Am I Crazy to Predict the Future?

Posted on December 4, 2009

Why do people think I am Crazy when I can predict the future?

At the age of seven I was placed in a foster home in Cannon Falls Minnesota. My foster parents were missionaries. While being held on that Cannon Falls farm I was instructed to go to the mailbox by my foster mother during a bad electrical storm. I felt an electrical charge while on my way to the mailbox retrieving mail. I was shaken, feeling a strong electrical current going through my body. But when I returned to my parents home two years later. I found I had psychic abilities.

The children in my Cannon Falls neighborhood thought I was a gypsy and I had the ability to predict future events. My girlfriend Tammy Chapman had a crystal ball and a Ouija board. We used it to communicate with spirits. I would look into the crystal ball and act like a gypsy. One afternoon after playing with the Ouija board my bestfriend Tammy told me two neighborhood boys had attacked her.� She was crying and would not tell me anymore of her story. She just looked at me with sad tear stricken eyes and looked away. I went home and it was a Friday.

I fell asleep and dreamed that the same two boys that attacked Tammy were gonna attack me. The next day was Saturday. My mother yelled telling me to chase my seven year old brother in the field across the street. The field was wooded and I ran looking for my little brother. I was afraid knowing I had a dream the day before of the exact events. But I had placed a knife in my pocket, secretly hiding it in case I ran into trouble.

I could see my brother Sean in the distance. I called Sean, Sean come home mom wants you. At that moment the two boys who were hiding secretly in the woods came running at me. They both attacked me. I pulled a knife out of my pocket as I lay on the ground. They ran terrified. They yelled, she has a knife. The two boys never bothered me or Tammy again after that.

Years later I was able to predict my Aunt Linda’s death. I dreamed of her death one year before she died. I dreamed my Aunt’s husband John brought his new girlfriend to my aunt’s funeral. I even told my uncle John she was gonna pass and for him to take care of her.

I predicted my Aunt Sylvia’s death after she had died and no one had called my mom to tell her Sylvia had passed. Sylvia came to me in my dreams and told me to tell my mom Helen she had died.

When my mom called down to Tennessee to Sylvia’s husband Ray, he confirmed that Sylvia had died and no one had called my mom to tell her the news. But Sylvia and my mom were real close so she came to me in the afterlife to tell my mom what had happened.

I predicted 9/11 events at my home in Harvard Illinois. My boyfriend Lorin told me not to call the Whitehouse or the secret service would be on my back. This was six months before 9/11.

I predicted Chrysler would almost go bankrupt.

I also have the gift of telemetry able to do a reading off a deceased person’s articles. I have predicted a lot of other things, too many to list, that have come true. So I do not have too many friends.� A lot of people call me crazy or weird because they cannot deal with someone who has these abilities.

Sent in by “Carri”, Copyright 2009

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47 Responses to “Am I Crazy to Predict the Future?”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    i really hope you view this as a gift!! there are lots of people out there that have the sight. we just don’t hear about them. i’m sure it was the lightning storm that did it. thanks for sharing and i know you will use your gift wisely!!

    • sebastian says:

      i can predic the future to i got the anwser to a big math problem and i solved it without doing anything

  2. Cheza says:

    My perdictions started on the day of my 11 birthday. for a year I was confused, (forgive spelling, dyslexia) untill an internet ad cautgh my attention and I came to the conclusion of ESP, I saw into the past, fifty years before I was born and the future, no more than 3 months. lightning huh? and I wasn’t around at 9/11 (i’m only 14…) . also I get major cases of dejavu so clear i somethings quote the moment with out knowing what I was saying. my latest dejavu was on monday.
    well going past my life story, have you had anyother “i’m in danger” moments?

  3. Mika says:

    If i had known you.I would’ve been your friend.I can be your friend now…

  4. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Carri, i also predict the future, not that i would like to, it just my nature. i dont really call it a gift, as most of it is very sad. I also know when something is going to happen!! The only way i have found to handle this is, by telling someone you trust. i have never told anyone this, but i have predicted my own future, like i said, not that i wanted to. Its not a good feeling to know to much.. thats why i have that name. My hubby has always called this my (knower).

    If i had a choice, i would not want to know any of it. Life is not carefree when you know to much……..I have also become dyslexic over the past few years. i have to go back and correct my mistakes… i used to be a very good speller, and used to write, but that has become difficult.

    There are many out there like us!! have you ever smelled death, and knew someone would die? Or, the thick heavy cloud over you? the dread? In my case now, i am ill, and having tests done, they are not looking good, i will be seeing another specialist soon… but, i can feel it, and have always known it. I told a few people about all of this, years ago.

    Your not crazy!!! i just hope you can enjoy the good things in your life! Sorry for being so gloom and doom tonight, just not feeling well….

    take care hun,, ktm

  5. Hossam hamdy says:

    Hi Carri;
    thanks for your story, we all heared about some people who can predict the future like
    ” Nostradamous” who could predicted many famous events like World War 2,Hetlar& other events, he also could predict his death as mentioned in books. Now can you predict any famous event will happen through the future? If you can do it , kindly to post it sooner,this wil prove your story.

  6. Rod says:

    Okay well i believe you and all but how about a lil test. Tells something major that wil happen in the future that everyone will know about? if you can if not its kool.

  7. nezza says:

    Oh wow, beinq psychic is really nice. i had always had dejavu’s also. i even dream of havinq dejavu’s sometimes. No, i do not think you are crazy for being able to predict the future. I think it’s cool. But you also have to be careful of how you say thinqs to the other people;like what will happen to them,because they might think you are really crazy but when they actually listen to you and belive you then they are your real friends. I would like to have a gift like that……….. that was an amazing gift you have….

  8. Lyra says:

    Whoa, I occasional have moments of psychic premonitions, but unfortunately, it has faded over the years…
    People just don’t understand, and it’s a shame that those who have such abilities either keep silent or are shunned for it – sometimes even bullied out of them (which happened to me).
    What I don’t understand is how people can think this is a curse and try to get rid of it – has no-one thought that maybe we are the next generation? Those with abilities such as telepathy and psychic abilities, astral projection (my aunt used to assist the Government with this ability) etc should not be shunned, and should not have their gifts forced out of them – we were given them for a reason, and we should follow nature’s course.
    Mother Nature has a reason for everything, after all.

    Bless’d Be, and I truly hope you do not wish to banish this gift from yourself.


  9. lexi says:

    i have deja vu all the time. does that mean i could be psychic?

  10. TLB says:

    This is not always a gift in my opinion due to it seems that every tragedy is picked up and there is nothing one can do about it.
    I have inherited this from both sides of my Mother’s family. And if something bad is about to happen, I usually pick up on it anywhere from 6 months to a year before it does so.
    So you are not crazy and you are not alone. You talked about getting an electrical surge, I did that years ago when I was stuffing our turkey and had a hand on the turkey and one in the stuffing on the stove and it felt like some large guy had literally shook the heck out of me! I have a weird thing with electronics and light bulbs. They act up around me a lot. It is nothing for 3 or more light bulbs to go out around me. Once, before my Mother-in-law died, a freaking Taco Bell sign went out when my husband and I drove by it and as soon as we passed the light came back on! Don’t let anyone make you feel crazy!

  11. TLB says:

    Normally, like my Mother, I will get bad crying spells before death approaches. Sometimes I get dreams. I had a horrendous crying spell before Katrina hit and I went down to the ground knowing that a massive loss of life was about to happen. This spell hit me in July 2005 and Katrina hit at the end of August 2005. This “gift” is not a pleasant thing.

  12. trolldoll1681 says:

    yeah my boyfriend stops wrist watches and kills cell phones!!! go figure and for some odd reason he can predict stuff, like on game shows!! :)

  13. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Lyra, yes, it can be a gift, but, i have know to many bad things.. the worst being, knowing when my daughter would die, the day she was born. And it did happen. I also knew when my dad would die. Just to many things to list!!! it just comes to me.. at this point, i am going through something, and not feeling good about it. my husband and mom know what it is, and a few friends here….. the bad has overruled the good things that i have known… in the order of life, things will happen, if i predict it or not. I would think it cruel to tell someone how long they will be on this earth.. I dont know everything,,, like i said, it just comes to me…

    I dont just predict death, there are many things.. It can make a persons life very unhappy, to know to much….. ktm

  14. Sai Chan says:

    can you turn the compass’s needle when you walk toward a stationary compass?
    That is the difference while you’re 6 feet away and above it.
    If yes, by how many degrees?

  15. Lyra says:

    Know Too Much, surely there have been good visions? After all, you cannot have a yin without a yang and visa verse. Positive thinking can drive away sorrow and misfortune; this applies in all fields of the lives.
    I understand the grief it must cause one, but think of the positive – either you can prepare for it, or maybe you can help prevent it (either by yourself, or by knowing the right people to go to).
    Look on the positive side of things, no matter how grim something may be, and visions and life in general will get better – just as long as you don’t doubt yourself, nor your abilities.

  16. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Thank you Lyra, you are right, i will think on it, i know there have been good things also….

    Trolldoll, that is really freaky!! Does your boyfriend believe in all of this???

  17. Karen M. says:

    ha me too I predicted the fall of crysler! Don’t dabble in the stock market now or you’ll be crying when Maggie Lake gets on CNN! It’s not just the U.S. we had companies close here too infact I think they’re trying to put them all In Germany! I believe our Socialist economy is the best, of course health care is free or reimboursed 75% , You can even collect social security after 60 just for having kids born here, education is FREE !

  18. Sai Chan says:

    you reminded me of the author Lara in

    I’ve found that similar looks, or names mark a definite resemblance in some sorts in life or behaviour.

    And if chances permitted, feel free to give me remarks or teachings, I’m open-minded and will be grateful to learn.

  19. Bonnie says:

    Hi KTM,

    Even though I have never met you in person, I can tell from your postings and comments, and from how you write about the fun times you spend with your mom and her friends, that you are a very special, wonderful and kind person. A person who touches many lives, and who always takes a moment to give someone a kind word to make them feel better about themselves. Sweetie, I am so sorry that you are going through so much pain, especially with the extra illnesses that your doctors have diagnoised you with. KTM, if I were able to (and I know that I speak for many others on this website, such as Trolldoll, Hossam, DarStarr, Camila, David (Caretaker) and may other wonderful people who post on this website), I would take all that pain away from you. But, the only thing I can do for you, Sweetie, is keep both you and your family in my thoughts and prayers each day.

    KTM, you take care, Sweetie. Take one day at a time. I know that you’re doing that, and I also know that it is easier said than done. Stay strong my friend, and do not ever give up.

    Your friend,

    Hi Carri,

    Thank you for sharing your story with everyone. No, you are not crazy or weird. The Good Lord puts all of us on this earth for a reason, even if it’s just to be there at a critical moment to save someone’s life so that they can go on to do what they were meant to do, possibly saving another person’s life, and so forth. I know that sounds a little corny, but, that’s how I look at things.

    Bonnie :)

  20. trolldoll1681 says:

    karen, i have always admired germany for taking care of its citizens!!! yeah, the u.s. needs to look at your ecomomic solutions and take heed!!

    ktm, yeah he does! he�s uncanny! you ought to see him when the price is right is on. he should be on that game show cause he would be one of the biggest winners they ever saw!!

  21. TLB says:

    Hi Sai Chan,

    Honestly I don’t know if that would happen, although when I was younger it seemed that when I did hold a compass it seemed to keep moving instead of holding still even if I wasn’t moving. But I just thought it was the compass. I never had much success with them anyway.

  22. ChronicMidori says:

    Hello Carri, very interesting story! I believe you too, that’s crazy about the electrical storm experience. I never interacted with any electricity to that degree but I have had some strange predictions my whole life. I used to have dreams of certain occurrences, usually when it involved something important to me, before they happened in exactly the same way as the dream. I always have deja vu too but it feels more like a memory being re-experienced. It started becoming more apparent as I got older. When I was 12 my 4 older sisters and my niece and nephew lived on the east coast (usa) and my parents and I had just returned to the west coast. I was very close to them and had never been apart from them for so long. I missed them dearly and really wanted them to come back to the west coast too because I knew my parents wouldn’t go back east again. One night I cried myself to sleep from missing them and had a dream they were all in our living room unpacking groceries and I felt really happy they were with me again. Not 4 months later they informed us they had enuf east coast and were coming back. The day they got back we stopped at the grocer on our way home from the bus depot. We got to the house and everyone was unpacking groceries in the exact way I had dreamed about. I felt like it was my subconscious telling me everything would work out and not to be so upset. After that I started taking more heed to my dreams and sixth sense of things.

    Another time I was about 14 and I had a dream that a close family friend was really upset and telling me how much he loved me and wanted to stay together and that my family was wrong about him and I needed to decide this for my self, then I hugged him and said I felt the same. I wasn’t inclined to think any of this would happen in my life and was very confused that my family could be wrong about anything. We were always good friends but he was older than me and with someone else at the time so I thought it was just a random scenario my brain had made up from my day to day activities. I thought about it for a while but had written it off as nothing but a silly dream, by the time I saw him again I had clean forgot about it. Years later events brought us closer and we fell in love. I know it sounds corney but I was honestly in love and so was he. My family of course totally disapproved of the relationship and would tell me just about anything to stop me from being with him. My sister had me pretty convinced he was the wrong one despite my feelings for him so I met up with him and told him my doubts. He was devastated and told me how much I meant to him and how he did want to be with me for who I was and that my family was wrong about him. I really understood his feelings at that point and fell into his arms telling him I loved him too. Right then the memory of the dream came flooding back into my mind as if it were yesterday. I told him that I had a dream of this happening before, he pulled back a bit with a bewildered look on his face. ‘So did I’ he said and started looking for something. ‘But wheres the rainbow?’ then we turned around and low and behold the biggest rainbow I have ever seen was there over the lake (oh yeah my hometown is centered around a large lake). The lake was behind him so he could not of known it was there before saying so, and I didn’t see it. We both took that as a pretty good sign things we going to work out for us despite what ever problem we faced. It was very emotional for both of us and a major turning point in our relationship. That was four and a half years ago and we are still together and still very much in love. My family has accepted it for the most part or at least doesn’t criticize it anymore. I haven’t really told anyone about that before so now I feel really silly.. *blushes*

    Now a days I don’t dream much but I still have premonitions and can even read peoples thoughts sometimes esp my boyfriends. I have to see they’re eyes in order to see what they are thinking though. It’s funny, 9 out of 10 times the phone rings (even when it’s not my phone ringing) I know who it is and even what they want sometimes. I did it 5 times in a row one day to my boyfriends cell phone and he started looking at me instead of his caller id to see who it was lol! Then I got cocky with it and couldn’t do it the rest of the day lol! It has to come naturally cause if I try for it there to much thinking for it to work. The first time I did it, the thought popped into my head so I voiced it and ended up being right! It’s awesome at my second job! I work at a subshop and when ever I take a order I can almost always predict what they’re sandwhich is and how many they are getting. My favorite is when they are taking forever to decide and I start thinking that they want a particular item then they get it!!
    I start thinking ‘ you want a number 2, you want a number 2′
    ‘I guess I’ll just get a number 2..”
    YAY jedi mind tricks!! lmao it really does only work on the weak minded… You can’t change they’re mind if they know what they want already. I read an article on about how everyone had access to psychic abilities if they worked on it. Some are born with it naturally and others have to work on it but everyone can do it. Kind of like everyone’s subconscious is connected in some unseen way and we can tap into that. Note this article was of a study conducted by scientists.

    With that said I consider the people who don’t believe in psychic abilities to be more crazy than those who have them! That’s really cool you can predict things in society, mine are more personal. If you don’t mind me asking, what was it exactly that you predicted about 9/11? Did you see the planes fly into the buildings? Or was it like after the buildings fell type thing? Did you know exactly where and when it would happen? If so your boyfriend was right to keep you from calling the authorities. You would be in Guantanamo Bay right now lol! I really am curious to know, and would appreciate it if you got back to me on the subject. Thanks for sharing! :)

  23. shannon says:

    i would have been your friend and i have sort of the same “power” i guess you could call it. but mine is at random and no one belives me! i will dream of this random picture/place and sometimes i even hear bits of conversations. then a few days later i will look around and i have that deja vue effect even if i’ve never been there before! then someone will say something out of a conversation peice i heard before! it’s kind of freaky but i’ve gotten used to it. people think i’m wierd too but thankfully one of my friends, becca, has the exact same thing. i wish you luck in finding someone who understands you and that there is no more pain coming in your life. no one needs to see that.

  24. trolldoll1681 says:

    chronic, what is that word enuf?

  25. Autumn says:

    I dont think u r crazy

  26. Carri says:

    Thanks all for your kind words. I cannot predict anything right now I am working a lot of hours. but If I get something I will post it. The 911 dream I had was a man from a middle eastern county like Iran or bin laban’s county was plotting to blow up the white house. I saw him in the dream throwing hand grenades at the white house and in the front of the white house. I saw hundreds of people running to get away from the man throwing bombs. I also dreamed it happened in a crowded area during the day. to the other people with the ability to read other’s minds I can sometimes do that too. try playing cards. I do that sometimes and can read the dealer or other players minds. I win 5 card stud simple games like that.
    also to ktm I am sorry for your loss I am sure it was far more painfull than mine. but maybe Sean and your daughter are in heaven together.

  27. Camila says:

    Hello thanks for the story! I do know that society nowadays ridicules anything out of the ordinary therefore, no one really believes in this kind of stuff unless you or someone you know have had these experiences. As for deja vu’s I don’t completely understand them, but I have them almost all the time. As for predicting the future, call me crazy, but maybe we get to see there bits of future so that we may be able to change the outcome? It might be like a warning and maybe when it will happen we can go ahead and change it. If we know what will happen, we might have the power to stop it, or change it. That’s just my way of thinking. As for the deja vu’s yea I have actually had a lot of deja vus about places I’ve never been to, or things that haven’t even happened yet, for instance im having a conversation, and I feel as if everything has happened already. Its weird! And Bonnie, that was so sweet what you wrote for KTM I completely agree with you.

  28. ChonicMidori says:

    Ahh that was the dream, an interesting interpretation of the event! Very scary! Thanks for sharing, crazy how our minds work. Ya the reading minds thing can be tricky but if you believe you can anything is possible. Thats a good idea to use it on card games lol! Never tried that but I might have to now lol!

    Trolldoll1681, enuf is short for enough. Didn’t realize i used it here sorry. When texting you find short cuts for simple words to save time and button pushing. If you try and sound out the letters you see it spells a word, most the time! lol! Sorry to confuse you.

  29. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Chronic, Who where you responding to when you said it was a dream???

  30. ChronicMidori says:

    I was responding to Carri about the 9/11 prediction I had asked her about in my first comment. She said “The 911 dream I had was….”. So that was why I called a dream, because that’s what she called it.

  31. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I have also had many dreams that would later come true. It is amazing what your mind can predict, even in a dream state….

  32. Rose says:

    Predict an event in the future that is going to happen!

  33. lanapoet says:

    playing with the ouija board is a huge mistake sorry.
    find a priest and get a cleasing. yes you’ll be predicting stuff, getting visions, etc, because you more than likely have a hitchhiker/s demons

    honestly please go see a christian priest, explain that you played the ouija board and get some help.

    ps i did the same with friends, we thought it was harmless fun, years later we started havign bad problems. im not going into it, but i do strongyl advise you to see a priest and pray.

  34. Lyra says:

    Rose, it isn’t something you can turn on and off like a switch!!
    I personally think it’s outrageous for people to ask that of people with gifts!

  35. Stella says:

    I too believe I have this gift, but sadly mine isn’t as finely tuned.

    The day my Aunt Linda died, my father came to me and said, “I have some bad news for you…”, and I said, “She died didn’t she?”, and he asked me how I knew, and I couldn’t explain it, I just knew.

    I also dream of things happening in advance, but usually it’s mundane boring tasks, such as doing the laundry, or just small details that don’t seem to mean much, like a boring conversation, or seeing a car driving past me and I’ll remember it and the driver as someone I had dreamed of, but none of it seems to be connected to anything in particular.

    I hope to hone in on my skills, and one day use them to change peoples lives.

  36. pauline estrada says:

    carri your not crazy or weird ..

    your ability is a gift ..

    be thankful ..

  37. Eric says:

    hi, just wondering did you predict Haiti?

  38. Anonymous says:

    you know what I probably wouldnt of believed you back then.if you do know the future i wouldnt want to know.I already worry like you wouldnt believe and i dont want to know whats going to happen because i would more worry so if we would of became friends and you told me I would say keep it to yourself.

  39. trolldoll1681 says:

    we can’t worry about tomorrow just live in now

  40. Carri says:

    Right now I see a lot of flooding a van is driving down a road in maybe Texas I see a family being swept away into a massive river and drowing. its a horrible dream. the road leads them to a river and they have no chance.

    • Raquel says:

      Carri, now is April 7, 2011 and that dream that you had about six months ago, could that be in California? Both states Texas and California have Spanish heritage. I’m just saying because the description that you just provided looks a lot like what happen when the tsunami from Japan hit California last month. If this is true, you have a wonderful gift and you can help a lot of people. I’m ashamed of those who ask that you predict something for them in particular. How can some people be so selfish? Your gift is to help a lot of people. God bless you and use it wisely.

  41. Anna says:

    Carrie, when did you have that dream? Was it last night? Is that all you remember about the dream? I think you are a very enlightened person and would love to hear more of what you have been dreaming of.

    This happens to me also, but nothing major, just minor things that happen to me or my family in the near future and then it happens.

    Have you ever heard of Binaural beats to listen to while you sleep? This might fine-tune your gift…look it up on-line.

  42. sharayah says:

    can i ask you something dose this gift work with any one person you may or may not me can you tell me somehing that’s going to happen with me good or bad,or maybe the pass that has happend ? i would like to know :) thanks

    • Carri says:

      To Sharayah sorry, do not think I can do a prediction with out a picture like I see on the Television, sometimes if I touch a letter that is sent through the mail I can do the prediction. but not sure really. I cannot do predictions by writing on the internet like this site. I do not know why. It is strange isn’t it. these psychic abilities are so unpredictable. I know sometime I can do telemetry and remote viewing. I either have to touch an object or letter or see a picture or the tv for world events. it is so strange.

  43. sebastian says:

    i started diong predictions when i was 9

  44. Carri says:

    About 3 months ago I dreamed that Ghadafi was allowing his troops to hurt the civilians that he was governing. In the dream I saw a young LIBYAN woman in her home, she had long black hair. . It was day time. A few moments later a soldier came chasing her in her home with a machine gun. I saw her run into the basement in a trap door trying to escape from the Libyan soldier.
    In the dream it told me that Ghadafi was allowing his soldier to gun down the civilians. I should have posted this sooner but am working 6 days a week I am tired.
    But my dream warned me that Ghadafi was allowing his soldiers to do atrocities on the civilians.

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