them and can sense when they are near. Is there any way to channel only good energy so only nice ones find her? The negative ones are really distracting to both of us, although nothing has ever moved and no one has been hurt.

  12. Anonymous says:

    you have a gift. this spirit sounds like what my head elder calls a guardian, if s/he is then s/he is protecting you from something be it physical,emotional or paranormal. my elder told me that s/he will leave when you no longer need her/him, I know this to be true because one day I was attacked lets not say by who and after that my guardian was gone and to this day i still only get brief messages for her/him.

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