A Story of Witch Craft

Posted on October 30, 2007

Hi you may have remembered me from the last story I sent. As I said in my last story many things have happened to me and my family and some times still occur. The story I’m about to tell you also happened a long time ago. It was a story my mom told me about when she was a child.

Again, as I also mentioned in my last story, my family had a history of “brujeria” meaning witch craft. Now this isn’t a real long story but it is true, you see my mom’s grandma on her mother’s side used to practice witch craft and one day she told my mom and her sisters to move out of the way because satan was going to pass by.

My mom was young and innocent at the time and didn’t know what her grandma meant by ‘satan’. Moments later a white dog passes through the living room in front of them and goes into her room never to come out again.

My moms family at the time was poor and didn’t even have a dog but what my mom remembered for sure was that dog was white as snow and never came out of that room. That just goes to show that evil comes into different forms.

My mom also remembers a time she was going through her grandmas dresser and saw a doll. She wanted very much to play with it and her grandma told her no that’s not to play with. My mother cried till her grandma finally gave in. She said in Spanish here play with it then!

As my mother played with the doll she told it stay here ill be right back. The doll being made out of cotton and cloth then said mama and moved. My mom looked at her and threw her! She looked up and then saw her grandma with an evil looking grin starring at her as if to say that’s what you get for getting into things that aren’t yours!

My mom later found out that the doll was really a voodoo doll. Her grandma later died an ugly death and it just goes to show that when you practice witch craft it pays back seven fold, not that I’d wish that on anyone.

Submitted by Loretta, Copyright 2007 TrueGhostTales.com


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195 Responses to “A Story of Witch Craft”
  1. Nunya Biz says:

    I Beg To Differ!!

  2. that is realy weird but we sort of believe it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The Caretaker says:

    Witchcraft and Voodoo are not the same thing. A true witch does not wish to harm anyone and is not evil. In fact a witch doesn’t really believe in the devil.

    Unfortunately, television shows and movies as well as propaganda put out by churches and religious organizations have affected the way we view a witch. As with nearly every other subject we learn the wrong things from movies. Remember, movies are meant for entertainment. The people who write and direct movies usually don’t know very much about the actual facts, they just want to make their movie/story interesting so people will watch.

    • Pat says:

      Had no idea what a difference there was in the two… thanks a lot for that info!

    • josh says:

      HI caretaker:being from the carribean i can tell you that there is evil voodoo and good voodoo.in my country we call it santeria,it is a form of voodoo mixed with catholism,there is also folk spiritualism,and the last one and most dangerous is palo mayombe.there is a darkside in santeria called santeria palo mayombe,this religion which came from the jungles of the congo is purely evil.in cuba,puerto rico,dom.rep palo encountered santeria and espiritualism.about 99 % of paleros have incorporated elements of santeria and other beliefs into palo like spiritualism and indian beliefs.because palo is the most nature oriented of the other 2,santeria and haitian voodoo,palo can be blended with any other religion without problems.there is also palo haitiano(haitian palo).the basis of palos power resides in the spirit of the dead,which the palero has to bring from the cemetery to the house.he must bring a fresh corpse to the house and put it in the nganga(cauldron)then he makes a pact with the spirits of the dead.indians,pirates,witches ect. he then begins the journey into the dark.he then incorporates the nkisi(oricha)to his pantheon making him even more powerful.and lastly when he is ready he gets to work with lugambe(the devil).so anabels story is true.there are very evil witches in the carribean that work with the devil.

    • MARY says:

      Thank you caretaker for opening up this discussion as the Craft is not evil , in fact the rede of the the craft is “do what you will but HARM NONE” A

  4. aliam says:

    it’s kinda weird..
    i don’t think i believed in it..

  5. gabrielle says:

    i do belive some what of it but not every thing like voodoo hell ya and the ten fold yup

  6. HAYLEY MORRIS says:

    I dont care what “Caretaker” says, but witchcraft and Voodoo is both from SATAN, and it is evil. Whatever is not approved by God is evil and there is no way that you can convince anyone otherwise.

    • Anonymous says:

      Witch craft is real i practise it myself “i am a witch” it is my religien i am a wicken its real dont say its not because u dont no!!!!! dont try it at come it bites back

  7. The Caretaker says:

    Hello Hayley. Thank you for posting your comment. I appreciate your opinion on this subject. I do not practice withcraft, nor do I advocate that anyone else does, but I do know that witchcraft, or Wicca, originally had nothing whatsoever to do with religion and they did not believe in, let alone worship, the devil or Satan

  8. linda duncan says:

    i really think the story of yours is utterly true because ive studdied it before in its amazing keep going

  9. Gladys says:

    In responce to Hayley Morris:

    Not caring or taking into consideration the beliefs of others is what started wars, murders, mindless(or controlled) actions throughout the world. It still goes on today due to intolerance. Be aware of your surroundings, however, do not destroy it because you simply do not agree.

    As Voltaire once said,” I may disagree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the very death your right to say it.”
    Ignorance is not bliss.

  10. leonard low says:

    I spent 2 years writing a book about a scottish witch trial in the village of pittenweem, “the weem witch” came out in march 2006, I own the tower where these people were tortured as witches, much blood and death the walls in these rooms have witnessed , and the despair in these rooms can be felt by all.

    voices have been heard (a fight between a man and a women) objects have been violently moved, and witnesses in their dozens now have seen a robed figure like a bishop in the tower.

    satan is a christian concept, as are Witches, these people were murdered by religion, nothing more.
    let your imagination run away with religion and beliefs, its your right, but what stalks my tower is real.

    innocent people murdered by religion have no rest.

    • Stu McInally says:

      Hey Leonard…
      I’ve just finished reading your book and I think it is a fantastic read
      The amount of detail put into these accounts of accused witches from Pittenweem have really opened my eyes to the horrific tortures and pains of both the unfortunate soul and their family and friends.
      Pittenweem is now definately a place I would love to visit sometime and I would hope to visit the tower and the Weem itself
      Once again, love the book

      • lenny weem witch author says:

        Hi stu, i still do tours at the tower, and would love to show you around, give me a call on 07766553377, we can work something out.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am told a relative Janet Cornfoot, spelt Crnphat or similar, was the last witch drowned in Pittenweem harbour ~ can you enlighten me?

      • lenny weem witch author says:

        Janet was not drowned in the pittenweem harbour, but was toyed with by the locals here for 3 hours on a cold january night of 1705, before being taken to a nearby house to have her wounds treated, the mob unsatisfied smashed their way into the house, pulled her outside placed the ruined door apon janet and stacked stones from the beach on it till the weight crushed her. if you can get hold of my book “the weem witch” it explains all.

  11. erika alanis says:

    well, hey, witch craft is true. I might not believe in it, but it is true, but be careful with that voodoo and witch craft stuff it can lead to death – and I mean death

  12. erika alanis says:

    Hey can voodoo lead to death?

  13. leonard low says:

    Hey Erika,
    You just contradicted your first message?

  14. mooe says:

    Yo dude, i completely feel you! I may be a hippy but I know where your coming from!

    A similar story was told me when i was a mini being. peace man!

  15. Anushka says:

    Wow, so this is true speaking of which this is cool

  16. Brandy says:

    Hi. I just wanted to let everyone know the feelings of a Wicca about this. I have practiced the craft for two years now and it is in no way evil. Wicca is an earth based religion. We worship both a male and a female and the male is in no way the devil. We do not even have a supreme evil. Against most people’s beliefs we are not in anyway a new religion. Wicca is just what the first religion now goes by. Oh and by the way we have a law of THREE fold. Not Ten or seven. We do not do curses or hexes or anything that goes against a persons will such as love spells. I will go now. Blessed be.

  17. leonard low says:

    just read the weem witch by leonard low, this book is amazing, it cant all be true is it?

  18. nicole says:

    Ew. That story gave me the shivers. :S

  19. leonard low says:

    the reason I became so obsessed with the pittenweem witch trials is because I couldnt believe what I was reading, yes the whole tale is true.
    the weem witch has been out now 2 years and still doing well in the shops,my next mission is to convince time team to find my missing two witches, they are buried somewhere to the west of Pittenweem in a shallow grave.Any one interested can contact me [email protected]

  20. shreya says:

    can anyone of u tell me what demons,angel,witches n LUCIFER are exactly??

  21. leonard low says:

    Angels demons etc were made up to scare the ignorant, fear kept people in their places, thats the retric with religion, it scares you into parting with your money.

  22. Jackie says:

    To Leanard, I’d just like you to read my story in the ouija board section, entitled, ‘Get Satan Off My Back’.

    I am an honest person and i can tell you that whatever was in my room that evening was evil and WAS there.

    I wish people would not answer questions people have about demons etc with the ‘ultimate knowing of the truth’ kind of attitude. Leanard says there are no demons, so how do you know this to be an ultimate fact?

    Also, you sent in a recommendation about your book by yourself!

    Anyway, no hard feelings, just get annoyed when people state their beliefs as facts.

    • laura says:

      Demons are not a figment of anyone’s imagination, they are very much real.
      You can encounter evil spirits in ouija boards and in spells if you don’t know how to do them right. If you try to summon anything or any spirit chances are you might call forth an evil spirit. It’s happened to me before.

  23. Jackie says:

    To Leanard,
    Just told myself off for being a little harsh.

    Let me just say that i had never believed in God or satan or such until i had my experience and i was completely taken by surprise, i can tell you that as an absolute fact. I have no choice but to believe what happened to me and have to remember how i poo pooed stories of this nature before i had my proof. I can honestly say that it drives me round the bend now when i try and convince people that what happened to me was reall.

    I still find it funny though that you sent in a comment about your book from yourself…LOL. Hey, i would have probably done the same to encourage people to read it, if i had written a book. I’m curious now and would like to know where i can buy it from – well done Leanard, it worked!! :)

  24. leonard low says:

    Hi Jackie,
    I have a tower in Pittenweem in Fife, the same tower that was used for the torture and persecution of the 26 Witches I wrote about in the Weem witch.
    I did lectures there for three years promoting the book, then things went weird! n one tour!
    Halfway through a tour in 2006 we moved from one floor to the other, one american woman commented on no one helping the old man up the stairs?
    there was no old man on my tour, a check followed and again no old man!
    I was shown photos taken during the tour and sure enough ther was the old man, but only his top half!
    He has been seen and heard now by many, I have stunning photographs, many mediums and newspapers have now been involved over 3 years now,
    Jackie? I have been directly involved in much ghostly activity, I have a gift for this, but let me tell you deamons are all in the mind, while polterguist activity is now a science, In the weem witch a young lad plays that deamons are tormenting him, it was enough to convince the athorities to torture several on the basis they were Witches, it resulted in two deaths and much misery to others, the young boy admitted he acted the whole thing for malice.
    theres your deamon.
    I dont for one moment dis believe your bedroom tale, would like to know more…

  25. Jackie says:

    Hi Leonard,

    I know some people lie about these things and then this casts doubt on others who are being truthful. The boy who apparently lied caused alot of harm, if he did lie, but in those days torture could have easily made him say it was a lie.
    You just don’t know anything for ‘certain’ no-one does. I don’t know for sure if what attacked me was a demon or poltergeist or whatever, all i know is it happened. The only thing that made it go away was a prayer.
    I have read almost everything i can get my hands on the subject since and researched with people who have had similar experiences. NO-ONE has ever been able to say for an absolute FACT what is the truth. That is what prompted me to comment on your story.
    I do believe one thing to be definite and that is my prayer protected me from further harm. That is the only true fact in my case. I just believe that if felt pure evil and that to me amounts to a demon. There is no absolute proof of poltergeist activity even though this is investigated regularly.
    ‘There’s my demon,’ seems a bit of a provocative phrase, but i’ll let it go.

  26. leonard low says:

    please read the Enfield poltergeist, as a case where it was filmed, photographed and even witnessed by the police, Im involved with a poltergeist case just now, following it for the last 3 years in pittenweem Scotland.
    As for your prayer! if it gave you some comfort then no one can say otherwise, religion was invented to keep the peasant people in order with fear, nothing else, how many hundred religions do we have today each one has the same message, support this religion or suffer etc, its all forced upon us with threats of burning in hell etc, and only the weak minded follow.

  27. Jackie says:

    Leonard, all i know for certain is this, the comments you make are meant to be provocative, but unfortunately they come without any kind of reasoning. To me and others who have read your comments, that is weak minded and shallow because to you, only your theories are the truth – hey! didn’t know someone had found the meaning of life already – well done!
    To turn the subject to reason – I have heard of the Enfield poltergeist and i did belong to the ‘Society of Psycical research’ (although cannot remember whether that is the exact name now as it was over ten years ago) for a while.
    I do respect people’s stories and even yours, but what i don’t understand is how you can believe in ‘ghosts’ and not believe in some higher power. Where do you think we all came from – Mars? If there is an afterlife ( i have successfully astrally travelled, (which HAS been proved scientifically under laboratory conditions) so i know there is a soul involved here) then where do you think we all originated from? Oh no, not the big bang theory? Look around you and at the universe, everything is aligned just so, maybe it was an accident.
    Unless you treat me with the respect i deserve after studying and researching in great depth, this fascinating subject, then please consider our communication at an end. I would however, like to talk to you further if condescending comments could be withdrawn from further interesting discussions.

  28. leonard low says:

    My comments are provocative? Im weak minded for not believing in a higher being? no proof of poltergeist activity? and you joined the society for psycical research?
    the society has masses of imformation and documented books on poltergeist activity, its their speciality, shame you never went to their meetings or actually learnt anything about them, just joined for the nice badge eh!
    And Im condesending?

  29. Jackie says:

    This is the second time in my life i have had the misfortune to come across a control freak.
    Firsty, religion was not ‘invented’ to keep the peasant people in order. The fact that you said that was another transparent put down – you could be more subtle about it Leonard.
    Ghosts and poltergeists you believe in – well some who don’t believe could say that you are weak minded to believe in such things – but they haven’t done because most people respect each other’s beliefs.
    Going back to my story, If the prayer didn’t save me then what do you think did?
    This thing was powerful and not about to leave me alone until i prayed for help, then at that INSTANT it felt as though it were being pulled from me. Bit of a coincidence don’t you think? that as soon as i pray it goes.

  30. Jackie says:

    Forgot to mention, i am not at all religious in any way, but i do believe in God now. I don’t go to church and i think that almost all religions stink and has had everything to do with wars and troubles in our world. I totally agree with you on ONE thing that the witches were terribly persecuted in those days and i feel very sad about the way people were treated in those days. The place you live must be extremely hard to bear at times. If i wasn’t so p***** off at you i would have loved to have paid a visit and read your book.

  31. Jackie says:

    I learned alot from the society, but no i didn’t get a badge, not right into badges.

    Never even said once that i didn�t believe in poltergeists, you just seem to be going on one now. Communication with you ends here!

  32. leonard low says:

    Im now a control freak! your not religious but you believe in god! do you actually read what you print?
    dear o dear, very confused you seem to be!
    have a nice lie down.
    you need it!

  33. leonard low says:

    I dont think your prayers scared of your deamon, You did! you scare me and we havent met!

  34. Jackie says:

    You do not have to be religious to believe in God ‘know it all’.

    it�s you who doesn�t look at what you�re writing, just check out your messages and why i and others who�ve emailed me have come to this decision about the way you are coming across.

  35. Jackie says:

    Alot of Religions are organisations made up by people. Alot of people who run these organisations can’t possibly believe in God because of the acts that they commit. Therefore, you do not have to belong to any of these organisations or the whole host of churches that are around to believe in God. My belief in God is just that, i don’t belong to anything at all. So you are wrong in the other condescending comments you made above. You just can’t help yourself or even see that you are doing this.
    Nobody has ever got my back up as much as you have.

  36. Jackie says:

    i’m starting to think this is all childish, would you be prepared to call a truce. I’m sure we would actually get on if we would respect one another. What do you say, we start again?

  37. leonard low says:

    Dear Jackie
    Ive nothing but respect for you but which God do you believe in , the choice is huge from the Ancient Egyption Gods to the Viking ones, my personal fav is the God of Carlsberg I pray to him most Saturday nights and he enlightens my wallet and delivers great wisdom and blurred vision, sometimes I pray too hard and suffer his great wrath of crushing sore headaches next day, and severe loss of memory. His vengence is mighty on his disbelievers and lapsed heratics who prey to the god carling.
    would you like to have your soul saved and join in my parish?

  38. Jackie says:

    Hey leonard, I often get that same headache..blury – i think i believe in the god of vino blanco.

  39. leonard low says:

    Jackie, check out this sundays Sunday Mirror,feature about me, Weem Witch, and Sean Connery! I have a photo in it too,

  40. Lory says:

    Voodoo and black magic can be evil when it comes into the hands of the evil. x

  41. celeste says:

    this should be used as a forum for views , not a debating arena. I for one believe in ghost, prayers, and demons. I think this site should be used for stories and civil opinions.

    leonard and jackie you two sound like your married

  42. leonard low says:

    Married!!! ive delt with some demons in my life but…………………..

  43. Jackie says:

    You’re at it again Leonard,
    Oh! by the way bought the Sunday Mirror and you weren’t in it. What was that all about?

    Thought you didn�t believe in demons Leonard?

  44. Jackie says:

    I would never be married to a man that wasn’t a gentleman

  45. leonard low says:

    I was in the sunday mirror but only the Scottish version, it was me and sean connery, I found his relations were resonsible for the murder of one of my witches in my book, his great, great xs about 12 took part in the murder of a woman called janet cornfoot.
    I have channel 4s time team primed to find her remains in september, but only If I cant find her using very unconventional methods first.
    ive been in that paper 3 times now, full pages worth, so Im very gratefull to them for the publicity it gave THE WEEM WITCH.
    And Jackie, of course Im a gentleman!
    Get ma tea on hen! an stop fussin!

  46. Jackie says:

    sobor up leaneeerd!!
    Just joking mate!!! starting to love ya!!! can’t wait for that response!!!!!!!!!

  47. Jackie says:

    Do ya want tea with milk though – you never did say – plonker!!

  48. leonard low says:

    jackie, give me some details about yourself, where you live, etc using my mystic vodka bottle i deduct 1. you are very stroppy so therefor live around middlesburgh (all loonies up there) 2. you live in a bedsit with others and have a room full of books and cuddly toys. 3. you listen to dreary records by kylie 4. you write all boys are bastards in your diary.5 your about 35 single and have loads of these honking smelly candles in your room.
    give me marks out of 5.. my mystic bottle never lies.

  49. Jackie says:

    What you on Leonard, you referred to me as a demon, so that doen’t deserve a strop. LOL
    Every bit of info is wrong up there in your last message – being predictable again aren’t you!!

  50. leonard low says:

    it was pure teasing! thought id provoke a response from you,
    Im going to be away for a few days in Scotland again, have a medium who actually works for thepolice, she thinks she can find the two missing bodies of my witches, buried 300 years ago, if by any chance she finds them expect to see a lot of me very soon.
    i have delt with at least 30 mediums in my tower in pittenweem none have impressed, but things keep happning, I had the sunday mirror people a few months back an they filmed movement and noises in my tower, they ran a page on what has been going on in the building over the three years ive been owner of it, but this medium was suggested by the police who again witnessed a presance in the tower, interesting days ahead……………..

  51. Jackie says:

    It sounds like one of the most interesting places in the UK. Have you got a website?
    If not, is there anywhere on this site you can upload photos, not sure?

  52. The Caretaker says:


    Anyone interested in sending in a photo can contact me via //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/contact/

  53. leonard low says:

    my contact is [email protected]……………..check weem witch on google for more newspaper items etc…..

  54. Jackie says:

    Hey Leonard,
    i’ve just read alot of articles about the weem witches and mention of your book…fascinating and horrific. I am going to buy it at the end of this week and read it.
    Have you contacted Shaun Connery about it all? wonder whether he knows about it all if not.
    About a week or so ago i saw a programme on tv about witch trials in James 1 (was it 1st?) time. He used to thumbscrew them into submission until their thumbs were shattered and they admitted they were a witch. One particular woman had this done and was then strangled to death by the executioner with a rope before being burned. Suppose that was a blessing really, being strangled first i mean. wish i could remember the name of the programme. It was really horrible, but something you just kind of needed to know about.
    OK, speak soon!!
    ps: how’s the book doing by the way?

  55. leonard low says:

    james the first wrote a book about witchcraft called demonology, it caused the witch hunts to spread, one famous one much documented and horrible reading is the north berwick witches, what happened here especially to the school teacher is brutal to the extreme, a method of torture called the boot, it was a wooden device strapped to the leg, additional wedges were hammered in crushing the leg bones till the marrow flowed.
    ive not met Sir sean but he hangs about where I have a house in Lower Largo, although I live in north london, largo has plenty golf courses and mega hotels.
    book is still selling after 2 years, book 2 THERE ARE SUCH THINGS is finished and at publishers.

  56. Ostara Fae says:

    I am a witch and have been practising the craft for 6 years now. It is by no means evil, and witches do not curse or hex people, they work for the greater good.” and ye harm none, so mote it be” the rule of threefold we follow not 7 or ten and there is no devil ,satan or anything prodominantly evil in our religion. So many of our beliefs, gods and festivals have been altered through the years by other religions to make us appear evil and films and tv have just magnified this.

  57. Carly says:

    That just don’t sound normal to me …

  58. sabrina jones-kenson 509-326-6905 says:

    i have been witched crafted over 20 years, i need help in getting better is there any way you or your organization can help me. sabrina 509-326-6905

  59. Cira says:

    Well i partially believe this story.i am not,however,going to state what i think of witchcraft,ect.I dont really know much about this stuff but i am sure that YOU CAN MAKE IT AS EVIL AS YOU WANT IT TO BE.It itself i do not think is evil.

  60. Joanna, Adriana, Stephanie says:


  61. Stephanie says:

    So anyway, the brujeria discussed in this story comes from old world beliefs of superstition. Most of these “religions” were started by tribes and used to thwart evil and to appease gods and demons in return for good weather for crops, good hunting expeditions and for relief from famine. Brujeria is just the general term used for magic. My Great-Grandmother used to practice Santeria and taught her daughters some of her rituals, but my Grandmother came to be known as a “Curandera” which translates to “Healer.” Anyone who knew my Grandmother could not say a bad thing about her, so not all aspects of the religion are bad.

  62. Kelsi says:

    the white dog thing doesnt really make sense because I’ve studied this type of thing and (in paranormal studies) white is the color of purity and goodness. So it may have been something paranormal but i don’t think it was satan. It would’ve probably been black or a dark silver and maybe a crimson red. I do believe the doll story though. I had a similar experience about a year ago with one of my little sister’s dolls that somehow always ended up in my room, on my bed, saying things like, “play with me” or “your my best friend”. creepy stuff. that doll was then sold in a garage sale

  63. jessica gonzalez says:

    Is this a true story

  64. loretta salinas says:

    Kelsi just wanted to let you know that you have to remember that evil has no color or respect of what or who it manifestes it self into. My mother told me this story and i have heard of people thinking they saw there mother or some one who has passed away. Remember if an evil spirit can manifest itself into a cute doll why not a dog and a white one at that one?

  65. ANNA says:

    My mums Guelita did the same.. except she didnt punish her grandson/daughters like that

  66. Tammy says:

    Erika to comment on your question yes it does lead to death(witchcraft, voodoo, ect…) the bible quotes not to permit a witch to live and it also says that witchcraft is a sin unto death. its very serious. satan tries to make you believe you have powers when actually he is really doing it…he uses you for his evil plans and then takes you to a cliff and pushes you over…the demons, a person think they controll will come for them when they die and drag their soul to hell…if they do not repent and turn from their evil ways But i want to make it very clear God did not make hell for his creation he made it for satan and his demon and anyone that follows satan. God has made away of escape and that is through his son Jesus by his blood we are washed white as snow. So we choose where we spend eternity

  67. Shorrty says:

    hi, i am a christian and i have a similar perspective on this. first of all i do believe that witchcraft and satanism can both practice on voodoo dolls, actually anyone can really. And i have seen it with my own eyes being done on other people. But these kind of people which do this stuff really try to control you, using the voodoo doll, and they try making you kill yourself, so that the person controlling you, can bring you as a sacrifice to the devil, whom they worship. Its a really scary thing and the only thing that can stop this is Jesus Christ’s blood. God be with you.

  68. Sarah says:

    Hey,nice story.It was cool,I read your other story,too.

    p.s.I believe that it is true.

  69. loretta salinas says:

    Hi Sarah thanx for reading the story i know a lot of people dont belive in it but it is true. I could tell you things that have happened to us that freak u out but any way thanx for the reply

  70. Adam G. says:

    Wow. Creepy. I’ve had some experiences with witchcraft as well. Check out my stories Cursed By A Ghost Witch and Cursed By Ghost Witch Part 2

  71. Mellisa says:

    i don’t know how practice witchcraft always means bad thins, but Loretta, i think not all of witchcraft always involves with evil things, voodoo dolls & demons. witchcraft also can used for good things too, depend on the users. i don’t think the evil or bad things lies in the witchcraft itself, nor is it in black magic or white magic. the evil one are people who use those sort of things to do bad things to other people. because witchcraft or magic never can do anything without anybody to use them!!

    so, “when you practice witch craft it pays back seven fold..” i think should be “when you practice witch craft for evil cause, it pays back seven fold..”

  72. loretta says:

    mellisa, to tell you the truth ive never heard of witchcraft ever being used for good. To tell you the truth in the times weve ever known about magic being used was always for bad things.How ever i have to say that i dont think there is a difference between black or white magic i think they are both bad and people can try to fool themselves into thinking that oh theres no harm in white magic. But why, cause white signifies pure? Truth be told its said in the bible we are not to have anything to do with withcraft or mediums.

  73. TrueGhostGirl says:

    I beg to differ as well!! Care Taker is right!! In the Wicca faith we don’t even believe in Satan….or I should say Satan doesn’t exist in our faith… Wicca is accually a practice of positive energy and all things good. Voodoo and Wicca are nothing alike….Those that say it is evil have not done their research and unfortunatly are brainwashed by movies, television, and myth. Its funny….how in wicca faith we accept all people and living being’s ….even if those people practive another religion than us. Its about acceptance. Its the other religions that shun and preach wicca as evil, and are unaccepting to us…which goes against the point of a religion that’s suppose to be based around love, and respect. Weird huh? I highly doubt the people in this story practiced Wicca….everything stated in the story goes against Wicca belief and faith.

  74. loretta says:

    In the first place who ever said anything about wicca?The story i told was about my grandma doing withchcraft. Not something that came out of a movie. Now if she were practacing wicca wouldnt you say thats an odd mean thing to display on someone? thats fine that you dont belive in satan but that soesnt mean other people dont . People belive in what they want and are free to do so.What i was talking about was something that happened along time ago and it wasnt good.

  75. Mellisa says:


    in my country there are 2 type of witchcraft, black & white. the difference is where they get their power from, how they do that & what for. I don’t know much about the difference, but they are exist. the white witchcraft practitioners only use their ability to help people & refuse if people ask them to do bad things. those who practice black witchcraft are only interested in money & don’t care if a customer ask them to curse, harm, or terror other people. if people ask them for help or cure they can do those kind of things too.

    the thought about witchcraft only is used for bad things or nothing good about witchcraft people use to say, can be called “stereotype”. it’s a misconception. it can be used to heal or help people too, but those with lust desire, seek power, & revenge will always seeks it for bad intention. maybe nowadays people use it only to do bad things secretly and those who wants to learn & use it for good cause are rare, but that doesn’t mean it only can be used for evil reason.
    please excuse for my english, i’m not good in english.

  76. loretta says:

    MELISSA thats fine that u know about white magic but i still belive there are no real differeces because thats what prayer and faith are for.when you pray for someone in need or sor the sick. Now like is said the witchcraft in this story was used for bad not nessesarily for my mom it was likely(the voodoo doll)used to harm someone else but since my mom was stubborn about wanting to play with it thats what happened. Anyway lets just say that evil exist and evil people to and im not just talking about witchcraft im talking evil spirits as some people call ghost.That does exist.

  77. bracket says:


    Yeah i agree with Melissa. The thought of all witch craft being evil is a notion of the past when people were told that anybody who didn’t follow the same religion were automatically bad.

  78. loretta says:

    BRACKET who says that witchcraft isnt being used for evil today?And back in the day when my grandma existed nobody said it had anything to do with religon and im just talking about the withcraft that was being used for evil.Now this website is for scary true stories and thats what i posted.

  79. bracket says:


    I was just posting to your past post where it seems like you were saying all witch craft isn�t bad, or did i miss something? All i’m saying is that all witch craft is bad.

  80. loretta says:

    ok now am i missing something here, do you think that all witchcraft is bad? See my mom told me about her grandma practicing it and it was to her knowlege used for bad .She told me when she was little a friend of hers would come over and they would go in her room and do stuff .Not only her other people they would bring hair brushes, a string of hair , ribbon or a picture to get back at someone they were angry at. Thats why i said that in my time ive never known of anybody using it for good but then again who knows.

  81. bracket says:

    I meant “isn’t bad”. I keep messing up on these posts.

  82. loretta says:

    alright point being that some witchcraft is bad .

  83. bracket says:


    I was basically responding to this post you said a while back.

    “mellisa, to tell you the truth ive never heard of witchcraft ever being used for good. To tell you the truth in the times weve ever known about magic being used was always for bad things.How ever i have to say that i dont think there is a difference between black or white magic i think they are both bad and people can try to fool themselves into thinking that oh theres no harm in white magic. But why, cause white signifies pure? Truth be told its said in the bible we are not to have anything to do with withcraft or mediums.”

  84. loretta says:

    so you dont think that witchcraft is bad ? or just that not all witchcraft is bad?any ways i did post another story a while back and not all scary things that happen to people are cuz of witchcraft .There are evil spirits that exist

  85. lissa says:

    I dont know much about witch craft but i think you can only determine if its bad by how you use it. I grew up with the belief of white magic and black magic. Brujeria can be used to do good or cause harm. Black magic is to harm people and believe me it works but theres always consequences. White is different its what my people call curanderas. They heal people with white magic causing no harm. theres alot of stories that ive heeard about withces..such as how they like to steal the domes of children…and yes not all bad things happen cuz of witchcraft….there are demonic spirits..

  86. Karen M. says:

    Mellisa, where do you live?

  87. Mellisa says:


    you explain it in a more better way than me ^^. that’s what i’ve meant to say. exactly. it become bad or good depend on how one use it. the bad one are the people with evil intention & demonic spirits not the witchcraft.

  88. Mellisa says:

    Karen M.
    I live in Australia, but i came from Indonesia. the witchcraft i’m talking about is in Indonesia. actually i have been wanting to ask you too where do you live? XD

  89. Karen M. says:

    Hi Mellisa, I’m American but I live in France. I onced stayed in the island of Trinidad for 3 months and they had alot of witchcraft and black magic down there. I don’t really know much about the subject though.

  90. lissa says:


    I;m glad i helped you out in explaining i better!=]
    exactly. oh hey where did you learn about witchcraft? who told you about all that?

  91. Mellisa says:

    it’s a common knowledge in my country but here in my country we called the person who practice it as “dukun” the practice of witchcraft also called with the same name.
    nowadays the modern youngster in my city might know little about it, especially the ones that are born as a mix (i’m a mix of Chinese-indonesian) and live in big cities. ask native people here it’s a very common knowledge that dukun is exist & what they can do, especially to those who lives in small villages or grow up there.
    i’m not an expert either i don’t know that much about witchcraft.

  92. lissa says:

    I’m not an expert either, in my blood line there has been wizards and theres one who i think is able to read tarot cards.=]
    I dont live in a small village or anything and I’m half mexican half american.
    what other stuff do you believe in?

  93. loretta says:

    Lissa forget about the witchcraft so you do belive in demonic spirits? I dont practice witchcraft but like i said thats what happened but other than that i know there are some evil spirits out there and a lot of stuffa has happened to us. Like you said there are demonic spirits……

  94. rebecca says:

    hi loretta, are you from salinas, Ca or is that part of your last name? Just curious.

  95. loretta says:

    hi rebecca no thats my last name

  96. Mellisa says:

    Sorry for the long reply, I believe that Angels & demons are exist, fairies (includes elves) also I believe that living entities that are not human exist, the one that born as entities but not human. Of course I believe that real witches and wizards exist too. ^o^

  97. lissa says:

    yes, i do believe in demonic spirits. im not sure what you can do im not an expert but yes there are demonic spirits out there and other much other things out there.

  98. lissa says:

    kool=] i belive in a lot more such as witches, wizards, leperchauns, los ninos, demonic spirits and angels, and ghosts of course. im not sure i believe in vamps and werewolves but i might end up surprised.

  99. Mary says:

    I don’t belive in voodoo dolls.

  100. Mellisa says:

    me too until just before i found this site i didn’t really believe in vampire & werewolves. I ended up surprised after i read stories in this site ^^

  101. corgan says:

    all this is very intresting, reading peoples views about wicca/witchcraft, is there good in it or not…… the power lies in the way we use it, of course people can use it for selfish reason and apply harm on others, then on the other hand those who use it for the greater good, to help, to heal, etc. bottom line is, in the right hands it can be used for greater goods! in the wrong hands, can be very dangerous.
    being a young male, my desire is to travel to countries rich in religous history/tales. to meet people to take me abound to such locations.

    i once met an older gentleman, who changed my views completly. being a terribly cold day outside (-28 c), i came in contact with this individual who calls himself “13 dragons”. i was outside talking for 3 hours, tottaly oblivious to the extreme conditions outside, there was a warmth around me. he told tales, that left me in total awe!!!!
    he wrote me a letter, in which i still have. his birthplace was in indonisia. and he total got me to real wonder in whats reallly out there.
    point being……. not be narrowminded, be exceptive.

  102. lissa says:

    Mary, i do believe in voo doo dolls.

  103. lissa says:

    yeah, ive read a few stories here but still for some reason my gut just tells me they dont exist….well my gut tells me werewolves do but vampires i dont think so, but who knows i may be wrong! Actually now that i re-read Loretta’s story about Satan, it reminded me about a story that my father told me that i completely forgot about until now. Here I’ll tell you it. I dont remeber if it happened to my father and mother or my grandma and grandpa but here it goes, i dont know which it was but i think it was my grandma and grandpa. well when they were young they used to go out and dance and have fun and usually the parties dont end till pretty late. it was a dark when they left the party and were walking home when they saw a man dressed in black on a black horse, as the man approached them my grandpa could tell something was wrong but grandma was absolutely clueless! the man said “buenas noches” and my grandpa said “buenas noches” my grandma did too. then my grandpa pulled my grandma before she or the man could say anything else. Then a few minutes later they hears a horses steps behind them and my grandpa hurried my grandma up, all the while my grandma was complaining why he was making her hurry. then my grandpa told her “okay, when i tell you to, run to the house,okay” my grandma saw he was scared so she agreed! then he told her to run ,they took off and they heard the horse’s steps faster and faster….when they reached the house they got insid eand grandpa locked it. my grandma was mad and told my grandpa what was up with that? And he told her that not to be mad but that he had to push her to hurry up because that was the diablo. my grandma was like what? and he told her that was the devil you just didnt notice and then my grandma finally got it and was terrified. It is known in their country that a man at night dressed in black with a black horse is el diablo…many have seen him. so what you think wierd hu?

  104. corgan says:

    great story lissa!!!

    where did this all take place, (city, country)?

    meeting up with my dad yesterday, we were talking about religion, and stories of ghosts, spirits, etc. dad was telling me a story about when he was a child(Age 10). it took place in his city in portugal. coming home from a walk with the family dog, he and a friend were just mins, away from home. as they were walking the saw a BLACK cat, on the side of the road, sitting with a stir, (in which he says would burn a hole through your soul). when they say this black cat, they stopped completly, and when the dog saw the cat, he also stopped completely. debating what to do, they decided to pursue ahead, the only problem was, the dog would not move, they tugged, they pushed, but the dog would not cross this BLACK cat. so they decided to retreat and head the other way. a neighbor with a lantern was working at the edge of his yard, they kindly asked the man, if he can guide them accross the spot where the cat had been. the man agreed. as they approached the same section the cat was still there. the dog was reluctant to go any further again. the cat this time ran accross the road, into the neighboring farm, on the other side of the street. my dad and friend AND neighbor with light said, the cat had walked THROUGH the fence. not underneath (as solid ground, had met the fence, no gaps), not over the fence, but THROUGH.
    they thanked the man and quickly ran home and called it a night, the following morning they had gone to the same spot to show the friends dad, where this all happened. as they got to the spot, the farm owner was frantic, as he had never seen what he had seen before. 3 of his cattle dead, 2 horses dead, chickens and roosters laid accross the field DEAD. the owner had no idea what had happened.

    could it be? if anybody had similar stories, please post.

  105. Mellisa says:

    i think it’s weird, but every tales was made based on something that was happened in the past, so there’s a possibility the story had some truth. that man in the horse might be not a human & something dangerous. luckily i had never come across things like that when i went home late at night ^.^’ i don’t want ever meet demons even once!!
    in my family the one that comes across paranormal beings is my father. he met or felt ghost many time. either he’s a bit sensitive or it the ghosts that don’t really mind being seen by him XD

  106. loretta says:

    Melissa im glad you re read my story i know it sounds strange but there a lot evil spirits out there and they can manifest into almost anything. Like my mom for instincts told me a few weeks ago she saw a man in her room . S hedoesnt know where he came from but there he was she even discribed the clothes he was wearing.he was just standing there looking straight ahead then when she tried to slide off her bed slowly to call my other sister he turned his head looked at her and disapeared.

  107. loretta says:

    why would you think that just cause some of these stories happened in the past that they might have some truth to them? Things like this happen everyday and yes i suppose that some of the stories can sound beyond belief but then again you can decern for yourself what you want to belive in..

  108. lissa says:

    Corgan ,thank you!
    It happened in mexico. in a pueblo in kuernavaca, morelos.
    Oh! and thanks for sharing you story too! it is amazingly creepy, i have never heard any story dealing with that kind of stuff but maby somebody here has. has your dad encountrered anything like that again or was it a once in a life time thing?

  109. lissa says:

    Yea it probably does have some truth behind it, and just like you i dont ever want to meet a demon either!
    Oh really? How does your dad deal with that?

  110. rebecca says:

    lissa- where are you from.. i think i know you. i think i have family in Cuernavaca. u can email me on the forum.

  111. Mellisa says:

    sorry i was in holliday so i don’t open email everyday.
    my dad just does nothing. they just bothered him a little a few times, but nothing serious. most of the ghosts that he saw was in his office, when he worked over time. for example when he was in a restroom/toilet alone, suddenly when he was peeing something blew on his ear a few times! XD hahahaha… just a little prank. they never hurt or scared my dad. still he’s freak out too a little bit. his co-worker once kept following him everywhere, where ever my dad went. up and down the lift, to every rooms even to the restroom, because they the only ones left in the entire building besides the night security guards. and he’s so scared. btw there’s a funny story from a night security guard there. he used to guard at the 1st floor, but that night because my dad was there work over time, he waited somewhere upstairs. he was sleeping on a long bench then suddenly something push him from the bench and made him fall down on the floor. of course he was very surprised & startled to LOL… my dad just laughed & joked on him “even the ghost knew that you were slacking. maybe that ghost thought ‘hey you should be guarding not sleeping’ so he pushed you down to wake you up” i just keep laughing everytime i remember it.
    for most of the time he just feels or sees them, besides he rarely meets them, but still many times compare to me, my mother or my sisters. ^o^

    your story about that man in your mom room just send a chill on my back. it’s midnight now and i’m alone. i just looked at my back to see if there’s an unseen one in my room!!! i never had any ghosts in my houses nor do i have troubles with ghosts or witches before. i’m lucky ^____^

  112. Mellisa says: