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Abu Kaff a True Story from Egypt

Posted on December 11, 2009

Today I will tell you a true story took place in Egypt in the month of April 1980, it has been reported in Egyptian newspapers due to events of a surprise that were published on the Internet, but in Arabic, a story of a young Egyptian-called (Abu Kaff), he was time 30 years at the time of this story, suffered his injury in his legs during the fighting of war which took place on the border of the Suez Canal, led to paralysis legs, which forced him out of the armed forces to civilian life to go to live with his mother and sisters in the small village. He was inclined to feel lonely and isolated because of the paralysis injury and spent most of his time in his room, thinking how he would feel depressed and began to be tension.

One night, while sitting on his bed, he suddenly heard a strange sound coming from the wall,he turned to check the sound but suddenly found a woman wearing a white dress, went out to him from the wall, he was shocked, cried out loud and felt very frightened and felt as he will die sooner, but the women have moved by several steps, she was floating in the air and was standing very close to him, she said: I am here to help you and as per one condition, tomorrow you will marry my daughter to be completely cured of paralysis, but he was covering his face with his blanket and lost his control, then she completely disappeared and he looked around him but he found nothing,he thought that he was sleeping and it was just a nightmare.

On the day Next was thinking about what happened and has convinced himself that it was a bad dream, he never see any ghost and did not also believe any paranormal activity before .The next midnight the woman was back again, but was with a beautiful young woman possesses very hot body, this time discovered that he was not dreaming and knew he was in the presence of two ghosts and felt wet with sweat all over his body is trembling, but the woman said this is my daughter and now she will be your wife, after one week I want you to leave this house and rent another one so as to cure the patients, silent seconds and then disappeared leaving her daughter alone with him, he did not understand anything but lost his consciousness, and has already fallen on his bed while the young women was embracing him at this moment. in the morning the man woke to find a big surprise he was able to move his paralyzed legs for the first time and was able to walk, he wept and could not believe that he can walk again, it was a miracle then faster to his family to tell them that he was recovered from the paralysis but he kept his big secret about ghosts to himself and decided to not tell anybody to not think that he is a mad.

He was spending the day with his family and at night the young woman has come to live with him, so accustomed to her presence and no longer felt terrified her, and decided as ordered by her mother to search for a new house, and indeed he turned to another one zone away, and seemed to diagnose some patients there provided that he is a doctor and the old women assisted him for diagnosis, treatment,describing the medicines in English language and helped him also to make several successful operations such as appendicitis, and eradication of breast cancer, and also managed to recover a number of cases of infertility and paralysis, he became well known in this region, but other doctors who have other clinics in the same region and they did not believe him so called the police. The officer came and asked him for his license to prove that he is a doctor and when they did not find the required license he was arrested and held with him getting to the police station for questioning, and there he told his real story to the investigator, but he did not fully believe him, of course, ordered his imprisonment and immediately after the investigating the officer felt with a strong headache and then lost his consciousness and was taken to the hospital.

On April 15, 1980 suspension (Abu Kaff) was taken to the judge on trial for practicing medicine without a license, and disclosure to patients and put their lives at risk, and once again he told his story to the judge and that he was forced to do so, cause of ghosts. And the judge wanted to test his abilities and told him to diagnose some diseases for people who are at the court room to prove to him that he is a liar, and that he just pretend madness to not expose to punishment, then (Abu Kaff), start looking at people’s faces on the court hall, then referred to some of the attendees was allowed to stand,then he began to diagnose each one and told him the history of his illness, medicines taken ,the appropriate treatment for him, and surprised that the diagnosis was true with everyone, according to the testimony of these people, then asked to judge to disclose to lawyers around the room, recalled some of them feel that some diseases and treatment of timely and accurate answers was also on these lawyers astoundingly, then people were clapping, and then the judge asked him to diagnose him personally, then he told him some of the symptoms that he suffered from time to time, the judge was surprised, he keep silent for some seconds then asked him how to know all these accurate informations in spite of being not a doctor? He said that there is a woman who belongs to the demons that she aided and he could not do anything without her, but the judge ordered the disclosure and to send him to a psychiatric hospital.

Doctors reported at the hospital that he had a mental illness, and has a trouble in his thoughts ,but failed to learn how he could to diagnose the diseases and a prescription treatment is required and writing prescriptions English-language medical brilliantly although he did not fully learn English before and as well as doing successful surgical operations without learning medicine in any university. On April 22,1980 as per the above report of the hospital, the judge could not send him to the jail and announced his innocence due to insanity, while leaving the courtroom to his house the audience were clapping for him and the Media followed him too and his story was published in a famous newspaper in Egypt called “newspaper of the Republic” in daily news on April 23, 1980, it did an interview with the man who said: “The woman was standing in the courtroom behind the judge to help me to diagnose all the diseases and he was forced on all his deeds otherwise he will be expose to her punishment.

I sent this strange story because, it was published only through the Media and internet in Egypt nowadays.

Sent in by Hossam Hamdy, Copyright 2009

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18 Responses to “Abu Kaff a True Story from Egypt”
  1. Autumn says:

    wow this story is very exciting,

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    yes, this story is indeed strange, but not unbelievable. there are those who can heal. i don’t think demons had anything to do with his abilities.

  3. Karen M. says:

    WOW, didn’t you just have a story here where you saw a lady in white too???

  4. Autumn says:

    This story is unbelivable, and i mean that in a good way, i possted my comment and was doing some thinking and this story is starting to make more and more sceince. :)

  5. Hossam hamdy says:

    Hi every body: Thanks for all your comments. I agree for all the above comments, it is unbeleivable to many people, but this story is really & actually happened , I myself had seen this man in the newspapers, it is also puplished on the internet but in Arabic, In fact Egypt still the country of magic,there are more strange stories here, some people here can control snakes & talk to them,the snakes completely obey them,other use the magic for evil,other use it for good,like cure,marriage & love between the man & the woman.I know personally one of them,he can move stuffs by oral orders.There is also an Egyptian engineer who can cure many diseases by using special rings & chains of metal, he can control the negative energy in the human body & converts it to positive one.There are many paranormal activity in this world especially in the East.Thanks again for your reading my story. Regards.

  6. Big Chief says:

    Hossam Hamdy, how can I contact you?? Email adress or something?? Can the mod of this site give me Hossam Hamdy’s email adress or give him mines? I know Egypt and the middle east has alot of history of magic and ghost stories. I’m interesting in hearing them all. This story sounds as if a “demon” was telling the patient about the illnesses of the people in the courtroom. Demons or people on the other side would know about sickness’s and other secrets about human beings in this world..

  7. Big Chief says:

    Yes, I just read this story again. It sounds like the man was visited by a woman who was owned by demons that she may have aided or associated with when she was alive. These demons now control this woman upon death and she is the one that is giving this man all this information. The man has no powers of healing anything on his own. He is correct, the woman (ghost-demon) is the one that’s giving him the instructions on how to heal the sick and diagnose their problems. He can’t do anything without her instructions.. Also, anyone here of Black Magic that brings dead people back to life. I heard of many people that did that in Egypt back some 1000′s of years ago. I heard that the Egyptians that built the pyramids back then were great magicians and they could use magic to bring people back to life. Anyone else know of this magic???

  8. Hossam hamdy says:

    Hi Big Chief;
    Thank you for your comment , I would like to give you my email,but as per the conditions of comments here,we should not post it,so as Caretaker ( The administrator here) said,we can communicate through Talk Paranormal forum,it is in the bottom right of this page.click enter then you will find many exciting subjects there.Actually I have many strange stories occured in Egypt & similar to my post,but I think that many people here will not beleive it ,cos it has a very different sub-culture belongs to the East only.I will be very pleased to tell you all the Egyptian stories in that field.

  9. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hossam,, another great story!! thank you… as you know i am also on the other website, i will be getting in touch with you soon, and let you know more about whats going on with me, as you had asked!!! i will pm you soon,, take care,, ktm

  10. Hossam Hamdy says:

    K2M, Thanks for your sweet words,yes you are on the other website,but always into our hearts,I wish you are O.K & always happy, I can not wait to to hear your news,Kindly to agree your Mom & your hubby.
    Take care hun.

  11. Indiangirl says:

    I think this is a great story. My question, though, is why is she referred to as a demon? It seems to me she is more of an angel.

  12. Nasheed says:

    nice..not unbelievable at all
    but i think tht woman was /is a genie :-S

  13. what???? says:

    yeah me too she shouldnt be so reffered to as a demon she dosent seem to evil i think u shuld change it to angel haha : )

  14. Hossam Hamdy says:

    Hi Indiangirl , Nasheed , what????,
    Thanks for all your comments, I think that not all demons are evil, some are good too,we know the story of Soliman the Prophet when he asked his assistants to bring him the Throne of Bolkees the Queen of Saaba kingdom in Yemen,One of the demons Said: I can bring it to your majestic in one moment before your standing up from your seat.

  15. AnotherOne says:

    That has happened here in the U.S. with a man who was considered a profit/psychic (I forget his name). It’s totally possible. I just wonder why he listened to “her” if he knew she was a demon. Is it better to gain your body and lose your soul? I also wonder why a “demon” would help cure people. I think maybe it wasn’t really a demon. And, did he move in with her daughter? Wasn’t she a ghost, too? What happened to him since?

  16. JT says:

    cool story love to know more

  17. Rose says:

    Some times demos do help people so that they can worship other then the only hevanly father..that way the evil will have more fallowers

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