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A Visit to My Evil Step Grandmother Sally’s Grave

Posted on November 29, 2008

Gordon, Wisconsin was a logging town 20 years ago. I visited it as a child. Gordon is about 50 miles south of Duluth, Minnesota. It is near the Canadian border.

In 2000 my step dad Richard was dying of heart failure. He went back to see his mother Sally Konkel’s grave in the Gordon Cemetery. My dad got out of the car along with my sister and me. On the grave it said Sally Konkel in bold letters. This was the first time he saw her grave.

Sally was an evil woman, she was mentally ill, but Richard still had love for her even though he had not talked to her in 20 years. He only heard of her death through his cousin who lived at White Bear lake and he called him and told him his mother died. Richard never went to Sally’s funeral or even visited her grave for over 20 years. Richard’ cousin was mad at him for not going to Sally Konkel’s funeral. But Richard’s cousin never knew the real truth about Sally. Richard only made the trip when he himself was deathly ill. But regardless, he had some kind of bonding, like all abused children feel their captivity. Richard missed the only mother he had knew and he started crying. It was a sad to see my step dad cry. it was a poignant moment.

Sally had been a cook for a living. But I knew her and she was cruel and evil. She had blue eyes and black hair that was kept tightly in a bun. I also knew Sally hated me because I was Hellen’s child. Me and my mom had taken her son Richard the genius away from Sally. Richard was a NASA engineer and Sally knew as a kid he had something special, Richard was the valedictorian of Duluth Minnesota. I know Sally had hoped Richard would get her out of Duluth because as a restaurant cook she could not move she was deeply impoverished.

As we drove up to the Gordon, Wisconsin Graveyard, I felt sorrow for Sally who had such a hard life. But as soon as we looked at Sally’s grave in a small row with other former Gordon Wisconsin residents I sensed the presence of pure evil in the graveyard. All of the sudden these bee like mosquitoes stared to attack us. Millions of them swarmed around us and started to bite us. Gina my sister and my daughter Auti started to scream. The bugs came at us like some supernatural force. The bugs were buzzing as we all got in the car and slammed the door. I could sense the presence of evil even though the sun was shinning brightly. The bugs seemed to block out the light.

We abruptly drove away. Richard was still crying, he did not even seem to notice. Richard drove us to the main highway that goes through the center of Gordon and toward Duluth. There were hundreds of houses standing silent, and abandoned. The old restaurant where Sally worked was standing old and still. The town was empty with houses standing, but no one was in them. I wanted to stop Richard from driving and peer into the empty house’s windows but something stopped me from doing it. There was a paved street but no cars on it.

We stopped and went into the dark dense forest. In the forest I saw three witches watching us. They started to chase us. We ran to safety. We raced into the car and drove away. We drove for a little ways, even though it had been 20 years Richard knew the forest like he had never left it. We stopped and drank from a stream. The water was ice cold and tasted fresh and good.

Richard told me of the black figure that roamed the forest. The black entity had once chased him up a tree. Wolves were howling. His grandpa started the entire swamp on fire. Richard asked, “Grandpa why are you lighting the swamp on fire?” Grandpa replied, “We need to get that black beast out of the forest.”

We finally drove to Richard’s great grandmother’s home, it was a 1930′s type of old cabin. He said her ghost haunted the property. The cabin was green with grey wood around it, it appeared to be a hunter’s cabin. Richard was supposed to inherit his great grandmother’s house, but investors took the property. We were happy in a way because Richard told us a ghost haunted the property. But as we looked at the cabin we did not dare get out of the car because the bee like mosquitoes were swarming around the car. I saw a light emanating from the house it was a ghost like eerie light. An apparition was flying around the house. I yelled “Lets get out of here.”

We drove quickly away then we finally ended the town of Gordon and ended up by the St. Croix River. The river swarmed in rapids and whirlpools. My boyfriend Lorin jumped in and was swimming in the enormous river. He yelled, “Carri get in.” Lorin could swim through the whirl pools and rapids but I just stayed close to shore because the river was real big.

Richard came out of the car and watched us swim and told us of the times he had seen ghost, and things from the clouds. He said in the black forest there were beasts that have not been discovered. Objects appeared from the heavens. There were UFO activities and no one would tell this secret because there was no one around to tell. Lorin finally got out of the river and we drove away in the car.

I said, “Dad, lets get the hell out of here, because it’s getting dark and the sun is barely still out. I do not want to be here when it is dark.” I wondered how the sun could be brightly shining and yet the huge trees in the forest blocked out the light. We finally drove away, with the sun quickly sinking into the horizon, Richard desperately drove fast trying to get us back to the cabin. But I thought the cabin was hundreds of miles south, I thought silently. Then we drove on and we raced against the impending darkness and the setting sun. Something made me look back and I could feel a chill go down my spine. I simply had this eerie feeling like, something, or someone was watching us, leave the forest.

Sent in by Carri, Copyright 2008 TrueGhostTales.com

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26 Responses to “A Visit to My Evil Step Grandmother Sally’s Grave”
  1. Marcus says:

    Great story, I wish You would put several of those together into a book, I would read it.

  2. pooja says:

    i realyl didnt understand the story completely !!!!

  3. Glamazon says:

    Hey carrie dats a long story bt wicked.wats wid da bee-like mosquitos?

  4. Cheryl says:

    come on, this needs more explaination, this is just to unbelieveable to be even keep me interested and I am a vivid interested person in the super natural, hauntings, ghost stories etc.

  5. Alpha says:

    WOW!!! That’s amazing!!!

    My mum and dad and i drove past a place more then a decade ago when we went on a vacation and we went past a forest within, what i presume to be, the same vicinity as you’ve described!! It was definitely somewhere in Wisconsin.

    (Only Wisconsin could have so many forests!!)

    I remember feeling extremely cold and depressed and angry throughout the duration of the time in that town. It was an awful feeling…. I was shivering
    I felt so many malevolent energies trying to penetrate through me that i was on the verge of consciousness… My parents considered taking me to a hospital cause my mum said i felt quite cold.

    I’m accustomed to malevolent entities but here was a place where there appeared to be so many malevolent spiritual beings, that it was as though my skull was being compressed and cut through.

    I especially remember feeling a terrible energy from that forest and i think my parents noticed too cause my dad, whom at first was rather keen on stopping and searching through the forests, decided not too…
    This happened when i was much younger, so it may not necessarily be the same place but i’m confident it was!!
    As soon as i left that place i felt the coldness dissipate away and i felt the malevolent energy diminish.

    The experience itself must have been horrible for you!!
    Take care Alpha =)

  6. Anonymous says:

    there is no way this storie is true i live in gordon wi , and there is not a hundred houses in town and the town is not abandoned. i now this because i am also a fire fighter and a emt for the town of gordon wi.
    the other thing is that i go by the cematary every day to go home and i have lots of relitives in that cemetary.
    my fathers family was homestaded here. so if there ever was a story like this around i would of heard of it.
    there are no ufos. no creaters in the forest other than the animals that live there.
    the black thing was probly a bear…

  7. BIANCA says:

    Your story was very busy, if you know what I mean. I felt a little confuse. But that does’nt mean I found it to be untrue.

    You said sally was evil, why? Maybe she just had a mental problem.

    Could you please tell me what made her evil?


  8. nat says:

    i am sorry but i think it is fake.or busy.i couldn’t follow it!

  9. nat says:

    glamazon,if you think this is a long story,read part 6 of brane the demon in my head.it is LONG.warrior prietess if you are reading this you know about my doof comments.

  10. Alpha says:

    Lol that blows!!

    I still remember visiting a place in Wisconsin or similar to wisconsin that emanated outwards plenty of malevolent energy,
    There are thousands of towns across the world that are plagued with supernatural phenomenon from UFOs to spirits.
    Gordon may not be such a town but there are definitely plenty out there in US and other parts of the world.

  11. Jackie says:

    It was a busy story, and i got lost in places, especially when you saw the three witches in the forest, how do you know they were witches? Did they have pointed hats and broomsticks? lol No, seriously though, how did you know they were witches?

  12. hannah says:

    my grandma lives in Gordon WI and its not abandoned

  13. Warrior Priestess says:

    No offense, but this has got to be the most confusing stories ive ever read. You jumped from one thing to another, at first it sounded like i was written in a proffessional way, then further down you say the mosquitos followed you around the acr, but you went into a deep forest DRIVING? Was there a road through this forest or did you just drive through the woods? then you got out and didnt mention if the mosquitoes were still there, you also said you and you boyfreind started swimming in a river that has huge rapids and whirlpools, does yer BF have a deathwish or is he just a little cookoo? Youre stepdad watch you swim, then you said you got out of the river and drove away, then everything got a little bit crazy (er… crazier) 3 witches? God i’m so confused. Your story greatly lacks structure. HUGE peices are missing… Lordy…

  14. Carri says:

    This is my story from Gordon Wisconsin. It is true. My step father was born in gordon in 1936. His mother was Sally Konkel an evil woman. I drove through gordon in 2000 and saw no activity. Sally was evil in life and even in death she commanded some sort of evil spiritual activity in the grave yard. We also drove through Dairy Land Wisconsin. My step father’s name was Richard Thompson. He went to school in either Dairy land or gordon as a child. Sally was an alcoholic and had a mental Illiness. I know I need to polish up this story. We were driving through gordon and dairy land I think and we were on the main road untill we got to the Saint Croix River. you can verify if you want that Sally Konkel was a resident and a cook in Dairy land and Gordon Wisconsin. My boyfriend Lorin really is a excellent swimmer but he is a little crazy.

  15. Auti says:

    I remember that too. I was like five or something. xD
    But, you need to be more desciptive next time…
    I don’t why I’m writing this when you’re like in the next room…

  16. phoebuzzer says:

    anonymous, if you are a firefighter don’t you need to know how to spell. firefighters are supposed to be clever, i’m glad your not rescuing me. i also think the story is too far fetched to be real i stopped reading half way, nice try though

  17. Jonathan says:

    There were many problems with the story but the biggest was that her step dad never talked to his mother. Hasn’t spoken to her in 20 years and then the next paragraph she states that she knows sally and how mean she was and how sally didn’t like her. Well guess what Sally never knew of you, if the first paragraph was true. Oh i just can’t stop. Then everyone just decided to go into the forest? then there were three witches? how do oyu do oyu knwo they were witches? …. I give up. this sounds like a dream. So much motive missing in some of the choices.

  18. Karen M. says:

    I guess she knows that they were witches cause they started chasing them out of the forest,did they get to the car and start banging on it before you drove out of the forest? Kind of like the Blair Witch Project! I believe the part about the mom being disturbed but isn’t mental illness hereditary also maybe Richard’s stories about UFO’s and swamps on fire were just his imagination The part about him saying that there are evil things in the Black Forest is an old superstitsion, but they’re supposed to be evil dwarfs like those lawn ornaments people put in their yards with the white beards! They’re called nains de jardins in French. P.S. How do you start a swamp on fire?

  19. Jonathan says:

    Thank you Karen. That made me laugh and brightened my day.

  20. Carri says:

    I do not know how Richard’s grandpa started the swamp on fire. it was before 1960. I wasn’t born yet. Richard was a genius he worked for Nasa and helped develop fuel cells for General Motors but his mother was pure evil. The witches just appeared and stayed in the forrest. They would not leave the forrest. Richard lived in those northern woods. He was a boy in the 1940s. He would walk to school in the bitter northern Minn. he walked 10 miles to school daily. Thats when he would see ufos, Big foot or swamp creatures. Richard also did astral body out of body experiences. Sally was took care of me when I was 9 and poured scalding hot water over me and my little 2 year old sister when she cared for us. We were ok afterwoods but me and my siblings knew she was capable of anything after that. My stepfather let her go back to Wisconsin and never really talked to her again. We never heard of her untill we visited her grave.

  21. Pat says:

    Dear Anonymous- just because YOU never encountered what her family does NOT mean those things do not exist… the story was very good and yes i have felt cold chills on a hot summer day too!

  22. XxC0ldH3artxX says:

    How come the bugs weren’t around at the stream, but were at the house? But when you got to the river they were gone again.

  23. Carri says:

    To XxColdH3artxX. you have an interesting name. The bugs were only at the grave yard where Sally was buried. She seemed to command them to attack us even though she was dead. She was a mean woman in life. I knew when these bugs attacked it was Sally trying to hurt us from the ghost world. We drove our car away from the grave yard and went by a river. The river’s name was the St. Croix river. Your right it was strange there were no bugs by the river. The bugs only were only at the grave yard and the house. I never really thought about it until you mentioned it here..

  24. Jules says:

    This is disturbing as it seems that there are real signs of dementia. You never explained how you knew they were “witches”? I’ve read your comments on other stories with a link to this one (good advertising), & you state that your stepfather or grandfather think it was Bigfoot, yet you say demon? Carrie, I’m really not being mean, but it sounds as if there was a lot of abuse and sadness in your life, & maybe it would be a good idea to see a therapist. There is no embarassment in that. If you are religious, maybe seek out a priest or such who you can speak with. Most REAL priests today have training in therapy and counseling. I hope all is well with you.

  25. Carri says:

    I saw the witches in the forest. I have had much sadness and abuse. but understand that God help’ me a lot. I have a strong faith. My step father as a child grew up in a remote area of Gordon or Dairy land Wisconsin. He always talked about seeing a creature in the forest. He described it as big foot. I say it was a demon because that is what I believe big foot and UFO’s are. I believe they are from another dimension. Richard my step father always talked about other dimension that is where these UFO’s came from. These crafts would appear out of the clouds from nowhere. Richard would often go outside and take a flash light and shine it up into the clouds. I always thought he did it for attention because I never saw anything but the dark and the stars. but he would sit outside for hours signaling to the stars, with his flash light. I now have come to believe all this paranormal activity was evil. Richard would talk about astral body flight right before he died. I published a story on a ufo site. I think it was called. “Astral body projection and communication with aliens.” The reason I mention this story is not for promotion but it is for understanding and how it links to this story. My step father right before he died was worried about not returning to his body after having numerous OBE experiences. I would look at him worried but had no answer what he was experiencing. I now only hope he found his peace and went to heaven. I now have a definitive understanding of what these events are. They link into the paranormal and it is another way that the enemy tries to trick people into believing that stuff. all of those things are evil.

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